USA unleashing the devil

For its own strategic interest to remain as the top dog in the world of hegemony and empire, the Americans have unwittingly and willingly unleashed the biggest devil of the past and allowing the devil to rearm to the teeth to do damage once more to civilisation and to the Americans one day. China is seen as the number one enemy of the Americans not that China is going to start a war with the Americans, but by virtue of its size, its population, the energy release from an industrious and educated population, organised as a nation, to be able to surpass the Americans in all fields. The rate the Chinese people are climbing the industrial, scientific and technological ladder, at a blinding speed that it is only a matter of days before China would be number one in everything. This is an undeniable and unstoppable fact, without having to go to war. It is just a natural historical development of human civilisation. And this is seen by the Americans as a threat to their world dominance and must be stopped at all costs.
The fear of being number two to China is driving the Americans bonkers. They are doing everything they could, dropping their defensive instinct to protect themselves, by allowing the Japanese to rearm to it former military strength to create another diversion, another area of concern for China. How far would the Americans go to cut the leash on Japan to become another mighty military machine? Have the Americans forgotten what Japan did to the rest of Asia and SE Asia? Have the Americans forgotten Pearl Harbour? Maybe, maybe the Americans think this is history. The Japanese of today, in their businessmen suits, are very nice and respectable gentlemen, very polite people, unlike their barbaric parents. The DNAs have changed.
Have the Americans forgotten about the two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the carpet bombing of Tokyo and other Japanese cities? Perhaps, when the Americans are not the victims, they could and would forget. Would the Americans forget 911? Never, because the Americans were attacked and were the victims. This same pattern of thoughts would apply to the Japanese. Would the Japanese forget Pearl Harbour? Never, because that was the biggest military victory of the Japanese against the Americans. Nevermind if it was a sneak attack without warning, without declaration of war. The Americans got themselves to be blamed for sleeping on the job.
Would the Japanese forget the bombing of Japan and the two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Never. They are holding annual rituals to remember the days when Japan were obliterated by the Americans. They are also remembering their murderous soldiers in the Yasukuni Shrine. They are very proud of these soldiers for their conquest of Asia and their sneak attacks against the Americans.But they would forget their atrocities across Asia and South East Asia.
What would these memories mean to the Americans and the Japanese? One day, the debt must be settled. The Americans must pay for the bombing of Tokyo, for dropping two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for keeping Japan as a semi colony of the American Empire until today. Yes, the Japanese are still bowing politely to the American warlords. But did the Americans see the glint and hatred in their eyes when their heads are bent, starring at their feet?
The Americans and the Japanese have a long history of aggression, rivalry and hate. Pearl Harbour could have its origin when Commodore Perry opened up Japan by force. It could also originate from the American's effort to deny access to natural resources from Japan.
The history and relationship between China and the USA were less acrimonious. There was no invasion and war between the two countries. The only war they fought was on opposite sides in the Korean War. And during the WW2, China was on the side of the Americans, and many Americans fought with the Chinese against the Imperialist Japan. The souring of relationship was political, the Cold War and anti Communism. Such wounds are easily healed as they did not drive too deeply into the psyche of the two people. China would not be harbouring vengeful thoughts of retaliating against an American nuclear bombing of Chinese cities. There were none to talk about. Though there were many occasions when the Americans were flirting with the idea of a preemptive nuclear strike against Chinese nuclear bases in Lop Nor, these did not happen.
China and the USA were political enemies but no unforgiveable and unbearable acts of aggression between the two countries. Now the Americans are choosing to unleash the devil in Japan in their military strategy for world dominance against China. Is this a wise thing to do? Would the Japanese turn against the Americans one day when the Americans were fighting China and deal another more horrendous attack than Pearl Harbour? The Japanese have all the reasons to do so, for their national pride and their militaristic ambition to be another super power.
What Harry Harris had done, by jumping at the slightest opportunity to want to start a war with China in the South China Sea and in the Korean Peninsula are signs of what he and the Japanese have in the back of their minds. The only way for Japan to be the top super power once again is for the destruction of the USA, China and Russia. If Japan could get these three countries to destroy each other, Japan would be number one again by default.
While the Americans are obsessed with the rise of China, let they not forget the bigger devil lurking behind, in bed with them. Harry Harris is a dangerous man. But the more dangerous one is Abe. Would the Americans really want to unleash this devil that has an axe to grind against the Americans? Who is the real enemy against the Americans, China or Japan? By virtue of the relative size, America will be number two to China in a matter to time, no need for war. It is a natural process of human civilisation. For Japan to be number one, it has to see to the destruction of China, Russia and the USA. How could Japan achieve this goal? Are the Americans aiding the Japanese to this end game?


