Elected President – Another constitutional challenge

M Ravi has lodged his challenge to the High Court on the EP issue on the ground that it is unconstitutional. His premise is that the reservation of the EP for a candidate based on race is unconstitutional. Holy shit, how come no one knows that this is racist and is unconstitutional, that our constitution is happy and open to have race imbedded and enshrined in it as a holy part of the constitution? And no one could see anything wrong with this and only M Ravi could! Or is it that M Ravi is not normal thus can see the not normal thing or the rest of the people who did not see anything unconstitutional about it are abnormal or simply daft? Even the whole legal fraternity could not see anything wrong with this amendment to the constitution! Is this normal or abnormal?

Ravi said that the changes to the constitution are racial discrimination, positive or negative racial discrimination is discrimination. Period.

Cheng Bock’s challenge is more technical in nature, about how to count correctly. This is another uniquely Singapore thing. Unable to count despite our great teaching methodology in arithmetics for the school children is no laughing matter. It is a national trait. Perhaps the govt should consult the primary school kids on how to count and the proper and correct way to count. Oops, it is the AGC office that did the counting. I don’t have much confidence in the ability of lawyers in counting. They can talk a dead person to life but counting 1,2 and 3 seems to be a big challenge to them.

Ok, is there anything else that is unconstitutional and would there be another mad lawyer, oops, I mean abnormal lawyer to stand up and say it is unconstitutional and must be challenged?

How about the unequal rights given to some people that are supposed to be more equal because they are richer, run big companies and all the craps that have no real relevance or relationship to the dignity and integrity of the office of the Presidency? Should not everyone be equal under the constitution and no one should be allowed to claim himself to be more equal than others just because he got a few dollars more than others?

The regulation to exclude 99% or more of the population because of some ridiculous criteria based on money and position in society is foul, smelly like shit. How can the constitution allow this to be included and no one cries foul? The criteria are saying that the citizens are not equal under the constitution. How can?

No legal mad man thinks this is mad? Maybe this is the reason. All the legal men and women are not mad to think this is mad and unconstitutional. So it must be constitutional. All men are equal but some are more equal than others. And this is a core principle in the Constitution of Singapore. Four legs are good, two legs are better, or is it my aristocratic background makes me different and of better breed than the hoi polloi, so I can be a President and the cheap masses cannot?



Virgo49 said...

LHL thinks he is normal but is not normal.

M.Ravi, people said he is not normal but he is normal.

Same for Amos Yee. Those hypocrites want the rest to follow their socalled not normal norms in which they think is normal.

LHL already Huan Siong. Early 60s already affected.

Another matter is that they been in power too long with the Dafts that they thought they can do anything they want.

To them,it is normal that you must obey them without question.

Anonymous said...

If we believe Presidency holds the highest office in the land, then there must be some control over the rights to seek elections. This applies to those who seek elections albeit less stringent. However, as rightly pointed out, the entry qualifications are set at ridiculous height that it make no sense any more. If we take it to the next level, we may one day say only a person who had hold the office of a PM or higher can apply. Then what? Why bother to have an election for Presidency? So the question is how much is enough?

Anonymous said...

Too many Fake Politicians with fake Intentions and Fake Policies.

Too many Fake Reasoning to cover up the Fake Objectives of the Fake Schemes resulting from Fake Policies of Fake Politicians in a Fake Parliamentary Democracy.

Too many Fake Organizations with Fake Objectives and Fake CEOs with Fake Capabilities, making too many Fake Investments that project Fake Profits.

Too many Fake Talents with Fake Resumes and Fake Qualifications employed by Fake CEOs with Fake "For Country and People" Advertisements to deceive the Daft Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is very very clever in changing very very simple things that have been working well to something very very complicated!

In fact, this is now fast becoming habbit of the top top leaders, especially whenever there is a change of leadership.

The current EP system is fine what! Why want to change! "Eat-full-too-free" is it?

Wasted so so much resources and time on the EP issues! Why? Why? Why?

Btw, 70% did voted "YES", giving a blanket approval! What can you say now! What can you do now!

Furthermore, it is predicted to be 80% at the next GE with H smc and A grc going back.

So there is really no point to kpkb kpkb and kpkb! Singapore is like that! This is Singapore!

In onclusion.......do you seriously think they will win the cases?

I don't know............官字两个口!.........hahaha..................

Anonymous said...

LHL has bad cancer cells in his body. These cancerous cells could have affected his brain cells and therefore resulting in bad judgement and bad decisions.


Anonymous said...

Right or wrong things r purely

Common sense.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 945am, don't be so angry.

Take good care of ourselves!

Don't be toooooooooooo serious lah!

You tell me how to remove him from office!

You tell me lah! You tell me lah!

