The farcical Hague rulings on SCS is dead

The Philippines did not want to talk about it. Vietnam too is quietly staying away with Chinese investment pouring into Vietnam. Malaysia, after Najib being attacked by the Americans, is also distancing itself away from the kangaroo court rulings. Brunei is smart enough not to be used as a clown by the Americans and the Japanese and embroiled in a dispute that would only drag it into a shit hole.

Who else is still clamouring about this farce? Who is still whipping this dead horse, the farcical Hague rulings? Who else still has an agenda and a special interest in wanting to drum this stupid ruling from The Hague when the claimant states are no longer interested in the scam? The believers of this farce did not believe that a similar scam could be used to turn against them in the future if the rulings of a kangaroo court is seem as just, fair and legal.

Which country is still having sleepless night and an obsession over The Hague rulings and wanting it to be in the headlines, refusing to let it die? The big question, why? Why are these non claimant countries beating their drums everyday about The Hague rulings when the claimant states have already let it passed?

China is of course furious and would kick the ass of Japan if it dares to conduct joint patrol in the South China Sea. This is a red line that China would not allow the Japanese to cross as it would invite the herd of hyenas from as far as Australia, France and Canada to think it is ok, China is too weak to resist, to join the fray. Are there any idiotic leaders with no claims in the South China Sea but want to join the Americans in joint patrols and think sitting on the head of a tiger means they can shout at China?

Which leaders are silly enough to put their country and people at risk of war with China when they have no business in the SCS? Freedom of navigation? China is a threat to freedom of navigation? What is China doing with the One Belt One Road project, to curb freedom of navigation? Who needs more freedom of navigation? Who is the biggest trading nation in the world that needs freedom of navigation?

Silly boys and girls are easily conned to believe in lies and will swallow everything, hook, line and sinkers. Anything the Americans said is golden truth.

Singapore is entangled in a dispute with China over its role in the Non Aligned Movement. Singapore had vehemently denied that it was the devil pushing the SCS agenda. It was all Asean working as a group pushing it. If there was anyone pushing this dead horse, it would not be Singapore. Singapore is innocent.

Below is a quote from an article in The Singapore Daily supposedly by an old man of unknown identity. In this old man’s view, Singapore has all the reasons and intent to want to flog the dead horse to protect its interests as a small state, on grounds of principles, to protect the rule of law, international law, and freedom of navigation. And by the way things are happening, the rest of the Asean states are unprincipled, did not see the need to protect the rule of law, to protect international law and freedom of navigation. Their national interests do not coincide with such principled positions.

Here are the reasons what this unknown old man said of Singapore’s position. True or not, Singapore’s position or not, this is his view of why Singapore has to speak up, to keep whipping the dead horse.
It needs to come out strongly and defend ASEAN as a regional grouping that has a voice, and a unified voice at that, against any country that dares to thumb down the region.

It is to the interest of the grouping that Singapore speaks up on the SCS issue, not play it down. If Singapore allows China to walk all over it over the South China Sea issue, what’s to stop any other great world power or regional bloc from doing the same?

Singapore is the leader of Asean and has assumed the role of protecting Asean and the hapless and weak Asean states. The Asean states are so blessed to have Singapore to protect them and their interests. Perhaps Singapore could conduct joint military patrol with another big power, India, in the South China Sea. That would definitely scare off China.


Anonymous said...

Good article. I also read the comments of that one "old man" who believe it or not said that if china own the spratly etc, there will be no freedom of navigation for asean states and we will suffer. This is a great Lie. It is so childish. China needs the sea to transport its goods south. Any restrictions would be in the landing areas near spratly, it does not affect us ine atom. Even if fishing is restricted in spratly, what is that to Singapore, our fish are from Malaysia and also north sea salmon imports from usa, europe etc, Therefore as far as Sg concerned there is no self interest at all to glorify the findings of a court which is not a UN body (another deception of the Faust). Rb hadsaid the judges are paid by Philippines, i not sure but is possible. The only reason i can think why we are so active is that the Devil had threatened us , if you dont actively support, the big companies and banks and financers from the Devil will all leave and hundred thousands job lost. I am sure Pink knows what he is doing, after all he is a smart man, yes?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, today's news is amazing! Duterrte said America should go to hell. He even said that he might realign foreign policy so that he will go with china and Russia! This is history in the making! It is a very significant event!!!
So the spratly dispute is passe. Whats the difference between china control and usa control of that region? Actually none that is detrimental to singapore! We should not get involve!! We are not living in the 60's where the chinese communist ideology means armed struggle and guerilla warfare and maotsetungs. TODAY'S CHINA is more of an economic machine focussed on improving lives (think xiaomi, alibaba..). Why should we fear china, it is just like usa, a superpower. Usa if anything is the ultimate manufacturer of weapons and it is their goal to create conflict and tensions (please watch "the Lord of War", nicolas cage show). The more the merrier, great sales of old warships and war planes. Usa must have harmed Philippines in very very serious ways. It is not normal for a man to tell another man "go to hell" unless deeply hurt. Duterte is a brave man. There must be some things inforgiveable that usa has done to Philippines. I don't know what it is that caused him to be so angry. Anybody knows?

JayF said...

So Chua.

How much are you paid to shill for China against your own country?

How is the health coverage?

Anonymous said...

