Stupidity has no cure

Whenever Xi Jinping goes on a foreign state visit, he would bring along an entourage of businessmen and agreements to be signed for infrastructure developments, trade deals and a suitcase of cash to fund the deals. Many developing countries are eagerly hoping for a visit by President like waiting for a Santa Claus in Christmas. And they would not be disappointed.

Duterte of the Philippines just did the reverse. He brought a team of businessmen to visit Xi Jinping. This is like if the Mohammed does not visit the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammed. And the results are likely to be the same. Duterte is going to return to the Philippines with a bag of goodies for his people. There will be many trade deals and infrastructure development projects. He wants a few railway lines for the Philippines and would not be disappointed. If he wants ports, industrial projects, new cities, all he has to do is asked.

When the Obama goes visiting, he would bring along his generals and also an entourage of business honchos.  And he would be very generous to sell military weapons, guns, missiles, tanks, fighter aircraft, battle ships, drones, anything that can be used for wars. And in return he would want the countries he visited to sign military alliances with the Americans, to provide military bases for the Americans.

And the unthinking will be screaming their lungs out, the Chinese President is expansionist and planning to start a war of conquest. The Chinese President is coercing the other countries to take advantage of them, to exploit their natural resources. The Chinese are belligerent and waiting to start wars. Just you wait, just you wait, they are coming to attack you and to rob your country to build a Chinese Empire.

Oh, the Americans are peace loving countries. They sell weapons to countries for peace, so that they can live in peace. They sign military alliances to protect these countries from their enemies. They did not have enemies but once they signed the agreements, the enemies of the Americans would become their enemies. And they must provide land for the American Empire to station their soldiers and war machine.  No, the Americans are not taking control of their countries, the Americans are not their colonial masters, just the Emperor of the American Empire and these countries signing the military alliances just become part of the American Empire and now have enemies to fight for.

The Americans are all for peace, very peace loving people. When they conduct regime change like the invasion of Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, they are there to fight terrorists or rogue regimes, to protect the people of those countries.

Yeah, yeah, the Americans are for peace, the Chinese are for war. The Chinese are coming. Never mind if the Americans are already in their countries with their soldiers and military bases as the new masters.

Stupidity has no cure.

Below are quotes from Duterte, ‘The Asian giant was “good”, …It has never invaded a piece of my country all these generations….During the Cold War, China was portrayed as the bad guy, …And all of these years, what we have read in our books in school was all propaganda produced by the West.’

Remove your blinkers and compare facts against fiction, for goodness sake, and stop being stupid. We must know our own history, write our own history, know our own truths.


Hermit said...

Duterte and Jokowi are decisive leaders. Our PM is like.....

Anonymous said...

200 years of western propaganda have made many Asians stupid beyond imagination. What a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Pinoy President Durtete did the right thing & he is wise not to antagonize the Asian Giant by having a military alliance with the evil empire..he has solve part of his country economy now..how bout our Ah Long he seems working very hard signing treaties with many big nations but his country men suffering in retrenchments ( his Super Propaganda House in deep shit )

Anonymous said...

"When the Obama goes visiting, he would bring along his generals...he would want the countries he visited to sign military alliances with the Americans, to provide military bases for the Americans.

Tiok. But then Hsien Loong also need military alliances with the Americans, tio bo? If not, if tiny Sinkieland kena attack, who can protect Sinkies? China?

Hsien Loong is more confident America will help protect Sinkeialnd than China. U not agree meh?

Anonymous said...

"...Ah Long he seems working very hard signing treaties with many big nations but his country men suffering in retrenchments."
8:55 am

Tiok. But then maybe only 30% or less suffering in retrenchments. The rest 70% maybe still OK and happy and will vote PAP what. So OK for PAP what, tio bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Being friendly with the Americans does not mean must be unfriendly to China. Or the Americans said publicly we don't take sides, we don't force our friends to take sides, but behind the scene, you are either with us or against us, you must attack China if you want to prove you are our friend?

Anonymous said...

Rb: // " ......And all of these years, what we have read in our books in school was all propaganda ......" //


Very TIOK?


Anonymous said...

"...but behind the scene, you are either with us or against us, you must attack China if you want to prove you are our friend?"
RB 9:06 am

Ya lah, but if America behind the scene want to be like that, no choice also for Hsien Loong what, if Hsien Loong need American protection, tio bo? It is still the lesser of 2 evils to be with America.

