Singaporeans beware when going overseas

I am reposting an email I just received that I think is important enough to be shared here.

Dear Family, I am forwarding this warning from another group, in view of the dubious teacher vacancies in Oman which was posted 2 days back.

Your humanitarian duty requires you to spread this video as widely as possible, it may contribute to the arrest of these perpetrators and the preservation of innocent lives. 'I have no stomach to view the video and so did not include it here. But the message is relevant and very important.'

Some counterfeit agencies from China, Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia have offices in several countries in Africa, Asia and others, such as Nigeria, Ghana and a number of other countries, and coordinate with networks around the world including Dubai, Egypt, Libya and Lebanon, and may also be present in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

These companies provide young people especially young women with various jobs (domestic work, nursery, guards and others) They also prepare travel documents, airline tickets abd all travel arrangements. But when they arrived, the life of the poor young man or woman turns into hell and the end of their lives at the hands of an international gang that brutally kills them to get and sell their internal organs.

The video was secretly recorded by some one and the video says it all.

The life you might save by posting this video may be close to you. Sorry I got no guts to watch the video and did not post it here. You can imagine what it would be like.

Spread the video please to as many people as you can, especially the third world countries. And this is particularly relevant here when Singaporeans are being asked to venture overseas. Their youth, innocence and naivety, not exposed to the dangers of the cruel world outside would make Singaporeans idea target for such heinous and wicked schemes. Singaporeans think the rest of the world are so safe just like Singapore and would never notice anything wrong until it is too late. Damn human traffickers and traders of human organs.

Note the method of striking and killing these poor people in the video. The criminals want the victims to be brain dead only while preserving their organs alive until the traders arrived.

On a personal note I could not watch beyond the body spasms of the teenager's, so I really cant tell how violent the whole video is. I was sick, trembling and in tears. (This part is from the originator of this post).

PS. Whether this is fake news or real, it is better to be safe than sorry. Please advise those young things thinking of adventure, hungry or desperate enough to want to get a job by hook or by crook anywhere. The world out there is full of dangers and wickedness. Beware, beware, beware. I just felt compel to repose this in my blog to get as many people informed as possible.


virgo49 said...

Mr RB, think should be conned by jobs overseas. Not travelling these places.

Anyway, which punks want to go to these countries.

Maybe our PAP elites cajoling young Singaporeans to go there and brave adventures in these countries.

Adventurous to donate or trade their organs.

Nearby Bang Cock alreday has these evil devils making beggars out of kidnapped children.

By breaking their limbs and arms.

See how religious some of these countries are.

Anonymous said...

Years of brain washing by main stream medium with "positive thinking", take it for granted, situation will always become better, beautiful rather than ugly. People has lost the ability of critical thinking, do not appreciate the jungle rule " survival of the fittest", not street smart. This is sadly why people can be easily conned to lost their life.

Anonymous said...

A years ago there was a movie on some human organ organization company cloning & rearing some people in an island. When these people ( whom they like similar to their customers) grow up, they wud be killed or slaughtered & their organs used as spare parts to these wealthy people r transplanted to them. Nobody in that island knew the world outside until one day one gentleman & a lady discovered it, to their horror, they quickly find an escape route out of the island. It's happening in Spore few years back when a wealthy man Tang trying to buy his organ thru' an agent, one doctor discovered it & reported the incident to the authority. Sporeans who wan overseas jobs better be careful, it's on the job search internet nowadays who promised migration, work or travel better think thrice else ur organ become stolen & it's too late...beware of wolves & tricksters..

Anonymous said...

Talked so much about the VIDEO. But no video, therefore, whoever the message spreader is slapping his/her own credibility. But such organs-trafficking networks do exist because the sick rich people are willing to pay for the organs in order to extend their lives. Minister Chan Chin Seng, telling Singapore citizens to venture to 383rd World countries to seek for jobs, must be reminded of the peak-falls of such ventures and adventures. He should be told to go Africa to become a Minister, instead of talking Cock like singing song song in SINGAPORE. Good leaders lead by example. Bad leaders make others as examples.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are 3 videos together with this message that I received. I have no stomach to open them so do not know which is which. That is why I did not post the video here. If you in whatsapp and want to view, just whatsapp me and I will forward to you.

