Dr Paul Craig's article and his frustration with trolls

Below are some paragraphs from Dr Craig's article posted in the 4th Dimension that exposed the realities and dirty works of trolls and despicable people in the social media. He is absolutely disgusted with such shameless people.


The North Korean “crisis” is a Washington orchestration. North Korea was last at war 1950-53. N. Korea has not attacked or invaded anyone in 64 years. …. …. So what is the demonization of N. Korea by the presstitutes and Trump administration about?

It is about the same thing that the demonization of Iran was about. The “Iranian threat” was an orchestration that was used as cover to put US anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s borders. An anti-ballistic missile (ABM) is intended to intercept and destroy nuclear-armed ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) and prevent them from reaching their targets.

Washington claimed that the anti-ABM bases were not directed at Russia, but were for the protection of Europe against Iran’s nuclear ICBMs. Insouciant Americans might have believed this, but the Russians surely did not as Iran has neither ICBMs nor nuclear weapons.

The Russian government has made it clear that Russia understands the US bases are directed at preventing a Russian retaliation against a Washington first strike.

The Chinese government also is not stupid. The Chinese leadership understands that the reason for the N. Korean “crisis” is to provide cover for Washington to put anti-ballistic missile sites near China’s border.

In other words, Washington is creating a shield against nuclear retaliation from both Russia and China from a US nuclear strike against both countries....

I then looked at the comment sections on other sites that repost my columns, and there were the trolls hired by the CIA, Mossad, National Endowment for Democracy, George Soros, NATO, US State Department, and others denouncing me for promoting nuclear war. Of course, it is Washington that is promoting nuclear war, and it is Washington that has convinced Russia and China that a preemptive nuclear strike is in their future....

I seldom see an intelligent comment on websites that have comment sections. Most comments come from people too ashamed to speak in their real names and who are unwilling to provide their real email addresses. Almost all comments come from narcistic ignorant fools hiding behind fake names and fake email addresses and from paid trolls.

I don’t write in order to be slandered by paid trolls and ignorant narcissistic fools. I regard it as highly irresponsible for websites to undercut their writers with anonymous accusations and slander from no one knows who....

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.


Anonymous said...

"the reason for the N. Korean “crisis” is to provide cover for Washington to put anti-ballistic missile sites near China’s border"

Just like the PAP uses "exchange rate policy" to influence monetary conditions in Singapore, instead of using interest rates policy as all other countries do. Using interest rate policy would entail higher interests when need to tighten monetary policy. That would mean having to pay us higher interest rates on our CPF money. But using exchange rate policy would provide cover for them to keep the CPF interest rate at a low 2.5% for almost 2 decades for cheap funding.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1139am..,Please do not forget that 70% voted OK to this low interest rates!

They voted with their eyes opened!

Singapore is like that lah!

Anonymous said...

Just ask what it means if they cannot afford to raise interest rates for CPF savings.
Just ask what it means if they cannot tell you how much GIC and Temasek are making and how much they contributed to the country's coffer.
Just ask why there is a mad rush to increase taxes and fees all over the place.

If the garment is rich and having a lot of money, would they have to do such unpopular things? Would they touch the people's CPF, would they raise so many taxes and fees?

Anonymous said...

You need to create a lot of low paying, humiliating and mindless jobs(your ministers would rather be jobless then to take on dead man's work) to support and fund the rich. As a result, more than half of the population will be psychologically, physically and mentally wasted by the time they reach 50s. Many will be today's old, cognitively degenerated and incapable of taking care of themselves in their autumn years. They will be abandoned and left to die alone because no one can bear the sight of seeing their own future in them.

These are the ravages of destructive economic development which is more fluff and gloss than substance.

"Lonely and 'waiting to die', Singapore's elderly poor find hope in many helping hands
Poor health and mental illness isolate them from society. But a widening community network is striving to ease their loneliness and make sure they're taken care of, in their final years.

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/lonely-and-waiting-to-die-singapore-s-elderly-poor-find-hope-in-8844768"

Paid helpers(why are they mostly fat?) are as good as hiring foreigners to cook local food which is generally awful.

