Time to review NS laws to be fair to Singaporeans

Jason Wong wrote an article on a Singaporean who returned home after spending 30 years overseas only to be jailed for 33 months! The article is in TRE and here is a quote,
‘The PAP has managed to instill fear even in its judges to hand out ridiculous jail sentences. Let’s take the case of 44 year-old Ang Lee Thye. This gentleman left Singapore at age 14 for the United States. Lived in the states presumably all this time, and then at age 41 decided that he missed Singapore enough to risk a jail sentence. He actually surrendered to authorities when he returned to Singapore. Boy did the PAP high court judges give it to him good. The lower court judge low-balled by giving Mr. Ang a 24 months sentence, but these “more” intelligent judges upped his jail time from 24 to 33 months!’
The law is the law. Yes who does not know that? But when the law is unfair, difficult to enforce equitably, and worst, puts Singaporeans at a huge disadvantage, should not the law be reviewed, should not the people that are paid millions by the Singaporeans, put their heads together to come out with a more equitable law to be fair to Singaporeans, to do justice to Singaporeans, the people that are paying them their million dollar salaries but become their victims with their laws? I am talking about the laws on National Service.
Yes, superficially the law is fair to all Singaporeans. I am not going to split hair on this and pick up exceptions. Generally this law is applicable to all Singaporeans, the rich and the poor, the dark horses and the white horses. Ok, take it as that. The law when applied to all Singaporeans is fair. The point is that Singapore is now flooded by foreigners that come and go, to steal the jobs of Singaporeans, steal their girlfriends and wives, while they are serving NS or doing reservist training to protect the country and people.
These foreigners are having the best of everything, with advantages in getting jobs, even getting free education paid by Singaporeans without having to serve NS or NS liabilities. And they got promoted to be the bosses of Singaporeans, to have Singaporeans working under them even if they are younger and have questionable qualifications and experience. Even if they become Singaporeans, or children of PRs, they could easily tear away the citizenship, give up their PRs and return to their home countries, skip doing NS and sell their flats at a profit to daft Singaporeans,  and the daft Singaporeans were none the wiser. They are benefitting from all the things being NOT Singaporeans without any responsibility and liability while the poor Singaporeans will be jailed should they misstep and cross the line on this NS law.
It is high time, overdue, to revise this NS law to make it fairer to Singaporeans, not against Singaporeans and putting the foreigners, the PRs and the temporary new Singaporean at a huge advantage. Something must be done to change the situation for Singaporeans to come home again instead of staying away like convicts. Singapore is home to Singaporeans. Home has a special meaning to all Singaporeans. Don’t we want our Singaporeans to come home freely and happily? Do we have a heart to feel for our Singaporeans brothers and sisters, that they are one of us? Or we rather give their places to the foreigners that contributed nothing but sponging on our system, stealing our jobs and making Singaporeans looking really stupid?
What do you think? Are the NS laws fair to our fellow citizens?
I dunno want to laugh or cry for this Ang Lee Thye?


Anonymous said...

/// Time to review NS laws to be fair to Singaporeans ///

You think so easy ah?
Which PAP Minister dare to say or do?
You tell me lah.

You really want this changed?
I think the only way is to do it yourself.
Singaporeans must have the courage and vision to change.
The courage to vote in a government that has the courage and vision to change.

Now what government has the courage to change?
PAP government?
WP government?,
SDP government?

What do you think?
I am a Millionaire scholar-General.
I am not paid to think.

Anonymous said...

@ May 08, 2017 8:48 am

Very good questions.
Which future Prime Minister of Singapore will have the courage and vision to change?

Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat?
Prime Minister Low Thia Khiang
Prime Minister Chee Soon Juan?

Anonymous said...

"Singapore is home to Singaporeans." - redbean

I disagree.
Singapore is home to the PAPayas.
Singapore is not a home to/for Singaporeans.
This is why so many Singaporeans have emigrated and/or are planning to emigrate.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Are the NS laws fair to our fellow citizens?

U think PAP care even if it is unfair?

Anonymous said...

