Slap stick comedy accused of being racist

A Singaporean Indian actor was disgusted over his role as an Indian NSman in Jack Neo’s ‘Ah Boys to Men 4’ comedy. He was told by the director that he was not Indian enough, without the Indian accent that the director wanted in the comedy production.

This is from a post in the statestimes.

‘A Singaporean Indian actor was told by the casting director of a new conscription-themed movie by Jack Neo, that he is “not Indian enough”. Actor Shrey Bhargava took to Facebook and said that he put up with the director’s request and felt “disgusted” playing the role of an Indian Singaporean with thick Indian accent. The actor wrote his thoughts about why the state propaganda movie emphasize the need to play on racism to create jokes, and questioned the morality of the Chinese Singaporean majority who find these jokes funny.’

Jack Neo’s comedy is what it is, catering to the masses with the kind of stereo typing not just for Singapore Indians, but for Singapore Chinese, the Chinese educated and the bananas speaking in a contrived English accent that most Singaporeans don’t speak that way. To the little group of baba English educated Chinese, mostly bananas, that is the correct way to speak baba English, oops, that is Queen’s English to them.

In this particular case, the director could not understand that time has changed and the Singapore Indians no longer speak with the Indian accent of olden days or like the Indian Indians that arrived here recently. The 50 years of social integration and growing up together has evolved a generation of new Singaporeans that speak in a common accent, be they Chinese, Indian or Malay. They have a similar accent, very Singaporean and only Singaporeans can undertand and identify with.

The director of the comedy is still stuck in the past, playing on the queer accent and mannerism of the various races as humour. Suck slap stick humour has its own audience and attractiveness, maybe just to churn up the ticket sales but may, like in this case, becomes unpalatable and even be seen as being racist.

Jack Neo and his team should change with the time and reflect the real or new Singaporean mix, the new Singaporean young are different from their parents and grand parents. They have all acquired the Singaporean accent. The new Singaporeans are a new breed from our rojak society. Maybe the director may want to cast the new citizens with their queer accent from their motherland and how they cope with being the minority among the Singaporeans in NS.

There is definitely a distinct difference between the new citizens and the original Singaporeans, Singaporeans born and bred in our multi racial society. When the new citizens open their mouth, it tells instantly. This could be the next theme of Jack Neo in ‘Ah Boys to Men 5’. But beware of being accused of racism as playing up on the new and strange accent, behaviour and mannerism may not go down well on those who are more sensitive than the norm, especially the new citizens who have this obsession that Singaporeans are racist. Do not give room or reason to be accused of racism even if it is a comedy for commercial interests.


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, me no more watch JN movie in the cinema for many years already. It's a low cost movie making unlike the western movies, not worth paying to watch JN movies ( many of the so called comedy r not funny, like the PG 欢喜就好 or Happy is Good , his hokkien never resonate with the elderly anymore, other than his "哎哟, 真的是伤脑筋噢!" in the 90s can still laugh a bit but now it doesn't -- due to garmen mouth piece nobody cares anymore)..his movies r not getting creative but mere production..

patriot said...

Most Sinkie Chinese are not able to speak Chinese, much less read and write their mother tongue.
Are they Chinese?

Are they racist in favour of Angmos?


Anonymous said...

Jack Neo?

Hahahahaha. There were strong rumours that he was even a PAP candidate for one of the GE but due to an affair exposed before it, he was dropped out.

But he definitely has strong connections with the establishment, or else he may not have been as successful as he is, although he is a good movie director/producer with productions which really reflect on Sinkieland and Sinkies as they are. That's why his movies are so funny and quite successful because Sinkies and even PAP can be real funny at times.

Anonymous said...

Most Sinkie Chinese are not able to speak Chinese,....
patriot 8:57 am

Does that even matter, when they can make lots of money not able to speak Chinese?

Anonymous said...

If Jack Neo's movie is racist, you think the garment would allow it to be screened? Stop all this stupid allegations of racism. Beware of such shit coming from new citizens.

The rule of thumb, if garment says Jack Neo's movie ok, passed censorship board, then no racism. Just the personal view of one simpleton and got hyped by the media that it is racism. Fuck lah.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he is quite clever in his own way. Certainly not creative but he hit the real life situation on the spot. Silly education policy, NS boo boo, money matters. Things that play out day in day out in Singapore.

I would call him opportunist. He is saying things that we all already know.

Anonymous said...

Just employ a banglah from construction site or pick one from your local town council. Cheap cheap only $30 a day. Sure he can act with authentic ahneh impression.

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, these Black Ants can have their own kind in any Top and high leadership roles but always shouted when they are given lesser roles.

They always thinks that they are always been discriminated in.any ways. See ST of today's of I think Home or Business page, a photo in a business district's in Chennai Park or Shenton Way.

Wah piang, must use flash lights on the cameras or else no picture. If they held a rank of Sgt major in our time, they think that they are a Major.

One-time at a Polyclinic for a blood test. This Indian woman as walk in demanded why she was not served first before others.

She shouted : Is it because I am Indian. ??

With the influx of their kind in SINKIE land by the millions, think better stay in Melaka permanent.

Anonymous said...

This "RACIST" label and others such as Sexist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. are terms utilised by those with ill-intent or ill-will to cast a negative impact upon others whom they dislike.

In fact, if you examine the way it is being put forth, you will realise that the one who uses such a term upon others is the one who is Racist. Otherwise, such a label won't even appear in his mind, to start with.

Anonymous said...

Relax lar. His movie not only make fun of Indian, he also make fun of Malay, Chinese of Hokkien, Cantonese, baba, yellow banana etc. He not focusing on Indian only. Anyway I normally try to watch his movies free on Internet lor

Anonymous said...

The rule of thumb, if garment says Jack Neo's movie ok, passed censorship board, then no racism.
May 30, 2017 9:13 am

The government ask you to buy new HDB flat for $800,000, you also say okay lah.
The government ask you to work 2 years for peanuts salary in the army, you also say okay lah.

The government ask you to have sex in a small space, you also say okay lah.
The government say only 30% of Singaporeans are allowed to go to university, you also say okay lah.
The government say Singaporeans have no skills, you also say okay lah.

The government say your children should be a hawker, you also say okay lah.
The government say old people collect card borad box for exercise, you also say okay lah.

Stupidity has no cure.
You have been born with your brains located in your ass hole.
And obviously you have suffered brain damage from years of anal fucking with a PAPaya.

Anonymous said...

Are you a sinkie? If answer is yes, all the above applies to you as well, no exception.

Stupidity has no cure.

Virgo49 said...

This Neh is cock. Jack Neo is a pro PAP man. His film sure passed censor board. He is sly and wily producer who knows how to propagate for the Government.

You remember one scene in Ah Boys to Men??

A Chinese ex PRC newly minted Sinkie was distrust by our Ah Beng Sinkies boys into given responsibilities as a watch out.

He exclaimed, Hey, I am also one of you.

