Conversation with a Chinese national

I was having my lunch in a kopitiam when this Chinese national came calling me uncle and asking for permission to share the table. I did not push him away, scold him or nudge him from behind. I said ok and we had a little conversation. I did most of the listening as there was so much to learn from someone who was willing to share.

He said Xi Jinping has stopped all educational trips of Chinese officials coming to Singapore to learn the Singapore way. China had learnt a lot in the early days and now found that the current Singapore way is not what China needs or wants.

He spoke on many issues but most important of which is how China treats its oldies. China also has their version of CPF system whereby an employee would contribute 2% of his income and the employer 19%. Then the province, county and town or village would contribute the balance 79% to the fund. And at age 60, the oldies would be paid an allowance for life. He mentioned something like 4,000 rmb, not sure it was a month or a year. He added that the oldies are the happiest people in China, and the richest, that is why they are indulging in all kinds of leisure pastimes and travelling. And their children love them as they are not burdens to them, when the state is looking after them.

The oldies need not worry about pawning their homes to keep themselves alive. It is the duty of the state to look after them. The longer they live the more they enjoy the state pension. How’s that compare to our CPF, used to be a model formula for others to emulate but now turning foul. Got money but cannot touch, your own money but now some said not your money.

And how’s that compare to our oldies having to collect cardboard and pushing trolleys, or spending time in kopitiams to clean tables and wash plates to past their times? Some said to exercise while the Chinese oldies are doing line dancing in the parks?

This guy came from Xian in 2003 and was earning about $3k to $4k as a lorry driver. Now he said things are not so good and he is getting slightly more than $2k. Oh, he said in Xian, public transport is 1rmb per trip regardless of how long is the journey. How’s that? And they need not kpkb every now and them to raise fare to improve quality of service.

This is China practicing its socialist ideas, that the country or govt’s primary duty is to take care of the people’s welfare and well being. As China gets richer, more will be distributed to the people for them to live better and to live well. Not to be distributed to their leaders to make them millionaires. Xi Jinping said, if you want to get rich, don't join politics.

The happy Singaporeans would say Singapore is better. Singaporean oldies have pride and love to work until they die, to be independent and can exercise some more. And happy Singaporeans would continue to vote for their efficient and caring govt to look after them the way the govt knows best, especially their CPF savings, always there even after they died. For the money can only could not be used except for compulsory schemes. Singaporeans would not want the way China is looking after their oldies and their lifelong savings.

Tiok boh?


Anonymous said...

/// Singaporeans would not want the way China is looking after their oldies and their lifelong savings. ///

Do you think this should be corrected as:
"PAPayas would not want the way China is looking after their oldies and their lifelong savings."

Singaporeans do not matter because slaves do not matter.
Only the PAPayas and what they want, matter.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Part 1:

In 1990, one average 4 rm flat was less than $100k?

By 1996 at its peak (in that cycle or property bubble), one average 4 rm flat was inflated to $300k+?

How could an average heartlander's salary go up by 350% within 6 years based on an average annual increment of 3%?

Taking compounded rate, the average salary increase would be around 1.194 times in 1996 as in 1990 (based on annual average increment of 3%)?

In other words, average salary between 1990 to 1996 rose only 19.4% as compared to hdb housing prices which shot through the roof by about 350% (based on an average 4 rm flat prices in 1990 and 1996).

The oldies generation was very pappy ..... oops ....... happy bcos they could monetise their flats at few thousand percent (profits) assuming they bought their flats in the 1970s/ early 1980s?

Lest they (din) realise, they are actually selling such inflated prices to their (own blood and flesh) children generation?

No matter what, their offspring have to buy it at such (sky-high) current prices?

This implies whatever (massive) windfall oldies gotten or will get are from the future generations?

What is wrong?


Moderate price increase is probably tenable as a society but 350% asset inflation within 6 years?

Which part of the world and history can a society ingest ridiculous asset inflation at such gargantuan quantum and be sustainable in the long run?

What contributed to such a policy?


Infinitely greedy politicians ..............?

