Public forum on Elected President cancelled

For the first time, a public forum organized by Reach, a govt organization, has to be cancelled due to poor response. This is despite that Shanmugam and Chee Hong Tat being the key speakers. What does it say, no Singaporeans bother to know what the changes to the Elected President are all about, or Shanmugam could not attract enough people to listen to his important talk?  Is PAP losing the ground, that a PAP talk had to be cancelled due to poor response?

Actually how many people signed up and how many people were they expecting to decide that attendance was poor and therefore better to cancel it to avoid the embarrassment of Shanmugam and Chee Hong Tat talking to 4 people or 20 people? So far it was reported that an Adrian Tan and his family had signed up. Who else had signed up? How many people had signed up? Not sure.

Oh, I just found out that Adrian Tan is actually Tan Cheng Bock, the ex PAP MP, one of the 4 presidential candidates in the last President Election, and the only one so far that had announced that he would be standing for the EP election. And everyone knows that he is likely to be disqualified this time. Unfortunately Cheng Bock did not know, or he did know and want to clarify or confirm with Shanmugam during the forum if he is still qualified to stand.

Actually it would be so easy to get a few bus loads of senior citizens or RC members or even PAP supporters to attend. Just send down a directive would do the trick. Oh, have they forgotten about the chicken rice trick?

I hope the poor attendance is not because the forum was not important. I also hope it was not because the people are fed up with the PAP and boycotting the forum. Now who were these people that were boycotting the forum, supporters or opposition believers?

This sounds like another miracle. A PAP organized event had to be cancelled for poor attendance.Really unbelievable. Or is it because someone is not welcome in PAP functions?


virgo49 said...

Cancelled because they scared kena bombarded with unusual difficult questions.

Not scripted for their skunks to ask and ready to answer with (CON)confidence

Anonymous said...

Broken News! Broken News!

"A PAP organized event had to be cancelled for poor attendance"!

"A PAP organized event had to be cancelled for poor attendance"!

This is a very very serious matter!

Where were the 70% supporters?

May be should set up a high level BOI committee?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha RedBean ... told you so.... Any primary school kid reading the amended EP criteria will know that TCB doesn't qualify. Not happy?!?! Overthrow the PAP lah.

Anonymous said...

Many people are like me. They fear the ceiling may fall with fragments of concretes and drop on their heads, similar to Far East Plaza Atrium last night.
These places were built by foreigners in recent years. Similar to the flat balcony falling off by clinging to one side, didnt drop on those underneath.

This is a falling little dot. Mrt are not working. Students having exams, better hire taxi for them to go on time and praying nothing to disturb their minds for the top grades.

Who care if old CB can be the president? If he cannot be at the time he joined the election and cannot join this time. Old CB must recognize it is fated. He is best to enjoy time with his family. However, i will not want to listen to someone telling me that only a certain race must be the president of a place i served NS.

In South Africa, the Whites used to despise the black until Nelson Mandala won. Now the white in South Africa live in poverty premises. The black live in luxurious homes.
I am afraid this little place will be turned into the black and white world.

It is time to vote for alternative team to replace this kind of bias ideas to assign important posts of significant using of public funds, the president. Assign by race is not an efficient use of funds. It is similar to assigning jobs like engineering, builders to foreigners only. Now the concretes are falling onto people s heads without their anticipation. It s getting dangerous by voting for this political party.

Anonymous said...

Would a silly garment decide what race shuld be PM, President, ministers and how many and for how many years? Would this red dot be turned into a place ruled by racial politics, everything decided by race?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

lol, a video about Donald trump talking lewdly about women.


Duterte and trump are the most alpha leaders of our times. The PAP looks like a bunch of weak betas.

Anonymous said...

If the decision is already made;
Then what is the public forum for?

Anonymous said...

Indonesia has wayang kulit
Singapore has Public Forum and Commission of Inquiry.

jjgg said...

how the govt going to defend Singapore..I also don't know..can't even stare down tcb n his army of 5? lhl n his gang of loose mouth diplomats travel all over the world n talk n tal
k but as soon as Chinese reminded him that "I am China " a strange silence overcame everybody..lost their tongues? no matter how you punch above your weight (so it seems) when elephants fight...monkeys scamper๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Anonymous said...

MIW - Monkeys in White ???

Anonymous said...

But I thought they were called pigs ???
Pigs are pink in colour.

Pigs in Pink ???
PIP ???

