3rd of July - A day of infamy...or honour?

4th of July is the American Independence Day, a day for celebration. 3rd of July would become a very important day for Singapore and Singaporeans. On this day, Hsien Loong would be defending his integrity in Parliament, defending his position on his father's last wish, and defending the allegations by his brother and sister on the abuse of power or corruption of power. And all the MPs would be there to defend him or challenge him. No, they are there not to simply ask question. At the end of the session there is likely to be a vote of confidence on Hsien Loong's integrity and leadership as the Prime Minister.

All 81 PAP MPs are expected to vote for Hsien Loong and all 6 WP's MPs would vote against him should a vote of confidence is called no matter if the whip is lifted. No need to guess further. There could be a few votes less for Hsien Loong should a few think it wise to go to the toilet or to be on urgent leave on that day.

What would these PAP MPs be voting for? No need to ask the this question on the WP MPs. Would they be voting for honour, honesty, integrity, moral righteousness or loyalty to Hsien Loong and the PAP? Or would they be voting for the good of Singapore, Singapore's reputation as an honest and rule of law country, a country free from corruption of power and money?

On 3rd of July, all the PAP MPs must cast their vote and it will reveal what they are really made of, what they stood for, what is important to them and what is not. Not only that Hsien Loong's integrity would be called to question, every PAP MP's integrity and honour would be called to question. And they would be making a point in Parliament when they vote, of who and what they are.

On 3rd of July, the people will be watching very carefully on what the MPs said and do, on whether they deserve the respect and continue support of the people, their voters and the people of Singapore. 3rd of July would be the day to test the mettle of the PAP MPs. Abstain from voting is not an option, you are in or out.

I remember the day when at the peak of his career, Mahathir thought he was indispensable, told his ministers and MPs in Parliament that he would step down thinking that they would go down on their knees to beg him to stay on. Never would he expect that they were waiting just for that day and for him to say he would want to step down. Without missing a beat, his ministers quickly cut in to thank him for his good deeds and regretted that he was stepping down but reluctantly accepted his stepping down. They gave Mahathir no chance to retract from what he said. It was over. This must have caught Mahathir with his pants down. He could not turn around to say he was joking or did not mean what he said, and wanted to stay on as the PM. He sealed his own fate himself.

Would there be a similar moment on 3 Jul when Hsien Loong called for a vote of confidence believing that he would get 100% support from the PAP camp but to his horror, 70% voted no confidence in him as the PM? This of course is like the sun rising from the West, not in Singapore. But should such an event happen on 3 Jul, Hsien Loong could end up like Mahathir, unable to stay on as the PM. It would be a self designed bloodless coup and Singapore would have a new PM. OK, OK, don't bet on it that such a thing would ever happen in Singapore. In Singapore everything is carefully planned and under control. Oops, don’t remind me of the MRT. This is just a wild, wild thought, too much hallucination perhaps… TGIF.


Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Yang said PM Lee Hsien Loong is using the Parliament overwhelmingly dominated by his subordinates to white-wash himself and cover-up his crimes of abuse of power and mis-use of State Organs.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, a coup in the PAPies party under Loony is unlikely. Because like wat Ah Yang's son said a few ago that these minion millianare whites men/women salaries depends on it by not understanding the matter, it tells a lot about the quality & integrity of these people..A Long integrity may be dented but he may still even retain his highest post of this cuntry as his dad house haven't torn down...again that 70% daft Sinkies or more will still continue for the whites men/women..

Anonymous said...

By usinv the Parliament to clear his name, instead of the Courts, the PM is confirming to the world that he has the propensity to abuse Organs of State for his personal advantages and benefits. Is it not?

Anonymous said...

3rd of July - A day of infamy...or honour?

Doesn't matter lah.

What really matters is next election and polling day.

I am very sure PAP, even if Ah Loong is still the leader, will win, and win big, the next election. Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Waste time! Waste time!

Nothing will happen! Nothing!

A vote of confidence and a committee will deal with LHY and LWL regarding 38! Nothing new nothing exciting!

Waste time! Waste time!

Anonymous said...

I am very sure PAP, even if Ah Loong is still the leader, will win, and win big, the next election. Tio bo?
9:08 am

Tiok. And that's one of the reasons, or maybe the key reason, why Hsien Yang, being a smart Sinkie, did not want to join the opposition to contest against PAP.

