Lim Tean – NSP Secretary General quits in less than 2 years

When Lim Tean came on as NSP’s secretary general, there were many questions asked by those in the known, who was Lim Tean, where was he coming from. The story behind NSP’s changing of Sec Gen is like changing clothing daily and would Lim Tean be different? Many thought, well, another one of those things. I will be more surprised if Lim Tean last longer than 2 years. If he does, I will close my book on him.

After appearing in the last GE, Lim Tean came through as a very promising opposition leader, articulate, confident and spoke sense. He did not come across as another of those things, you know what I mean. Many regarded him as a good catch by NSP or any political party. I see him very likely to be a white swan in a pond of black swans. My question is whether he is just another black swan or a genuine white swan.

Lim Tean’s sin was to speak out on major issues like the EP and the 30% water fee hike, things that respectable politicians should be talking about. Any politician that shunned such topics should join the ruling party, keep their mouths shut and happily collecting the MP allowance of neary $200k per annum.  Lim Tean went one step further, to speak at the Speaker’s Corner on the same sensitive and taboo subjects. Many must be shocked of what Lim Tean did.  I too and knew that his days were numbered if he is a white swan.

Now the white swan has found that black swans are not comfortable with white swans and either he behaves like black swans or leave to find company with other white swans.

Any decent opposition party wants to open their arms to this man Lim Tean? It takes a lot of guts and bravado to welcome someone that has very good leadership potential into their wings. Lim Tean is one of the better politicians thrown out by this stale, staid and barren political landscape.  Who is going to offer him an olive branch and throw him a welcoming party? Any big man out there to take this man of substance to fight another day or thinking that Lim Tean is too good for him and would threaten his own position as leader of a political party?

This is the umpteen times that the people are expecting the alternative political parties to get their act together, put aside personal ego and ambition, to bring together the few good men and women to put up a reasonable team to challenge the ruling party. Or would they continue to muck around thinking that they have all the time in the world to stay as has been minnow political parties that would stage a pretentious fight in every GE only to prove beyond any doubt that they are perpetual losers, meaningless and a waste of the people’s time?

Would the losers acknowledge that they are losers from the start and change tact, to build up a stronger team to make a meaningful fight in the next GE or everything will be as before, a lot of noise but no substance and the electorate increasingly giving up on them?


Anonymous said...

The main reason why the PAP get initiate many anti-Sinkies policies and still get re-elected with good margins at the general elections is because the current opposition parties in Singapore are all fuck-type, leaving the voter with no alternative . . .

Anonymous said...

Opposition parties need to transform or else their days are numbered. WP is a good example. Having won so many elections and even set history by capturing one GRC, it has not shine as expected. Instead, they keep a low profile. This disappointment will affect their share of votes even for HG. Opposition must identify all issues that are close to people's heart and champion them in the Parliament.

Anonymous said...

I believe Lim team is ex partner of a major law firm. That is why he speaks well. He should join the wp under the leadership of Chen s m aa Low is out if date already

Anonymous said...

Part 24: Chope, Chope, Chope? With a Tissue?

When talking about this "tissue chope-ing" tinkie, frankly the people in the conversation dunno should cry or laugh?

Now, look at the statistics in the last GE?

What is the point?

Whether 10-corner fight or 2-corner fight, does it matter?

A potential election victory is not an one-election process?

For example, look at RM ward ...... a 3-corner fight .......

HHH did not "put" a tissue there (to chope the seat) but fight she did and got a credible about 10% in a 3-corner fight when the national average of those with full party machinery backup got less than 25%?

So, chope or no chope, here is a "fair" suggestion ......

To "hell" those who got under 25% votes and their so called "chope" is as good as the "tissue" chope-ing a hawker centre seat?

Tak Pa Kei ......?

Not valid!

An existing party that gets 20% votes or about there is as good as being "non-existent" or a newly-registered party?

So especially those who got 25% votes and less ...... they should "give way" to up and coming people who stand more chance?

If that doesn't work, listen to the voters in the last GE?

Meaning those who can only get less than 25% votes are "rejected" by majority of the voters considering core oppo supporters are in the 30 to 35% range?

So means those voters already (indirectly) give green light (inviting other oppo) to join the fray in future elections?

Anonymous said...

