Willy Trump. South China Sea, Traitors and Warmongers.

PART   1.   American fake news claim leaders across Asia are looking to Washington for guidance on a variety of of pressing issues in Asia. If this is true these leaders have yet to realise that looking to US for guidance is as good as looking for endless trouble, choas, instabilities and wars. These leaders can possibly be traitors and obsequious American running dogs.

The fake news also claim these Asian leaders are worried that President Moon Jae-in is seeking a more conciliatrory approach with North Korea contrary to US bellicose policy. They also worry Trump may stop trying to counter China's growing influence in South China Sea.  They long for America to create wars and destabilities in South East Asia as it has done in the Middle East.

The news agency keep on saying 'Asian leaders'. It should be more open and name the Asian leaders and not hide behind the screen of anonimity. However, one character, not an Asian leader but an Australian professor by the name of Carlyle A Thayer of the University of New South Wales openly lamented that the withdrawal of America from the region will turn " the South China Sea into a Chinese lake." He conveniently forgets that he and his European ancestors have stolen the Australian continent from the natives of Australia and as recently in 1980s Australia stole the East Timor Sea from the East Timorese nation in the most bizarre and treacherous manner because it coveted the rich oil deposit beneath that sea.

The Asian leaders which the fake news alluded are actually imposters . They are white supremacists anti China leaders as seen in Carlyle A Thayer. They can also be pro American 5th columns in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and international studies.Or possibly it can be some shameless obsequious pro-American and pro-Japanese political leaders in two or three ASEAN countries.

They claim Trump will lose credibility if he does not continue to challenge China in the South China Sea and America may lose long time economic and security cum military alliance in the region. They insist Trump must challenge China vigorously to prevent countries in the region from moving close to China. They want Trump to assure them that American long standing bellicose foreign policy towards China remains rigid and unnegotiable. They want Trump to take a more aggressive stand towards China and to fan the fire beyond North Korea. Here it can be seen at work are the hands of the American warmongers . They are the Anglo-Saxon Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cabal which runs and controls the government of whichever party come to power in US be it Democrats or Republicans. The Cabal also exercise full control over Wall Street, American banksters, CIA and the huge
Pentagon's war industrial complex. Under the Illuminati Cabal US fought more than two hundred and thirty wars of aggression against other countries and made trillions of dollars out of these wars. It is time Russia and China join forces and bring the next war to American mainland.

PART   2

The Neo-Conservatives in the Illuminati Cabal said Trump should not make any concessions to China as far as the East China Sea and South China Sea is concerned. They object to Mr Moon's conciliatory approach towards DPRK and want Trump to apply maximum pressure on North Korea. They persuade Trump to expedite sales of offensive weapons to Taiwan. They strongly object to China's development in her own territories in the South China Sea and want Rex Tillerson to deny China's access to the region. These are dangerous warmongers who want US to adopt a straight face Anti-China policy with no room for negotiation or compromise. They want war and confrontation with China. They think US can win in a nuclear war against China. They must be dreaming and still living in the last century . They must know China is not alone for Russia is part of the Chinese-Russian equation in an open conflict or war against America. Nevertheless, the Russians and Chinese have pledged that the next world war will not be fought anywhere else but in
America's mainland.

Trump is a willy businessman now turned into a willy politician. He tries to make use of Russia against China and vice-versa. That doesn't seem to work for the moment. Now he tries to make use of China against North Korea. When things are more settled in North East Asia he will continue to confront China in the South China Sea albeit at the behest of the controlling masters in the Illuminati Cabal.

However the scenario in the South China Sea has of now turn more settled and peaceful due to the matured wisdom of Duterte of the Philippines and Najib of Malaysia and to a lesser extent Vietnam. However China and the neighbouring countries must still be on guard for the Japanese and American warmongers will never give up wars and distabilities whenever an occasion arises. Also South East Asia is awashed with traitors and pro-American running dogs and 5th columns especially those found in the institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore and some other ASEAN countries.


Saturday,13th May,2017


virgo49 said...

Trump had a trade agreement though in a small scale with China on some exchanges of trade of the imports of beef into China and vice versa China's of foodstuff toAmerica.

He is trying to narrow the deficit.

Now our Kishore telling the bananas not to believe the Western Media.

He said should leave the Koreans to settle their reunification.

And also to engage the North Koreans in trade so that they may slow or abandon their Nuclear armaments.

Kim not going to be intimidated by anyone.

Only those charlatans who still wantskillings and blood on their hands will want to stir up shits.

Un OBOR,the anehs going to stir shits as they are afraid of the Chinese influence.

Now,even IMF and most nations want to partipate.

Way out to boost Global Enconmy.

Sinkieland still thinks America tua kee.

Anonymous said...

Also South East Asia is awashed with traitors and pro-American running dogs and 5th columns especially those found in the institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore and some other ASEAN countries.

But why are these traitors and running dogs pro-American? Why they not pro-China?

And why were 70% voting for PAP? Why they not vote for opposition?

Can someone kind enough to give some simple explanations for a simple mind like me to understand?

Anonymous said...

But why are these traitors and running dogs pro-American? Why they not pro-China?
1:50 pm

OK, let me explain by asking your simple mind a question.

How often have you heard of Sinkies who emigrated to China as compared to

how often you heard of Sinkies who emigrated to America and other western countries?

With the questions and knowing the answers, hope your simple mind can now understand.

