When war comes home

The blast at Ariana Grande’s Concert, the 22 dead and many wounded, were a grim reminder of how painful and destructive war is to the victims. The victors, those doing the killings, went home smiling and honoured, knighted as heroes for killing other people. The faces of victims, children and woman folks often draw sympathetic emotions from the readers. Yes, the horrors of war must have hurt many innocents, and now 22 dead and 59 wounded and suffering in pains.

The Europeans have been conducting wars of terrors, called conquest, colonization, occupation in other people’s land all over the world, from the Americas to Asia and Africa, for more than 5 centuries. How many innocents and children had they killed and maimed? Must be hundreds of millions! Even the invasion of Iraq, Libya and Syria in recent years, in each of these countries several hundreds of thousands were killed and maimed. Did the heroes of these invading countries, ie USA and UK and Nato countries care a dime about these deaths and incapacitated victims? Surely there were more than 22 babies and mothers and innocents killed by these bastard invaders. No, they went home to celebrate their bombings and killings with their citizens, telling their gruesome war stories like bedtime fairy tales.

The Europeans and Americans have been invading and conquering other countries, starting wars everywhere and everyday like having fun. Now the war is coming home. Little by little, more Americans, British and Europeans are going to feel the pain and horrors of wars at home that their victims felt over more than 5 centuries of European brutality. Would they then understand how the victims of their wars felt, how they suffered, how their lives and countries were ruined?

I don’t think so. When the victims are the Asians and Africans, it is ok. But not when the victims are Americans or Europeans. Their lives are more valuable than the Asians and Africans.

The Americans and Europeans better braced themselves up for war is coming home to roost, maybe just next door down the street. They used to go conquering the world. The world is coming to the US, UK and Europe, to conquer them in their homeland. The tide is changing. With so many former colony people emigrating into Europe and the USA, all victims of colonization and conquest, what could the Americans and Europeans expect from them, serving them tea and breakfast?


Virgo49 said...

When they attacked Iraq with the Americans, French with bombings and killings, how proud they are.

The American ex Servicemen
squabbling that their names be included in the Plaque of Honour that they are Patriots of the country.

To them, proud to be Servicemen and killed others in countries by aggression.

Today, they clearly deserved to be killed these ways.

Unfortunately, only on a small scale. Yet, they said we are not afraid.

In reality, they are shivering in their pants. See all the World's Men In Blue?? After what happened,
these useless bums came in full force with arms swinging to confront the bombers.

Hello, they have already left the scenes lah.Wait for you to catch?? Better come with stretchers.

Those who supported the murderous whites deserved the same fate.

Sinkieland, M.O.T.

Anonymous said...

The images of the terror Attack are shown on TVs 24/7 so many people felt sad. The killing in Middle East and Africa no one see lar though millions died

Anonymous said...


So......you tell me lah....which country is now the safest-EST place on this planet Earth!

I don't need to say, you also know!

Yes! It may be good to kpkb kpkb and kpkb everyday but please count our blessings!

How many people can like us? How many people can like us?

A chinese saying....our figures are of different lengths, some long some short.

So......our govt is the same..........also some good some bad.......but overall.............

Maybe the 70% voters saw it, did it right? 80% at the next GE with H and A going back to PAP?

It depends on what we want! You draw your own conclusions!


Anonymous said...

sorry.......a spelling mistake to above comment......anonymous 911am...........

Should be.....""A chinese saying....our FINGERS are of different lengths, some long some short"".

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.11, wow Really 9.11

Sinkieland because of its Kia see, Kia soo scared even of own shadows, scared of even a bag lying around, and white baking powder that they disrupted the daily lives of Sinkies everyday.

Trying crossing the Causeway and Tuas, so much unnecessarily hassles. Tried the Airports, believe in the stupid Americans propaganda of what chemical bombs in water, what stupid laptops
that can be bombs, what,smartphones that must be scanned. Poor us can't even drink our own water.

Malaysian customs don't even hui your baggage and what scanning of hand phones. KlIA, hands carried baggage just waved to go out.

Poor Sinkies on their leases for donkey years already got used to their bullying tactics.

What's safest place. Left to be seen.

You think our men in blue capable? Just like the security forces in the rest of the World.
wayang only. Really happened, wah piang full battle order. Too late.

Anonymous said...

It is better to be safe than sorry!

