Trump – North Korea showing disrespect to China?

This was what Trump said about the recent spate of North Korean missile tests. So, is Trump trying his boyish trick of driving a wedge between China and North Korea? What is so wrong or so provocative of the North Korean testing their own weapons to defend themselves against the constant provocations by the Americans, the biggest bully in the world? Who is threatening or provoking who? Is testing missiles provoking or threatening or conducting wargames at a country’s border simulating an invasion more threatening or provocating?

With only a first strike capability, the war mongers spreading fake news are claiming that North Korea is going to strike the USA with its few pieces of nuclear weapons. The Chinese and Russians also have first strike capability against the US and likewise the US against the Russians and China. But all three parties would not risk a first strike knowing that all have the capability of a second strike when hit. The deterrent is the second strike that keeps these nuclear powers from hitting at each other. North Korea does not have a second strike capability and only fools would try to demonise them to strike the US first. But these fools are making fools of everyone else by telling them that this is real when it is all American propaganda, fake news, misinformation.

Never mind, what is this disrespect shown to China that Trump was trying to say? What truth is there to say that the North Korean testing of missiles is showing disrespect to China? Or were the North Koreans showing disrespect to the Americans? Could it be that they already got approval from China to conduct the test to tell the Americans what can you do about it? Want to start a war because of the testing?

What about sailing warships in the South China Sea, a few thousand miles away from the American shores and sailing to within the 12 nautical mile territorial limits of China? Is this kind of act hostile, showing disrespect to China? What would China consider to be more disrespectful, testing missiles or Americans sailing warships under the guise of freedom of navigation into Chinese territorial waters?

Trump, I am asking you. Are you not showing disrespect to China while you are uttering the same thing about North Korea? Hope China would lay a few mines in the sea surrounding their islands and tell the Americans, you come in at your own risk. Then we will know who is not showing respect to who. The big bad wolf is every where provoking and inciting war.

I am quite sure Chinese leaders are smiling every time Kim Jong Un fires his missiles and the Americans and Japanese start to just up and down furiously.

PS. It would be interesting when the North Koreans also develop anti aircraft carrier missiles that would put a serious threat to American aircraft carriers entering the region. The concept would equally apply and be as effective to the North Koreans as to the Chinese to deny American aircraft carrier access to the surrounding seas.

And this would be good in complementing what China is doing, to have more of such missiles aimed at the American carriers, not forgetting that they could be just as accurate against American and Japanese military bases.


Anonymous said...

Trump thinks that he may be able to instigate Russia and China to go against North Korea. Amateurish Day Hope!

Anonymous said...

They have been conning the unthinking Asians and Arabs for so long that they really think these people are fools. Of course many are, but many have wisen up.

Anonymous said...

Trump, I am asking you. Are you not showing disrespect to China while you are uttering the same thing about North Korea?


Trump knows lah, no need to ask him.

But Trump, having got elected as President by being smart, also knows he can get away with it by showing disrespect to China mah.

Just like PAP, having got elected as govt by being smart, also knows they can get away with it by having NS for Sinkies and jobs for foreigners mah.

So whether it is Trump, PAP or even Sinkies, just be smart and get away with it, or better still, even gain something out of it.

Anonymous said...

But Trump, having got elected as President by being smart, also knows he can get away with it by showing disrespect to China mah.
9:58 am

Tiok. Because Trump knows that China don't care, and also cannot do anything, or think it is worth to do anything, about the disrespect.

Just like PAP knows that males Sinkies don't care, and also cannot do anything, or think it is worth to do anything, about PAP policy of NS for male Sinkies and jobs for foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 10:06 am,

China does not lose anything when Trump shows disrespect to China.

But male Sinkies lose a lot in terms of jobs and careers with PAP policy of NS for male Sinkies and jobs for foreigners.

That's the big difference, so cannot anyhow compare, OK.

Virgo49 said...

Trump is now blogged down by his very own Americans who played each other and everybody everyday.

Actually, I had huge respects for this man. He is no hypocrite. He criticise what he thinks is his beliefs and interests for the Americans

Unlike past chaik liao bee showmen like Osama, Obama's. He lambasted even.the European socalled allies who been sponging the USA.