But why want to remove him. He is OK! He is the best-EST pm!

He is boleh! Singapore boleh leh!

Virgo49 said...

One Bro mentioned of the Korean Drama - The Rebel just ended last week.

Same as the weakling Emperor who lets the scums having free runs and controls over him.

So now got to appoint his own kakis in all.top posts on tax payers MONIES to support him.

Own cronies played the markets and lost billions.

You Said he Ok? ?

You must be like him.

virgo49 said...

Thw legai fraternity in Sinkieland been making tons of monies from the masses and wishes to remain status quo to keep ploughing more monies from the dafts. Calculate how much the conveyance fees they hustled from the inflated properties sales.

So, they would not open their mouths and hokkien said chui tak lans.

Only M.Ravi and some human rights activists will speak for the peoples.

Wah,now ongoing the Manchester bombs of the whites scurrying like rats and crying live on CNN.

These bloody whites deserved their just desserts.

Been joining the USA together with France in bombing and killing so many Arabs. KARMA, Karma

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Virgo49 1033 for see me up.

Sorry I have to disappoint you.........I m not so clever like him.

He is very very talented!

How can be like him?

Anyway I want to be happy!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

19 concert goers dead and many hurt at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester.

Anonymous said...

Brexit comes too late. The potential killers are soundly inside UK.

Anonymous said...

Brexit comes too late. The potential killers are soundly inside UK.
May 23, 2017 11:23 am
Luckily, Singaporeans voted wisely in GE 2015.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle rb11.21am....... Singapore still the best!

So far 'safe and sound'! Right?

Anonymous said...

/// No legal mad man thinks this is mad? Maybe this is the reason. All the legal men and women are not mad to think this is mad and unconstitutional. ///

The Emperor's new clothes (Constitution)

A vain emperor who cares about nothing except wearing and displaying clothes hires two weavers who promise him the finest, best suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is either unfit for his position or "hopelessly stupid".

The emperor's ministers cannot see the clothes themselves, but pretend that they can for fear of appearing unfit for their positions, and the emperor does the same.

Finally, the weavers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him, and the emperor marches in procession before his subjects.
The townsfolk play along with the pretense, not wanting to appear unfit for their positions or stupid.

Then, a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all, and the cry is taken up by others.
The emperor suspects the assertion is true but continues the procession.

Anonymous said...

@ May 23, 2017 11:45 am

Amos! Amos! Our precious little child.
Please help us see clearly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.40am, you are correct.

Was that the reason why the prediction of 80% at next GE with H and A going back?

Anonymous said...

Many Singapore- Langs would feel great again if only a good lawyer man or woman calls for the job snatcher ,CECA Agreememt Sg pap govt signed with Republic of India to be torn up and throw into the trash bin.
make Sg great again.

Anonymous said...

you dont see Thailand Mysia Indonesia signing anything like Ceca do u?

Anonymous said...

you dont see Thailand Mysia Indonesia signing anything like Ceca do u?
May 23, 2017 12:27 pm

You also don't see Thailand, M'sia & Indonesia paying million dollars salary for a Minister do u?
The less salary they have, the more careful they are with their country's money?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.35pm please note that singapore is very very rich.

Pay million dollars why cannot meh.

We got money but don't know what and where to spend.

Do you have proposals?

Anonymous said...

Do you have proposals?
May 23, 2017 1:18 pm

Give $500,000 to all the poor Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Ask anonymous 126pm how to define poor Singaporeans.

Many many very rich people lived in HDB flats!

So how?

Anonymous said...

Ask anonymous 126pm how to define poor Singaporeans.
May 23, 2017 1:37 pm

You must be a PAPaya Minister.
Have you tried collecting cardboard boxes to exercise yet?

Anonymous said...

U - United
B - Bank of
S - Singapore

A Decade Too Late GIC Finally Decides to Cut Its Losses


patriot said...

Hi Virgo49;

lf there are 70% think it is normal, then it must be normal la.

There are only 30% abnormal Sinkies around.

Luckily the Authority cannot cope with the 30%, otherwise they will be sent to IMH for MANDATORY EXAMINATION.


patriot said...

Sadly, 70% want him.
it may rise to 80% and more in
the Next General Election.
Many speculate that Aljunied GRC and Hougang
could go back to PAP.
Very possible indeed.


patriot said...

Do Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and
Other Nations sell their National Adsets?


Anonymous said...

@ patriot 2.60pm

Bingo! You are 1oo% correct!

According to prediction it will be 80% at next GE.

With Aljunied and Hougang going back to PAP.

PAP............Huat Ah!

Justice is Not Done When The Just Colluded said...