Laogoa and his cohort dug the grave for future generations le?

In 1990, the TFR was 1.8?

By 2004, the TFR had plummeted to 1.25?

So can u see the picture?

Leg open big big policy started in 1990?

Population jumped from 3 million in 1990 to 4 million by 2000?

Can u see how "evil" the policy was?

On one side rampant runaway housing cost and with it the reverberating and rippling effect on all other costs, ie, cost of living shot up at astronomical rate. Thus, the "demand" to produce babies plummeted like a stone thrown off a cliff?

Simple "O" and "A" Level Economics? Quantity demanded is inversely related to prices......

If Mao Shan Wang durian prices shot up 350% from $12 per kg to $42 per kg, what will be the new quantity demanded?

Also shoot up in direct proportion or in inverse relation?

So cost of living is indirect and direct cost to having a baby and thus TFR plummeted to 1.25 in the 2000s?

The free market is not perfect but distortion to it (such as the deadly man made asset inflation between 1990-1996 period) would likely lead to dire consequences down the road?

So now the average market affordability per couple to have a child is about 1.2 TFR?

No matter what fart baby bonuses are rolled out, they are futile cos it is monetary wise, one kuey sick (chicken wing) vs at least 1000 whole chickens to raise a child in sin city?

Fast forward to 2030, 40 years after laogoa asset inflation policy the market and social fabric are likely to be totally distorted liao by then?

Anonymous said...

Yes! 新加坡是天堂! 新加坡是天堂!

Yes! 如果新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂? Tell me lah!

Yes! We have the best-EST govt in the world.

Yes! Our politicians are the best-EST in the world, highest paid!

Yes! The govt is very very kind and very very caring to the masses.

Yes! There are a lot of generous welfare schemes for the masses to apply.

Yes! What else can you asked for!

So......worry not worry not

With these leaders.....明天会更好! 明天会更好!


Anonymous said...

..... continuing @ 10.17am

Part 2:

The other side of the "evil" policy is to massively ramp up foreign influx.

Under GKS watch, population grew from abt 2 million in 1960 to abt 3 million in 1990. The increase was about 1 million mostly through natural birth rate of sinkies over that 30 years period

Under laogoa watch, by 2004, the population stood at about 4.4 million? The increase was abt 1.4 million between 1990 to 2004. Just 14 years (under laogoa) but the increase was almost 1.5 times more than the previous 30 years period (under GKS). The main reason? Laogoa instant noodles ...... oops ..... instant trees policy?

Will laogoa be seen as a genius or a villain by future generations, time will tell ........

So are the 3rd world foreigners so rich that they can afford sky high housing cost?

Obviously this is not the case?

Look around many mass market condos and see for yourself how many units are partitioned and stacked with double-deck bunk beds in every inch and corner of each unit .......

Many (lower-level) foreigners also followed suit and used hdb flats (as a cash cow or atm to milk $$$) by housing people from their own countries?

NoboLEE cares?

At some hdb units, if anyboLEE bothers to station nearby and observe, one will likely notice 20 to 30 different occupants staying in each unit?

How they do it?

There are many foreign students studying in the sin city?

Some use the children studying here to rent 1 whole unit lor cos parents can stay as dependent pass holder mah until they find a job?

Once came across a 15-yo 3rd world student's wallet everyday bulging with a thick stash of $50 notes .......

One day ask him how come put so much cash in wallet as a sch boy, he said tenants pay rental de, he helping his parents to collect from tenants .......


Free education in sin city one month still can make a few thousand $$$?

And so many of these students have PR?

Sinkies are real daft lah?

With sky high property prices and cost of living, how can their offsprings survive in sin city in the long run with 2 children?

And become minority by 2025/ 2030 but have to do NS?



Impossible lah?

As one Patrait in msn said, average sinkies will be slaves to the system forever?

The 3rd world fake talents and students can always return to their cheap cheap home land with the piles they made in sin dollars and live like a king

Sinkies and their future generations will be stuck with high cost of living and when they are old, sky high health care cost becos in 10 more years, oldies above 65 will number almost 1 million vs current 400,000, implying 250% increase but the number of beds, hospitals, healthcare services increase by only about 20 to 40%?

