White Men's Brutal Carnage Against Native Americans since 1492. PART 3

White men's brutal carnage of native Americans since 12th October,1492              PART          3

White men do no wrong. They always justify their genocidal policy against natives all over the world , their aggression and conquest in the name of Jesus in the truth of their divine bible. They justify their racial supremacy, their economic and political interest and their their territorial aggression and conquest on religious doctrine and ideological basis. That is how white men choose to glorify the heroism of Columbus and his marauding successors as navigators and discoverors and ignore that they were ruthless murderers by saying nothing about their killings and genocide just to justify their evil deeds. It has always been their beliefs that Jesus will wash away their sins.

In the same way USA is justifying its never ending wars of aggression and expansion in the Middle east and all over the world now. USA claims it is all done for the progress and democracy of society. It may be so for white men but for the billions of others in Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South America it is a sad history of a world of conquest, violence, hunger and exploitation by white men. The natives' countries and society have been uprooted, destabilized and disintegrated.

After Columbus, the killings and genocide of native Americans was carried on further with greater intensity and brutality by the Spaniards, British, France and other European invaders .

What Columbus did to the Arawaks of the Bahamas, Cortes of Spain did to the Aztecs of Mexico, Pizarro also of Spain did to the Incas of Peru and the English settlers of Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Great Lakes did to the Powhatans, the Pequots, the Iroquois, Mohawks and Cherokees.

When a Spanish armada appeared at Vera Cruz in 1519, the Aztecs of Mexico welcomed Cortes and his men with magnificent hospitality. They did not know that Cortes came with an evil purpose, an obsessive goal to find gold . The king of the Aztecs, Montezuma sent a hundred runners to Cortes, bearing enormous treasures of gold and silver wrought into objects of fantastic beauty and at the same time begged him to leave. However, after taking the gifts, Cortes turned on the Aztecs and killed them all.

Cortes then looked for further plunder of gold by marching his men from town to town in a trail of blood and killings. His killings were carried out deliberately and systematically with a strategic purpose to paralyze the will of the population to resist by a sudden frightful massacre. In the province of Cholulu he invited the headman of the Cholulu nation to the City Square. When the Cholulu headman came with thousands of unarmed retainers bearing gifts, Cortes army of Spaniards posted around the square with cannons, muskets, armed with crossbows mounted horsemen massacred them all, down to the last man. Then they looted the city and moved on to other towns and villages continuing their same macabre evil deeds. When their cavalcade of murder and massacre was over they were in Mexico City. They had already murdered Montezuma and the shattered Aztec Civilization was under Spaniards full control.

In Peru, another Spanish conqueror, Pizarro used the same tactic and strategy for the same reasons, the frenzy in Europe for gold, slaves and for products of the land to pay the bondholders and stockholders of the expeditions to finance the monarchical bureaucracies rising in Western Europe.

In the North American English colonies the pattern of conquests, murder and killings was repeated and with even more callous cruelty. In 1585, Richard Grenville landed in Virginia with seven ships. Just like all other natives, the Indian natives of Virginia were kind and hospitable. But soon Grenville found excuses to kill them and to sack and burn Indian villages.

The British set up James town inside the territory of an Indian confederacy under the Chief Powhatan. Powhatan watched the British occupied his land with a very cooling posture. In the winter months of 1610, Powhatan gave refuge to some British settlers who were starving. But when summer came the governor of the colony asked Powhatan to return the runaways. The runaways refused to go back to the colony. This gave the governor the excuse to attack the Indians. His men attacked Indian settlements, killing all the Indians, burned their houses and crops and took the queen of the tribe and her children into their boats. They then threw the children overboard to be drowned . Later the queen was stabbed to death.

As years go by the English settlements grew by leaps and mounts. The British government had rounded up all the convicts and low class squalid British commoners to settle in America.

The British who were unable to enslave the natives and unable to live with them then decided to exterminate them.  Very often they feigned to give a peaceful hand and just as Indians thought they feel safe, the British would attack them with brutality, killing as many Indians as possible and burning their crops and houses. This kind of massacre would go on for years to come and continued by USA later with even greater ferocity and cruelty.