U think PAP care even if it is unfair?
9:43 am

Sinkies also bo chup one mah, even if it is unfair.

Sinkies can only do 2 things,

1) they will LL accept the unfairness, or

2) they get out of Sinkieland.

So like that ah, of course PAP also don't care lah.

Virgo 49 said...

They don't called themselves Foreign Talents for NOTHING. Especially the Black Ants.

They are way, way much talented in cunninies than even the SO called see now million dollars scholars. Their cunning well thought plots of getting their Sons back to their country of birth when the time come for enlistment or call up.

They will scoop their sons out and stayed home for the next twenty odd years.If they had made enough then well bye bye suckers, we are going back also.

If things not too well, then they have a thousand and one excuse to come back and served some slap on the wrist time in jail.

Before that, their Sons had all the freedom to do whatsoever benefits to further their carrerrs or studies up to the max.

What's is 33 months in a civil luxury hotel??

My gym.kaki told me he served a total of four years in National Slavery. I said you signed tang chaik?

He said No! Two years completed full as NS man and two years in detention barracks. Wow! his cert must be beautifully phased with excellent remarks for serving so long.He said he got no cert even to apply SAFRA membership.

This guy served two years in military detention barracks and those who have the luxury to go in must have tasted what sort of regime inside.

Treated worse than an animal.

And these NS defaulters just served in civil luxury resorts.

What a joke? ?

Anyway, the bananas leaders in SINKIE land just loved the curry so such that they even scorned their own char siew dish.

For that matter, even those who served the NS are been unfairly posted to much tougher vocations that are been avoided by then White Horses.

Now, they wayang, wayang you can request for your vocations.

You think they will accede to your sons requests? ?

Their will be no infantry, arty, combat engineers and commandos courses.

Only paramedic, Co's driver just like MBT's son in soft vocations.

Sinkies chin chin are really Dafts been shortchanged and still blur blur like sotongs.

Even the brownies are privileged to wear just blue in SCDF and SPF and yet they stupidly asked why can't they wear green??

What's so great of wearing green to suffer broken bones and all sorts of skin diseases lying in bunkers? ?

You got air conditioned cars to sit and strut around like goon dos, you don't wAnt.

WAnt to sleep in trenches for seven days??


Anonymous said...

Never keng NS by leaving sinland and return to enjoy sinland's success that Sinkies contributed .
Moral of story.
Complete and serve NS before you emigrate elsewhere .NS is good .

Anonymous said...

You are living in Moses land- barren and he is as stubborn as his staff. He rather beat you into obedience because he is of the senile old man breed who think highly of himself.

Live in Sin, dies in Sin. For the power of Sin is the law.

Anonymous said...

Bad dictators, you all will fuck
Good dictators, there is where the divide and confusion lies
Good or bad, end game still the same

Anonymous said...

/// For that matter, even those who served the NS are been unfairly posted to much tougher vocations that are been avoided by then White Horses.
- Now, they wayang, wayang you can request for your vocations.
- You think they will accede to your sons requests? ? ///
May 08, 2017 9:51 am

"Selected" sons will be given the vocations of their choice.

Anonymous said...

Worry not worry not!

We are very very blessed!

We have the best-EST govt in the world! They are very very kind and very very caring.

Our govt is very very fair to both Singaporelangs and FTs!

Of course, singaporelangs need to serve NS, FTs no need!

Fair! What so unfair! The govt is very very fair!

FTs want to serve NS also cannot, also no chance lah!

It must be very very fair.....otherwise you think the 70% who voted "YES" were stupid?

Furthermore, it has been predicted to be 80% at next GE with H SMC and A GRC going back to PAP!

So...............Fair! Fair! Fair!

Anonymous said...

“Belief in the party has died, and everything today turns on advantage and disadvantage,” he said. “Under such conditions, people don’t care about anything, really. Mao is fine. Christianity is fine. It’s all kind of irrelevant.”

More than two months after the controversy broke, the Hunan Protestant association is not commenting on what will happen with the church. But people linked to China’s Christian circles said one possibility that had been discussed to appease critics was walling it off from the rest of the park and removing the cross.

