Uniquely Singapore – or another fiasco?

There are more than 2m foreigners in the island of 3.5m population. Several hundred thousands of these foreigners from half past six countries and half past six universities are gainfully employed, happily employed, replacing the supposedly better qualified Singaporeans in their jobs. And the Singaporeans, the experienced and well qualified, the young graduates, are crying for jobs. They are unemployable, underemployed, they are mismatched!
And all we heard of is that it is all because of mismatch. And these jobless
Singaporeans are told to go overseas to find their rainbows. Not in Singapore. They are mismatched, they are misfits in their own countries. Their hundreds of thousands dollar education and degrees are useless, cannot eat, cannot find a job. They are only good enough to compete overseas, forget about in the US and Europe if they can’t even find a job in home town, unable to compete with half past six degree foreigners. They should go to third world countries to sell their skills and earn cheap currencies. And don’t think of coming back, don’t think of earning and saving enough to be able to survive back home. The cheap currencies they earned will become cheaper when brought home to spend in the world’s most expensive city. They are failures in Singapore and how could they expect the third world countries to hire them and pay them well? Even if they wanted to, they could not afford to.

Singapore is not for Singaporeans. Singaporeans are only good enough to work in third world countries. And the govt knows that and are helping them with a lot of courses and training programmes to equip them to survive in third world countries. Probably they will teach them how to lower their expectations, how to live life in a third world countries, how to get use to third world standard of living, how to tighten their belts.
Singapore is good only for foreigners, especially those from third world countries. These are the highly skilled and trained talents Singapore needs, with half past six degrees. Though they came from half past six universities, they have no mismatch problems. They matched beautifully with the needs of this first world city. The proof, a few hundred thousands of them are already here, employed in jobs that mismatched Singaporeans cannot do.

Did anyone say Uniquely Singapore? With so many silly mismatched PMETs, what more proof is needed to confirm that Singaporeans are daft? The daft Singaporeans don’t even know why they are unemployable, why they became mismatched, misfits. The only thing they know, is that they are told that this is the reason. And everyone accepts this silly reason with no further question asked. Several hundred thousands of half past six foreigners are fit, not mismatched and taking over the jobs of the misfit Singaporeans. To laugh or to cry?

And we are boasting about having three of the world’s best universities run by foreigners, the bulk of the academic staff and administrative staff is foreigners. I am waiting for the Parliament to be taken over by foreigners and pronouncing that Singaporeans are misfits to be in Parliament and should go elsewhere to live. This is only a matter of time.

Where is the real mismatch?


Anonymous said...

Even the elites Kena replaced also ok as by then each have millions they can go to USA or Europe for retirement. Only the daft sinkies very jialuck ended up as maid security Guards and taxi Drivers or waiter or waitress

Anonymous said...

Who said Singapore is not for Singaporeans?

No! Singapore is for Singaporeans!

But! But! You-die-your-business! You-die-your-business!

Yes! You have to beg for jobs with FTs!

The govt NEVER promised you a rose garden when you graduated!

You have to pay n pay n pay! Not cheap! Not cheap!

Yes! Singapore is very good n very kind to FTs.

Yes! To many many FTs........新加坡是天堂!......新加坡是天堂!

What to do, 70% OK-ed! So......it must be OK lah!.......Right?

This is life! Be happy! Worry Less!


Anonymous said...

Good point, Singaporeans must beg FTs for jobs. The employment of Singaporeans is now controlled by FTs. This is as good as being colonised and taken over by foreigners.

Do the daft Sinkies understand what this means? How pathetic can this be?

And clowns can only shout mismatch. Smaller clowns would ask daft Sinkies to give up and go overseas to work.

Anonymous said...

Mismatch is a term use

Mainly by bystander.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore perfect job match means:
1. Army career officer with zero training in pedagogy or child psychology, and zero teaching experience, or business acumen recotd, can match to job of Education Minister. Make that two, not one.
2. Masters or lower Degree holder in financial sector with business acumen, and experience, can match to job of Taxi Driver.
3. Fake degree holder from third world country with handsome or pretty features and foreign high class sounding English, can match to cozy jobs in nice banks or HR officers in various companies.
We could be a very very happy and great nation, if only these bungling atrocities are corrected quickly from the very top inclusive.Is it too late?

