Fake news or real news?

We have often heard of Singaporeans being beaten by foreigners and with the foreigners often walking away with a light tap on the wrists. Singaporean cyclists and motorists and the infamous taxi drivers, used to be PMETs bore the brunt of physical attacks by these foreign beasts, aka foreign talents. Singaporeans seem to take such bollocking by foreigners as part and parcel of being Singaporeans.

Now this bashing of Singaporeans has gone one notch higher, the bashing of Singaporean police officers, or was it fake news? I read this posted in the statestimes review and dunno want to laugh or want to cry for the police officers that were beaten, that is, if the news is real.

‘Singapore Police is now under intense public criticisms for incompetence over letting off an Australian public menace 4 times with no detention, including multiple assaults and insults against enforcement officers.

At the Departure Hall in Changi Airport Terminal 2 on 12.15am of April 20, Jason Peter Darragh, 44, assaulted police officers – hitting one in the face and pushing another to the ground – and hurled abuses loudly at the enforcement officers. The ruckus was captured by a video and went viral on Facebook. Jason Darragh was later seen in the video being put down and arrested.

Interestingly, Jason Darragh was released from detention less than a day later – presumably to have posted bail and less than 24 hours later, at around 4.50am the next day (April 21), Jason Darragh caused a public annoyance in front of McGettigan’s CQ bar in Clarke Quay. The police let the public menace walked free again.

Five days later on the 12.20am of April 26, Jason Darragh was found drunk in the toilet at Orchard Towers shopping mall, a local mall known for sleazy bars. He was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for unknown reasons and at the hospital, he hurled abuses at a police officer. The police, knowing his previous 3 records, let him walked free again.

Another five days later on May 1, Jason Darragh was again drunk and harassed a woman at a taxi stand at Tan Tye Place near Clark Quay. Jason Darragh is now walking free in the Singapore streets on a S$20,000 bail and will only face his first court trial next Friday (May 19).’

Assuming the above is real news, if fake I will take it down immediately and the statestimesreview is gonna get whacked for it, is it tolerable or acceptable for our law enforcing officers to be bashed by foreigners at will and taken so lightly? Do we need such foreigners here in the first place even if they are real talents? 

Anyone heard of pride and dignity and self respect?

What is going on?


Anonymous said...

Rb, unfortunately we do need the FT though may be not this pig. We need more ladies from his countries to fill our karaoke club for diversification, our members have complained that there are not enough white horses for us to practise Kuda riding.

John Tan
Singapore Kuda Riding Club
Vice Chairman
Asia Pacific Kuda Riding Club
Global Kuda Riding Club
Past President
Singapore Karaoke Club

Anonymous said...

Manu Sawhney became the new Sports Hub CEO in Oct 2015.....Since Sawhney’s appointment, many senior management and staff have left Sports Hub, including its legal, marketing, corporate communication and HR heads. The media reported in Aug last year that the staff at Sports Hub were having “low morale” caused by the lack of communication, and actions by the company’s leadership.....
Another said, “A lot of new staff, including senior management, have been hired over the last several months but no one tells us who they are, or what they will be doing. They show up all of a sudden.”

“As a result, people get affected. They start wondering whether the new staff are here to eventually replace them,” the person added.

See full article in TRE. Singaporeans are being fucked by Singaporeans hiring FTs to get rid of Singaporeans and replaced them with foreigners.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkie men in blue? ?

Aiyo, they dared to arrest Ang Mobs or Ang Mohs? ?

You must be joking??

Only can arrest fourteen year school boy and Lau ah pehs.

And only when they come in a gang of four.

Ang Mohs, most of them burly with layers of muscles and fats from either three quarters day at gym or three quarters days drinking.

They had their wealth from previous plundering of the Asian countries and now still plundering from the daft wealthy Sinkies who heavily invested all their Wealth in them in all sorts of scam Investments.

When you called them, they will come after a fight.

Any fracas, they will simply advised you take civil actions.

They will just walked away after they just snooze around.

Drunken or no drunken fights, they just wayang wayang and show their presence.

After Which, they said hello my
off duty soon.

Don't want statements that keep me back.

That's why this farking Aussie is so daring and hammered them.

They deserved it for not arresting him in the first place.

They came to Asian countries to kick asses and most just simply put up with them.

See at Airport even created farcas and whack the policemen.

Need three to hold him down.

Learn from us MPs, one hammered two Malaysian KD naval sailors and UK servicemen in our 60s.

One to two or three at the Britannia Club at beach road.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel sad.

