What One China policy means to China Singapore relations?

The Terrex incident could be over with China returning the vehicles according to international shipping law. No big fuss. It was a matter of documentation and proper papers. What is important is the new China Singapore relationship following the protest or representation by the Chinese Foreign Ministry following this incident, that Singapore must abide by the rule of law and the One China policy. This means that Singapore, for recognizing that there is only one China, cannot have govt to govt or official relations with Taiwan.

What does this mean to Singapore? If Singapore wants to abide by the One China policy, Singapore would henceforth have to terminate all training and official contacts with Taiwan. This is indeed 伤脑筋。It is not easy to dismantle the training facilities and equipment in Taiwan and to relocate them elsewhere if Singapore is to abide by this One China Policy requirement. Singapore has converted every bit of land into housing estates and nothing is left for the military and to conduct their training. Singapore is now beholden to countries that could offer us land for military training and to house our military hardware and soldiers.

With the land constraint, a self inflicted wound for wanting to grow the population recklessly, would Singapore play it tough and take a diplomatic U turn by not recognizing the One China policy to keep its training facilities in Taiwan? But by doing so it would have to cut diplomatic relations with China which means all official contacts and govt to govt businesses in China would be terminated except people to people or non govt businesses.

China is giving Singapore a choice, an ultimatum. Singapore would have to decide which way to go. It can’t have the cake and eat it this time unless it can come up with a legal interpretation that Singapore did not violate the One China policy by having military training facilities in Taiwan and official relations with the Taiwanese govt.  The legal expertise of Shanmugam would be very handy in this case. How about the one who interpreted that inside the centre is not within 200 metres from the centre? Or maybe can go to the Tribunal at The Hague for an interpretation that is legal and binding. If The Hague can call an island as big as Taiping a coral reef, I am sure they would know how to interpret the One China policy to favour Singapore. And once again Singapore can tell China to abide by the international ruling of the court that is UN backed and legal and binding.

Another way out is to quote the USA. The USA also recognizes the One China policy but has a defence agreement to defend Taiwan. This American fork tongue behavior is also called American Exceptionalism. Could Singapore use this exception to justify its use of training facilities in Taiwan? Can Singapore also call itself an exceptional country like the Americans and can do anything it wants?

This new development would need a Uniquely Singapore solution but not sure if it works in the context of international relations and whether China would lamely accept such an interpretation and situation.

How is Singapore going to wrangle itself out of this conundrum?  Would Vivian with the help of Shanmugam, come up on top and dismiss the Chinese protest or representation as baseless and life goes on as normal, with SAF training unaffected in Taiwan?

The bottom line, Singapore must now choose between China or Taiwan.  Take it or leave it, no buts.


Anonymous said...

All the khong cum politicians and diplomats now kena fucked and all 'chui tart lan'.

No more China must obey the UN backed Hague rulings, no more China must follow international laws, no more China split Asean to divide and rule, no more childish prank like walking out of a press conference when one is a co chairman......... got more cho chok Asean to confront China on the island claims?

China no principle, no follow international law, China bully?

So frightening to have so many khong cums running the show turning the country into a circus.

Virgo49 said...

And the Holy Goh just tak bodoh and collected his million dollar chiak liao bee salary as Emperor Minister.

How DAFT sinkies can be???

Anonymous said...

Basically, once you have depleted your usefulness, everything you do seems wrong. Singapore should take corrective action in line with the shifting power. Logic claiming that such training in Taiwan is open and had been in existence since the 70s makes no difference to China. Reason is that this does not constitute an endorsement from China. We are now in a cross road. Dealing with China is no more the same old formula. Hopefully our more than capable ministers can ride over the storm victoriously.

Anonymous said...

The comments by Ng Eng Heng and Vivian Balakrishnan are not helpful and if they continue on this stubborn path the next thing could be a break in diplomatic relations with China.

Singapore's economy that is so dependent on China would go into a tailspin when Chins divert all its ships to Port Klang or other destinations.

Without Lee Kuan Yew, China would not give a hoot to these young punks and would shaft it up their arses if needed to.

Anonymous said...

Very simple. Sinkies armry personnel can still go ROC Starlight for training in a form of 'tourists' ( it had been years like this already claimed by a Dr Hen). As for the army equipments, no need send anymore to ROC, send to Aussies for training ( Sinkies bought a land as big as little red dot, only need to build facilities). The problem is the current army equipments & machines guns (or explosives) still in ROC, can still continue use there, after sometimes become old or obsolete then gradually ship back to Sinkie as scrap metal. In time of war, activate Aussies side for reinforcements. Meantime, Sinkies gahmen can still tell the China gahmen we still stick to One China policy Leh..

Anonymous said...