Some inconviences are OK!


Anonymous said...

When terrorist are prepared to sacrifice their lives for a cause, what can the West do? They can come from within, not from Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran etc, where the Imperial powers can bomb them to dust. They have to bomb themselves instead.

This will be a problem that cannot be resolved, unlike communism where the source is known and greater fire power is the answer. And it cannot be resolved because the West keeps on creating them by killing innocents on the pretext of calling them just 'collateral damage'. When other countries kill civilians they are called murderers, terrorist and human right's violators, with the whole world screaming for blood . When the the West do that, everyone else keep their mouths shut and say nothing. Not a squeak!

virgo49 said...

Anon 9.49

Why subjected yourselves to these inconveniences??

The Papies can simply shut their CB mouths and not aligned with the murderous Devils.

The Whites brought these on themselves, why kek kiang align with them.

Where you got find China kena these happenings??

°They know how to keep their mouths shut and not got hooked.

Anonymous said...

Generally the idea of rb is quite reasonable, the horrors are construed as for a retrubutionable cause.給初一,还十五 But most unfortunately i do not know why, the masterminds behind the terror attacks invariably never portray their act as retribution per se. It is based on "jihad" and strong religious tone to honour their god and gain heavenly rewards, heck the western world dont buy that. The moment "god" or "allah" is introduced it polarises the general public of the Caucasian camp, and the muslim camp. Why cant the "terrorist" announce at each incident, "this is in revenge for Caucasian bombing 3,000 civilians dead in xxxx incident", or this is in revenge for destroying 100,000 innocent iraqi and the rape of libya". For the purpose of balance, i felt that the attacks would have generated more thinking in the western camps if the cause is delinked from religion, and instead more focused on the revenge theme.

Anonymous said...

No condolences from our super talents or did i missed it?

Anonymous said...

They could not assassinate Duterte, so they unleashed the ISIS in the Ppines to turn Ppines into another war spot. What were the Special Forces doing in the Ppines for so many years? Breeding and arming the ISIS for a time like this?

If Duterte is smart, he should send all the Special Forces back to the USA, then deal with the ISIS directly by inviting the Russians to take them down.

patriot said...

What happened elsewhere can happen anywhere, including Sinland.

We know Sinkies are proud that Sinland has been a safe place and think it will remain so.
lt is true that thus far no terrorism or bloodshed had happened.
Those driven to take their own lives were not considered violent deaths. Jumping from highrise building, into train track and water were all considered suicides. Suicides were, are always regarded by Sinkies as personal failures, hardly anyone of them is considered a victim of societal and state policy failures. Even when an elderly lady cited that she wanted to end her life so as not to burden her children, it was takened that was her own decision.
You die, your own business so to say. Some say you choose to die, go ahead, some did videoing without trying to save the victims. This is how far humans have evolved ad is evolving to more numb to killing and death like as though they grow up in killing field and war torned countries.

lt is a blessing that Sin thus far has being LUCKY that violence is minimal.
note that complacency has set in for some years now, especially from those at the Top.

When Sin gets hit, those not affected will live as normal. lt will be very similar to the Pioneer and Senior Generations still singing praises of the
Old Generatiob Pappies now despite making much noises about the Current Pappies.

They made it in the Good Old Days without thinking of the Implication and Consequences of the ENHANCING VALUES OF HOUSING COST AND HIGHER TITLE AND RANK GIVEN TO THEM TO MAKE THEM LOOK COLOURFUL.


Sinkies better STOP BEING DAFT.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very very much to the pioneer and senior generations for today's Singapore!

Thank you patriot 10.42am for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

Hard Truths or Fairy Tales ???

“A wholly Singaporean workforce” by 1991: LKY’s target in 1982


patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

This will leave them no time to go around murdering others.

Time for to keep the Aggressors busy in in their homes.


Anonymous said...

S’pore-China relations stronger than “occasional differences of views”: DPM Teo


DPM Teo say so ah.
Not Xi Jinping hor.

Do you think that Xi Jinping should listen up?
Do you think Xi Jinping has lost a lot of sleep because Ah Loong didn't go?

Mental masturbation or the hard truth?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:24, the invisible hand or the forces of history work in a logic that often baffles human beans. We see the correlation in our own perspective, but nature has its own perspective or will do things in its own way.

