EP - A nightmare in the making

While the reality of a minority president made possible by tweaking the system is just a matter of time, regardless of meritocracy, did the govt understand the complexity and difficulties in administrating this minority issue?

There are many questions to ask like what or who qualifies as a minority candidate and who should be the ultimate authority to decide if the candidate qualifies. In the case of the Malays, what organization should be the authority, the high court, the registry of birth, the ICA that issued the IC, or the MUIS? The Malay community would have their own definition and reservation on who should represent them as their minority candidate. A Chinese, an Indonesian or a Pinoy, non Malay Muslim or a mixed parentage child could register at birth as a Malay. Would that be acceptable to the Malay community?

The Indian community too would want a say as to who qualifies as an Indian. The complications come not just because of mixed parentage but there will be the Sri Lankans, the Pakistanis and many others.

And what about the Eurasians? The earlier formula is a mixed parentage of Asians and Europeans. What about Europeans and Europeans, or mixed Asians that were neither CMI but Pinoys, Myanmese, Indons, Viets etc etc? Would they be classified as Eurasians, as Others?

What would happen when a candidate is being challenged to represent a minority race, and the racial group refused to recognize the minority candidate as their rightful representative?

Would the MPs be raising such issues in Parliament to clarify what is a minority, what is a Malay, what is an Indian, an Eurasian/Others? Who would be the authority to decide on such issues and complaints?

In today’s msm it is stated that the govt would set up a committee to decide who would qualify as a minority candidate. Would there be a clarification or a definition to determine this minority candidate? Would the minorities accept such a committee to be the ultimate authority on such matters? How would the identity of a candidate reflected in the birth certificate or IC affect the status and qualification as a minority candidate? Are these identification of any value or still subject to dispute and can be overruled by such a committee?

Administrating this minority issue is going to be a nightmare or an avenue for racial discontent for sure.


Veritas said...

Allah is not fair. Why should Prophet Mohamad born as Arab and not Malay.

Then why we must do better than Allah?

Hermit said...

50 years of independence and we still need to talk about race. Pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion?

Anonymous said...

"Administrating this minority issue is going to a nightmare or an avenue for racial discontent for sure."

Not really lah. As long as the opposition is not ready to be govt, administrating this minority issue, or for that matter any other issue, is no issue for the PAP.

Even if there are issues, whether big or small, it is only an issue for Sinkies. And in the case of the EP, only an issue for TCB aka Adrian Tan.

Why would I care about this nightmare minority issue for EP since I am not even qualified, nor interested, to be President, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The moral of the story is that we should not play GOD. Let the best man/woman be the next President. Singaporeans are matured enough to see through colors.

virgo49 said...

Our own committee to ascertain who is qualified or not is when my Ah Kong said OK means OK.

Debate in Parliament when only the minute Wayang Party said no to our overwhelming Gaji Buta YES millionaire MPs.

So even if Speaker of Parliament with No experience in dealing with even budget household of few thousands dollars qualified, we say so

After all we got more than one mouth in government with your DAFT Sinkie voters.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Hermit 8.50am you are absolutely right!

It is indeed SHAMEful to discuss this after 50 yrs!

Why waste so much time and resources on this!

Economy is down down down! Everything is down!

The masses are struggling! The masses are crying!

Yes! 70% did said OK! So.....Where are you now?

What are you doing for masses now?


Anonymous said...

"Why would I care about this nightmare minority issue for EP since I am not even qualified, nor interested, to be President, tio bo?"
9:01 am

Tiok. If I am a money no enough Sinkie, whether TCB or minority become President I will still be a money no enough Sinkie what. So of course I don't care who is President lah. What racial discontent? Where got time? I only want to spend my time to make money.

Anonymous said...

The masses are struggling! The masses are crying!
Yes! 70% did said OK!
9:07 am

That's why it is OK for PAP but not OK for the masses lah. Or maybe OK only for 70% of the masses and only 30% are struggling?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

There is a very very interesting article in today's My Paper on a
new type of "BTO" at East Coast park......."TENT KAMPUNG".