That's why like what one anon always said here, PAP will win 80% in next election, and with Hougang and Aljunied returned to PAP, is something very, very possible.

And also that's why smart Sinkies don't join the Sinkie opposition because they know they will end up like Lim Tean.

And Hsien Loong must be hahahahahaha laughing now. Really envy Hsien Loong.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to suspect that there may not even be a genuine opposition party in Singapore.

Not genuine meaning as follows:

1. They could be the creation of PAP to bluff Sinkies that there is opposition in Singapore. Like what some called it as PAP Team B.

2. They contest elections for the sake of contesting, despite knowing they can never win. Like what Chee Soon Juan said, he is in politics not just for the sake of winning elections. So every time lose also never mind lor.

3. They are fly by night political parties, appearing just before election and promptly disappeared after that, and only to reappear just before next election.

So any wonder why real smart Sinkies, much as they may hate PAP, don't want to join Sinkie opposition?

Anonymous said...

Lim Tean was too innocent to join NSP.

Anonymous said...

The opposition parties in Singapore have been struck by the Lightning on their heads, just like the Merlion was struck some years back, each and everyone of them.

The Opposition Leaders are a bunch of misfits, mismatched and misnomers. They are very happy to play second fiddle if given a chance.

On top of all that, they are all selfish small people. They simply do not have the real political acumen, fellowship capital and leadership charisma and magnetism. They let their personal ego overrides very important and critical issues. They even publicly hinted that their personal survival depends upon the charity and leniency of the PAP Leadership!

I suspect most of them are secretly collaborating and colluding with PAP Leaders, in one way or another.

In brief, such is the State of the opposition political parties in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Lim Tean was too innocent to join NSP.
9:45 am

Not only too innocent, but also not so smart.

If he is really smart, he would not have joined in the first place.

By joining and leaving under such circumstances, he is in a way making a fool of himself publicly.

In fact there are precedents, like Goh Meng Seng and Tan Jee Say, making a fool of themselves publicly, politically speaking.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When one is new to the game, some mistakes would be made along the way.
Let those in the know show Lim Tean the way, and maybe gather the lost sheep together to pose a serious challenge in the next GE.

If these daft are still blinded by the blinkers they put on themselves, they don't deserve any support from the voters.

The people have waited for too long for the daft and pretenders to be serious and do the necessary.

No Other Choice said...

Singaporeans, by virtue of their consistency in electing the PAP to govern them for since 1959, have resigned to the fact and fate that they have no other GOOD CHOICES (although there are many other political parties offering them the Freedom to Chose) when come to selecting a Team that can govern the City State effectly, efficiently and as clean as possible, other than the incumbent ruling political party.

virgo49 said...

Anon 9.50

You may be right! Many in collaboration with the PAP.

There is one GE where one Vellu stood against LKY in Tanjong.Pagar Constituency. Not GRC yet.

Think he is in league with the PAPies. Never even seen his face in the hustings.

Just hang his name and poster and disappeared.

LKY purposely came to our Estate on a lorry near to the rubbish dump.

To his horror, saw only a handful with children. I am Internationally known Statesman who spoke in front of thousands and you made me loss my water face by not turning up.

Furious, he ordered that any future HDB estates must be mixed with all types of different rooms combinations. Not all five roomers or condos.

Aiya, sinkies upbringing like that lah. If they have a more capable person to supercede them of leaderships, they buay siong.

Want to be Indian chiefs but scared to act as true Indian Chief.

Some, after became Fat cats also stopped catching mice. Like WP.

Sinkies unlike Hong Kee Tonkies are different kettle of fish.

Want to be Chiefs but cannot act like a Chief.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are faced with the devil and the deep blue sea. The opposition as it is now, is a loose bunch of half bakes spreaded thinly among the so many opposition parties.

The few good opposition leaders must rise above the rest, get together to form a credible team of good men and women, and not to be lost among the chaff and be a nobody.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 26, 2017 9:43 am
I am beginning to suspect that there may not even be a genuine opposition party in Singapore.<<<<<<<<<

Ha ha ha

In 2008, when a party was formed under a late oppo person, many flocked to town to join after passed on and passed up to a fat, 9-mth pregnant "boy" ......?