Jack Neo is trying to show Sinkies that the Ah Nehs nationals also served National Slavery.

He is getting him to speak like an Indian National now Sinkies also serving NS.

That's the main objectives and this guy feel slighted.

Anonymous said...

"Stupidity has no cure."
May 30, 2017 11:16 am

Sure or not.
Did our government tell you "Stupidity has no cure"?
Did our government allow you to express your own opinion?

Anonymous said...

My advice to Jack Neo is that he should come out to respond to this issue, and clarify whether this is fake news - u know lah, nowadays so many fake news, what u read is not what truly happens . . .

Anonymous said...

What do you think you are doing if not expressing your stupid opinion?

denk said...

aneh all got a big chip on their shoulder, in sg they are treated like kings.
some more kbkm,
discrimination my ass !

see how chinese minority are abused in india !


Anonymous said...

What do you think you are doing if not expressing your stupid opinion?
@ May 30, 2017 1:30 pm

My opinion may be stupid, but it's MY opinion.
I did not wait for the government's permission before I expressed MY opinion.

Which is more than I can say for you;
You pathetic ass fucked PAPaya mouth piece.

Anonymous said...

patriot May 30, 2017 8:57 am
XXXXXXXXMost Sinkie Chinese are not able to speak Chinese, much less read and write their mother tongue.
Are they Chinese?
Are they racist in favour of Angmos?XXXXXXXXX

Uncle Patriot,

You and I and many oldies and sinkies whose eyes DID NOT PASTE STAMPS know that and to quote from Political Science 101 that:

Out of 5 political problems of NATION BUILDING, the FIRST & PARAMOUNT concern is:

(1) "To forge a COMMON IDENTITY."

Without that foundation, EVERYTHING else is secondary.

The SEEDS of downfall had been planted long ago since the 80s and even 70s.

It could have been remedied subsequently but it wasn't.

As the PROSTITUTING and legs OPEN BIG BIG exacerbate, the insidious seeds of screw up policies planted will GERMINATE and overwhelm the society in due course.

Now, it is not a matter of "IF" but "WHEN".

The friction of the PERNICIOUS leg open BIG BIG policy is just starting to proliferate but sooner or later, the momentum of exponential increase would become insurmountable for anyone to do anything about it.

Many wonder why other sinkies than the current bunch of opportunistic politicians are not in politics and it is simply that the seeds planted and the situation could be beyond even the divine, much less human efforts.

Severe issues may descend upon the Sin City sooner than many expected but heaven forbids me to divulge the timing.

I may be incurring heaven's wrath already by going to the extent to reveal that the game would be over (and it is a matter of time).

Everything now is just facile facade and the genuine underlying currents and problems would inevitably lead to dire corollaries.

The castigation of sinkies are often premised on unfounded basis and silly excuses where the actual problems are due to surreptitious effects of policies screw up and the blame tai chi and pinned on sinkies heads.

Due to pernicious prostituting and insidious leg open big big policy, too many malcontents had already entered and infiltrated the society and like terminable cancer, the only release for all concerned is eventual implosion and inevitable demise.

Anonymous said...

The rectitude is sorely lacking in current politicians and the many problems surfacing in society attest to such lack of virtue, probity and upstandingness.

Without stout trustworthiness and decency in the leadership in managing the affairs of a nation, no people of sane intellect would pull their weights to move in the insane direction taken by such irrational and unworthy leaders.

It has come to a point in society that nobody trusts anybody and such a system is destined to fail.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, the old guards must be turning in their graves and some stirring in their urns for those who had chosen cremation than natural burials.

For all that the old guards fought for with tears, blood, sweat, anguish, pain, etc etc, it is now evaporating and disintegrating in the very eyes of oldies and youngdies alike.

The only comparable history is the dying years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds of the ancient Qin Empire and the late Qing dynasty under the promiscuous and utterly distasteful Empress Dowager CiXi whose name is ill-befitting her diabolical horrendous misdeeds while in power.

Anonymous said...

Oops ...... typo

Should be:

*terminal cancer

Anonymous said...

It is silly for any able sinkie to join politics and trying to stop the self-created asteriod in its path and crashing into sinkieland just like how dinasaurs were wiped out about 65 million years ago.

The world is not perfect but old civilisations have survived the tests of times and therefore why should sinkies live in Sin and die in Sin.

The fact that many signs and writings are on the walls point to the inevitable inescapable ending.

Why did the late Qing Dynasty fail?

Why would sinkieland fail too?

How credible is it when junior ministers are promoted to full ministers when someone who has lost an entire iconic armada associated with a port city thriving on maritime trade is not fired but protected and elevated to another CEO post in a monopoly industry?

When such things happen and signs are all over the walls that it cannot and will not go on indefinitely without suffering the same fate as some decadent, corrupt, incompetent leadership that prevailed in those ancient dying dynasties and empire.

A paternalistic leadership employed and deployed by the old guards has given way to abusive, rodent and undeserving management given the responsibility of running the nation.

Any adjective short of madness cannot adequately describe how rotten and abusive such leadership are.

The hope by many oldies in msn that some saviours would come along to scoop the sinking sinkieland like the mythical crane from the turbulent sea to dry land is a hope in vain and many if not all would probably meet an ending with bitterness in their hearts and inhale their last breath with eyes wide open.

In Chinese, the phrase in hanyupinyin is "si bu ming mu".

Old fart was so animated when he said in a 1980 election rally that as long as he is in charge, nobody is going to knock Sin City down.

Alas, after his death and demise, those that could possibly be doing so IRONICALLY could be those that he had chosen to hand over the baton.

In the end, Sin City had succeeded due to old fart in his selfless hardwork and sacrifice to build up Sin City after it was booted out of Malaya in 1965 but would fail too due to his own doings in his selfish and self-centred selection of the successors to his legacy.

When someone who is responsible for losing the most iconic symbol of a maritime port city is not punished but promoted to another CEO post, the leadership has signed its own warrant of numbered days and no longer deserves any respect or support from its people.

The wheel of the beginning of the end has long started and has been accelerated with many unbelievable and head-shaking turn of events.

It is very sad and heartbreaking indeed for many oldies at msn and many sinkies at large but what can be done and who can stop a self-created asteroid in its path and from crashing into sinkieland and avoid the fate suffered by dinasaurs.

Anonymous said...

What more can be said but that the leadership at their age should be totally be ashamed of themselves for many decisions and policies that left many in the younger generations and some not even half their age aghast and disgusted.

Nothing short of digging a bottomless hole and jump into in shame by such leadership is sufficient to let the world know how bad things have gotten.

It is so pitiful that such a promising young nation is handed to such incompetent and decadent leadership.

Anonymous said...

According to recorded history, the descendants of the Qin Emperor suffered untold karma.

Karma of misdeeds are thickening for those responsible.

It is unbelievable that those responsible for all the screw up think their descendants will not suffer the same fate as those of the Qin emperor.

Anonymous said...