Worth reading! Free!

Anonymous said...

Indian dont have toilet.
Veritas 9:45 am

Some years back, I was at the New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport. The toilet was terrible. And the attendant even asked for money with open palms!

I also took Air India flight to New Delhi. The plane toilet was terrible, with shit all over the bowl!

So toilets was (or still is?) indeed an issue in India even for airports and planes.

Anonymous said...

I have 1/4 chinese, 1/4 ang moh and 1/2 malay.
Am I a malay or not?
Or must I be super pure 101% malay?

Anonymous said...

India is please to inform all aliens(to India) that Moody has instructed lndians to be mindful of their sanitary habits.
Maybe in years to come lndia will have toilets yhat rival those found in PRC where each urinal has a monitor showing live telecasts just like yr aircraft seat.
In the very near future, India maybe the first country to have pilotless flying cars at yr disposal that deliver you to yr doorstep or into yr
balcony if you have obe big enough for it to land.
Welcome to a most ancient civilization with the most futuristic development.


Anonymous said...

Talking about President, it used to be a high sounding word when i was in schools. Walau er, President wor, with traffic police infront and a flag on car.
Not any more when i see this word. In particular when the president post is a pre arranged position in constitution.
Its like pre arranged marriage in those places like India. A 12 year old girl could be sent to a family as wife of someone. I read this from story.

12 year old girl. Many have daughters. They are bouncy primary 6 students. Why president has no respect in my mind. It is validated from here with proof.

Mrs Clinton will likely be president (of some place).
1. A 12 year old girl (Kathy Shelton) was raped by an attacker. Mrs Clinton acted for the attacker and she knew her client was guilty. She managed to reduce his sentence on technical ground.
2. Juanita Broaddrick was raped by Mrs Clinton s husband Bill. Mrs Clinton tried to intimidate her to silent her while Bill was running for President.
3. Katleen Willey alleged Bill sexually assaulted her while she was a white house volunteer.
4. Bill was forced in open after he had a white house young intern to do a blow job for him right at the very Oval Office of white house.
(U can read every where about these 4 women on US media).

The problem with high office like president is the attention such position is getting. In real, the person sitting there can do nonsense far worst that the powerless average citizen.

If someone in adult age, not at 12, is pre arranged to be president, what can average citizen expect of such person. A zipped mouth and restricted movement character is likely. What is the reason for RB to be so interested on it?

If people bother to think deeper, they will understand, the new scheme on president will effectively reduce this position into a extra powerless position. People are likely to ignore or surprise when such pre arranged man or woman wearing costume weaving hands at them. Who is he or she? Its the value of this position being degraded. Nothing more. Even people are forced to vote. Many might not write on the tickets properly resulting perpetual high spoiled votes.
It s a wastage of public funds to create an irrelevant position, agree?

Veritas said...

Indian invented aeroplane 7000 years ago, before wright brothers.

Also Indian invented Intel Pentium Processor.

Indians are world best software engineers only. There are ONLY good in Software but but but.. not other nature science like physics, chemistry, bio...etc

When indians want your job, suddenly they claim they good at it. Anyone claiming otherwise is racist against Indians. Period.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, just deleted two of your posts. Please be careful with your racist posts.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I think you would need at least 75 percent Malay DNA to represent the Malay race. Malays in Singapore have been admixed with chinese and indians to the extend that pure malay phenotypes are increasingly rare.

Mixed people should not represent the malays because that would take real power away from the malay race. Also mixed raced people have a more cosmopolitan, upper class view of the world an they would not identify with the issues that most heartland malays have.

Same is true for the other races. Should be 75 percent pure.

Veritas said...

What I said is true.

Veritas said...

Today if I am Allah I will be very fair to all race. Even if Malay keep idling and Chinese keep studying, to be fair, malay should get 100 marks.

