Tharman in panic mode

This is the first time Tharman has lost his cool and furiously trying to defend himself all because of a survey commissioned by Yahoo and conducted by Blackbox. And The Independent Singapore posted this comment, The Independent Singapore social media site said this, ‘We asked our readers on Sunday (4 Sep) who should be the next Prime Minister of Singapore. As at 12pm today (6 Sep), we have had 2,316 responses to the poll – and most (1882 votes) voted for Tharman Shanmugaratnam to lead Singapore into the future.’

The report saw Tharman desperately denying that he wanted to be the PM and that he was not suitable to be one. Such modesty and humility are rare in Singapore, that a people’s choice candidate had to dispel such a notion or chattering in the political grapevine. This was what Tharman said, 'Just to be absolutely clear, because I know of this talk that's going around, I'm not the man for PM. I say that categorically. It's not me. I know myself, I know what I can do, and it's not me.'

The big question now is whether what Tharman said is good enough for him to have a peaceful sleep at night. Or would he be so bugged by it, or would he think other people would not leave him in peace, to keep calling him to take his rightful place as the next Chosen One?  Maybe he should make a public statement, a pledge or something like that, to say even if offered, he would reject the PM post. Now that would be something. And I am sure he would then be able to sleep in peace.

This episode is looking quite funny and quite scary. This is the greatest honour bestowed on a man by the people, telling him that he is their choice, but driving the man into panic mode, not wanting to be the Chosen One is just strange. It is not a death warrant! It is a great honour.

Of course the polls would be quite embarrassing to those Chosen Ones to know that they ranked so low in the eyes of the people.  It is like what Shanmugam said, if one cannot get the majority votes of the people, it would become a joke. All PMs to be must enjoy the popular votes of the people to be able to stand in front of them to talk to them as their leader.

And Tharman is the man but is running away from the call of duty. He would have dug a hole to hide himself literary.  No agencies should anyhow conduct polls like this one. A lesson learnt I hope.
Poor Tharman.


Anonymous said...

Is this typical of a country of slaves?

1. The Deputy Prime Minister is not ready to be Prime Minister.
2. The leader of the largest Opposition Party is not ready to be government.
3. The CEO is not ready to operate his train company without government help.
4. Another CEO is not ready to operate his bus company without government help.

5. An island nation is no longer able or willing to operate its own shipping company.
6. The foreign talents are not ready to win Olympic medals.
7. And the citizen-slaves are not ready to vote for their freedom.

Is Singapore operationally ready for anything?

Anonymous said...

Below comment is from TRE. It sums up why Tharman is in panic mode.

September 30, 2016 at 8:36 pm (Quote)

THARMAN HAS TO SAY PUBLICLY THAT HE IS NOT THE MAN for the job. If he admitted otherwise – WHICH HE CONFESSED OF SKILLS IN POLICY-MAKING as his forte, exactly the key demand in the role of a Prime Minister leading the government – he would POLITICALLY DESTABILIZE HIS BOSS.

And besides – if he confesses ambition and suitability – the public mind might MISINTERPRET THAT IS DISLOYALTY AND HE SHOULD BE SACKED for that.

Sinkieland is falling apart PRECISELY because of FAILED POLICIES.

Tharman is GOOD in this arena of ministerial function – HE IS THEREFORE AMPLY SUITED TO TAKE OVER now, regardless of how the public wants or even don’t want him to be the top dog.

I suspect that a lot of the public minds wants him in that PM job at the first opportunity because they think he is REALLY GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS, ARTICULATE, INTENSE, INTELLECTUALLY POWERFUL OF PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS long displayed on the public stage.

Anonymous said...

Win-win for Singapore n Tharman (in the long term) . The 'old' DPMs will categorically move up (promote to next higher SM role) together with the 'old' PM . The 'new' PM/ DPMs will be guided/ supported by old birds in the international ground . Hands-On Green Matters

patriot said...


One Greatest write-up
about Sin.
The Pledge to Serve is
but just a joke.

No worry though, 70%
are ever ready to serve
They shall dedicate
themselves to Sin whether
the Chosen are qualified,
willing or not.


Anonymous said...

Is not up to Tharman to decide!

Is HE up there to decide!