This whole Constitutional Changes to the Office of The Presidency is a Great Theatrical Performance of LHL, which shall go down in history as the Greatest Fiasco that anyone with a Common Sense would have easily seen through the thinly and carelessly veiled SOLE Ojective of Depriving Dr Tan Cheng Bock the PROBABLE CHANCE TO BECOME THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF SINGAPORE!

b said...

Any politician that uses race or religion is to satisfy some political agenda, hide incompetence and lack of integrity. They should be banned.

Anonymous said...

We have been pledging to be One People for the past decades and yet, we still need to give certain groups priority under some conditions. Why bother to say the pledge?

Corruption Can Be Committed By Omission said...

Corrupted Legal Minds need not commit corrupt actions to be corrupt. They do it by inactivity. Keeping quiet and do nothing when their conscience tells them that something is not right on the side of Justice and their Professional Codes of Conduct and Practice.

Anonymous said...

Corrupting the Sacred Sanctity of the Constitution of the State for political expediency and political upper-hands is the Highest Form of Corruption in the History of Mankind.

Anonymous said...

Mental masturbation.
Ownself fuck ownself.
70% ownself fuck ownself to get the government they deserve.

Mental masturbate until the whole country cannot function anymore.
Trains don't work anymore.
Trees keep falling down.
Once every 50 years flood becomes flood once every other month.

Everyday mental masturbate about our glorious past.
Everyday mental masturbate about our great future.
But everyday, unable to fix and solve today's problems.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has deteriorated to the stage where one must start to think of how to abandon ship and move our assets safely out to new havens . . .

Anonymous said...

Extracts From Global Times 2017/5/22 19:18:39

China's strategic patience with Singapore has ended !

Delegates from over 130 countries gathered in Beijing for the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation recently. Right after the conference ended, it came to light that Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had not been present at the forum. Media speculated that Lee was not invited by China. For seasoned Asia-watchers, it was a watershed moment in regional affairs and marked the end of the era of amicable ties that Lee's father, Lee Kuan Yew, had so painstakingly nurtured with Asia's economic superpower.

What this means is that China no longer regards Singapore as a friend.

Since 2011, however, the Americans have intensified their campaign to contain China, in the guise of its "pivot" to Asia. Simultaneously, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has junked his father's judicious balancing act and turned his country almost into a de facto military base for the US Navy. His words, and those of his ministers, have become increasingly, even enthusiastically, pro-US and China-skeptical, if not outright anti-China.

Indeed, on a visit to the US White House in 2013, Lee saw fit to joke about pig soup and pollution at China's expense. In Chinese, if not Asian culture and diplomatic protocol, this was a big faux pas - all the more so as it occurred in the capital of China's No. 1 strategic rival. Too often, Singapore, then at the height of its prosperity, seemed to be flaunting its new orientation, without regard for Chinese sensibilities.

After a significant period of patience, Beijing has apparently had enough. The first public sign was the detention in Hong Kong late last year of Singaporean military vehicles en route home from Taiwan. The episode signaled that something was serious amiss in the China-Singapore relationship.

Regarding the Belt and Road, it is clear that the Chinese are designing the megaproject to bypass Singapore. The designated Belt and Road ports in Southeast Asia are Malacca in Malaysia and Tanjong Priok near Jakarta, Indonesia's capital. Such marginalization of Singapore would mean a huge blow to its economic fortunes in the longer term.

The Philippines and Vietnam, long pro-Washington and Beijing-phobic respectively, recently mended fences with China and distanced themselves from the US. Their leaders, like those elsewhere in Southeast Asia, realize that the Chinese can offer them far greater benefits in the 21st century than the Americans. Besides, they know they must live with China forever, while America's presence in the region will ebb and flow (it is now ebbing).

Remarkably, Singapore's current leaders seem unaware of such basic realities. That leaves the Lion City as the sole, conspicuously pro-US country in Southeast Asia. It must feel very lonely.

Anonymous said...

I think in Singapore PAP sure win one, no matter who and how many challenges on the EP issue, or for that matter, any issue.

Who don't agree, kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

Remarkably, Singapore's current leaders seem unaware of such basic realities. That leaves the Lion City as the sole, conspicuously pro-US country in Southeast Asia. It must feel very lonely.
8:40 pm

Singapore's current leaders are very much aware of such basic realities lah. They are much smarter than you think, or else PAP would not had won big every election, tio bo?

It is just that despite such basic realities, they think it is in Singapore and PAP's interest to be pro-US rather than pro-China.

Ask yourself. How many US nationals want to come, and did came, to work and live in Singapore, as compared to those from China and 3rd world countries?

How many Sinkies emigrated to US and other western countries, as compared to China and 3rd world countries?

From the answers to these questions, doesn't that tell you something why Singapore, or rather PAP, is pro-US?

patriot said...