And Hindus should be as clean as Chinese even Hindus dont build toilet. I will rub shit on every Chinese until Hindu stop swimming in their own shit.

Unfortunately I am not Allah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Lycurgus, agree with you. Only the Malays would know who they want to represent them, who would be fit to represent them. Can the committee set up by the govt be good enough to decide for the Malay community?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, if you keep on posting like this, you can be hauled up for inciting racial hatred. Please post responsibly.

Veritas said...

Every single Malay elites are non Malay. Mahathir is Indians. Tunku Thai. Razak Bugis (begrudgingly we consider him "Malay"). Onn Jaaffar circasian. Abdullah Badawi Hainanese.

How to become leaders of Malay? Simple, just go up the roof and shout "Cina babi balik cina". Malay sure support you.

Did any malay preach love? Yes, but there is no market for this and hence, the good malay is not going to make it.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

Hi RB, we are all conditioned not to challenge PC.

There are good race and bad race. And today, the most sacrosanct of Jews is "All races are equal" and anyone who challenge this will be persecuted.

I just raise a few points to show how ridiculous it is to equalize race without dealing on the weakness of certain racial culture.

The Chinese are great people because we have what is right and wrong within us. We civilized our minorities in China. If our fathers follow PAP who are censure Han racist, today we will be a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Only Malays decide who is Malay? But that is a circular argument. Who is a Malay? A Malay is a Malay if other Malays say he is. ????? But what makes the Malays Malay in the first place? You never defined who is Malay! Ditto for other races including the majority race.

Agree with the point that after 50 years of independence we still are stuck with this stupid race argument.

Anonymous said...

Indians are world best software engineers only.
Veritas 10:20 am

There must be good reasons why Bill Gates set up Microsoft R & D in India, and which is the only one outside USA. Or why Satya Nadella is Microsoft CEO and Sundar Pichai is Google CEO, and both are ethnic Indians.

Too bad lah, they are not the kind that come to Sinkieland as foreign talents under CECA.

Anonymous said...

Veritas may like to read the Bhagavad Gita. Mahabharata n Kamasutra etc to see the greatness
of the Indian Race.
From Cosmology, Astrology to Spirituality, no Race comes close to the Indian Attainment in all the subjects.
Indians are all over the World and establish themselves very well holding top business, professional and political positions. ln fact many countries are run by lndians.
Mauritiaus, Sri Lanka, Male etc are
run mainly by the Indian Race.
There are signs that Singapore, UK and US, more Indians are gaining political prominence proving their calibres in every field.

lndia had attained greatness in the
past and is rising again to reclaim the glory.

Tharman ought to be the Prime
Minister Of Sin so that a closer
affiliation to India can be forged
for Sin to ride on India to a better

Veritas said...

About Google and Microsoft and I glade they hire Indians. China will win.

Anonymous said...

"There must be good reasons why Bill Gates set up Microsoft R & D in India, and which is the only one outside USA."
10:47 am

Correction. Not the only one outside USA but for India they focus on cutting-edge basic and applied research in algorithms, cryptography, systems, natural language processing, software engineering, and the role of technology in socioeconomic development.

Meaning the more widely used aspects of software in the market.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Who is Malay ?

I think that a Malay is a descendant of indigenous south east asian people who follows Islam. This is as wide a definition as it get. I think that Islam is a really important part of being Malay, just like christianity to armenians.

Veritas said...

I am not too sure how good is Microsoft India R&D. But China already develop cutting edge in everything. China do not need microsoft R&D.

China now have No 1 fastest supercomputer, best AI, No 1 telco technology, No 1 in B2B.

And I hope Microsoft or Google dont go into China so that China talent can help China and not USA.

In fact Google was kick out out China. Cheers.

Veritas said...