Virgo49 said...

Uniquely Singaore.

Brought in two millions just ti have initial 6 to 7% growth.

Now minus 2 percent into recession and they blamed Singaporeans for been mismatched.

Yet just like Hiliary Clinton kept up with lies that sinking land is not into recession.

How to deport the now refugees who are now sinkieporeans and had already usurped the Singaporeans of their jobs and dignities.

Just out from flat with my beloved dog for walk and a bitch foreign trash renting a room below my apartment gave a sneer when lift door opened for her to get in.

Whether she dislike me or my dog thinking we are pathetic that she is here to help build our Enconmy is in her mind.

Anyway, Now don't bother too much as think Sinkies deserved to be screwed by our incompetent Leeders.

The society is so divisive.
Elite segments of Sinkies are so selfish and egoistic.

When their boys committed crimes, they simply covered up and do their own slap on the wrists punishments.

If boys from the poorer neighbour schools were to commit these crimes, hundred policemen on the way to arrest them.

In SSC gyms,ppractically every day you see dozens of young able bodied men speaking with such fluently like Uni lecturers hanging around for hours not gainfully employed.

Minimum no PHD, also Honours or Bachelor degrees. Whiling away their youths wastefully.

All these due to a farking sick and incompetent government.

Their excuses, structural reforms in employment not only happening in sinkieland.

Must have one Sinkie DT with enough guts and fury to blow their water faces.

Time to pack liao to go to country home in Malacca and have aanother round of Roulette at the City Above the Clouds.

Life is too short to Kek SIM

patriot said...

Mismatches in Sin are not confine only to Sinkies and their employments.

Each time l turn to Mediacorp Ch 8, l get hurt and sick when they beg for donations to help the Poor and Destitutes.
Rulers remunerate themselves Sinfully by the Millions per term and yet the State Media are canvassing, even using
pitiful cases on mass media to source for donations.
This country is sick because it is run by very sick people with little or no conscience. They themselves have multi-millions with possibility of some of them having billions if their family members are included. They know not what propriety and other virtues. They
behave like Hyenas but want others to be well trained dogs or buffaloes to slog for them.
They are truly very sick as there is great mismatch between their behaviours, deeds and their hoarding of wealth.

l do wish they enjoy their livings of plenty and luxury; just hope that they having difficulty shitting.


patriot said...

Correction to my above comment;
'with possibility of some of them having billions if their family fortunes are included'.


Anonymous said...

I agree 1028 was accurate on the word mismatch. Whose words mismatch counts? It does not matter any more. Is the army turned mom minister matching his job well? One great idea was his progressive model to raise cleaner salary, from 700 to 800 and never agree to be above 1000. Go to look at cleaners if they have all passed the progressive model. Now the new rule is no 1000 no license for the employer. After ahsweelim said progressive model, kweitalapischan also wanted to come out with progressive model for pmet, he never did one.
Now ahsweelim want to come out progressive model for hr. Let see if his new model is better than cleaners s one. Have thinks had thought about and thanked ahsweelim s great idea of mismatch? It is the same trick:
1 tell the public their skills are not salable. I have kohyo for their ass pain.
2. tell them must use ahsweelim kohyo and someone else snake oil together will fix.

Is this a pain? How do ahsweelim so sure it was the pain of pmet? My share idea is: pmet has not pain. The CPF and NS are the pains.

Pap s team has successfully reduced the industries demand for skills to the lowest. RD industries i cannot say. But without EDB s money, these RD angmor all will balet kampong. One Hopkins cancer research was the first few prominent one. For ordinary industries, the Pap s no border policy for hiring in singapore has reduced the skills requirement to the lowest of the region. The demand for skills is as low as Malaysia factories, Indonesia factories, and Vietname factories, NOT china.
What i meant was that Singapore s factories can shift to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia without problem. But the factories cannot shift to China. Why? these Singapore factories if shift to China with their technology, they must go deep into the mountainous areas and best in the west china.

