B&R – Was Hsien Loong invited to attend?

This matter seems to trouble many Singaporeans as such an important international event when many leaders were attending and Hsien Loong was not when Singapore is hoping to hitch a ride on this massive project to pick up a few contracts along the way. And Cynical Investor has said it is confirmed that Hsien Loong was not invited, a slap that would not go unnoticed.

Here is what Cynical Investor posted in his blog.

One Belt One Rd: PM “not invited”
In China on 17/05/2017 at 4:24 am

I was wrong. PM wasn’t invited to the summit meeting on the above, it seems, going by what Lawrence Wong is quoted as saying. He wasn’t aping Western leaders by declining the invitation and sending ka kiah instead.

When asked why Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did not attend the Belt and Road Forum, which was attended by 29 heads of state and government, including many from South-east Asia, Mr Wong said the invitation was decided by the Chinese.

So reasonable to assume that the Chinese did not invite Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
This non invite may appear to be a diplomatic snub but taken seriously it could fore tell far more serious implications to Singapore. It is not just a continuation of the Terrex fiasco bundled together with the trumpeting of the TPP and the demand that China abide by the kangaroo court judgement on the South China Sea. There are more to it. Well some jokers still openly denied that Singapore did all these things, that Singapore was innocent, an honest broker. Stupidity has no cure but to make such denials in public only proved how stupid these people can be.

Singapore has officially been saying that it supports the B&R project and wanted to participate actively in its development. Why was Hsien Loong left out, ok this is just a view by Cynical Investor, if Singapore is an important player to the maritime Silk Road?

The message is clear, if Singapore is an important part of the maritime Silk Road, there is more reason to invite Hsien Loong to the forum. And if invited, there is no reason for Hsien Loong not to attend, an event that is definitely more important than having dinner at the White House. The probability that Cynical Investor is right is very high and the negative implications that Singapore is no longer in the good books of China could be a forgone conclusion or at least not a major part in the maritime Silk Road plan. By the way the South China Morning Post even said that China left out Hsien Loong deliberately, so no more guessing.

Malaysia appears to be the main actor in China’s B&R project and quietly accepting its role without any gloating. The amount of investments pouring into Malaysia in infrastructure development says it all.

The non invite is not so important than not being part of the big scheme of things. This does not bode well for Singapore’s ambition to be the regional transportation hub in the future. What would happen if Malaysia were to replace Singapore as the regional hub? What would happen to Tuas’ big expansion plan as the biggest container port in the region when no container ship is arriving?
What do you think?

PS. On second thought, there is really nothing to worry about. Even if Singapore is being left out, with our super talents in charge, Singapore would definitely find a better way out, maybe create its own Singapore Silk Road.  China forgot that Singapore was the master and China the student.

And there is the great USA to rely on. Then there is always the next big thing in Asia, India, the next growth story. Singapore has the first mover advantage and would definitely do very well clinging onto the Indian growth engine. Quick, quick upgrade the CECA so that all the Singaporean firms and Singaporeans can fly to India to work and to do business. But make sure they recognize our degrees and diplomas first.


Anonymous said...

Since his inheritance of the throne, nothing creative or immensely beneficial to Singaporeans has been implemented. Instead so many of his epic destructive policies have caused untold miseries to locals. When can such utter incompetence be stopped?

Virgo49 said...

China publicly stated We welcomed all Nations.

No invite means we no hui you.

Now China developer bidded billion for the Queensway Stirling Road project.

Why? When they snubbed him??

It's because they are going to show you that we have the dough even paid millions more to outbid others.

This is not only the snub they gonna show you. They will built the projects in double quick time like in Matland.

This is the way to disgrace your water face.

We have the dough and expertise to show you.

Please remember Chinese way of how lian.I got monies to drown you.


Anonymous said...

/// PS. On second thought, there is really nothing to worry about. Even if Singapore is being left out, with our super talents in charge, Singapore would definitely find a better way out, maybe create its own Singapore Silk Road. ///

I know, I know.
Our super talents can ask Singaporeans to work for free so that Singapore will become the most competitive economy in the world.