In 10 years time, pity those sinkies going hospital A & E deots and waiting for treatments or beds ......

After admission, what will be the waiting time and at what cost?

Under present circumstances, A & E cost already went up from $70 to $115, an increase of more than 50%? Some frens who went to A&E in recent months kena waiting times (for treatment) of 3 to 5 hrs ...... Waiting time for beds lagi worst .......?

In 10 years times, with onset of silver tsunami and foreign population influx, there will be almost 1 million oldies above 65 and at least about 6.6 to 6.7 million population (up 1 million from current 5.6 milliin), what would the health care cost be given healthcare supply increase crawls like a tortoise?

Anonymous said...

...... continuing Part 2 @ 10.35am

Part 3:

The above (@ 10.17am & 10.35am) are just 5 main aspects in 1) sky-high housing costs; 2) unbearable living costs; 3) plummeting and irreversible TFR; 4) exponential increase in old age healthcare demand but met by anaemic supply (so far); and 5) unabated precarious dilution of sinkies core by endless influx.

How about economics, one of the best performing barometers and one of the strongholds of the last 58 years since GKS came to power in 1959?

After his retirement and without his expertise, it was downhill all the way?

Who thinks a highly trained and successful ex-lawyer is better than GKS as an economist, in economics and in economic numbers and policy making?

Pls kee chiu?


After 1984 when GKS vountarily or otherwise relinquished his role as the economic tsar of this 20th century economic miracle earning it many nicknames such as Little Asian Dragon, Asian Tiger, NIC, NIE etc, who took over the baton?

Alas, looking at current numbers and statistics, probably someboLEE not trained in economics or never practise good economics?

In essence, GDP is equal to the aggregate output in an economy (and usually output is termed production in economic terms and denoted by Y).

Y, in simplified form can be expressed as a function of 2 key factors of production namely capital [K] (aka machineries, factories, cars, lorries, trucks, roads, buses, mrt, residential housings, handphones, computers, lifts, vacuums, irons, aircons, fans, aeroplanes etc etc) and labour [L or N] ( L denotes labour force and N workers number]. Thus, a simplified production function (but very useful illustration) is analytically written as:

Y = F(K, L) [or in some version = F(K, N)

An economist in the past studied the empirical evidences of many countries across the world over 60 years and arrived at several stylised facts.

In short, one of the conclusions is an economy would reach a steady state eventually and one of the policies-making aims is to maximise economic welfare for the population at this steady state.

..... to be cont'd in Part 4.

Anonymous said...

Part 4 (continuing @ 10.40am):

Economic welfare, at the end of the day, is about people. Thus, economic welfare is measured in terms of the level of consumption enjoyed by the people in an economy. Consumption, on the other day, is a function of the level of GDP or economic output or production in a country (which is denoted by Y above) as well as a function of capital (as denoted in K above).

How about the other factor of production, namely labour?

Well, economists are not stupid and many if not most are well-trained in Math and Statistics.

So they converted the aggregate production function into intensive form (to make life easier for themselves, of course, but unfortunately many students still struggle like crazy in uni economics, not counting those other discipline undergraduates such as law, medicine, business who also struggled in despair almost till the end in A-Level Economics but probably were salvaged by last minute intensive tuition? ......)

Using Y = F(K, L), dividing both sides (of the equation) by L (the labour force) yields:

Y/L = F(K/ L, L/L)

What is Y/L?

It means GDP per capita or Y per worker, ie, output per worker.

Similarly, K/L means capital per worker.

What does it mean and what is its use?

Using layman terms, simply an example can be the number of computers or handphones or cars or tablet PCs a person has which is denoted by K/L.

What use does this analysis have in policy making?


If u can follow, u will see how it works out below and what implications to the people's economic welfare when laogoa ...... oops ...... politicians screwed it up ......?

Y/L in algebraic notation is written as (lower case) y.

Likewise, K/L denoted as (lower case) k.