In the first place, the leaders are to be blamed for the people's sad state of mental and physical health because they pursued self interests at the expense/health/lives of the people they led. Furthermore, the damages in their lives are mostly irreversible. You are mocking them with miserly help to dress up your own sins

For the wages of Sin is death.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16 pm.

Well said.
However, do remember that majority of Sinkies
voted to be treat sadistically themselves.
Maybe most Sinkies are sadistic themselves by nature.

Anonymous said...

Good news !

North Korea may have developed a new kind of missile!

Pyongyang fired what appeared to be a new type of ballistic missile Sunday. Japan’s defence minister said the missile had reached an altitude of 2,000km on its 700km journey.

David Wright, a physicist and missile expert, wrote on the All Things Nuclear blog that had the missile been fired on a lower trajectory, it could have flown as far as 4,500km, putting the U.S. territory of Guam within range!

Anonymous said...

China and Russia should help NK to develop longer range ballistic missles to reach the whole of Continental USA.

China and Russia should develop nuclear submarines to surround the whole of Continental USA.

China and Russia should help Latin America, especially Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Cuba and Mexico to develop nuclear and anti-nuclear capabilities to counter the CONTINUOUS THREATS of USA's Doctrine of Perpetual War and Aggressive Intimidation of Weaker States.

Ultimately, the Bigger Nations of the World should be united with A Single Purpose: To Totally Destroy EVIL USA AT ALL COSTS!

Anonymous said...

..... continuing from Part 10 @ 12.10am 15 May 2017 from the 14 May 2017 post: "When Globalisation Makes A Sham of National Policies"

Part 11:

NoboLEE in this world, in his right frame of mind, would buy a bulldozer for its sake and park it in his garage or HDB carpark, right?

Who ever did that?

Pls kee chiu ........

Growing the GDP through (the unsustainable kintergarden route of) capital accumulation means adding many bulldozers to the economy?

But, alas, even 5 bulldozers are 4 too many for Muthu the solitary construction worker at the work site?

So this is the easy path (to GDP growth) that any student with minimal or some knowledge of economics would know how to craft some (kintergarden) economic policy (if it can be called one?)?

In 1990, after LaoGoa took over the baton, several structural framework were changed that led to a massive property bubble that burst in 1997 ..........?

It went into a vicious cycle of more bulldozers, more Muthus ....... etc?

With the man-made demand for properties, more and more foreign workers were brought in from 1990 onwards so much so that the population jumped from 3 million to 4 million by the end of the decade, an increase of more than 33% (over a relatively short period of 10 years) ..........?

Now, which country in the world history (during peace time) witnessed its population shot up by more than 1/3 over a single decade .........?

Who can even name a few examples (during peace time) in the 5,000 years recorded history, much less in the last 50 to 100 years modern history (except obviously after a major war such as WW2)?

Pls kee chiu ........

How bad is this vicious cycle of capital input, labour input fed (unsustainable) economic growth through capital accumulation and population growth?

Inada Conditions means the economic situation of 5 bulldozers to one Muthu must lead to marginal product of capital (MPK) of the 2nd to 5th bulldozer tending to zero?

So what next?

Students with basic economics would probably know?

To bring about economic growth, add 10 Muthus to the 5 bulldozers ratio?

With this cycle, now the economic situation of capital inefficiency is reversed?

To be continued in Part 12 ......

Anonymous said...

... continuing Part 11 @ 4.03am

Part 12:

Instead of MPK (marginal product of labour) tending to zero, now MPL (marginal product of labour) tends to zero?

11 Muthus to 5 bulldozers means 6 Muthus are standing there watching while the other 5 Muthus are sitting on the bulldozers (regardless of their productivity such as per hour work rate, whether they are reckless and plunge the excavators into some telecommunications fibre cabling network or some power grid electrical cables network tripping major power source or rendering some telecommunication network paralysed)?

So to make the redundant 6 Muthus productive and having a high MPL, more bulldozers (again) have to be added?

So it is a big vicious cycle and a rapidly inflating property bubble is inevitable?

As mentioned in Part 3 to Part 8, growing an economy via capital accumulation is not a very clever or sustainable path?

