Cheng Bok takes the govt to court

Tan Cheng Bock finally filed his case to the court for a legal interpretation on the Elected President yesterday. His main point is to seek a court ruling on how the counting of President Wee Kim Wee as the first elected president is deemed legal and proper to justify an EP election this year.

We will now have to wait to hear what the court has to say and whether the ruling is constitutional. The AG's office would have to explain come they come about with their recommendation to the PM.

This is probably the first constitutional challenge in this island since independence.


Anonymous said...

TCB will be in trouble if he go all out to pursue the case...is he doubting the Spore's judiciary system or Ah Long san integrity? No one can sue the state or a govt body under the current rule & Leegime. It's been said many times that the then ex-President Wee was the first EP as he exercise the EP powers but wasn't in elected under the new EP system, one need to respect a President who gave his seat up for the next one otherwise President Wee might not lose to OTC & the banker when on a presidential election, President Wee opened up Istana & was widely known as the people president then. So wat if TCB wins, the goalpost will change again. TCB filing the case in court bout the president count will be a lost cause & waste of time..

Anonymous said...

This is what I called "eat-full-very-free"!

Dr Tan has to be very very careful! Don't play play!

Why get himself involved in this messy and complicated issues of EP?

Don't don't don't! Let him do what he wants! No point! No point!

70% already gave him the "OK-ed"! Likely to be 80% at next GE!

So what for! This is singapore! Singapore is like that! You don't know meh?

Listen to me ......Just 3Ms! Yes 3Ms! 3Ms! 3Ms! 3Ms! 3Ms! 3Ms!.....No Point!

jjgg said...

Pity our first 2 anonymous commentators can't see the point of tcb's action..i would have thought that all law abiding citizens should be happy that tcb is making sure that the government is operating within the framework of the law.. not important meh? Crazy fuckers!!!

virgo49 said...

Right Jigg.

If TCB able to have the law annulled by the High Court and able to stand for PE election, my vote goes to him, even though limited.

At least, he is showing that he is not a PAP yes man on the lease by his ex-Masters.

Hope the HC made the right decision.

And don't let people called you kangaroos.

virgo49 said...

Some crazy nuts commented to the contrary just to get you flustered.

They must have forgot to take their mediations today.

IMH prescriptions no need to pay.

They demand payments many would called them wanting to sky dive.

No need go to Bali Hotel.

Anonymous said...

We the daft sheep are very happy with the garment and would not question what the garment is doing. We believe the garment is always right and always do things for the good of the daft. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //This is probably the first constitutional challenge in this island since independence.//

There are 3 generations of pple who are quite courageous?

One is the pre-war/ ww2 generation but the youngest are in their mid to late 70s?

Another one is ironically at the other extreme, the millennial generation?

Think NS, RN, HHH, AY (and many others......)?

For the post-war baby boomers born between 1945 to 1965, the spiritual figure has to be crowned on Aung Juan Soon Chee?

For many pple in this world, if there is no (perceived) justice (in their heart) seen in the real world, if they dun fight for what they believe in, life is meaningless and as good as a tree or the piece of wood in a door frame?

No meaning?

Aung Juan Soon Chee is not Aung Juan Soon Chee if he din do what he did?

Life has found its meaning for people like him even in current situation?

Life means much more with what he did than hide meaninglessly in a cushy but mundane teaching job like a dog in leash?

Gen X pple think too much?

And over analysis leads to paralysis?

So dun expect a gen x to stand up like NS, RN, HHH, AY, AJSC, TCB ..... etc anytime soon?

Mb not if after all the PG and BB generations gobsee their makers?

Gen X are pple trapped in a transistory period between the past and the future?

Everything is yes?

Is old fart a hero?


Is old fart an AH?



For now, the baton is in another lao hero's hands le?

In due time, such baton may bypass the Gen X hands and go straight to the millenials like NS?

Time will tell?

Meanwhile, what must be done has to be done to bring meaning to life for many oldies?

Wee the younger generations (honestly) cannot help much but give owl moregal support?

Anonymous said...


Hi jjpp 933am.....anger not anger not.



Anonymous said...

Some farkers even for a few coins oso willingly sell their souls to the devils?

Your dead parents are utterly ashamed of yew?

Done too much evils le, just for a few more selfish mouthful of lobsters, shark fins and birdnests plus sinful loads of wetdy cheesebye stick on yewr faces?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Tan Cheng Bock finally filed his case to the court for a legal interpretation on the Elected President yesterday. //

Shiny facade but dark abbot?