/// Even if fishing is restricted in spratly, what is that to Singapore, our fish are from Malaysia ... ///

and where does Malaysia's fish come from?
- coconut tree is it?

although i am sympathetic to this author's views;
sometimes i shake head to the daft thinking;
LKY was right
fucking singaporeans are daft
we will forever have a pap government

Anonymous said...

I say, my bastard son JayF is back. KNN, he is so defensive of the Americans, now I am not sure if I am the father of this bastard. Maybe one of the Americans is. Is it a black one or a white one?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

@jay F

We should follow what Duterte has one for the Philippines and advocate for Singapore's position away from the neo-liberal world order led by the USG. We should ally with Russia and China to form a new "Eurasian' world order based on nationalism and patriotism. The US led neo liberal order leads to nihilism and degeneracy, with atomization of individuals and the decay of social institutions that have sustained civilization for millennia. Everywhere you look you have feminism, faggot rights. The natural order is being turned on itself.

In other words, we are the real patriots.

virgo49 said...

Don't know why people have the idea that a rising China would territories the whole world. Communist terror meh??

See how the so called democratic countries done to its people.

Only the very rich manipulating the poor

All the Hia kow yew talks of western propaganda of PRC China gonna made slaves of you.

Been colonised and brainwashed and screwed by them and loved it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, stupidity has no cure. Ask the Arabs and the Muslims who invaded their countries, killed their people, destroyed their economy and lives and turned them into refuges?

To the stupid, still scratching your head, and your answer is China?

Please don't tell them the answer. Let them be stupid forever.

Veritas said...

When Islamo kill white man, white elites clamour Muslims are peaceful. When white patriot want to stop Sunni scum comming in, they are labelled nazi.

The white elites and Jews are bringing their nation back to debasement.

Veritas said...

We are continuously being brainwash Muslims are peaceful. 62% of Malaysian Malay want apostasy dead. That is how peaceful Muslims are. In reality Malaysian Malay are fucking evil.

I bet RB will censor my posting though I am speaking 100% true.

Meanwhile, Malay can dish out MCP, Chin Peng, Chinese gangs.... to show how fucking evil Chinese is.

Get real. When your Ba Ku Teh spill into Malay, they will accuse you of evil. That will be enough reason for them to kill you. (Recently Vivian Lee get 6 month for posting pork)

Anonymous said...

Rb, I strongly support Singapore send all our airforce and navy to patrol scs with the American to show we punch above our weight. I think China will be damn scared when they see our military Lor. Lol😰😂😢

patriot said...


Sin is forging brotherhood relationship with India.
Veritas must be very hurt though
he knows and expects Sin to marry
India since George Yeo was Foreign Minister.

Now lee Hsien Loong is in India to
pay dowry to Moody to get intimate.

Who says Sin has no say in South China Sea?


Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


What is your opinion on the Bersih movement ? Do you think that it looks like a color revolution instigated by the USG ? It looks like that to me.

Anonymous said...

Rb, I strongly support Singapore send all our airforce and navy to patrol scs with the American to show we punch above our weight. I think China will be damn scared when they see our military Lor. Lol😰😂😢

patriot said...


the USA Presidential Debates are telecasted live with NO commercial
in them.

There was no Sin Election Debates, if anything, the
Pappies hoarded all publicity in the State Media and even then, lots of commercials interrupted the Programmes.

Which part of USA
does Sin belongs to?


Veritas said...

Thats right. That is a color revolution. Anyway Malay screw up themselves so much by their Allah-akbarism, driving out chinese that they have no chance in the post modern world. Within 20 years, Malay hu Akbar, will be competing with China-made-robot. And lets see if Allah can bail them out. Malay deserve all their shit.

In the long term, USA power wane and China is going up. Even if Najib goes, it wont change long term outcome. The problem with USA is he Jewish elites forever shooting their own feet. By strip mining the country, they wont be able to stop china.

The elites of country cannot have both inequality and a strong state. The Anglo-jews made their choice, a weak state and caste system.

Chinese mandarin made their choice also -- a strong nation.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

A color revolution in Malaysia would make for a interesting scenario. The red shirt Malay nationalists seem to be a big factor as well. The whole country might break up. I think that a multi racial country is highly unstable despite the propaganda that "diversity is our strength". That is the biggest load of propaganda i heard. Homogeneous countries like Japan and Korea are far more stable.

Anonymous said...


//AnonymousSeptember 29, 2016 9:28 pm
@ September 29, 2016 8:55 pm

If you can't write English ... Fuck off and post on a China website.//


Veritas said...

Malay today are brainwash into Morons. Some faction of early fathers actually dream of Nussantara with Indonesia. There is also a further dream of Maphilindo but Islam so fuck up that pinoy is not interested.

The current fragmentation of Nussantara is due to 1824 Anglo Dutch treaty, where our great founders Raffles and gang have a hand in destruction of Malay unity -- with the aid of Bugis pirate (probably rapist also.. I believe when he pirated, saw women, will rape them) Temenggong.

If Malaysia breaks up they may be absorb into Indonesia.

Or maybe they may remain out of Indon.

Breaking up Malaysia is a great idea. Everyone other than Malays are piss off with Malay gangsterism. Only Malay think they are color blind and very good.

Its time to give Borneo Dayaks their fair share of wealth.

Anonymous said...

Expect China to grovel on ground for the fake territorial dispute judgment which stated Taiping Island as a rock and 9 dash lines as illegal.