Unlike those wily politicians, who cheat and conned the masses, Trump is a businessman with mainly business brains trying to revive America and be cordial with all nations.

But, unfortunately, as in the farking western or American cultures, there are so.many hawks and vultures in them influencing him to do otherwise.

He has to as he needed their support in Office.

He just wayang wayang to please his war hawks.

See how friendly he is towarda China and the Russians.

He looked coldly at the wars mongering NATO who sponges the USA for years with their sweet carry of past Stupid American Leaders.

Trump and Xi and Putin stand together and they patted each other backsides and hold hands.

Only our Senile Hen still thinks he is Almighty with his conscription forces.

Anonymous said...

If u watched the news from China on Singapore, u will know that we are toast already.

Anonymous said...

RB, complain so much for fuck?!?!? You're the one wishing for Trump to get elected in Oct/Nov 2016. You asked for it. Now you deserve it. Just like the Sinkies who overwhelmingly voted for PAP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes I love Trump. He would sink the USA singlehandedly.
Now can you understand that? Europe is turning against the US immediately after Trump's maiden trip there.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is referred as yellow skin black heart by Chinese media!

Anonymous said...

Yes I love Trump. He would sink the USA singlehandedly.
RB 11:09 am

No lah, USA will not sink under Trump. Americans know that, that's why they voted for Trump.

Whereas Sinkieland will sink, or rather sink even faster, if the opposition is elected as govt. Sinkies know that, that's why majority did not vote for opposition.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, I think it's a good omen that USA is not in league with.the European Blocs.

Or else, chiak pak looked for someone weaker to bully.

You won't be surprised that suddenly one fine day, Trump turned up with Kim Jong Un looks and hair cut.

Prepared to visit his young hero and make peace.

Now, they knew that China is the only One able to persuade Kim to tone down.

Kim trusted them as China kept harping to settle in peace.

Anyway, it's good fun to see the Japs shitting in their pants.

Karma.that the Koreans can intimidate them.

And big bro too far away and no hui to help.

Anonymous said...

Europe is turning against the US immediately after Trump's maiden trip there.
RB 11:09 am

That is to be expected lah, when Trump is fighting for American interest, and which may go against European interest.

Just like it is expected that Sinkies and RB will kpkb, when PAP is fighting for PAP's interest, and which may go against Sinkies interest.

Anonymous said...

So fast, the financial times got an article ready to rebut the German Chancellor 's comment on US !

patriot said...

To deal with USA effectively means going into its' homeland to fight the Americans and or strike at their overseas military bases, diplomatic and commercial establishments.
North Korea can build more missile launching
submarine and warship and sail in lnternational waters near the US Coast.
Sail or park as many as possible.
ln fact, China and Russia should do the Same and let's see how the US reponds and says.

Peace loving Americans should also tell their Leaders that they do not support killing and murder on false claim of doing justice. If the US Public supports their Leaders, then they deserve to be serve with violences at their doorsteps.
Justice got to be serve to the Unjust in their faces.


Anonymous said...

An obvious U.S. disrespect for China is setting up of THAAD launchers in S. Korea despite strong objections from Beijing . . .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The sly Japanese are doing all they can to keep the North and South Koreans apart, and better still to instigate them kill each other so that Japan can go back and colonise them.

Would the two Koreans be so daft to want to fulfil the dreams of the Japanese?

Japan's second objective is to get the Americans heated up and start a war with the North Koreans and drag in China and Russia while they watch from the side and egg the Americans and Koreans to go fighting.

Who would end up as the daft one and get killed instead?

Oh, how can I forget about Trump and his exploits? Trump is Godsent to break up the western alliance. And he is doing his job perfectly and unstoppable as God has it all planned.

Anonymous said...

Trump is Godsent to break up the western alliance.
RB 2:32 pm

But why no Godsent to break up PAP rule over Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Cos not worth to do it lah .....

Why someboLEE pang sai then kee seow arh go dirty hands clean the shit sticking out of their disgustingly awful horrible AHs?

Only smart that no sinkie want to do that so that those responsible have to clear or even eat their own shits ......

Anonymous said...

But why no Godsent to break up PAP rule over Sinkies?
May 31, 2017 2:39 pm

Because PAP's God is more powderful than God.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Mb some sinkies whose home are disturbed by spirits can put a portrait facing their main door?