In 1607 a Powhatan chief had appealed to the British not to attack and take things by force since the natives were willing to give whatever the British demanded for including food and supplies. He advised the British to take away their guns and swords or else the British would die in the same manner.

However, the British took no heed of the warning. Each new year would see more and more British settlers . When the Pilgrims came to New England they tried to displace the Indian tribes of their land. The governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrob created the excuse to take Indian land through fraud and deceit and often cited the Holy Bible to justify their land grabbing and massacre. They often and always quoted the Bible, Psalms Chapter 2, Verse 8 and Romans, Chapter 13, Verse 2, claiming their conquests and killings were all sanctioned by their God.

The Puritans never ceased to attack the natives. When the natives fought back and killed a white man, punitive expeditions were sent to attack the Narrogansett Indians on Block Islands. Governor Winthrob then ordered the massacre of the Indians both the Pequots and the Narrogansetts. The Indians at Block Islands did not realize that the white men were there to kill them and so they came to the shore to cheer and greet them with gifts. By the time they realized it many of them were killed.

The Indians fought back fiercely against great odds of white men's guns and swords. So the wars with the Indians began. It was sheer massacre of the natives. The English developed a tactic of warfare used earlier by Cortes and continued to use it even more systematically later in the 19th and 20th Century. There were deliberate attacks on noncombatants for the purpose of terrorising the enemy into submission. ( Tactics now use by USA  in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria in mass bombings by drones and bombers. ) Captain John Mason would avoid head on battle with brave Indian warriors. He would rather destroy the Indians' will to fight by burning the villages and their crops. Mason had determined that massacre would be his objective. Those Indians that escaped the fire were slain with the sword, some hewed to pieces, others ran through with their rapiers to instant death and none or very few could escape. The English thus killed not less than a thousand Indians each time they conducted their attacks on Indian villages. They would then praise their God for working so wonderfully for them to destroy the enemies and thus gave them a speedy victory over the proud and insulting Indians.

The Indians however continued the fight against the British, realizing too late that the white men were intent on taking their lands and killing them. The terrified Indians could offer no resistance with their primitive weapons .

Another white men's dirty tactic was to use one native tribe against another native tribe so that they could never join forces to fight the English. In this way the English had an easy fray to take down all the Indians. ( NB: Just as USA now is using other countries to fight against each other like the Arabs in the Middle East, the Koreans, Japanese, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. )

The terrified Indians soon realized three lessons from the Pequot War " ( 1 ) that the English men's most solemn pledge would be broken whenever obligation conflicted with advantage, ( 2 ) that the English way of war had no limit of scruple or mercy and ( 3 ) that weapons of Indian making were almost useless against weapons of European manuafacture."

Forty years after the Pequot War the English attacked another Indian tribe, the Wampanoags of Massachusetts Bay. They began a war of conquest against the Wampanoags to take their land claiming it to be a defensive war though they were clearly the aggressors without cause. The English objective was the complete annihilation  of the millions of natives living to the north of Mexico.They feigned good will by presenting to some Indian chiefs blankets. These blankets however belonged to English patients who had died of small pox. However, the unsuspecting Indians did not know it. Before long small pox was to devastate the Indian population by the thousands.

The only reason behind the English invasion of North America, their massacre of Indians, their deception and their brutality was the extreme greed for other people's land. Their greed for land had transformed them into the barbarous murder of whole people.  NB: ( USA is killing the Arabs in the Middle East for oil and gas, and stirring and provoking trouble in the South China Sea hoping to take total control of the oil and gas in the region. )

The horrible bloodshed and deceit from Columbus to Cortes, Pizarro and the English puritans had shown the most savage brutality and instinct of white men in their insatiable appetite for aggression and conquest of other people's land and their determination to subject other people to their total domination.

This is what we see happening now all over the world, when USA in similar brutal behaviour and savagery is attacking other countries and killing millions all in the name of human rights, democracy and divine rights sanction by their God. It is all just a smokescreen, a camouflage to cover the evil intention to bring all countries in the world under One World Government under  USA total control, domination and hegemony.

