When the clowns are asleep, jobs got stolen

Click to enlarge and count the number of staff in the picture and ask, are they Singaporeans? Point of clarification - A Kah Fong emailed to inform me that the above picture is Sawhney's office with ESPN in India, not in the Sports Hub. In the TRE article, copied under PS, it was stated that he came to Singapore and joined ESPN. Something not clear here, was he in ESPN in India or in Singapore?

Manu Sawhney became the new Sports Hub CEO in Oct 2015.

In an interview about couple of months into the job, he told the media, “As a proud Singaporean, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to play my part in building sports. And using this facility … how do we help put Singapore on the global sporting destination map.”
And now, about 1.5 year later, it was reported yesterday (20 May) that he was forced to take an “extended personal leave” following an anonymous letter of complaint against him.

Since Sawhney’s appointment, many senior management and staff have left Sports Hub, including its legal, marketing, corporate communication and HR heads. The media reported in Aug last year that the staff at Sports Hub were having “low morale” caused by the lack of communication, and actions by the company’s leadership….
“Since then, there has been very little communication by the leadership. There have been a lot of closed-door decisions, and we have not heard from the CEO regarding his vision and direction for the Sports Hub since he came on board,” a source told the media.

Another said, “A lot of new staff, including senior management, have been hired over the last several months but no one tells us who they are, or what they will be doing. They show up all of a sudden.”
“As a result, people get affected. They start wondering whether the new staff are here to eventually replace them,” the person added.

The above is from an editorial piece posted in the TRE titled, ‘Sports Hub CEO: A proud S’porean who didn’t serve NS’. And here is a photo of his office and staff. Look very carefully, are the staff Singaporeans? If you need to, expand the photo to get a better picture. Very likely they are Singaporeans, new citizens, or PRs or employment pass holders.

Notice anything amissed in the picture? I would find this office normal if it is taken in New Delhi or Mumbai, but not the Singapore Sports Hub. Maybe the picture is actually taken in New Delhi or Mumbai to create a wrong impression that it is taken from the Singapore Sports Hub. The more I look at the picture the more I don’t believe that it was taken in Singapore, NOT my Singapore, NOT in a govt office. This picture has drawn many criticisms in the TRE for being very unSingapore. Many would not think the staff is of Singaporean mix or reflective of Singapore’s demography. I cannot believe that Singaporeans could not fill these jobs or did not qualify for these jobs, or did not want to work in these jobs and you need to fill them with foreigners.(This comment would be unnecessary and inappropriate if the staff in the said office were in India and the info posted in the TRE article will be fake news or inaccurate news. Got to be careful of fake news or misinformation).

This is how sick and bad this country has become to Singaporeans if this picture is real. OK, this as a general comment is still not out of sync from many comments all over the places. We have lost not only our jobs to foreigners but our country as well. Please do not blame anyone of them in the picture. They are innocent, just people like you and me that want to work, to get a job.

Who do you think should be blamed for this sickening state of affair when Singaporeans could not find decent jobs, (those in the pictures are decent jobs and the CEO’s job would be highly desired by Singaporeans), while pathetic Singaporeans ended up unemployed, unemployable or underemployed.
Which clowns allowed this to happen? Who has/have betrayed the Singaporeans?

With khongcum people in charge this is what is happening to your country. Some said not khongcum but sorchai in charge. Did anyone shout betrayed?

Sawhney was formerly an Indian national. According to his LinkedIn information, he studied at Birla Institute of Technology and Science for his first degree in Mechanical Engineering before going to Indian Institute of Foreign Trade for his MBA.

He started his career in ITC Global Holdings involving in commodity trading. Some time in the mid-2000s, he came to Singapore and joined ESPN STAR Sports, a broadcast media. He later became a PR and a new citizen.

Why is this chap not a mismatch for the CEO job in the Sports Hub?


Anonymous said...


good morning good morning

this is another success story of a new singaaporean, an instant singaporeans

welcome welcome welcome to the world, to singapore, to this pee-sai

well done well done, keep it up keep it up


Virgo49 said...

Wah piang, whole office all INDIANS and sooner they bring in their COWS and the whole villages.