The preposterous part is before 2011 GE, there was enmass merry go round ........ and landed in a N(o) S(td) P(anty) ......?

So it is (like) a joke?

The point is, where is the hope?

What is the diff between DPRK, PRC and PEESAI in terms of political system?

Not in (superficial) name but in essence?

What is the diff living in 19th century Qing dynasty under a monarchy and in modern times?

Any diff or not?

"Democratic election"?


But the "genuine oppo parties" seem "crazy" and keep "shooting" ownselves?

So all is false hope?

Living under a "monarchy in essence"?

What have wee got ourselves into?


Anonymous said...

Lim resigned or got kicked out is GOOD for himself. I read Bertha Henson s comments on Marxist Conspirators at tre by andrew loh: “the detainees seemed to be a bunch of people wanted to do good.”

Lim was thus “subversive” based on Henson s observation. Subversive is to speak up for people on water bills increase. Subversive is to highlight EP which is none of his Lim family business.

Lim s ex party had someone went into locked up. The party saved Lim s family s potential troubles. People who love Lim should advise Lim staying out of troubles. Keep quiet. Never speak good for singapore people.

Speak good for foreigners to get PR and citizenship. Support foreigners looking for jobs. Support increases in prices all over singapore. These are not considered subversive.
Lim was NOT politically wise. Risked himself branded “subversive”. Lim has yet to learn. A1 Novice.

Anonymous said...

For those of you praying for oppositions, you will be greatly disappointed.

For such a tiny pee-sai, we have so many opposiotion parties. Too many!

If oppositions want to have a fighting chance, they must present as an alternative party to PAP, not as many small "keh-lay-fei" opposition parties.

Anyway, PAP is now too BIG to fail.

As I said before. PAP is everywhere!

Look at the mega numbers of events and activities in all corners of this pee-sai with massive participations, everyday is really another PAP Day!

In 2015 70% voted PAP. It is projected to be 80% at next GE with both H and A going back to PAP.

Are we too late for anything now? Too late for a change now? Singapore is like that?

Is this what we wanted? Maybe...........at least for the 70%!


Anonymous said...

....fat, 9-mth pregnant "boy" ......?
10:37 am

Hahahaha. This "boy" not only has a physical image problem but his manner of speaking English also a bit "atas", like those Englishmen from England.

Some more he can only speak English, not even pasar Malay. Like that ah, very hard to connect lah, especially with the heartland old uncles and aunties.

Even worse is that unlike Hsien Loong, he inherited a new but lousy party from his father.

No wonder his party fared the worst among the worst in the last election! So sad, despite being a graduate of Cambridge U, the same alma mater as the late LKY. Brilliant, but failed badly as a politician.

patriot said...

It is best that Lim Tean contest in a single seat ward in the Nest General Election.
I believe he is sincerely in wanting to see an equitable and safe society.

For Lim Tean to join an existing party and plays second fiddle to current alternative parties leaders is not fair to his calibre. To form a new political party is going to make things more difficult for voters. Too much cooks spoil the broth.

A man of substance coming from the Legal Fraternity and with a strong sense of righteousness make Lim Tean an affable person who shall be very favour by many.

Going into the Next GE as an lndependent Candidate in a Single Seat Constituency should provide him a high chance of getting elected.
Once he becomes an MP and proves himself credible, he can then seek the fellowship of others to further expand politically.

From now till the Next GE, Lim Tean must be active and make himself more and better known by Sinkies. lt means he got to expose himself more to the People.
Honglim Park Events and the Social Media are where he could get attentions.
He could also speak out more about policies that are less than desired and or are unequitable to the Masses.

Did have the Opportunity to move around with him for about a week during the 2015 Hustings. Found him a most respectable candidate.
Do wish to see him as a Mational Leader as soon as possible.


patriot said...

My apology forthe Many Gramatical and Spelling mistakes.

'Sincerely' to be corrected to sincere.

'Nest' to be corrected to Next
'Mational to be corrected to National.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If he joins the SDP, Chee can stand alone in Gombak. Lim Tean can join forces with Tambyah and a few better candidates to fight a GRC. The combination of Tambyah and Lim Tean would be very strong.

Anonymous said...

If he joins the SDP,...The combination of Tambyah and Lim Tean would be very strong.
RB 1:52 pm

Lim Tean to join SDP? And the combination of Tambyah and Lim Tean would be very strong?