Thus the above equation can be re-written algebraically as:

y = F(k, 1) where [Y/L=y, K/L=k and L/L=1]

The above can be algebraically simplified as:

y = f(k)

Verbally, it means output or GDP per worker is a function of capital (input) per worker.

To be cont'd in Part 5:

Anonymous said...

Part 5 (Continuing @ 10.47am):

Given this output per worker function of y = f(k), mathematically it looks like GDP per capita can keep increasing and a garmen economic policy-making would be a piece of cake by increasing k which is capita per worker?

It is not (obviously)?

This type of policy-making is not sustainable and most of the times would likely end up in "tears" (and economic dead end as seen in Japan in the past 25 years)?


Using the above example (in Part 4), productiveness of a secretary would shoot up when she is empowered with the first computer, first handpone, first tablet etc

So y or GDP per capita shoots up when k is increased for the 1st time.

But after that, what happens if k keep increasing?

Using another example, imagine empowering one neh construction worker with 5 bulldozers (instead of one)?

The ah neh construction worker can only use 1 bulldozer (at a time) and the other 4 bulldozers will just sit there (idling) at the construction site.

That is where the interesting part comes in......

And the complications too .......


The first bulldozer manned by one neh would increase GDP per capita (y) by the amount of work he completed each day.

So graphically y=f(k) should be linear and upward sloping (and GDP per capita will keep growing and everyboLEE pappy ...... oops ..... happy liao cos jiat baey liao)?

Answer is (hell) no!

y or GDP per capita grows linearly when the 1st bulldozer is added but when the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th bulldozer in the above example are added, what happens graphically? Is it still a linear, upward sloping production per worker function or GDP per capita function?

Obviously not?

Btw, if u google or read up Ben Bernanke or Paul Krugman or any other Nobel Prize winning Economics Professor textbooks, it will not be explained in such layman terms but confirmed in a way 99.99% of the population won't understand and thus "give up after 15 mins"?

(Hopefully, mee is doing better and most oldies and readers can still follow thus far ........?)

And often the Econs Professors might jump a few steps (in their textbook algebraic equations) assuming readers are PhD students and expert in Calculus and Statistics as such disciplines are pre-requisites for Intermediate Economics onwards ......

To be cont'd in Part 6 (mb this afternoon or tmr or next week ......)

Btw, Happy Vesak Day!!!

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Nice 6 parter. Good on you to get the link between demography and cost of living.

Anonymous said...

Singapore to ban “misleading” advertisement to discourage sales of expensive milk powder

Milk powder is the most expensive in the world in Singapore and prices have inflated at least 120% in the past 10 years.

For example, Aptamil Gold for aged 6-12 months is selling for AUD$24.69 in local Chemist Warehouse store in Australia. However for the same range, it is selling for at least twice the price at S$54.00 in local NTUC supermarket in Singapore.


So you see.
Singapore sells the most expensive milk powder in the world because of mis-leading advertisement.
And not because NTUC has accidentally priced the milk powder too expensively.

Good thing we have PAP's high priced Singaporean talents to guide us in the correct way to think about the issues.

Anonymous said...

How’s that compare to our CPF...Got money but cannot touch, your own money but now some said not your money.

Aiyo, not all see it that way lah.

Uncle RB, do u know that a lot of oldies don't even want to withdraw their CPF, even though they can do so?

Simply because CPF pay good interest of 2.5 to 4% pa on your money mah. Which bank will give this type of FD rate, u tell me lah?

Of course these oldies, besides having lots of money in their CPF, also have lots of money in their bank account. So they use their bank account money for expenses lor.

For instance ex Presidential candidate TKL shared in his FB that he used cash to pay for medical expenses, even though allowed to use his Medisave. Medisave account pay 4% interest u know. So I believe other smart Sinkie oldies also did the same, even though they may be anti PAP.

So oldie or not, just be smart in Sinkieland and u will have lots of money and no need to use CPF. And I believe smart Sinkies are a majority. This is one reason why, and despite all the kpkb, PAP can still win elections, and win big some more.