To the daft sinkies, they can interpret any laws any way they want and no one dare to talk back or can dispute anything. Everything they said is right.

Dealing with another country, try that and they would be shown the middle finger.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro Anon 9.03

Not Heng lah, Hen, Hen, Hen.

Cock, cock kueh

Still put on a stern face and talks cock.

Next time gonna be roasted.

Anonymous said...

I m not here to spread fear!

The worst is yet to come!

The worst is yet to come!

You think so?

Hello 2017!

Anonymous said...

The little boy had been spitting at the man and poking his eyes everyday. Now the man stood up and raise his hand to slap the boy.

The boy put on an angelic and innocent look, I never do anything leh.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget hor!

The massive 70% OK-ed!

What to talk? No point kpkb! Waste time!

What is more important to do in this uncertain time
is 3M (Make More Money)!


Anonymous said...

The PM got fixed up by the MFA or he fixed himself up?
Mindef also got fixed up without knowing why.

Anonymous said...

The splashed-$400-million-on-YOG S'pore FM Vivian Balakrishnan said S'pore's relation with China is multi-faceted and not hostage to any one issue. But to China the One-China policy is paramount.

Ng Eng Hen said S'pore will continue its overseas military trading in accordance with existing agreements with other countries. That means he recognize Taiwan as a country, and will continue to have NSFs train in Taiwan despite China's representation.

Anonymous said...

I think the warning is very clear from China Foreign ministry spokesman. China wants the starlight to completely stop. But Singapore FM said old friends taiwan cannot be forgotten. It means Sin city will continue starlight. That is the clear answer to China.

One China policy is up to Sin city to interpret. The FM said at time it meant different things.

Will HK return the armour car swiftly to Sin city under its full rights? Its hard to say. According to HK media, armour cars of foreign country landed in HK is under defense policy. If HK interpret this way, taizi twar tiaw. HK pushes the ball to China. China ignores the ball. The cars will collect dust.

Is this shipper qualified one? How could the shipping documents did not match with the goods shipped ie did not state armour cars belonged to the great nation? Permits certainly not applied if the ownerships was not even stated clearly, as the reports said HK custom could not know whose armours were they.

Question was: how could the shipper do such thing to challenge HK custom?
Why challenge custom? Because the cargo was unloaded and landed in HK land.
Sin city doing such thing using such shipper was negligent or purposely? If it is purposely to challenge China, then the story cannot end so fast. Agree?

Anonymous said...

The two thick heads think they can bulldoze their ways against daft sinkies and can also do the same to China. Seow tin tong. Still cannot see what shit they got themselves into and how serious is China. Still talking cock. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to read defence minister comments
1."our training overseass has never been secret. People know where we train openly"
Wahlau! Ex starlight documents in mindef always stamped "Secret" since the 1970s. The word "never" is FACTUALLY WRONG. Maybe starlight exercises nowadays has been declassified totally, but it is not true that the taiwan training was "never" secret.
2."We adhere to one China policy.Any training matters between us and other countries are bilateral"
Oh m god!!!!Did you see that? "OTHER COUNTRIES " he said. That means our defence minister accepts Taiwan as a "country "!
Big fatal contradiction! Is the defence minister speaking same policy as PM?

Anonymous said...

LHL had destroy Special relationship long exist between Singapore with China.

Certain Singaporean official repeatedly remind China that Singapore are not Chinese Nation.

-Why should Singapore enjoy special relationship with China then?

Anonymous said...

Philippine leader,Duterte is way smarter. He remind China that Philippine are Chinese. He is a Chinese.

Philippine want to build a special relationship with China.

Najib remind China that His father had a warm and good relationship with China. He want to follow the footstep of his father.

Anonymous said...

What does One China policy mean to PAP-CPC relations?

CPC: Communist Party of China
PAP: People's Action Party

Anonymous said...

If there is poor leadership.
Small and simple matter becomes big and complicated.
Creating a lot of work for Singaporeans.

This is why Singaporeans work one of the longest work week in the world @ 48 hours/week.

Anonymous said...

From what i see HK keeping the armour cars and 3 containers of army equipment at guarded warehouse, HK is not going to return to the "team" of singaporeans in HK.
There is question of possession of "strategic commodities" on the part of shipping company with license, as HK media claimed earlier. Permit to take such commodities into HK must have and the shipping company did not apply for it. The "commodities" were put inside the harbor and found by custom. This kind of behavior should be an offense HK custom will fine or charge the person responsible. Singapore govt happened to be the owner of the "commodities".

If readers view from this point: charging the shipping company for doing illegally, the process will take time. This shipping company may have to pay fine.
Singapore army team may not get directly involved, but the team can baleh kampong as the shipping company should kena for unloading the strategic commodities with out permit.