What can be even more competitive than working for free?
I know, I know.
Singaporeans can pay the companies a monthly salary for the privilege of working for free.

Do you think I have the talent and ability to be a Millionaire Minister?
My vision exceeds "cheaperer, betterer and fasterer".

Anonymous said...

/// What would happen if Malaysia were to replace Singapore as the regional hub? What would happen to Tuas’ big expansion plan as the biggest container port in the region when no container ship is arriving? ///

Q: If all of China's container shipment stopped coming to Singapore .... what do you think?

A: I think we need a Senior Minister and a Prime Minister that has the ability and desire to mend and improve ties with China.

Anonymous said...

@ May 19, 2017 9:04 am

Guess which party will win the next Singapore general elections?
Guess who will be the next Senior Minister?
Guess who will be the next Prime Minister?

You get the government you deserve.
Suggest you start getting Tamil and Hindi tuition lessons for your children.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the no invite is a slap on our face. Even Najib is standing happily next to President Xi but Lawrence has to conduct a closed door interview.

Anonymous said...

@ May 19, 2017 9:13 am

I know who is Najib. But who is Lawrence?

Anonymous said...

I know who is Najib. But who is Lawrence?

May 19, 2017 9:17 am

that's Lawrence of Arabia . . .

Virgo49 said...

Lawrence,Hokkien said Lau Lan.

Army slang. The Balls or bolah dropping from the part between the thigh and CB


Anonymous said...

It's time for Singapore to roar and retaliate.

We should ban all Chinese firms from all projects in Singapore. A Chinese firm is currenting constructing the Lentor MRT station. That should stop if the contract permits! Chinese-made escalators is well known for swallowing people . . .

Anonymous said...

@ May 19, 2017 9:27 am

I have a pet weasel called Lawrence.

According to my calculations, if I keep feeding him food, my assets will drop to zero value after 99 years.

Anonymous said...

/// We should ban all Chinese firms from all projects in Singapore. ///
May 19, 2017 9:59 am

Yes. Very good idea.
We will crush and destroy China when we ban them from participating in our Singapore economy (which is the biggest in the world).
We need to show China who is the real boss in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Don anyhow use words like steal.

Peple scare.

Anonymous said...

Why Worry? Why Worry? Why Worry?

What so important whether invited to the dinner or not? Not important!

Don't play play! Please do not forget that our PM and his team is world best-EST!

Yes! We are best-EST in everything in the world.

We will play the leading "ke-lay-fei" roles although we may not be the leading star.

Our best-EST leaders are all very very talented. They will lead us there!

Don't worry other countries will consult us for all projects as we are world experts.

We are the world. Yes! We are the world!

Please join me, together we shall cheer..............

"一带一路" 加油! 加油! 加油! "一带一路" 加油! 加油! 加油!

Anonymous said...

I think we can make China kneel down to our pm. 1) send our airforce and navy to China coast to warn China. 2) use our trillion reserve to destabilise the rmb until they can not tahan. Then they know who is the boss in Asia.

Anonymous said...

China does not know how powderful Singapore is. We will show China how we punch above our weight. We will revive TPP to exclude China. We will.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi everyone,
I will be running at the Sabah Masters over the weekend. Will be back on Tue.
Will try to post if I got the time and if I can get hold of a pc.


Anonymous said...

Eyes never paste stamps or what?

You know who we are or not?

Don't play play!

We are Singapore!

Although we maybe "pee-sai" in size but please never see us no up!

We have the strongEST land, sea and air forces!

So don't play play......don't play play!


Anonymous said...

What is PAP's core competence?
Isn't it collecting money in Singapore to invest overseas (in foreign shares, smart cities and industrial parks) to (ha ha ha) "benefit" Singaporeans?

Maybe China knows that Singapore has lost many billions in overseas investments?
Maybe China knows that Singaporeans are benefiting handsomely from these overseas investments?

Maybe China does not want Singapore to be embarrassed at OBOR if we got no more money left for OBOR investments?

After all, without money, what is PAP's Singapore good for?
Can't even create enough employment for its own citizens?