The more we think, inevitably our thoughts drift to an ostensibly "shocking" video on 29 Mar 2015, the day of the funeral of old fart.

It is ironical that what appeared as the most disrespectful insults of old fart could be the opening up, the awakening of drugged oldies and sinkies from their long slumber.

Their long slumber of complacency and belief in what was put into and conditioned in their brains, just like old fart in a 1998 speech in Australia spoke about how he treated sinkies and trained them the way dog trainers treated their animal charges.

What is most important in this world?

Do you know after having lived such a long life and ate more salt than the rice of younger generations and crossed more bridges than the roads youngsters had walked?

In a society, it can only flourish and be sustainable in the long run premised on one barometer and that is the ability to have the freedom to speak the truth in one's mind.

When everyone kept quiet about the emperor's new clothes and a child named Amos Yee shouted on 29 March 2015 that the emperor did not have any clothes on, many so called self-appointed erudite members of the society and establishment who actually either lived in their own self made belief fantasy ivory tower or thoroughly brain washed expressed indignation and appall at the "sudden truthful outburst" of a child who "called a spade a spade" unlike the so called wise adults who dared not contradict that the emperor was actually embarassingly naked.

Was the child who shouted that the emperor was naked and thus calling a spade a spade the silly one or the rest who pretended that the emperor's new clothes are so marvellous?

A society that cannot allow or tolerate its people to speak the truth is one that will not be tolerated in the Darwinian evolution of life.

Virgo49 said...

Well said Bro.

Think SINKIE land's weakling Emperor is under the Empress Dowager.

But this Empress is not the Mother.

Also, his balls kena tarek by unknown evil advisors who had a hold on him.

What you think? ?

Anonymous said...

According to some other historical records, in 1851, before Dowager CiXi was brought to the imperial court of the late Qing Dynasty to be a concubine, her mum accompanied her to see a renowned fortune teller.

Right from the start, after arriving at her reading, the face of the fortune teller turned pale and into extreme anger.

He turned to the then 15-yo CiXi's mum and told her if CiXi was his daughter, he would have suffocated her to death at birth.

Later events proved the foresight of this fortune teller though even at that time when China was a fairly highly superstitious society, many who had heard that story found the reading of the fortune teller incredible.

The point of this episode was how misfortune the Qing Dynasty was to have such a nasty, distasteful old hat entering its court and through her scheming and many murderous plots killed her way to supreme power amidst all the so called male dominated imperial court.

When the readings are all over on the wall, the nasty and incorrigbly promiscuous CiXi who even slept with her husband's younger brother during his funeral are allowed to have her way and murdered so many righteous officials and plundered the coffer of the Qing dynasty that later generation wondered how righteous were the remaining officials who served under her such as Li Hong Zhang?

Is it any wonder whatever reforms and restructuring that they enacted failed monumentally?

With such a nasty and corrupt old hat pulling the string behind several puppet emperors installed to front the throne, the ending was sealed right from day one?

Any modern society cast with such misfortune is unlikely to escape similar fate and Emperors like GuangXu are just mere puppets bedroom toy boys who get their fixes to please a lao tai po but never regarded anything more than a puppet in the eyes of the promiscuous CiXi who yielded ultimate control over power and installed whoever she wish in whatever post as empirically witnessed in real life.

Anonymous said...

Rumours had it that whoever ascended the throne under CiXi effectively signed their death warrants and many able loyal family males stayed far, far away.

Some of the puppet emperors installed by CiXi died even before turning adulthood.

One of them died during his teenage and based on some records, apparently the very gorgeous and irresistable prostitute that the unwitting young puppet emperor slept with during puberty was a plot hatched by none other than the murderous lai tai po that she could not even tolerate her own son growing up and taking power away from her.

Eventually, some vicious STD were passed to him and he did not even survived beyond his teenage years and died a painful death in agony at the age of 17 or 18 years old.

Subsequently, no grown up members of her household dare accept the throne and led to forcing 3 years old to become baby emperors with all the powers in her hands.

Guang Xu was one of them and became emperor as a baby though he was not her real son but born to a relative and his biological mother cried terribly when Guang Xu was forcefully taken away to be installed a lifetime puppet at the age of 2 or 3 years old.

When the lao tai po was about to die, Guang Xu managed to stay alive and was at his prime of 33-yo. He thought his final moment came but alas, to protect her myriad of old lovers and at their behest, she murdered Guang Xu through her order of poisoning Guang Xu's last meal. Based on historical record, Guang Xu died in 1908, the same year just a day before the Lao Tai Po finally left the human world for good. But before she died, to protect her countless sex partners in the imperial courts from prosecution, again she installed a 3-yo baby to the throne. This baby was the historically infamous Last Emperor of China known as PuYi who became a puppet too in North Eastern China during WW2 under the Japanese when they invaded the mainland.

Some of these accounts are recorded in the Chinese historical books available in the Level 9 reference section of the National Library Building in Victoria Street under the main history of the Qing Dynasty.

Other more juicy tales surrounding CiXi are found in some smaller historical versions of the Qing Dynasty which even the historians found too embarassing and disgraceful to include and record them in the main history of the Qing Dynasty.

Anonymous said...

What about Empress Jinx Ho-Lee's Secret Record of Oral History. Who will be tasked to compile them?

Anonymous said...


1. He is a dragon but not a dragon.
2. He is a fly but not a fly.

Anonymous said...

/// The point of this episode was how misfortune the Qing Dynasty was to have such a nasty, distasteful old hat entering its court and through her scheming and many murderous plots killed her way to supreme power amidst all the so called male dominated imperial court. ///
@ May 31, 2017 6:40 am

And this has always been my point about the weakness of Chinese culture.
CiXi, who presumably does not know kung fu ... is able to destroy a 5,000 year old civilization.
How can this be unless the pillars of Chinese culture is weak ... unable to weed out a corrupt and selfish ruler ... tio bo?

Can you really blame the European colonists?
China was first brought to her knees by the weakness of China's own culture ... which allowed a useless piece of garbage to continue to be Emperor.
Chinese culture does not have a self-correcting mechanism (a serious weakness).
CiXi brought China to her knees.
The Europeans came along, took advantage, and finished off China.

So what is the main weakness of Chinese culture?
The culture of obedience ... the culture of slaves.
What the mindless Chinese cybernuts here call "boh tua boh suay"
Ancestor worship .... even when the ancestors have no merits.
Respect your elders ... even when the elders have no merits.

Anonymous said...

@ May 31, 2017 7:52 am

Sorry redbean.
I've stayed silent for months now out of respect for you and your blog.
I just cannot hold back anymore this morning.

Anonymous said...

Some readers in msn may think sinkies are mad or mostly economically useless oldies in their sunset twilight years making noise and kpkb in the social media day in day out.

Unknown to them, there are many well-positioned people working in MinLaw, AGC, State Court, MOF etc etc who kpkb even more privately than the oldies in the social media?