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 11:33 am

Besides the most expensive milk powder in the world.
Do you think Singapore also has the most expensive public housing in the world?

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 11:33 am

Besides the most expensive milk powder in the world.
Do you think Singapore also has the most expensive Ministers (government) in the world?

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 11:37 am

World's most expensive Mental Masturbators

Anonymous said...

Better to listen to a story from a rich man. His tongue was on fire when he told his story.

Even when the rich old man is long dead and buried or returned to dust, he will never rest in peace like those who died feeding on crumb which falls from the rich man's table.

He must have said a lot of ungodly things with his tongue during his reign and the good life he gave himself. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

His Son carries his legacy is it? LoL

Anonymous said...

The rich man is tormented day and night. The poor shall be avenged.

Anonymous said...

Wow.,let's migrate to China then...but China won't wan a Sinkie Chinese unless u r of economic use..the China Chinese will treat these Sinkies Chinese as pauper, leper, parasites & even use the so call 'means-testing' onto these Sinkies Chinese so as not a burden to them..& Chinese will not take in Ah Long San & his family memembers & kakis cos they r consider rejects under the old Qing Dynasty system & wanna milk their socialist system is fat hope..China will shout Ah Long back --" go follow law Lah..u dump ass..Ah Dou.."..

Anonymous said...

all nations will burn lah. Just watch

Anonymous said...

Liar Liar pants on fire.

Now we have..liar liar tongue on fire ;)

Anonymous said...

What did the gatekeeper said to the rich man?

Thou shall not anyhow mess with people, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Free lunch anybody? HaHaHa

Anonymous said...

If China is so good, then why so many PRCs want to come to work and live in Sinkieland hah?

If PAP is so bad, why so many Sinkies still want to vote for PAP hah?

Can someone explain it in a simple way? My simple mind cannot understand leh.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are detestable creatures. Anybody knows why?

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain it in a simple way?
12:39 pm

Let me try.

China has 1.37 billion population. So cannot all of them having good life mah. So those who do not will come to Sinkieland to have better life lah. And some more PAP welcome them, so why not?

Sinkieland has 5.5 million population. But also cannot all of them suffer from money no enough mah. So those who got money and good life will vote PAP lah. And some more if they are the majority, then PAP win liao lor.

So hope my explanation is simple and clear.

Anonymous said...

China’s new political thriller is no House of Cards but their people believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.39pm

These China Chinese came to Sinkingland because the Sinkies Govt & employers have beg them to come here as they r fasterer, cheaperer & betterer than Sinkies. Look at the China table tennis players they r all paid by our Garmen, even scholars brought from China, workers also brought by Sinkingland employers here to leech the system & even prostitutes Meh Meh r from Cheena... u see most or all commoners Sinkies won't wan them to come here & steal away their own lunches..as wat the Leeder said Sinkies worker need to learn the skills of stealing away others people lunches, which is why Cheena people r wanted here --- to teach Sinkies how to steal ur lunches else Sinkies r all dafts & living in a protected slumber..

Anonymous said...

But some idiot still respect and says Laogoa is a good leader with his asset enchancement on HDB. He is the one together with George Yeo signed the CECA with India and open the floodgate for foreign talents into Singapore .
Ha ! Stupid Singaporean now deserve to be screw .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are detestable creatures. Anybody knows why?
May 10, 2017 12:41 pm

You want to know why? Just read comments from 1:18pm and a few others. Just show how daft they are. These Chinese nationals stealing their lunches when they are working as lorry drivers, as hawkers, in Geylang? Fucking twits don't even know who is stealing their lunches.

They want to fight with these Chinese nationals to be lorry drivers, to be hawkers, to be in Geylang? Uncle is very right. Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.37pm

The final outcome will be all Sinkieland's China will be all replaced by China PRC Chinese in tine to come...a Sinkieland Chinese genocide or Sinkieland's Indian be replaced by India Indian - Sinkieland's Indian genocide.. In a not distant future Sinkieland become PRC Chinese & India Indian, only race that survive r Sinkieland's Malay & Eurasians cos they r the protected race...it's become Mati-puraland or Rojiakpore.