So if PAP's Singapore cannot even benefit its own citizens, how can PAP's Singapore be trusted to benefit China's citizens?

True or not?
Fair or not?
What do you think?

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 9.59

Should change the elevators contracts to India companies. See the prestigious Pinnacles At Duxton with Indian made elevators.

Units costing nearly one million per unit at 1100 sq ft. Lifts breaksown for one week.LKY's signature project.

Think Indian better quality with satellite launch as favoured by Sinkieland on behalf always explodes after take off.

China poorer quality reaching the Mars soon.

Anonymous said...

Part 17: (Alternative Options for Sg: A Unique Common Market)

Japan has a GDP size of about US$6 trillion ........ UK about US$3 trillion ....... Australia more than US$1 trillion ....... Canada more than US$1 trillion.

Total GDP size: About US$11 Trillion

Total population: About 250 million

Total land size: More than 20 million sq km

What is a common market?

In the hierarchy of economic integration between nations, essentially there are 4 levels namely:

1) Free Trade Area (also known as FTA but not to be confused with "free trade agreement" though both could be referencing to the same or similar concept):

What purpose does a "Free Trade Area" serve?

Essentially trade barriers are removed between member states.

2) Custom Union:

In a nutshell, Custom Union = Free Trade Area + Common Tariff Wall

3) Common Market:

Effectively, Common Market = Custom Union + (Free) Mobility of Labour & Capital

4) Economic Union:

The most ambitious economic, monetary and political integration project in history so far personified in terms of European Union (EU), Eurozone Area (EZ), European Central Bank (ECB) and European Commission (EC) etc.

In short, Economic Union = Common Market + Social, Monetary & Political Harmonisation.

A possible option for Sg is (to explore) linking up with countries such as UK, Japan, Australia and Canada in deeper economic integration in a "Common Market" setup?

"Economic Union" should be off the table (for possibly as far as visibility allows) bcos this idea is a "Special" arrangement for European Countries for "political and historical" reasons than economic?

EEC (the former setup before EU) was the idea originating from the brainchild of a 19th century German economist?

With Brexit becoming a reality soon, a "Common Market" linking UK, Sg, Japan & possibly Australia and Canada could be looked at?

After Brexit, UK would be loosing many of the benefits when they were in EU and to mitigate some of the downside, the abovementioned "Common Market" setup could be explored in a multilateral "win-win-win-win-win" deeper economic integration and cooperation?

To be continued in Part 18 .......

Anonymous said...

Singapore is like a durian. The harder China try to squeeze Singapore, the more painful its hands will get !

Anonymous said...

Singapore is like a 50 year old prostitute. Nobody want anymore.
No more money.
Excluded and by-passed from OBOR.

From servicing 1st world countries like USA in the past .... now is left to servicing countries from the 3rd, 4th world and 5th world.

Only Singaporeans will pay millions in salaries to employ such talented Leedership.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1119am, china is not so stupid to squeeze durian!

you think they are that stdpid?

anyway, what so good about that durian that attracts china

they can always look for other durians, there are many many to choose from!

let me tell you, they are very very smart people, please!

Anonymous said...

@ May 19, 2017 11:19 am

What's the point of squeezing a bankrupted durian?
The durian still got money meh?

U - You've
B - been
S - screwed

Anonymous said...

Worry not worry not.

China has OBOR.

Singapore oso has its own oBoR = own Belt own Road!

Not bad, right?


Anonymous said...

Singapore's oBoR (PIE-AYE) - 45 km - from Changi Airport to Tuas.

And some more we pay million dollar salaries to manage this oBoR

Anonymous said...

Notice lately, our ministers are diam diam. No talk cock sing song as before.

virgo49 said...

Singapore One Road costs billions. Singaporeans after that got to tighten all their belts. Calculate MCE, how many billion it costed?? Just for how many kilometres?

Good stuffs expensive. Fire at T2 and auto the sprinklers at MCE goes off. Even miles away.

Last time from Keppel joining ECP to T2 just straight arrived 45 mins. Now MCE round and round one hour half and missed flights.