The first question is already a big ??? after Tan Jee Say joined SDP but left to form his own party.

The 2nd question is also a big ??? ever since Tan Jee Say lost 3 times, 1st when with SDP, 2nd as EP candidate, and 3rd under his own party and getting only 22.3% votes!!!

So Lim Tean, being a Cambridge U grad, would surely have learnt something from these episodes, wouldn't he? And not forgetting, he should also have learnt his lesson for joining NSP.

So still expecting Lim Tean to join SDP?

More likely I expect Lim Tean to quit politics, unless he can form a new party and announce that his party is ready to be govt by next election.

patriot said...

For Chee Soon Juan or Lim Tean to fight for a Single Seat Ward, I much prefer Lim Tean to go alone.

Lim Tean has no past political baggage.

l am also mindful of
一山不容二虎。Each tiger has its' own territory that cant be shared.

Had spent some time at close quarter with Lim Tean during the One Week. Found him sincere
and different from his Fellow Candidates that contested Tampines GRC in 2015.
ln some ways or intuitively l expected him to leave NSP.

Personally, l wish him to contest indepently.


Ezy said...

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Anonymous said...

More likely I expect Lim Tean to quit politics,....
2:23 pm

Very tiok.

In fact even opposition veteran Goh Meng Seng also ever hinted in his blog http://singaporealternatives.blogspot.sg/ that he (Goh Meng Seng himself) might quit politics soon. Of course he may continue as a blogger like RB.

I will also not be surprised if Tan Jee Say did the same.

After GE 2015, any sane politician with objective to win elections would not want to continue anymore, if their parties cannot be any much better or stronger since GE 2015.

Anonymous said...

Now or never!

Oppositions stand together!

Under ONE party as an alternative to PAP!

Now or never!

If not, don't waste time!

At best, oppositions 20% and PAP 80%!

Now or never! Now! Now! Now!

Anonymous said...

Sinkies vote for the party, and not the person. And they "see no up" any party which is not strong or ready to be govt.

That's why even a womaniser like David Ong from PAP could win, and a good doctor like Dr Tambyah from SDP could lose.

That's the reality of Sinkie politics.

Sinkies who want to be in politics to win better jolly know this.

Anonymous said...


Agreed 1oo% with anonymous 251pm.

Singapore is like that.

No choice no choice!

This is Singapore.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, go alone as an Idependent like CST in Potong Pasir.

Perform well in.Parliament and let the Dafts see what a lone solo Opposition MP can do even without a Party and better than the Opposition and Ruling MPs who are numbered in strength but of no use.

From there, the Dafts may vote in more Opposition members.


patriot said...

Elder Virgo49;


Thank You for


virgo49 said...

Just to relate an incident by CST in Parliament who caught the then Minister of National Development,Teh Cheang Wan flat footed and off balance. LKY was at his prime at that time.

Mr. Chiam had asked the Minister for the breakdown of the cost of new HDB flats. They were at a lost. They knew the wrong answer might lead the PAP to lose in the next election.

So, they came with an ingenious rebuttal with all advice from all sources of the government plus the private sectors machineries.

Mr Chiam gave a figure that these budget should be able to build the flats and sold cheaply to the masses.

Teh challenged him to build ten blocks based on his budget on a particular piece of land. Of course, they already calculated that it been beyond Chiam s estimated budget as he has no such resources to support his query.

Chiam with no professional advice and supports gave up prodding further.

If at that time, it is proven that they are profiting on the masses, they would likely suffer a defeat next GE.

So, even a lone MP can raised queries that are affecting the lives of all citizens even he has no party and is an Independent MP.

Just to justify whether our great Chiam is right or not, here's the answer.

My childhood friend in the HDB for over forty years and in the construction sector before resignation told me that if Chiam has professional advice, he can floor Teh and the PAP to prove that it can be done with his estimated budget.

Chiam had to built twenty blocks instead of ten on twice his estimated budget. On the economy of scale, he can have these flats on his bare minimum costs and even sold the flats at a very low price to the masses. Must not take into what's land costs as formulated by the sly PAP.

But, he told me, Which Construction Company in Singapore would do for Chiam?? Business suicide.