If one are attentive and fortunate enough to hang around pubs or dine at some restaurants or eateries after work, one may be shocked that the obscenities and vulgarity hurled by the very people who worked in various ministries at some ministers and their spouses pale in comparison to even the most notorious hardcore uneducated mafia in Geylang?

When such things happened and to such extent, the writings are all over the wall.

At one time, a group of high level people from AGC were talking among themselves in a eatery in town and unknown to them, one of them was still wearing his pass. From their conversation, it was obvious they were colleagues. The way they used vulgarity and obscenities on some of the ministers and spouses are so shocking and utterly unbelievable?

So oldies and sinkies in msn, let it be known that you are not walking alone and are the only ones making noise and kpkb everyday.

Some officials working up there are even more vehement in their anger and disgust about some of the ridiculous things happening around.

And almost if not all of them are the males. As usual, the ZaBors given the good life dare not let out a single murmur and many suspected that the last election was the follies of such materialistic and myopic ZaBors, some even "forcing" their spouses to do likewise. Let it be known oldies and sinkies that as much as you kpkb everyday that the 70% eyes pasted stamps, they could be those Zabors sleeping beside you every night.

Anonymous said...

Singapore flourished because of its strategic location, not because of a group of WOGs or DOGs and what nots.

This strategic location, as pointed out by Stamford Raffles, will soon come to past, once the Thais give the Green light to develop the Kra Canal.

Then the Monkey, even with 72,000 magical abilities, will not be able to prevent Singapore from becoming a No-Entry Port.

Anonymous said...

When a country is run by a bunch of nincompoops, the end is near.

Anonymous said...

The tens of billions of losses are just mere numbers that mostly dun register in many, especially the 70% sinkies shallow minds.

But what and how have that impacted the ground?

Many sinkies retirement $$$ are held captive and withdrawal GOH posts constantly shifted?

And then many compulsory schemes are forced down sinkies throats by law and part of their forced retirement savings are depleted without their consent?

For example, this tinkie called DPS (Dependent Protection Scheme). Every year a few hundred are zapped from sinkies account just like that ...... Statistically, the life expectancy of male sinkies is more than 80-yo but this so called DPS starts zapping $$$ from sinkies account as early as 25-yo?

But many in society know that bcos of the unbearable financial burden and difficulty of settling down and having children, many either married late or never marry or married but dare not have kids till their 40s?

So what happen after that?

The DPS covers the period that statistically the male is unlikely to die and so in a way the $$$ (premium) paid for about 30+ years are down the drain?

When such male sinkies turn 60 and when they most needed the DPS, unfortunately they tell you expire already?

But the children are like in pri sch or sec and not even out of their teenage years?

Are they not dependents if something were to happen to their 60-yo and above fathers?

But DPS expired by 60-yo?

Other compulsory schemes that zapped $$$$ for heaven knows for what uses have been much talked about in the past so shall not be repeated here.

The point is miseries and hardship are in waiting as sinkies age and stumble into their old age, many without adequate retirement means despite working a lifetime day in day out?

How can it be so?

Did not sinkies being forced to contribute to their retirement funds the moment they stepped into society at the age of 23 or 25?

After slogging for 40+ years, no $$$ or sufficient sum to tie over their twilight golden sunset years?

Is this a cruel joke waiting for every sinkie in time to come?

Current oldies 65 and above may be having hardship already?

But how about the younger generations?

What kind of future is lying in wait for them?

virgo49 said...

Right Anon 8.08

Those frogs in well sinkies who critised those kpkb day in and day out are just too naive and what Melayu called them so bong bodoh.

Without these kpkb, you think they made changes and they should be thankful to RB for his blog and those who heartily contributed to it.

Now they have what s$25.00 milk powder

Only those in the grapevines and like our Ex colleagues in the sales and marketing departments of all organisations who frequents these entertainment and restaurants places had first hand feel and pulse of what's on goings.

Those closeted in their wells are just like ostriches.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the ridiculous promiscuous record of Empress Dowager CiXi, one Chinese historical record called "Wen Ting Shi //Wen Cheng O Ji//", noted that after CiXi's husband Emperor Xian Feng passed away in 1861 when CiXi was just 25 years old, she supposedly remained unmarried for the rest of her life.

Emperor Xian Feng could have lived longer but to gain his sole attention, CiXi at the age of 16, while still a low ranked concubine sought training from 2 of the most skilled Vixens in then Qing Dynasty to master the ultimate bedroom skills.

Apparently she became so good that subsequently Emperor Xian Feng kept CiXi by his side from 1853 onwards till his death in 1861. When Emperor Xian Feng passed on from years of over indulgence, he was at the supposedly prime age of 30.

According to the record in " Wen Ting Shi //Wen Cheng O Ji//", CiXi sexual life did not stop after the Emperor's death in 1861.

In 1884, Empress Dowager CiXi's suddenly felt ill and lost all her appetite and was constantly having morning sickness and nausea.

Countless imperial physicians were sent to diagnose her "mysterious" illness and in the end, all the imperial physicians claimed that they could not trace the cause or what illness she was suffering.

Apparently, all of them could tell that she was pregnant at the ripe old age of 48 but she was widowed since 1861 so how can the physician divulged at that time that she was pregnant.

NoboLEE dare tell the truth cos the punishment for such utterance is certain beheading and if worst the extermination of the entire clan.

So how?

Virgo49 said...

Same, same. Now anybody dares to challenge the Weakling Emperor and the Dowager also faced beheaded or total extermination of his whole career, wealth and family.

Only his closest kins dared to call him unfialial son. Listened to much to the Dowager who equalling Kong Khum.

That's why even the Top echelon in all professions won't dared to challenge him as they knew it be against a vicious dynasty.

Just saw the video of the RSN in joint exercise with the Ah Nehs and about their vicious ambition to deadlock the free passage of navigation in the Indian Ocean and the Straits of Malacca.With the United States as the Ring Leader.

See our Hen so proud. China no need the Straits of Malacca anymore.

Oil pipes from Myanmar direct to them. Future OROB will leave Sinkieland with no belt for their dropping pants.

After which, the Isthmus of Kra will put PSA into sleep.

Luckily, China now avoided a Naval confrontation with the Ah Nehs and Sinkieland or else they will blasted these kuching kurap navies into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

There came one of her so called right hand man named LEE Hong Zhang.

Remember when old fart was around in the early 1990s, he invested in 2 locations in China?

One was recommended by OTC which was the (in)famous SuZhou Industrial Township (which old fart was supposedly at the raw end of the deal)?

The other by the ChaTao wooden Old Goat?

That place is WuXi?

So what does WuXi got to do with LEE Hong Zhang and this promiscuous Empress Dowager CiXi pregnancy in 1884?

This LEE Hong Zhang recommended a famous physician who resided in WuXi, according to the afore-mentioned historical record, named "Xue Fu Cheng".

At that time, there was no modern transportation mode. So LEE Hong Zhang dispatched an order and the messenger rode several horses to their death along the way, over a distance of 800 miles day and night from the Qing capital to Wuxi to order the physician "Xue Fu Cheng" to rush to the Forbidden City immediately.