Even spirits would be scared off when it encountered the pic?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 31, 2017 2:39 pm
XxxxxxxxxBut why no Godsent to break up PAP rule over Sinkies? Xxxxxxxxx

Can't hate them enough and more intense?

Still try correct and help them?

Let them be thrown out by sinkies one day bah!

b said...

Of course he wants some panda to do the dirty job (get rid of nk) for him. Once nk is out of picture, he can organise a G8 to attack, loot and rape the pandas. History will repeat itself.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 2.28

McCain, wah War Hero. Trump said No Hero as POW. Ordered all Asian Nations to choose USA instead of China. China big bully. USA bombarded Vietnam with Napalm bombs, no bully??

The Americans got no respects even for South Korea's PRESIDENT Moon. Suka, Suka just installed extra TH ADD to protect their arses.

Think the South deserved for letting them do what they want for years.

Everyone scared of the Lightening Logo. Sky overcasts, lifeguards sounded sirens and blowed whistles. Construction comes to a halt.

So, better than Door Guards of Chinese Generals, put Lightning logo safer. If can, Put your PAP MP photos. They will frighten even the most nasty Devils.

Can wear as amulets to ward off Evils.

Anonymous said...

McCain is no war hero. He is a murderer of Vietnamese.

South Korea is a colony of the USA. What can they do when the Empire decided what to do in their country? They just have to say yes or else Moon would also be assassinated just like Park Chung Hee.

Messanger of DEATH said...

Why no Godsent to break up the PAP?
No wonder Old Fart, the Horrible Plus Terrible, said Sinkies are Daft.

Old Fart already put the Godsent in place to break up the PAP lah! Please stop sleeping. Wake up!

What do you think since 2004, when he forced Lao Goh out, the Pinky Moron has been doing?

For Yew and with Yew?

The coffer has been raided. There is no more $$$ in the Reseeve. That is why die die only obedient lap-dogs are allowed to hold the 2nd Key?

Why the sudden increase of an exorbitant insensitive 30% on Water across the board???

Why the hasty unrestrained reckless import of foreigners to fill up our limited space and cause breakdowns to the Essential Services and the Overall System?

Why green-horns half-baked inexperienced and undesirable nincompoops are accelerated to become Instant Multi-Million Richmen Ministers???

Why the MRT System keeps breaking down, to the extent of causing instant deaths to their own staff?

Why NOL and Keppel are running at a loss year after year, for the last 10 years?

Why losses in GIC and Temasek are not FULLY REVEALED?

All these, plus much much more, are signs that the Solid Foundation of the PAP is shaking and rocking.

Yes, PAP rocks! Soon, very soon, after the calm before the storm, the Titanic will sink miserably, by its own doing by its own Captain and undoing by its own deck hands.

Anonymous said...

//If can, Put your PAP MP photos. They will frighten even the most nasty Devils.

Can wear as amulets to ward off Evils.//

Ha ha, true. Many hang big banners all over the housing estates especially entrance/ exit of carparks, traffic junctions etc. Even during Qing Ming/ Ghost Months, no need worry 12 mn walk around such areas. Their photos very effective ward off even the most fierce evil spirits and ghosts? Some of their faces more intimidating to the evil spirits/ ghosts than the Taoist ghost-buster deity "Zhong Kui"? Very soon "Zhong Kui" could be out of jobs, become unemployed and rice bowl kena broken by their ubiquitous pics everywhere?

Anonymous said...

Got pray sure got protection. Yes, yes, wear their photos or the lightning as amulets to ward off all evils. Can ask for 4 D numbers also.

patriot said...

Looks like there are others foreseeing the End of Sin.
However, l am still of the View that Sin Elites will get to enjoy their lives more. They will get richer and live more opulently as they exploit further by bringing in more wealthy folks from all over the World.
Native born Sinkies and Foreigner Workers will ve brought in to serve the Elites which naturally shall include the Born Aristocrats comprise of the Younger Generations of the Rulers.
The Loaded shall use Sin as a haven for their safety and security of themselves and their fortunes PROTECTED BY NATIONAL SERVICEMEN THAT ARE PAID PITTANCE TO PROTECT THE ELITES. JUST ONE OF THE EXPLOITATIONS OF SINKIES.
物极必反 is a Chinese Saying that is as real as the Sun in the Sky.
The Elites are aware of the Danger and Threat of 必反, as such, they must have Plan B,C and even D. Most must have got themselves sanctuaries to escape too when things go awry for them.
Maybe many of their successors are domiciled abroad as students or doing businesses or working. Some could be having multiple sanctuaries in different countries as they have more than enough funds to splurge and their successors shall live in abundance just by realty ownerships.