Just like 70% Sinkies think it is still the lesser of 2 evils to vote for PAP, even though PAP is screw up.

Anonymous said...

" But then maybe only 30% or less suffering in retrenchments. The rest 70% maybe still OK and happy and will vote PAP what. So OK for PAP what, tio bo?"
Tio very tio that's why Stupidity has no cure in this red dot..Papies rule 4ever till end of world ( when humans emigrated elsewhere these ppl sinks like Syrian & no countries accept them ad refugees).

Anonymous said...

Hahahah, John Perry with his smiling face, we never force anyone to take sides. Remember what Georgie said, 'You are with us or against us'. True, Georgie never said must take sides. Just hop in on the Coalition of the un'Willing'.

White men spoke with fork tongues.

We are for peace, just sign up more military alliances.

We don't believe in might is right. But we will sail our gunboats to show who is mightier.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Go go go, visit China! Good for P! Good for P!

Everyone is looking at China! Talking about China!

Yes! China is the world!

China has GREAT plans.....to be the world!

China is at all corners of the world buying/owning almost everything!

China will be the world!

China! China! China!

Anonymous said...

You American or white? Then better don't go China. Your enemy by birth.

Anonymous said...

Old fart was never trained under his own system?

When old fart was in formative age, it was the rigour of the real world that made him and the old guards?

The new pappies trained under old fart system cannot deal (well) with the way of the dragon (China)?

Many sinkies are like caged birds or animals in the zoo (under old fart over paternalistic control and rigid conditioning) ?

Once released into the wild (overseas), many cannot survive (many if not most kena burnt until Chao Tar in their overseas foray especially in the China market and soon ah neh market (that one a likely tsunami))?

Anonymous said...

This is a timely post. Deterte is starting his official meeting with Xi and Li and one more head in China. What he wanted: "i hope china will give us a rail". Readers can find Deterte s CCTV interview by Shui Yanyi(?). Indeed, US never bother much about pinoys s good life after the typhoon haiyen or others. US Carter said "every" port visit of his carrier is a contribution to Asia pacific stability. Carter is giving more "stability" outlined in an article written by him "The Rebalance of A P security".

These 2 descriptions told the facts. US is using Asian nations to justify its carriers value. US has not charged Asians countries for each port visits. Somedays, if Trump won, Japan and Korea will have to pay for US s big big bills on defense. Question is this:

Asians want carrier visits? Each visit will cost millions USD. (how much per sail?) These bills are enjoyed by the commanders who fly at wish with helicopters to carriers and anywhere.

Deterte wants a "rail". That cannot be given by Carter, can he? Carter wants higher defense budget for his salary and commanders enjoyment, besides newer jets to protect their lives on carriers.

China does not do "carrier business". Not yet. Russia is beginning to do the similar job in Syria on request of Syria govt which US wants to topple it. That is the real hidden problem behind. Iraq was toppled. Libya was toppled on similar reason by UK and France. The wikileak also said Hillary and Obama closed eyes for Saudi and Qatar to finance IsIs. Hillary was happy to support "moderate" IsIs with weapons. These, China and Russia do not do. Instead, Russia bombed the booming trade of IsIs selling oil from Iraqi oil wells. Russia s move irritated Obama as the air photos showed US was not bombing IsIs but bombing the Syria troops.

Deterte is a different character. There are drug lords became politicians in Philippines. His brave and brutal ways drew Obama tried to gain ground on human rights to belittle the former. So Deterte has no choice but to ask china to help to provide reformation facilities for drug addicts. US will not give such things to help pinoys. More pinoys need drugs, more pinoys need to be prostitutes to be near the ports of US facilities. This is the western strategy to "calm" asians countries for hundreds of years. China had an opium war with the west. I see Deterte has no choice but to bent towards china. Question is: FOR HOW LONG?

When Deterte will change bark to US as ally? It depends. Will china go to extend to help pinoys similar to Cambodia? It is unlikely. The one road one belt is not built along Philippines side. China wants to avoid straits of Malacca which is controlled by US carriers at some port at the tip of malaya.