That is how Pap led Singapore has become. The used to be good technology in Singapore has not progress over the 10 to 20 years. But over the 20 years, backward rural areas like China south Shenzen has already become world class manufacturing hub. eg the Longkang used to be kampong area 20 years ago, has now developed with hi tec factories.
Whereas for Singapore, the factories are the same old things, demanding 3rd world labor. More orders, more workers is the background.

Why employers in Singapore cannot hire citizens?
1. CPF is 20% cost higher. Pap refuses to abolish CPF. It is the cash cow Pap need to borrow from. The suppliers of cash for the borrowers are citizens.
2. NS is a real cost to employer. Can they afford not to have pmet to attend to customers or repair machines to go NS for a month not in office?

So why not fix the 2 problems? Cannot be done. Employers need 3rd world workers to be cheap to do export or for locals. Cannot raise price for export? No because MAS need to raise S$ to curb inflation. What cause inflation? Population increase cause inflation. MAS raises S$ to curb inflation. Export manufacturing need to cut cost to cope with higher S$. Can they help to hire citizens? Yes: buy machines. The bosses are not so stupid lah. They rather close the factories and move the money to do clean jobs like buying properties. Because, Pap s policies cannot allow factories to do export.
CPF NS are the main policies to raise costs, and 3rd world pmet supplies are to delay the cost but are to defeat Singapore s technology advancement. Look at China s examples, citizens will know what i meant.

Ahsweelim is doing fruitless things to misdirect away the problems. Its Pap s policies that cause problems. You can study diploma by diploma, degree by degree. Who will hire you??? None.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, is this your new blog or an old blog?

Anonymous said...

Last time O level remisiers earned millions.
Today PhDs, Masters, graduates remisiers earning less than $2000, some less than $1000. Got mismatch or no?
And they want them to take more courses to be more professional, more qualified, to earn the same amount, $1000 to $2000.
What a joke!
The cleaners are earning more than the remisiers now.

Virgo49 said...

President Charity Donations. Only the ex-demise Parta Man and now long-haired KFC man shown their faces and clapped.

Did they donate a single cent??? WHAT IS OURS IS OURS AND WHAT IS YOURS IS ALSO OURS.

Putting pathetic faces of the underprivileged and handicapped to tug your heartstings.

Any ministers or MPs donate???

Also they have minimum donations of certain amounts just to donate.

Mostly donated by the masses of middle and lower segments of society.

May they bring their wealth to the Hell Gods.

I better after having extra have a fling and contribute to late Mr Goh Tong.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In HR, we used to employ people from different disciplines to ensure that the mindsets of the staff are varied and not of one single discipline or mold, all thinking like ducks or chickens.

In other words, we consciously employed 'mismatched' people to be trained to take up top management positions. You don't need to hire someone from a particular discipline to do the job unless it is a professional job like doctors, lawyers, architect, accountant etc etc.

Many jobs, like bankers, HR, Admin, sales, marketing etc etc do not need people trained in specific discipline.

Fuck the mismatch excuse.

Anonymous said...

Many jobs, like bankers, HR, Admin, sales, marketing etc etc do not need people trained in specific discipline.
RB 11:25 am

Tiok. And don't forget ministers and PM too. They do not need people trained in specific discipline.

That's why army general can become education minister mah.

Or a breast cancer doctor can become defence minister.

And a mathematician can become PM also.

So PAP is more or less also practising what RB, a former HR manager, preached at 11:25 am, tio bo?

Virgo49 said...

See Royston Tan's satire in Have You Eaten Series. In one episode, our Grassrots and Funeral Parlour Manager Chen Chien Pin told sh Niu's soh evil boss off.

Boss: I will increase your wages if you go for upgrading courses as advocated by the government.

Chen Chien pin: You want her to wash the plastic bowl until become Gold after the upgrading course??

This upgrading and mismatches courses should apply to the PAP ministers and MPs.

See how our Social Development Minister TCJ with his cronies KFC man and lee bee wah out in international games in full force sponging on the blood and sweat tax monies of tax payers.

Now they want to rid the ping pong players for not doing well in the Rio Olympics.

Under that bulldog face bitch. Have they wondered what goes wrong??