Anonymous said...

Men cannot stop nature. It is natural that the cycle of ups and downs rotates. What's up will come down one day. The destiny is that China will rise and America will fall behind. For USA to be on top again, wait long long lah.

Virgo49 said...

Right Bro, also human nature, if I cannot have it, then I destroy it and DONT you also have it.

So both of us cannot have it.

I shiok. Americans and some like them of the rest of the world are not shiok of China becoming No.1

Human nature especially the politicians who exploited the people who has wealth and power tends to maim and killed each other to be on top.

See now even DT own Republicans sabo him with all sorts of obstacles to demean him.

They also jealous and not shiok with him.

Mother Earth got to be reborn again.

Anonymous said...

For Japan to be number one, it has to see to the destruction of China, Russia and the USA.

For PAP to be number one and also the only one, it has to see to the destruction of the opposition.

Anonymous said...

No worry .... US will soon allow Japan, S Korea & Singapore to have nuclear missiles. Like that everybody equal. 1 die, all die together. Shiok. Everybody all daring each other to show all hand first.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 926am said that "For PAP to be number one and also the
only one, it has to see to the destruction of the opposition".

Where is oppositions? Are you sure there is opposition in this
tiny city state!

Cannot see them! Cannot find them!

Where? Where? Where?

Anonymous said...

...... continuing Part 13

Part 14: (Destructive Man-Made Forces)

The Dornbusch Model phenomenon often manifested itself in many crises in the past, and not just in the realm of economics though the basis of the model was incubated and hatched by a renowned Economics giant in the 20th century?

Often, crises took much longer than expected to occur but when they came, they happened almost overnight?

In the economic realm such as currency crises, after the destructions, the real economy would take many years to adjust to the new pricing in the international and domestic market to achieve both an external balance of payment equilibrium as well as internal money market and goods market equilibria?

In war, Pearl Harbour took the Yankees by surprise and after FDR got into action to repulse the aggressors, the destructions in Asia, Europe and Africa took many decades to rebuild and normalise?

In the economic field in the past 20 years, much have been spent on studies and research on the open economy dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models and it is evolving?

Such models are supposedly used by some European monetary authorities in their monetary policy decision-making?

Solow is one of the critics who cast doubts on the usefulness of such models as he reckoned that they are too simplistic in some of their assumptions made in the construction and structure of such models?

Taylor Rule in the form of the IS-PC-MR model is another model that attracts both many followers and dissenters?

Many men in the street are not well conversant with such macroeconomic concepts and workings but nontheless it can lead to ironical outcomes?

When crises ensued, often it is the millions and billions of the hardworking and honest pple in the masses who had nothing to do with the causes but ended up bearing the brunt of such fallouts?

It is not any different in war?

Since ancient time, hegemonic wars seemed inevitable?

Anonymous said...

Part 15: (Thucydides and his general law of International Relations and Geo-politics Hypothesis)

Ancient Greek military strategist and historian Thucydides wrote after the Peloponnesian Wars between Sparta and Athens that "..... those inquirers who desire an exact knowledge of the past as an aid to the interpretation of the future, which in the course of human things must resemble if it does not reflect it ....... written my work ....... as a possession for all time."

In short, Thucydides hypothesised and postulated that the fundamental and unchanging intertemporal nature of international relations and geo-politics would (unfortunately but hopefully NOT!) likely repeat itself ........ ?

In today's language, Thucydides may have discovered the dynamics of international relations and geo-politics? Essentially it is about the differential in growth of big powers, not dissimilar to the modern capital flow UIP (uncovered interest parity) concept which means returns must equalise eventually otherwise the disequilibrium dynamics nature or differential would lead to realignment of currency pairs and interest rates between different countries in the international economic system?

In politics and military, disequilibrium in an unstable system manifested in the structure of distribution of power among states with some feeling threatened one way or another due to the differentials existing among states?

Historically, responses among states led to an escalatory process and the dynamics came from their differentials in several aspects leading to a hegemonic war that permanently reordered the international hierarchy of power?

Anonymous said...

Part 16: (Geo-Political Disequilibrium or Lack of a current Stable World Order)

An example could be the 30 Years War between 1619 to 1648 which culminated in the Treaty of Westphalia whereby the imperialist Habsburg power was defeated by the nation-state alliance and thus nation-state became the dominant form of political organisation till these days?

In between then (1648) and WW2 (1945), there were many conflicts and emergence of new world order structures?

The post WW2 international order of American-Soviet bipolarity had "disappeared" after the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989?

For a period after the disintegration of the USSR in 26 December 1991, the world order was based on (a transistory) American unitary polarity?

Was there a new stable world order after the passing of transistory phase of American unipolarity period?