Xue Fu Cheng did the same over the 800 miles journey and several more horses died of exhaustion as a result.

In the imperial court, Xue Fu Cheng checked the pulse of the promiscuous Empress Dowager CiXi and immediately fell into a deep frown.

He could tell what the other imperial physicians who had diagnosed the slut earlier knew all along.

She was having morning sickness and nausea from an apparent pregnancy.

But how could he divulge such a fact?

He would meet a certain death cos it was an absolute taboo for any Qing Dynasty ordinary widow to remarry at that time, much less for an imperial court Dowager to commit adultery and became impregnated.

So this clever physician cooked up a principle that supposedly his ancestory of physicians passed down in terms of a strict regulation.

They could treat patients but the prescriptions cannot be revealed.

But to allay the imperial court's concern that the prescription could cause harm to the Dowager, an exception shall be made and before proceeding to prepare the medication, the prescriptions shall be made known only to the Empress Dowager CiXi alone.

CiXi obviously knew she herself was probably pregnant and got such an obedient physician who knew how to untie the dilemma she was in.

So she gladly ordered the abortion medication to be prepared.

"Xue Fu Cheng" immediately set about gathering the medications and brewed them for 2 days before delivering it at about 7am on the 3rd day to Empress Dowager CiXi.

After some severe passing of motion and massive bleeding, Empress Dowager CiXi had a successful ancient Chinese style of abortion.

Meanwhile, the physician Xue Fu Cheng knew the viciousness of this lao tai po and that his end is near as for certainty he will be silenced.

Anonymous said...

China has the most submarines in the world, even more than the USA.
The whole of East and South China Sea are infested with these submarines.
They just keep quiet and monitor all the jokers thinking that they could have free play in China's pond.

Remember when Ppines sailed its biggest junk to harass Chinese ships and fled with its tail between its legs and never to be seen again around Chinese islands. Why, because it was surrounded by the submarines and could be sunk if it refused to flee.

American aircraft carriers not only have to watch out for DF21s but also the submarines under the sea.

Anonymous said...

The zabors are indeed mainly porlampas of the Pappies, especially those young sweet talkers. See how they weeped when the youngish Pappy Candidates lost in Elections? Doubt they weeped liked that when their hubbies or parrnts passed away. See how some of them kneeled liked worshipping their gods at the funerals of traitors.
As for Top and Senior Civil Servants swearing and cursing at their Masters; they are merely APING WHAT THEIR MASTERS DID AND DO, ACTING TO SHOW THAT THEY ARE WIYH THE PLEBEIANS.

patriot said...

Be it based on Geomacy of the Resident Geomancer here in MY SINGAPORE NEWS AND OR THE INTUITIONS OF THE BOY NAME AMOS YEE AND patriot here in MSN, Sinkies shall be in for
a slow agonizing end.

3 double homicide cases and the Many Suicides were all signs of what Sinkies are facing. There shall be more of them happening and will sharply increase as day goes.
The Challenges are becoming insurmountable for many. More will fall victims as costs in taxes and essentials will drive many to fly down highrise building, water and even killing love ones before killing themselves.

ls there a way out?
For one intuitive person like me, l say no just like the Geomancer who has divined that Sin is fated to wither like flower.
There is a difference though in the Deciphering of the Fate of Sin.
The Geomancer seems to divine the Fate of Sin the Tiny Rock.
I on the other hand, think the Victims are the Lower Income Sinkies follow by the Middle Income Sinkies.

Do brace for the Consequences of being daft as said by the Horrible Monster.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

So when guys sold their souls to their wifey working in the garment, it is the norm for them to scold behind their wives back with names such as fxxking BITCH, SHITTY SLUTS, ITCHY WHORES ...... as a pretense? So u are also into swearing and cursing your wifey and fella ministers spouses names such as blardy BITCH ..... etc?

Good job. Lol

Anonymous said...

1.03pm, Going by your logic, those ministers paid millions each year would try to pretend they are with the masses by cursing, swearing and hurling vulgarity and obscenities at their "naked emperor ..... oops ...... Superior and his ugly hideous man-wife"? Pls record down when yew hear such utterance the next time. Refreshing to know they would stoop so low to collect fat pay cheques and yet call their superior's wifey "slut, bitch, whore" ........

patriot said...

My apology.

Be it base on GEOMANCY and or the Readings of the My Singapore News Resident Geomancer to amend my comment above.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Patriot and Oldies in MSN, FYI:

A pinoy fren came to peesai recently for a few days of holiday and met up for an afternoon lunch one day ......

He said peesai farting expensive and the climate reminded him of the Marcos era back home.

He asked who was the Marcos of peesai?

Ha ha ha

There were a few porlampa around sitting at neighbouring tables so cannot answer that question lah ......

The topic drifted back to the COL and SOL and he commented that some sinkies who cannot tahan the climate and COL here can consider staying in pinoyland a few months a year, in matland a few months a year and in tigerland a few months a year.


How come oldies who kpkb $$$ no enough never consider or think of such option?

He further added the COL in pinoyland is quite affordable even for poor sinkies as 20,000 peso a mth on average can feed an entire household.

20,000 peso is like less than S$600 per month!


And for entertainment, it is also very cheap compared to the new Asia sickman city.

Wow! Wow!

And many parts of pinoyland is booming too.

He went on to assure that ethnic chinese would have no problem assimiliating into the pinoy society cos he himself and his whole family are decendants of mainland chinese too.

Furthermore, with the new leadership, 230 is very close to China Xi Da Ge and ethnic chinese are warmly welcome with open arms and sometimes even red carpets ...... (not to mention open legs too as some of the local females have irrational fondness for sinkie male chinese.)

patriot said...

lt is indeed lot more cheaper to reside in neighbouring countries.
However, language barrier is one big obstacle.
l was recommended Nepal years back, a place where one can have balance with USD $300 a month.

ln Malaysia, Bintan, Batam, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand etc, those who can overcome the Language Problem can try them out. lt could be a blessing to less stressful living.

Personally, l quite like
Phuket and Cameron Highland.


Anonymous said...

Matland and Pinoyland not much language barrier lah ....

Most pinoy can speak English.

And more than 1/3 of matlanders are Chinese. The rest like indians mostly can speak english. Most malay matlanders especially those 40 and below can speak ingrish too .....

As for Phuket island, never had problem while there communicating with the locals in English ....... otherwise, they wont have so many ang mo tourists every year

Also, if know how to bargain, can rent a long tail speed boat (for 300 baht) occasionally to go out the sea to enjoy the tropical sunshine and nature.

The patong beach area is more expensive so can try at other parts of Phuket where prices tend to be lower.

Virgo49 said...

Matland is stil the best bet.

Pinoy Land, here today and gone tomorrow. Don't know what's hit you in the head or body with bullets. Even Pinoys settle here for good. They have not tasted the Pay And Pay yet.