KBW, old cow are you there? ?

And everything they accused Chinese Sinkies of jobs discriminations!!

So much for the CECA.

Wake up useless MOMs and hwan Siong LOL.

This is only the beginning of the demise of the SINKIEs.

Good lessons for the 70percent PAP stooges.

unfortunately, the 30 percentage got to suffer with them.

Anonymous said...

No point kpkb kpkb and kpkb!

Living in Singapore is really like that! This is Singapore!

People like to kpkb here kpkb there.......but when come to voting.........PAP!

Look at 2015, a massive 70% voted "YES" with their eyes wide opened!

It is projected to be 80% at next GE! With H and A going back to PAP!

Waste time! Waste time! No point! No point!

What can you do now? Too late! Too late!

Just do your best! Try to 3Ms! Make sure your A/C and pockets have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

All said.......Be Happy and Wworry Less!

Singapore Boleh? Singapore Boleh!

Anonymous said...

"pathetic Singaporeans ended up unemployed, unemployable or underemployed.
Which clowns allowed this to happen? Who has/have betrayed the Singaporeans?"

--- Answer : PAP !

Anonymous said...

Another very successful naturalised Singaporean, just like no-NS Putucherry . . .

Anonymous said...

But.........anonymous 9.38am, have you forgotten that a massive 70% voted PAP!

How to explain that!

patriot said...

Sin is sold.

Sickenporeans are


Anonymous said...

Street view many Sinkies are unemployed, losing their jobs to foreigners such as CECA India nationals.

But according to official data, Singapore's unemployment rate still indicates near-full employment at 2.3% for 1st quarter 2017. So theoretically, up to 97.7% of sinkies can still vote for PAP in a general election. That's well above the 69.9% notched during the last general election!

Anonymous said...

But restaurants long Qs leh.

COE oversubscribed.

Long Qs for BTO.

Just to mention a few.

Where got problem!

Singapore still OK lah!

Virgo49 said...

Singapore still ok lah!

99 per cent living on credits.

When the Big Bang comes, you see whether long queues in restaurants, COEs oversubscribed.

Long list for BTOs..

See kallang and what Bidarri so many rejected flats. Too expensive and they said some.don't like the River.

Sinkies should have wise up earlier the slaughtered of them in public housing.

Finally, you believe their statistics? ?

Anonymous said...

But 70% still like them and voted for them!

PAP must be good! Correct???

Anonymous said...

Good morning RedBean

You're very sharp.

SG Girl

Anonymous said...

Who is creating jobs for who?
Ask the khongcum in charge for the answer.

Anonymous said...

Rb, nothing to get excited about Kar. If you go to the Mumbai business park in Changi, you already see what is happening there. Then take a ride to go to the New Delhi financial center in Marina Bay, you will also get a shock. Ask your children who gone for interview for banking jobs. Who are the interviewer? 80% are from Indian villages.

Anonymous said...

CECA is looking like an unequal treaty signed between Sg and Republic of India

The treaty must be stopped it's destroying our livelihoods.

Anonymous said...

/// Which clowns allowed this to happen? Who has/have betrayed the Singaporeans? ///

Do you think Singaporeans is to blame?
Don't you think Singaporeans have become corrupted by money?

Do you think our best and brightest citizens have been corrupted by million dollar salaries into obedience and silence?

Do you think the ordinary Singaporeans have been corrupted by million dollar HDB resale prices into obedience and silence?

Unless and until we vote out a few PAP Ministers in GE 2020, do you think anything will change?
Do you think CECA will only be terminated if we voted out a few PAP Ministers in GE 2020?

In order to stay in power forever, do you think our Emperors have corrupted the entire Singaporean ethos ?

Anonymous said...

George Yeo !!!
What have you done to Singapore?

Anonymous said...

The good work that the PAPayas do keeps on coming.
Yesterday it was the UBS investment.
Today it is the Sports Hub.

What other skeletons are in the closet?
Should we vote in Tan Cheng Bock to find out?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1212pm please tell me how to vote PAP out!

Even with a few ministers out it is no sweat for PAP!

But first how to vote them out in 2020 when the current prediction is 80% win for PAP!