The massacre and annihilation of the natives of North America was continued by USA after its independence from England and it was intensified and became more brutal than ever. From 1775 to the present  time , no less than 85 million native Americans were massacred without any scruples by USA. Now there are hardly more than 50,000 native American Indians left in the whole of North America.

European genocidal policy was white men's excuse for progress. Actually it is merely greed, power crazy and a false sense of racial superiority and religious divinity that they rationalize their irrationality  that they did nothing wrong in their atrocities, murder, genocide and conquests by force against other people.


14th  October, 2016


Hermit said...

This site has lately been about either:

1. Praise Great China


2. Condemn Evil America

Choose your poison.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha.RB is going to write How to have sex at the back of a car? Lol

Anonymous said...

Is telling the evil truth so difficult and painful to accept?
Is living with the white lies that God is white and whites can killed coloured for centuries a more comforting thought?
What is your problem Hermit? Are you a white man or a pinkerton ass kisser?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hahahaha. The daft sinkie bananas have been living a lifetime on white man's fairy tales that white men do no wrong, are the white knights and prince charmings.

Telling them that the white men are cruel monsters would spoil their day and wake them up from their day dreaming to see the ugly truth. Not a nice thing to do.

It is always better to live with fairy tales and the white knight or prince charming rode away in his white horse to live happily ever after with the fair lady. A good ending, so nice.

Anonymous said...

Well i have to say Mr Chua is persistent.

Should start a opposition party named - Sg CCP ?


Virgo1949 said...

Hear what Hillary Clinton said of Donald Trump's temperament that he is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief of warlike America.

She said he ahould not near to push button of the Necular Arsenal.

In a way, they are so Warlike to behave that they are gonna push the buttons anytime.

Also, they are the One who does not sign the No Strike First Agreement unlike PRC.

So who is the Agressive One??

Hello Yellow bananas and pro Americunts stooges.

Philipines Durte and Donald Trump are the non hypocritical species that does not kill you under their smiles and sweeet talks.

Anonymous said...

Some racists are here calling others names like Nanyang Marxists, racists etc etc. In reality they are the real scum racists like the thief calling thiefs.

And they hide behind anonymity to make personal attacks. Low down scums. Come on be a man. Oops. so sorry, nothing under the snickers, no balls, at best a button mushroom. How to be a man? Hehehehh.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Marxism does not believe in race struggle only class conflict. Marxism at its core is actually anti racist. So you can't really be a marxist and a racist. Please get the terms right.

Anonymous said...

What is written is irrelevant in current times.

There are now migrants crossing here and there. Many cross race marriages are quite common breeding 2nd, 3rd gen sinking roots in their new respective new homes.

Even China chinese are marrying ukarine brides and import them back into China in kampongs.

Other than inciting hatred, i can only see these are the hopeless butch that is stuck in the middle which is forgotten batch trying to attract attention.

That era has gone. If you are weak, you can talk forever and everything will still be the same.

To bring the argument to the extreme, i might as well blame whoever that decided that i am born in that particular shit hole. Why not blame god for not making everybody white or blame god for not choosing me to be white? Huh...like that can meh?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

You're all dong yi babarians!

I got 100 percent pure wei river valley phenotype.

Veritas said...

LOL, what is Wei river phenotype...

Veritas said...

Veritas is a sinicized half Malay (Southern Min) and I am proud about it.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Wei river valley is the place where Chinese civilization started.

" The valley of the Wei was one of the early cradles of Chinese civilization, along which the capitals of the Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang Dynasties were situated. The area of Dingxi around its headwaters in Gansu has numerous stone age sites from various early cultures. The Wei Valley is likely the earliest center of Chinese civilization, and also the location of China's first major irrigation works.[1] Some Chinese historians now believe the Wei is the ancient Jiang River that gave its name to the families of Shennong and the Yan emperor, two Chinese legendary heroes credited with the early development of agriculture there"


Hence people with the wei river valley phenotype are the most racially pure. lol. I like throwing around memes like this for the lolz.