If HE say yes, who dares to say no!

Dont play play!......人算不如天算.....人斗不过天的!

Yes! Tharman can be PM!

Dont need any learning curve for Tharman!

Yes! Tharman! Tharman! Tharman!

Yes! I m a fan of Tharman!


patriot said...

Like to say again
that NO one can change
the Fate of Sin.
The Destiny is due
whoever takes over.

Me agrees with one
active commenter here
that Laogohnomic and
Botaknomic had only
benefitted the Ruling Class
and the Rest are economic
slaves that shall soon reap
the Consequence of being DAFT.
Mind You that the Slaves were
told that they ARE DAFT by
their Idol in the Face.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not ready to vote Opposition.
Slaves do not want freedom.
Slaves want to be bullied by their slave masters ... ooops .... grassloot Leeders.

patriot said...

More aliens will be buying up

Singaporeans are either sold or
pawned for good with no chance
of redeeming.

Just ask yourself who are buying
the Properties and operating Businesses in Sin???


patriot said...

'Laogaonomics' is the Term used by the Anon Commenter.

My apology.

Laogohnomic is my preferred term to refer
to Ex Prime Minister Goh
Chok Tong who is enjoying
his Swiss Standard of Living 7/24.


Anonymous said...

Rb, I agreed with you that such poll should not be taken as it really put him in a box. Fior the first time I saw on TVs he really look so worried and lost control on his facial expression. Look at all the duputies in matland and u know what future is awaiting him. There is nothing wrong with the leader to protect his position so he needs to act to get rid of challengers.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Tharman is about to make way for new blood in the Prime Minister's cabinet.

patriot said...

Is Tharman sacrificing the People to

make way for his fellow cabinet members?


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old joke.
Our first elected President elections.
Ong Teng Cheong versus the seemingly reluctant Chua Kim Yeow who may have been co-opted to provide the competition.

So the joke goes like this:
10 minutes before the election results were announced.
Chua Kim Yeow was having dinner with his supporters.
A rumour was spreading like wildfire that Chua and not Ong had won the elections.

When Chua heard the rumour, his face turned pale and his body started to shiver.
Chua quickly climbed onto the dining table and shouted at the top of his voice.
"There is news that I won the elections. I DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE RECOUNT OF THE VOTES."

Do you think Tharman should also demand for a recount of the Yahoo survey?

Anonymous said...

@ October 01, 2016 11:13 am

Yes. Tharman should demand for a recount of the Yahoo survey.

Anonymous said...

And Tharman is the man but is running away from the call of duty.

Actually hor, given the shit the Sinkieland economy is now in and also for quite some time already, you really think Tharman is doing a good job as the key economics man in the cabinet?

Let him run away. I don't miss him, or for that matter any other ministers.

They are there simply because majority voters think opposition is worse, and which very sadly, is also true. It is a sorry state of affairs, politically and economically. Sad.

denk said...

why so coy mr thaman

u yourself dEclared just a few months back with such confidence,

THEN lhl came out to add,
'its highly plausible'

see, its had already been decided already.
the only question is, DECIDED BY WHO ???

patriot said...

Ultimate Power comes with
ultimare respobsibility.

Not everyone will be willing
to take up the Responsibility
even if one is deemed the Best


Speech Analyzer said...

A shaken and frightened DPM Tharman publicly announced to allay the fear of his Master, the PM, son of LKY, who used knuckle-dusters in a cul-de-sac to get rid of his opponents:

Quote: "Just to be absolutely clear, because I know there’s this talk going around … I’m not the man for PM, I say that categorically. It’s not me. I know myself, I know what I can do and it’s not me. I’m good at policy-making, good at advising my younger colleagues and supporting the PM, not being the PM. That’s not my ambition and that’s not me.

Whoever’s the next Prime Minister will be part of this team culture. He or she would be first amongst equals, first among equals in a team. We each find a way to contribute to Singapore, that matches our strengths, and we each contribute to a strong team."

Let us analyze what he said from a deeper perspective:

1. "Just to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR" Why he wants to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR? Obviously, he does not want PEOPLE (most importantly the PEOPLE of the People's Action Party) to misunderstand and misinterpret him. He does not want anyone whatsoever (especially the LEE Family) to have any doubt that he has hidden desires to CHALLENGE THE HANDS THAT FEED HIM.