He would rather attack Hsien Loong through FB which is much, much more effective in damaging Hsien Loong politically in terms of reputation, although not withstanding this, I think PAP will still win the next election.

Maybe he hope that Hsien Loong, if he still has any self respect and honour after all this, will step down as PM.

But I doubt so, because sister Wei Ling already said Hsien Loong is dishonourable as a son, so do you think he is honourable as a PM and politician?

Anonymous said...

Waste time! Nothing new will happen!

Maybe a vote of confidence and the committee will deal directly with LHY and LWL regarding 38.

Nothing new nothing exciting!

Waste time! Waste time!

Virgo49 said...

Don't be surprised that 100% voted in confidence for LHL.

Including the second PAP team, I.e. the Workers Party.

Aiyo, think of the MP 's allownces will made you vote Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes! !!

Which job in SINKIE land has a basic salary, oops not salary, just allowances of 16K.???

How many degrees and skills you must processes? ??

Even Uni lecturers got to spend quite a bit of time to reach that bar.

Not forgetting the CPF's contributions.

IF a strong opposition becomes the Ruling Govt, maybe they cut the allowance to just 3K a month.

So, better strike while the iron is still hot and get the balance two or three years before next GE.

PAP MPs won't want to cut their careers short as what been said by LHY.

If not, later worked as clerks in private sectors, aiyo malu !!! Malu, malu. Got to hide in overseas to save face.

So, it be a non-event.

Anonymous said...

Forgone conclusion!

As always, before 3rd July, many meetings (mostly closed-door) would have taken place, especially this Saturday and Sunday.

Everyone that counts, would have been told exactly what to do and what not to do.

The Paper Generals would be told to say

"Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir, three bags full.
One for my Pay-Master,
One for my First Lady.
One for my Bank as much as can be!"

All the other sycophantic stooges would just echo the Paper Generals.

NOBODY would dare to launch a "coup"
against their Pay-Master.

Even ESM (Extra Special Money) Goh would rather continue to keep his pension, multi-million dollars salary plus MP allowance, instead of fighting for his personal integrity or Singapore. Moreover, he doesn't seem to be a man of that kind of special courage and moral standards.

Anonymous said...

If a vote is called for, the voting should be anonymous. Whip has already been lifted. To show better transparency, MPs should be allowed to vote without fear of reprisal. Must wear gloves also so that finger prints will not be detected.

Anonymous said...

June 30, 2017 9:08 am

AND June 30, 2017 9:18 am



Anonymous said...

The comments in this post dragged opposition into the issue of demolishing a dead man s property. Opposition candidates are uninterested. I agreed with their stands. The dead man was no good man on record. He put someone in confinement for 32 years, highest on record. Opposition parties take side to help the executors to execute the dead man s wish must not mention the name from familee as all are papies.

What will happen in 3 july is one man talk the others clap their hands. A few women and young men will say good to not abolish the property. Its forward looking idea similar to sin china relationship. One man said its forward looking type: yesteryear said the opposite, current year do the opposite. So there is no real direction when and where the policy will be reversed. Laws on will is to fulfill deadman s wishes. But for politics of the son, the executors of deadman cannot work legally. This is what had happened. The executors are all papies. Make no mistake. Do not think singaporeans will be watch the speech. Some singaporeans can write the speech on paper now before the reader parrot the contents on 3rd july.

In other words, the contents of the speech will be standard words saying the property continues to exist against the wishes of the dead man and dead woman inclusive, will benefits singaporeans. Do you believe it will benefit singaporeans?

if you do benefit singaporeans, you are the son s political trapped voters. If you are not believing, you are at the dead man s side.

i stand at the dead man s side. after the political mess for so long, its time to clear off all the rubbish and start anew. redevelop the site into a digital house to rent out to foreigners to make money for the familee. but the son who sold off the share cannot get a cent. so the dispute is never gonna be stopped on 3rd july.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Mothership.sg posted Wei Ling quoting an email from Janada Nair to her on 28 Jul 2011. Wow, all the emails are intact.

'Saw MM(Lee)today. First meeting on Oxley book, together with team. He was in good form. He said house will be torn down. It is obvious that is what he wants. It will be a small minded people that denies him this personal wish. I think he's wrong wishing it, but I'd feel awful denying him what he obviously wants.'