Striking a compromise would suit the spirit of a place where people are tough but love, above all, a good time, Mr Han said.

“During the revolutionary years, they were really busy,” he said. “But now it’s all eat, drink, play. You could say there’s something degenerate about it. But isn’t it also kind of adorable?” NEW YORK TIMES

Eat Drink Play sinkies! muahahahahah

Anonymous said...

PAPies are providing/milking a lot of places and new shopping buildings for you to eat, drink and play muahahahaha

Anonymous said...

How Governments Outlaw Affordable Housing


Anonymous said...

Influencers are misguiding their followers in YouTube

Anonymous said...

Dedicated to the new class of HDB flats
- The 99 year Kosong, Lawrence Class.

Anonymous said...

In HK, they have the new Joshua generation. In Sin City, they have the new monkeys generation hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Eat Drink and be Merry muahahahahah

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 11.14

Selected Sons get to be Lab technicians or Lab Research Fellow bullshitting finding a cure for Foot's soil diseases.

Even smarter than NCS Skin dermatologists.

Tell him to find a cure when the men in green are bitten on the lam pars by Red Ants and centepedes in the trenches.

Future NS men should opt for CO's driver. Best in the world.

No guard duites, free time walk here walk there.

Even RSM don't dare charge you

No driver for CO if go detention Barack.

Sorry, this post reserved for White Horses only.

The CO wants to be personal to his Masters for promotion.

Even Blanca the driver Makan.

Anonymous said...

All love to eat bananas or suck cocks

Anonymous said...

A lot of positive teachings(distraction), just like in church, to teach how to be MERRY, and prosper, even if you sell tissue papers and clean after dirty and ill mannered Singaporeans in food court in Sin City

Focus on the IDOL. Think of nothing else just....FOCUS on blessings muahahahahah

Anonymous said...

Yes! Agreed with anonymous 1133am that "Eat Drink and be Merry"!

Yes! Live in Singapore, you must learn to be happy and worry less!

Yes! Please remember, must 3Ms!


Anonymous said...

Or help solve their crap...muahahahahah

Anonymous said...

Focus on crap...muahahahahah ..you will feel so lucky you are living in paradise..muahahahahah

jjgg said...

Rb.. you should know by now that the tough issues are never discussed by the government.. cos some of the principles involved in passing these rules are tenuous at best. Look at the EP issue..soon as TCB indicated his intention to attend with his army of retirees .. the townhall meeting suddenly kena ko... it should be clear to all ..by now.. that rules are made by a few behind closed door..agreed to by a bunch of nodding heads in parliament and mandated to the citizenry..will our system ever change? It may..when the current batch of silver spooners vacate..and the new man in charge does not feel beholden to cling on to monachristic practices..we live in hope.. n a better Singapore

Anonymous said...

can the new man withstand a bullet to his head?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jesus, with his new glorified body can withstand a bullet to his head when he returns is it?

Anonymous said...

U don't play play!

Don't kpkb here as 70% voted OK!

What else all of you want?

Why not happy?

Living in sg is like that lah!

What can u do?

Tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

You have the law, you have the police...who do you want to fuck with?

Anonymous said...

Eat, Drink and be Merry.

You have arrived. The leaders tell you you should be contented. So they have planned for more properity ahead to lead you to eat more, drink more and be merrier more

You have a great future ahead because at least 70% will die to make sure you Eat more, Drink more and be Merrier more

Anonymous said...

Happy can already loooooooooor

Anonymous said...

Weekends, you walk into any heartland shopping centers, you will see many families dinning and there will be Long Q outside restaurants.

All focus on food and their mobile phones at the table. Very interesting sight on merry making

Anonymous said...


Is Sin run by
ministers or run by monsters ??

Anonymous said...

Don't grow a brain, like Amos, living in Sin and you will be happy

Anonymous said...

Unless of course the brain has been qualified and certified in schools for A$$ grade

Anonymous said...