Matland, the easiest to localize.

Lived incognito. They dont even know you stingkies. Oops Sinkies.

Go up North and South and East and West on the cheep cheep.

Even sojourn to East Malaysia.

Buy practically all medications without prescription and certain hospitals sanctioned by MOH to treat Sinkies on your Integrated Insurance plus Medisave.

Want some adrenalin flows, go for Fruits Lunch at Genting Resort.

More nutritious than Cameron Highlands. Kept you awake from dementia.

Whats more you want?? One to three. ??

Anonymous said...

Mee missed the matland authentic RM1.50 nasi lemak. Everytime go up matland will down at least 3 pkts in one go. Also the penang laksa. At least 2 bowls each time. Yum!!!

Virgo49 said...

Bro, Matland nasi lemak coconut rice with half full boiled egg, ikan bilis with ground nuts, cucumber and sandal.

RM1.50 @ $0.50cts. You think our hawkers will sell you five tee cts??

Not only you buy self service but see their faces as though we owe them a living.

Not Sinkie hawkers don't serve Sinkies. They only served Foreign Talents. Sorry, only half a day's
sold out. Sat/Sun/Mon off.

When the next five millions coming? ?

Hello, faster, we want to book our Sentosa Cove bungalow? ?

When they gonna Increase the basic necessities? They increased ten cents, we increase one dollar. Just blame the High rentals and everybody except us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, matland local food cheap & authentic flavour. Another favourite is their Roti Canai, usually will get 3 different flavours of the curry gravy. Cheap & nice. Sinkieland no fight. Matland Boleh!! Sinkieland sinking liao. Even the food also Tak Boleh Liao. CMI. Cannot make it.

Anonymous said...

Another favourite matland local food is their bakuteh. Some of the matland cities have some of the best in the world. Sin city bakuteh no fight. Did not eat bakuteh in sin city for several years le. After trying some of the best in matland, nvr want to eat sin city bakuteh again.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo,

Btw, can u tell us exactly where is the best bakuteh outlet in Melaka u mentioned before? Is it the one at Jln Melaka Raya where they served in claypot and have taopok and bean curd skin in the broth?

Anonymous said...

This above-mentioned is at Jln Melaka Raya 10 and the name is sthg like AhLeeBaba Bakuteh.

There is another one along same stretch but the exact street think is Jln Melaka Raya 4 called Mr Teochew Ah Hia Bakuteh?

Which one were u talking about previously?

Both near the Mahkota Medical Ctr vicinity ......

Virgo49 said...

The One you mentioned think is at the Coffee shop facing the what Budget Hotel, red signboard.

The one I mentioned is in the vicinity of Melaka Raya. Corner Old Prewar house where an empty land for cars parking. Next to the Magnum 4D outlet. Right, correct, after Mahkota Medical Centre, left filter lane and turn left next lane. Afterwhich, right turn straight to the end.

One middle aged lady. Tables placed outside. Night, they have Steam Boat. Opposite you can see the Condo Casa Lago.

In front, one uncompleted still building up sort of Mall.


Anonymous said...

Oh ha ha

Think is neither of the 2 above-mentioned earlier based on your description.

If not wrong, should be Lim Tean ......oops ...... Lim Kee Bakuteh.



Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Just kidding.

Should be the Mr Teochew Ah Hia Bakuteh shop but run by Sylvia ...... oops ..... a lady owner......


Anonymous said...

Besides the food which definitely give a damn good value, the ladies there also much more attractive and sexy. Especially when they speak in authentic matland accent, really send the blood rushing through every cell in the body ...... and they like to use the chn word "ji" means "very" such as "ji hao chi", "ji shuang" ...... phew ...... make a guy want to stay young forever ...... another reason to stay in matland as frequent as possible ...... best even uproot and stay there for good down the road ........there are so much to long for in matland ........ on the other hand, it has come to a stage where there is nothing to miss anymore in a cramped rat cage city and the ZaBor like to frolick in the pigsty some more with old ugly botak ....... low std and bad taste liao .....

Anonymous said...

With China firmly anchored behind Matland and coupled with its vast resources and hinterland, Matland is the place to be in the long term. May be worth to devote all the energy and efforts in the second half of one's half entirely in matland to contribute to their economy and build a long term home for future generations ...... no need to bother about siao ting tong mental masturbation anymore or insidious leg open big big pernicious prostituting policy that is bastardising many facets of society ......

Anonymous said...

And somemore now 1 to 3. Really worth considering to make a move while it is still at this rate and not when it is reversed, then too late liao .......

Anonymous said...

If in matland KL, for breakfast, the KL Chinatown Aung Juan Soon Chee ...... oops ...... Chee Cheong Fun is a good option. Beside the Aung Juan Soon Chee ..... oops ..... Chee Cheong Fun stall, the next door special curry laksa mix is hardly available elsewhere ....... Not curry or laksa alone but curry laksa. It tastes like a hybrid of curry & laksa flavour. The ingredients are unique. Chicken meat, thick bean curd skin, slightly stirred fried big chunky brinjal slice, the broth is superb. Good for mid-morning brunch and taste unique if go with a plate of no sauce plain Chee Cheong Fun from next door. Just dip the chee cheong fun inside the curry laksa broth and it brings out the unique blend of the soft silky smooth texture of the chee cheong fun and the flavourful hybrid curry laksa taste ..... and super cheap too. Both dishes total about SGD2.60. Can last for breakfast & lunch while spending the late morning to early evening strolling around Batu Cave or Putra Jaya enjoying the scenery and exercise at same time. Evening dinner time back again KL Chinatown for pui soh LLL Li Lian ...... oops ...... Kim Lian Kee hokkien noodles ...... one of the must try for dinner if in KL ...... especially the ZaBor ...............

Cheap, good & can be part of a nice half month getaway from the crowded, cramped like rat cage but farting expensive sin city. Viable option for some oldies to live a leisurely golden sunset strolling in various relaxing scenic spots for exercise rather than exercise under hot sun and humid heavily traffic polluted road side collecting card boards .......

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When China launched the OBOR project, its primary interests is China and only stupid people would believe otherwise. However, in the process, China could also engineer some countries to become centres of transportation, major transportation hubs that would spin off tremendous benefits to these countries. And these countries could see how much they could gain from being part of the projects. Some would gain more, some would gain less.

The biggest gainers would be the landlocked countries like Kazahkstan and its neighbours. The other big gainers would be Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar and the bankrupt Greece. Greece would be the new transportation and financial centre in southern Europe. Malaysia would replace Singapore as the transportation huh and if things goes well, the new financial centre of SE Asia. Singapore has played itself out of the game through its own shortsightedness and stupidity.

None of the countries joining the OBOR project would be in if they could not see any benefits in their participation.

Virgo49 said...

Bro, think I prefer Melaka more.
Centralized from there anywhere to all locations in Matland.

Melaka Sentral coaches ranges from 10 ringgit to KL ans 30 plus further North Penang etc.