Virgo 49 said...

70% still voted the Pay And Pay because their balls are been held by them.

Chinese saying stuck in the wooden horse.

Many had mortgages that reaches their necks in housing, both residential in their own homes plus investments in other properties for passive incomes.

Many feared for their jobs. LKY had already sank in the fear mentality that without them they be as poor as when they are in the 60s.

Many had to ask favours from the PAP. All been licensed and leashed by them. Afraid that they lose their livelihoods if they were found to be Opposition supporters.

One group perpetually has to depend on hangouts by them.They are fleeced so poor thinking that it's their faults and of no use.

Another group has to depend on their goodwill to save their lives. They had unfortunately married or kow sua Fireign spouses or girlfriends.

So, they have to beg the PAP MPs to write to reverent authorities for approval of stays or passes for them to be together.

These are just a few. Many many more.

That's why the PAP had already catch your bolah and no way you can struggle to be free.

Only we free souls not afraid of become beggars dared to criticise them.

Anonymous said...

Ref Anoymous 1:50

These traitors and pro American running dogs have no self respect and dignity whatsoever. They also have no integrity and like their political masters they worship money god. They can be bought, bribed and paid by CIA and their soul, mind and spirit are controlled by the American Mafia.

Anonymous said...

Why blame the US
when the Asian and
South East Asia keep fighting amongst themselves?

What about the 70 and 30% Divide between the Sinkies ? Blame who ?

Anonymous said...

Blame people like you!

Anonymous said...

U r rite.
cos as stinkporeans,
we have make
Sin our ethos
for survival.
We shall stink
and rot together as 1 people, 1 nation as Sin.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

OK, let me explain by asking your simple mind a question.
How often have you heard of Sinkies who emigrated to China as compared to how often you heard of Sinkies who emigrated to America and other western countries?

With the questions and knowing the answers, hope your simple mind can now understand.
May 13, 2017 1:57 pm

This is true for the past and till now. The picture is changing. Many overseas Chinese are starting to turn to China. The whole western world is marching into China. The western elites, not the bananas we have here, are sending their children to learn Chinese, the language of the future, to be on par with English. To be able to speak English and Chinese, one can communicate to more than half of the world's population.

No empire will stay forever and the polar shift is starting to make its presence known. Another decade or two and the picture would be clearer.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, many in the past thought that the Western countries are the lands of milk and honey.

So, they chose these countries rather than China.

China been a third world poverty nayion. They see China no up.

Many clamour to have the Green cards residing in the USA and many even stay illegally until they were naturalized and allow to be their citizens.

Now you have the Green cards to stay there and alive today and dead tomorrow by anyone with firearms.

Many refugees from the wars as created by these whites also resettled in the Western bloc.

These hypocritical whites think they are human rights beans granted them asylums.

Now, they have having Shits problems with these immigrants.

Now these places became places of hell and in reverse China now becomes prosperous.

Now Auss Land and New Zealand plus whats Germany and Italy became land of no more milk and honey but Terrors.

Battling Natural disasters and terrorist ti haunt them everyday.

Even DT cajoled his grandchildren to learn Mandarin. One ex Aussie PM also able to speak Mandarin.

Only our bananas leaders still worshipped the whites as they are brainwashed in been having studying there.

Now they see China up, but many Still beh Siong as they been proven wrong that China is a more magnanimous nation.

Now many realised the dangers of having immigrants into their country.

See, our Sinking land, Kek kiang having these So called talents in.

These trashes brought in all their bad behaviours of their habits.

The Police got to warn an advisory not to bring your politics and behaviours to SINKIE land.

MOT, we will have incidents much worse than the Hock Lee Bus riots and little India.

So, NSmen to be trained in Riots Squads.

Karma reached your shores.

Now you think you want to settle in China so easy.

Spend some years opening doors at hotels for them before they throw you some morsel.

The Whites been opening doors at their hotels.

So bananas, now China see you no up. Go to Aneh Land and step on their Shits everywhere you go.

virgo49 said...

See Xi gave Opening Speech at the Beijing OBOR forum.

All listening in awe.



Anonymous said...

China will show the way, help to pave the way for Afro Asian countries to riches if they choose to. China has proven it can be done and faster than anyone can think of.

Anonymous said...

Sin FM 95.8 Capital Chinese Broadcast Station now has no less than 10% of their contents broadcasted in the English Language.
Why the hell call it a Chinese(la guage) Station ?
Sin got so many English Language
Stations, does any of them broadcast in other laguages other than English.

Why must the Chinese Language Stations make the listeners chiak angmo sai.
lt seems there is great intention to angmosai/anglocise the Sinkies, be they Chinese, Malay, lndian and Others.
Sinkies are fine to have themselves bastardize too. ln fact many are proud that they can speak like angmos.
Sickaporeans ?

What say U ?

Anonymous said...

What say U ?
May 14, 2017 11:36 am

You want more Chinese language?
Vote out the white monkeys lor.

Anonymous said...

The point is
use the English
Language at a Chinese Language
Station ?
What is the intention or motive ?

Virgo 49 said...

Ah Nehs most don't study Mandarin.

They are proficient in English.

That's why they even use English in the Mandarin medium.

Why so ah?? Japanese said a so ka??

You don't know? ?

They are slowly conditioning you to Ah Nehs rules.

So, must slowly let you get the hang of it.

Slowly, they will hang you.

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