Singapre is like that. This is Singapore.

Very often, right is wrong and wrong is right.

Very confusing. Very confusing.

Singapre is like that. This is Singapore.

Keep it up! Singapore boleh!

Virgo49 said...

You and your Kuda Club. Brought so many vices and miseries to our society.

Our Estate full of VD/Aids infested your so called riding horses making so much nuisances noises in the wee mornings when they came back after kena rode by those sex starved neh neh, and gong gong sinkies.

One gong gong sinkie young man even got stabbed by another gong gong sinkie falling in love with one of the pinoy riding backside, front side even trains can go riding horse.

Called the Men In Blue hundred of times and when did they ever turn up??

Only on the phone in a sleepy tone, where's your place?? How to spell!!

Next time don't call this number, call your neighborhood police.

With their Neh Neh useless Minister, what's you expect???

Nothing like GKS, full authority to keep the peace.

Whack those unruly servicemen who caused troubles.

I will answer for you. The sixties enforcement officers are much street wise and daring than today's ah kwa or ah quay enforcement men.

Today's BIG day for the PE pre-trial.

See whether our local team of Raja and Tann or Rajagopal, Dollah Kassim can beat that English QC of Wayne Roodney in the pre-trial match.


Anonymous said...

Sad. In life parents will love and protect their own children. Those who bullied their children are usually step parents where the kids have no blood relation. Looking at what's happening now gives us a shrivel. Is Singapore really our parents? Why give light sentence to outsiders but harsh on our children?

Anonymous said...

Anyone heard of pride and dignity and self respect?
What is going on?
- redbean

10 years of Ah Loong's government ... is that what happened?

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore really our parents? Why give light sentence to outsiders but harsh on our children?
May 22, 2017 10:58 am

Because Singaporeans will give 80% of our votes to PAP in GE 2020.

Anonymous said...

Straits Times then interviewed PAP MP for Sitoh Yih Pin who called for Singaporeans’ understanding and patience over the failed transport system:

“There is always room for improvement regardless of the statistics. It is clear that we are constantly striving to improve rail reliability… I hope that Singaporeans can be understanding and patient as the Government continues to work hard at improving rail reliability.”


If Singaporeans are patient enough to keep waiting for the "full return" of their CPF money
- of course Singaporeans will be equally patient with mis-behaving foreigners.

Anonymous said...

“It is hoped that all relevant countries, including Singapore, can earnestly respect the one-China policy, which is the fundamental prerequisite for China to develop ties with other countries,” Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Lu Kang said in response to a reporter’s question during a regular briefing.”

what about ....

“It is hoped that all relevant foreigners including foreigners currently in Singapore, can earnestly respect Singapore laws, which is the fundamental prerequisite for foreigners to be allowed entry."

Anonymous said...

GIC’s Citi investment was based on …. pure luck
Posted on May 22, 2017 by Phillip Ang

Time to set the record straight on GIC’s Citi investment: it was pure luck


...... more fake news ?????

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.30

They have to put some sweetener to con the Dafts.

So,.just said that other investments making lah!

Disclosed all,.I then believe whether fake or true news.


Virgo49 said...

Latest PE challenge Mau be heard in June. They cannot simply throw it out.

Cha Yew TCB!


Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!? Didn't somebody already said "Sinkies deserve the govt they voted for". You fuckers voted for fuck & you're getting fucked. So why complain & KPKB for fuck?!?!?! You fucking deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

@ May 22, 2017 1:15 pm

Obviously the fuckers here did not vote for PAP. And that's why they are complaining.
Complaining is part of free speech. Relax.
You are being anal retentive just like the fascists.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

There is no political solution. The government will give citizenship to new citizens, thus they will be a reliable voting block that will always vote for the government. If you guys want to change things there is only revolution or coup options.

Virgo49 said...

CNN shows footage of Uni grads walked out on Vice President Pence's speech.

SP poly grads got to listen to Kee Chew's speech of nonsense to the end.

Really need a Revoultion.

Sinkies Duarte, where are you??

b said...

PAP is 吃裡爬外party - bite the hand that feeds you. The solution is to emigrate. The Queen can protect sinkies better than PAP. Long Live The Queen.

Anonymous said...

" PAP is 吃裡爬外party - bite the hand that feeds you. "
- maybe that's what you think.

But to PAP and LKY.
When you vote Opposition.
Maybe they think it's you (Singaporeans) that is biting the hand (PAP) that feeds you (Singaporeans).