Furthermore H and A are predicted to return to PAP!

So how next? Any proposal?

Anonymous said...

Many Singapore citizens feel that to cap local university places is ensure that Singapore citizens CANNOT compete on equal footing so that thousands of jobs opening can be made available to fulfill CECA treaty.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Singaporeans are being deliberately made unemployed to fulfill the CECA treaty?
Do you think a vote for PAP is a vote to support CECA?

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?! You fuckers voted for it what!!! Enjoy the new normal fuckers!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who are the interviewer? 80% are from Indian villages.
11:05 am

Why like that?

And who are the MPs in Sinkie Parliament? 93% are from PAP.

Also why like that?

Anonymous said...

Good post. The key words are "khongcum but sorchai".

These sorchai stood at the stage at Stadium or Sport Hub pledged loyalty to :Singapore. WITHOUT FLAG, AT NATIONAL DAY PARADE.

I did not say a word about "we the citizen of singapore..."

Now I know, Sport Hub was in Mumbai. The "sorchai" were and are captured by foreigners, except me. I did not pledge without seeing the 5 star flag.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans deserve to be boat people, being booted out of their country.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is true that PAP really cannot find a Sinkie talent better than Manu Sawhney to be Sports Hub CEO.

After all, it is also true that Sinkies cannot even find another political party ready to be govt, let alone better than PAP, to be elected as govt. So PAP won the election to be govt lor.

So no surprise if there is also no Sinkie talent ready to be Sports Hub CEO. So Manu Sawhney got the job lor.

Anonymous said...

Anyone check his papers to see if they are real?

Anonymous said...

Everywhere I go I can hear people criticising our open legs policy but when come to GE results.... PAP 70%!

Why like that?

Anonymous said...

Anyone check his papers to see if they are real?
May 24, 2017 1:48 pm

Birla Institute of Technology and Science and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade can check meh?

I am a Sinkie employer. I got staff who are from NTU and NUS with masters some more. And also a great disappointment on their job.

So sometimes in frustration, I get those from Birla or what not Institute in India, Myanmar or Philippines. To my surprise, most are OK and able to make profits for my business. And they also got the right work attitude.

Virgo49 said...


DON'T how lian lah!

You can employed Masters degrees from NUS and NTU??

What business you doing? ?

Two dollars registered kuching kurap companies outsource to you for services company or employing old folks for security and cleaning services.

Collected payments from your Masters and paid your employees Jan pay in July and Makaninn their CPF's contributions??

Still have time for Mr RB's blog??

Or are you one of the PAP Chiw Skunks? ?
Dogs too high class for you.

I love my dog more than creature like you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.15pm commented that....."I am a Sinkie employer. I got
staff who are from NTU and NUS with masters some more. And also a
great disappointment on their job".

Hello! Hello!

Do not blame the graduates.

Blame the universities and their professors.

Not the graduates faults.

They studied hard. They passed. They graduated.

With real degrees! Real degrees! Not fake degrees!

Virgo49 said...

Anon 2.52

You believe this Fake So called Employer? ?

How many reputable organisations can employ Master Degrees or for that matter even Bachelor degrees graduates? ?

This bulls shitter Hokkien say Cheow Gay.

Ai Kong way.

If you are 100 millions paid up company CEO just post and give your opinions and not as an Anon.

State your Company name.

Must be a scam company,.here today and gone tomorrow.

I have had met some kuching kurap small business owners with paid out a few thousands and they.behaved as though they owned the world.

Just OMO or one employee who obey without question as they are usually young school leaver with no working experience, these pompous so called half past six boss.went round thinking that the world workers are his employees.

They will push.the poor employee to the max without any overtime or other benefits.

Just like the Chow Kar guy who was charged for slapping the intern and these bastards somemore employed interns as their employees.

Those stupid Polys with their internships supplied cheap Labour for them.

Plain exploitation.

Anonymous said...

This 2:15 may even buy a doctor to paste in front of his Tan Ah Kow name and call himself Doctor Tan Ah Kow.

b said...