You take their money, then don't speak against them

The wages of Sin is death

Not enough money? Humiliate yourself with social assistance then. If you don't want to humiliate yourself with their schemes, just say I work for own pride and to stay healthy and happy

However, make sure you don't take Mensa test on your brain when you work until 70+ for a few dollars

Anonymous said...

Yes, agreed with anonymous 3.23pm one must 3Ms if one wants to survive in this very very expensive tiny city state!

So must 3Ms! Understand?

Anonymous said...

Know a long
Mensa Member
at 65 year old looking for jobs

Anonymous said...

Sir/Madam !

This is Sin.

Anonymous said...

You are referenced in the book. A book that has been abused by at least 70% who closed their eyes, looked upwards, speaking babbling tongues and surrendered to happiness or bliss.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add,,,hands raised in surrendering gesture swaying to hypnotic music and lyrics

b said...

Only need nuclear bombs. No need mandatory military. Why force people to do military? Its so medieval/ outdated/ backward. 5m army also cannot fight one nuclear bomb.

patriot said...

National Service to brainwash the young.

Subsidy to buy the ignorant.

Workfare and Pioneer Package to buy over the elderly .

Schemes that make Sinkies like birds in cages and monkeys in leashes.


Anonymous said...

BEIJING - China began the trial of rights lawyer Xie Yang for "subversion of state power" and "disrupting court order" on Monday, a city court said on social media, a case that has drawn international concern amid claims Xie was tortured in jail.

President Xi Jinping has overseen a sweeping crackdown on civil society during his four years in power, charging or detaining dozens of rights lawyers and activists who authorities say are a threat to national security and social stability.

Don't pray pray

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Patriot,

Allowed me to have another Version :

National Service to make sure the young swear allegiance to the PAPies and let them know who are the Masters to obey.

Subsidy to con the Ignorant that we are caring and giving you back what we took from you.

Work fares is just a ploy to give you some owe pays as they had squeezed and make sure your pay are minimal below market rates so that they can draw the millions.

Pioneer benefits are for those that they knew most could not afford to be slaughtered by their Medical Elites and subsidize as a wayang that even the Pioneers children will thank them for.

Thinking they help to alleviate their Grandparents and Parent's medicals.

But is only for out patents, hospitalization still under your account and Medisave.

If premiums unable to settle, be prepared to go to Changi Motels in solitary cells.

Schemes that made Sinkies always on their lease and trainer's collars.

Just a tug and you cannot breathe.

So kwa kwa obey them.

But they have a law that you must leased your dog for walks.

And all Sinkies been leashed by them like dogs.

Anonymous said...

Better eat, drink and be merry....like a cow or coward hahahaha

patriot said...

Dear Virgo49;

thank You very much for the Elaboration.
Like You to know that l do NOT blame the Monsters for their Schemes and Deeds.

ln many ways, the Sinkies are guilty of selling themselves for crumbs.
Many may even betray their
consciences and sell their souls.
The Term Sinkies is quite synonymous to Sinners.


Anonymous said...

Have lifetime NS option. No worries about being jobless & collecting cardboard or tin cans for exercise when you're 80 yrs old. Also stay in SAF camps whole life, no need to worry about 99-yr HDB time bomb. Save money on food & clothing. Everyday wear SAF camo or PT kit. I'm sure plenty of Africans or Middle-Easterns will fight to join up this lifetime NS option.

Anonymous said...

NS for Singaporean male is a good thing. Always ready to serve Singapore at times of need. All Singaporeans must be patriots and willing to serve the country. For those who refuse to serve they cannot expect to benefit from all the good things the country can offer.

Anonymous said...

All Singaporeans must be patriots and willing to serve the country.
May 08, 2017 5:48 pm

Service is a 2 way street.
So what does PAP government offer in exchange for National Service?

Anonymous said...

With Yew.
For Yew.
For Lee Kuan Yew ... I mean Singapore

Virgo 49 said...

Add for you, You forgot :



Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 08, 2017 2:27 pm
//Eat, Drink and be Merry.