There is no such thing as "Malay" strictly speaking. They are merely fascist invention. When Raffles came to Singapore, it was runned by Bugis Temenggong pirates who sailed all the way from Markassa Sulaweisi and conduct thuggery in Singapore.

And famous shit stirrer Alfian (mix Chinese) as well as Yusof are Minang.

Today Johor Sultan are 50% British.

More ridiculous in Malaysia is when you quit Islam you are no longer malay.

Another Shit stirrer syed Akbar is Yemeni.

In reality everyone can be malay so long you go up the roof and shout Allah hu akbar.

Veritas said...

In reality UMNO, Islam are culprit that acerbate racial divide. Before 1900, the Peranakan has shown that it is complete possible for malay and Chinese to breed one another out. Some peranakan took Malay idenitity and some peranakan took Chinese identity.

Today ALL peranakan would take Chinese identity rather than malay. Increbly, Peranakan dont speak Chinese and speak Malay ONLY. They should identify with Malay more. The reason is Malay go steeper into Shit sunni theology that good people cannot stomach.

The day you took Malay identity, you must hate jews. You are under pressure to hijab your women, crippling them from PE, jogging, swimming...etc. You must hate Chinese because you must believe their racism cause you to fail. You must hate USA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When one starts to ask the question Who is a Malay, you will understand how troublesome is the task. No one is fit to define who is a Malay. Only the Malay community has the right and authority to define who is a Malay, and in the case of EP, who they think has the right to represent them.

The committee that the govt is going to set up would bang against a stone wall. It would not be accepted by the Malay community unless the members are all acceptable to the Malay community. No one from any community is fit to decide this issue for the Malay community.

I think this is the crux of the problem. This is why I anticipate a lot of problems arising from this EP thing.

Veritas said...

I can say Suharto is Javanese. Sukarno is a Javanese. There is a Javanese culture and this culture is able to resist Islam. They Javanese do not Arabize their name.

So what is malay culture? Today even Malay elites are worried they Malay now sucks up shit Arab culture that they are neo-Arab.

Malay dont even have a Malay name. Malay ditch their Sarong dressing and adopt the barbaric Najd dressing (Hijab never achieve total acceptance in Levant Arabs)

We should create a neo Arab race.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The arabisation of Malay culture is a fairly recent thing. If you look at films from the 50s and 60s they had somewhat a culture that was non-arab. They are more concerned about the palestinians then their own issues. We should not laugh at the Malays though, chinese people in Singapore have largely abandoned their culture to follow the culture of white people.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should have doubts on competency of minority race to control huge funds such as reserves of a very rich state.

One local very big bank was under the hands of minority race.
It was fined for S$1millions for illegal money laundering. Singapore s very own bank but managed by talented minority race is cleaning dirty money under the watch of talented elites.

This kind of offense is impossible without detection from a professional bank as the figure involved in dirty money is not 5cents so difficult to find. Yet the bank big big one, was found guilty under the watch of professionals so called.

This president thing to be pre assigned to a minority race. What competency will he or she will be? If this position holder fails and degrades the post, the future value of this post will be nothing worthy of voting for it. Pre assigned to a minority race is an act similar to throwing a rock onto ones own feet.

Anonymous said...

"It would not be accepted by the Malay community unless the members are all acceptable to the Malay community. No one from any community is fit to decide this issue for the Malay community."
RB 11:22 am

Why need to be accepted by the Malay community? Even if Malay community don't accept, so what? What can the Malays do, or even bother to do?

Most important is PAP need to be accepted by the majority voters aka 70%. Once PAP is accepted by the 70%, PAP can even smash the stone wall to pieces, what bang stone wall u talking?

PAP is only scared of one thing, that is when the opposition announce they are ready to be govt. But will that happen, u say lah?

Veritas said...

The Arabization of Malay and masturbation by Jews and white man result to a pervert mind of Malay. During the 1960s, you frequently hear malay elites condemning Malay, blaming Malay failure to Malay themselves. Most notably the Malay Dilenma by Mahathir.