2. "because I know there's this talk going round" He knows there is an overwhelming majority of Singaporeans who wanted him to become the NEXT PRIME MINISTER, i.e. to CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO and replace the existing Dictatorial and Ruthless (more ruthless than his father) but highly Inefficient, Egoistic and Eccentric PM who might be on his last stage of his cancerous illness.

3. "I am NOT the MAN for PM". He is saying that he is NOT MAN ENOUGH to be Prime Minister but he CAN BE DEPUTY PM, and CAN BE ACTING PM to stand in for the PM on numerous occasions when the PM was sick, overseas or busy with other less important things.

4. "I say CATEGORICALLY, IT'S NOT ME". That means he already knows SOMEBODY has already been hen-picked but not made known to the Public yet.

5. "I know myself" He himself knows deep inside him that he does not have the COURAGE to CHALLENGE the STATUS QUO and Singaporeans STILL DO NOT KNOW who this Tharman Shanmugaratnam is.

6. "I know what I CAN DO" He knows what he can do but more importantly WHAT HE SHOULD NEVER DO, otherwise his rice bowl would instantly disappear in thin air overnight, like Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong and JB Jeyarathnam, and Dr Chee Soon Juan. All these are/were men of COURAGE and CONVITION, men who never surrender to the Oppressive, Repressive and Suppressive Regime. I am not like them, I AM A REAL COWARD and I am comfortable with being just a SECOND FIDDLE, pleased with what I already have and very grateful to MY LORD, THE SUPREMO.

7. "and it's NOT ME". He was so frightened that he repeated that it was not him. He was not picked by HIS MASTER to be the Next GUARDIAN OF THE LEE'S EMPIRE AND FORTUNE . So he MUST keep REMINDING himself where he stands. Otherwise, he could probably land himself in a CUL-DE-SAC and be hammered BY A KNUCKLE DUSTER.

8. "I’m good at policy-making, good at advising my younger colleagues and supporting the PM, not being the PM." He tells Singaporeans what he is good at - Policy-Making (very essential for a PM), advising the younger colleagues (he has excellent Leadership Qualities), supporting the PM (the present PM is DEPENDENT on him and without him, this present PM would be useless), not being the PM (he just simply cannot face the FACTS that he already has the three most important QUALITIES to be the PM, so he prefers to deny himself and disappoint SINGAPOREANS and THE WHOLE WORLD in order to SAVE HIS OWN SKIN.

9. "That’s not my ambition and that’s not me." Though he may have all the Qualities to be PM but he simply does not have the COURAGE to CHALLENGE to Power-That-Be. (To Be Continued)

denk said...

as per cambridge dictionary,

'being or pretending to be shy, or like a child'

Anonymous said...

Does 'pretending' mean
acting to deceive,
acting to mislead
acting to be is or not

denk said...

when tharman predicted a 'non chinese' pm,
obviously he's talking about an indian pm , no ?

now we've this 'survey' to bolster his image,
'a modest and capable man'.

'modest' is what he has been allowed to cultivate all this years, what about 'capable' ?

so after generations of mainly chinese leadership building up sg from a kampong to first world city.
all of a sudden now we need all these non chinese 'ft' to run our hospitals, banks, it, media, legistlation...even a non chinese pm ???

is this for real or shall we defer to the
gobi diam gossip newswire.....

its all for show sonny,
this is all staged, its all about total desinicisation of sg, the pap has no say in it.

denk said...

anon October 01, 2016 11:51 am

pretending as per oxford dictionary...

'gay si'

off now.

Anonymous said...


the dafts are


with a

great pretender ?

Speech Analyzer said...


10. "Whoever’s the next Prime Minister will be part of this TEAM CULTURE." He is all for Team-Works, not a LONE-RANGER Dictator who abused his Powers and behave like an Emperor whose Ego is more important than anything else, therefore go around suing and decimising all those who dare to criticise him or tell him he is an Emperor Without Clothes.