So who needs who more?
Can Singaporeans easily replace PAP with an Opposition party?
Or can PAP more easily replace Singaporeans with foreigners?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

A lot angry people here!

Don't be angry lah!

You are living in Singapore! Singapore is like that lah! You don't know meh?

Btw 70% are OK with them.

So even kpkb kpkb also no use.

What must we do.... Is to make more money 3Ms!

This is the only sustainable way to survive in this very very expensive tiny city state!

Singapore boleh?

Anonymous said...

Singapore boleh?
- No.

Only PAP boleh.
- Singapore and Singaporeans is nothing without PAP.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 352pm you are very clever!

So the equation should be........

Singapore = PAP and PAP = Singapore


Anonymous said...

Why are Workers' Party MPs so quiet about Ang Mohs bashing up Singaporeans ??

What is the role of opposition MPs in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

Why are Workers' Party MPs so quiet about Ang Mohs bashing up Singaporeans ??

Anon May 22, 2017 4:26 pm

Chee Soon Juan alone, for sure, would have make a lot of noise over foreigners beating up Singaporeans, and this time assaulting even law-enforcement officers, in Parliament !

Virgo49 said...

Anon 4.31

Yes, you are absolutely right.

But unfortunately, the Bukit Batok or Buttock residents preferred another PAP parrot.

Hope the Bukit Buttocks residents who voted the PAP don't get bash by the Ang Mohs. Or else karma.


Anonymous said...

Si liau !

A Rear-Admiral Lai Chung Han, Chief of Navy, will be appointed Second Permanent Secretary (Education).

Jia luck ! What does a Navy guy knows about educating our youth ??!!! He's in naval warfare, but education is a totally different field !!

Anonymous said...

Slaves should accept your fate.
Don't argue so much.
It's Heaven's will that you are born to be a slave.
It's Heaven's will that you will only vote for the "correct" party.

Follow your PAP MP's example in parliament.
Nod your head in agreement.

Anonymous said...

It's Heaven's will that you are born to be a slave.

Anon 5:02 pm

Hey! . . . watch https://dramanice.es/drama/rebel-thief-who-stole-the-people-detail


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 426 asked about roles of opposition MPs in parliament......


You got the answer! You know! You know!

Anonymous said...

But unfortunately, the Bukit Batok or Buttock residents preferred another PAP parrot.

Anon 4:46 pm

Don't understand why this parrot rush to Tamil Naidu to attend the funeral of a STATE-LEVEL prime minister . . .

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan alone, for sure, would have make a lot of noise over foreigners beating up Singaporeans

Anon 4:31 pm

Workers' Party always give the excuse that they don't have enough MPs in Parliament, so they cannot raise issues. To ask the PAP about issues, they said they need more WP MPs to be voted into Parliament ! 6 still not enough !!!

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, CST elected as An independent MP with no Party.

He also asked many questions in Parliament.

A brave one can be better than 10.MPs who are cowards.

Now M.Ravi also challenged the PE in HC.

Whether they throw it out on the grounds of insanity.

Insanity is into two terms by the Courts.

Elites like the Professor on charge of shoplifting are on the grounds of high class insanity.

Only refer for treatments.

Whereas any layman or anyone who challenged the PAP are literally classify as insanity and refer to jails or IMH

Anonymous said...

More Fake News:



Anonymous said...

/// My third passion is Singapore.
In fact, for Creative Technology, the best place to grow is in the US.
We can move the entire company to the US, because Creative Technology is a tech firm.
Don’t stay in Singapore, just move everything to the US and look for talent there.

There’s so much talent there, especially in Silicon Valley.
But we decided to stay in Singapore and invested in Singapore.
All the marketing, technologies and methods are here in Singapore, we want to nurture locals. Even for projects involving the Chinese language, which should have been done in China, I said, do it in Singapore. ///
- Sim Wong Hoo



Another daft Sinkie?
Why not follow PAP government's example?
- Buy foreign bank shares.
- Allow more foreigners into Singapore
- build smart cities and industrial parks overseas

agongkia said...

Sigh...Sinkies themselves still sotong to understand why they are best target for angmo.
Let gongkia tell you here ....
Cos there are too many Jason Tan,Rebecca Chin or Daragg Low etc.and many oso believe what angmo believe and call their own ancestors as devils that make angmo feel superior.
How many of you are Lawrence koh,Josephine or Virgo Tan etc here?Or allow your children or grandchildren to name themselves as one?Keechiu,mai paiseh.
So long as you lost your identity,you get the shits you deserve.
Stop complaining .
Why angmo never bully me?
Cos they know I am Goh Ah Gong.