Melakans more congenial like our Christopher Lee. JB and KL more like Sinkies with hearts like the PAPies and selfish Sinkies only care for oneself.

The hawkers don't demand payments until you finished your meals unless some really bustling hawkers centres where they collected first.

There they served you and most food palatable unlike Sinkies hawkers sell Shits also finished by half day as they are selling tothem 5 million slaves who are fighting for their food as through they scared run out.

Another nice location is Penang.
Like Melakans, they not do not seen the decedent lifestyles of Sinkies and still behaves like in the 90s.

Those who tasted SINKIEs lifestyles are usually turned into Monsters.

Most of you went to Melaka for the Makohta areas. Should try the other side near the Melaka Sentral towards Negri Sembilian.

There, mostly pre war houses and zinc hawkers centres with cheaper and much nicer food. Near old Fajar Complex. Now many new Hotels. Inside still farm lands with Malay Kampongs.

Air there breathe in morning and hear the cocks crowed without alarm clocks can extend your life for another ten years.

One screw becomes two screws left to coffins. Best, still have a flutter at the Genting Resort from Melaka.Just 1 and half hour

But don't follow the PRC China coach borrowed one million.

Just played Kendo, cheapest to pass time.


On the right side after Aeon and Tesco complex. Old

Anonymous said...

Rb 8.55am //Malaysia would replace Singapore as the transportation huh and if things goes well, the new financial centre of SE Asia.//

Mai tan liao .....

Faster establish a toe hold, then a foot hold, then leg hold, ......... then eventually a long term base in matland .......

And while the rate is in sinkies favour ...... it is not going to stay that way forever ....... especially when the annual throughput TEU in Klang & Pelepas combined in 2015 is roughly equivalent to the 30.6 million TEU that transited through PSA ......

When Melaka Gateway giant Port is completed in 2019, matland has good chance to become the king as a shipping and transportation hub in S E A, especially when the entire multi-billion Melaka Gateway project of shipping, logistics, industrial development & entertainment is completed by 2025 ......

Do YEW think by then the rate will still be 1 to 3 or 3 to 1 ......?

Anonymous said...

//Air there breathe in morning and hear the cocks crowed without alarm clocks can extend your life for another ten years.

One screw becomes two screws left to coffins. Best, still have a flutter at the Genting Resort from Melaka.Just 1 and half hour//

Sounds good ......

Makes sense .......

Btw, when reading about "1 screw become 2 screws" thought u were introducing sthg else in that rustic & relaxing part of Melaka till saw the word " ......." ..... ha ha ...... nonetheless those advantages alone are more than compelling enough to take up .....


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China is rewriting the rules of the game and charting the new Silk Roads and no one can stop it. Some countries are trying to chart their own Silk Roads. But they forgot the basics. You can built all the roads and ports you want, but remember, you need to have goods, cargoes to ply the roads/ports and also the ships and trains.

For the moment, all the goods are produced by the Factory of the World, ie China, and are heading out of China, carried by Chinese ships and trains. China decides which road/port to call. Period.

Also all the goods/cargoes from Europe and also raw materials and commodities are going to China. China used its own ships and trains to transport these stuff to China and therefore decides which road/port to use.

Get the picture?

Virgo49 said...

Previously, the Undertakers banged the nails into the coffins. Now modern, only screws.

We, oldies always disturbed each other, your age only left one screw to the coffin lah.

So, left two screws means you are younger. etc etc.

So stay in Melaka can prolong your life with cheaper cost of living plus environment.

Now don't go and have a head start to be Chief of Operations of Melaka Gateway then when LBW and LBW thinks that they had enough of SINKIE dollars and go back to their homelands, you gonna be hassled by them again.


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 9.48am //So, left two screws means you are younger. etc etc//

Mee understood it in your earlier post .....

As a "youngdie", at first was quite "excited" & thought u were introducing sthg else related to "1 screw become 2" until read the "c" letter word ...... am sure most guys are wired to think along those lines when young ..... ha ha ha

// .....when LBW and LBW thinks that they had enough of SINKIE dollars and go back to their homelands, you gonna be hassled by them again.//

Aiyo ......

Only the JLBs "ZZZZg" (& not aware) lah .....

Even many foreign students studying free or heavily subsidised in peesai already harbouring such thoughts and their conversion to citizenship especially the gals is to get into the uni lah ..... some already said they intend to go back India get married local style after they graduate even before they are matriculated in the uni ......

Only the JLBs thinking in "simplified" terms lah ..... in a complex real world ......

Imagine the JLBs cant even "fool" foreign teenagers how to beat private commercial sector veteran shipping lao jiao and not lose the entire armada of NOL despite billions of $$$$$ backing and backstopping ......?

It will not be surprising if most if not all the matlanders including the cow eventually freeloaded enough and Chaboat back to their homeland especially when the grass in sin city become chow tar and no more young green tender grass le .......?

Anonymous said...

Rb 9.38am //Get the picture?//

In early 2016, China through COSCO Shipping signed JV with PSA for 2 more terminal berths project ......

Then by late 2016, China inked with Najib for the multi-billion Melaka Gateway ......

Cosco throughput via PSA was 1 m TEU in 2015 ......

The JV would enable Cosco to pick up more expertise and when it is done, China can decide whether the 1 million + annual TEU stays in psa or shift to Matland ports .....?

Also what they learn can be applied to jumpstart Melaka Gateway project when operation by 2019 ......?

China is flooding the region with massive excessive supply in port facilities and services.

There is likely to be severe price competition and even "bloodbath" in port biz over the next 10 to 15 years .....

To "make it better", the JLB can "parachute another 3 or 4-star to run PSA", and by then "PSA can follow NOL footsteps le" ......?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... typo .....

Should be

" ..... when operational by 2019 ....."

Anonymous said...

//There, mostly pre war houses and zinc hawkers centres with cheaper and much nicer food. Near old Fajar Complex. Now many new Hotels. Inside still farm lands with Malay Kampongs.//

Virgo, are u referring to Kampung Bakar Batu district, which is towards the direction of Negri Sembilan. From Melaka Sentral, you will pass by Tm Rumpun Bahagia, then over the Melaka River into Bachang Biz Park area but before that a right turn where there are 3 kampungs? Besides Bakar Batu, also have Balai Panjang & Kampung Bachang Pasir Puteh?

At one part of Kampung Bakar Batu, there is a relatively prominent pink house with a solitary coconut tree just behind it and a few banana trees next to it?

Also there is an eatery selling satay & nasi lemak?

However, nearer to the main road AMJ the built-up areas in the district around the river area is quite colourful and the pre-war shophouses brightly painted with big pictures?

Anonymous said...

Virgo: //Air there breathe in morning and hear the cocks crowed without alarm clocks can extend your life for another ten years.//

Not bad.