Once the rail road is built to Germany, the trade in malaya and singapore will drop tremendously. Deterte can see this, Philippines will be worst if not having trade ties with china now. But little dot is not interested. It has lots of export market to do with. China can wait till it is ready to trade with little dot, then the leeders will be invited to teng suar, tangsan. Meanwhile, china must follow the strong and powerful new laws, no other way about it. Not even Aus dare not to follow US to tour Scs. On this contrast, Deterte is coward, not as strong and smart as little dot generals.

Anonymous said...

As a Chinese, be it Malaysian Chinese, Singapore Chinese, Thai Chinese, Indonesian Chinese or whatever Chinese, you are still part of a civilisation. Like it or not, you cannot change that status.

It is the same as not able to change your parentage.

Only fools will go around scolding their parents or debasing his own civilisation on flimsy one or two points that the West told them so. The westerners must be laughing themselves silly at silly Chinese thinking they are white and go around bashing Chinese as a civilisation.

Why don't they hang themselves and save going through the pain of looking at the mirror and seeing a non white everyday?

Yes, the one in the mirror is a silly Chinese that he so despises and hates. How silly can such asses be?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Self hate by overseas Chinese is a big problem. African americans or Afro carribeans are immensely proud of their African ancestry. Only overseas Chinese hate on their civilisation because they are not "white" enough.

Virgo1949 said...

Hear what DT said just moments ago.

Put those businesspeople in the know in the posts that they know instead if political scums.

Same as sinkieland, put those people in the know about running businesses instead if those dumb generals who derailed the MRT. Sink the Shipping business and make guinea pigs of the young generation in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese in China, Hongkong and Taiwan are so proud of being Chinese.

The daft sinkie Chinese, the so called straits born, so ashamed to be Chinese and hate to be Chinese. Yes, their lives must be very miserable, everyday wake up to look at the silly Chinese face in the mirror. How to live with that silly face? Poor silly buggers.

denk said...

1964, after indon prez sukarno survived a murkkan/brit regime change,
he told uncle scam to 'go to hell with your aid' ! [1]

barely one yr later, he was toppled by a bloody coup, so brutal it ranks as one of the greatest genocide of the 20 century.

current ph prez duterte says he's taking a leaf from sukarno,
no doubt he knew about the possible consequences.

murkka's road to world domination is littered with the corps of former puppets who ran out their use by dates....


Anonymous said...

Who am I? 唐 人 is it? as in once our mother tongue the so called dialect ? Our parents definition is slowly changing over the generation. Depending where our parents ' parents
landed ? Be it US or Singapura or THailand we adapt n retain our identity in various degree.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

There is a slow change from regional identities based on dialect and clan. To a broader Chinese identity based in mandarin. There is also this mix of Chinese ancestry with the country of residence.

In the past a person most probably identify as a Cantonese living in Penang. Now that same person will probably be a Malaysian Chinese.

Anonymous said...

@ Only fools will go around scolding their parents or debasing his own civilisation on flimsy one or two points that the West told them so. The westerners must be laughing themselves silly at silly Chinese thinking they are white and go around bashing Chinese as a civilisation.

Sorry not convincing ?

North Korea so many defectors to US , china , other countries and surprisingly Japan.

China also many defectors to US and other countries.

Since 春秋战国 times, already you fight me i fight you . E.g. 伍子胥 ( 楚国人 ) serve 吴国, later whack 楚国. 范雎 ( 魏国人 ) serve 秦国 , later also whack 魏国. Don't tell me they don't have friends and relative there in their country of birth ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:36pm
I like your post.
U are foreigner? Can migrate here.
Citizen cannot lah. U foreigners must propose to have NS for new citizens or PR.
Then also have laws to forgo citizens who apply to migrate before and after 18.

I wander china accept. If can many of my friends want to migrate: no jobs here for citizens. Can you highlight some ways to migrate to china. Prepare to learn from u how migrate here. 1 reason i know: no NS for u.

Anonymous said...

Apart from our parental subtle interpretation of who we are as a person in relation to a community, as we grow up and start to learn and understand ours and also respect others customs and cultures . Interactions has contributed to the dialect vocabulary like kahwin or marriage in hokkien. Our identity is still evolving. Would there be day when 华人 in Singapore stopped speaking mandarin say in fifty years time like in US?

Anonymous said...

Migrate to PRC ?

Well you will have do your own homework since you support them so much.

Anonymous said...