All in all, only the Lower and Middle Inxome Folks shall bear the Brunt of the Policies and face the Wrath of Hardship in Sin.

The Elites are well protected and will be served by the Daft Sinkies.


patriot said...

'....will be served by the Daft Sinkies and Imported Foreign Workers'.


Anonymous said...

To chua chin leng,
You are promoting an idea of dubious value.
Firstly, north korea sent the test missles into another country's economic zone as defined under Law of Sea delimit of territorial integrities. If north korea do tests in their own backyard, or else obtained permission from the affected country, there is no case against them. But its not proper to test your weapons in your neighbours garden!
Secondly you are arguing that nk is developing weapons purely as defence tactic in light of Libya or Iraq episodes. Your argument is sustainable 50 %. For the other 50%, history tells us that nk DID ACTUALLY INVADE SOUTH KOREA 50 YEARS AGO, AND BOTH COUNTRIES STILL TECHNICALLY AT WAR. Therefore it cannot, CANNOT,be assumed that grandson fatty will not do what grandpa fatty did long ago.
I do not like the American interference but in fact the north koreaN regime are not as PEACEFUL AS YOU HYPOTHISE. Your article is an epic denial of reality in a certain way.

Anonymous said...

We are rooting for the underdog North Korea! We hope the impoverished North Korea people (harmed by never-ending UN sanctions orchestrated by the hegemonistic US) can develop successfully an ICBM capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to deliver to Washington DC !

Anonymous said...

An ostrich will always hide its head in ghe sand in the event of any impending danger. This applies either way, by either side to either side.

Anonymous said...

The Singaporean people are so dumb. American is bad therefore north korea is good, this is their logic. Look at the message @7,22pm how ignorant. The north Korea politicians are also not to be trusted. What history do you know . You see only black or white, never grey and you make so much noise on internet but no guts to challenge anyone in flesh n blood.

Anonymous said...

The north Korea politicians are also not to be trusted.

Anon May 31, 2017 8:04 pm

U think PAP politicians can be trusted meh !?

Anonymous said...

Whether they are politicians from China, US, N.Korea, Singapore - all cannot be trusted. Under the skies all crows are black . . . .

Anonymous said...

If a politician is holding a snake, which do u shoot? - the politician or the snake ??

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.17pm

When the politician is monkey & the snake is analogous to chicken, then kill the monkey to scare the chicken. Problem is it seems the chicken not scare, so kill the chicken also...

Anonymous said...

Snakes on a Plane - The movie

Snakes on a Train - The movie

Snakes in the Istana

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:10pm.
You believe what the lying Japanese said, that the missile landed in Jap's EEZ?
The Japanese said the Korean comfort women volunteered to be comfort women to be sent to foreign countries to be fucked by Japanese soldiers.

The Japanese said there was no Nanking Massacre.

What else that the Japanese said that you also believe? Oh they invaded the SE Asian countries to liberate them from colonial rules only to massacre the natives and take over as the new colonial masters.

Anonymous said...

I see no reason for people to defend strongly north korea, just because these people hate japan or hate usa. North korea has very liitle sea territory. To test long range missile it is not impossible for them to shoot to japan eez. There is NO CERTAINTY EITHER WAY. At best remain neutral and stop defending north Korea as if their politicians are good, reliable trusted friends. WE JUST DONT KNOW.
It is very stupid to stick your neck out defending something we are not too sure about. Remember history always , KIM INVADED SOUTH KOREA MORE THAN 50 YEARS AGO AND THE WAR IS NOT ENDED YET. NKOREA remains a mysterious place, mr kim jong un maintains silence, does not speak to anyone, now even china not happy with them. IT IS BETTER TO REMAIN NEUTRAL THAN TO STICK YOUR NECK OUT DEFENDING AN UNKNOWN ENTITY.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right anon 11:24 not to stick one's neck out to defend or even attack anything that we did not know. It is better to be neutral. sure.
And it is equally silly to believe everything the west said about North Korea, that its leaders are mad, that it is out to attack the whole world. What the fuck is that, for people to believe in such trash just because the Americans and the west keeps repeating them?