HDB contracts worth billions and their cronies will also kept their mouths shut for earning the billions.

What's the Hell care how much they slaughtered the masses.We are not going to live in these pigeon holes. We are staying in Sentosa Cove.

Maybe,at that time if we have Xi to teach the loony a lesson, Xi might even build free for Chiam and expose his profiteering.

Karma had that Teh committed suicide due to corruptions.

Karma have not reach MBT.

Virgo49 said...

Sorry,Final Shot and with the closure, the HDB is still profiteering from the masses.

What's bullshits deficits every year by the billions.

Hope we have Lim Tean to ask the same question and Xi to built free to shoot them to oblivion.


patriot said...

Think Xi is quite
aware of Sin Politic
and Social Situation.
Cant help feeling that
President Xi may not
quite like the Way the
Sin Rulers behave.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, I post just to lighten the atmosphere.

If Lim Tean can get any Chinese contractors to build the flats at minimum cost and prove to the MND that it should be at these costs, that's good enough.

No business will want to make a lost by teaching another a lesson.


Anonymous said...

Patrait @ duaterte (2.30)pm
♤♤♤♡♡♡Had spent some time at close quarter with Lim Tean during the One Week.♢♢♢♧♧♧

Uncle ......

U know how let touch with him?

Meeeee wanton loin him form newt patty .....

Call GSP ......

"Got Standard Party"

Not "N(o) S(td) P(anty)

Look fwd to yewr kuai kuai reply

Yewr MSN fan,
Meeee(siam ai hum)

Anonymous said...

Wait ......

GSP doesn't sound "exciting" ......?

How about "MSP"?



Maciam "MSN"?

So Lim become SG?

Secretary G?

RB Chairman?

Virgo Vice-Chairman?

Uncle Patrait ASG?

MEEEEE just a trooper?

Carry the flag and tie up banners ......?

And make noise during rally?

Hip hip ...... MSP!

Hip hip ...... MSP!

Lagi satu .....

Hip hip ..... MSP!

patriot said...

Elder Virgo;

point noted.

Thank You.


patriot said...

Elder Virgo;

point noted.

Thank You.


patriot said...


Anon 6:22pm

Lim Tean is active at
He is looking for like-minded folks to work for a better Singapore.
lf You wish to contribute towards the Effort, do befriend him there, better if You will give him ideas.

As l had revealed, l did
volunteer and will do my little part whenever and wherever l can.

Thank You for seeing up.
Glad to have your encouragement.


patriot said...

Thank You for seeing me up to amend the Missing
me in my Above Comment.

Please forgive.


Virgo49 said...

Bro, no need Party lah!

Par San. CST two term independent MP.

See how Potong Pasir residents loved and respected him.

Even beat Heavy Weight Howe Yoon Chong and MBT.

At one time, the PAP declined upgrading and even just one transport service to pressure them and they simply said, No transport, we walk.

Sitoh also gave abalone porridge. Also lose. Howe as heavy weight even lose.

They tried to cut some voters from Ong Teong Cheong Toa Payoh strong hold by redrawing the boundary to PP. CST still won by a whisker.

If CST did not branch to contest in the GRC, he might still win PP.

The mistake they put his wife in lieu of him instead of putting his right hand man Kek made PP lost to Sitoh.

Anonymous said...

CST two term independent MP.
Virgo49 7:27 pm

Halo Virgo49, u got it all wrong lah.

CST was already SDP when he first won PP in 1984 lah.

Later when CSJ and CST quarrelled, CST left SDP and formed SPP just before 1997 GE and CST was elected MP under SPP. And he became SPP MP ever since, until he lost in Bishan GRC in 2011.

So for your info and also others, CST was never elected as an independent MP.

Virgo49 said...

please lah! You want to correct old uncle who had lived thru his time and now maybe left one screw to the coffin.

CST tried as Independent MP twice before he succeeded as an Independent MP.

Later, he set up SDP trying to further Singaporeans cause by having more Good Men.

Unfortunately, Sinkies only knew how to usurp others for their selfish ends. They should acknowledge the Pioneers who started the Party.

Like LKY, put leases on those who joined him and command absolute obedience and loyalty.

By right, WP should be handed back to Jeyetnam.