Why Chinese cannot do that? Those islands were legally returned to China leaders Chiangkaisek after WW2 on a borrowed US war ship, according to historical records. That was how the 11 dashlines were drawn, the communist make it 9 dashlines to give coaster islands to Vietnam during Chouenglai as PM.
That was before Singapore was born. That was at the time when Singapore was returned to UK.

Do citizens know the implications? Legally, declaring the 9 dashline illegal means setting the territorial borders back to WW2 time. The Japanese occupied those islands.
The Japanese owned Singapore called Chownan island. If people has their mind check as sound, they will know, if that Judgment is "international laws", then Japan can claim it owns Singapore too. RB said it correctly, some neighbors might go to the tribunal to claim Singapore is not an independent state by setting the time lines back. How they do it is as simple as what Philippines did.

However, China owns those islands was written on documents. The tribunal could overturn the historic records by a big brush. Some old man in Singapore expect China to groval and give up their territories. U bet they will.

Singapore has dug a big hole for itself. The Judgment was objected by Taiwan because it said Taiping island is a rock and US s state department official map put it as Taiping island. Singapore is the only lone country recognized the Judgment as international laws. If Singapore s position can gain world recognition, it will be an insane world.
Singapore s recent action in NAM has compelled China into offensive against Singapore.
The Chinese media Huanqiu had a forum to condemn Singapore with reader pouring negative comments against the island and islanders. Japan still enjoy huge inflow of Chinese tourists. Singapore will face Chinese s sanctions, some are self imposed. There is nothing attractive about Singapore, not exports, not innovative products from it, not speaking english, the China chinese can ignore this island completely.

With Singapore s position into anti China, the chinese will have free hands to work with Thailand to open Kra canal if Thais are ready to go. That canal can save sailing distance by 1200km for Japan and China. Both are keen to see it happens.

If Kra cannot be done, the one road one belt will hit Singapore hard as oil import will be greatly reduced through Straits of Malacca.
Lastly, Singapore with world top debts can afford to follow Japan and US to do freedom of navigation at Scs?

What US dare not to do is to have war with China DIRECTLY. US will support Philippines, or Japan, or Singapore or Vietnam or those combinations with China. Will Singapore want to join the war? Answer is: got money to do it?

Veritas said...

I think China will build Kra -- sooner or later. Like it or not, Singaporean Chinese ARE NOT the only Chinese in SE Asia. Thai Chinese probably 20-30% of Thailand controls Thailand and even the Royalty are very very Chinese.

The China South North water transfer cannal is already 1200km. So how long is Kra (but Kra has unique difficulties as well)

Singapore have been onboard USA for too long. LHL simply cannot jump ship without major repercussion against us.

But Singapore will gravitate back China once China is strong enough -- just that we will be the last to change side.

Hermit said...

For a moment I thought I was reading My China News blog.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The worse case scenario is that the Bersih movement actually succeeds. If it does then expect Malaysia to move more into the USG orbit and against China. The current UMNO leadership has been smart in staying fairly neutral and friendly towards China.

In other words i'm secretly supporting the reds. Time to put on my red shirt and get on my bike. lol.

patriot said...

Sin quite able to
go with the Flows.

Its' position in Asean
though is likely to be
very inconsequential

Destiny is closing in.


patriot said...

Sin quite able to
go with the Flows.

Its' position in Asean
though is likely to be
very inconsequential

Destiny is closing in.


Veritas said...

Actually Mahathir is pretty anti USA and pro China relatively. So in the long run, the outcome wont change too much unless China collapse.

Mahathir is a megalomaniac and new kids on block who think he can pull string behind the scene against the more entrench elites. He is against Najib from the house of Pahang Sultanate, who have marriage alliance with a lot of other sultante in Malaysia.

Mahathir simply need USA support.

All Malay elites know Islamofacism are Jews evil plan and Malay elites only market it for their people. They know very well the harm of USA.

Anonymous said...

Typical racist site. This thread about China and Hague ruling and we have one ardent supporter here slamming about Malays with the admin's approval. What the fook?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I just read a book about Thai history, veritas is right a lot of people in Thailand have Chinese ancestry. A lot of them are teochew. Chinese migrants have been coming to Thailand ever since the Ayutthaya Kingdom and the wars with the Burmese. Basically the trickle of migrants have been coming in all the way till the communist takeover in China. Urban Centers like Bangkok have particularly high percentages. These migrants controlled a lot of trade. The rate of mix marriage is very high.

Thai culture being more accommodating, assimilated Chinese migrants much easier then Islamic culture.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I think very highly of Mahatir. He was a race realist he acknowledge that Chinese have higher IQ. He also campaigned for Pan Asian unity against the anglo-zionist neo liberal order. I remember him advocating for a Japanese alliance. The best thing about him is that he is the only statesman that openly called out the Jews.

Nowdays calling out the jews is common among white nationalist circles on the internet. But Mahatir id it before it was fashionable. Quite a visionary.

Veritas said...

Even Thai and Myanmese came from Southern China. Hokkien, Cantonese are fake Han and likely we can be Thai, Malay, Myanmese and in reality we can move in and out of Thai culture easily.

I can bring up my son as a Thai and I can be a Thai easily. But to be Muslim, NO FUCKING WAY. I prefer to martyr for confucius.

I never slam Malay and I always say I may have Malay blood. The Malay start moving into SE Asia from Taiwan.

Veritas said...

Mahathir and ALL malay elites preach Islamofacism because Malay need confident. In Malay dilenma, mahathir already say Malay are fuck up. In fact, Malay elites always urge malay to catch up Chinese, in another words, it means malay no good.