BBC journalist is trying to stir tension between indonesia and China over SCS again.

BBC journalist was supposed to conduct interview with Jokowi over their controversial decision on chemical castration.

BBC journalist spend so much time to talk about SCS. BBC is trying to find new pawn for Washington to annoy China after they lost philippine.

Indonesia is not even a claimant to SCS.

BBC is the biggest supporter for Aquino in SCS confrontation. BBC produce tons of propaganda on SCS.

BBC are happy enough to ignore British bullying against Argentina in Falkland island.

British refuse to hold dialogue with Argentina. British refuse to comply with International law. - ruling

British continue to carry out military exercise, militarization of island and exploration of oil.

Anonymous said...

latest news: Chinese companies to help Malaysia build new deep sea port in Malacca

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

China during the Qing dynasty and early republican period gave automatic citizenship if you were Chinese. They ought to revive such a policy. Many countries still do like korea and germany. You can get citizenship is you are ethnic korean or German.

Anonymous said...

In the past, i listen to bbc. Now and everyday, i avoid clicking BBC.
BBC is a bias propaganda, worst than webs sites comments from countries like Russia or China. When during Brexit time, the reports were unreadable, now they still stir about leaving EU. BBC articles about China Russia middle east US election news they are too bias.
I like reading short and sharp news, definitely, i dont click when seeing BBC.

Anonymous said...

Dont play play dont play play......

Duterte is the smartestest person on planet Earth......

Duterte is the BESTest president of P so far........

Friend friend with China......very good for P........

Duterte is the man......will be well-loved by P.......

希望明天会更好! 希望P会更好!

Anonymous said...

Actually it is about time Phillipines and China worked better together.

But to be a friend to China is not necessarily an enemy of the US.

To that end, sorry to say you haters, it is still Singapore, and LHL, GCT and LKY in the past who have played their cards right.

We have maintained close ties with China. Some angry comments are not going to change that. The reason why Durtete's visit is such a big deal now is because they have so much catching up to do in that respect.

And we maintain close ties with western countries as well.

Anonymous said...

A very important lesson from Duterte to all about life.




b said...

Americunts treat the pinoy women as prostitutes or maids just like the way they treat south americans women. It is time pinoys wake up and choose their friends properly. No need to go after sunset countries. Pinoys will have a lot to benefit from china tech advancement and tourism.

Anonymous said...

The Americans treat the Pinoys as their little brown brothers, something like their little black brothers at home, to be patronised and exploited.

After all the years of colonisation and being a military ally, the Philippines is still one of the least developed countries in Asean.

China could turn the country around. No need to spend money buying more weapons and waiting for a war to happen.

Anonymous said...

PAP must be so happy with you all old farts, so loyal to PRC.

Next GE, another 100000 PRC new citizens coming in to vote for them.

Song Bo! Lol.

Anonymous said...

You are one of those STUPID fools who think someone will attack Singapore as in conventional warfare therefore quickly buy from USA more planes and tanks and ordnance and ally with USA. The only war is the war against terrorism, and the tactics is vastly different. Terrorist is everybody enemy, no need to beg USA help. We will learn from mistakes, we must not be so weak as to cling on to American protection at the first sign of suicide bomb. If anything, getting american involved will ATTRACT MORE TERRORISTS WHO ARE 1000% ANTI-USA!!!!!!!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am deleting some of these irritating noises not because I can't stand their idiocy but mainly because I do not want to give them a voice here. I am leaving 3:25pm alone since 3:45pm has replied to the post. Otherwise I would shut him out as well.

No need to accommodate this twit and let him air their stupidity here.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.45 pm. My comment is nothing to do with military hardware. Neither do I believe in allying with the US and fight every war with them. In fact, where have we done so? We do not send warships to the South China Sea and we have never sent ground troops to do actual fighting in any war, beyond the sending of medical and security teams. Even Msia sent troops to Somalia and we did not. I think our avoidance of getting dragged into American conflict is working just fine.

And as for my 3.25 pm comment, please don't laugh. Since you all are so pro at collaborating with China, surely you will know what it means. We have been doing it for years. It was not so long ago, some of you were trying to blame the 70% on new citizens. Many of these would be PRC. Not just PRC chinese, but also Msian Chinese.

