Cheng Bock is likely to lose

Cheng Bock has posted the high court's acceptance of his application to challenge the govt's formula to count Wee Kim Wee as the first Elected President. This is part of his message:
I would like to announce that this morning, the High Court accepted my application (HC/OS 495/2017), which seeks the Court’s determination on whether a piece of legislation (section 22 Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act 6 of 2017 which counted President Wee Kim Wee as the first Elected Presidency term for the purposes of calling a Reserved Election), is consistent with our Constitution (Articles 19B(1) and 164(1) which introduced the mechanism of a Reserved Election into our Constitution).
I am the Plaintiff and for the purposes of serving Court papers on the Government, the Defendant is the Attorney General.
The application was filed on 5 May 2017. The Court accepted my application this morning, and has fixed a pre-trial conference on 22 May 2017....

Though the acceptance gives some hope that the issue would be addressed legally by the top legal minds and also comes under the scrutiny of the whole world, I have very little confidence that Cheng Bock would win this case. Somehow the case of the ruling that election candidate cannot be within 200m radius of a voting station but being inside is not considered within 200m keeps popping up in my mind. Such ingenious interpretation of law is very exceptional and only very exceptional legal talents could explain this logically and legally correct in the courts of law.

Until today, the common folks are still shaking their heads as they simply are too daft to understand the brilliant logic of such an explanation. The smart ones have already given up trying to understand.

It is no coincidence that this would be another CB Elected Presidential election, CB is Cheng Bock's initial of course. CB can also mean cha bor. So whatever way it is gonna be a CB election. I am putting my ears on the ground and eagerly waiting for another fabulous and mind blowing interpretation of the law by Singapore's top legal talents on this case that would outdo the 200m ruling for its ingenuity and brilliance.


Anonymous said...

TCB will be guaranteed a lose seat & be made apology to the HC & people. It's a waste of time & TCB shud hv known it. The then President Wee is the bloodline of the Emperor Leegime, TCB is not the Leegime dna of cos don't know wat is "Emperor's Way" or not knowing " 帝王之道", even if TCN is The One he is only another 34% President, tat's why Long Ge can ask TCB get lost dun waste our time...the incumbent gonna MdM President gonna win maybe with walkover & Sinkies r too bz at work & who cares as long as its off day ..

Anonymous said...

"Such ingenious interpretation of law is very exceptional and only very exceptional legal talents could explain this logically and legally correct in the courts of law."

Someone said...They are not called snakes for nothing

Virgo 49 said...

The saying the Govt had TWO mouths is very apt.

They will throw out the case stating that Wee Kim Wee, or Weeowee is the First Elected President not in an Erection as voted in by the citiZens but was walk over with no opponent challenging him.

Thus, they considered him to be the First-ever ejected oops elected PRESIDENT.

The HC Judges will agreed readily.

AG is the Govt Arm, you think they dared chop their arm???

How can they miscalculated? ?

That means many passed Laws or whatsoever rulings also miscalculated.

Anonymous said...

You think is insulting and humiliating to be called snakes?
That's from religion and the rights of religion your law protects. So, religion insults and humiliate you highfalutin people.How neh? Unlawful? Go throw them behind bars lah

Anonymous said...

Confirmed, sure lose. The people did not insisted on an election at that time. So whose fault, of cause the people lah.

Anonymous said...

Religion calls your FATHER liar...how neh? Insulting? Unlawful? Throw them behind bars lah

Anonymous said...

TCB has to be extra extra extra careful.

Stays within markers! Otherwise have to appologise to people, worst made a bankrupt!

Actually TCB should not do this. Let the new generations take over.

But, TCB "EAT-FULL-VERY-FREE" wants to proceed with this.

Remember.....here is Singapore! No point!

You don't know meh?

How many people care/apprecioate this!

Anyway, 70% already "OK-ed" and likely to be 80% at next GE!

So really no point. No point! Singapore is like that!

Everyone is so very busy to 3Ms in this very very expensive tiny city state.

Tell you again.....No point! No point! No point! Stop while you can! Don't waste time! Don't waste time!


Anonymous said...