LTK is not the right man for WP. Even now Chen wants to take over leadership and build a better Party but unfortunately unable to do so.

LTK is too passive and needs a vibrant leader to replace him.He.Like LKY has same methods in controlling his people.The Leader mum, rest got to follow.Party 's whip.

Go and check the Ham Sap or Hansard where you smuck youngies also boasted that.you are good in what data and Google.

Oldies eat more salt than you all rat.rice.

We knew more cannot disclose happenings that your people are ignorant on.

As we have circle of various professions friends in the grapevine that disclosed to us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Virgo49 8:18 pm,

If u are wrong on the facts, just admit it lah. Don't be petty and change topic to WP, LTK, eat more salt, old, one screw to coffin or what not.

U will only lose more credibility doing so and next time u write, people will give big discounts to your views and arguments.

By the way, I am also old, u know.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.38

What's the big deal if CST won the seat under SDP or as an Independent? ? He won the seat after the 4th try after losing three times as an Independent candidate.

Some jokers simply just wants to pick on others just simply on some error of certain facts but they do not really put more facts in.their postings.

These are just the tee kee thinking they are smart and smug small people by just pointing some others wrong errors thinking they are SMART.

Contribute more useful postings rather thanjust picking on.others small factual errors.

Argue for the sake of arguing

Anonymous said...


Old man/old woman? (anon 8.38 pm) fight old man (Virgo49) in old man (RB) blog.

Anonymous said...

It's useless fighting for Singaporeans.
The smarts ones have emigrated or are in the process of emigrating.

The ones that stay on in Singapore are just too stupid.
All are die hard PAP voters.

Since 30% of Singaporeans voted Opposition in GE 2015.
That means Singapore can expect to lose another 30% of its original Singaporean in the next few years.

Anonymous said...

@ Patrait 7.16pm
^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ..... better if You will give him ideas..... ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

Ha ha ha


Tang Yew see-ing meeeee (siam ai hum) up oso lah ......

But ....... but ...... meeee (siam ai hum) noe no gift eye-deers lah ......

Meeeee (siam ai hum) do chor kang can lah ......

Help hang up banners lah .......

And help shout and make noise during rally lah ......

Hip hip ..... peh & peh

Oops ...... salah ..... ha ha

Hip hip ..... Lim Tean

Hip hip ..... Lim Tean

Hip Hip ..... Lim Tean

Yew Pappy ...... Meeeee (siam ai hum) happy lah .....

Hip hip ..... Patrait

Hip hip ..... Red Bean

Hip hip ..... Virgo


Anonymous said...

The opposition parties in Singapore are fakes! Keh keh oppose PAP !

Anonymous said...

Don’t be rattled by tactics to exaggerate news on Singapore-China relations: Chee Hong Tat


Our Chee Hong can mental masturbate all he wants.
One Belt One Road.
Guess who was conspicuously NOT INVITED ???

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Let's help mental masturbate Chee Hong to a big orgasm.
Our Emperor was not invited because our relations with China is so good ... the two leaders are able to communicate by mental telepathy.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Part 25: Statistics, Statistics, Statistics ...... Is GE 2015 an Outlier or a Long Term trend?

In economics, just like experiments in sciences, some variables are held constant to find out the effect of a change in certain factor(s) .......

To understand the result of GE 2015, is it possible to make some assumptions concerning the outcome over a longer horizon?

Is it reasonable to assume 2015 was not unlike 911 in 2001 other than the former was a domestic event while the latter an external cause?

If voting mentality in 2015 mirrored that of 2001, then the tasks ahead for alternative party are not as insurmountable as they appeared?

Nonetheless, across the nation, it is almost impossible for any change of sky as far as politics is concerned in the next GE?

However, any observant political watcher would probably know that the next GE might yield significant return for those alternatives operating in the East and North East?

That might explain why there was a failed "power grab" as the "reward" might be "too tempting to resist"?

When there was a changeover in 1990, a snap GE was called just barely 3 years after the 1988 GE .......

Despite the GE 2015 results, why was there no let up to "annihilate" Mr Tiochiu "force"?

Is it totally unthinkable that a snap GE might be called within the next 12 mths?

But why?

Ha ha ha

There is a Chinese phrase saying "Divinity cannot be divulged" .......?