Anonymous said...

Pinky the little Pig in pink.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about china threats.

China neng kah ( legs weak ) !

Anger on streets in China as football team suffer shock defeat by war-torn Syria

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The glory of Basir Assad must have inspired the syrian team to victory.

Anonymous said...

This little dot s foreign policy has not bring in extra businesses into it. The China golden one week saw Japan including Au getting surge in tourists and shopping. Where are the chinese tourists buying in little dot?

The pro US foreign policy to help US to surround China will bring less oil and cargo passing through little dot.
China parliament last Sunday authorized 5000 troops to fight IsIs or to help support Syria. Russia has passed the bill to station troops in Syria too. With Russia involved for 12 months. IsIs sales of oil to Turkey turned into zero. Russians bombed IsIs while US bombed Syria troops. The outcome?

US s fortune in middle east is coming to zero. China will be the force to make gain on rebuilding middle east, with Russia. Turkey also Saudi will be habis.

Little dot s new team of leader with a muslim president will have lots of work to do with US. If Trump is the president, will a muslim president be the frequent visitor?
It will be hard to enter China s govt links with these new team so called leaders, hardly being admired by the chinese current leaders.

On the other hands, China s 23rd Escort Task group is currently visiting Port Klang. China is invited by Malaysia to build a 3rd harbor. This visit is significant. Correct?
Singapore is the US s P8 and Carriers base. China s rival.

When middle east lose to China and Russia, ships passing little dots ports will be lesser due to the surrounding china scheming. Little dot need to be creative. Vote for a more creative team first, not this current team. The doom days are coming.

Anonymous said...

Predictions only ... We shall see how things evolved ?

Juz as last GE , much vibes indicating that the garment will at least lose a few seats in the end you know what happen. Until the last minute or second who knows.

Just as the football match above, china ranked 78 syria rank 114. So much chinese hopes dashed.The only constant here is repeating defeat of china football team. If you repeatedly bet lost on China team starting from 1990 to current, the return will be phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Or is it because someone is not welcome in PAP functions?

But how can they say this as the reason, if indeed it is the real reason, u tell me lah?

Most important is that even if they cancel the public forum, or changes the rules on EP, or whatever, PAP will still win the next general election.

And also most important is that Cheng Bock aka Adrian Tan must not become President. Get it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:16pm
There is no need to doubt what Anon 12:50pm. Facts are opened for observation. Go to the Chinese tourist frequent places. In the day is Chinatown to observe if there is surge in China tourists.

Today is 8th, China tourist should be returning to China if here, buying is inevitable such as dried foods at some HK outlets, barkwar, and streets foods, besides clothings and fashions in malls.

Anon 1:16pm predicted the coming GE would be the same as the GE in 2015. This prediction cannot be valid. Reason: there cannot be another grand funeral similar to the old man. The GE was held to coincide with the mood after the funeral.
The term for the past govt should end in 2017. Why did the GE hold in 2015?
To predict a good result, the coming GE must be after another grand state funeral. Which one does this Anon though could rival the old man s state funeral that year?

Talking about China football and PLA war at Syria. There is no comparison. One have to use legs only, sizes are small. The other one uses electronic guided weapons firing from afar. The modern weapons see enemy day and nights are the same, while the IsIs in Syria cannot have. Who will win?

Prediction is not nonsense. It is how intelligent is the prediction. Your comparison is reflected on how intelligent you interpreted the examples. Using footballs to predict battlefield in Syria, Not convincing lah.

Anonymous said...

The term for the past govt should end in 2017. Why did the GE hold in 2015?
2:04 pm

So as to have a bigger win lah. And grand state funeral or not, PAP will still win, just a matter of whether 60% or 70% win.

PAP not stupid, u know.

Anonymous said...

October 08, 2016 2:04 pm

Yes , that why i said predictions only. Until the last minute or second.

The 2 examples quoted are just to highlight things are unpredictable.

Just like someone insist nine dash line else sure whack despite whatever ruling. In the end withdraw and back to negotiating table.

If Zhun , might as well predict 4D and TOTOs.

Anyway with respect everyone entitled to their own opinions.

patriot said...

Very true,

just like assigning soldier boys to run
big corporations.
One by one broke down
with some went kaput.

Anyway with regard the
Elected Presidency,
this one can be done
away with.
The Country does not
need a puppet president.

Adrian Tan can form an
alternative party or
join an existing party
if he is sincere to champion Sinkies.