The monkey put Color of skin together with religion....it is unlawful to insult or discriminate base on one's skin color hence it is unlawful also to insult religion

Logic is....A=B...offending A = offending B

We may agree with not offending A but B is entirely a different ball game so such trickery to deceive the mind only render your people idiots and idiots become mental cases with all kinds of social and medical ills

Such leaders ought to be shot in the head!

Anonymous said...

/// TCB has to be extra extra extra careful.
Stays within markers! ///
May 11, 2017 10:32 am

Fucking Leetard-Retard slave.
The only OB marker is that PAP must always be in charge and in control.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Kangaroos Tamer said...

100% Dr Tan C.B. will lose. It is a forgone conclusion. If Amos Yee could be demonized in the way he had been demonized by the State, what can we expect in this case of extremely high stakes at risk to the weilder of absolute power?

I can already sense many kangaroos have been ordered from Australia. MOST probably you see the kangaroos jumping about in a few days time.

Law is made by man. There is no right or wrong. But just or unjust.Justice is all a matter of interpretation. Interpretation is dependent upon WHO is interpreting.

If a country can make the Highest Office in the Land a mere PUPPET pulled by many strings, there is no need to spend too much time cracking our brains upon the credibility of whoever that is going to interpret the Constitutional Laws.

Ask simply these two obvious questions:

1. Who gave him the job (in other words, who is his/her Boss)???

2. Who is his/her Pay-Master???

The kangaroos will never bite the hands that dead them. Right or wrong???

Anonymous said...

TCB is only asking a simple question in court.
Why are you fucking slaves so scared?

PAP has done nothing wrong.
Why should PAP be scared?

A simple discussion in court among Singaporeans in a manner that is lawful under our Singapore Constitution.
And all you fucking Singaporean slaves are so scared.

No wonder PAP has to replace you bunch of cowardly slaves with Alien talents.

Kangaroos Tamer said...


The kangaroos will never bite the hands that dead them. Right or wrong?

Anonymous said...

Buyin Milk powder also got probm.

Don think got any nex genaraysion.

Anonymous said...

Better take the money n buy

Milk powder n giv to needy

Anonymous said...

"Interpretation is dependent upon WHO is interpreting. "

Demos at work

Now it depends on YOU to pick the right ticket to freedom. Screw it, pay the price

Anonymous said...

Demons at work

Anonymous said...

If PAP is right, pay them
If Kong Hee is right, reinstate his religious throne

Together, religious politic-king will give you what they preached...prosperity, eat, drink and be happy

Anonymous said...

...I have very little confidence that Cheng Bock would win this case.

Me too. And if Cheng Bock is smart, he too should know that he cannot win the case.

So why did Cheng Bock still want to file his application to challenge the govt's formula?

I suspect he had caught a bit of Chee Soon Juan's political disease. Fight not to win but for other objectives which only he knows best. So to him it is not a political disease because he knows better and also knows something which a simple minded Sinkie like me don't know.

Anonymous said...

I think win or lose is not important. He has forced the Law to clarify who is to be the First Elected President. He would has done his best.

Anonymous said...

If Cheng Bock does not fight, who is going to fight?
Wait for SG100 to fight or to flight?

Anonymous said...

I think win or lose is not important.
11:06 am


If can win, good lah.

If cannot, also never mind lah. Better than not trying, tio bo?

Just like buying Toto or 4D.

And I think this is what motivates Sinkie politicians like Chee Soon Juan. Every time lose also never mind. Maybe who knows, one day may strike and strike big. Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Indians sure got big mouths in some god forsaken country

Anonymous said...

If Cheng Bock does not fight, who is going to fight?
11:10 am

Oh plenty.

Still remember how the Sinkie opposition fought PAP 100% in GE 2015?

And not counting Sinkies like Roy, Gilbert, TKL, HHH and others who fought PAP at Hong Lim Park.

So where got nobody going to fight? A lot, tio bo?

But they all lose one, so that's the problem, and not that nobody going to fight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1043am said that....."The only OB marker is that PAP must
always be in charge and in control".

If that is your opinion.....why proceed! "Eat-Full-Very-Free"!

I have nothing TCB.

You can find many opinions here is that......TCB difficult to win!

All the best to TCB!