SE Asian have natural affinity for Chinese culture and these are being suppress by white man. In Malay Islamofascism is being promoted. But in the long run, Malay elites are aware they are losing their Chinese, and that is very bad.

At least when Chinese are there, they show malay how under so much discrimination, they can work themselves up by study, and not by shouting confucius hu akbar, and blowing themselves up.

After investing in Islamofascism, it appears that it is very difficult for Malay elite to u-turn.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Yes, i read about the language hypothesis it says that melanesian languages started of in Taiwan. And that tai language started of in Yunnan. Vietnam on the other hand is made up of Warring states and Dynasty settlers. While the southern kingdom of Champa was aboriginal.

If i were to be Muslim i'd go to NingXia or Gansu. there are quite a few high IQ Chinese Muslims there. I think that The combination of Low IQ and Islam is a toxic mix. Islam by itself is a good remedy for the nihilism that liberalism brings.

Anonymous said...

You all think Kra canal will affect Singapore. Nonsense. Ships come to our port because we are one of the best seaports in the world in terms of efficiency and port ops. If they want to park their goods and containers at PSA, Kra or no Kra, they will still come. If they intend to bypass Singapore because they have no intention to store their containers here, Kra or no Kra, they will still bypass us. Why you all worry so much?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I think that Chinese should leave Indonesia and Malaysia. You cannot carry the majority when you are a minority. Leave them to their own devices. The Chicoms ought to give Chinese people citizenship by blood. I will lead a Völkerwanderung of our people back to the fatherland.

Anonymous said...

There is a small percentage of Nanyang Chinese in SE Asia who are race chauvinists. Unsurprisingly, this site has a high percentage of such people on this site, due to the fact that the admin is one himself.

These are some of the characteristics of the Chinese chauvinist:

- He thinks that his race is superior to all others.
- He finds faults of other races and mocks them.
- He wants all Chinese to be one and the same, like a homogeneous race being produced by a factory machine.
- He not only mocks other races, he also mocks his own race fellows if he finds that these people don't "abide" to his standard what a Chinese should be.
- He has derogatory terms and names of other races.
- He even has derogatory terms for Chinese who he thinks are "not Chinese enough", like banana or chap cheng.

Luckily, the majority of SE Asian Chinese are not such.

Anonymous said...

Why you all worry so much?
October 05, 2016 11:52 am

Because when LKY become old and then finally died.
PAP does not seem to have any more capable leaders left.
The failing MRT system seems to have become symbolic of PAP declining capabilities.

Veritas said...

The Ningxia Hui are actually Turks mix Chinese. They hate Uighur and actually massacre the Uighur when they decalre independence. That is why many MUSLIMS hate Chinese Muslims. Chinese Muslims tend to side with Han and prioritized the interest of Chinese nation state.

Indonesian Chinese are very integrated as Sukarno harm Islamofascism. Even Suharto who use Islam dog to massacre Chinese and communist ditch them like a piece of shit after the work are done. Suharto hate Islamofascist as well.

Recently Chinese got elected by Indon to be governor of Jarkarta. His name is A Hok. And the anti Chinese rhetoric nowadays come from the fringe. Malaysia Cina babi war cry is from elites.

Anonymous said...

@ October 05, 2016 11:58 am

What about PAP?
Are they meritocratic chauvinists?

Anonymous said...

I think readers here are not aware of Port Klang, and Malaysia and China partnership.

"Ships come to our port because we are one of the best seaports in the world in terms of efficiency and port ops." This is true? Or $S is cheap is true or false? It sounded like essay of O level student, not to insult as S$ is not cheap money.

If S$ is so efficient, the China will not throw in money to build a 3rd harbor in Malaysia. Why? Volume lah: 80% of the ships passing Straits of Malacca are heading for China. For those who did not read Xinhua, this is the news in July 2016: Singapore will have better business when Port Klang has China s own harbor. Singapore Ai Huat liao because it is efficient and friend country to China.

"China and Malaysia are in talks to build a third harbor at Port Klang, the largest port in the southeast Asian nation, according to the Malaysian Minister of Transport Liow Tiong Lai.

The Oriental Daily News reported on July 3 that up to 80 percent of the ships sailing through the Malacca Strait are bound for China, and the strait also has many Chinese vessels traveling through, which is why Malaysia is interested in partnering with China for the build.

Port Klang is Malaysia's largest port and the 12th largest in the world"

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The term chauvinist means a sort of supremacy. I don't think that accurately describes my view. I think that all cultures and races have their merits and weaknesses and that they should be accepted for what they are. In that sense i am a relativist.

I am also a race realist and i know that some races are better in certain things then others. For example, Chinese people will never out sprint people of west African descent. This difference in ability will lead to conflict. Proximity + diversity = conflict. Hence, i agree mostly with Malay Nationalist Ultras that Chinese should leave malaysia and maybe indonesia. And have a Völkerwanderung back to the fatherland.

Veritas said...

Malaysia port like Klang and Tanjong Pelapas are growing like nobody business while PSA plunge.

Figures from the MPA show Singapore handled 30.9 million teu in 2015, a drop of 8.7% from the 33.9 million handled in 2014, and the lowest container throughput volume since 2011.

Our elites blamed "challenging business environment". Co-ordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan told a Singapore Maritime Foundation New Year cocktail reception on Wednesday, “2015 was yet another challenging year for many shipping companies. Demand for shipping remained weak due to sluggish trade growth (and) coupled with an oversupply in tonnage".