11. "He or she would be FIRST AMONGST EQUALS, first among equals in a team." Ironically, he is also saying that All Men Are Equal but there are People who should be More Equal. Therefore, the Next PM should be the MOST EQUAL of ALL Equals, the ONE AND ONLY OF ALL EQUATIONS. Probably hinting the Next PM should come from the FIRST FAMILY. So, where is this Team Culture? What Team Culture?

12. "We each find a way to contribute to Singapore," This portion of the sentence is frivolous. Every single Singaporean contributes to Singapore's economy and progress in his or her own way. Even the jobless, housewives and beggars and the sick also contribute in their own way.

13. "that matches our strengths," A round peck in a round hole, a square peck in a square hole. That is what he meant. But the irony is most of the Ministers and MPs are not like that. The PAP has been practicing Musical Chairs by Rotating Ministers in different positions, jobs, functions and responsibilities. 'Pragmatism' has been the Main Factor that has been practised all the time. It over-rides "Meritocracy" and All Others. So, this phrase is simply "Political", to reinforce his intention of allaying the FEAR of the existing POWER.

14. "and we each contribute to a strong team." He only wants to support a Strong Team, not a weak team? Unity is Strength? Not so. What he meant is that the Next PM can be anybody but the Team that Supports him must be strong.

Conclusion from what DPM Tharman has said:

The Next PM has already been selected and made known to the Inner Circle.
Nobody should dare to challenge him.
This Next PM probably comes from the First Family, who is First Amongst Equals.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's true?
Singapore's next Prime Minister will report to Singapore's next Senior Minister.

And who will be Singapore's next Senior Minister?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of the Yahoo poll?
To tell the PM that Tharman should be the PM?
To tell Tharman that the people want him to be the PM?
To tell Tharman that he should go for it?
To tell the PM Tharman is waiting and to give way to him?
To force the PM to be careful of his PM post?
To force the parties to expose their cards, to force their hands?
What is the agenda of this poll?
Tharman is not the only one that is in panic mode.

patriot said...

Doubt Tharman panicked at all.

He is smart and pragmatic, he
knows it is much safer to be an
underling and gets well rewarded
play second fiddle and supporting
role with much less responsibity.

lt is the DAFT Sinkies that have blind faith in him.
As observed by many, he is NO different from the Other Pappies,
he is one with the Pack.

In fact the Nice and Sweet Talking
Folks in PAP are the Ones that get the Blind Sinkies to be die hard PAP
Voters. These DAFT Sinkies do not
check whether the Deeds of the Pappies match their(Pappies) sweet
talks. They are like lemmings infatuated with the Piper.
Well, we are at the edge of the
cliff and the Piper will walk
You Lemming(人民死是你家的事) dies, is your business.


patriot said...

My apology.

'play' to be corrected to
playing and also apology for the Spelling Mistake in


Anonymous said...

If Prime Minister Lee had died during the 2016 National Day Rally.
Isn't it the job of the Deputy Prime Minister to take over?

So if DPM Tharman says he is not ready to be Prime Minister, shouldn't he resign?
Since the key role of a DPM is to take over as Prime Minister when the incumbent PM is no longer able to function?

Anonymous said...

there are 2 DPMs. one of them is some chinese fellow.
this means a chinese person can still be in charge
if something happens to the current chinese PM.
perhaps he's been overlooked because like almost all
members of the cabinet, the guy has little personality
and charisma.

it is interesting that a country which keeps on about
not being divided by race goes on and on about race.
really one cant get more divisive than that.

Anonymous said...

Why not Singapore aggressively intervene in the dispute between India and Pakistan.

Two day ago, India launched surgical strike against Pakistan and killed their army.

In other word, India invaded Pakistan and kill their people.

Once again, Western media downplayed India aggression.

Which sides would Tharman support ?-India or Pakistan

Anonymous said...

@ October 01, 2016 4:50 pm

You are right.
If Lee Hsien Loong suddenly dies; and DPM Tharman is not ready to be Prime Minister;
Then it looks like DPM Teo Chee Hean will be Prime Minister.

Has Teo Chee Hean confirm that he is ready to be Prime Minister?
Do you think DPM Teo should come clean and declare that he is ready to be Prime Minister?

Our Opposition Leader Low Thia Khiang has earlier confirmed he is not ready to be Prime Minister and form the next government.

So is it either DPM Teo or a resurrected Lee Kuan Yew?