TCB 加油! TCB 加油! TCB 加油!

Anonymous said...

Rest assured CB's application will be treated deferentially with the full weight & consideration of statute, constitutional as well as case laws. After which he will be politely told to fuck off.

I heard some betting shops overseas are taking orders for CB's case. Odds are 100,000,000-to-1 in PAP's favour. But imagine if CB win ... $1 become $100M!!!

Anonymous said...

//the incumbent gonna MdM President gonna win maybe with walkover & Sinkies r too bz at work & who cares as long as its off day ..//

Sorry horr ... EP day will be Sat ... so unless you work on Sat, then it's normal weekend only.

In fact 99.99% walkover ... that means nothing happens ... KFC man just pass over to Goreng Woman. Just like last time with Prata Man ... walkover 3X --- you got off day or holiday meh?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Can anonymous 12.03pm shares the lobang here.......

Where to beg......what tel number to call.....how to bet........

I don't mind to try try.......

Maybe lucky.......not bad.......$1 can wins $100M!.........

What is $1......cheaper than a cup of coffee at coffeeshop, now min $1.20.......

Let us have the lobang leh.........please.......please..............

Anonymous said...

Cheng Bok is likely to loose? You must be joking. He is sure loose one. One man against the PAP, or to be precise, against the whole establishment, lock, stock and barrel.

Some are willing to cut off their cuckoo bird if he wins.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 11.25

Why the Opposition even contested 100% and yet still lose??

It's because we have a 70% brain dead Dafts who are been castrated by the PAP and so afraid of change.

Preferred to sleep with the Devil's rather than plunge into the deep blue sea why they can swim a way out to salvation for themselves and their families.

Pathetic Sinkies remained slave and fodder for the Devis forever.

Anonymous said...

In life there is such a thing we called MIRACLES!

Please don't cut off their cuckoo bird. Not so serious lah!

But don't play play! Don't beg! Don't be so serious!


Anonymous said...

In life there is such a thing we called MIRACLES!
2:07 pm

Tiok. And that's when God help them when they did not help themselves.

But that's very rare lah. That's why MIRACLES also very rare, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.54pm, u are very the tiok!

But please don't cut their cuckoo bird!

If cut, poor thing, cannot anymore!

Anonymous said...

If they want Ah Tan to lose, Ah Tan will lose. If they want Ah Tan to win, Ah Tan will win.

Are they good for Sin? Are they working for Sin?


Live in Sin, dies in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Who has the power of death?

The devil.

The sting of Sin is death. The power of Sin is the law.

You fear death, you live in bondage.

You live in bondage, you live in servitude.

Truth or lies here then?

Who decides?

The devil?

Virgo 49 said...

In any free elections democracies, getting half or even a dozen Opposition MPs no need a miracle.

Only daft Sinkies think need a miracle just to have a few Opposition MPs in the House.

What a shame to have a Ruling Party MP raised the issue of the Milk Powder whereas if you just have a non mute and dumb Opposition MP who just raised this trival and necessary cost of living issue, if only you Dafts just voted for one.

The whole World laughing at your pathetic situation.

Anonymous said...

Who decides whether Cheng Bock live or die?
Who decides YOU live or die?

The ones in position to decide are the ones with the power.

Cheng Bock shall meet his adversary. YOU? likewise under Sin.

Truth or Lies again?

Who decides?

The ones with the power to decide Cheng Bock's fate and your fate. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin.

PAP has no issues with that because PAP has been erected to serve Sin

All for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Sin is the Rich Man of Asia.

Truth or lie?

Who decides?

Be proud sinkies. Your children great future

Anonymous said...

Aiyah...live with approved preachers, like multimillionaire ministers, you live long long Mr shortie

Don't pray pray hooor

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 350pm, the milk powder for adults are also not cheap!

Maybe this time the oppositions can bring this issue in the Parliament to gain some points.

But, seriously the milk powder for adults is very very expensive, almost doubled in the last few years!

Please confirm!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You didn't read the state news?

While they skin preachers, they themselves are preachers.

So you finally reach the doorstep, like CB.