For what its worth, I agree with Durtete's moves, just like how I agree with what we have done to work with China over the years. All your so called economic benefit and technology, we are doing it long before Durtete. That's why Durtete is following us, and not we should be following him.

Nobody can ignore China. That's why I find Donald Trump full of bullshit when he talk on how he can beat them so easily. But, collaborating with the Chinese has its price, just as collaborating with anyone. No need to be so PLP down here. Hua ren is not equal to Zhong guo ren. That has all along be very clear.

Anonymous said...

There is really also no need to look at China through rose tinted glasses. China as a land and race is where we all came from, but we are not vassals of the CCP. We must understand that China changed leadership plenty of times.

The CCP of today glorifies Mao and largely ignores the achievement of Sun Yat Sen and the KMT. Even for simple matter as defeating the Japanese, the CCP's propaganda totally blanks out the war record of the better equipped (western supplied of course) KMT in fighting the Japanese. Also, who can forget what Deng Xiaoping did. If he had followed Mao's way and not opened up China to the world (which means exposing to the west as well), where would they be today?

Anonymous said...

Philippines will be new destination for PRC corruption officials hide out ?

Will Philippines corruption level reach heights?

New money laundry destination for PRCs ?

Anonymous said...


PRC again ? In the emd all for monies

Anonymous said...

I don't think RB was trying to plp China. His stand from the past has always been consistent, to tell the other side of the story that would not be told by the western media looking at everything from the western perspective until silly bananas could not even know the difference.

And RB has always been talking about the Chinese civilisation but in your contorted mind you keep thinking that he is talking about China Chinese. RB wearing tinted glass? Please lah, RB is more sensible and balance than you if you care to look at what you are posting.

When the westerners uttered stupid Chinese, it is about all Chinese in the Chinese civilisation with no exceptions, all Chinese are stupid, and that includes bananas and half baked Chinese in this island.

You think you are a different breed and not Chinese just because you are Singaporean and speak in English? Don't be silly. Look at the mirror and you cannot hide that silly Chinese face staring back at you.

Anonymous said...

So now Philippines is not following the laws. Philippines agreed with China to have direct talk on South China Sea issue. Philippines did not demand China to give up the island, wrong the laws said the rock: scarborough shoal. Philippines is entering illegal dealings with China totally disregard the strong and powerful new laws came from the Judgment claimed to have UN backing. US and its allies must punish China and Philippines for conducting illegal deals against the UN back Judgment which singapore fully supports. Singapore needs to join US carriers to do the freedom of navigation sea patrol. Philippines is now a threat to navigation for having private deals with China against the Judgment s laws.

Anonymous said...

@8.46 pm.

1) I am Singaporean Chinese. Don't see whats wrong with that. Even if I am a mainlander, HongKonger, Taiwanese, I am Chinese. But I do not need to align myself with the CCP.

2) I am also never helping any westerners who say Chinese Civilization is stupid. You are oversensitive to think that. Don't know where that comes from.

3) My point here number one is simple. I reject the notion that just because Durtete is making up for lost time to work with the Chinese, he is so much better compared to Singapore government. We have been working with the Chinese for years. He is following in our footsteps.

4) Point number two, working with China will come at a price, just as with anyone. Its normal. Since we are all Chinese, we know we don't do losing business, and we all love a bargain.

If you are so worked up over my comments, you can go and take issue with the comments at 5.42, 5.46 and 8.46. Those are the more insulting ones. When I give proper reasons, you call me banana and silly Chinese face. Well done. Go refute those other statements then.

Anonymous said...

The MOST STUPID people are those from the People's Actors Party.

They act like they are so great that they can always punch above their weight(or their stupid head?). But actually they are small farts from a tiny red dot somewhere is the Oblivion Corner of Dreaming-Land.

Instead of asking China President to visit or go visit the China President, they go visit the Atrocious Deceptive Killer Japs, Funky Formosa and Double-Head India. Then from these countries, they gladly announce to the whole world that China is "Bad" but Japan and US are good because these idiot's logic is that they want a Balance of Power. Otherwise China would control the South China Sea and strangle their puny little red dot to deatj.

Then these same idiots go visiting the US of Ass, after visiting the Japs,the Formosans and the Black Indians.All calculated to offend China. From their stupid speeches to the route they take - all cunningly calculate to provoke the China People. This is called the Cleverest Stupidity of Morons of Time Immemorial!