Take it as a wild thought bah for now (but time will tell ......)?

Possibly there is at least one GRC in the east being particularly vulnerable in the next GE due to past statistics despite the outcome od GE 2015 and also the likely retirement of the anchor politician?

The most favourable (political) climate in the medium term could be within the next 12 months?

But all these are just hypothetical conjectures and therefore should not be taken too seriously?

WP are not short of lawyers but economists?

SDP is short of both?

Could LT, JAC, HP, and some others join force to form a dream team (but still short of a critical economic brain) .....?

Without a platform that provides sound economic analysis of alternative solutions, the selling point would likely be significantly discounted .....?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... typo .....

Should be

* WP is (not are cos now still "one party lah, not two" .....?)

Anonymous said...

Part 26: Strategy, Strategy, Strategy, WP is "Lucky"?

Peesai might be a small island with fairly strong similarity in social norm across the population?

But when it comes to voting, the "gap is ocean wide"?

Or maybe not quite?

Look at the geography of vote shares?

Is it a coincidence that voters in the East & North East tend to support opposition parties more than those in the West?

Or is it due to the strength of opposition parties, the organisation of an election campaign, the roles in an election played by a well-organised party machinery, the ground work done in-between elections, or even geomancy?

In other words, hypothetically, would Mr Tiochiu have won if he had cast his lots in the Western zone or North-West areas than in the North-East?

For any newbies or new political party, where should he start?

Looking at the "disasters" of some new parties in GE 2015, how and what would voters and fellow politically not apathetic sinkies think of such disastrous results?

There was no proper strategy?

There was no "serious" commitment (by such parties working on the ground)?

The core (leadership of such parties) could not think out of the box but too bothered by the "tissue chope-ing"?

Look at WP?

Does Marine Parade GRC voters or rather Macpherson voters bothered who "choped" the seats in GE2011 during GE 2015?

Alas, the party who choped the seat in GE 2011 got less than 1% (& promptly lost his deposits) whereas WP got more than 30% which is higher than the opposition national average in GE 2015?

Still don't understand voters' mentality (but called yourselves politicians or veteran politicians .......? Omg? 100 face palms?)

Ok ok?

Need more empirical examples?

Look at Telok Blangah, Redhill, Bt Merah etc .....

What was the voting pattern?

Again, like MacPherson, it was a 3-corner fight in RM ......

But the 2 opposition candidates vote shares (in RM) cannot be more contrasting with the vote shares of the other 2 opposition candidates in MacPherson?

Still cannot see the pic?

Now, why WP is lucky?

Or rather they created their own luck?

To be continued in Part 27 ......

Anonymous said...

Daft Singaporeans deserve to get nodding parrots like PAPaya MPs in parliament.

Daft Singaporeans do not deserve good people like Lim Tean to be their voice in parliament.

Daft Singaporeans deserve to be made unemployed by Foreigners and to spend their old age collecting cardboxes and cleaning toilets to "exercise".

Anonymous said...

Part 27: Low (TK) hanging fruits & High hanging fruits ....

Now, ask any rambutan farmer in Matland this simple question?

Or any urban smart, kampung idiot sinkie when he visits a fruit farm in Matland:

"Which does he/ she prefer? Low hanging rambutans (to pluck) or those high hanging ones (30 m from the ground)"?

Low hanging fruits or Low (TK)?

Ha ha ha .....

In the next GE, there are more than one Low hanging fruits for Low (TK)?

In 2016 BE, it was CHEE by-election?

In 20XX GE, it could be LOW (hanging fruits) General Election?

Bye bye

Zai Jian

(Part 27 is the last ..... Tc! Good luck to all!)

agongkia said...

Not only sinkies change jobs like changing underwear ,candidates oso the same.
Shows that one never do proper homework before joining an establishment.
How to trust one without foresight?
Might as well join the You Know Who to secure a seat first .
My lakopi kaki speak highly of him and I told him I give him 3 years.Walao,puncture so fast.
So many thing to speak up to win votes but dun understand why jokers like to talk about minimum wages.Minimum wage only make one less productive.
Only thing he gain my respect is because he got a proper name and not those Raymond Lim or George Lim.
For that I will give him some tip on how to win if I ever meet him.
Best wishes and I wish him success in his future endeavor.