What is the current world order based on?

(Replay of the ancient Chinese) Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

The DSPE (dynamic stochastic political equilibrium) Model (author/ inventor: Mee ...... ha ha ha) points to a rather unexpected end game .......?

As we speak, the seeds of crises could have been long sowed and often it took so long to happen that when it happens (remember the economic concept known as Dornbusch Model mentioned in Part 14?), it is almost sudden and many could be caught in the eye of a swirling tornado that swept many things in its path upwards until its energy is finally dissipated and calm finally descends but not without unbelievable, eyes-rolling, jaws-dropping wreakages and carnages along its path?

Such is the awesome power of man-made force, often mirroring those occurring in nature (whether in economic currency crises, financial crises or modern hegemonic wars)?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I think its better that Japan develop their military, that way they can be independent of the U.S. Currently they are a vassal state of the USG. Its rather unlikely that a new militarized Japan will go to war with China if you look at its demographics.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree, Japan against China today is a mismatch though the hawks among the Japanese would like to think otherwise, that they could still invade and run wild in China and Korea.

This time round if such a thing happens, it would be the Chinese or Koreans running wild in Japan.

Anonymous said...

....the hawks among the Japanese would like to think otherwise, that they could still invade and run wild in China and Korea...if such a thing happens, it would be the Chinese or Koreans running wild in Japan.
RB 1:27 pm

That's why what the hawks among the Japanese would like to think will never happen.

Just like the Sinkie opposition being ready to be govt will never happen. If such a thing happens, it would be Low Thia Khiang becoming PM of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

If such a thing happens, it would be Low Thia Khiang becoming PM of Singapore.
2:16 pm

Although Hsien Loong may not be a good PM, but it is also hard to accept that Low Thia Khiang can be a better PM than Hsien Loong.

Tan Jee Say, Kenneth s/o JB, Chee Soon Juan or even NSP Lim Tean can be better PM than Hsien Loong but unfortunately, based on seats contested and won, their parties which they led are not as strong as Low Thia Khiang's WP. So no way they can be PM.

So Hsien Loong will continue to remain as PM even after next election. Or even if he steps down, the next PM will still be from PAP.

And with the next PM still from PAP, it will be NS for Sinkies and jobs for foreigners. So really LPPL for Sinkies!

Anonymous said...

/// And with the next PM still from PAP, it will be NS for Sinkies and jobs for foreigners. So really LPPL for Sinkies! ///
May 18, 2017 2:29 pm

That's why it's called a democracy.
You get the government you deserve.

Slaves are not comfortable with the ideas of freedom and free choice.
Do you think slaves will always vote for slave masters to rule over them?

Anonymous said...

Let us not worry about who will become number one. What will happen will happen. History tells us that throughout men's existence, empires wax and wane, whether one likes it or not and tried to change the course of history.

Hitler and Napoleon tried to change history, but they forgot that there is still nature and God's willingness to answer their calls, They were confident of overcoming the odds, but still fall at the foot of nature and God.

Anonymous said...

"We're on a highway to hell"
AC/DC Rock Band
China confirms Lee Hsien Loong deliberately not invited

Survey: Sg Gov gives lowest tax rates to foreigners at 14% income tax only


Anonymous said...

What Belt and Road snub means for Singapore’s ties with China


"We're on a highway to hell"
- AC/DC Rock Band

Anonymous said...

@ May 18, 2017 4:00 pm

So what if Singapore is not invited to invest in the OBOR projects?

Singapore invested in God only knows how many projects in China.
Have Singaporeans benefited?
Do you think only Temasek-linked companies and their foreign employees benefited?

Anonymous said...

USA has more than 7,000 (35,000 at the peak during the Cold War Period) Nuclear Warheads deployed all over the World on land, underground, undersea carried by Nuclear Submarines in the Sky using long-range B52 Bombers and in Space carried by Military Satelites, and probably also on the Moon and Mars.

How can Japan or China or Russia defeat USA and destroy its Dominance for World Power? Not possible!

Only Nature or God can destroy USA!

Anonymous said...

Redbean is spouting NONSENSE. Japan is a peaceful loving nation and always polite and courteous.

Anonymous said...

Ya very peaceful. Who invaded Asia and SE Asia?
You just escaped from IMH?
You are probably too young or not born when Japanese massacred millions and raped and looted Asia and SE Asia.

Seen how they practised throwing babies for bayonet practices or head chopping?

b said...

A possible theory: DT is trying to provoke NK to nuke JP. DT can loot JP pension to settle some debt. Without JP always claiming victim, the world will become more peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, 4:21 may have Japanese blood in him you know? Remember during the Japanese invasion of Singapore, they raped so many women here, sure got left behind some Japanese breed lah. So defending the Japs is only in the blood.

patriot said...