He meets The Preacher hahahahahaha

And he has got no tail, no horns hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Oppositions MY FOOT hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

pls lah...respect PAP. They are the best and supreme ruler :)

Anonymous said...

Who decides Amos live or die?

Pls ....close your eyes, raise your hands and sing...I surrender...I surrender..I want to know you more...I want to know you more

Tio Bo? LoL

Anonymous said...

Use your tiny brain to solve milk powder better lah....hahaha

Kangaroos Tamer said...

Correction again:

The dogs and kangaroos will never bite the hands that feed them. Right or wrong?

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to trap sinkies. LoL. Low grade brains

Anonymous said...

Donald Low, has your begging worked? Still got your job to serve sinkies?

No need to apologise to sinkies(peanut brain) because their views are not up to your standard yah?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 444pm, please note that low grade brains are better than no brains!


Anonymous said...

Donald Low, you think peanut brain got hope?ha ha ha

Anonymous said...


Join the monkeys lol

Anonymous said...

Aiyah...go worry about your milk powder lah...easier on the brain...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It is so easy to trap sinkies. LoL. Low grade brains

May 11, 2017 4:44 pm

Credited to our finest education system ;)

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:54

Cannot anyhow join, must ask parents first WAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

They say...whenever you travel overseas, you can tell a sinkie from the others easily....once they open their mouths...you know...haahaa...they love to eat...hahahaha..you feed them anything....sinkies very happy...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I tot u say u can tell by their peanut brain? LLL

Anonymous said...

If Donald Duck kena X. Wonder who next sinkie take over his job. Maybe Mickey Mouse ha

Anonymous said...

//I tot u say u can tell by their peanut brain? LLL//

Nah, only if you got x-ray vision. Otherwise peanut brain covered by fat head.

Can only tell when Sinkies open their cheebye mouths. Sinkies have the 3rd worst sounds coming from their cheebye mouths, after cheenas & ahnehs. That's why MNCs still prefer to hire angmohs with O-levels instead of Sinkies with degrees.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Cheng Bock want to be elected President.

For what?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Cheng Bock want to be elected President.
For what?
May 11, 2017 7:14 pm

I don't understand why LHL wants to be Prime Minister.
For what?

b said...

For wealth la.

RB, you are right, the next EP should be a woman. Better based on sex rather than religion or race.

Anonymous said...

Maybe for Istana banana fritters

Anonymous said...

Latest news!1st elected pressdent going to

Merged with 2nd elected 1.

Anonymous said...

Law is God or Devil. Bird brains, your bird brains better than multimillion dollars EXTREMIST bird brains?

Anonymous said...

They yaya payaya mah...what are sinkies? yaya banana? LoL

Anonymous said...

Singapore is finished for Singaporeans. It's too late to redress our calamitous situation . . .

Anonymous said...

..... Continuing from Part 5 @ 10.57am 10 May 2017 Post (Conversation with a Chinese national)

Part 6:

What has an aneh construction worker and the 5 bulldozers as well as the output per worker function have to do with the economic welfare and the consumption level per worker in an economy?

Recalling that the algebraic equation is:

y = f(k)

Why does a layman but especially a policy maker need to be well aquainted with such basic economic knowledge?

The answer is a layman as much as a politician would want optimal growth in the economy such that economic welfare, that is, consumption per worker is optimised at a certain level of output or GDP at each period.

When more capital accumulation is added to an economy in the form of additional bulldozers for the same worker, an empirically proven economic concepts called Inada Conditions kicked in.

At low level of capital per worker, output per worker tends to infinity. At high level of capital per worker, output per worker tends to zero.

Transposing it into the real economy such as the ah neh and 5 bulldozers simplified example, the marginal product of capital (MPK) of subsequent bulldozers falls sharply from the MPK added by the 1st bulldozer (as evidenced by the Inada Conditions).

In other words, politicians would want high growth and policies that engender high growth but often they are not acquainted with the underlying causes of high growth and the implications and consequences of many economic policy options except based on the briefs or advice of Botak ..... oops ....... or LaoGoa ....... oops ...... their economic ministers etc .....?

Capital per worker determines output per worker and ultimately consumption per worker in an economy.

But what if there is over or under capital accumulation in the economy, and what should determine what is the optimal capital accumulation level?