This has put Janadas on record of what he said and what he thought was small minded. I have not heard Janadas saying anything on this issue lately. Would he said the contrary?

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 951am

No Use!

No one will vote against LHL!

Don't joke lah! No one dares!

You tell me lah who dares?


Anonymous said...

Why all the wayang in Parliament on 3rd July. The questions and answers are all pre-rehearsed for show. Vote with the lifting of whip? Please don't take us for fools. Why go through all the show when we all know what has gone on behind the smoke screen? Already a tarnished reputation and having been accused by siblings as self serving and untrustworthy PM, no amount of white washing will get you spotless. Singaporeans are not fools, so please stop wasting time by this wayang.

Anonymous said...

9:57 am

U r right. His/her trademark words are Tiok, tio bo and PAP sure win.

And 93% chance anyone who use those trademark words is the same person.

But still got 7% chance not the same person. So u may not be 100% right.

U can call him/her IB but I think he/she is not paid lah, and also talk sense. So he/she is honourable in that sense.

Anonymous said...

I have not heard Janadas saying anything on this issue lately.
RB 10:28 am

Janadas is learning from Teochew Ah Hia, and learning fast.

Why must say anything, wait kena marked by Hsien Loong, or ridiculed by Sinkies then how? Diam diam and collect salary or allowance end of month is best.

Anonymous said...

IB was quick to shoot at Dr Lee s friend Dr Devan (janadas) s email revealing her father s wish was to demolish the property.

IB said in ASS that Dr Lee hanged shit of her friends or something.

Prior to that another IB who as warned by police for branding descendants of a race in students' uniforms as terrorists potentials, also warned voters not to talk to foreigners about the sin familee s dispute.

This latter IB was from the North. Given up own citizenship and joined sinkies without serving NS. Papies have such terrible minded people is a warning to their voters and supporters.

The minds of IB are: do not talk to foreigners because they should not be interested. The allegation was people using foreign media to voice disputes in sinkieland. Did he ask why he run off from North to sinkieland to seek citizenship? He might find voicing his own views was not heard. So do some people who spoke out on punching questions from foreign journalists.

Why people cannot talk to foreign journalists? Needs non NS and ran away from home country s sinkie IB to approve? Do u trust these people s posts?

Back to Dr Lee s case: its perfectly valid to reveal her fellow professional s own thoughts about the late LKY s wishes. I accept this as one source of what the late LKY had expressed his wishes after death.

patriot said...

There are just two questions on everybodys' minds.
That is; wby a PRIVATE FAMILY DISPUTE is dragges into the Parliament? Who initiates it? Who approves or sanctions the Family Matter to be dealt with in Parliament??
Parliament is the Place for National, State, Foreign and Diplomatic Affairs.

Unless the Two Questions are properly and justifiably answered. Whatever that comes out of the Session will not satisfactorily resolve the Issue of propriety.
Hence, no matter the Outcome, nothing good can be achieved.

whatever the Conclusion, the Dispute shall be a blemish in the History of Sin.


Anonymous said...

Oxley saga brought into light that Singapore has descended from Meritocracy to Aristocracy. Power club of relatives, family lawyers, personal lawyers, etc - a lot of interconnected relationships . . .

Anonymous said...

Mahathir may be demolished, but I think he is quietly enjoying the show and not saying a word. So does Najib and his gang, I am quite sure.

On the other hand, the show up North is still on and off, and laughter can still be heard from here in the South.

Better not to bring Mahathir and Najib into the Academy Awards show. It might backfire.

Let's just believe in the saying 'He who laugh last, laugh best'. Who knows?

b said...

LKY should jump up from his grave and cane them. He will never would have foresee that his family members are the ones betraying his beloved country.

''the cure for all this talk is really a good dose of incompetent government'' LKY

Anonymous said...

If it is a family dispute as claimed, it should not be in Parliament.

If it is not just a family dispute, LHY and LWL, by making it public, have done the right thing.

So, is LHL right in saying that a family dispute should not be in the public eye? But by putting the matter in Parliament, the contradiction is clear as light. What is his real stand?

Anonymous said...

Ai yah....,last 5 mins b4 parliment ends
Then 38 will be topic lah...sure one.

Anonymous said...