Every block of flats and condos built means depreciation kicks in the following year onwards?

With or without occupation, atrophy sets in naturally and huge sum of yearly savings in the economy or massive borrowings will be diverted just to maintain and offset the depreciation of such residential capital due to natural atrophy or wear and tear?

For example, for analysis purpose, if 50% of this year economic output is saved for capital investment to cater for depreciation and population growth just for capital investment to reach breakeven level, more than 50% (eg. 55%) of next year economic output or GDP would need to be saved to cover depreciation etc bcos the buildings and condos completed this year will be added to the capital stock and given a bigger caputal stock next year, more $$$ will be needed to be diverted to maintain a larger capital stock next year?

But where does the $$$ come from?

Drop from the sky?

Or from the savings in the economy?

Or borrowings from overseas(aka external debts)?

Eventually, 100% of GDP or income is needed to be saved and diverted to breakeven investment to replace capital depreciation and 0% is used for consumption?

So no need to eat le?

Cannot be, right?

Otherwise all monthly incomes will go into say cpf "savings" with zero take home pay?

What next?

Raise taxes lor?

One minister say one story?

One said bcos cost of maintenance etc went up so water tax of 30% cannot be avoided?

Another said water is "existential"?

Yet another said bcos we are facing an aging population and health care costs are rising rapidly so need more tax revenue lor?

So which is which?

One of the reasons?

Or all of the reasons?

Or the ministers are contradicting each other while answering opposition MPs questions or during the COS (Committee of Supply) debates?

But whichever the reason, just the required $$$ to maintain an ever increasing capital stock on a path of economic growth through massive capital accumulation is mathematically unsustainable?

After 40% monthly compulsory cpf savings, piling various disguises of taxes on the masses would likely break the camels back (poor sinkies, they are not only dafts but daft camels?)?

Think about it?

Is such trajectory sustainable?

Is such economic growth sustainable?

And how about the tens of thousands of flats and condos built?

Are they going to stay vacant?

How to fill them up?

To be continued in Part 13 ......

Anonymous said...

... continuing Part 12 @ 4.24am

Part 13:

Why did the population go up by 33% or 1 million between 1990 to 2000 under LaoGoa's watch?

Why did the mrt keep breaking down after so much attention, publicity and efforts being made to avert such breakdown over the past decade but in vain?

Why can't the breakdown be averted anymore?

Can yew see the link?

Can yew see such (kintergarden) economic policy is not sustainable?

When the original mrt lines were built, the population was under 3 million in 1987 and projected to cater for a max population of 4 to 4.5 million?

Alas, 4 million was breached in the year 2000 and 4.5 million was breached in 2005 ........

A vicious cycle means inevitably the economy is trapped and the only way forward is to keep adding population, adding more capital till it reached a tipping scale (& a point of no return)?

And then what next?

Can the population growth stop?

Can the capital accumulation stop?

Can the constant mrt breakdown stop?

Can the unsustainable capital accumulation-population growth vicious cycle stop?

What next for the economy?

If the above-mentioned cannot stop, what happens next?

Where to find more savings when it is already one of the highest in the world with the bulk of sinkies lifetime savings imprisoned in the form of cpf savings?

So it explains why the 30% water tax levied recently, 20% carpark fees increase in Dec 2016, electricity increase, town council fees increase ....... etc etc?

Can yew all see what is going to happen over the next 10 years? 15 years? 20 years? 30 years?

To be continued in Part 14 .....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The most dangerous country in the world that is threatening war and the destruction of this world is the USA. With the thousands of nuclear weapons it has amassed, it is using this superiority to threaten every country with nuclear destruction.

The only way to save and protect this world is not to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula but to denuclearise the whole world starting with the USA. The Americans must not be allowed to keep building up its nuclear arsenal to such a point that it can use it freely on any other country.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft blamed the U.S. government’s “stockpiling” of cyber weapons for facilitating attacks such as the WannaCry ransomware that has run rampant in recent days.

But Western media sought to deflect blame from the U.S. government, accusing North Korea instead for the spread of ransomware!