Anonymous said...

Any idea or info about medical professional, hospital and clinic
are involved in the evil deeds?

Anonymous said...

/// Maybe our PAP elites cajoling young Singaporeans to go there and brave adventures in these countries. ///
May 04, 2017 9:47 pm

Maybe should also ask these PAP elites;
Anything go wrong overseas ... will our injured Singaporeans get any emergency air rescue (maybe with SIA's help) back to Singapore?
- if no help is going to be provided ... then please shut the fuck up.



Anonymous said...

Greed leads to evil deeds. Greed is everywhere, in everything.

The elites and super rich still wants more profits and money. Now everything we eat is not what it seems to be. And everything that they say is good for you may not be so. Think of flouride. Think of soft butter made from vegetable oil. And better think of the telfal coatings on pots and pans. They tell you is it completely harmless now. But they will tell you a different story after they have made their money.

Then there are genetically altered foods, animals and chickens fed with tons of hormones for rapid growth. Then there are seafoods contaiminated with nuclear radiation from nuclear waste drums thrown discreetly into the north sea that are now leaking radio active waste into the world's ocean. We have contaminated seafood. They tell you there is no such thing and everything is just fine. This is going to cause the extinction of humans in time to come.

And what about the greedy people who committed such acts? Do they think they can escape the same fate? They still have to eat. Do you think they can grow their own food, rear their own fowls, animals, fish etc? What about the foods grown in contaminated soil? Organic or not it will not matter anymore.

Karma is coming around. There is no escape.

Anonymous said...

Minister Ong Ye Kung: Only 30% of Singaporeans allowed to be degree holders, the rest go Poly ITE


Education Minister Ong Ye Kung made the revelation today (May 4th) at a forum discussion in Switzerland, and also said the policy is to prevent degree holders flooding the market like “some Asian countries”:

“In Singapore, this means capping the proportion of graduates in a cohort at about 30 to 40 per cent, while training the rest for vocations in various industries. This approach has ensured there was no glut of graduates in Singapore, and kept graduate unemployment low, unlike in some Asian countries.”

Anonymous said...

/// In the meantime, foreigners qualifying for Employment Pass (EP) will need to hold a minimum Bachelor Degree – even when the degree is from a village university in Philippines, China or India. EP visa holders are also guaranteed a Minimum Wage of S$3,600, while there is no Minimum Wage for Singaporeans.

There is also no labour market testing or skills shortage list, resulting in the devastation of the IT and engineering industry. Singapore employers often complain about shortage of talent and the government complains about “skills mismatch” – both entities collaborated to justify the increase in the intake of more foreign degree holders.

Foreign students are also given a minimum 20% quota guaranteed in local universities, although major local universities like NUS and NTU sees as much as 50% foreign students including Permanent Residents enrolled each year.

Foreign students are also excused stringent English tests and provided with free remedial English lessons, while Singaporean students have to score at least a B-grade in Cambridge A Levels General Papers. ///


virgo49 said...

Is this the best solution that we do not have oversupply of graduates that caused a glut in the market???

Have he heard of the phase: A happy problem?? In coping with big businesses with limited resources.

Instead of trying to have more graduates in our nation whereas others are struggling to raise money their educational level, we killed and stifle our future generations to be lesser qualified??

What morons would do this to its citizens??

And only their cronies or por lam pars got first choice to be selected in the 30%??

You never know the behind the scenes conspiracies.

The correct soultion is to channel the undergrads to the right courses or modules of thedemands of the industries.

Like GKS planning the demands of industries that need these expertise and pushing the undergrads to undertake these routes.

Holding talks and exhorting the young minds which are easily influenced to build their futures.
Those who insisted on doing their own choices are left to cope with the market's demands and live with their decisions. All ministries must worked hand in hand to jell the correct outcome.

Afterall, they are paying their shares in the fees.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.08am "3-yo" idealistic angkor "virgin69": //The correct soultion is to channel the undergrads to the right courses or modules of thedemands of the industries.//

Ha ha ha

Fat hope?

Now, even in mainstream run of the mill courses in the unis, they even roped in "PhD lecturers from 3rd world 1,000++ ranking s(i)m(i)s(ai) unis"?

Many undergrads dunno want to cry or laugh under such (horrendous/ atrocious) "teaching/mentorship"?

