The lazy Singaporean workers

Singaporeans today are not only unskilled and mismatched and therefore unemployable. They are also choosy and lazy. The warning is written all over the places and spoken by everyone who cares for their own good. Stop being lazy, go for training, go for upgrading courses, go job changing. Job changing is the new musical chair game for Singaporean lazy Singaporean workers and is highly recommended. Don’t be lazy, if you can’t find jobs in Singapore, go job hunting in other third world countries. This one is a bit difficult to swallow. If they cannot find jobs in Singapore, who thinks they could find jobs in other countries when jobs are protected?

Singaporeans who are lazy would lose their jobs to hungry foreigners coming here. This is globalization and there is no need to think of citizenship has its privileges. Citizens or not, your job would not be protected in Singapore and it is open to everyone in the whole wide world. Everyone can come here to steal your jobs. This is uniquely Singapore and is supported by the Singaporeans as seen in the results of the last general election. This is a reflection of their overwhelming support for the govt for such policies.

If you can’t survive here because your job is being stolen, go to other countries to steal their jobs. Hopefully those countries also believe in globalization and allow jobs in their countries to be stolen by Singaporeans. If not, then just too bad. How many countries out there are still preaching this stupid mantra that jobs for citizens need not be protected, and foreigners can happily come in to steal the citizens’ jobs? Off hand I would say none except Singapore.

How many countries out there allow Singaporeans to go and steal their jobs? One thing for sure, those govts would be overthrown if they don’t look after the welfare of their citizens and their jobs. But in Sin City, it is the reverse. The people will continue to vote for the govt with increasing majority even if the govt preaches globalization and hungry foreigners can come in to steal their jobs because Singaporeans are lazy and have no marketable skills.

Singaporeans are so blessed.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. The way our ministers talk as if other countries also apply the open leg policy. In actual fact, Singaporeans cannot just go to another country and "steal" the jobs from its citizens. The people have voted a government that protects them. Not like here is Sinkiland. You die your own business but hey, before that just do your NS first.

Anonymous said...

Rb, unemployment rate is under 3% it means only 3% of people are affected.though 27% see danger coming. But the majority 70% are not affected hence the big support

Anonymous said...

Problem is money politics everywhere. You pay people nuts, they become problematic nut cases and laziness(escapism) is one of the symptom. Those who are paid or benefited excessively become pigs. Those who are underpaid become donkeys. Those paid in the middle become monkeys

You don't have humans in such a society. Your children are prostitutes and albino pimps.

The wages of Sin is death

Virgo49 said...

When the PAP Elites jobs are secured, they will tell others Don't be lazy, don't be choosy, etc.

Like Rear Admirer Lui, aiyo, out of Parliament, Sinkie Big Corporations would readily absorbed them. For their Company Profile of having an ex-Minister.

Like TCB and many others as Independent Directors just posing photos in Management Hierarchy as having Top People in their organisations.

So, besides MP's allowances held as many Directorships and add up figures.

They asked their own citizens to go and steal others jobs whereas they let in the thieves to steal our own people jobs.

See those Ministers, MPs visiting those set-ups and factories, those Goon Doos so excitably explain how they operate. Any lay man or another Goon Do will just able to ask a credible question after listening so much to your saliva no stop of talking.

And, they said wah, the Ministers, MPs are very knowledgeable in their operations.

Actually, they know nuts of what's happening except knowing that their monthly figures of Ministerial Pays, MP's allowances and many Directorships benefits rolling into their bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Animals steal from each other if they can. PM is just stating fact that you are an animal and shall be treated as such.

Snakes don't have to steal. Their job is to
constrict idiots and live off their idiocy or swallow them up and discard their carcasses from their shit hole

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How much do you know about statistics and what they choose to include, what they choose not to include to give you the numbers they want?

Anonymous said...

So easy to go to other countries to steal jobs meh? Every country is erecting barriers to keep jobs close to their hearts. Only stupid people give jobs to foreigners, no need to steal.

Anonymous said...

stupid people deserve to grow old with mental problems. And the young are catching up real fast in mental cases too.

