Sabah Masters Athletics 2017 and building bridges

Some pictures taken at the Sabah Masters Athletics Open Competition. The Singapore Masters Association and Singapore Masters Track and Field Association sent a combined contingent of athletics to this friendly annual meet. Top pic, some athletics before departure from Changi. Bottom pic, prize presentation for 100m 65-69 Age Group.

Our team enjoyed participating in this Meet for several years and has made and developed many friends along the way. The athletes from Indonesia, Brunei and India and several others were also there. The hospitality and easy camaraderie between the athletes and also the harmonious racial relationship in Sabah permeate the whole Likas Stadium as well as the Streets of Kota Kinabalu. The prize presentation picture tells a lot about the good people relation in Sabah if you look carefully. This is reminicence of the golden days of colonial era and pre Malaysia days when the various people just live together as one people despite their differences without any trace of enmity. The way the people blend and mix together, play together, are something that is quite different from the superficiality of West Malaysia when harmonious relations is skin deep and artificial, contrived and uncomfortable at best.

Sabah has retained the kind of genuine and unadulterated inter racial harmony that Malaysia and Singapore used to share before politics and the politicising of everything under the sky become the norm and painful thing to bear with today.

Sabah is a good example of living in peaceful coexistence without politics and religion being played up at the whims and fancy of politicians and forcing the people to live under a cloud of fear and suspicion. May the Sabahans continue to live happily together forever.


Anonymous said...

This is the kind of espirit de corps that r missing here in Sinkingland red dot. Thank you Uncle Redbean for showing us these. A kind of Team Spirit that is also missing in SinkingLand after foreigners sports take over the sporting scene. Can't find that king of Kallang Roar & Sing wave in local football scenes, it's a shame to our local sporting scenes & team spirit only be damaged by the political masters ...

Anonymous said...

I hope all of you have taken precaution to get first aid group to be on standby as many oldies participating in extreme sports. Even those of us who engage in Kuda riding, we always make sure that one of the members presence has first aid experience especially on heart Attack metter. It's better to be careful.

John Tan
Singapore Kuda Riding Club
Vice Chairman
Asia Pacific Kuda Riding Club
Global Kuda Riding Club
Past President
Singapore Karaoke Club

patriot said...

Kudos to the Sin Pioneer Generation
Representatives for
being the Friendship Ambassadors.
lf only You Guys
are able to ink
a pack for free
free settlement
in both places.
lt shall then attract those Sabahans who envy
Sin to settle in Sin.
Sinkies who want a
slower pace of living and lower cost of living can
also migrate over to Sabah. lt shall
be a win win arrangement.

Unfortunately, Sabah is part of Malaysia and hence
not autonomous to
make any pack with
any party by itself.
As for the Multi Racial and Multi Religious Harmony,
the Angmo Masters,
especially the British, they are far better in managing the Harmony. That is why one Malaysian
Parliamentarian keeps saying he misses the Good Old
Colonial Days.
I, a Chinese Singaporean, have the Same Feeling.

After Malaysia and Sin got their Independences, racial harmony gets
jeopardize and is becoming more pronounce and obvious.
PAP now even reserves the Sin
Presidency for minority race instead of opening
it to the Best Qualified and or the Preference and Choice of the Citizens.

lt is sad that the Local Rulers fail very badly at maintaining the Good Performance of
the Alien Rulers.

Great Disappointment.


patriot said...

My apology.

'pronounce' in my
above comment
to be corrected to


Virgo49 said...

Patriot, first step stay in W.Malaysia.

Then second step shift to Sabah.

Same time can withdraw all your CPF MONIES all in full.

In the case, they punt all the balance reserves on UBS again.

Later, sourjourn between East and West Malaysia freely without doing thru the SINKIE six hours jams in just clearing a bus load of passengers.

Only the Ministers and their Grassrots members got Priority clearances.

patriot said...

Elder Virgo49;

thank You very much for your suggestion.
Will find a place to live for the Remaining Time.
to get citizenship
in foreign lands is
not that easy, especially for oldies.

Chances of getting all the CPF Money will be more difficult.
Anyway, there is very little left in my CPF.

It is just that l prefer village living. Me born and lived in village for two decades before been resettled. To date
me am not use to living in highrise building.

The Sin Culture is also something me am getting more unuse to as time progresses.

The Heat and Humidity are also severely affecting my health.
I am longing for a cool place.


Seeker of Better Living said...

Sabah or Sarawak, both are excellent places to spend your retirement years.

Sinkieland is getting more and more congested with all sorts of foreign scavengers, exploiters, con-men, con-women, prostitutes, prostituting professionals, fake degree holders, uncouth and unsavoury personalities and Get-Rich-Quick, Half-Baked, Talk-Cock Like Sing-Song, Pseudo Politicians.