Meanwhile, Malaysian ports are blooming. Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) Malaysia’s biggest single owned by MMC Corporation Berhad (MMC) has strengthened its position as the busiest container port in Malaysia after hitting an all - time high of 800,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (“TEUs”) in August.

The latest record firmly places PTP on the road to achieve target total container throughput of 9.2million TEUs for 2015. PTP container volume for the first eight months this year has registered a growth of 8.9% compared to the same period last year.

Similary, Malaysia Port Klang register growth of 1.1% to 11.9 million teu compared to 2014.

Veritas said...

Today every single shit race can never be a racist and are always victim, and that is what Jews want us to believe. Black is not racist, Islam is not racist..etc

White are racist, Chinese are racist.

What about Jews?

They are the only wealthy and high IQ race that are not racist but are victim.

Muslims forever cannot see how bad their action is by converting others by rape, and monopolizing Allah.

You ask Muslim repent? They accuse you of racist.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Open borders for Israel !

Jew and Arab mixed marriage!


Anonymous said...

All those who keep saying Malaysia is expanding their ports, that's my point I said earlier. Kra or no Kra, there's no difference! Already some ships are bypassing Sing through Port Klang. Yet, still many ships come to Sing even with Port Klang around! Why? Because of our efficient ops. So when Kra opens, ships that have been coming will still come! What's the difference?

Another point is storage. Ships don't just come and park here as a stopover. They come here because they want to store goods here. Many companies produce bulk and have problems with storage. Where do they park while waiting for the customers to be ready? In the middle of the ocean? They have to park on dry land. They choose Sing.

PSA has a few terminals. Keppel, Brani, Pasir Panjang. They have many docking points. 24/7 we are busy, busy, busy. Take a look at the Southern islands. We are so busy, ships have to queue for their turn in open waters. This is with the fact there are ports other than Sing. Can Kra even compete with us when it is just a canal and a passage? Where can they build a port like the ones PSA has? Where are the ships going to wait to queue? Block the canal?

Nice propaganda story from China, trying to say that it will be the next superpower in economic terms. Also nice China story to deflect attention from its aggression and hostility regarding South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

/// For example, Chinese people will never out sprint people of west African descent. ///
October 05, 2016 12:22 pm

Is there any race out there that can out-daft and out-slave the Singaporean slaves?
- the PRCs are smart enough to call us LeeJiaPore
- so we can't really say daft slave behaviour is peculiar to Chinese people

JayF said...


Advocating for nationalism under a Russo Sino axis is national suicide. Why not ask their neighbours if they prefer them to the Americans.

Pro tip. They dont.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, you are expert in East Asia history.

What is the relationship between Chinese Hokkien and Korean?

Why does some Korean pronunciation in their drama sounds like typical Hokkien? It contain same meaning.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


The problem with the USG is that it is driven by the ideology of cultural libertarianism and neo liberal economics which causes atomisation of the individual. This system which is good for economic growth causes birth rates to drop. Already the birthrates in Europe and Asia are far below replacement level about 1.6. In the Long run it means that such a system cannot last because it destroys the human capital that sustains it.

Russian nationalism with its focus on the orthodox Christianity is a good counter to the nihilism of the west. And so is China with a sinic confucian culture based on hierarchy and patriarchy. An alliance of traditionalists non western states vs nihilism of the west.

Veritas said...

In particular Japanese, less on Korean, the phonetic sounds Hokkien is because the Min lect is ancient Chinese that gone through less changes. The old chinese spread to japan.

Mandarin are modern Chinese in reality a Northern dialect of Han around Manchuria.One reason Mandarin got popular is because of Manchu conquest.

b said...

Russia and China have tolerated Uass and Europe for too long. To stop ww3 from happening, Europe (which is already in a mess and nothing to lose) should lean towards Russia and China. This will make one side win. Uas will have to be less aggressive and more friendly. But winning is not the objective here. Avoid ww3 is much more important. WW3 do no one good and many will die as a result. It will throw us all back to stone age.

Veritas said...

Actually China and USA has already started a low level conflict in Syria. USA and Sunni thrown in their Uighur battalion in Syria for training purpose, so that these fucking uighur can go back home, blow up themselves to claim 72 virgins.

China have every interest to bring the war to Syria and hope Assad kill them all.

Similarly for the Malays who go Syria, this is Veritas message to Assad.

Kill them Kill them kill them

b said...

This island will then become an island resort which may be a blessing in disguise. Many will leave this island in search for a better island. So long as ww3 does not happen, sinkies can still go on living.

b said...

Those heads of small countries should not get involved in this cold war. Just let the big 4 fight among themselves. Otherwise just get sacrificed for nothing. Just act blur otherwise will end up like gadafi, sadam, assad and many others.

Anonymous said...

Why are there no comments up to no. 53 comment, in regard to the comment #1 and #2? The writer had raised several issues which is interesting. Unfortunately the majority comments going off tangent talking about malay supremacy, syria, port klang, hokien words... i wish that moderator would help people stay focussed....

Anonymous said...

//Unfortunately the majority comments going off tangent talking about malay supremacy, syria, port klang, hokien words... i wish that moderator would help people stay focussed....//

But this site is known for sidetrackers who mock other races and cultures. You don't see it in other sites. I have said this so many times. The admin of this site creates an environment for these hoodlum racists to make such comments. He supports such mockings against other races and cultures.