Japanese Hawks nor the Japanese Public are interested in war lah.
they do like and wish that China, Russia, Korea and US are destroyed for it to be master of the World. So, current Japanese Leaders will do whatever they can to get those afore-mentioned countries to be destroyed.
lf they fail to achieve their aim in two to three decades time, the Newer Japanese Leaders in future will be less ambitious and peace loving.

ln any case, it is utterly stupid to want war whether one is directly involve or not. A major modern day war means mass destructions that could have horrible consequences over huge part of the Earth and for many many generations to come.

One lives to seek peace and happiness. Why destroy others and gets oneself affected?

As an aside, think US should be facing much internal strifes and huge natural disasters.
The Strifes are man causes, however the Natural Disasters are not.


Virgo49 said...

Hi b.DONT be surprised that your theory is Right

You never know. Their CIA and Secret Police. Saying borrow knife to kill another.

As for LTK been.the strongest Opposition, he won't be after next GE. If his merry men and women remains to be mutes and parrots.

LT may be in as the next Opposition Leader.

God Willingly. Now follow Matland cultures.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should have stayed neutral in the China-U.S. tussle for world dominance.

According to SCMP, Singapore's PM was not among the many heads of state invited to a summit for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s new Silk Road.

In an interview with travelling Singaporean media, Singapore's national development minister Lawrence Wong Wong revealed that the invitations were decided by China. It was the first official acknowledgement that Lee was not invited. Smaller nations with less-established diplomatic ties with Beijing also sent their heads of government to the summit. These included Fiji, Chile, Greece, and Hungary.

Xue Li, a senior research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences think tank, said China’s decision not to invite the Singaporean leader reflected a growing belief in Beijing that the Lion City sought only economic benefits from China, while “relying on the U.S. for security”.

“China is gradually recognising this and therefore doesn’t really care if the Singapore PM attended or not,” Xue said.

PM Lee, in an interview with the BBC in March, said “both sides handled (the Hong Kong customs seizure of 9 Singapore military vehicles)carefully and there had been a satisfactory outcome”. But the non-invitation to the weekend summit showed he and other Singaporean leaders were not on the same page as Beijing on the state of bilateral relations, some observers said.

“The current administration in Singapore is different from the generation of Lee Kuan Yew,” said Xue.

Anonymous said...

China has snubbed Singapore's PM Lee for its belt and road summit.

But the U.S. has invited PM Lee to the White House.

My advice for PAP is that since Beijing has already left Singapore out of its orbit of economic cooperation and development, the PAP has to be decisive and Singapore should make a full swing to embrace of the the U.S., even as close as being the 51st state of the United States!!

Just as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has never visited China's Xi Jinping, why bother about China's displeasure with Singapore??

China want to break with Singapore, then let's break all the way and be part of the strongest nation on earth, like Hawaii !!!

Anonymous said...

China want to break with Singapore, then let's break all the way and be part of the strongest nation on earth, like Hawaii !!!
May 18, 2017 10:19 pm

Hey PAPaya Prostitute.
Donald Trump don't want you lah.
What part of America First you don't understand?

Yew Fucking Shameless PAPaya whore.

Anonymous said...

@ May 18, 2017 10:46 pm

Time for the PAPaya whore to learn how to work for a living.
Justify her million dollar salary.

Anonymous said...

If Singapore leaders were to betray the SPIRIT of the Memorandum of Understanding signed for the Separation from Malaysia and join USA as the 51st State, the following may happen:

1. LKY, Goh Keng Swee, S Rajarathnam, Toh Chin Chye, Tenku Abdul Raham, Tun Razak, Soekarno and Suharto may rise from the Dead, likr Jesus.

2. Malaysia and Indonesia will have a good excuse to launch a pre-emptive coordinated attack on Singapore.

3. China and Russia would move their military to Asean to be PEACE-KEEPERS.

4. US Bases in the Asia-Pacific region will be destroyed with Nuclear and Nutron Weapons.

5. North Korea would re-unite the Korean People as one Nation.

6. Taiwan would be taken back by China at ALL COSTS.

7. Japan would be TOTALLY DESTROYED!

8. USA would be reduced to ASHES.

9. Sinkies would overthrow the Puppet of America Party (PAP) and All Scholar Paper-Generals would be jailed for life, including their cronies and relatives.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahhaha, so early morning you are indulging in fiction. : )

Anonymous said...

GOOD NEWS ! -- Bullied down-trodden North Korea said on Monday (May 22) it had successfully tested an intermediate-range ballistic missile, the Pukguksong-2, which met all technical requirements and could now be mass-produced to battle and hit the evil United States hegemonists !