Singapore lonely?

lt will attract many foreigners from all over the World, especially the Three Largest Populated Countries namely China, India and Indonesia. Many people in the afore-mentioned Countries are seeking safety havens for their fortunes.

Remember PM Lee Hsien Loong talked about having billionaires settling in Sin? It might have happened.
Who knows?

However, it is indeed quite apparent that Leaders in China and Most S E Asia Nations are giving the Cold Shoulders to Sin Rulers. They did not include Sin in their visits and Sin Rulers are not given the Limelights that were showered on them before.

Sin Leeders on the other hand have made themselves the Right and Left Hand Men to the Most Powerful Country of the World. They must be very proud of being able to cosy up to such a powerful country.
And if anything goes awry in Sin, they could easily go to the US to live opulently and
be protected by those holding powers in the US.

As it is, it may not take long for troubles to descend upon Sin.


Anonymous said...

"And if anything goes awry in Sin, they could easily go to the US to live opulently and be protected by those holding powers in the US." - patriot May 23, 2017 9:41 pm

Many thanks for this new insight. No wonder they are cozying up to the U.S. and so pro-U.S., and so pro-India . . .

Anonymous said...

Is it logical to say that if some politician is pro-U.S., it could mean that if anything goes awry in Singapore, he could easily go to the U.S. to live opulently and be protected by those holding powers in the U.S.?

Is it logical to say that if some politician is pro-India, it could mean that if anything goes awry in Singapore, he could easily go to India to live opulently and be protected by those holding powers in India?

Is it logical to say that if some politician is pro-China, it could mean that if anything goes awry in Singapore, he could easily go to China to live opulently and be protected by those holding powers in China?

Anonymous said...

Singapore has to be pro-U.S. and have U.S. military installations in Singapore in order to have some protection from the latent Indonesian threat! Note some Indonesian politicians have been openly quite hostile to Singapore!

patriot said...

lt is all very logical.

However, be reminded that President Xi has been hunting down on his own officials and other corrupted nationals Worlwide.
Even foreign powers are unable to protect those that that committed misdeeds in China.

lt is unlikely that China will harbour evils folks. lt is only logical for China not to invite foxes into it.
引狼入室 to the Chinese Culture means inviting trouble.


Anonymous said...

Don't Worry! Don't Worry!

Future of this pee-sai already decided by HIM!

Good bad neutral, all decided!

So don't worry! Just do your best! Try to 3Ms.

Good Night.

Adam and Eve were created to SIN. said...

Worry or not, please be reminded that:

1. SIN CITY will always be committed to SIN. It is her natural and unalienable strategic and tactical tendency, trying the Balancing Act one way or the other.

2. SIN CITY will always invite troubles to its shore. Inviting troubles is part and parcel of the traits of SIN LEAdership - from father to sons, and even daughter and daugjter-in-laws.

3. SIN CITY is adept in inviting troubles. Can't everyone see that SIN CITY has already invited lots and lots of troubles with its instant open-legs policies of inflating its population from 3 million to now 6 million, and soon will be 10 million, of people with Fake Talents, Fake Qualifications, Fake Resumes, Fake Degrees, Fake Political Orientation, Fake Religious Belief, Fake Cultural Affinity, Fake Racial Harmony, Fake Loyalty, Fake Intention, Fake Wealth and Fake Inter-personal Relationship???

4. SIN CITY LEAdership has to be Pro-USA because the sons and daughters of the ruling elites have been, still are and will be groomed in the USA and UK while they study in US or UK Top Universities. In fact, it is openly known that their parents even bought expensive and luxurious residential homes for them to stay while being groomed and nurtured by the US and/or UK Diplomats and/or Secret Services.

5. For the next 50 years, when Big Power Rivalry between USA and China intensifies, it is clear that USA will prevail, and even rise to greater power than China. The sheer quantity and quality of USA's advantages in terms of its Military Might and Muscles, Scientific Research, Explorations, Developments and Advances, Technological Knowledge, Expertise, Progress and Quantum Leaos, and Political Clout and Diplomatic Coverage in the World Stage of Geopolitics, are too far ahead for China to play Catch-Up. The race for World Domination and Control is over long ago, when USSR was done for. Even Russia today does not have the stomach to challenge the US for World Domination and Control. President Putin can only play second fiddle to the tunes and dances of US Foreign Policies. It will have to take may be another 100 years for China to overtake the USA in ALL Fields of Supremacy!

Keep dreaming, hoping and trying until the cows and bulls come home!

Anonymous said...

Can't even fight the Vietnamese, got chased out of Vietnam. Want to fight China? Got ISIS running circles around them and cannot do anything until the Russians came in to teach them a lesson.