With Them or the ping pong players??

They never blamed themselves.

Anonymous said...

With a solid 70% votes obtained in GE 2015, they can well afford never blamed themselves. And also get million dollar salaries some more. What more can they ask for?

Anonymous said...

"And don't forget ministers and PM too. They do not need people trained in specific discipline."
12:44 pm

Ya hor. Which University or specific course or discipline teach you how to become Sinkie PM or Minister? Or teach you how to win elections with 70% mandate?

Don't have, tio bo?

patriot said...

Pappies do not have to be trained to br Rulers.
They are born
aristocrat and
They can be groomed
or rode on coattails
of elders.
Only way they cant do
is inheriting the Premiership.
However, they have grassloot
members and plp to ensure
victory during election.


Anonymous said...

Got 70% support can shake legs. No longer than 2 years. Next 18 months have S$19 Billions bonds due. 35% of companies owing has debt 5 times or more than net earnings. In other words, less than 30% can repay the debts owed lah. Ow$Pay$. Cannot pay will lead to bankruptcy. Bankrupt companies will hire more citizens and retrench foreigners?

Keep your money for buying plain rice for porridge. Your kids need to go school with pocket money while you are jobless watching companies hiring notebook backpacks indians. They are cheaper than you as citizens. Citizens are destined poor for voting the elites. By 2018, the shape of economy will be real bad. China export will be bad. That is the biggest market. Chinese tourists will be almost zero. Retailers pulling down the shuttles will affect part time jobs for teens at schools also. Try save money. This team does not deserve the 70% support.

Anonymous said...

MOM could hold a briefing for all HR managers to brief them of their national duty to provide jobs for Singaporeans first.

MOM could make it compulsory that HR managers must be Singaporeans and have direct access to MOM to whistle blow against employers cheating on Singaporeans by insisting on employers their foreign gangs.

MOM should conduct systemic and regular checks on companies hiring foreigners when the jobs could be done by Singaporeans. Start with GLCs to set a good example.

This is doing national service to look after and protect the interests of Singaporeans esp NS men. Wake up MOM, stop sleeping.

Anonymous said...

MOM is under Minister Lim Swee Swee.

Heng ah, can still win swee swee in GE 2015, and against WP 2nd best team some more.

Looks like not enough NS men want to vote Swee Swee out, tio bo? So why Swee Swee want to heck care protect the interests of Singaporeans esp NS men?

Anonymous said...

Is it mismatch or mismanaged?

b said...

Its not unique. It is a scheme devised by very power hungry malicious elites. They import foreigners to do the locals work and hence force majority of the locals to go overseas to live and work so they will lose their voting rights. In that manner, no one can vote against them and thus they can rule for a very long time even if they are hopeless as leaders.

Anonymous said...

Few can go overseas as one post said it. The one going must be single, no old folks to worry about. Many families do not have several sons and daughters. Unless the parents are not loving the kids, when the latter grow up, they find ways and means to get rid of the parents. That going overseas to work will be best choice.

The elites do not consider citizens not being employed is a problem to them. The elites are more concerned about firms not being able to hire foreigners. In 2011 Swee Swee had warned citizens that if employers could not hire foreigners, they would leave singapore and move to china.
This term Swee Swee became mom man, he did not cast the same fear on voters. His plan is easier than being union chief. Voters cannot find jobs, stay at home is good for them. The number of employment pass has increased, the number of PR has increased. To get PR, most likely the PR must have had employment pass.

Voters like to bluff themselves thinking the elites are worried about them having no jobs. They are too naive. The number of graduates and experienced professional drivers taxi has increasing proportion. The elites do not know? Dont assume that because the NTUC Comfort is run by Pap. That is the biggest fleet and probably has the most number of graduate taxi drivers. Did they bother to ask why graduate need to drive taxi?
They also know there are large number of insurance sales from Nus NTU grads, did they ask? There are also large number grads in property sales. Large number as remisiers.

The elites do not think the under employment of local graduates are their problems. They only act and issue the employment passes when employers ask them to do so, simple to them. Election time they will tell stories, that was what swee swee did in 2015 and 2011. All others are the same. It may be a problem when Singapore is in crisis. Then they will point finger: WP did it lah.