What more with new courses in new industries with future demand?

(Idealistic) Angkor Virgin69,

U see the pple in charge too up le?

Many undergrads oso dunno (the foreign lecturers) should not be at such (horrifying) standard and tot is the "norm"?

The eventual product churned out yew know what std lah?

They blamed skills mismatch, this and that but nvr those responsible and in charge for blardy lazy and nvr (bother) go to the ground to chk?

Even at JC level, many concepts in lecture notes outdated or obsolete le for many years but noboLEE vet the notes to ensure up to date or correct or not?

Current gen seems to be muddling through ......?

Every year get FAT CHEQUES & BONUSES AND periodical PROMOTION can le?

Many students go sch dunno what are being taught in lectures till tutors start from scratch teach from basic?

Such teachings in schs and unis oso acceptable?

Nowadays, even undergrads hiring tutors to get by?

Setup new courses in new industries with future demand?

Siao arh?

Many current old std courses already CANNOT organise and teach properly?


Virgo49 said...

What's new courses, the Industries demand??

Set those courses that are traditional tested industries for years and have the Undergrads take an interests in them.

Not gluts of those opting to be liars, instant business management oriented acumen.

Businessmen and women are born, not made. Born with killer instincts in knowing how to take advantage of their sixth sense in making deals.

Not by going thru the books. Like a hardcore calculated gambler who thru trials and experiences know what chances to take with their calculated instincts and sense.

When they have our first MRT system, did they have the foresight to set up an Academy or Institution to train the engineers and artisans in maintaining the system??

Let the foreign contractors built most of the System without having our locals in conjunction with the joint ventures in building and running the Systems.

At that time, billions dollars projects, most willing to have tutorship and training for our people if we demand it.

Only, a few hundred called skilled laborers as engaged by them to do some railway maintenance like laying and changing of slippers on tracks.

Now, KBW prompted the idea of Railway Academy and no news of it.

Train the locals to be professionals in the Unis and not channeled them to Polys and ITEs-
Its The End.

Why they must break this type of news when they are Overseas??

Why don't they follow the American way of journalists and others in their announcement of policies and let them query and debate on their policy???

Scared not able to answer and people said they are DUDS?? Anyway, which journalists in sinkieland and sinkies will dare ask Hard questions??

Boo Tau Boo Sua!!

Anonymous said...

There are too many dafts?

Especially parents with young kids?

Baby bonuses include free enrichment courses?

Many "pian chak pre-pri and pri educators" only target children below 13-yo?

They dun venture into teenage mkt bcos by then the kids (teenagers) are old enough to know (it is TOTAL) wasting (of their) time (attending such courses)?

Every time see parents "drag" their sleepy kids to enrichment classes during weekends can only face palm and pity the kids got such (dumbo &) ks parents?

Railway or what not Academy?

Since when real useful trainings that can create, innovate and produce world class products are ever setup?

Only wasteful (& useless) enrichment classes for under-aged (unwitting) kids get thru without parents attending those classes (& what torture, mental damage their kids suffering & undergoing "PhD" permanent head damage in childhood already?)

Btw, is it accidental the TPY hawker ctr saga main casts are pple in pri level enrichment/ tuition segment?

Can see the link or not?

Think deeper?

Many kids from what not enrichment classes since young go ask them real stuff or hard stuff (and) most likely many dunno what is going on?

So what is the conclusion?

Make Motherhood statement and tkss #1?

But in the end, outcome all distorted (& become chap cheng byproduct or rojak)?

Children up to JC level spent most of their awake time in schools but at the end many dunno what being taught in classes (& lectures)?

The time spend in schools wasteful or not?

What difference does it make then (for the students) to spend time in arcade or public library than in schools?

Probably they learn more & need not get brain damage?

If the time students spend in schools have been fruitful, why many parents are spending 20 to 50% of take home pay every month on their children private tuition when education is heavily subsidised (but NOT TRUE anymore [in reality])?

From empirical observations, other than the top 5 to 7% students who can (somehow) manage on their own (with or without private tuition), the rest of 93 to 95% of each cohort either fail or spend 20 to 50% of their parents take home income to get through?

So, education seriously messed up le?