Thats what pap wants. They want the people to stay stupid or drive them out. They get foreigners in for top positions so none can threaten their power to stay forever. They do not want another dr Chee or dr Tan to challenge them. They want absolute power. They are afraid of local talents. Many emperors did that in the past.

Anonymous said...

Any reason why only vote out a few pap ministers? Why not the whole lot of them?
Are u a plp ?

Anonymous said...

Did the PAPaya Millionaire clowns appoint the SportsHub CEO?

What about appointing a Navy Chief with no experience as Education Perm Sec?
Isn't this the same thing?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

How come Sinkies are told that they lose out to foreigners in getting jobs because they lack the skills and must learn new skills to get jobs, but the ex-Naval Chief can get the permanent sec job in Education even though he had spent his whole career life in navy ???

Anonymous said...

...give your opinions and not as an Anon. State your Company name.
Virgo49 3:14 pm

Aiyo Virgo49, u suku is it, telling RB commentators not to post as Anon? Which commentator ever gave his real name in RB blog, not even a suku like u.

Anyway anon 2:15 pm may not really be a boss, but what he said is quite true, based on my own working experience.

Virgo49, I think u must be old and retired and so out of touch with working life lah. Or maybe also a bit senile (suku).

Anonymous said...

This is sick, really sick to the core. Some more you get running dogs and scoundrels trying to defend the undefendable. WELCOME TO SICKAPORE.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 7.44

If you said you employed Master Degrees grads and said that they are useless, then you should have the guts to disclose what Reputable company you are running??

What working experience you talking that can judge what that High Standard Boss.

Many non grads working class are simply jealous of the grads.

They will tarnish all sorts of grievances against them. No doubt not all grads are capable like the PAPies.

I been in govt, commercial for forty years as worker,management and even as own boss.

Local plus overseas assignments

A working person will never knows the real business of a company if he is not one.

Even with our paid out capitals of nearly 500K running a business, we do not have the capacity to employ even a Bachelor's degree grad.

This joker said he employed Masters degrees grads.

Frankly, only big big corporations with thousand over staff will employ Uni grads.

So, don't put me on the senile list.

Still can "chua" the Roulette winning numbers.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, only big big corporations with thousand over staff will employ Uni grads.
Virgo49 9:30 pm

Aiyo, with that statement, u sound even more suku and out of touch than I thought. I surrender lah.

Luckily it is not from RB, or else his blog hits will plunge like bungee jump.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 24, 2017 9:00 pm
>>>>>>>>This is sick, really sick to the core. Some more you get running dogs and scoundrels trying to defend the undefendable. WELCOME TO SICKAPORE.<<<<<<<<<

Seems like Sin CITY is gg dn d LO(OOOOOOOOO)NG CUNT (aka long kang) soon .........?


Pls rise from the grave .......?

Anonymous said...

Can a non-Uni grad become a Naval Chief in Singapore? Can a non-Uni grad become a Education Perm Sec in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

But education got some kongcum with uni toilet paper general and tua cunt wang with uni toilet paper but so?

Getting from bad to worst?

From botak to strawberry stroke gold fish eye tahooo?

Then 2 2 idiots koncum?

Sin city really jiak lat liao?

Bruised Li Hsiao Lo(oooooooo)ng?

(SINK CITEE) Really Hsiao LIAO?

Anonymous said...

I got staff who are from NTU and NUS with masters some more.
anon 2:15 pm

Maybe anon 2:15 pm is talking about foreign grads on PAP scholarships or bursaries from NTU and NUS lah.

Then it is not only possible but maybe common too, especially in those SME engineering companies and specialised industries, because not many Sinkies want to study or practice engineering, let alone do masters. And these SMEs also have Sinkie bosses.

And a lot of these foreigners are given PR easily and welcome to be citizens by PAP, and for obvious reasons lah. And with that, the quota for Sinkie SME bosses to hire more foreigners becomes even higher and more attractive. If not, how to get 5.5M population so fast, u tell me lah?

So hope Virgo49 and ignorant Sinkies are enlightened on this.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 24, 2017 7:26 pm
>>>>>>>>{How come Sinkies are told that they lose out to foreigners in getting jobs because they lack the skills and must learn new skills to get jobs, but the ex-Naval Chief can get the permanent sec job in Education even though he had spent his whole career life in navy ???<<<<<<<<


Simple lah .......