What for?

At all costs?

Is this the last?

And only mode?

Or karma might come in all ways?

Fang xia tu dao ba?

Open, open?

Why hide (if nothing to hide)?

Anonymous said...

TCB is wasting time & hell lot of money. Unless his Rajah & Tann lawyers doing it pro bono which is highly unlikely. If I were him, I wouldn't give a fuck for Sinkies. If this is so important many Sinkies should have already sued govt in court long time ago. The fact that nobody bothered means Sinkies don't give a fuck. So why should TCB give a fuck?!?!? The only people to benefit from this action are the lawyers calculating the extra $100K bonus they're going to collect, and PAPies when they publicly slap TCB in the courts, in the newspapers & on TV.

Anonymous said...

Wee only had up to RI education. A journalist by profession. Where got "skills" to check on the Govt or to excercise "elected power"?

Even with relevant expertise to uphold the office, he is just too "grandpa" to stand up to the powers.

So Hogwash!

Anonymous said...

Actually TCB is fighting for that SomeBoLee who steal away his lunch..cannot meh?
He is of President calibre Leh, but Shamugun minionster change the goalpost & TCB jus wanna Steal his lunches back, whether how much it costs? It doesn't matter to him Liao, when he loses he might lose big else when he wins it will be a slap to that SomeboLee face ( very unlikely Lah under tis Leegime)..TCB lose better run road or the entire of Leegime minions gonna chase after him..

Anonymous said...

Ong gave govt a scare when he started to goreng goreng. After that, they are not taking chances especially with Tan.

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous 1007am......anonymous 1056am for you lah......all the Best!

Anonymous said...

To the fucking slaves who make negative comments about TCB's court action.
Yew Fucking Leetards-Retards.
This is how a proper functioning democracy is supposed to work.
With checks and balances and avenues of appeal.

"Those who make peaceful change impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable."
- John F. Kennedy

Anonymous said...

//"Those who make peaceful change impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable."
- John F. Kennedy//

So when will ball-less Sinkies rise up to overthrow PAPies?!?!? Got higher chance for me to win Toto 1st prize than ball-less Sinkies overthrowing PAPies.

As for challenging PAPies in court, everybody knows you can only win if you fight in foreign courts. That's why Devan Nair won in Canadian court, and why owner of States Time Review challenging PAPies to sue him in Oz courts.

Pioneering ENERGY said...

Honourable Dr Tan Cheng Bok,

You have done the MOST GRACIOUS AND RIGHTEOUS THING for the PEOPLE of Singapore within the back-drop of a Self-Declared Natural Aristocracy, immediately after the death of the Old Guard Leadership, by none other than the present Antagonistic and Dictatorial Sick Leadership.

We (my family, my relatives, my friends and myself) are proud of you. You should be allowed to contest in the next Presidential Election, without any obstacle put to DESTROY totally your urgent keeness and overwhelming interest to serve the people as our Honourable President.

If our courts are as Honourable as you are, then justice and righteousness will prevail in your favour!

We wish you execellent health, wealth and good fortune. May the Divine be with you.

Anonymous said...

Tan, with a team of right advisors, is a POTENTIAL threat. Unless of course he courted the office for vanity.

Anonymous said...

"Those who make peaceful change impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable."
- John F. Kennedy
May 09, 2017 11:39 am

That is why we advocate "change from within".
We collect and keep all your hard earned money by swallowing it into our mouth.
It goes into our stomach where we "change it from within"
And you see the output-benefits when the final product comes out from the other opening.

Constantly improving MRT train service.
Successful investments in foreign shares and foreign companies all over the world.
Best-of-class Elected Presidency system to safeguard Singaporeans from their national wealth.

True or not?
Fair or not?
Accurate description or not?
I dunno.
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Your people are highly stressed, retarded and little hope of securing or paying for a decent life in a tiny box.

Anonymous said...

You are aSin personified. Number one in submission. Number one in market imperialism. And number one in toiling to no end

Anonymous said...

The EP is now looking ssoooooo funny. And it is looking funnier by the days. How to start a joke that no one thinks is funny and no one is laughing?

Anonymous said...

To the pointt of stealing others lunches and has been that way for decades

Anonymous said...

Feeding on bricks and mortars is like feeding on dust. It gets very dry and thirsty

Anonymous said...

12.40pm //That is why we advocate "change from within".//

Waiting for another lao da aka laogoa to do the same ......?

Devil vs evil?

Can false hopes be the (promised but non-existing) plums in a waterless desert?