The logic of revenge is simple and clear but did not have the kind of force and blind rage that would drive the people to die willingly like a religious cause. Europe is staged for its own destruction when the migrants become a majority in another 30 years and the white Europeans would become a minority like Singaporeans in Singapore and would be forced to leave their homeland by the new migrants.

As for Singapore China relations, I just wrote a piece, maybe post it tomorrow. The mental masturbation is not funny.

Anonymous said...

Minister Teo Ser Luck to work part-time for S$192,000 MP job, full-time in private sector


More part time solutions for Singaporeans' full time problems ???

Yours Sincerely

General Secretary, Part-time Actors' Party

Anonymous said...

Hi rb, you confuse the issue Because an Incident is caused by Brains behind, and then Hands on-site. The hands can be motivated to strike by religious method, that is internal coordination. The Brains on the other hand can do a proper PR job and portray to the world as revenge for xxx, yyy, zz incidents as i suggested. Play for the sympathy card, dont play the religion card!!!!!! Provide PowerPoint slides to explain and dont even use the A word or J word.

This is a data based world, the terrorist master minds instead of capitalising on the spread of truth to external world, chose to portray it one dimensionally in terms of religion. This is a fatal flaw in their approach.

Anonymous said...

Human nature is to kill & war. No 2 ways about it. Better to embrace it & learn how to profit from it. That's why I buy war stocks. Even just using a dumb, no-need-to-think ETF I'm already up 170% or 2.7X my original investment in just 5 years.

The only time when there is no more war & humans no longer interested to spend more money to do R&D on more efficient ways of killing, is when there are no more humans left.

Anonymous said...

China and the Chinese people suffered more than hundred years of brutal aggression and humiliation by more than eight European countries, Japan, America and Russia from 1820s to 1940s. To avoid fighting among themselves over Chinese spoils the invaders divided China into several separate spheres of influence under their separate powers and rulings. They refered to this as cutting the " water melon " to be shared among the invaders. England had priority over South Western China in the Himalayers region and Tibet as well as the sea coast of Eastern China, France acquired control over Southern China which included the present Indo-China territories of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, Japan and US demanded the right to share the booty and Russia exercised full control over large swathes of Chinese lands in Western China, Northern China around Lake Baikal region and the Maritime province of North Eastern China where Russia built a strong fort called Vladivostok.

During this over hundred years of foreign aggression China not only lost a few million square miles of her lands to Russia, England, France and Japan but also lost millions of innocent Chinese lives who were brutally cut down and murdered by the invaders. China and the Chinese people had thus lost its honour, self respect and dignity. The humiliation of the Chinese people over a century was not redeemed until the heroic victory of the People's Liberation Army led by Chairman Mao Tzetung and his comrades in arms who drove out all the invaders in October 1949.

During the over one hundred years of foreign aggression China was reduced to a semi-colonial status with many foreign masters. They exploited China to the full and took control of all the customs and taxes and each and every of the invading country imposed huge war indemnity charges of several hundred million dollars ( Chinese silver dollars ) for the wars they waged on China. That explains how China was totally impoverished and her people reduced to destitutes during the rule of the foreign invaders. When Chairman Mao took over the country China was in extreme poverty with no one to turn to for help. It was through sheer grit and gumption and determination that Chairman Mao with the support of the Chinese people managed to rebuild China to the present day status of wealth and splendour. The Chinese have redeemed the hundred years of humiliation and suffering but unless China recover all her lost territories she cannot claim to have fully reedeemed her hundred years of humiliation and lost of dignity and honour.


Thursday, 25th May,2017

patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

With enlightened Leaders like Xi Jinping at the Helm of China, PRC shall be strong and prosperous.
China may not want back all the Lost Territories lost in the Past except those that matter to its safety and security.
China is currently embarking on bettering the lives of its' people and that of the World. lt is something no leader in the History of Mankind has ever been undertaken by any individual or nation. This almost divine or sacred duty is now being put into many projects around the World.
Hopefully, this will will change the World into a more peaceful
and safer place.

Kudos to Xu Jinping and the Peoples Republic Of China.


Anonymous said...

/// The Chinese have redeemed the hundred years of humiliation and suffering but unless China recover all her lost territories she cannot claim to have fully reedeemed her hundred years of humiliation and lost of dignity and honour. ///
May 25, 2017 12:07 pm

No lah!
Singapore belongs to everybody.
If you are a foreign billionaire ... you are even more welcome.