Paytrait 11.43am //Parliament is the Place for National, State, Foreign and Diplomatic Affairs.//

There are many more important "socio-economic" matters with "burning" urgency that need the leaders attention and decisive direction to "put out" the "fires" ...?

This morning heard from someboLEE that the EW line during morning peak hours (8am+) stopping at stations (in eternity) and many commuters rushing to work, appointments, interviews, exams (now many JCs and IP schs mid year exam on going), meetings ... etc all "anxious" like ants on frying pans ...? Many trains even stopped in the middle of the tracks in "no man's land" which mcaused many commuters to be even more worried and anxious and hapless (and even hopeless and melancholic ...)?

Some problems should be aired in Parliament and updated/ debated on what is going on and what are the measures taken and the expected delivery ...etc?

By drawing millions of taxpayers $$$ paid through taxpayers sweating "blood" in this most expensive city in the world, is it not a dereliction of fiduciary duties (on the part of the super talents) ...?

And there are many other critical issues ...?

Is this some kind of "smoke-screen and diversion" from other "fires" erupting in sinland?

How about the economics?

Is Botak evading the issue?

How is the current economic model going to work?

Look at the MRT system for example ...

Can an economy so dependent on capital accumulation ever become sustainable?

How much of the national budget is involved just to maintain depreciation of the economy's capital stock at breakeven level ...?

Also, with the current ride-hailing cars price-surge model, commuters are paying through their noses (during peak hours) when the seemingly cmi mrt trains keep breaking down ...? How are many commuters going to make ends meet if transport alone eats up 4-figure amount eveLEE month due to the unreliable mrt trains and commuters resorting to the "kill pple set fire" price-surge model of ride-hailing cars?

Super talent is not by name only ... (ok)?

Have the "super talents" including mr botak and wooden block factored in all the cumulative replacement capital each year (to maintain current and future capital stock) in their "how lian" unsustainable short term capital accumulation growth model (that can only pull wool over the eyes and bluff botarchay ah peh)?

Current mrt and economic woes and other pressing socio-economic matters should be the issues discussed on Mon during parliament session given the urgency than any other "trivial petty matters" according to what one "elder statesman" fb descriptions recently ...?

And, btw, are the WP $16,000 per mth MPs going to air these socio-economic bread and butter issues on Mon (than be "led by the "noses""...)?

Need lay person and members of the public to prompt them what to raise in parliament?

First World Parliament and Co-driver advocates in GE 2011 but IRONICALLY "most reticent and timid parliamentarians" ("when their $16000 allowances depend them not understanding their own election rhetoric")?

Anonymous said...

Typo ...

*depend on them not understanding ...

Anonymous said...

Some election slogan suggestions for Ah Hia to raise his hand and shout on stage during next election rallies:

"Towards First World (Timid & Reticent) Parliament"

"(Hum Chee) Co-driver (in name and rhetoric only)"

Anonymous said...

At current rate, it is possible the frequent harping by one IB in msn of WP losing their pants ..... oops HG & AJ .... during next GE is getting more plausible ...?

Wither WP ...?

By next GE, sinland could be back to pre-1981 where there is 0% oppo in parliament?

With up to 18 "NCMPs" allocated in next ge, mb current WP MPs could be "demoted" to "NCMPs" after next ge?

Probably this is the "First World Parliament" WP and Ah Hia envisaged in 2011?

And also the "type" of "self-appointed Co-driver" title ...?

Anonymous said...

"Towards a First World Parliament" with 0% elected oppo mp and 18 "elected" oppo NCMPs ...?

Also with 18 "Co-drivers" albeit "non-elected MPs" representing 0 constituency , aka Non-Constituency MPs?

Huat Ah?

Ai Pia Jia Aye Yia ...?

Ah Hia and Ah Huat and Ah Lian and Ah Tong and Ah Giam and Ah Leon and Ah DaNiu ... etc should sing more often this Hokkien classic to mental masterbed also ...?

Anonymous said...

Ah Hia has been "bought" and compromised already. He had indirectly admitted this fact in Parliament by saying he was very grateful for the Ah Neh Sham-More-Gun's help in getting him a job when his business went Pok Kai.

So WP is as good as non-grata already.

SDP has been damaged beyond recovery, even though DR Aung Juan. Soon Chee has been so determined to redeem his self-inflicted damaged image for so long.