Anonymous said...

You are all idiots.

Who is to be PM has always been pre-decided by the inner circle of Lee Dynasty. It is a very cozy quid pro quo old boys' club setting. PAP ministers & MPs are not allowed to let slip any hints to the press or to Sinkies.

Do you think Tharman himself volunteered to say what he said?!?! He was commanded by the PAP Executive Council to say those things.

PAP operates like a Mafia family, where ranking, got-big got-small, secrecy, obedience & loyalty are to be followed at all times. That's why many many PAPies such as Rajaratnam, Goh Keng Swee etc ever said that as PAPies, you never ever bite the hand that feeds you.

Those PAPies that bit the hands that fed them ended up being thrown out of the PAP Mafia family and with a price on their heads. E.g. Devan Nair, Ong Teng Cheong, Tan Cheng Bok.

Anonymous said...

@ October 01, 2016 5:53 pm

Did 30% of Singaporeans also got thrown out of the PAP FamiLee?
Who decides whether you are in or out?
Are you given a membership card?

Anonymous said...

But the question remains unanswered.
If Lee Hsien Loong suddenly dies, who becomes Prime Minister?
Who decides who is the new Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

If Lee Hsien Loong suddenly dies, who becomes Prime Minister?
5:59 pm

Of course Teo Chee Hean Lah, since Botak already said didn't want to be PM.

But Teo Chee Hean no need to say anything about it now cannot meh?

Anonymous said...

Who asked Yahoo to conduct this poll?

Who is behind this poll and what is his agenda?

Anonymous said...

I still think if DPM Tharman is not ready to be Prime Minister, then he should resign.
The reason we have two DPMs is to make sure if bad luck strikes.
And PM Lee dies on the same day as one of his DPM.
The second DPM can take over as Prime Minister.

Sekali we have bad luck.
PM Lee dies and DPM Teo also die on the same day.
And DPM Tharman is not ready to be government.
And LTK-WP and Opposition Parties are not ready to be government.

Like that then how?

Anonymous said...

Anybody know if LKY is cremated?
If cremated, then very difficult to rise up from the grave.
Much easier if he was just buried in the ground.

FL said...

Mr Tharman, please retract your statements not to accept a PM post. Must be brave and dare to accept the challenge. Many give you the supports, esp the SGP Chinese. You also collect million$++ as a DPM, how can you run away, when the country needs you ? Wat if our PM suddenly is not around ! You must sing the National day song : Count on me, Singapore !

Anonymous said...

8.02pm, now u know why they did not want to bury him cause they probably do not want him to rise up to interfere with the current leader, Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

What can he do ?

He threatened and destroyed
many when alive.

Now that he is dead, even
his own children refuse him
his death wish.
Even his very own offsprings
see him no up.
Rise from the grave ?
He cannot even frighten or
haunt his unfilial children.

Anonymous said...

He cannot even frighten or
haunt his unfilial children.
October 01, 2016 9:27 pm

But do you think he can still frighten 70% of Singaporeans to vote PAP in GE 2015?
And do you think he can repeat this in GE 2020?
Do you think Singaporeans should be called LKY's Bitches?

denk said...

anon October 01, 2016 4:50 pm

*Once again, Western media downplayed India aggression.

Which sides would Tharman support ?-India or Pakistan*

they dont call india the 'unitedsnake of south asia' for nuthin.
india is a fully paid up member of unitedsnake's 'asia nato'. [1]

the gobi diam newswire makes lots of sense,

no matter how pap toe washington's line,
the snake is leery of a chinese led sg,
the murcunts want an indian at the helm in their new 'unsinkable aircraft carrier.


Anonymous said...

Indian or Chinese or Malay.
As long as it's not a PAP Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Are the Americans plotting for an Indian PM in Sin? They know that would be a great advantage and Sin would turn against China.

denk said...

Anonymous October 02, 2016 9:30 am

*Are the Americans plotting for an Indian PM in Sin? They know that would be a great advantage and Sin would turn against China.*

gobi diam have many wise apeks,

they seem to think so.

+why else would pap implement a virtual self inflicted take over of sg by aneh ft, from top to bottom ?+

off now.

fUmAnChU said...

...and Toh Chin Chye.