The air inside Kampung Bachang Pasir Puteh like purified oxygen. Many small fresh produce farm plots there beside the houses

//One screw becomes two screws left to coffins. //

The walk around the kampung and farm areas not bad. Good exercise, wanted to find some cardboards to spread out on the grass patch to sit down but nvr see any around ........

If u miss civilisation, outside the kampung in the build-up area, there is a StarBuck .......

Good place to spend the whole day and try solve the flaws in some economic theories and models .......

Anonymous said...

Virgo 9.13am 1 Jun 2017:
//Should try the other side near the Melaka Sentral towards Negri Sembilian.//

There is also a Chinatown in this Kampung Bakar Batu district with many authentic chn food ...... correct?

Virgo49 said...

wah bro, you know the place so well..Must be in Intelligence Company and Rickey a.lot.

Kampong Bachang got one Melaka Yum Char Teahouse quarter the price of Singapore Yum Char.or Teochew Porridge. No need thrown tables and chairs when cofronted with Bill.
Further in got One Ton Nee.

Outside pre war house got nasi lemak and one beef soup and pork chop noodles shop. Last time facing SportsToto now fruits shop.
Opposite at night zinc roof hawker centre, myriads of authentic food.


Anonymous said...

@ Virgo4 9June 02, 2017 10:40 am
//wah bro, you know the place so well..Must be in Intelligence Company and Rickey a.lot.//

Ha ha ha ....... Peesai may have many "Pink Pathers" lah ....... but mostly "SPINELESS" and hope to "earn $$$ like $500 per comment" ...... mee despise "Pink Pathers" lah ...... ha ha ha

//Kampong Bachang got one Melaka Yum Char Teahouse quarter the price of Singapore Yum Char.or Teochew Porridge. No need thrown tables and chairs when cofronted with Bill.
Further in got One Ton Nee.//

Going by the rate prices have to be raised like "ROCKETS" & shooting through the roof into the sky and outer space towards far distant "STARS", many sooner or later may need "to rob a bank" to pay for even a miserable cup of "kopi" in a "sick city" lah.......ha ha ha .......

//Outside pre war house got nasi lemak and one beef soup and pork chop noodles shop. Last time facing SportsToto now fruits shop.
Opposite at night zinc roof hawker centre, myriads of authentic food. //

Tank YEW for "what's wrong collecting more sinful tears, blood, sweat $$$ ....." ...... oops ...salah ... for sharing the good and nice and cheap lombang where to go and the inside unkown place to eat, drink, etc ........

We may have sat opposite each other Yum Cha-ing previously without "recognising" each other .......

Hope our telephathy down the road ...... "connects" us through "destiny" (if it is meant to be) .......?


Anonymous said...

Oops ..... typo .....

Should be .....

* ..... our telepathy .....

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo,

Mee spends "a lot of time" like YEW on matland bcos it could be the (right) place to be (down the road &) even now lah ........ (when a sick island sank under its own weight (for punishing above its weight, its kingcumness and oso couldn't "cure" its stupidity cos wu yao ke jiu?) What for spend time in a place with no future, no hope, no light at the end of the LTD3 tunnel .....? Make sense?

Better spend time on a place like matland where the hope, the destiny, the pie, the port, the investment where Xi Da Ge is placing the dough & food where the mount is, rt ......?

Virgo49 said...

That's Yum Char previously at near the Accordion Hotel big coffee shop.

Now inside own Restaurant among the Bungalow and Terrace houses.

In Jalan Hang Tuah by Petonas Station and passed thru one Indian Temple.

Outside 7-11 got cheap budgets terrace house for rentals.Can chow Ser with girlfriends there very private and secret.

Our apartment inside. You want, I can rent part time for your Secret Renzendous. Become Turtle rental house.

Just outside the Toll to KL and JB is the upcoming Melaka Gateways. Najib is going to rejuvenate these parcels between Malacca and Negri from sleepy towns to bustling metropolis.

Now most Malacaans and Negri are not economily active with commercial activities.

Hence, the residents are still earning home trading and dead economy.

With Xi investments and connecting to KL and even the East coast, those Singapore skilled shipping community who dared venture there will be in great demand.

Staying in terrace or bungalow houses and driving Nissan Celifro and BMW.Why not??


Anonymous said...

It doesn't make sense at all. What "brown skin black heart" for a place outside cina with majority cina? Seems like it could be "bitter pork plan" ........ ha ha ha ha. The comment in mainland is peesai did well bcos they operate amongst some kongcum natives. How about cina in mainland now operating with and for kongcum natives? Would the kongcum get a better outcome than before? Or worst? Ha ha ha ....... Blood is thicker than water? Before, now and after? In Chinese warcraft, the best strategy is to conquer without using a single soldier? Without resorting to war, the enemy is subdued? This is the highest art of war? With yew. For yew. For matland.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 1.59pm //Our apartment inside. You want, I can rent part time for your Secret Renzendous. Become Turtle rental house. Just outside the Toll to KL and JB is the upcoming Melaka Gateways. Najib is going to rejuvenate these parcels between Malacca and Negri from sleepy towns to bustling metropolis.//

Some people ever said that the highest level of rendezvous is the meeting of "Economics, Politicians & Language" ......? In peesai, when Botak spins economics & language in his hands, under Botak-nomics, even "GST helps the poor" according to Botak-nomics lingua which makes even non papigs become botak after gazillion times of head scratching to understand the cheemalogy of botak-nomics that "gst helps the poor" ......?

Mind fren, mind dear fren uncle Virgo, rendezvous is highly "dangerous" if this meeting involves "Economics, Politicians and Language", as some had put it that way, dun pray pray ...... Najibnomics had evolved (since 2009) and now may be XiJibnomics in fusion in One Mind One Soul One BoLEE aka One Belt One Road One One Destiny (OBOROD) ...... Mind fren Virgo, such rendezvous needs permanence and not part time rental ....... Btw, if Melaka Gateway is located as u said "Just outside the Toll to KL and JB is the upcoming Melaka Gateways", the project could be a potential "DOA" ....... after the past few days, if anyboLEE needs someboLEE to confuse everyboLEE "in the battlefields (geographically)", yew should be among the top contenders ....... With Yew. For Yew. For EveryboLEE.

Lastly, regarding "turtle rental house" as yew mentioned, yew are unlikely to make profit$$$ out of it bcos one peesai island has long ago become one giant turtle in such trade and yew are unlikely to out compete them ...... in fact, there may be intention to add one more iconic monument in peesai ...... to "keep the (lonely & forlorn) mermaid" accompany (ever since a 3-star general lost her companion icon in his experimental war games using real $$$$$) ....... This poential "icon" could be situated at the mount of another iconic river in peesai ...... possibly the Gaellang River ....... Now what "icon" would be most "iconic" to reflect the "new status" ...... well ..... the answer could be in what u mentioned "Become Turtle rental house." .......? Possibly a "Giant Cast Iron Black Turtle" icon monument in the mount of Gaellang River ......? Btw, uncle virgo, do yew think they should also erect an icon in the next "boom town"?