Anonymous said...

Haha, may the court hearing will be after the erection.

Anonymous said...

10.56am //The only people to benefit from this action are the lawyers calculating the extra $100K bonus they're going to collect, and PAPies when they publicly slap TCB in the courts, in the newspapers & on TV.//

Yew are a 1-sided, myopic fartker?

Can only see as far as the nose?

Those who will benefit, win or lose, are the future generations, the burden where all the hopes of the pioneers rest?

Sinkies cannot be the collateral damage of yewr ownselves karma?

Yewr are a curse in sinkieland and better fartk off to other places to receive yewr karma and not drag sinkies along?

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin. The fate of your children and the current retard generation

Anonymous said...

Sell yourself to the highest bidder. Everything is for sale, including your soul. The wages of Sin is death.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 09, 2017 1:57 pm
//Haha, may the court hearing will be after the erection.//

Better still?

Ha ha ha

Everything got 1st time?

Hypothetically, if die of heart attack, will have re-erection or not provided in the law?

Hypothetically, if not meant to be and kena heart attack in less than 100 days, become shortest term?

Then re-erection become open le?

Lppl ...... in the end?

Anonymous said...

Jakarta's Christian governor was found guilty of blasphemy against Islam and sentenced to two years in jail on Tuesday after a trial that was seen as a test of religious tolerance in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority nation.

Never happen in Sin because they all speak in unknown tongues hahaha

Anonymous said...

Aging populace and who stupid enough to give birth to slaves? If so, how to maintain the "good life"? Work more lah (yes, you are that stupid)and work to death lah lol


Anonymous said...

Even if you can afford children, your children may not thank you for bringing them into a mess or forcing them to sell their souls hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Now they tell you, degree don't define you so try other non degree work to succeed in life lol. Who is buying it? lol

Anonymous said...

U runnin dogs of white masters ah? Yur smell eveywher hohoho

Anonymous said...

What rubbish is Tan Cock Tim spewing? PAP favours "RELIGION lah you toad. PAP mixes religion with politics you toad!

b said...

At least someone (hero) tried to stop sg from becoming a backward country based on religion and race.

Anonymous said...

How to find and get to know the sky man. Firstly, read the book. Yes, the more you read, the realer sky man becomes to you.
Second, reach out to strangers. Tell others how to find the sky man by taking the first step, read the book. Lastly, gather with people with same mental alignment. Yes, light minded mental cases.

Courtesy of pastard Bobby Chow from Citi news.

Psst...you can use the above method to get to know your life partner.

Anonymous said...

From yesterday 8 May 2017 post

patriotMay 09, 2017 11:12 am
//Me depends on instinct and intuitively feels that fate shall override the Choice and Faith of Sinkies.

The Writing is on the Wall that the Blind Faith Of The Sinkies Shall Result In Their Destiny To Slave For The Masters They Have Submitted Or Surrendered to.//

Dun just depend on (unscientific) intuition but observe around?

Can't reveal too much but each has to observe closely and carefully for themselves ......?

Many things are (unfortunately) transparent to sinkies (trained like dogs since young to see what they are condition to see ..... etc)?

The masters know what (most of) their charges (doggies) are made off?

And the doggies know (about) themselves too?

Thus the outcome?

Only the silliest of (oppo) politicians try to woo the dafts (in each election)?

The trend in daily life easily show 80/20?

Day in day out they are like that?

So the extra 10% they (oppo) got in 2015 and (extra) 20% they got in 2011 is damn lucky le?

The many anecdotes old man used to describe the dafts can't be wrong, can it?

The daft willingly submitted themselves to be slaves (and ultimately likely to end in tears and pains and slow torturing toil and ....... eventual death)?

No wonder some commenters mentioned about Egypt (recently) in MSN?

Welcome to modern Egypt (of slavery)?

Conmen Spotter said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ....

"Pastard" Bobby Chow?
An in-breeding off-shoot of a pastor and a BASTARD???

Is he the notorious CON Man nicknamed Bobby (for Robert, the Robber)???

Chow for Chow Chee Bye?

Haha haha ..... So Funny. All my toes and fingers are laughing...... Hee hee hee......

Anonymous said...

@b May 09, 2017 4:23 pm
//At least someone (hero) tried to stop sg from becoming a backward country based on religion and race.//

Having said that, hypothetically what next if cb is the ep?

He takes a peep into the reserves ...... "wah, so much $$$ inside"?

And gets a "heart attack"?

Worth it or not?