Anonymous said...

We have the best cpf scheme in the world! World Best!

To some, can see cannot touch. If the funds in the cpf accounts toooooooooooo low!

To some, can see oso can touch. Funds in the cpf accounts......exceeded the retirement amount.

So........we must 3Ms! If don't 3Ms, how to survive on this tiny rock.

Remember......no money no talk......you die your business!

Any choice?! Any choice?!

Anonymous said...

Poor Donald Low. Second time apology. The first time, even the law minister can smell the insincerity. The second time? Still not good enough Mr Low. You should eat humble pie and direct your apology to the good people's judgment(the people) Mr Sham was referring or paying heed to.

You serve the people, not Mr Sham

You have shown you don't have a good head on you, despite the apology.

The people ought to be very afraid of your kind permeating the corridors and hidden chambers of govt.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of yellow bellied people working in govt apparently. Who they apologise to is tell tale sign

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 250pm......very sorry.....this is what I called "Eat-Full-Very-Free"!

Dont anyhow talk talk and write write!

This is Singapore! Singapore.........HOME!

Anonymous said...

"Got money but cannot touch, your own money but now some said not your money."

The PAP wanted to say that our CPF money is not our money, but to avoid backlash they used a NCMP whom they've appointed to say it . . .

Anonymous said...

America is run and ruled by rogues, crooks and scoundrels. As far as senior positions are concerned there is no difference between public and private sectors. The crooks in Wall Street, big banks, big business, big corporations and huge conglomerates can pay themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries and perks at the expense of the companies and share holders. When their positions are untenable they can always join the government as senior officers. Similarly when as government officers their positions become untenable they will go back to the private sectors big businesss organisations.

A country or two in South East Asia reflect a similar image of American where the political party in power sets no limits in stealing from the country to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Greed, stealing and cheating are the values they learn from America.

b said...

One day China will also cry ''money not enough'' because too many old people to feed while too few people working because of the one child policy. Its just a matter of time. Many chinese know that and are trying to get out of china that is why so many living in us, can, aus and nz.

b said...

Of course these days they can kill old people easily with a pill. They are totalitarians and anything can happen to project a good picture of communisim.

b said...

Of course they also do that in europe where they have euthanasia so the pensions funds can grab the pensions once the old people died. They do everything to make themselves rich and project a good image. Politicians whether comm or not also cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Who said this, "What's wrong in taking more money from the people?"
After increasing all the taxes and increasing charges on electricity and water they promote themselves in ranks . With promotion in ranks there goes an upsurge in the large increase of their salaries. Yet they try to hide from the people that they are promoting their ministers without revealing the upsurge in their salaries. This is terrible and it shows they have no conscience for their extreme greed and avarice while thousands of our citizens can't even make both ends meet.

Politics of fear have taken hold on the 70% Singaporeans who are detered from voting opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

Does Singapore need 30 ministers and 91 MPs? It is a sure waste of our limited resources.

Anonymous said...

Good that you know how to distinguish those who anyhow talk and write. See, you are not influenced like many smart sinkies(authorities need not be too worried because they have educated sinkies well). Carry on, you have my blessings

Anonymous said...

How much is Josephine's salary PER DAY now that she's promoted to full minister ???

Anonymous said...

Why worry about this and that?

Why worry about the future.

Enjoy the present! Be happy!

船到桥头自然直! 船到桥头自然直!

儿孙自有儿孙福! 儿孙自有儿孙福!


Anonymous said...

Yes...eat,drink and be merry. Going to watch Alien movie soon kekeke

Anonymous said...

Does Singapore need 30 ministers and 91 MPs? It is a sure waste of our limited resources.
May 10, 2017 3:32 pm

Singapore and Singaporeans do not need 30 ministers and 91 MPs.
- But PM Lee needs all of them since he created all these positions

Do you think it is because Mental Masturbation requires a lot of work?
- How to say all the things they say with a straight face without laughing?
- sex in small spaces
- GST is to help the poor
- collect cardboxes to get exercise

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, carry on beating up Amos for the world to see especially by people who don't anyhow talk and write hoooooor...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Mr Low also said that when he was out of a job in 2012, it was Mr Shanmugam who gave him a recommendation for his current position.
"I decided that I should come clean about someone who had in fact helped me, and I should set out the facts in public."