Then they happily and shamelessly called themselves Great Statesmen. But their citizens are so duff that they agree wholesale and cheers and claps. Our present great idiotic Leeder are much better than our past Dead Leeder! Hooray! Congratulations!

Yes, stupidity really has no cure!

Anonymous said...

@ 8.46 pm.

And by the way I have to disagree with you on the "different breed". I am a different breed.

China has 1.2 billion people. So many provinces. So many dialects. All can be said to be different breed. What's wrong? Even Chinese people differentiate with each other. Different breed of Chinese what. Some even have Mongol, Manchu Tibetan blood in them.

The Straits Chinese, Peranakans. Different breed also. What's wrong? Indians have different breed also.

What breed of Chinese are you then? You trying to say you same as the pure bloods from Beijing? Lol.

Anonymous said...

@10.01 pm. Have to hate to point it out to you again. These China people whom the "People's Actors Party" provoke happily come to this tiny red dot in bucketloads.

Many of them take PR in this "oblivion dreaming land". A lot go on to become new citizens, and they happily vote for more good years from the "small farts" or the "Peoples Actors Party."

Now RB might want to delete my post, but this is not twit stupidity. This is real facts.

Here you all KPKB about how our "great statesmen" don't know how to deal with China. In reality we are building MRT and Condo with China help, all with granting new PR and citizenship to China people.

We are going to reach 6.9 million with these China people that you claim we provoke.

Who is living in dreamland?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Increase in citizenship especially in ethnic Chinese is necessary. The birthrate of Chinese (1.15) in Singapore is much lower then the Malays(1.79). If this continues in the long run together with the increase in Malay nationalism/Islamism up north, will create a very unstable
scenario. If they gain the majority why not they form a party to advocate for rejoining Malaysia where they can enjoy Bumiputra rights ?

The problem in the future is that there will not be anymore ethnic Chinese willing to come.

Anonymous said...


Good! At least you acknowledge the reality!

And yes, in future, as China gets more developed, there will be less Chinese willing to come. But I believe it will not be for a long time. With a one child policy, China is already overpopulated. Not to mention with now, they are allowed to have 2. For the world's most populous country, there will always be those looking out.

Now, where do they go? To the US? Lol. Think Trump will want too many of them? Haha. Europe? Where the economy is bad to worse? Only if they are rich I guess. So Singapore still remains an attractive location with many of them already here.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

In the US and Europe most of them eventually lose their culture. But in the short run the migrants benefit China quite a bit since they will send money back to China. I think Singapore will still be a good destination because here they will be able to learn their language.

All the Chinese migrants in the past years only managed to maintain our percentage of the population about 75%. If there was no Chinese migrants our percentage would probably drop to about 65 percent by now.

PAP may be bad. But Living under PAP is still far better then living under UMNO or PAS.

Anonymous said...

@Lycurgus. Correct, which brings me back to my point. We have been dealing with China well enough, we don't need Durtete to teach us.

LHL's comments on the South China Sea is no big deal. Not as long as we continue to do business with the Chinese. In fact just last year Singapore allowed Chinese visitors to get faster clearance at our customs provided they have special clearance. We have, and will continue to work with China.

But it is not wise for LHL to come out and say the US or Hague court ruling is wrong and need not be followed. He is not Durtete. We don't have a drug problem. We are not the Pinoys who have been forced to patrol the seas together with the US Navy. The US is a declining force, but it is not a failed power yet. There is much to be gained from maintaining a level of friendship with them. Above all, we Chinese know how to maximize our benefits. Nobody burns the bridge immediately without knowing what is going to happen.

My last comment on this topic. Nothing more to say.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Stupidity has no cure//


(If) reading between the lines, behind the lines, in front the lines ........ etc, could the unsaid word(s) be ........

"(Sinkies) Stupidity (is legendary and) has no cure"?


Anonymous said...

Rb // Stupidity has no cure//


"Ownself talk to ownself (seow lang keng resident) got cure"?

Anonymous said...

Duterte is one of few Presidents that are effective. The previous few are horribly stupid. They got to where they were because of their parents. This President came up on his own. Hope he can really make a difference to the way the country is heading.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With Duterte throwing the Hague ruling into the dustbin, the western media has started to change tack, at least Agencies has started to call the Hague Tribunal as the Hague Tribunal, not UN backed or UN tribunal as before.