You have arrived. The leaders tell you you should be contented. So they have planned for more properity ahead to lead you to eat more, drink more and be merrier more

You have a great future ahead because at least 70% will die to make sure you Eat more, Drink more and be Merrier more//

Eat drink yewr FART?

What is (NOT) wrong collecting more $$$$$ (from the poor to pay the JLBs)?

EveLEEthing up up up .....

5 oranges $10!!!

5 apples $7!!!

Almost half rotten ones oso 5 for $4.65 at a NUT supermarket


Carpark up 20%!

Water 30%!!

Electricity charges up!!!

Town council charges up!!!!

University fees up!!!!!

But give $500 million to $1,000 million free scholarship to aliens childreb in 2015-16!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Do you think it is time we stop feeding these Ang Mohs with our Singapore jobs?

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher cracked a crass incest joke about President Trump’s close relationship with daughter Ivanka on Friday night — but the resulting outrage was limited to a few grumbles on Twitter and scattered news websites.

“A lot of us thought: Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace,” the host of HBO’s Real Time said during an interview with New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

“When he’s about to nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and — ‘Daddy, Daddy,'” Maher cooed, making a lewd hand gesture. “‘Don’t do it, Daddy.'”

Will the law be abused to protect the longetivity of those in power?

Anonymous said...

Only meh?

(No add) Hsian Yew?

Tuck Yiu?

Anonymous said...

Whip u?

Fart u?

Fart ulikeaWhore?

Anonymous said...

Gang yiu?

Sodom yiu?

Tallcher yiu?

Streep yiu?

Candeer yiu?

Impoorleerised yiu?

BoarTak yiu?

Pakchio yiu?

ROBed yiu?

Antseelaved yiu?

Anonymous said...

Whip u?

Frame u?

Fix thewhore?

Anonymous said...

Huntdamn yiu?

Borleeslam yiu?

Kni yiu?

Anonymous said...

Ambush yiu?

Flood yiu?

Retrench yiu?

Breakdown yiu?

Late yiu?

Sabo yiu?

Fire yiu?

Splash yiu?

Treat yiu (oldies like a 3-yo)?

Give yiu (crumps & cheap skate sweets pian kin nah)?

Make yiu (kongcum, foolish looking hokding some sweets pawning your children's future away)?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 08, 2017 5:48 pm
///NS for Singaporean male is a good thing. Always ready to serve Singapore at times of need. All Singaporeans must be patriots and willing to serve the country. For those who refuse to serve they cannot expect to benefit from all the good things the country can offer.///

It is a curse to be born (a sinkie)?

They (sinkies) are nothing but slaves?

Slaves to a garmen tiny pigeon hole at sky-high lifetime mortgage but bexome $0 at 99 yrs?

Slaves to lifetime contribution to returement fund but can take out $0 for 10 years after retirement between 55 - 65?

Worst, after 65 take back bits and pieces?

Many oldies get like $200 to $300 per mth?

Tuck koyo oso not enuf?

So what good life in sin city except collect cardboards on the roadsides at age 80?

Clean filthy foodct tables at age 66 to 79?

Exercise at the roadsides and mbfc rubbish bins under hot noon sun from 80 yo till death?

Such good life?

Many dying to cum here?

Many rich matlanders after working here 20+ to 30+ yrs oso REFUSED take up citizenship?

Why arh?

patriot said...

Me depends on instinct and intuitively feels that fate shall override the Choice and Faith of Sinkies.

The Writing is on the Wall that the Blind Faith Of The Sinkies Shall Result In Their Destiny To Slave For The Masters They Have Submitted Or Surrendered to.

Sin Shall be a heaven for the Rich and Powerful and a safe haven for their fortunes.

The Average Sinkies shall have to work till they drop if they are healthy. Those weak, old a d feeble shall rot in 1 room rental flat, park, market, garbage dump, roadside or anywhere.
Maybe some will ask
how many suffer compare to those living well; quoting the 70 versus 30% of the Last General Election.
I cant refute the Argument except to say that base on my instinct; by 2025AD
60 to 70% or more Native Sinkies will get to taste the Result and Consequences of the Deeds of their earlier generations.