American running dogs and proxy propagandists

There are too many institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore and the intellectuals working there consist a large proportion of foreigners. These pseudo intellectuals are highly paid with local tax payers money. They especially the foreign intellectuals can possibly also be be CIA paid American fifth columns. They have constantly been articulating pro American propaganda under the guise of fair comment on current international and regional affairs and at the same time they feel no shame in frequently  articulating anti-China statements and insinuate that China is damaging peace and security in East Asia and South East Asia. These pseudo intellectuals must be made to realise that they and their countries must eventually be responsible for the negative outcome of their fake news and insidious pro American propaganda and will have to pay a heavy painful price for unnecessarily provoking China with falsehoods and aggressive statements

During the 242 years of its existence America had initiated and fought not less than 230 wars of aggression and invasion resulting in the lost of many independent sovereign native American Indian states, lost of large swathes of Mexican territories comprising the present states of Florida, Texas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizonda and California, and the lost of Hawaii and Guam.s independence   In 1898 US attacked and invaded the Philippines. The heroic patriotic Philippinos fought bravely and courageously resisted the barbaric Americans but eventually succumbed to American military might after more than 300, 000 Philippnos were mercilessly killed and slaughtered by the American invaders. Philippines only gained its independence in 1948 after the Second World War.. though with many American military bases in the country it can be said it is always somewhat  under semi-colonial American rule.

China in its 5,000 years of  Civilization had never attacked or invaded any country. On the contrary it had always been attacked and invaded by foreigners. It was invaded by the Mongols in the 13th century, by the Manchus from 1642 to 1911, by the Russians from 1689 to 1885 with the adherent lost of more than three million square miles of Chinese lands to Russia and by other European powers, Japan and America from 1830s to 1940s. 

Thus from the historical perspective anyone with the right sense of mind , logic and intellect should clearly discern or see which is a benign power China or US. If the intellectuals at Iseas-Yusof Ishak Institute and other institutes still think and see US as a benign power they should have their minds examined at mental hospitals.

I hope in my next article I will deal with the fake arguments of these pro-American running dogs. Beware of manuafactured American fake news and toxic propaganda which are being helped, harped and propagated by US fifth columns all over the world.


Friday, 5th May, 2017


Virgo 49 said...

Bananas leadership of Sinkie land are dead bent on having all these half past sixor pua tang Sai analysts and professors in our midst.

They are fed by the sai when they are having their Sai degrees from these institutions.

So, they got to back them ans listen to their Sai.

And the Dafts been brainwashed for so long also eat their Sai.

See how many Professionals professors in the A*Star after taking away billions with housing benefits and etc just patted their back side after certain years only punk Sai but not lay a single egg.

Now they got these propaganda liars with their Agenda taking our tax payers monies and blasted bahelemies.

Anonymous said...

China should take note of these American fed running dogs and bar them from entering China.

Anonymous said...

These intellectuals who are proxies for American warmongers may have full support of the authorities or else how could they be so bravo in provoking China.

Anonymous said...

The fake intellectuals who are openly hostile to China may post a danger to Singapore and some pro-American ASEAN countries. Singapore should terminate their employment forthwith to avoid misunderstanding with China.