In this SICK SIN CITEE, there is this kongcumness called the tail wagging the dog and the bitch sulking the cork .......?

agongkia said...

Anon 7.44
At least Virgo dare to reveal his identity.Who say no one ever give real name?
I am Goh Ah Gong,who are you?
Virgo is one of my idol.
Only suku will sing praises of so call FT and look down on his own countrymen.
My towkay only employ Sinkies cos we have absolute confident that Sinkies are the best.
We need to give Sinkies a chance and not condemn our own countrymen.We should not demoralize our men further.
You another Tong Bo Bin,Tambai Sua Pehjin.

Anonymous said...

Blame who , so who should Singaporean blame . These FTs come with the blessing of our government and this government is voted in by idiot Singaporeans . Real Singaporeans will soon become minority in their own country . Sad , sad....so sad .

Anonymous said...

Part 20: The Fall of Ancient Dynasties, Empires & The Tale of A Sick City

Bone revealing skinny small miniscule LIBERTY is better than fat rotund plump massive overweight excessive SLAVERY?

In the 5,000 years recorded history, no society flourished when there were massive censorship, suppression, cronism, legalised corruption, incompetence ........ etc etc

When a subway or metro network keeps breakdowning incessantly and frequently (without any warning, often catching countless peak hours rushing commuters who are on their way to work, to meetings, to appointments, to interviews, for first day of work, during first week of work, for critical medical appointments, to schools, for school exams, O-Level exams, A-Level exams, N-Level exams, to university lectures, to classes, to Year 1 undergraduate mid-term exams, Year 2 undergraduate mid-term exams, Year 3 undergraduate mid-term exams, Year 4 undergraduate mid-term exams, Year 1 undergraduate final exams, Year 2 undergraduate final exams, Year 3 undergraduate final exams, Year 4 undergraduate final exams ......... etc etc by nasty surprise like frantic ants on hot pans ...........?), it is a sign of gross incompetence, JiakLiaoBee-ness, and indirectly the signal of the beginning of the end?

As the proberb goes, "A bad workman blames his tools."

And likewise, a JiakLiaoBee blames the people for mismatch of skills, insufficient spurs to the people's hides, not hungry enough and gazillion and one other excuses .......?

Meanwhile, like fat glutton PIGS, just as laogoa painted, they ownselves check ownselves, ownselves pay ownselves millions and millions of taxpayers blood, sweat, tears $$$$$$$$........?

Often, during weekdays lunch time, at restaurants like bankcork kaya .......etc etc, if YEW do a headcount, a substantial percentage are these JIAKLIAOBEES having opulent and decadent lunches with dishes upon dishes, courses upon courses of the best and expensive delicacies the restaurants can provide ....?

Anonymous said...

Part 21: Chinese Proverb: "No Feast Lasts ForLEEver"

Besides Bankcork Kaya, YEW can "catch" many JIAKLIAOBEES even having dim sums in the mid-morning like 10.30am++ at restaurants like TingTongFeng etc etc ..........?

Worst still, JIAKLIAOBEEs even openly and publicly acknowledged and taught children how to "steal" toothpicks?

The worst is some cow(dung) can even tell Mr Tiojiu and his kakis to "commit hara kiri" for their "small mistakes" when subway or the metro lines breakdow non-stop big time like noboLEE's BUSINESS (but skin thicker than elephants hides and continue to leech on the BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS taxpayers $$$$$$$ month-in month-out, year-in year-out ....... non-stop)?

To rub salt, pour vinegar, sprinkle chilli padi, drop TCM hot medical oilment, drip x100 challenge spicy curry ....... etc etc into "sinkies open, fresh, sore, bleeding, painful wound", they ownselves check ownselves (like one senile laogoa said), ownselves pay ownselves 10 to 30 months of yearly bonuses worth many millions each .......?

The only comparable collapsing, decadent, incompetent LEEDershit in history could jolly well be the last dynasty in cina history under one promiscous dowager?

When a cuntry degenerates to such state, the end is near?

VerLEE near?