Veritas said...

Veritas is the most NON-racist person in RB blog. While others call himself Wei scion, I call myself Malay. I am proud of being a Malay despite Mahathir Indian fuck us in his Malay Dilenma.

Veritas is an living example that Malay is not discriminated by Chinese, but in fact Malay's if they follow good can be elevated to a high status.

When Veritas see my cousin the other Malay now masturbating in their mind of shit, blaming everyone for their failure, even trying to murder people, I feel very sad.

Forgive me, I need to wake the fucking idea off my malay brothers.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Half Malay is probably an inaccurate term, since this ethnic group is relatively new. Probably more accurate to say that you're admixed with Austronesian speaking peoples. The DNA found in Liangzhu culture is related to austronesian speakers.


Veritas said...

I am descendant of formosan or malay. My only different between me and jihad kid is I do not believe in the religion of 9 years old Aisha fucker.

I am a living example proving that so long you believe in good and not sex jihad or 72 virgin-for-martyr, you will be blessed.

b said...

Just replace white men with yellow (japs), browns (turks) and blacks (utu) and we will probably see a scenario worse than what had taken place. Its not about skin color, its about greed. There are good and bad people in every race and religion. If people is backward thinking and always used race and religion to justify their domination, we get wars and killing everyday and everywhere. People must learn that we belong only to one species and to survive and survive well, we must work together and not fight each other.

Anonymous said...

"Marxism does not believe in race struggle only class conflict."

Really? Then why the Marxists used Chinese villagers in Malaya as runners and spies? Why were they unable to convince the majority Malay villagers to do the same? Isn't it because these Marxists propagate the idea that if you are Chinese, you must support Chinese? Isn't it TILL TODAY, u still have remnant of this Marxist ideals in some Nanyang Marxists even on this site? Look at the situation. We have Nanyang Marxists here who call fellow Chinese chap cheng and banana whenever they don't support them on their views about China!

What fark talking u that Marxism does not believe in race, when race, race, race has been played over and over since 1950s till today? That's over 60 years of race, race, race propagation.

"Marxism at its core is actually anti racist. So you can't really be a marxist and a racist. Please get the terms right."

Alright, I will be fuckin' specific. Since Marxism also may include Russians, I will bloody get the terms fuckin accurate. When I said Marxism, I mean Nanyang Chinese Marxists. That is Chinese outside China who use Marxism to garner the other Nanyang Chinese outside China (like the simple villagers), to support their Marxist claims. So now, does "Nanyang Chinese Marxist" sound less racist then simply "Marxist"?

Veritas said...

Marxism has downplayed race and religion the most among all ideology. That is why you have Sukarno who keep shitting on Sunni.

And PKK, YPG today are Sunni, and the other Sunni hate them. Because PKK adopt multi racialism.

Also Assad and Saddam baath party has marxist root. Hence both are enemies to the Sunni Islamoracist.

Veritas said...

And Malay nationalism is the most toxic ideology in SE Asian base on shit. Anyone who believe in malay nationalism get into shit, because they are lies, and they are from Satanic mind.

One example is Thai Malay. Thai Malay is a shit race, believing that they are boleh by killing teachers, and blowing people up.

Hence they are in shit. Nearby in Thai Malay land, there is this Thai Betong where the Malayan communist ruled for a long time and people brought up in Marxism.

It is a boom town, despite much worse geographic position than Pattani city.

Malay are loser because of their shit mind, not because of others.

patriot said...

Humans like all other species have to have tribal and race pride.
The World does not provide equally for all, hence, the Law of the Jungle is the Natural Law
for all beings.
Unity of the Indigenous People of
the Lands they are born in, is imperative to their survivals.

ln truth there is no such thing
as one same specie and or a single race.
Every Species fight for better and bigger territories to gain for resources.
Anyone who preaches that all
humans should be respectful of one another is out of syn with reality. lt is impossible as the
resources are not uniform or even.
lt is an Imperfect World.
However, humans have to avoid
going overboard with greeds.
yndering and killing the weaker
ones whence one is stronger and
having sufficiency to survive
and with surplus, it becomes a sin. lt is also a horrible crime
that is beyond anyone's control.