Anonymous said...

It is not what swee swee and his fellow minister said or whether what they said were believable and convincing.
First, there is the kiasi who will not do anything that rocks the boat. They will do their best to warn others as well. Then there is the business community that enjoy cheap foreign labours and some even exploit them and the locals.
There are also the hawker, retailer and taxi driver who have better or more business due to the increasing population.

To blame the pappies alone does not do justice, 70% of the voters are with them. That says a lot about the sinkies, they deserve to be screwed through and trough.

Anonymous said...

When PAP ministers exhort young Singaporeans not to go for university degrees ahead of the start of the ASEAN Economic Community, u can guess how the PAP prioritize the well-being of Singaporeans . . .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Made you lost your job, where you had gained and accumulated years of knowledge, experience, skills and confidence. It is upright a waste of precious resources.

When you can not get re-employ in the same field, due to the influx of cheap FT, you are told it is due to job mismatch, mismatch to enter other fields, Many FT also not matching their job, they match the salary where we can no longer survive. Fuck the excuse.

patriot said...

Good Morning Sir Chua Chin Leng
and All;

The China Maritime Silk Route by
CNA will be telecasted at 2000 Hrs or 8 Pm tonite 01 Nov 2016, at Mediacorp Channel News Asia.

Do watch it to form your own impression of the Political leaning.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Patriot. This is a series with many parts. It is an eye opener on what the Chinese are doing in Central Asia and how expansive the Silk Road is.

I have watched this series several times, even repeats. Good information for those wearing blinkers.

Anonymous said...

CNN BBC used to be my favorite first reference for opinion. NOT any more when I saw the leaning and bias reports on US election now, the bias report on Brexit and even now, and the South China Sea dispute siding the "judgement".

I will not bother to waste time to watch CNN s depiction of one road one belt. Not because i dislike CNN is biasness. It is a waste of time to listen to ang more who gather information all written in Chinese. I can read those visual and written articles in HK China to decide.

One road one belt i see is a vision. It is not a project. This vision is now gaining momentum. There are developers going into rural backward areas to do the projects in anticipation of the joints into the big picture lead by china s speed rail.
It is real. The main engine china's heart is beating and warm. The loser, US will envy this grand project. This projection vision has NOTHING to do with US. So many problems on this vision will be highlighted. The faint hearts will not want to be involved. Many Singaporeans i casually spoke to did not even know what is this project all about.

patriot said...

I never like the Sin State Media; as me said before, there is nothing but propganda of the Regime.
However, l tune to it daily to see what new propaganda and agenda are being dished out.
As for documentaries, they do
update current affairs and contain much more facts and are
less subjective.

Glad that Chin Leng and some Others had watched the Programme.
l brought it up for readers to see how neutral the Producer(s)
in making the Programme.

Will continue this Comment further into the Newer Threads at My Singapore News.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The exaggeration on some minor individual problems was not that neutral as such problems are bound to arise in any such developments. Why shit on these little social problems when the development would bring about jobs and opportunities to millions of people and upgrade their life and living conditions?

Anonymous said...

@ 3.14pm //By 2018, the shape of economy will be real bad.//

One patrait asked for some "fortune-reading" in May this year after one Ah Heng was stricken and knocked out during one late afternoon "cabaret" meeting?

2018 is indeed the date mentioned then (in a comment in one of the threads in May 2016)?

The point of "no return"? (Actually have lah? (Return back) To fishing village?)

patriot said...

Tha Lack or Absence of positive or supportive
material in the Programmes
is indicative of the Programme's neutrality or
rather the Leaning against
the Chinese Maritime Silk Route Initiative and likely
the One Belt One Road Project
as well.

I do not understand why, but even if l do and others as well, we cant change anything.


patriot said...

Tha Lack or Absence of positive or supportive
material in the Programmes
is indicative of the Programme's neutrality or
rather the Leaning against
the Chinese Maritime Silk Route Initiative and likely
the One Belt One Road Project
as well.

I do not understand why, but even if l do and others as well, we cant change anything.