Cost of living, artificially deliberately and exhorbitantly Jack Up by the Ruthlessness and Callousness of Heartless Brainy Self-Serving and Self-Enriching Bananas in Power.

The Old and Ages are looked down upon, disrespected, disregarded and dispised and intended to be disposed to nursing homes in Johore and Batam.

Health-Care costs are escalating like nobody's business. Hospital waiting time is now 6 hours or more for Emergency Cases. Polyclinic waiting time is even worse. Hospital beds have become a rare commodity only for those who are rich and powerful.

Housing is getting more and more unaffordable even for the middle income group.

Transportation to and from work has become a regular daily madness without respite.

Human relationship has become more of a cursory passing inconvenience than real friendship and comaraderie.

The present leaders are more interested in fattening their own bank and CPF accounts and rice bowls than really taking care of the country and people. The people, whether foreigners or locals, are being treated as economic digits to serve the growth of the GDP at all costs.

The whole island is being turned into a surveillance cameras monitored Police State cunningly projected as a Intelligent City.

So, the conclusion is clear. Make and save as much money as you can. Then move to Malaysia or other cheaper countries to enjoy your Golden Years. Sinkie Land is not conducive for the majority to retire comfortably and happily!


Virgo49 said...

Hi Seeker of better living.

Well said, nothing I can add to add.

You sum it all in one posting.

Patriot, now not so sure of their Silver Hair PRs scheme.

Previously, they been encouraging those with some means able to support themselves to stay in their country.

Now with vast investments from China and maybe with the more wealthy Chinese, they not so warm to the Sinkies.

At one time in Penang, booked a MPV.car with their driver at a hotel for day's tour.

Casual conservation about the Silver Hair Scheme. He even volunteers to drive me there to get the application forms.

Even encouraging me to stay in Penang.

Patriot, not necessary have their citizenship, PR with long term stay good enough.

Even so granted thirty days stays. Back just for renewing the extension of stay and then go back. Only more inconvenient for those further north.

Melaka to Sin just three hours..Choose off peak days and come and sneer at the pathetic plight of your Sinkies bros and sis who are still swimming or treading in hit water.

Malaysia, so many quiet places can live incognito.

Only once a while,.we have the Sinkies loud mouths and boaster cocks in our.midst in eating places or shopping malls boasting their so called higher standard of hell living.

In fact, they are the pathetic ones who does not know what is Real living with such vast land and sceneries with more congenial people.

Lastly, one to three. That is our currency.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our medal tally, 10 Gold 6 Silver and 2 Bronze. I contributed one bronze.

We have a good dinner last night. 2 plates of crabs, a plate of king prawns, chicken, lala soup, a plate of clam, vegetable, a plate of chicken and a 1.5kg grouper plus a bottle of red and white wine etc. All in RM700 for 10 pax.

Will be back tonight and preparing for Asian masters in Sep in China. Oh, we pay every cent for competing in this Meet and would be the same for the Asian masters.

patriot said...

Good Morning Virgo49
and All.

Here is the Rub;
Pr Status of Sinkies in other countries does NOT QUALIFIES ONE TO WITHDRAW ALL THEIR CPF MONIES.

Anyway, expenses in Malaysia and many Asean Countries are much cheaper than Sin.

l do go into Johore frequently with a friend who bought a 250 sq metre freehold semi-detached bungalow for about Sgd140k few years back at Austin Estate.
lt is now said to fetch about

Despite the High Volume Patronage of Sinkies at Jb, things are much cheaper.
From car, petrol to utilities,
most items are cheaper by at least 20% with most averaging at 50% and more.
For utilities, it is many times cheaper.
Road Tax is many times cheaper too with no COE and age limit on vehicles.
Motorcycles are about one to two tenth of the Price in Sin if COE is factored in.

All in all, it is indeed much cheaper in most Asean Countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam etc.

l had my teeth done in Vietnam at less than half the Cost in Sin.

Fellow Sinkies, especially the Younger Generations may like to go around the Region to seek for better living.

Meet a Sinkie Lady who bought a trolley load of
dried cuttle fish.
She told me that it was about 2/3 cheaper. As said item is expensive in Sin, she bought more to share with others.

Due to accidental keying, this comment is disjointed.
Do pardon me.


Virgo49 said...

Congrats, Mr RB.

Hope you enjoy your stay there.

My girl loved Mount Kinabaulu and be having her third climb with her friends up next month.

Do try the beach sea food long stretch at KK.

Cheep and good.


b said...

Race and religion are talk to feed some political agenda and to cover politicians incompetence and lack of integrity.