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/my-first-apology-was-insincere-donald-low-to-shanmugam-8833228

Kissing A$$ again

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.32 asked "Does Singapore need 30 ministers and 91 MPs?
It is a sure waste of our limited resources".

Don't question him like that lah! It is not very very polite!

In fact, we need more ministers. The more the better-est for the country!

They are all talents, specially selected!

They have to work very very very hard and their salaries are just competitive.

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 3:47 pm

does this show sham-mugam is a good judge of character?
is mr low grateful to sham?
does mr low's salary come from singaporeans' tax money?
is low grateful to sham or to singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 4:08 pm

Career Officials versus Political Appointees in Washington, D.C.

The federal bureaucracy in Washington, D.C., is composed of people who have chosen to pursue a career in government, as well as political appointees who enter government to serve a particular presidential administration.

Career officials enter government through competitive means (such as via exams and through open competition for vacancies), while political appointees are selected by the incumbent administration.

Appointees usually are selected on the basis of connections with a political party, be it through fundraising, campaign work, previous experience, or a particular political profile. Their role, essentially, is to provide top-down direction with respect to the political and policy priorities of the current president.

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 4:08 pm & May 10, 2017 4:19 pm

Is Mr low a career official or a political appointee?

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 3:47 pm

Do you think Mr Low has spent a lot of time Mental Masturbating over whether his first apology is sincere ???


Anonymous said...

Spoils system
In politics and government, a spoils system (also known as a patronage system) is a practice in which a political party, after winning an election, gives government civil service jobs to its supporters, friends and relatives as a reward for working toward victory, and as an incentive to keep working for the party
— as opposed to a merit system, where offices are awarded on the basis of some measure of merit, independent of political activity.

The term was used particularly in politics of the United States, where the federal government operated on a spoils system until the Pendleton Act was passed in 1883 due to a civil service reform movement.
Thereafter the spoils system was largely replaced by a nonpartisan merit at the federal level of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Which is better to safeguard Singapore's Reserves?
An elected Presidency or a tracking website of government spending?

For The First Time, You Can Track Every Dollar The Government Spends (Website)
Despite paying trillions in Federal taxes every year, Americans' requests for a clear, detailed breakdown of where their money goes every year, have gone unanswered and been ignored by both Republican and Democrat administrations for one simple reason:
transparency has an unpleasant way of mutating into accountability, which is the scariest thing imaginable for any career politician.

Not any more.

On Tuesday, the US Treasury launched a new website designed to track virtually every dollar - out of roughly $4 trillion - in federal spending.

The new website, Beta.USAspending.gov, was created to put data into the hands of taxpayers by empowering them to track how their tax dollars are spent.

The site is designed to follow federal agency spending and, for the first time, links spending data to awards distributed by the government.

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 5:32 pm

For The First Time, You Can Track Every Dollar The Government Spends (Website)


Anonymous said...

I still think the Singapore system is much better. Collecting cardboard, cleaning tables at foodcourts and washing dishes are good jobs for oldies in Singapore. Driving taxis also not too bad. Redbean, please stop kpkb and enjoy the golden years ahead and do not always sow dissatisfactions.

Anonymous said...

In China, they don't call it Sin City, they call it Forbidden City. LoL. The Chinese would do well if they go and spend sometime deciphering ancient writings. In Sin City, they are drinking,eating and merry making but in China, Forbidden City is no longer forbidden to enter. With money, you can buy yourself into the Forbidden city lol

Anonymous said...

Another nuclear accident - this time in USA
"Serious Situation" After Tunnel Collapse At WA Nuclear Facility; Evacuation Ordered, No-Fly Zone In Place


Do you think PAP is a pro-nuclear energy government?
Do you think we should vote Opposition in GE 2020 to keep Singapore a nuclear-free zone?

