The Days After Death

May Day 2017.  The night before, Father passed on from this life. Death consumed him quietly after a full dinner as he rested; shutting down his lungs, his breathing ceased and finally his heart stopped. At a full life of 90-years old, Father was ready; and has been ready for quite a while since Mother succumbed to her stroke which paralysed her for over a year some 17 years ago.  Their blissful life was survived by 6 children, 6 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren! What a blessed life indeed!      

Death is personal and customised for each one of us.  It accompanies us like a personal shadow, growing as we grow, and at time looming larger or taller depending on the role it chooses as our alternate self. Death’s only story is the story of our life. It has no separate meaning other than whatever we have made with our life.  We are death’s only friend; that’s why it is often confusing as we hear its voice beckoned so welcoming when our time cometh as we then struggle to prolong our earthly time by grasping at the straw of a diminishing life.         

The fear of death is quite exaggerated, and unfounded, when to die is actually perfectly normal.  All natural living things die.  It is such an important part of the natural process.  Death is many things to different people who prefer not to talk or think about it.  Like it or not, though most of us do not like it, it is more like we do not like its often uncertain timing.  If only we can choose when to die, wouldn’t that be great! 

The main problem is that most people are not ready to die. Yet, most would live their life as if death would not occur.  We know life is short, and yet we rush through it without spending quality time to appreciate the beauty of nature or create meaningful moments with our loved ones.  Many eat the wrong diets that shorten our short life-span; others repeatedly poison their bodies with tobacco and nicotine; or regularly drown their stomach, livers and kidneys in alcoholic beverages; and millions others are addicted to consume strange chemicals in the forms of vitamin-substitutes, health “supplements” and man-made medicines. Ironically, death probably never works harder to prevent the onset of massive and pandemic premature human deaths that should otherwise occur as a natural consequence of mankind suicidal life-styles!                

Death is also romanticised by a spiritual interpretation.  Many man-made religions teach death as the separation of the imagined human “soul” from the physical body, and which goes on living somewhere forever … to “heaven” if one has been “good”, to “hell” if he/she has been “bad” or to a “holding” location to be determined by some “gods” or divine beings.  Some religious beliefs would “recycle” the dead back to this world to provide another opportunity for them to live a “better” life … why not send them back to a better version of this world, I wonder?!  Who indeed would want to come back to this wretched broken world again …!       

There is no evidence that the probabilistic existence of “heaven” and “hell”, or “recycling” for a better life, has any effect on criminal behavior or better civic treatment of fellow human beings or more socially responsible behavior in the community.  My take is that everyone knew that no one is really “good” enough to go to heaven … everyone irrespective of our jobs or station in life is guilty of insufficient “good” deeds to qualify for that hallowed “heaven” place.  We are all condemned by the good that we failed to do! That would leave “hell” as the common final destination for the human souls; this is really comforting since many friends, buddies, and enemies, would therefore be re-united after death.      

The notion of the “afterlife” is a denial of death being the end of life.  People are just not ready to leave their loved ones, or to stop enjoying their daily golf games or to cease having their party fun. Others are really happy growing their businesses, increasing personal wealth and prosperity way beyond their need to fuel a greater sense of security and enhance their happiness assets.  To many, the “afterlife” is necessary in order to be truly human. For them, life is a path that must lead somewhere, anywhere … as long as it does not just end!....

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Anonymous said...

On the subject of death, a favourite with people who love to kill....

I think these people are unrepentant. They still want to mess with a kid because they are not interested in what comes out of his foul mouth - his researched materials/delivery are too offensive or FOULLY HELLISH( which befit foulness)?? don't you think so?

Btw, it was the authority who drew specific attention to Jesus( culled for offending religion). Point is, Amos also liken Jesus to Lee. I don't think they understand the implication in Amos's...Word(not even Amos).

Hey, it's their call - free to kill.

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin

patriot said...

To come to being means also to face imminent death or decay.