On one china policy, it is a loose one to singapore. China cannot accept it as taiwan is going independent culturally. The president wants to be japanese rather than chinese. Starlight may have japanese name in future.

Anonymous said...

"There is question of possession of "strategic commodities" on the part of shipping company with license"
correction: with NO license.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan. Why else the increased training area in Australia?

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you why Singapore foreign policy is totally a disaster and very short sighted.

when Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia , they fail to ask for Batam, Bintan ,Karimum island etc....

Imagine Singapore have those islands today.

Do Singapore need to worry about their bleak future - shortage of land , national security, over population?

Now, Singapore need to fight for Riau space (Indonesia airspace), otherwise, Changi airport as international hub would completely gone.

Singapore territory - Singapore island with Batam, Bintan, Karimum and those nearby islets. - Singapore would become a Big Nation now.

Anonymous said...

When Suharto was overthrown by 1998 revolution and there are state sponsored ethnic cleansing(genocide) against ethnic Chinese.

Singapore could follow Turkey to annex those islands.- Invasion of Turkey into Northern Cyprus to protect Life of ethnic Turkmens and for human right reason.

Turkey are still controlling Northern Cyprus today.

Anonymous said...

Last time I parked my car on the road side no need to pay parking. I done it since 1950. Why now cannot?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that SG puts the blame 100% on American President Lines APL.
Being a commercial company, you can bet that they will respond in defense, its a matter of time. I could not imagine them to say, sorry we are wrong, we will pay the fine, we will find the guy who messed up, he goes to jail, our CEO will apologise to SG govt.
I agree with the comment above that though Beijing authorised release of the items, the HKG authorities will go through a long process and procedure, which follow all the rule of law, before the items are released. For example, the fine must be paid, someone must go to jail etc. This is very very serious!

Anonymous said...

Pap minister should understand such simple logic

if they want to talk about "equality between nations."

They should stop harping on this point- we are a small nation against Big nation ( China)

"China is bullying smaller nation."

It works both way.

Anonymous said...

RB, where are veritas? She is missing in action. I would like to her opinion on this issue.

b said...

Why the need to train in Taiwan? Australia got plenty of space. Just abolish NS and no need to train anymore or just train cyber warfare also no need to go overseas. NS should be cheaper better faster.

b said...

Btw, china one china policy is also obsolete just like the one child policy. It is time to embrace two children policy and two china policy if china is truly about peace thru trade and not domination.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our dear Veritas may be angry with me for deleting some of his posts that were a bit too strong. Hope he would come back to post again minus the fiery expressions that may be too much for readers to take.

And Matilah is also MIA. Some said he is dead. But I think he is lingering around the corner.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 2L10, China bullying small nations?
Come off it, it is the small nations that are bullying China.
Now China cannot tahan so kicking their arses.
When China starts to behave like a big power and knock some sense into the dumb heads of the leaders of small nations, then they would know their places and stop being boh tua boh suay.

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Seoul on Saturday in the fourth straight weekend of protest against embattled President Park Geun-hye.


This is what happens when you really, truly own your country.
A sense of ownership.
A sense of belonging.
A sense of citizenship.

Di you think PAP shares this ideal?

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg : Airspace Spat Shows Indonesia's Newfound Foreign Policy Muscle

Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Thursday (Nov 26) refuted a CNN-Indonesia report that cited Indonesian Cabinet ministers as saying that Singapore had no objections to Indonesia's plans to manage the entire Indonesian airspace and that the Republic supported Indonesia's intention to take over the airspace in three to four years

Why is that Singapore are controlling Indonesia airspace when they chastised China action in SCS as " bullying" and "assertive , aggression"

"PRC "intrude" territorial water of smaller Asean nation or reclamation of man made island in those water claimed by smaller nation"

Indonesia(owner) has been demanding absolute control over their own airspace back in Riau.

Singapore did not claim the airspace as their.

But they did not agree to surrender those control back to Indonesia.

Rule of law?

Anonymous said...

Singapore has been in control of the airspace over some areas in Riau - such as Batam, Tanjung Pinang, Bintan and the Natuna islands - since 1946.

According to pro PAP supporter, Training arrangement with Taiwan dates back to 1975

Batam, Bintan, Natuna island, Tanjung Pinang should belongs to Singapore because we has been exercising sovereignty over those island since 1946.

Singapore can still rightfully lodge an Objection Note against Indonesia request to take back the control over their own airspace.

virgo49 said...

APL caught in the "cold spat" between Sinkie land and PRC

They are the scapegoat. Normally HK last POC before to Singapore or another SEA port.

For many voyages, no problems transiting thru. No explosives with these armoured cars they do not declared DG Cargo to HK.