Anonymous said...

Reno went wrong in Sin

Fucking CASE did nothing despite several complaint. Police report had to be made. Fuck Yew useless CASE. How many thousands of such cases? Fuck Yew

A Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) spokesman said it received one filed case and three complaints against 6ix 5 Design Studio from June last year to April this year. TNP understands that at least one other client has made a police report.

Anonymous said...

Does Singapore need 30 ministers and 91 MPs?
3:32 pm

Actually for PAP, there are good reasons for having 91 MPs.(actually 89 elected ones).

This is so that an opposition party will have great difficulty to contest, let alone win, 100% seats mah. So only PAP can do so.

For instance, the strongest opposition party, the WP, could only contest 28 out of 89 seats in GE 2015. So even if can win all 28 seats (which is also highly unlikely), also cannot become govt, tio bo?

So I think next election, PAP may increase the number of seats to 100 or more, so that the opposition will have even greater difficulty to win and be elected govt.

Anonymous said...

For example, Aptamil Gold for aged 6-12 months is selling for AUD$24.69 in local Chemist Warehouse store in Australia. However for the same range, it is selling for at least twice the price at S$54.00 in local NTUC supermarket in Singapore.
11:33 am

This is understandable lah.

If you can understand why PAP ministers are paid millions, then you can also understand why the price is S$54.00 in local NTUC supermarket in Singapore. Same logic applies.

Anonymous said...

If you can understand why PAP ministers are paid millions, then you can also understand why the price is S$54.00 in local NTUC supermarket in Singapore. Same logic applies.
May 10, 2017 9:20 pm

PAP Ministers and milk powder.
Same basic logic.
Paying too much money for a nothing special product.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Think the oldies in China have a better life than Sinkies. For one, they can retire on a cheap budget. We also want to do the same but everything is expensive, driven up by greedy businessmen and "bochap" politicians.

Anonymous said...

The Low guy didn't make his position clear about Mr sham view on "public opinion views on criminal cases must not be totally ignored".
It is more important that he clearly states his position on whether his team respect public opinion rather than appear crawling on his yellow belly.

Since it is another clear blunder on his part, his tenure could be questionable. He has no respect for people except those he is beholden

Anonymous said...

Religion has no right to LIE, you black monkey! Because you fear death, the nation is subjected to bondage and under the power of...death.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people trying to act smart

Anonymous said...

Now you know why sinkies are such detestable creatures? Learn from your leaders

Nostradamus Modern said...

Singapore will one day become a FAILED STATE. Malaysia, with the support of Indonesia, with China and Russia as backers in the UN Security Council, re-absorb Singapore as one of the States under direct control of the Federal Government.

At the rate it is going, the imported aliens will overwhelm local population. The aliens, like some present ex-alien MPs and Ministers, will make it their vital interests to sneak into the political power of the White Parliament House. Step by step, they will create chaos and uncertainties to the extent that it is not viable for Singapore to survive without leaning towards the USA or China, or India. Racial tensions, coupled with religious divisive teachings, will rip the tiny state apart. Highly corrupted white-collar crooks, disguised as Caring Ministers, will seek to fatten their own bank acvounts and their cronys' bank accounts at even a faster rate and greater volume than they are today. The Sinkies will merely be the collateral damage of the acts of war (economics) of these totally heartless and ruthless Scoundrels.

The mural is so clearly painted on the wall. Yet Sinkies are still so deep in their slumber. This is really sad and tragic.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 9.20

PAP Ministers paid in millions.

SINKIE doctors also want to have million dollars benefits.

So, enjoyed free travels on behalf of your hard earned monies paid for the Milk powders m

What nonsense research and advertising costs!

The ledger that they have in their books are for the Doctors expenses in going to their so called Seminars.

Likewise the Drugs manufacturing companies.

Giving these benefits to boost their sales.

Billions dollars businesses.

You are sponsoring them for their gian Png siew tiam benefits.

Professional scums.