Anonymous said...

I dont believe at all north korea will "attack the whole world".
I never said their leaders are "mad".
No politician is mad per se. They are just selfish, which is common thread.
However given the fact that north korea INVADED SOUTH KOREA, out of the blue in the 1950's,it is not very wise to assume that mr kim jong un might not repeat his father's actions. Dictators are not very creative people, they inherit the system and follow the style of their Daddy, because that is the only sense of security they have. Singapore is one notorious example.
It is very wrong to pour accolades on north korea's administration, when mr kim himself does not even come out to state his case, as did Assad and Gadafi who are more understandable and credible leaders (in THEIR own ways, time and place) in my opinion.
I only hope, chinleng you dont mislead the silly Singaporean readers here with your powerful rhetoric.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'However given the fact that north korea INVADED SOUTH KOREA, out of the blue in the 1950's,it is not very wise to assume that mr kim jong un might not repeat his father's actions.'

Using your above logic, and don't forget, the two Koreans were one country like Germany and it was a civil war for control of power to rule Korea. They did not invade another country like Japan and the western colonialists.

The Europeans and Japan, out of the blue in the 15th and 16th centuries through the 18th and 19th centuries invaded countries all over the world, to conquer and rule them as colonies. It is not very wise to assume that these former colonialists might not repeat their forefathers' actions. Japan is egging for it by tearing away their pacifist constitution so that they could go to war. The Americans are still conducting war of Imperialism and Empire all over the world.

Can you see that? Can you understand that? Who is more dangerous, the North Koreans or the ex colonialists?

I am trying to enlightening the daft and unthinking Sinkies so that they get wiser a bit and not be blinded and conned by the West forever.

Virgo49 said...

LHL got NO Respects for TCB and M.Ravi.

Their cases up for hearing or mention in June and they already gave green light for the processing of applications for the Malay President.

That's to tell you that their cases are foregone GONE cases.

So much from his mouth that the World's recognised Singapore Rule of Laws and the Courts.

Previously China men had high praises for Singapore's Laws.

Now they spilt and laugh at you.

Anonymous said...

Last time China taxi drivers asked you from Singapore they very happy to drive you around.

Now they hear you from Singapore they refused to pick you.

You want to visit attractions they said closed.

Anonymous said...

The warmongers namely USA usually works in subtle ways, using third parties to carry out their evil deeds, and entering the victory scene as if they are anointed by god to bring in their nonsense "democracy." This is clearly seen in obama-clinton rape of libya, Iraq and syria. There is no doubt as to the evilness. But Koreas case is very very different, because unlike Assad or gadaffi, Mr kim had not even announced once that he is not attacking anybody. Complete silence. This is very dangerous.
You said correctly that technically it was a civil war nk didnt invade "another country". I say Technically. An invasion is an invasion. Please imagine you are a korean and you live in seoul which is close to nk. Do you feel safe? Would you say, dont worry, my brother-korean kim jong un wouldnt shoot at us, he is korean good friend, it is usa stirring shit. Show me a south Korean who feel this way, and i will shut my mouth and stop writing here.
You claim that nk develops super long range missiles for defence, against American missile attack right? American war monger will not operate this way to take down nk, they will use covert method. Did usa fire ballistic missile to libya or iraq? No, they bluffed nato and the world and used standard military hardware, not high tech. Usa has extensive missile program because it is revenue positive. But for nk, its revenue negative. So why would they do that for defence.
What exactly does mr kim jong un want? We dont know whats on his mind. You can roughly read the minds of all the arab leaders or even putin. It is quite foolhardy to keep on playing advocate for an unknown entity, regardless your hatred for Americans or Japanese.

Virgo49 said...

wahaha,Once becomes Minister, very hard to work as just a Director.

Just like once a boss, even kuching kurap, very hard to be an employee.

That's why, when you want to go into business, you must make sure able to absorb all hardships and succeeded.

Now Liu Tak Ker, ex Transport Minister became Ambassador to Japan.