DG Cargo most important to declared to next POC. Heavy penalties if not done so.

This incident is specially invented to teach sinkieland leaders a lesson to what GY said don't boh tua boh suah.

You Kawlan, I also can be more kwalan.

Most carriers used HK as transit port before long voyage to SEA.

HK is my terriority. I can made things very difficult for you

Just issue directives that Sinkie land land bound cargo needs to have full manifests, documentation to us. Others not required.
Also, we can inspect any containers if need to if found suspicious.

Container at the lowest tier underdeck needs to be shift and move many moves to reach the deck

Ship's delay at port for more than 12 hours incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Who dared to load Sinkie land cargo??

Anonymous said...

Next time S'pore will just sail 100 megaton nuclear bomb into HK or Shanghai and while port immigration officials are asking for cargo manifest documents, just remotely explode them.

Anonymous said...

Very funny 2 minute facebook video about this incident.
Let's all have a good laugh at our PAP Generals.


Virgo49 said...

If sinkieland still insists of sending troops to train in Taiwan, be prepared to have more "interferences" from China.

Returned military wares got to be shipped via last port before singapore via japanese ports.

However, most Ships also called at China's ports b4 HK or others after Taiwan. There, they can confiscated whatever they want. The Customs Authority in any other country got full Authority even on the flimsy excuses to screw you. Only in sinkieland where the customs authority is placed behind the immigration. ICA- immigration and checkpoint authority.

Poor singapore customs department which is one of the main revenue earner giving way to the chiak liao bee immigration department.

Singapore themselves cut their own throats and committed hari kiri by offending china which had given much face and concessions to us.

Train in Australia?? Different terrain for different types of military exercises. Singapore needs to train in Taiwan for more real life terrain with our neighbours which can become our adversaries.

Last time, got Bersatu Padu with the Malaysian troops during GKS time. Not malaysia Bersatu pudu or puchong or chonging with the PRC.

One fine day,joint landing and conquer the Sinking land with the PRC.

No need passports anymore and no more Hen cukkcccoo

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately matilar passed away due to severe VD infection that spread when his immunity was done with fever followed by multiple organs failure. Those who attended his funeral were not all his friends as some spit at his coffin. This is a bit uncivilise but I Guess anger overtake rationality and common sense.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah will rise from his grave.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies place too much importance on the relationship between Singapore and China.

One thing for sure, with
or withOUT China, Singapore
will be forever as strong as
Israel cos Sinkies are as good as Israelis, if not better.

virgo49 said...

The farking Isralelis are nothing without Uncle Sam

Lots of Kepala Batu idiots who cannot compromise on any deals.

DT no hew the Isralelis and they got to crawl to the Arabs for peace.

Do not have too much high regards for the Damn.Israelis

Now ME heroes after reading Rebean's blog knows who are the devils and how they must cooperate and once and for all relinquish the Israelis

Anonymous said...

Sinkies definitely better
more powerful than Israelis.
That's why the Sin Rulers are
telling PRC where they want to conduct military training is NOT up to China or anyone to have a say.
Ss it is, Sin has landed its'
military hardwares right into
PRC Territory without making any declaration.
See how powerful Singapore is?
May be lsrael also no fight.

Unknown said...

APL American President Lines IS QUIET AS A MOUSE.Is there anything as investigative journalism in your country?

Anonymous said...

The American President Lines' ship that carried the 9 armoured vehicles and sensitive equipment that accompanied them purposely landed first at Hsia Men, just across the Straits of Taiwan.

Then the Chinese Officials at the Hsia Men Port discovered the armoured vehicles and so reported to the Chinese Central Government. The Chinese Central Government told Hsia Men Governor not to allow the landing of the APL ship. The ship turned away and told to go to Hong Kong.

The APL ship then landed at Hong Kong Port and unloaded the SAF armoured vehicles and sensitive equipment at Hong Kong Wharf, and tried to conceal them from ground views. But there was an aerial view that they forgot. Chinese surveillance plane flew over the Hong Kong Wharf and saw those suspicious huge items covered with green canvas. They alerted the Hong Kong Authorities. So an immediate search of the Wharf area with guidance from the aerial surveillance team was launch. And the 9 illegal items were confiscated and detained. Then the search to find the owner of these illegal items was launched. They found the culprits - APL Ship captain and Singapore Team on board the APL. They were also detained.

The rest is history.

Next, the political and diplomatic war start. Now, sit tight and see who win, who lose, no win, no lose. All Winners? Is it possible after what Lee Hsein Loong whacked China so hard when he was in Japan? Fat Hope!

China is just waiting for an opportunity to whack this little arrogant red dot. Now the show just begins ......