In Malay Dilenma, Malay are fuck up fuck up fuck up, Chinese are good good good.....etc

In reality Malay themselves know Chinese win by fair play, in their heart, but they would not want to admit.

PAP peranakan clowns persue another strategy and this strategy was more and more adopted by Malays. The strategy is Chinese are

The result is today EVERY single minorities hate Chinese for because their mind are so masturbated.

Even when Veritas speak the truth RB always chasten me racist.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Tan Cheng Bock is a minority candidate?
Since he represents the interest of 30% of Singaporeans (who are in the minority because they are not daft)?

Anonymous said...

Does the initial P.A.P. stand for "Problem After Problem" ???

Anonymous said...

Just vote Opposition.
There is nothing to fear from a change in government in Singapore.

"While PRPTC handed over to AHTC $22.5 million in Sinking Funds after the Punggol East by-election,
AHTC is handing over to PRPTC $26.8 million in Sinking Funds and another $755,000 in accumulated surplus, totaling $27.5 million."


Anonymous said...

The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) submitted the Punggol East SMC audited accounts for the period 1 Apr 2015 – 30 Nov 2015 to Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC) on 28 September 2016.

Workers Party seems to be better at managing town council money than PAP.


Anonymous said...

Workers Party seems to be better at managing town council money than PAP.
2:23 pm

It is a media release by ahtc what. U expect them to say Workers Party no good at managing town council money?

U expect the msm to say PAP no good?

Anonymous said...

Workers Party seems to be better at managing town council money than PAP.
2:23 pm

Tiok. But maybe only for Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC)

And not for ahtc or to become govt.

So like that no good and so lose to PAP lah, tio bo?

b said...

Just groom one like Schooling - fair skinned, minority race, multi culti, gold medalist, handsome, university educated. Everyone like fair skin even indians and malays. Get a dark skin one, very difficult to get by and will definitely by ignored when visiting international summits. This island is LEE- owned, everything else is just a show. Get one with potential that can make lots of business and hence employment for this small island.

Anonymous said...

You talking bullshit lah. The Indians are CEO's of many American and European Fortune 500 companies. How do you explain that to their colours? Many European and Chinese women like to marry Indians and never thought a second about their colours.

What dark colours you rubbishing about?

Veritas said...

Indians are good in climbing corporate ladders in white man land.

That don make them good software engineers. They sucks in Maths as per PISA, and rank bottom at IT olympic.

Anonymous said...

The Indian Students that participated in the Channel News Asia held Tech Contests seemed to
beat the other Races on the Competitions. Most of them appeared bo be from lndia.
What says Veritas ?

Anonymous said...

Indians are good in climbing corporate ladders in white man land.
That don make them good software engineers. They sucks in Maths as per PISA, and rank bottom at IT olympic.
October 11, 2016 4:08 pm

What about PAP Generals?
What are they good for?

Anonymous said...

Workers Party seems to be better at managing town council money than PAP.
2:23 pm

I think it's time for Singaporeans to let Workers' Party manage another GRC.
Our PAP government is so expensive.
We must look for a cheaperer and betterer alternative.

PAP standard is quite low already.
How hard is it to do better than PAP?

Veritas said...

WTF is channel news asia tech contest. Anyway kindly show me the URL

Go look at PISA, Nobel Prize, Maths Olympic, Intel Prize

Anonymous said...

The Channel News Asia Programme
Tata Crucible Tertiary Contests
were mostly won by Indian Students.

Veritas said...

Where the fuck is the URL? Dont talk talk talk

Anyway WTF is the competition. Go look at Math Olympic the gold standard and even Singapore math olympic. ZERO INdian.

PISA, Nobel Prize, Maths Olympic, Intel Prize, these are gold standard.

virgo49 said...

TATA is black ants organisation so definitively Black Ants priority.

Cancer in the Arse Nonya wife got black ant blood so give priority.