Means those at bottom with no good enough brains or $ votes in their parents pockets are most probably forsaken by the roadside their entire life the moment they come into this world ..... oops should be into a Sin City?



Or observe again?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 //Now, KBW prompted the idea of Railway Academy and no news of it.//

Kbh may need to work harder in case his "CHEESE" kena stolen?

Talking abt karma, it is a bitch?

GLOBALISATION "is to bend the backside, grease up & let the (decadent) rich, investors, fat cats, MNCs etc screw the masses and juice them like sugar cane &/ or oranges & discard them after that into rubbish bins, forgotten & nvr to be seen/ heard again"?

Anonymous said...

@ May 05, 2017 4:29 pm

First 10 years of MRT operation.
There was no problem.
There was no Rail Academy.

How can the "Rail Academy" be the solution?

Do you think the "Rail Academy" is a magic carpet ... they sweep all the problems under that carpet ... and all the MRT problems disappear by magic ???

Anonymous said...

4.36pm //First 10 years of MRT operation.
There was no problem.
There was no Rail Academy.//

First 10 years of life,
There was no sickness,
There was no (need to go) hospital

So after lao kok kok already, oso no need lor?

Do yew think "hospital" //is a magic carpet ...... they sweep all// your ailments //under that carpet .... and all the// old age // problems disappear by magic ???///


Seems like (it is) not only the 70-yo oldie in the mrt incident got (mental) problem?

Anonymous said...

Seems like some "a-LEE-ma-ma" (is) out to steal the "CHEESE" from the "COW"?

Though the milk is still in his "TEK TEK"?

And not even "processed" yet in 2017?

Wither the "COW" (.... ..... 2018?

"A-LEE-ma ma" sesame ...... million $$$$$ CHEESE ..... cum cum cum?

Anonymous said...

Financial interns paid more than 3 times above engineering interns

@ May 05, 2017 4:36 pm

You think Rail Academy can solve the problem meh?
Salary how much ah?

Anonymous said...

@ Mis-direction argument @ May 05, 2017 4:55 pm

Hospital and human beans
NOT the same as
Rail Academy and MRT trains.
Don't try to change the subject.

Anonymous said...

SBS Transit unable to find out cause behind train disruption


//// On Wednesday, SBS Transit blamed the signaling system and a day later, signal system company, Siemens, hit back after an investigation confirmed their system was not at fault.
SBS Transit embarrassingly retracted their earlier statement and told the media that there was indeed no signal fault. ///

Anonymous said...

(Inside) IMH (the) patients can use hp meh (to blog)?

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 5.06

When they have Rail Maintenance contract as done by an UK/Australian Company in the initial period, my spouse was with them as their Secretary.

Only their engineers were here. The Rest they get the local guys to be the Labour forces. Paying them the rates as what the Australian labourers were paid in their country.

They were doing their nightly midnight to dusk maintenance of repairing, mending and changing of worn out tracks and sleepers.

No such breakdowns as frequently happen as today.

The MRT started their own Maintance with their own labourers after the contract is over.
Many of their ex-employess were readily absorbed by other rail builders in the new projects as they are deemed to be "experience " workers after their years of working with this Company.

The MRT own staff are unable to do the same as what they been doing and they cam back for a second term.

They was given a site office at Bishan Depot.The main reasons why they are unable to cope is that the wages of their workers are far below what the Foreign Contractors paid them.

Not much expertise were transferred to their workforce. The Labourers or their Maintance staff practically idled and slept at the Depot everyday with the trains in for servicing.

They had stinged the wages of their Maintance workers whilst the higher ups draw big salaries.

You must also heard of the break ins at their Depot. They stinged also on their Maintance schedules and expenses.

That's the main reasons for their frequent breakdowns.

Even simple safety procedures not adhered to after so many years in operations causing the DEATH of their employees.

They must pay reasonable wages for these types of hard labour and have their people undergo proper Maintance training under the MRT builders.

Bigger budgets for Maintance. Know only how to pay their higher ups fat salaries whilst the lower downs have low morale.

The Top only knows how to enrich themselves and pray that the systems run smooth.

Logistics equipment and even a car needs proper Maintenance with wear and tear. Once start having problems, they will start recurring often if not repairs or Maintance properly.