Anonymous said...

'Minister Chan Chun Sing then used an isolated case of a diploma holder who went to work in Indonesia, to tell students to go overseas for jobs:

“This is the kind of spirit that we want… you go to a new place, you don’t know the people, you don’t know the culture; but with the skill sets that you have acquired you learn to adapt – and you will survive and excel.”'

This kind of stupidity is being preached as wisdom. Go to Indonesia to earn rupiah and invite the Indonesians to come to Singapore to earn S$. So clever. Singaporean jobs give to foreigners and encourage Singaporeans to go to the foreigners' countries to earn rupiah, rupees, and what cheap currencies to send home to feed wives and children. Kongcum.

Why can't Singaporeans be staying home and work? Why must go to cheap countries to work when there are jobs at home?

jjgg said...

Steal jobs? ..so easy?..ask gic n temasick ..spend billions of dollars investing overseas..how many jobs created for Singaporeans..how many Singaporeans benefited from these investments directly..are pork prices any cheaper? Are energy prices any cheaper..are fruits n veggies any cheaper? Are fat cats getting better paid? Imagine..a head of government asking us to resort to thievery..stupid fuck!!!

Anonymous said...

Fat cats are getting so fat that their brain juices are now replaced by fat oils.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You said that......Why Singaporeans today are not only unskilled and mismatched and therefore unemployable. They are also choosy and lazy!

Do you know why?

Who "caused" them like that?

Think about it!

This is what you get if you want a nation of "YES" people!

A nation of "YES" people! A nation of "YES" people!

Life is fair......you get what you SOW!

Just remember.......we must 3Ms to survive in this you-die-your-business society!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if they are mad, crazy or stupid. Everyday telling the jobless sinkies to go and work overseas, like so easy like dat.

Anonymous said...

the very very interesting and very very funny thing here is that........

the higher the jobless rate.....the higher the votes........

it was 70%.....prediction is 80% at next ge..........

possible?.........why not......you wait and see........

sincerely hope that singapore will not becoe SILLYpore as some called........


Anonymous said...

May Day Rally: Focus on creating jobs, placing and upgrading workers key to Singapore's prosperity, says PM Lee

His prosperity message to sinkies is to work. You need to pay millions for a team of book smart leaders to tell you that?


That's why you send your children to school for...to work for idiots and to mimic them

Anonymous said...

Work for how much? Pay with your soul for monkey peanuts? No wonder brain dead after years of working. Is that how booksmart leaders lead who themselves are paid a rich man's ransom?

Anonymous said...

Uncle, Sporeans r lazy? Unemployed, underemployed or over-employed Sporeans? No Lah, Sporeans r Sick men of Asia, u c many local employers shun Sporeans workers becos once employed they become sick take mc & paternity/maternity leaves. Males workers do national slavery & female pregnant take maternity/confinement/baby leaves etc..u tell me if u r employer u wan to hire them? Who in a right frame of minds wan these type of workers? Some kpkb bout salary, overtime, rotating shifts , work-life balance benefits, bosses become so headache & some jump ship to other competitors companies after learning the trade & acquired the skills. Employers chooses FT over Sporeans due to costs & control over them..however once these FTs graduated they also jump ship & become competitors to Sinkieland...wat a stupid ideas..

Anonymous said...

Simply answer to that.....new citizen lah!

Anonymous said...

Farking hell, oredy created more than 200 thousand jobs for foreigners and still bringing them in to take more jobs from Sinkies.

Be responsible and honorable, take some of the jobs given to the foreigners and give them to daft sinkies. Then daft sinkies no need to go overseas to steal jobs to earn rupiahs and rupees.

Virgo 49 said...

Singaporeans working overseas??

Yes, as expatriates of Singapore MNCs and also Other MNCs.

Paid in Sin or US $$$ with full fringe benefits of overseas hardships allowances and benefits etc. Not to go there where the locals called you trash to compete for their jobs.

Even small SMC with overseas branches, factories or offices put you there aa their representatives to be in charge and not work under them.

I have had represented even a Chinese Towkay OMO business in Singapore operating from his bungalow to west Malaysia for a few years.