Sinkies can now only hope for a total amalgamation of all oppositions parties into one combined strong party. However, this will never happen because all the Tribal Chiefs are too egoistically self-centred that they will never give-and-take.

So Sinkies have totally no good alternative party to replace the PAP's Absolute Power Bayan Tree Dominance in the Political Arena of Sinkieland.

That is why this land is called Sinkieland. Not for nothing.

FL said...

I think the Pariahment football match score between the White team and Blue team on 3.7.17 is likely to be 81 - 6, respectively ! Hey, any other prediction, eh ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hokkien Song "dedicated" to Sinkieland Politics for Posterity:

Towards First World Parliament

First World Co-Driver 欢欢喜喜照驾车
三分天注定 七分靠打拼

Towards First World Parliament

First World Co-Driver 欢欢喜喜照驾车
三分天注定 七分靠打拼

Towards First World Parliament

First World Co-Driver 欢欢喜喜照驾车
三分天注定 七分靠打拼

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 30, 2017 8:21 pm
//Hokkien Song "dedicated" to Sinkieland Politics for Posterity:
Towards First World Parliament

First World Co-Driver 欢欢喜喜照驾车
三分天注定 七分靠打拼

Ha ha ha ha ha

Perhaps during next ge 1st and last rallies, ah hia can gather all his candidates onto the stage and together with the 50,000 to 100,000 supporters in the field to sing "their hearts out" this song ..... in one "harmonious" voice ...?

Sure become "instantly "famous"" worldwide and for "posterity" in remembrance of sinkieland "politics" ...?

Anonymous said...

In an aristocracy, there's no check and balances, as family members and relatives control all . . .

Anonymous said...

A First World Parliament "without" Cheques & Bare-lans ...?

Ha ha ha

Ah Hia is indeed such a great "Visionary" ...?

A vision to see that their role (ultimately) was to be ...

... NCMP (timid & reticent) Co-drivers in a "First World Parliament" ...?

As rb has nicknamed peesai well in this "sinkieland" title ...

With "First World Parliament Drivers & Co-drivers", the fate is "SEALED" (bor baey chao)?

It is not "if" but when it will be called:

"Sunkenland" ...?

Oops .....

Anonymous said...

LHL and his Soldiers-of-Fortunes and Troops of clueless buffoons think they are adopting the right, and righteous approach to tackle the Abuse of Power (Highest Corruption) and Misuse of State Organs Charges in the Court of Internal Public Opinions.

One of his Soldiers-of-Fortunes got the audacity to say it's "ridiculous to suggest conflict of interests". The fact that the Power of the Minister For Law and the Power of the Minister For Home Affairs held in the hands of one same person is itself a clear direct CONFLICT of INTEREST! And not a single soul realises this! This is really Ridiculous!

You can clearly the poor quality of Ministers wasting taxpayers' money to form, Similar to China's Cultural Revolution's Gang-of-4 led by Chang Ching, Secret Society Committee ( probably leashed to Ho Jinx' smelly underwear), to defend tooth and nail the fledgling objectives in restoring credibility for the PM's stubborn desire to preserve LKY'S HOUSE for his personal glory, satisfaction and political mileage.

Blind Faith is bad! Robotic Money-Minded Immoral Unethical Faith is dire. Stupid, idiotic and moronic Faith is the Worst! Similar to Nazi Germany.

Instead of courageously advising the PM to stop the bitter head-on confrontation with his own siblings and washing dirty linens in public, these ‘coward, hideous and moronic backers’ are further sowing the seed of division and conflict between his siblings and him.

Instead of backing-off and maintaining calm and silence, considering this as a private family affair, they have come out with time-bombs and machine guns ablaze firing from the hip into an abyss to arouse and draw public and world attention unto the questionable character of their own Boss and themselves.

Instead of helping LHL look like a responsible, reliable and credible PM, these blood thirsty critters crush their own leader’s bones by engaging the ‘prey’ continuously, by taking turns, day after day, even in the middle of the night.

Sadly, there is no prey. There is sibling differences but hell no, the critters (outsiders) are more likely to deliver a catastrophic and final death knell to their own Boss by sustaining the foolishness in trying to tear up LHY and LWL.

The Singapore's Success Model is now receding further and further into the Dark Age. For this, the folks in white have only themselves to blame.

Two swallows do not make a Summer.
But a pack of ferocious, mad hyenas will make a cold, bloody ugly Winter!