Anonymous said...

China did not ask Singapore to support them in the SCS

China only ask Singapore to honor the promise - take a neutral position

Dont play mind games !!! Singapore ambassador play mind games with editorial in Global Times to fool people that the editor had wrongly accused/blame Singapore over Nam meeting.

China want Singapore to support their stance in SCS.

Surely, Singapore can't simply tell USA that Singapore take no position on Syria - neutral stance.

Singapore just want to protect International law and uphold rule based order.

- Singapore is supporting legitimacy of Assad regime and oppose USA military intervention - violation of sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, if war does break out between US and Russia in Syria,

would Singapore send their troop to support USA ?

Veritas said...

Singapore will be pro-USA talk talk only and carefully playing balance, knowing China is the emerging power.

You cannot take so many USA monies and no action. Meanwhile if China overwhelm USA SG will change side.

Anonymous said...

//China did not ask Singapore to support them in the SCS
China only ask Singapore to honor the promise - take a neutral position//

But how to be neutral when China bully SE Asia nations by greedily trying to steal South China Sea and affect our important trade route? China bully you then ask you to be neutral. Hypocrite.

Veritas said...

Pro India George Fucking Yeo say below.

Countries contesting China's claims in the disputed South China Sea should not underestimate the legality of Beijing's arguments, said Mr George Yeo, Singapore's former foreign minister and current chairman of Hong Kong-based Kerry Logistics.

"China's claims are not weak… I can understand the force of feelings from South-east Asian countries but it would be a serious mistake to underestimate the legality of China's claims and therefore underestimate their will," he said

Problem is when China raise SCS sovereignity everyone keep quiet. After that then KPKB

Anonymous said...

Veritas, what is your opinion about current situation in Syria ?

Would US wage full scale of war with Russia over Syria ?

Russia is winning the games in Battle of Aleppo. Russia placed more S300 missile defence.

Middle East would soon came under influence of Russia.

The US hegemony would come to an end.

Anonymous said...

Currently US Europe and Japan are all slowly evacuating out of China.

Let observe if the future situation is good as all you pro china spreading ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Currently US Europe and Japan companies are all slowly evacuating out of China.

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

You are assuming China need capital of USA Europe and Japan but in reality China has too much of excess capital that she need to export it all over the world.

China with her internal capital accumulation can have sustainable development. USA Japan EU need China market.

Anonymous said...

This site being a pro-China site will of course have loads of China supporters painting a bright picture of China. China is not like US. China's growth is not even. The major cities are developed but there are tons of rural areas where the poor are still really poor. China is a magnified version of Indonesia. A few rich billionaires with a corrupt central gahmen. Major cities well developed but poor rural folk unhappy. MNCs invest but the goodies are enjoyed by the elite few.

HK and Taiwan knows the ills of China. If they merge, their wealth would be taken by the central government and HKers and Taiwanese would be poorer. Furthermore, the wealth China has today is because of West investments. It is still far too early for China to act tough. It has yet to show its economic resilience in real turbulent times.

Veritas said...

Fledgling capitalism is always as Marx experienced. Inequality problem is a byproduct of capitalism need to be manage at all cost, and elites need to show determination at tackling head on, which is what Chinese elites are doing now.

And the attitude of Chinese elites are far better than USA, who view inequality as a pre-requisite for capital formation and see every action of wealth distribution as harming economy, personal liberty and infringement of human rights.

You bet China will fall, I bet USA will collapse long before China.

Anonymous said...

China supporters live in denial. True capitalism causes inequity. But what has socialism done? For all the talk, socialist countries produced corrupt leaders who pretend to care for the poor. China is no exception.

China has been around for thousands of years. Even during the peak periods, it was the ruling dynasty and their folks who enjoyed the goodies. The poor rural fork lived in poverty. Today, under CCP, nothing has changed.

America has been around only 200+ years. It has gone through civil wars, Great Depression, WW2, Korean and Viet War, oil crises, financial crises and so on. Doomsayers have been saying US will die. But time and time again, they rebound - unlike China which after thousands of years, still cannot eradicate its rural poverty. So what is the secret to America's resilience. Here they are:

1. Oil is traded in the farking useless no value US Dollar. If not for this, US would have been in the dumps long ago. But because oil is traded on the worthless USD, the currency remains alive.

2. It steals lands of others and controls them. Especially oil rich countries.

3. It creates wars and sells arms to the combating sides. Big multi billion dollar bz.

Because of this, US has been able to tide over many economic downturns. Doomsayers say US will die when Japan was coming up. Japan stalled. They say US will die when the 4 Asian Tigers shone. The 4 Asian Tigers turned out to be pussycats compared to US. Doomsayers even say Euro will overtake US. Too bad, even that didn't happen.

Today, China supporters say that it will overtake US. Yes, it can. Provided they get oil to be traded in yuan, steal and control lands and seas that have oil (they can start with Xinjiang and Spratly) and of course create wars and sell arms to the combating nations. However, it looks like China is 200 years behind US. Still want to bad China will overtake US?

Veritas said...

The last time are different. Having a land mass, greater population, greater resources, USA can out-produce Japan, and Germany and doom her enemy on war of attrition.

Against the economic rise of Japan, USA needs to impose Plaza Accord and Japan kaput. Being a vassal state of USA, Japan has no leverage.

For Europe, she is a currency union without political unity. Hence she is fragile.