Virgo49 said...

Got Virgo Tan meh?

Thought only Rain, Clouds, May, June.

Mr Goh Ah Gong or Ang Sam Seng.

See Seah Lan.

agongkia said...

Uncle Virgo
Now you understand why your angmo neighbour in Tg Pagar "no hew" you?
Last time Tg Pagar,duxton,keongsiakai..
all Loh Ah Kuan and Gee Ah Hor etc.
Angmo hear oso scare.

denk said...

in the 70 sg canned murcunt michael fay for his vansalism, uncle sham kbkm sg boh chap xiao.

in the 60 sg dated to expose murcunt shenanigan to buy top secret info from govn official, uncle sham jin dulan, sg asked uncle 'fuck off'

today sg is like the old 上海租界,stuck with murcunts and anehs, no other way cuz china has written sg off.

expect more WhiteTrashForeigners and aneh sex fiends to come here for RnR,
its not for nothing that Sg is rated the most favored destination for these foreign 'talents' cuz the policy now is 'kah kui dua dua , all are welcomed'.


denk said...



dared to expose,

virgo49 said...

Right Mr Ah Gong, Sinkieland now too clean like pond also too clean that fish also cannot flourish and survive.

Need the Loh Ah Kuans like Staff See Beh Seah Kwa Lan and Ang Gee Hor and the Chiap Puay Loh Hans to counter these Nehs nehs and Chow Ang Mors.

No doubt, some times they hassled the locals but they also protected the locals. You think the Ang Mors dared to do this to the Mats in Malaysia and Indonesia. ???

They be chopped to pieces. In Thailand.

We need these to counter these barbarians m

Virgo49 said...

Just to add, many young Sinkies does not realised that many old uncles, many with Tigers and Dragons cartoons on their arms and bodies now drinking in.coffeeshops and hawkers centres are their Saviours to their too timid pàrents during those turbulent times.

Without them, they won't be born and here today. They are the Protectors to save their skins.

Yet, many looked down on them and even don't want to share tables with them when asked politely.

These are the Yeow Siew Kias who don't know their past.

Thinking now they are educated and rich can scorn these who are their benefactors.

That's why till today at the Gym or anywhere, I still like to befriended them.

They got more gee kee than these Sombong Bodohs.

agongkia said...

Wow.Uncle go gym leh.Want act like angmo show your muscle or skeleton?
Go practise some kungfu or wing chun more practical lah.
Our local geh angmo George Teo n Peter Koh etc can only take photo instead of helping one another when they see a fight .
They see dialect speaking uncles no up but angmo hit them they can thank angmo by not knowing how to defend themselves.

virgo49 said...

Aiyo, you no know gyms got lots of boh tak chay uncles like me. Must built some old muscles so chow ang mors don't pick you first. They look for Goh Ah Gong.

Only in SSC $1.50 ones. Not those high class kena cheated and kena take photos naked for sale.

Many want to show their for REAL dragons and tigers and eagles.

Not those who painted just for shows that they are Loh Kuans but low sais. Even women also painted. Wonder they also paint snakes on their underparts??

Aiyo, TKD already black belt at Provost training. If not how to hammer the KD neh neh sailors and the Ah mors pengs with staff See and Martin.

Further Red Belt at SAFRA First Sea Men Club.

If not how come why get warning letter from the Dafts SPF for fighting with you.

Never investigated properly who is the Aggressor.

Just closes case and issued warning letters to both.


Virgo49 said...

Sorry, fighting with the gan png Chow ang mohs not you.

Ah Gong Kia own people.

We must side our people.

How can be bananas and side Ang Mohs.


agongkia said...

So you are that disgraceful Ssgt Seet own people bully own people at KDB?Ducking case abuse power kill our Singaporean son?
No wonder new enlistee scare to go NS.
Please lah.SAFPU never teach you to be high handed or bully our soldiers.

I only invite those deserters back to camp,give them good lodging so that they dun have to hide here n there.Till today they are thankful to me.Sit kopitiam oso no worry.
Dun on one hand say protect own people n another hand bully the poor like me.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, don't want to ding dong with you and upset RB's blog.

No wonder Sinkieland in such big Shits where locals are are been bullied by these barbarians with people like you in enforcement who are scared of own shadows in enforcing the laws.

Scared drink coffees and also worries.people hammered you just because you put them behind bars.

Better don't be enforcement officers and hide in grandmothers skirts.

Now grandms seldom wear skirts.

Hide under the Pinoys posses undergarments.