Do u think this hypothetical scenario is "realistic"?

Anonymous said...

Since young, mee tao yan this peesai

Mee hate been born here

Wont mind born in mya mya or afirca

Its a shame to be compatriots to some JLBs

The biggest disrespect one can experience in life?

To be in a peesai with scumbags?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anon @ May 09, 2017 10:53 pm.

It irreversibly back luck to be born in peesai and live amongst the scumbags. Must have accumulated millions of years of bad karma to deserve this fate.

Better to die or emigrate to other 3rd world country or take asylum in USA or EU or Canada or Australia.

What do the scumbags and running dogs think, if their brain still have the ability to think sensibly????

Anonymous said...

1.31am //It irreversibly back luck to be born in peesai and live amongst the scumbags. Must have accumulated millions of years of bad karma to deserve this fate. //


In 1990, one average 4 rm flat is less than $100k

By 1996 at its peak, one average 4 rm flat inflated to $300k+?

How could salary went up 350% within 6 years based on average annual increment of 3%?

Taking compound rate, average salary increase is 1.194 times in 1996 as in 1990 based on annual average increment of 3%

In other words, average salary between 1990 to 1996 rose only 19.4% but hdb housing prices went up by about 350% based on an average 4 rm flat prices in 1990 and 1996

The oldies generation very pappy ..... oops ....... happy bcos they could monetise their flats at few thousand percent assuming they bought their flats in the 1970s/ early 1980s

Lest they din realise, they are actually selling such inflated prices to their children generation

No matter what, their offspring have to buy it at such current prices

This implies whatever windfall oldies get are from the future generations

What is wrong?


Moderate price increase is probably tenable as a society but 350% asset inflation within 6 years?

Which part of the world and history can a society ingest such ridiculous asset inflation and survive in the long run?

What contributed to such a policy?


Infinitely greedy ..............

Laogoa and his cohort dug the grave for future generations le?

In 1990, TFR was 1.8

By 2004, it was 1.25?

So can u see the picture?

Leg open big big policy started in 1990?

Population jumped from 3 million in 1990 to 4 million by 2000

Can u see how "evil" the policy was?

On one side rampant runaway housing cost and with it the multiplier effect on all other cost, ie, cost of living shot up at astronomical rate. Thus, "demand" to produce babies plummeted like a stone thrown from a cliff

Simple O and A Level Economics. Quantity demanded is inversely related to prices

If mao shan wang durian prices shot up 350% from $12 per kg to $42 per kg, what will be the new quantity demanded?

Also shoot up in direct proportion or in inverse relation?

So cost of living is indirect and direct cost to having a baby and thus TFR plummeted to 1.25 in the 2000s

The free market is not perfect but distortion to it (such as in asset inflation) would likely lead to dire consequences down the road

So the average market affordability to have a child is about 1.2 TFR for now

No matter what fart baby bonus rolled out is futile cos it is one kuey sick vs at least 1000 whole chickens to raise a child in sin city

Fast forward to 2030, 40 years after laogoa asset inflation policy the market and social fabric totally distorted liao by then

Anonymous said...

Price for serving mammon. You need to be rich to steal "lunches". When you steal others "lunches", others "families" will be in trouble. If you know how to do your sum, it will end in war or serious consequences.

"In March, a doctor at a government hospital in the town of Dhule was badly beaten by a patient’s relatives, who were infuriated that there was no CT scan machine available at the facility.

Punched and kicked repeatedly, the doctor suffered multiple fractures, including a fracture to his eye socket, which has impaired his vision.

It was one of the most brutal of a growing number of assaults on doctors by Indians enraged by the disintegrating and under-funded public healthcare system.

“Violence is increasing day by day,” said Dr Vijay Kumar, president of the AIIMS Resident Doctors’ Association, which demanded the self-defence training for its 1,500 members. “You never know when you will get hit by the patients’ attendants. You should have self-defence techniques so you can defend your vital organs.”

The attacks on doctors are a symptom of a bigger public health crisis.

India suffers from an acute shortage of doctors, with just one physician for every 1,800 people."

Anonymous said...

The other side of the "evil" policy is to massively ramp up foreign influx.

Under GKS watch, population grew from abt 2 million in 1960 to 3 million in 1990. Only increase by 1 million through natural birthrate over 30 years period

Under laogoa watch, the increase was abt 1.4 million between 1990 to 2004. Just 14 years but the increase was almost 1.5 times more than the previous 30 years. Laogoa instant noodles ...... oops ..... instant trees policy

Will laogoa be seen as a genius or a villain by future generations, time will tell

So are the 3rd world foreigners so rich that they can afford sky high housing cost?