Within a society, why do we have those in power with fortunes that
buy them lands, properties locally and abroad calling on their poor and elderly citizens to downgrade, sell off and rent out their pigeonholes?
Within our own society, we got
elite, aristocrat and ruling class without conscience, how
to expect the Larger World to
have propriety?

Be real.


patriot said...

'yndering' to be corrected to

My apology.


Anonymous said...

zero hedge : singapore economy crashed in Q3

Singapare govt are actively helping US to stir tension in SCS . In return, Singapore get TPP pact?

That is why Singapore pay visit to Australia, Japan and USA. ( TPP members)

Anonymous said...

Then why the Marxists used Chinese villagers in Malaya as runners and spies? Why were they unable to convince the majority Malay villagers to do the same
They also fail to convince the majority Chinese villagers to support them. Those rich Chinese merchant give financial support to Malay/British govt to suppress them.

Without huge financial support from these Chinese merchants to the nation against these insurgency movement, British govt unable to suppress these rebellion.

By the way, those communists are not Marxist.

There are huge difference between a Marxist and a Communist.

Veritas said...

Leninist maoist marxist stalinist communist all very different wor...... lol..

Similarly Labor fabian socialist all very different wor......

Virgo1949 said...

Australia allowed Singapore to built Air Base for "training".???

In league with the White Devils to contain China??

Really Hanjian. Ancestors will stir in graves. Suppose to be Han descendents. Really Hanjian.

If know, strangle you to death when as babies.


Anonymous said...

China are expecting Singapore to support them simply because we are ethnic chinese.

So does American . American are expecting Australia, Canada and British to support US simply because they are White- Anglo Saxon.

Do Australia, Canada and Britain ever feel guilty/dilemma for supporting USA?

Would US sell F22 to Singapore because US trust Singapore as reliable partner or ally. ?


What did Singapore get ?

Someone only get Medal and Award from Japan, US and Australia. -

Veritas said...

I have already tell rb singapore is too deep into usa dog to support china. We cannot eat free food so many years without barking for master

Anonymous said...

I see a couple if mad dogs barking crazily at the author of the post without knowing who is the author.

And an ignorant puppy equating Marxists with Chinese. How dumb!

Anonymous said...

It is right
normal to
Ethnic Pride.

Anonymous said...

@ China are expecting Singapore to support them simply because we are ethnic chinese.

Sure all ASEAN support PRC ? I think not but keep quiet only. 无声狗咬死人

SG not juz chinese , other races as well. Sure other races support PRC ?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11.02

British, Canadian, Australia did sacrifice themselves to fight and die for USA .
US vassal states - Korea, Japan, Philippine .

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Nanyang Chinese who support marxism or other wealth redistribution ideologies are stupid. It just gives other groups our money. Why should we as the most economically productive group want give away money.

Marxism/communism is an ideology that wants a multiracial workers paradise. Like the soviets union. The chicoms and their 55 minorities.

KMT idealogy is a more ethnic nationalist which believes in the Chinese race as the primary factor. Very similar to national socialism in Germany and imperial Japanese racial superiority. This is more in line with what i believe in.

The idea that all Chinese racist believe in Marxism is false.

Anonymous said...

In comparison, Taiwan aboriginal enjoy good life under Chinese rule.

What would happen to Taiwan aboriginal if Columbus ship had reach there instead?

Veritas said...

I am a marxist. Without chairman mao lenin and stalin world will be hell

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Wealth redistribution ideologies would not work in our favor. It would mean a lot of handouts.
But lets say if we had a racially pure ethno state then i think it could be a good idea.

Stalin killed lotsa Jews, good for him. Not a big fan of Mao's economics though i think he was a better general then Chiang Kai Shek.

Veritas said...

White man import shit Islamo to destroy welfare state. In fact multi racial society has tendency to develop into caste system.

