Petition to the Govt on the Elected President Election

Here is the link to the petition. https://www.change.org/p/in-support-of-an-open-singapore-presidential-election-2017
Lim Tean, Secretary General of NSP, Tan Kin Lian, Goh Meng Seng and Syafarin Sarif have started this petition to the Govt stating that the next EP election should be in 2023 and not in 2017.  The issue is how the 5 terms were counted, the govt starts counting from Wee Kim Wee but the petition and Tan Cheng Bock’s constitutional challenge disagrees with this, that it should start counting from Ong Teng Cheong as the first Elected President.
500 people have signed the petition and still counting meaning they don’t agree with the govt’s methodology or tracing it further back, they don’t agree with the AG office’s recommendation.


Virgo49 said...

Wah,sure there be lots of clowns clowning on Kim Team,GMS and etc.

They be criticising them on the social media.

These are the Dafts who just wants to critize the Members who at least have the hearts for the people.

They will then criticize you when you defended them branding then you also join them lah.

Stand for elections lah. What you can do lah. DONT KPKB lag.

They just wants to taunt for the sake of tauntings.

But they never knew that without these people, the PAPies will not even take notice of their KPKB and same time gave them some sugars.

Be signing the petition. Least you can do.

Anonymous said...

In the first place, since this change to the Elected Presidency is new and controversial, the following should have been done:

1. A Referendum should be held to seek 75 percent of Citizens Consent.

2. Implementation of such a drastic change should not be made Retroactive.

3. The Attorney General should never have been allowed to interpret the Constitution in behalf of All Singaporeans. He is not an elected official. Neither does he represents All Singaporeans. His expertise is limited and he is subject to occupational and professional biases. Moreover, he is only a One Man Show. There are other more experienced, more senior and more professional experts in Constitutional Laws than him.
4. The Prime Minister, being also the Secretary-General of the PAP, should not be the prime mover of this drastic and sudden change, because irrespective of how good his integrity truly is, the Public has the right to question his motive. He should not even have been so involved at all. He should show to the Public that he is above board in unquestionably.
5. There is a very strong direct link to the deliberate deprivation and obstruction of some past and potential Presidential Candidates, especially Dr Tan Cheng Bok, Mr Kim Kim Loan and Mr Tan Her Say, from contesting in the Coming Presidential Election this year.

Anonymous said...

They have all the time and opportunities to appoint a Malay President under both systems but chose not to. They created this problem and now came out with another so called solution that is going to be a bigger problem.

Race must not be enshrined in the Constitution. Period.

Anonymous said...

With the petition, you think the govt will make changes to the EP?

No way! No way! Waste of time lah!

Too late to do anything now! The question is why now? Why now?

Now only 500 signatures! Not many! Not many! Anyway, within my expectations.

Many are aware of the EP issues.

But everyone is so very busy trying to 3Ms just to survive on this very very expensive tiny rock, where got time to follow-up.

Suppose that is the main reason why by now only 500 signatures. Not surprising!

This is Singapore. Singapore is like that. Kpkb n kpkb n kpkb but when come to voting......PAP!

Just look at last GE, a massive 70% OK-ed! Projected 80% at next GE.

If you have "free" time to spare, please please please.............


Anonymous said...

8.54am. I hear you but what can you do about it?

Anonymous said...

Singapore should not be a [one man show] country. It should be run by Singaporeans being the Master of this island..

patriot said...

500+ signed the Petition and the Rest of the Citizenry are nonchalant about it.
What are the Possible Reasons for the People to
stay away from supporting the Petition?

How many here at My Singapore News are participating in the Petition?


Anonymous said...

Singapore should not be a [one man show] country. It should be run by Singaporeans being the Master of this island..

May 17, 2017 10:34 am
True.Not true

Pray for rain some more

Anonymous said...

Off topic

Employment Pass Scams in USA (What about Singapore?)
The federal H-1B program is intended to allow foreign workers into the US to do high-skill jobs for which employers can’t find qualified domestic workers.
In reality, it’s a way for US employers to lower their labor costs, ignoring the large pool of fully qualified (but more expensive) US workers in favor of cheap foreign labor. .....

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Only 14.67% of engineers are employable for IT Services company, while a worryingly low percentage of 2.47% are observed to be employable in IT Product company.

Amazingly, just 2.21% of candidates are able to write functionally and logically correct code.

