Donald Trump - Would he be the number One villian in human civilisation?

As the Washington rakes up the tension of war in Korea, the Americans are chuckling in glee as if they are about to watch another Hollywood war movie when the Americans would turn out victorious and the victims wiped out forever. And they could pop champagne and bath in the glories of more war heroes. The rest of the world is watching silently with disinterest as if it is a non event, it does not involve them, does not affect them and their lives will go on as per normal. This did not prevent AFP from another report to demonise North Korea with the heading, "N Korea the 'greatest threat' faced by US" or should it be "USA the 'greatest threat' to N Korea and human civilisation'?

The war hawks in Washington are shouting war, beating the drums of war. But do they know what this war means? The weapons available to both combatants are unthinkable that no sane men or women would ever think that the damage would be bearable and acceptable. Each nuclear bomb on a major city could wipe out tens of millions of people in a scale never before seen or experienced in human history. Imagine the world without Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, without Seoul, without Pyongyang, without New York, Washington, LA, Chicago and many big cities in the countries engaged in this war.  And this is only a conservative estimate of the destruction. Should China and Russia get into the picture, the USA, Russia, China and Europe could go up in smokes.

What is the reason, the unacceptable and intolerable reason that makes this war unavoidable? No, the North Koreans are not threatening to attack anyone with nuclear weapons. The North Koreans are developing their own nuclear weapons for their own defence, to be able to retaliate should the Americans attack them. The North Koreans are in no position to go to war with the Americans and hope to survive a holocaust. The North Koreans are not mad and stupid to want to do that, to invite their own destruction. They are trying their best to develop a little insurance against the daily threats of an American invasion.

The really mad and warlike monsters are those in power in the White House and Washington and in Tokyo. These people think it is ok, alright, reasonable, acceptable, to start a nuclear war with the North Koreans, that the destruction and potential loss of tens of millions of lives, even threatening the existence of human civilisation just to stop the North Koreans from developing their small defence capability against an attack by the Americans and Japanese is worth it.

They believe in their own madness, that the Korean leaders are mad people and wanting to attack the Americans and it is right and good to destroy the Korean people now, even risking losing tens of millions of Americans, Japanese and South Koreans. This is the real madness, the real threat to the killings of millions of people on a false belief and assumption by a few mad people.

Would Trump really want to do this and become the greatest villian in human history and civilisation? Does he appreciate how serious and destructive is this war out of nothing but an imagined and self created fear of a straw man? When the nuclear button is pushed, there is no end to how many nuclear bombs would be fired and how many cities would be no more.

How sane or insane are those people in Washington and the White House? Should they be locked up forever before they destroy this world and this civilisation all because of a red herring? Tillerson spoke at the UN urging the world to act against the North Koreans before catastrophic consequences happened. He is now rounding up the stupid Asean countries to help the Americans to destroy North Korea, a standard trick used over and over again against small countries. Would the Asean leaders be smart enough to see through this devious strategy and be aware that they too would one day be demonized just like North Korea?
The reality is that catastrophic consequences would happen if the Americans attack the North Koreans now. If not, no catastrophic consequences will happen and the status quo will remain, the world will stay in peace. It is the Americans that are going to start a mad war of unimaginable consequences. Who would be there to stop these mad men and women in Washington? Who is there to stop Donald Trump from becoming the number one villain of human civilization?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Who in Asean would be next to be demonised? Myanmar just got a reprieve. Would it be the Ppines, Indonesia or Malaysia? Or would Singapore be demonised by the USA one day?

virgo49 said...

Now Trump on USS Intrepid live harping on the heros of Australians and Americans fighting side by side of their glorious wars round the world.

We are bros and sis in our nation's interests but not other nation's interests.

Now boasting of how they bombed the countries that they had shed others blood.

The farking Americans and whites are war mongers and loved to kill calling themselves Patriots.

May disasters both natural and those countries that are able to fight against them put them and their nations into oblivion.

Now he swears His Almighty God that even Kong Hee Fatt Choy cannot beat him.

Ending God Loved the Americans and the Australians and God saved them.

North Korea gonna go into suicide gear to grant your wish.

Together with those who are for them.

That's includes the bananas.

virgo49 said...

Mathits or Mati summoning the Asean Stooges to Washington to ask them for us or against us.

Myanmar said not attending.

Sinkieland, with salivia drippings from his mouth barked in approval.

Dinner at white house wah so grand.

Durete pui your water face.

Pinky looong scared of regime change so kwa kwa got to bark loud loud.

They wants status quo at home to enjoy their wealth whereas you go overseas and lose your organs.

Anonymous said...

The only head of state in Asean that Trump respects is Duterte. He left Trump holding the door but refuse to go crawling at the becks and calls of the Emperor. The next is likely to be Aung San Suu Kyi. I am not your doggie, you call I must come?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1003am said that the only head of state in Asean that Trump respects is Duterte.

Are you sure? Respect D for what?

All the leaders are sama sama. Plenty of talks and "waste-time" actions!

At the end.......nothing nothing nothing good for their people!

Wayang wayang only lah!

Anonymous said...

Duterte would show Trump the middle finger if Trump talks nonsense to him or shows disrespect to him just like he did to Obama, Trump's enemy.

Anonymous said...

No war lah. All these are noise. Beating own drums to make one brave and intimidate others. There is nothing worth fighting for in NK unless oil fields in Arab countries.

Anonymous said...


Yes! All politicians are the sama sama!

Talk only..,, no war!

No one has the balls to start it!

They are politicians afterall!

Don't blame them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think so too. It is so lucky that the North Koreans have a few nuclear bombs to scare the shit out of their enemies. Imagine if the North Koreans did not have the bombs today, they would be like Iraq and Libya and Kim Jong Un would have been dead.

Virgo49 said...

Now North Korea reported that CIA planning a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

They can always bribe the very own citizens in any country to stir shits and caused unrest.

That is their dirtiest plots of their organisation.

That's why Pinky got to lick their balls to enjoy what's they been having or fear of also been killed. Assassinated the term only for Prominent Statesman.