He even have a GM.at the kelantan factory where cost are rock bottom paying him Sin 8K a month staying in a condo as purchased by him.

Whereas I in Port Klang logistics and shipping sector shipping the products from Kelantan factory.

We are both paid in Sin $$ and I in hotel suites five days a week. The GM in Kelantan as a bachelor only back once once a week to have meeting with the Boss.

Friday a holiday in Kelantan and he has practicality three days long week every week as Singapore is off on Sunday and not in contact with him.

So, his favourite joint is Golok where he can splurge his Sin $ to Bahts every week end.

Tell the PAPies if they companies offering the same terms then many would like to work overseas.

For info, Kelantan factory has household staff prepare lunches for the office staff.
Also, at 3 in afternoon sirens break 15 mins for tea. Anyway, lunch can be brought just for 2RM. (sin 65cts)

We have fully staffed the factory with all essential staff and there just to oversee the smooth running.

Many Korean and Japanese factories are there for their low costs of productions.
Neighbouring Trengganu has Petronas oil refineries and drilling.

So, don't be surprised that they are even more prosperous than other states of Malaysia.

So, Yes Singaporeans are willingly to work overseas on these conditions.

patriot said...

Sinkies deserve their fates which they have submitted
to their Rulers.

They let the Rulers to run their lives;


Anonymous said...

Only know how to censor useless fukkers. No wonder so stupid.

Anonymous said...

You are born to fucking work you stupid animal. Work and be rich. Tell me how many out there are rich?

Anonymous said...

What kind of world you working your stupid brain towards? A world where only the rich can afford decent medical care and the rich can afford justice?

You fucking go CASE, with just a few dead brains working there how to handle and resolve tens of thousands of cases, , and ask... how many unresolved and unjust cases reported?

Go pay laywyers, if you can afford, for justice lah you stupid and make sure you find work that pays you that much you stupid

Anonymous said...

CASE will wayang and they serve the rich businessman with the help of your fucking bias laws you fucking monkeys

Anonymous said...

Go go go....give birth to more slaves muahahaha

Anonymous said...

Frankly fucking Sinkies fully deserve it. Most of those KPKB & jobless Sinkies are actually those who have been voting for PAP for the past 55 years. Only when kena fired or retrenched & remaining longterm jobless then complain. Now complain for fuck??!?! And in the 1st place, you should be wise & thrifty enough so that you build up your passive income starting from your mid-20s until your 40s / 50s. By the time you're 45 yrs old, your passive income should cover at least 80% of your expenses liao. Every person who is grounded & conscientious should be able to retire with an average lifestyle when he/she reaches 55 yrs old.

Anonymous said...

What Spore need is to open an institute call ' School of Stealing Others Lunches" & text book is the "Art of Stealing Others Lunches" . Make sure that all the unemployed, underemployed or hopeless ones will come & study to learn these course. No point go to Adapt & Grow , PCP, CSP, PnT by LLI or E2i or NTUC. Once graduated will have the skills & knowledge to steal others people lunches, ethnical or not isn't an issue cos Li Hsien Tau said so & Ah Chan also ma..

Anonymous said...

Close associate to theft is murder(shhhhh...don't mention that so not nice you know). I take/steal from you what you need to survive and because you are easy bully and loses your livelihood or life and die, together with your family, that's your business

Don't accuse me of murder because I stole your lunch

Anonymous said...

Steal from the weak and they no choice force their daughters to sell backside. Hey, one day your turn

Anonymous said...

Stupid animals

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.........

新加坡有人才! 新加坡有人才!

如果第一世界的新加坡没有人才, 哪里有人才?

你说! 你说! 你说!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You see all these men in white who appear so holy and self righteous, but inside, they are the true blue ravenous wolves with massive corrupted killer values.