Deaths come in many forms and luckily for most, the Cause is mainly maturity with onset of complications to aging.
There are many that passed on due to due to diseases, accidents, disasters both natural and man-made. The Most Unfortunate shall be those murdered or suicides.

Death to me is a neccessity.
The World is not able to sustain an infinite growth of beings. And with the lnherent Nature of Beings, growth in population means more conflict, fight and war.
There will be abuses from the Ferocious and Powerful. The Young and Weak will be terrorized and harmed.
The Deaths of the Evil and Abusive are even more neccessary. For their Ends mean less evil and cruelty.

For believers, death also means they are on the Way to their Blisslands. The Funny Thing is that almost all will not take the First Step except that want to end their living miseries.
Heaven is not that attractive to those that long for it, lol.

There are many that others curse and want them dead for whatever reasons, but live long as monsters.
The Irony of all is that there is this Saying that the Good dies Young.

Could it be that the Shorter one lives, the Less Sin or Wrong one tends to make?

To those that passed on, they are wished to rest in peace.
To me, many that passed on actually
provide more peace to the Livings.

lmagine the Death of a monster and the Cessation of the Damage he/she
wroughts to others.

Condolences to Miko
Family for the Departure of his Late Father.


Anonymous said...

Actually it's very ez for one to go the hell or heaven. When u r happy u r in heaven, but when u r angry u r in hell ..it's ez right? But many still dun get it. When u meet Dr Death, just ' let it go ...let it go ...I dun care it anymore.. ( song of Frozen)..to Christians or Muslim just recite Amen or Allah, to Buddhist just recite Amitabha ..

Anonymous said...

The rich man may offer to rise from the dead to warn his kind but the gatekeeper will smack his stupid head and said, you study so much law, you don't understand the book meh? If they don't understand the book, even if you rise from the dead, you won't be able to convince them - scare them maybe but not convince them because you are so stupid remember

Messanger of DEATH said...

Jesus rose from the dead (as believed by the believers). LKY also promised he would rise from the dead, if anything goes wrong with Singapote. So far so good. Nothing has gone wrong with Singapore yet. That's why LKY had not risen from the dead. So Amos Yee is correct to equate LKY to Jesus, mah? Why the believers were not happy? Why the Pappies were not happy? Why persecute and prosecute and prostitute Amos Yee for telling the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing BUT THE TRUTH???

Water-face is the REASON for the unreasonable and the unjust. Right???

Anonymous said...

When you or your loved ones are dead, they are dead. There is NO LIFE AFTER DEATH. Life is life. Death is Death. So don't get mixed up by listening to snake-oil sellers who tried for thousands of years to convince people that there is Life after DEATH!

After DEATH, whether for animals, insects, bacteria or humans, there is only a deaf carcass left. You either burry it, burn it or eat it, or put in deep freeze for research purposes.

What heaven and hell? What rebirth? Whose soul has travelled and come back? Where are the REAL CONCRETE EVIDENCES?

So far, no one can prove all those things they have said. They simply closed their mind, eyes, ears, feelings, etc in order to just believe. What is belief. It is just telling oneself I am going to believe this or that because so and so said so. This book said so. That book said so. Who wrote the books? Humans, right? Humans are perfect? They don't make mistakes, misconceptions, misinterpretations and make outright lies???

Talks are cheap. Show real concrete evidences to prove it.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 3.26

You made a natural good doctor.
Cannot be save, don't save.
Waste time.

Dead is dead, life is life.

You have just in one posting pour cold water on billions of believers who was shocked by your revelation.

There are many like you who are adamant that this is all nonsense.

But in their hearts, they feared DEATH.

Why?? Because they are just reluctant to go fearing the afterlife.

Why so? because they had committed too many hideous sins that they simply just refused to believe this nonsense of life after death.

This is just to console themselves but in their hearts, they are very fearful.

So they will denounced that it is all nonsense.