This is the labor pool from which we’re pulling the majority of overseas workers, who our US staff supposedly cannot compete with.

If you want to learn more about how we’re being played by the H1b program, see this recent 60 Minutes story, or spend some time on the Protect US Workers site. It’s an outrage, and it needs to be stopped.


Anonymous said...

I think the government needs to do more explanation to convince Singaporeans on why their decision to elect a Malay President this year is correct. The way it is done, there is a feeling that the whole thing is just push through without logic. The AG's advice and so on are not convincing and the lack of debate on this matter is making the matter worse.

If there is nothing to hide, it would be honorable for them to discuss the issue in the open. After all, an elected President is so important that we should not let it rest without fully understanding the reasons.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 11.17am,

What can you do now? You tell me lah!

70% already voted "YES"!

This is it! Deserved it. Deserved it.

What do you want to do now?

Don't waste time lah!!!

Anonymous said...

Correction to Para 5 at 8:54 am above. Should read as:

5. There is a very strong and direct link to an intended, deliberate deprivation and obstruction of Justice, to prevent some past and potential Presidential Candidates, especially Dr Tan Cheng Bok, Mr Lim Kin Lian and Mr Tan Jee Say, from contesting in the Coming Presidential Election this year, for one obvious reason.

(Sorry. My phone auto-correct the names from Right to Wrong Spelling. This is the problem with Robotics, similar to Sinkies' brains.)

Anonymous said...

Don't waste time lah!!!
May 17, 2017 11:31 am

So why are you still here?
Now run along like a good little PAPaya lapdog that you are.

Anonymous said...

Monkey Gods everywhere giving the world a major nuclear headache and here we have one who suggests you need another monkey god to give legitimacy to monkey business and what do smart sinkies do?

Yes pls, however we want to be sovereign to elect another motherfucker, as per your wish, monkey god.

Mental got sickness ah?

Anonymous said...

Do you think this Elected Presidency (minority race edition) is another good example of political bankruptcy?

Singapore has a multitude of problems facing us.
A population of foreigners that outnumber Singaporeans.
Leeders who can't find their own arse holes in the toilet ... much less a way out of this mess.

And now we create a new and unnecessary problem with this Elected Presidency (minority race edition).

Anonymous said...

Mother fucker of regime choice or some vocal people choice?

The latter maybe more righteous( relatively) but former has the expertise to skin any pig alive.

Close your eyes, raise your hands, babble in tongues and surrender.....I surrender...I surrender....I want to know you more....

Anonymous said...

500 disagree but 3.5M agree or don't care. You tell me larr, how harr?!?! PAPpy will tell you shut up & go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

But Amos already fuck yew big time, losers,except that the money gods, and money worshippers, are on yew side

patriot said...

500+ signed the Petition and the Rest of the Citizenry are nonchalant about it.
What are the Possible Reasons for the People to
stay away from supporting the Petition?

How many here at My Singapore News are participating in the Petition?


Anonymous said...

Steal each others lunches and become lawless, hypocrites?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1205pm, you are very smart

you said that "500 disagree but 3.5M agree or don't care"


many many just don't care! many many just don't care

this is sg, sg is like that

anyway, please do not feel sad about this, more to come

Anonymous said...

Stupid sinkies. Go upgrade your monkey brain!

Virgo49 said...

Sometimes wonder why these people like LT,Jeya,TCB,TKL,TJS chose to be at loggerheads with the Pay And Pay.

They knew Sinkies too.well. 70%.already designed or resigned their fates to the Pay And Pay.

Even, the HC with their new QC were to allow the appointment of a Malay President in 2025, the strongest candidate to contest against their nominated candidate will face great odds against the PAP machineries of their already assigned civil services.

Most already behaved like the second echelon of PAP masters.

They have like the Monkey King with more than 36 tricks on their sleeves to place more rulings.and obstacles in the way of any candidate who contest against them.

So, better make more MONIES for yourselves and made survival routes to save yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Yew got money, yew get to fuck legally. Guess who got more money than yew, who would be happy to teach yew what it means to be properly fucked into submission?

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!


Mental masturbate some more lah.
Serves you right.

Anonymous said...

Looks like RB censoring.

Good luck

Time to leave you guys to your wonderful Sin :)

Anonymous said...

JOin me to welcome our next EP........

"YAm-seNG"! "yaM-SEng"! "Yam Seng"!