Taxi fares nearly half more.

Oil leak at One Road, wah piang hundreds missed flights.

Take MRT, signal faults also missed flights.

Ours One Road always have to tighten our belts in case pants dropped due to not enough monies for milk powder.

Anonymous said...

@ virgo @ May 19, 2017 12:18 pm

World's longest rail tunnel to open in Switzerland under Alps
Measuring 57 km in length,
situated 2.3km deep under the Alps and having cost €11bn to complete,
Switzerland’s Gotthard base tunnel is more than just the world’s longest and most expensive tunnelling project.



Singapore's MCE tunnel
The 5-kilometre (3.1-mile) long MCE is Singapore's most expensive expressway.
- Sing $4.1 billion or Euro 2.7 billion



Cost of Singapore's MCE per kilometer: Euro 0.54 billion per kilometer
Cost of Swiss tunnel: Euro 0.19 billion per kilometer

Anonymous said...

What can PAP's Singapore contribute to China's OBOR???

I know. I know.
We can teach China how to collect more money.
We can teach China to set up ERP gantries all over the OBOR rail network.

Anonymous said...

So clever at collecting money.
Why not Singapore become the tax collection department for China?

Anonymous said...

Singapore's version of OBOR, Own Belt Own Road!

Singapore Boleh! Well done! Keep it up!

Yam Seng! Yam.............................Seng!

b said...

Marxists cannot be trusted. They loot everything from assets to freedom. Work with Oz better. We both can reap lots of benefits if working together.

Anonymous said...

How come peenoi duterte and mat rock widjojo kena invited even though peenoi and indo nowhere near anything to do with obor?!?!?! Maybe cheena-paid holiday trip for them to show appreciation?!?!

As for sinkie-land even if ah loong got invited & he went & successfully signed 1,000 obor joint-ventures and projects, sinkies will still die horrible deaths under ass loong and pappies.

patriot said...

Lawrence Wong shall be the Next Sin Prime
Heng Swee Kiat,
Chan Chun Sing and Tan Chuan Jin etc will have to wait long long.
Maybe, none of
them stands a chance to ever
becomes the Prime Minister
if Sin, especially Tharman Shanmugaratnam.


Anonymous said...

dear sir patriot 7.02pm........

then the BTO flats will sure to be of zero value $0.00 after 99 years........


patriot said...

I think it is a lot more prestigeous to be invited to the White House to have private dinner with thr World Most Powerful Man.
Why attend a meeting with little benefits to Sin?
And by the way, the Sin Leeder has absolutely no clout in Regional Matters lately.

Prayut, Duterte, Jokowi have yet to make any important visit to Sin. Even when Leeders attended Regional Meetings, they played little significant roles.
Why would Sin Leeders cherish for any gathering with them?

lndia and US are close to Sin, the Former sends their Nationals to work and create jobs for Sinkies. US on the other hand uses Sin to base its military hardwares and activities. lndirectly the US is protecting Sin.

What great role does China play in


Anonymous said...

What great role does China play in Sin?
May 19, 2017 7:30 pm

What great role does PAP's Singapore play in China?
What great role does PAP play in making Singaporeans lives better?

Jiak Liao Bee anyone?

Anonymous said...


patriot said...

和尊严, 不出卖人格,

denk said...

sg tell china,
'dont cha xiao, wo jin boh eng'


those verify process getting out of hand !

Anonymous said...

What usefulness does SIN-PAP-ORE has to China?

What can a Puppet of America Party possibly do for or against China?

It is very obvious that SIN-PAP-ORE is now a Stooge of India and a Puppet of USA.

The Purpose of Lee Sin-Very-Long visiting Japan and USA and then OPENLY BELITTLED AND DENOUNCED CHINA TO THE WHOLE WORLD is crystal clear!

It is not just about punching above his own weight.

It is a direct attack on and challenge to China's Credibility, Integrity and Sovereignty.

It is also an open insult to the leadershio of China.

Therefore, cannot, should not and MUST NOT take it sitting down. China has no choice but to respond in kind, words and deeds.