Virgo49 said...

wah bro, can be Tang Dynasty poet.


Anonymous said...

We are seeing all the signs and symptoms of a dying regime. And as in all historical developments, the Emperor would still be strutting around in his new clothes, oblivious to the coming downfall. Everything is fine, everything is fine. And all the monkeys continue to jump around as if the party will never end. Good time is here....

Anonymous said...

Just like the price of HDB, always up, be happy, be very happy.

patriot said...

'These FTs come with the blessings of our govenment......'



Virgo49 said...

Patriot, the Kongcum and Ah Gongs are the Ones that been.conned thinking that their flats are worth hundreds of thousands from their meagre payments of a few thousands.

They did not realised that their children and grandchildren are going to pay for their follies.

Be beggars when.they CANNOT work anymore.

Luckily, my generation stops here.

No more slaves for NS and buying 100 plus dollars milk powder.

No baggage, can shift anything sinkieland sinks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yep, just written a piece on Singapore becoming a khongcum country.

Anonymous said...

So many news about this Manu being investigated for abusing his staff. Got police report also. Some commented that his sacking is on the way, for terrorising his staff.

patriot said...

Sinkies are getting Karma biting them like a berserked bitch.
The Pioneer and Senior Generations are facing the Consequences of their follies for believing the Pappies.

The Younger Native Born Sinkies have to face the Wrath of the Karma of their forefathers.
The Pioneer and Senior Generations have died or will only suffer for a short time.
Few Pioneer and Senior Generations are aware of their follies and MANY ARE STILL SINGING PRAISES OF THE PAPPIES OR THE OLD GENERATION PAPPIES.



agongkia said...

Only rich people talk like that.
Khongcum are those who will claim NS is slavery or choose to stay away instead of staying put to defend his country.Giving up their country and telling others to give up easily.
Cannot beat them,join them and contribute idea to improve instead of whining lah uncle.

Virgo49 said...

Ah Gong Kia, Singapore only for the Rich.

We poor poor got to quit to Matland and do farming.

Cannot afford even the milk powder.So my two children chose to remain singles.

Gave the honour of serving National Service to the loyals.

Patriot, by the way the 70percent votes for the PAP still comes from the PGs and oldies??

Thought most sell duck eggs already.

July, they increased my CPF's life payouts. Thought the common pool increased due to the Oldies gone to sell duck eggs.


patriot said...

Dear Virgo;

I believe that the 70% in GE 2015 still came from most elderlies, especially the Ah Sohs, Ah Emms and those working Ah Cheks and Ah Peks. Those old males were less prone to vote for Pappies as most of them dont need Pappies for survival. Most of them swear and curse Pappies most of the time.
The working oldies and chabors are easily bought by just a few hundred dollars of whatever schemes.
Feel very sad for them
as few hundred Sindollars do make them feel takened care of and happy.

Like to say that the 30% on the other hand are mostly disenchanted
with PAP for long time

ln the Next GE, with new citizens and diehard PAP Supporters and the Aunties, PAP will likely gets more than 70%.

l volunteered for an Alternative Party in the Last 2 General Elections with the One in 2015 fully contested nation wide. Did my best to tell voters that it was the Final Time Local Sinkies was able or could put more
Alternative Parties Candidates into Parliament. Failing to do so would mean no more opportunity anymore.
Alas, the Result was Pappies got higher percentage than the Previous GE and Aljunied GRC was almost wrestled back by PAP.

I agree with a commenter here in MSN who kept repeating that PAP could win by 80% and take back Aljunied GRC.

me agrees with You and Commenter b, tbat leaving Sin is the Only Way left for disgruntled Sinkies.

The Leeders in Sin have little or no idea to keep Sinkapore from sinking.
Their only aim now is to enrich themselves to prepare themselves to create Sin into a haven for the Rich and Powerful.



patriot said...

'Those old males drinking at coffeshop, club and married mistresses overseas are unlikely to vote Pappies because they did not have to depend on Pappies for survival.
This Paragraph to make up for above Comment.


Virgo49 said...

Understand the Aneh Resigned with immediate effect.

Does he bring all his kakis and the cows home??