Actually, he nice man, just scrape goat and DONT kniw how to siak merciless like LKY

Pity him. SMRT CEO bigger shot than he Transport Minister in his hey days.

One BG and one MG. Who's more influential? ?

Virgo49 said...

Forget to add now one LG- Life's Good.in.SPH.

Han Fook Kwang and company got to pull up their socks.

High time HE bring more professionalism to the Shit Times.

Chua Mui Hoong got to look for another NKF story

Anonymous said...

Did someone said this type of super talent in demand in the private sector and can command more than minister's pay?

Anonymous said...

Uncle, just tell this 3:28pm that Kim wants to conquer the world and be the next emperor. Sooo dangerous woh.

Anonymous said...

To 10.26pm
"Uncle" has been trying to tell everybody mr kim is good guy will never want to invade or "conquer the world", and now you suggest him to give up his argument?

Anyway for me let me say again, kim is not mad, he is UNPREDICTABLE because he simple does not talk, does not even give interviews to unbiased media like Russia Today, does not say whether he won't attack, ....no other world leader is like that. It is better to remain neutral than to stick your neck out protecting something you are not so sure of. Its fine to scold treacherous Americans and Japanese but its not necessary to play advocate for the Unknown.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My position on Kim is very simple. He is a very smart man and very predictable and also very rational. He does not anyhow go attack anyone and he is building his defences to prevent an attack by the belligerent Americans.

Most of my posts is about the untruth, half truth and misinformation put up by the Americans and sadly many unthinking Asians especially Singaporeans, swallowed them up, hook, line and sinkers.

While Kim is developing and testing his weapons, the Americans and Japanese are threatening him with military exercises simulating an invasion. Who is being more hostile?

Today, with Kim's limited military might, not even Japan's might, could do an invasion of another country. And what on earth does Kim want to attack another country? Only silly people would think Kim is out to attack another country, even attacking Singapore. Can you believe there are such silly people around?

If there is any war, it is a civil war between the two Koreans, a matter of unification of the Korean people. The Vietnamese were branded the same as the North Koreans today. Look at what happens when North and South Vietnam united? They were fighting too and nails when the ugly Americans and French were there to agitate and divide their country.

The North and South Koreans would find their way to reunification just like China and Taiwan would one day.

Silly Asians must not allow the Americans and the West to divide them and use them as pawns to kill each other to maintain their Empire to rule over the Asians.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo 8.26

You too naive. Just because people don't want to talk then they are something wrong.

I prefer to talk to my dog rather than human beans because I think they understand and loved me more than human beans.

You know Korean Cultures or not??

Koreans are straight rod, tempermental unwavering stubborn people.

Very direct and don't talk unnecessarily. Had worked with them the largest shipping Corps and when angry can throw ash trays at you.

Seldom two timing people. Due to their past wars and hardships, they are a very resilient people not afraid of future hardships and even death.

They are divided by a perimeter which separates their kins and families due to the Shits of others.

So, Kim is a reserved Man and aloof as behaved by his past forefathers. As a Leader.
Heavy responsibilities to his people.

You want him to hee hee ha ha interviews like mad ding dongs like the Americans and now even by our dud ministers.

No class you know.

You never been boss before. Boss must put on a lan Cheow face to scare the employees even though they are empty vessels.

Understand? ? Korean said Nay!Araso!!

Anonymous said...

Ya lah, only one track mind. Must explain to the world? You think Kim would waste time explaining to you? In his culture he is like emperor. No time to talk to you. You don't matter to him.

Anonymous said...