They love you like they love God. And God said to them...my name is I Am. I AM is your God you stupid animal

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE: Members of the public who film videos that might require the attention of the police should consider taking them straight to the authorities instead of uploading them onto social media, legal and social experts have told Channel NewsAsia.
Their comments come after a video of a couple being rude to an elderly man in a Toa Payoh hawker centre went viral.
Passing the videos to the police would contain the rise of online vigilantism that goes beyond seeking appropriate punishment for perceived wrongdoers, said Associate Professor Paulin Straughan from the sociology department at the National University of Singapore. When a video is put up, it is shared and the actions of those involved are judged by a “popular jury,” she said.

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/report-videos-of-wrongdoing-direct-to-the-police-rather-than-8817250

Be careful of elitist or EXpert view or mind fucking thinking. They fear they will be the next target of AWAKEN CONSCIENCE from the public. Beware of INSIDER JOB to screw up the rise of GOOD CONSCIENCE OR JUDGMENT from the public, though vociforous.

Elites FEAR the rise of public INDIGNATION ad it is another attempt to use LAWS to suppress the people from speaking up and condemning scoundrels especially the white collar and educated type.

This chinese WOMAN who married an ang moh has been used to talk psycho trash by white trash for a bloody long time already. What makes this PROFESSOR an authority? Because she is a PROFESSOR or talk like one with no fuck words?

Fuck You

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 443pm........don't be angry lah.........

You said.....新加坡拉只有蠢才啦,哪有人才!

Cannot say like that leh......

Tell him........新加坡有人才! 新加坡有人才!

Stop the OWW policy....."Open-Wide-Wide" policy!

Don't play play.

This is SingaPORE not SillyPORE!.........HOME!


Anonymous said...

Anon 8.10pm


Anonymous said...

Mr Wan of the Singapore Kindness Movement agreed that there is a risk of the public becoming overzealous: “In Singapore, where I'd like to think that most will agree that we have a very good police force, there is really no need for vigilantes. There is no excuse for taking the law into our own hands.
“What was negative here was the online lynching, firstly in a case of mistaken identity. And even now, with the continued baying for blood of the couple,” he said.

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/report-videos-of-wrongdoing-direct-to-the-police-rather-than-8817250

One wrong, which is easily corrected( one wonders whether it was sabotaged by THEM or not), does not make the other wrong.

The man who attacked the old man, because old looks easy to beat up, from behind is a cowardly director and shareholderr of a tuition center.

The public needs to have their eyes opened to successful people who are worst kind of animals than the lowly people often beaten up by the press or authority for behaving badly.

Baying for blood? Oh please. Be more precise and stop spewing half truths.the people are BAYING FOR A PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM THE COUPLE FOR ATTACKING THE OLD MAN because they think they can!

There should be no PUBLIC MERCY on those who have been elevated to heights of influence or with some modicum of power over the people's lives, especially the moral preacher, teacher or leader who tells people to steal someone's lunch.

We abhor any "hidden dealings" or cases white washed by the authority because we never TRUSTED their judgment COMPLETELY.



Anonymous said...

You ask the king.. who are you or who do you think you are? Before he chops off your stupid head, he will release a pompous pussy growl and declare to you .. I AM who it says I AM you piece of shit. I am the bright and morning star, the big fuck, your natural aristocrat whose fucking head is no bigger than your dick but fuck your backside better than your own father fucks you.


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 7.23

Didn't the Minister of Home Affairs publicly said that the punishment as meted to the people who broke the laws must be proportional to the opinions of the public.???

Tell her to shut the crap up. She with that NCNMP On wheelchair thinks they are Angels with no dark secrets.

These are the Ones more afraid of their dark sides.

Sham also said that the masses can criticise the wrong doings even the Ministers shirt of slander and false accusations.

Who is she to demand this protocol? ?

Anonymous said...

Sporeans lazy? Come on Lah..they just sleeping haven't wake up Mah..that's why u need a PeeAm to remind the 70% dafts of 'Stealing Others Lunches' or '弱肉强食' (weak meat stronger eat) ..it's the survival instinct whether humans or animals r the same except the mind different!

Anonymous said...

And thus...your tree between your legs,the bush, is always on fire hahahaha

Anonymous said...

There is a cock in the burning bush..hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Public offense, public apology to affected and humiliated victims. Simple as that