China's Cultural, Economic, Trade and Investments, both direct and indirect, with the Puppet of America Party, at Party and National levels, MUST BE REVISED AND RE-ADJUSTED for ALL short, medium and long terms, public and private.

Once bitten by a double-head poisonous snake, a wise man must ensure that it is not let loose and be allowed to return to bite him again. The problem must be nip at the bud.

A concrete and detailed plan to tackle this double-headed poisonous snake must be formulated on an urgent basis, to include every aspect of short, medium and long-term strategic interests.

Nothing less!

Anonymous said...

... continuing Part 17 @ 11.12am 19 May

Part 18: (Inherent Flaws in Some Classical Economists' Assumptions and Concepts)

The founding father of modern economics Adam Smith coined the term "Mercantilism" to describe the earlier era international economic system that pre-existed for a quarter millennium between 1500 to 1750 in his 1776 publication (An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations).

One of the key tenets in Adam Smith's 1776 magnum opus was that of the "division of labour". Another key concept expounded in his 1776 publication "Wealth of Nation" was "capital accumulation".

Ironically, the name (Capitalism) describing the economic system propounded by Adam Smith was not coined by him but one of his harshest critics, Karl Marx.

Another big economic idea developed by classical economists was that by David Ricardo in terms of the benefits of "Free Trade" and his "Theory of Comparative Advantage".

The fact that in the current era, many countries such as those in South America are left far behind in economic development compared to the industrialised countries in Europe, North America, Japan could be traced to the flawed assumptions in both Adam Smith and David Ricardo simplistic adherence to the concept of "division of labour between nations" which actually integrated the essence of Smith's and Ricardo's key ideas.

On the other hand, the modern economy in the developed world are seeing many countries struggling to maintain growth and such are most evident in countries such as Japan, US and many European countries. Even emerging economies are not spared and rounds upon rounds of unsustainable expansionary fiscal and monetary policies are launched to prevent their economies slipping into a "coma"?

The Inada Conditions have proven mathematically beyond any doubt that the growth path of Adam Smith's capital accumulation model would eventually reach a steady state as the marginal product of capital (MPK) tends to zero as capital accumulation per worker tends to infinity. Growth is either at zero, barely positive or even negative as new investment oscillate between below, above or equal to capital depreciation.

Ricardo's and other trade theories on "division of labour between nations" seemed to have condemned naturally well-endowned South American countries to stay at the lowest rung of the "economic food chain" for life .......?

To be continued in Part 19 ......

Anonymous said...

Part 19: (Refining Specialisation, Theories of International Trade & Economic Integration Between Nations)

Adam Smith's "Division of Labour" concept transposed into David Ricardo's "Theory of Comparative Advantage" would unlikely be sustainable in the long term for economies at the lower rung and indirectly unsustainable in the long run at the upper rung as well.

For example, assuming Australia and Canada have a finite sum of natural minerals such as iron ore, copper etc underground. Going by the above-mentioned capitalist economic concepts recommended by classical economists, then Australia and Canada would permanently be exporters of raw materials say to an emerging economy but eventually their resources would be depleted and beyond that, how are they going to feed themselves adequately without suffering a drastic drop in their standard of living?

A large common market with multilateral win-win arrangement could offer a more sustainable growth trajectory for future generations than present system of unevenly distributed international trade in terms of long term sustainability and viability?

Obviously there are many synergies to be tapped in a large common market linking nations with similar needs for such and not just only that of the simple mentioned above.

Capital accumulation growth model are bound to fail and modern history are littered with many monumental "economic casulties" two of which are the Soviet Union and the period 1990 to mid 2010s in Japan?

Due to the subtle inherent flaws in the classical "division of labour" and "international specialisation between nations", not side-stepping the "mine fields" and charting a viable long term trajectory would likely lead to eventual stagnation like the Soviet Union and Japan between 1990 to the mid 2010s?

Currently, Japan's economic troubles are far from over and the three arrows (Fiscal, Monetary and Structural Reform) of Abenomics seemed to have yielded short term booster and results but possibly unsustainbale in the long term?

To be continued in Part 20 .......