If you see your neighbors are Chinese and they suffer, you want to help.

If you see your neighbhor are malay sunni, who want to kill you, who play and play, who fail and fail, then shout you discriminate them, then want hand out from you, you pray allah give them bad karma.

Malay and indians can only be good if they convert to confucianism

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Confucianism never really has been for the masses. Only the educated gentry in China studied it. The plebs need a sort of simple religion. We need to bring back Shang Di worship and make it the state state religion. We could copy a lot from islam and christianity.

Bring back the Taiping heavenly Kingdom!

Veritas said...

Taiping is tyranny, no way.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

lol, but we can say the Taiping religion is the religion of peace! Since that is actually what it means . lolz

patriot said...

Humanity only needs the Humanities espoused by the
Great Philosopher Lao Tze/老子。

There is no need for any imagined
supernaturals for propriety.


patriot said...

Humanity only needs the Humanities espoused by the
Great Philosopher Lao Tze/老子。

There is no need for any imagined
supernaturals for propriety.


Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Wise words by patriot. ^_^

In a way that is true, we have adopted humanism as a philosophy of rule since the Zhou times.

Veritas said...

Confucian is big part chinese culture. What do you mean not for masses

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

As in the peasantry did not really know much about it. The educated classes just told them what to do. Like how in the Ming dynasty the made into law how many days you need to mourn etc.

Veritas said...

How many malay know koran and white man know bible inside out

Veritas said...

99 out of 100 hindu cant read rig veda

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

lol, "muh islam"

Anonymous said...

Confucianism actually encourage the scientific thinking and critical thinking- Study, Practice and Analyses.

Confucianism also encourage people to reject those backward ideas. They should not accept it as fact without rigorous investigation by own themselves.

However, those smart alec teach their students to memorize those Confucian canon.-reciting the verse again

It defeat the whole purpose of Confucianism.

Anonymous said...

Yes two, I think two by reading their posts, that are anti China and anti Chinese here. One claimed to be hakka, another barking but not saying anything. Are they Chinese or non Chinese calling Chinese racists?

Anonymous said...

RB, this is the same joker that once ran a racist hate blog. He was told to shut down and now sneaking around in many sites to spread his hate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi AZZAROKS3, Welcome to the blog. And please try to moderate your tone when commenting about other races. This applies to Veritas especially. Once the words used are too strong, it defeats the purpose of a discussion and provoke hate and anger from the people you are talking about.

I have deleted many of Veritas'articles and would keep on doing so when he comes on too strong.

I thinking about a new policy, to delete all the posts of asses that are here to attack people personally. These asses have no where to go and there is no reason why I should give them space to air their vitriole and frustration.

When I start to do that like I have done to one old rascal in the past, then they will know what is generosity and being shut out.

JayF, you are one of the shits I am talking about. If you want to post here, say your piece but no personal attacks or you are out.

Anonymous said...

@ However, those smart alec teach their students to memorize those Confucian canon.-reciting the verse again

Confucius teaching. There's good and bad , right and wrong.
Let face reality, it's always the politicians ( emperor or loyal subjects for the emperor politic cause - easy to rule and discipline people ) that change the meaning for its whatever agenda.

Btw , how many chinese know inside out of Confucius teaching ? Anyway the teaching are written by his disciplines not himself.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The article is about the conquest of the world by the Europeans using the name of Christianity. Go and read about the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. In the name of Christianity, many millions have been killed during the conquest of the Americas, Africa and Asia. These are historical facts. You want to dispute that?

Anonymous said...

Anyway the teaching are written by his disciplines not himself.
Similar thing happen to those religious book, texts , verses and taboo rules.
It was written by those discipline ,not the founders.

Anonymous said...

Retract ?

Apologise ?

To who ?

For what ?

Why ?

Veritas said...

Islamo need apologize for conduct terror
Hindu need mea culpa for genociding dalits.

Else i will fuck and fuck

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Caught you red handed. stupid bear.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have decided to snuff out the oxygen from JayF and the silly dog like I did before.
Now they can go and find their own holes to shit.

Good riddance.