What enables an economy to embark on capital accumulation at each level?

The answers lie in an economy's saving rate as well as public debt financing capability.

Continue in Part 7 ......

Anonymous said...

..... continuing Part 6 @ 9.49pm

Part 7:

Going back to the example of the 5 bulldozers. What happens in the next period to sustain continued growth of output per worker?

Just to maintain a breakeven output per worker from the previous period, new investment in the form of sf(k) must be added to the economy just to keep up with capital depreciation. The productiveness of the bulldozer the ah neh construction worker works on would likely deteriorate if the tracks of the bulldozer is not replaced, engine not serviced etc.

Why must they announce 30% water tax being levied during 2017 Budget debate?

As an economy accumulates more and more capital but not calibrated at the optimal level, output per worker would be the immediate casualty. Next would be the consumption per worker. From the macro data provided in singstats.gov.sg, compute the per capita consumption over the last few years ....... What does it tell? Continued fall year over year? Why?

This brings us back to basic economic knowledge a policy-maker needs otherwise when adverse consequences of earlier ill-advised economic policies kicked in, it will likely be too little too late (to reverse the negative impact)?

Take another example. Carpark automation. Will it suffer the same fate (eventually) as the mrt system with frequent and sudden breakdown?

What benefits have automated carpark system in housing estate brought to the users?

Can think of any?

Previously there was no barrier and residents just drive in and out from their carpark lots but now usage same but longer time to get in and out of the carpark plus negative impact on the economy in the form of capital depreciation and yearly new breakeven investment just to maintain the system to cover its depreciation with no added increase in total factor productivity.

Look at the mrt frequent breakdown. Just to maintain it, how much capital is needed to achieve breakeven investment. But why has it come to this state. That brings to another additional factor in the dynamics of economic growth.

To be continued in Part 8 .......

Anonymous said...

...... continuing part 7 @ 9.53pm

Part 8:

The mrt breakdown dilemma is yet another good empirical example to illustrate academic economics in action if it is not practised optimally and rightly in the real economy?

1987 was when the original North-South Line and East-West Line were completed at a cost of S$5 Billion, the population was under 3 million and projected to peak at about 4 to 4.5 million?

What does capital per worker, output per worker and consumption per worker has to do with this scenario?

In fact, they are all interlinked?

Assuming capital stock in peesai was at $X in 1990, in order for capital per worker to grow faster than breakeven rate, it must be more than the capital depreciation per worker and population growth.

When capital investment per worker in the form of maintenance or new lines trails capital depreciation per worker and population growth, overall capital per worker actually declines.

The frequent mrt breakdown is a good example of such academic economics at play in real life and does imply that due to the capital depreciation per worker and population growth far exceeding the breakeven investment to upkeep the system, the end result is the current conundrum policy makers grapple with and to no end (in sight)?

In the long run, it is not only having or knowing the right breakeven investment of capital per worker but the wherewithal to carry out such policies?

Take for example this newater and the desalination plants. Why suddenly the need to jack up a 30% water tax? Capital depreciation and population growth means the economy needs ever more breakeven investment just to upkeep those plants? Even if they manage to tax the people heavily and also draw on massive annual savings to reach the breakeven level, it still means it is only at breakeven level and no growth in output per worker?

That is why policy makers are finding it ever harder to achieve nominal gross economic growth, much less real output growth per worker?

Anonymous said...

Solution = steal! N stop buying milk powder.

Anonymous said...

Yes, press neh neh for milk. Problem solved

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Anon 10:36 for your 8 part lecture on worker productivity. It is a serious piece of work.


Anonymous said...

Wait ...... wait ......

What happened to the 2nd to 5th bulldozers ........ and the neh ........?

Story just started ....... like GKS stepped down in 1984 ...... and LaoGoa took over in 1990?

Virgo 49 said...

Today they admitted a Queen's Counsel to the Bar.

Must be for TCB's up coming case of the PE.

Wah piang, how to win??

Anonymous said...

Singapore where got Queen?

Virgo 49 said...

Got Queens counsel special admission for TCB and Pedra Blanca case up coming.

And you daft Sinkies foot the bill.