The Lay Time and expenses can cripple you.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 7.30pm //Know only how to pay their higher ups fat salaries whilst the lower downs have low morale.//


Yew mean since LO(OOOOOO)NG ago already "stealing" workers' "CHEESE" but use "GLOBALISATION" as bogeyman and tai chi all the blame when as usual, it is "Own pple steal own pple CHEESE"?

"Freudian slip"?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 7.30pm //They had stinged the wages of their Maintance workers whilst the higher ups draw big salaries.//

Thats why this is a Sin City aka LEG OPEN BIG BIG CHEESE BYE cuntry?

Anytime, higher up come steal (the) CHEESE (bye) belonging to the workers?

No wonder someboLEE even has the AUDACITY to publicly talk abt "STEALING CHEESE"?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 7.30pm //Bigger budgets for Maintance. Know only how to pay their higher ups fat salaries whilst the lower downs have low morale.//

Of course lower down low morale?

Cheese (bye) kena stolen still happy?

Otherwise, 2016 why need Aung Juan Soon Chee participate in Mt Buttock CHEE By-erection?

Anonymous said...

Now miao miao out of bag?

Habitually need to steal CHEESE (to eat)?

Turn it into a CHEESE BYE cuntry stealing other pple's CHEESE?

Now "COW" nid hide his "TEK TEK" like crazy cos someboLEE after his "CHEESE"?

Or rather milk in his "TEK TEK"?

Havent processed into CHEESE susu oso can?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //Singaporeans beware when going overseas ......//

Aiyo, here verLEE safe meh?

Ask wendy lah?

Her "organ" ...... oops CHEESE also kena "stolen" by one verLEE verLEE ugly botak?

Anonymous said...

Lao hero //Singaporeans think the rest of the world are so safe just like Singapore and would never notice anything wrong until it is too late. Damn human traffickers and traders of human organs.//

Sin city no trading of organs?

Not even for "short time or lo(ooooo)ng time"?

The pussies (for rent) in geylang not organs?

Trade according to dictionary means doing some form of transaction?

Meaning in geylang effectively they are trading pussies for short time or lo(ooooo)ng time in exchange for $$$?

How many pussies traders came in voluntarily?

No sex traffickers forced them come in one way or another?

Sleeping with 20 to 30 strangers and foreign labourers "supplying their cheese" for short or lo(ooooo)ng time day in day out is not a dangerous job?

Anonymous said...

Old angel //These companies provide young people especially young women with various jobs (domestic work, nursery, guards and others) They also prepare travel documents, airline tickets abd all travel arrangements//

No prostitute being forced into sex trade in sin city?

No prostitute ever died in geylang?

Sin city very holy and no prostitute ever suffered in the city of (astronomical) sins?

virgo49 said...

Back at 9 plus walking my dog and had a fine time letting go steam to the Grassrots stooges walking around blocks with two T-shirted SPF swaggering men.

Told then don't wayang. When need you, your people hide. Now at this time, you swaggered round the blocks. Told them to remove their CCCTV which made them more lazy.

One Kitaro long haired RC ah quay told me rudely to mind my language. Told them the estate worst than Geylang where the pinoy call girls made so much nuisancenoises when they returned piss drunk in the wee hours of nights every nights.

What you're Grassrots been doing?? The RC members scurried away knowing that this is what been happening every nights and the apathetic residents fully castrated bear with this nonsense.

The Malay SPF guy answered that there are limitations that they can do. Are there any robberies, murders in the neighbourhood?

I said there's a stabbing case of a love struck idiot who fought with another over a pinoy call girl. So you are waiting for murders and robberies before you heed our complaints. ??

You have no limitations in going after a fourteen year old boy when some immature girl simpky shouted molest.

Who said sinkieland got no organ selling and vices??

He got the cheek to say we would not want to be trouble by these trivial nuisances just be watching the CCCTV cameras and sat on their fat arses.

Pui chiak liao bee

Anonymous said...

Training lah, everything is training lah. More training, more training, go for more training then all problems solved. No job, go training lah. Go training to go steal other people's job lah.

Singaporeans trained from 3 years old, some even trained while in the mummy's stomach until lau kok kok still must go for more training.

Third world foreigners no need training all got good skills and job experience and good degrees to be better than Singaporeans and can replace Singaporeans. No need training anymore.