We do not have poor people in Singapore.
Only people who choose to exercise by collecting and selling cardboard boxes.
And also people who choose to give away 2 years of their lives in the army for peanuts.

Anonymous said...

Part 22: Once Broken, A Porcelain Cannot Be Fixed Back

As far as the (useless) JIAKLIAOBEEs are concerned, life is very busy sending tons of emails upon emails INFINITELY and meetings after meetings ENDLESSLY .......?

The worst part is after leeching on taxpayers' BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS $$$$$$ wasted on mostly JIAKLIAOBEE-type (getting to nowhere TKSS) meetings, noboLEE is any wiser and the problems are snowballing BIGGER & BIGGER?

So, ask yourselves, are these mf JLBs the solutions or the problems?

Giving problems and still being paid in tons of million$$$ (with the pple being "held rantsome")?

Can anything be anymore PREPOSTEROUS than this in the history of CIVILISATION in this world?


1 trillion gazillion FACE PALMS?

YEW decide?

For all the touted talents (left behind) by one old farkt, in less than 2 years the "wheels, spokes ....... etc are all coming off"?

Oh dear?

Unless human beans purposely paste stamps on their eyes and choose to be blind to the surroundings and happenings, it is CLEAR as day the trajectory of the train (enroute to the edge of the cliff)?

Below is a rivine thousands of feet deep and a road to no return (but some kongcum some how, some what cannot understand and cannot see it coming)?

How did all these come about?

Future historians may ask?



Like Geylang?

Everything is a commodity?

Got $$$ can sell le?

So Geylang prostitutes treat their CBs as commodities to sell to anyboLEE who can pay, including the most unsavoury looking "beasts"?

When human beans CBs, human beans tek tek, human beans SOULS, CONSCIENCE etc become commodities under the sky, is it still a human civilisation?

Like Geylang prostitutes, many PAPigs see themselves as mere commodities and are (in)famous for prostituting their souls, conscience ..... etc?

What is wrong collecting more $$$?

What is wrong treating the CBs as commodities and prostituting in Geylang?

In the PAPigs universe, everything can be prostituted?

Who thinks PAPigs never prostituted their souls and conscience (for $$$ and traded like COMMODITIES)?

Pls kee chiu

Anonymous said...

Oops typo .....

Should be

*Below is a RAVINE thousands of feet deep and a road of no return (but some kongcum some how, some what cannot understand and cannot see it coming)?

Anonymous said...

Do you think our PAP Ministers are champion mental masturbators?
See below for another piece of championship mental masturbation:

No housing benefit even if unwed mothers adopt their own children: MSF

Anonymous said...

Blowback - Manchester bomber linked to terrorist group which U.K. allegedly backed.

Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi and his father, Ramadan, had long-standing links to a violent jihadist group, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which had British backing for the 2011 Libyan war and a 1996 attempt to kill then-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The elder Abedi was reportedly one of the LIFG fighters who fled Gaddafi’s response to the rebels, settling in London and, later, in Manchester. The area of Manchester in which Salman Abedi grew up was home to a number of other LIFG members.

Allegations have emerged that in 2011, the U.K. relaxed restrictions on LIFG fighters based in the U.K. and helped them return to Libya to fight Gaddafi. The U.K. was at that time engaged in fighting Gaddafi as part of a US-led NATO coalition.

The war saw the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime and the eventual murder of the leader himself after he was captured by opposition fighters. Since NATO’s intervention, Libya has been in chaos.

Anonymous said...

Gadafi ordered his agents to bomb the plane in Scotland in 1988 in the Lockerbie incident. It was also in retaliation for allies bombing libya. According to Isaac Newton, every action has a reaction. Terrorist attacks on the west must always be understood as a revenge reaction rather than religious radicalism!!

Anonymous said...

Part 23: Fixed, Fixed, Fixed - The Karma of "Fixing".

Human beans can fix (fellow) human beans?

But can human beans "fix heaven"?

But heaven can fix human beans?

When human beans keep fixing (fellow) human beans, they will get fixed (by heaven)?

The events in 2003 & 2008 are good examples?

Good begets good?

But evil would lead to evil?

Pls continue to fix (fellow) human beans (if yew are oblivious to future karma to yewrself, yewr wife & yewr offsprings)?

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