In response to those who adores and exonerates Mr Kim, saying that, it is perfectly fine for him to keep quiet in everything, no need to talk, perfect to put lan Cheow face like a grand boss...., i offer below views.
If you are a ordinary nobody, and prefer to be reserved, and keep to yourself, and put on your lancheow face, it is perfectly ok, it is your prerogative and nobody cares.
As far as politics is concerned if you control 20 MILLION LIVES (in north korea), it is fair for you to be clear of your directions, both internally and externally. At some point in time, you can chose to be quiet for strategic reasons, but certainly not throughout your entire leadership period. Col Gadaffi speaks up, so does Assad, Erdogan,etc.. all of them appear in youtube, russia today, telling the world how wrong America is and what exactly their own intentions are. As independent thinkers we are offered an alternative view from the pictures painted by fake news CNN.
Last week, NK send some test missiles to the Japanese economic zone, the SECOND TIME. Redbean says, "why we complain when they are testing their own defences". Look, this is not a joke, if malaysia test fires a missile to hit singapore waters, are you scared or not? I wrote about this, but nobody wanted to comment. WHERE ARE YOUR COMMENTS, you guys who adore MR Kim
Well someone here said, oh, the japanese are lying, the missile never hit japan waters, the americans are bluffing again.
Fine. If such is the case, why does not mr kim or his aides go on a media blitz, and say exactly all those nice things redbean are saying?
Just to keep you in suspense by the lancheow face?
Or is possible that the test missiles really hit the japan eez waters??
This is serious matter. why no answers?

A politician needs people to support and understand. It happens in the middle east and russia. Why isnt kim explaining how he intends to lead the country.
Silence is a very dangerous thing. Those who are married for many years will know. You never know what your spouse is thinking if he/she remains silent after a stand-off. For better or for worse, nobody knows. I would not place my bets on Mr Kim, Mr Trump or anybody. In fact Mr Putin and Mr Xi are my idols at this moment, they speak the truth and we can understand and sympathise with their ways.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.41

You, very the low soh!

Just remember North Korea is a different rule of systems from other countries

Likewise, China. They are ruled by Strong Men which could be either good or bad both ways.

If they were to follow what so-called democratic nations, their territories would be broken up or colonized by other nations.

Like South Korea in turmoil and a vassal of the USA.

So, Kim no need to publicize himself, only able to defend its sovergnity and put fears into other nations who had ill intentions on them.

Arasol?? Ming Pai Ma??

Anonymous said...

Of course nk has different system of governing like libya or Syria or china or russia. The american hv no business to stir shit there like they did in libya. What works in usa may not work in other places.
I am still waiting for answer. Nk drop shit in their neighbors territory (test missiles).Their leader kim has no comment either way, and you armchair critics here are all out to defend mr kim, who isnt saying anything....how nice , he has people like redbean automatically come to defend the intrusive missile tests in other countries areas.
You still think nk is an angel just because you hate America? Unbelievable warped logic, thanks to the ingenuity of chinleng's write skills.

Virgo49 said...

NK tested fired their missiles into the Japs Territory, so Kim must called all the World journalists and explain his test firing? ??

Americans dropped bombs and killed innocent civilians with what's Mother of All Bombs and.No need to explain.

Japs attached and conquered Koreas and China and plundered and rape till now still in denial, DONT you think the NK just fired the missles just to give them some sweets no good meh? ?

Anonymous said...

You just dont get it. Every action Usa the mother of all lies did, IT ALWAYS EXPLAIN. BUSH said saddam had wmd, so he bombed. Obama also bluffed the world to say Libya gadafi was going to kill 1000000 civilians so nato attacked. Trump also did explain why he ordered the MOAB BOMBING (IT DID NOT KILL CIVILIANS, ONLY SOLDIERS, SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.)
I AM WITH YOU ALL THE WAY. The usa does atrocities but because they "explained " (lie, actually) we are able to judge in retrospect that they were lies.
Communication is very important. Think of your Cpf and temasek holdings. Everything is not clear there is no transparency. To gain people's trust it is incumbent upon a leader EVEN A DICTATOR to do his PR WORK. Some will believe, some wont.But you just cant dhow a lancheow face 100%nof the time when you control 20 million peoples money, jobs, future and directions.
Long ago the other communist countries operated this way, but not anymore. Vladimir Putin and Xi, the top 2 Dictators of the world, they do very well, we understand them, every action, lies or no lies, we judge them.They are doing good job debunking USa nonsense.
And finally i remind you, the civil war between nk amd sk is technically not over as no peace treaty was signed, thus leading the legacy of the DMZ.
Theoretically nk could throw a bomb across the DMZ and start attacking. Unless you are a south korean or live near the bother, everything else you say on this blog does not count. You need to understand the ground feeling of the south Koreans. This is not just an American thing, as redbean is completely over simplifying a complex balance and misleading peopke on this blog.

Anonymous said...

There is possibly a Korean in My Singapore

Annyeong Haseyo !