All such advantages where USA bested her contender is absent in USA vs China.

This time is different and this is the ONLY time when a East Asian culture nation, bigger in land mass and population surpassing USA in GDP.

She cannot out produce China. China will outproduce USA. Average Chinese have higher IQ, better discipline, lower crime rate, little children out of wedlock.

In short, upon mass mobilization of Chinese, USA is the weak party and China is the stronger party.

Anonymous said...

Naive. Very naive. Land mass itself does nothing. Germany, a puny nation with little land mass, was a powerhouse that once put US on its toes. As for Plaza Accord, you think the devaluation is able to swing the economy just like that? If that is so, Indon would be been SE Asia's powerhouse in the 1990s.

I have said it earlier and I will say it again. The real reason for US resilience is because petrodollar is traded in US. No matter what, you need US dollar. Next, US controls many nations that have oil. Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Emirates. Once upon a time, Iran and Iraq as well. US wants total domination in these oil rich states. Why do you think it sponsors terrorists to destabilize the area? Third, it creates wars then sells arms. Hundreds of billions transacted.

Does China even have half the capacity to do all the above, let alone it is 200 years behind time? Keep dreaming. US will remain the dominant aggressor controlling the world for many more decades.

Anonymous said...

China is a magnified version of Indonesia. A few rich billionaires with a corrupt central gahmen
Furthermore, the wealth China has today is because of West investments
Indonesia is a magnified version of USA.

A few rich billionaires with a corrupt Federal govt.

The wealth USA or Indonesia has today is because of these billionaire's investment.

We should feel grateful towards them!!!

Veritas said...

Land mass is an important component to wage war and Germany knows that, calling for "Lebenbraum". Germany losses because geography force her to fight on 2 front without sustainable resources.

Petrodollar is indeed USA tools to plunder the world thanks to Sunni cock sucker. And everyone in the world have no chance, until the rise of China changes that. China is the only state able to mount formidabble challenge to petro dollar system, and now there are call to internationalize Yuan.

Everyone knows China is having a lot of currency swap deals with states, and this would lead to dedollarization.

And BTW what is petrodollar base on? It is more fragile than anything else. It is back by USA propping the corrupt Sunni monarch, and upon a popular revolution against these parasite, tne new government may move away from the leaching system.

Anonymous said...

When veritas starts talking about his cocksucking and mocks other races, cultures, religion, you know he has run out of ideas and lost the debate. ;)

Yes, that is affirmation that he knows China is 200 years behind US in world domination, bullying and terrorizing other nations.

Veritas said...

Who can shout Cina babi not only with impunty and accuse Chinese as racist, immoral and criminals?

It is others bully Chinese and China and now China is going to win back respect.

Anonymous said...

Yes cina babi is racist. So are your derogatory terms on other races. Are you saying that you are a racist calling other racists, racist?

Thanks for admitting you are a racist. I have been saying all along that this site is a haven for racists to make racist comments. You affirmed it!

JayF said...


The same Russia facing a dropping population? The same China facing an aging population AND massive gender imbalance?

Sounds like they are not much better off.

Veritas said...

Researching on Veritas racism is no fun, you may want to try writing that 62% Malay want someone dead for apostasy. Also Brahmin genocide dalit for intercaste romance.

And when I comment on Sunni and Hindu, I am really for their good for example, I urge them not to suck Jews cock.

Meanwhile people can shout cina babi like nothing. Preaching hate against Chinese is big business in Malaysia. Poor Vivian Lee posting with pork got 6 month.

The entire Malay and Hindu race are racist.

Anonymous said...

A true racist will justify his derogatory comments against other races. Yet, when he sees a racist comment against his own race, he goes ballistic.

Veritas, you have confirmed you are a racist by satisfying the above. In the process, you proved me right yet again - this site is a racist site made for racists to make racist comments with impunity.

Anonymous said...

/// Land mass is an important component to wage war and Germany knows that, calling for "Lebenbraum". Germany losses because geography force her to fight on 2 front without sustainable resources. ///
October 05, 2016 7:48 pm

Whoa! Slow down there.
Nobody forced Germany to fight a two front war in World War Two.

Germany was unable to defeat Britain in the "Battle of Britain"
USSR had a non-aggression treaty with Germany ... and was supplying much of the raw materials for Germany's factories.
- and instead of being patient and focus on defeating Britain
- Hitler chose to open up a second front by sneak attacking USSR



Veritas said...

Even children is racist similar to Nazi, if they prefer to play with their own kind. We need to focus on 2 shitty champion nazi culture first.

Anonymous said...

@ October 05, 2016 8:21 pm

Is it just like in Singapore?
Did anybody force LHL to open up the immigration floodgates?

Nobody will become a new Singaporean citizen unless he has a job tio bo?
So to achieve a 10 million population.
Do you think priority and preference is given to employing foreigners rather than Singaporeans?

Veritas said...

Nobody ask Hitler to fight. Germany need lebensraum.

If Germany can hold on from Normandy to Kiev, today she can challenge USA.

Anonymous said...

"Even children is racist similar to Nazi"

Veritas, you should know when to fold up and quit. You humiliated yourself when you ran out of ideas to defend your implausible theory China will overrun US and resorted to derogatory terms on other races and religion. Then when I said you are a racist and you could not defend being one, you bring up Nazism. How many red herrings are you going to bring up? Now you have been pwned twice.