Any media or govt leaders still insisting on calling the kangaroo court as UN backed tribunal is mischievous and has an anti China agenda. It is NOT UN backed and neither was it a UN organisation. Now why would western media and some govt leaders insisted on calling this kangaroo court a UN backed tribunal, the answer is obvious. Lying for a bad motive and agenda.

Anonymous said...

What is really stupid is the idea that if you support US, you are against China and vice-versa. Supporting either against the other is like supporting Devil A against Devil B. Yes, there is no cure for stupidity.

patriot said...

There is absolutely NO need for Sin to take a stand about the South China Sea.
Much less for the Sin Prime Minister to act like a Self Appointed Chief Co-ordinator for a pack to deal with China.
lt was amply obvious that he was doing it on the behest of the US/Obama Regime.

Anyway, whatever that's done at lnternational Level is not really having much impact on Sinkies everyday living.



Anonymous said...

That's exactly what he is doing. You must be dreaming if you think no one will ask SG PM on the south China Sea.

So he has to give an answer and the best answer to give is just follow the court and we hope the court is respected. He cannot say yes China is wrong and he cannot say yes US is wrong.

Nobody is coordinating anything. All this is only happening in your mind.

And you are dreaming again if you think Singapore has nothing to do internationally. If that is true, we don't even need to worry with china.

Anonymous said...

"There is absolutely NO need for Sin to take a stand about the South China Sea."

More like there is no need for any Singaporean to take a stand for China against Singapore!

Anonymous said...

You are probably right to say that US wanted him to say something. In that situation I think its one of the best answers. When he is saying that we should not just base things on "might is right." This is also indirectly telling the US as well.

Anonymous said...

Because there is a thought among people here that since we "offended" China, we are dead. That's not going to happen. That's not who Xi Jinping is.

Anonymous said...

Even the 當事人 Philippines already said so 白 already . Sg peoples are right to be concerned about where the govt is taking us to?

Anonymous said...

US needs a reason to justify it's huge military presence here in south China seas especially the navy.

Anonymous said...

When people refuses to say 1+1=2 and try to say something else, even supposedly clever people will sound stupid and look stupid.

Go read Tommy Koh's verbal gymnastic to try to say 1+1 is not = 2 in the ST today and judge for yourself what shit is he saying.

Anonymous said...

Tommy koh isn't justifying the US presence in asia. That's something neither we nor Durtete can change.

The direction our leaders take us, if up to me, would be that we continue to benefit from good relationship with both powers.

So far nothing too drastic has happened to change that. But read into it what you will.

patriot said...

Staying neutral would keep
Sinkies with less challenges.

Taking side with warring faction
means one has to be with the Winning Side.
As it is, there is no clear winner in battle or in justice.
The US is a belligerent nation
through most part of its existence and there is no doubt
that it is all way out to control
the World, it wants hegemony.
China shall be the US Primary Target as it is not only large and with the Largest Population,
China is currently the Two Nations with Russia to challenge
the Ambition of the US.

US is all way out to destroy China just liked what the British intended whence it tried to poison the Chinese with Opium.

Will the US succeed?
My personal deduction is; the US Shall not last long.
The US will have to deal with the unhappy Americans in the Coming years and be mired with strifes within.
Americans shall be living in discontent and on tenterhooks unless they rein in their warmongering leaders.


Anonymous said...

Correct. LHL has also began diplomatic visit to Russia, to that end.

One must be flexible and plan ahead.

patriot said...

A single head non-venomous snake is will scare off many.

A double headed venomous snake
shall definitely be killed with
no hesitation.



patriot said...

My apology;

A single head non-venomous snake will scare off many.

'is' in my above post
is redundant.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1024,
Lhl could do well to say what duterte said repeatedly when asked bout this issue. He simply said, lets respect the 1975 agreement between china and Philippines to negotiate by peaceful methods. And the whole issue die off, even the Americans shut up. Why our top paid leader cannot think the right thing to say on winwin basis? Duterte salary is only maybe 0.5% of Lhl, but his diplomatic answer to tough question, is worth 5000% more than our leaders rough comments. Now we hv to save face ask tommy koh great respected thinker to do damage control while the boss lie low. How shameful.