Obviously this is not the case?

Look around many mass market condos and see for yourself how many units partitioned and stacked with double-deck bunk bed in every inch and corner of the unit

Even many foreigners also follow suit and use hdb flats to house people from their own countries?

NoboLEE cares?

Some hdb units u stand nearby observe u will see easily 20 to 30 different occupants staying there?

How they do it?

Many foreign students studying here?

Some use the children studying here to rent 1 whole unit lor cos parents can stay as dependent pass mah until find a job?

Once came across a 15-yo 3rd world student wallet everyday stash with 1 thick wad of $50 notes

One day ask him how come put so much cash in wallet as a sch boy, he said tenants pay rental de, help his parents collect


Free education in sin city one month still can make a few thousand $$$?

And so many of these students have PR?

Sinkies are real daft lah?

With sky high property prices and cost of living, how can their offsprings survive in sin city in the long run with 2 children and become minority by 2025/ 2030 but have to do NS?



Impossible lah?

As one Patrait in msn said, average sinkies will be slaves to the system forever?

The 3rd world fake talents and students can always return to their cheap cheap home land with the piles they made in sin dollars and live like a king

Sinkies and their future generations will be stuck with high cost of living and when they are old, sky high health care cost becos in 10 more years, oldies above 65 will number almost 1 million vs current 400,000, implying 250% increase but the number of beds, hospitals, healthcare services increase by only about 20 to 40%?

In 10 years time, pity those sinkies going hospital A & E and waiting for beds

After admission, what will be the waiting time and at what cost?

Under present circumstances, A & E cost already went up from $70 to $115, an increase of more than 50%? Some frens who went to A&E im recent months kena waiting times 3 to 5 hrs

In 10 years times, with onset of silver tsunami and foreign population influx, there will be almost 1 million oldies above 65 and at least about 6.6 to 6.7 million population, what would be the health care cost given healthcare supply increase crawls like a tortoise?

Anonymous said...

Build more homes to sell and enrich govt coffers so they can send their wives overseas to be Hollywood cock stars pls

Anonymous said...

Sinkies very generous when giving money to fund buildings for spirits. But would they fund buildings for your family dead spirits?

Ah...first you must tell smart sinkies your family dead have been resurrected as gods and now needs buildings to house them(let's call it house of gods). If they build buildings to worship these spirits, the gods will bless them.

So every time when something good happens to smart sinkies, they will think gods have blessed them and this will motivate them to give more of their money away for building fund. See, solve your problems of housing spirits(spirits also need building$ you know)

Anonymous said...

Responding to queries from The Sunday Times, the Cheat said: "The funds come from the voluntary giving of our congregation to the Cheat as well as to the building."

The Cheat made headlines in 2010 when it raised $21.1 million in one day in August. This beat its previous one-day records of $18.8 million in February 2009 and about $18 million in April 2008.

Anonymous said...

It is terribly wrong to waste or misplace resources when millions are dying because of lack

Anonymous said...

"The FBI is one of our nation's most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement," Trump said in the statement.

Someone's head has been blown up for messing with the wrong guy.

Anonymous said...

Even monkey cannot tahan us.

Anonymous said...

Elected Presidency.
So typical of the LeePublic of Singapore.

So many clever and highly paid Singaporean talents.
Mental masturbating over an issue that does not benefit Singaporeans.
While Singaporeans continue the enjoy frequent MRT breakdowns.

patriot said...

You are so very lucky to be in Sin with the Pious in Parleement salvaging You from the Hardships of a fishing village.


Anonymous said...

India suffers from an acute shortage of doctors, with just one physician for every 1,800 people."
May 10, 2017 6:01 am

Can blame Singapore or not? Singapore stealing all its doctors!

Anonymous said...

If Tan Cheng Bock wins this suit against the garment, another CB election for the EP would be good for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

I think these people are unrepentant. They still want to mess with a kid because they are not interested in what comes out of his foul mouth - his researched materials/delivery are too offensive or FOULLY HELLISH( which befit foulness)?? don't you think so?

Btw, it was the authority who drew specific attention to Jesus( culled for offending religion). Point is, Amos also liken Jesus to Lee. I don't think they understand the implication in Amos's...Word(not even Amos).

Hey, it's their call - free to kill.

patriot said...

You are so very lucky to be in Sin with the Pious in Parleement salvaging You from the Hardships of a fishing village.