1. China is just a wimp unable to match US's bully tactics and you cannot defend it.
2. You are a racist and you cannot defend it either.

Time for you to quit and leave the scene before you get humiliated some more?

Veritas said...

How can I be more racist than 62% of Malay apostasy murderer wannabe or Hindu casteist?

Anonymous said...

You are racist because you used racist terms on other races. Nothing to do with what others do. You mean to say if your neighbour rapes his gf, it gives you the right to rape yours? Why do you keep humiliating yourself showing that you are justifying your racist nature?

Anonymous said...

/// Nobody ask Hitler to fight. Germany need lebensraum. ///
October 05, 2016 8:26 pm

"Germany" did not "need" lebensraum.
- Hitler and the Nazi ideology "wanted" lebensraum.

Post World War Two.
West Germany and subsequently West & East Germany did not have lebensraum.
And yet Germany's economy is the strongest in Europe.

Anonymous said...

@ October 05, 2016 9:09 pm

And what about LHL and his PAP ideology?
Does Singapore really need 10 million population?
Is it just LHL and the PAP ideology that wanted 10 million population?

Veritas said...

The reason why both dont resort to war and prosper is because USA open up market and pax Americana offer them a way to obtain raw material, and both conditions are not secure prior.

Today if one cut off market and cut off raw material to Germany and Japan, see how they prosper.

In 1940 Japan invaded French Indochina in an effort to embargo all imports into China, including war supplies purchased from the U.S. This move prompted the United States to embargo all oil exports, leading the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) to estimate it had less than two years of bunker oil remaining and to support the existing plans to seize oil resources in the Dutch East Indies. Planning had been underway for some time on an attack on the "Southern Resource Area" to add it to the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Japan envisioned in the Pacific.

Veritas said...

You have underestimate raw material and market being an important factor of WW2 imperialism. Land mass and population is a great factor that insular or middle size countries need to break for becoming a great nation. To obtain it, war.

And securing raw material especially oil is still USA primary concern and USA is willing to go to war.

In 1973 King Faisal dares to embargo oil against USA. He was subsequently assassinated. USA say I did not do it (you believe?)

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


You are right, Russia and China are facing demographic problems. But the Russians have quite rightly identified the cause. This Russian made propaganda is a masterpiece that highlights the problems of the west.


The Europeans and the Americans meanwhile try to temporarily sidestep the problem by having migrants that are changing the face of their society. But smart migrants are finite as the developing world develops the same values as the west they too will have demographic problems. Meanwhile the conservatives in the west could not even defend transgender toilets and gay marriage. At this point in time the west represents degeneracy and against all that is good.

Anonymous said...

/// You have underestimate raw material and market being an important factor of WW2 imperialism. Land mass and population is a great factor that insular or middle size countries need to break for becoming a great nation. To obtain it, war. ///
October 05, 2016 9:32 pm

Please lah.
This is 2016.
Not 1940.

Google requires a lot of raw material, land mass and population to be what it is today?

No amount of raw material, land mass and population can repair Singapore's broken down MRT.

Veritas said...

Google indeed requires market and capital.

When China ban google, she cannot make monies in China.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

lol hey veritas u see b4 this video of Chinese fight malay in Malaysia about the phone ?


Anonymous said...

LaoGoa "virus" is verlee infectious?

So many ownselves chk (talk to) ownselves?

This mati guy thinks he is "another monkey god"?

Can make up so many (diff carecktors) from his mati (pubiv) hair?

Somebolee said this cfm sign of (mental) breakdown and mounty polar?

Anonymous said...

China is bankrolling the USA. China is the banker of USA.
When China calls in its loan to the USA, what could happen?
China is a super power with tons of reserves.
USA is a super power with tons of debt.

Think about it, if you can think.

Anonymous said...

When China calls its debts and US unable to pay, US just doesn't pay. What can China do? US has been owing for so many decades, yet it is still going on strong and the countries US owes are nowhere near US's economy. Btw, where did you get the idea has tons of reserves?

Anonymous said...

Google indeed requires market and capital.
When China ban google, she cannot make monies in China.
October 05, 2016 11:28 pm

First of all;
Your original thesis was: "raw material, land mass and population"
- you now change it to "market and capital"

Google does not need "market and capital"
- Google needs ACCESS to "market and capital"

You just need access to the milk.
You don't need to buy the cow.
Stop fighting the last war.

Veritas said...

What is the different between access to market and capital and "need market and capita"...?

Anonymous said...

Which country has a bigger foreign reserve than China?
Which country has a bigger debt than China's reserve?
The Americans are living on credit, on debt. Not to worry till the creditors paste the notice on the door and send in the debt collectors.

b said...

Why cannot pay? Just on the printing machine. Easy. The Uas has figured that out all along.

Anonymous said...

If the Chinese believe that US is gonna pay every single dollar, they'll be in for a shock.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about China's treat .

Majority legs weak ...


Anonymous said...

/// The Americans are living on credit, on debt. Not to worry till the creditors paste the notice on the door and send in the debt collectors. ///
October 06, 2016 4:14 pm

How are you going to collect your money?
Send in your Chinese warships into USA?

Same with Singaporeans trying to get back their CPF money.
How are you going to collect?

Fucking daft Singaporean slaves.

Anonymous said...

No worry lah. The Chinese are spreading the American debt all over the world, buying up everything money can buy.
They will know what to do lah. The Americans think they very clever and Chinese very stupid. So let it be lah.