Singapore "Yam Seng"!

Anonymous said...

It a waste pap din go into weight loosing buisness

Cos pap consultant makes peple don feel like eating.

Anonymous said...

can anyone teach me how to say/write "yam seng" in our national language, thanks.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please write things that are meaningful and don't waste people's time reading totally irrelevant stuff. I will delete them to keep the blog decent and tidy.

Anonymous said...

PAP MPs will be very uncomfortable if their ex-colleague MP Tan Cheng Bock is elected President, so they will try all means to prevent him from being Singapore President. Hence this petition to the PAP government for an open Presidential election is surely a waste of time and effort.

patriot said...


The Sin President is just a window dressing. lt is not even a puppet, at best a scarecrow.
But, a well adorn
scarecrow with fantastic award; that is the Reason why some die die want to fight for the Post.

Sinkies love rewards and prestige.


Virgo49 said...

See recent events in Singapore.

Fire at Terminal Two.

Fire at Punggol.

Fire at Jurong

Now water sprinklers auto gies off at MCE.

Systems down at Woodlands and Tuas.

Was at Tuas Tuesday to my favourite haunt and out of ten kiosks, at least five cannot opened doors Even though you pressed all thumb strength at finger print marker.

This happening daily as sojourn at least twice a month passing there.

The immigration jokers still can tell you off. Was told to divert to the stamping counters and lined up behind an old aunty after kiosk screwed up. The kwa lan IO shouted why I jump queue.
I said where jump queue, I just lined up after her. At my turn, he purposely kept grumbling and I told him please lag, tell your higher ups change the kiosks.

Been giving problems to everybody. He told me why don't I lined up for stamping instead of using the kiosks.

I said you crazy to ask me to line up for manual checks as you jokers take six hours to clear a crowd of just two to three hundred. Even scared of own shadows. You just make travellers lives miserable and yap on what security. Learn from the Malaysians. Scan breakdowns even
released travellers without checking.

Airport small fire and poor users got to stranded for hours as they exclaimed terrorists, terrorist and the security analysts praised theme for their efficiency.

What a joke. These must be karma on Sinkieland shores.

Anonymous said...

Time to learn sleep" under bed" now days.

Anonymous said...

/// The Sin President is just a window dressing. lt is not even a puppet, at best a scarecrow.///
May 17, 2017 9:21 pm

Scarecrow or road block?

Anonymous said...

Waste of time or not, I have signed the petition just to register a point and to be counted. Count On Me, SINKapore!

Anonymous said...

The EP may be an important issue going forward ......

But, but ...... on the ground there are "many little issues popping up" that could directly (and even immediately) impact sinkies .......?

Cannot every meal all on meat or carbo alone, right but a good balance ......?

Are there enough attention and resources diverted to issues on the ground (that could even mean life and death)?

For example, lately for about every 2 uber drivers there is a "foreigner" driver?

Are they new citizens, PRs, work permit, Special Pass or EP holders?

Or even just dependent or long visit pass holders?

Are our famiLEEs, wives, kids, relatives, frens, neighbours, bros and sisters etc safe taking such ride?

Especially at nite?

And also on "pirate taxi" sharing basis and such ride-hailing drivers suddenly detour off route to pick up another sharing passenger(s) and then 1 or 2 foreign-looking burly big (sometimes heavily tatooed smelling of heavy alcohol) guy(s) get into the car in the dark of the night along some unknown lanes/ streets?

Genuine passengers (or "compatriots")?

AnyboLEE or noboLEE bothered about such issues but all attention on the "BIG ISSUES"?

Until someboLEE died like Benjamin or people get killed on some roads then put in the safety measures?

As usual?

Always chasing behind the curve, running behind problems than intercepting them in front?

But always talk big and day dreaming that (they are) very far sighted (and think long term when they can't or refuse or pretend not to see the problem under their nose tips)?

Or the masses problems are too small problems for them?

Wait for sthg to happen then go through motion?

Million dollar$$$ "TALENTS"?

Omg ......?

(How many [gazillion] face PALMS? Yew decide?)

Anonymous said...

You got the point. The car sharing scheme advert showed pretty girls and pretty men meeting inside the cars. In reality, the pretty girls may be meeting beastly men waiting to jump on them. And who knows, they are accomplice of the drivers and kena gang rape.

Singaporeans are mentally sick, thinking everything is so beautiful no ugliness.