Even if he does become
the Elected President, there is not much he can
do with his Advisors standing in his way.
What about the Regime/Cabinet that he
has to face?

lt was so good to know
that Sinkies were not
interested in the Forum.
Most Sinkies knew that it was WAYANG.


patriot said...

The Late Ex-president S R Nathan did get a Grand Funeral, one that in the Opinions of some, rivals that or even surpassed the One of the Horrible Man. Possibly because Nathan was more affable and was known as the Peoples President.

However, You are perfectly right in saying
that all future funerals for any Sin Rulers shall not be comparable to the
Two Ex Japanese Imperial Army Staff.
Death of any Sin Rulers from now on shall not matter much to Sinkies who shall be struggling hard to survive. much due to the Exploitation and Slave Driving Leeders.

The Fates of Sin and Sinkies will he clearer by the Days.
lt can be seen coming, the Majority or about 70% of Sinkies have chosen the Destiny.


patriot said...

Dont know about others;

me more interested in the Scs
write-ups than the Sin Elected

Any discussions on the Sin Elected
President brought up by Sinkies will distract Sinkies from other problems that are flooding Sin, not just ponding mind You.

So many things broke, are breaking down, despairs are setting in and homicide and suicide are on the rise with more families breaking down due to health/disease, money/financial challenges and problems.

Hope that Sinkies shall not sin further.
l mean sink too fast.


Anonymous said...

/// So many things broke, are breaking down, ... with more families breaking down due to health/disease, money/financial challenges and problems. ///
October 08, 2016 4:51 pm

True or not?
As long as Singaporeans' desire to vote PAP remains unbroken,
PAP Ministers will continue to enjoy million dollar salaries.

Slaves will always need to obey a master.
Singaporeans will always vote PAP.

patriot better change his name to cock sucking slave.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. After 51 years. Dun you slaves ever get tired of sucking PAP cock?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15pm

U are wrong in logic. Pap was on the decline in support at 6% per term. This is similar to Umno. When old man had funeral with the response unexpected of the son, it was obvious the less confident Pap took the bet. To their surprise, the results was good despite them being so pro foreigners in jobs in 2015.

However, u must listen to one more point that you hate to hear from me.
2015 was in the brink of recession. If the election were to be held in 2017, Pap will not get 70% even with the old man s funeral. This point on economy, u conveniently forgot or u dont know it has effects on voting %.

Now with debts piling up, and the Pap are still keen to give jobs to S pass and E pass to foreigners to create more PR, u will see the real effect. The % can hardly be 70% support. The by election showed 61%. That was not the worst in economy.

U go round the spots, just stand to look at how people s small businesses doing. U can feel how these people will vote. U think these people are not paying rental? If they dont have buying power customers, they still have to pay rental, u know or u do not?

By sabotaging citizen s earnings in jobs, Pap will face problem in election. U now dont see cases that employees return money to employers to get employed from india, do u think the salary level will go up ie the market is cleaned up?

If salary for common jobs keep staying at the same levels for the next 4 years, any citizens will conclude some tricks are in the market to fool citizens. This time in election will be more angry for these fools. The reason is: these foolish voters have lots of debts they cannot pay: from higher flat prices to higher foods prices etc. Their debts will teach them to be smart lah. If they still do not learn. I bet on the next next election. These foolish Pap supporters will be dead tired when working for their debts and stagnated salaries.

But the population total will still be less than 7 millions in next next election. The present population is at 5.61millions. An increase by 100000 in past year. That ensure salaries are dead stagnant.
Citizens can never beat the low asking salaries from India. These people borrowed lots of money to come into Singapore to work. Employer presses them with low salaries, they will take, even returning cash to the employers that cannot be checked on papers.
Citizens will have to vote for alternative team. Else, they will have to jump from flat to die fast when they are old. Because they cannot afford to pay for the sickness at old age. Still owes debts for their kids to pay, they will feel shy to burden their kids further when old and sick. U will see many suicides. Can voters afford to support Pap to ruin their own future? They will still have no choice.

Anonymous said...

Lan, lan bo pian lor.
The mantra of the Singaporean Hokkien slave.
Better to live on our knees as slaves than to stand like men.

Anonymous said...

Greco-Persian Wars: Battle of Thermopylae - Free men versus slave soldiers

In the 5th century bc, the Persian empire fought the city-states of Greece in one of the most profoundly symbolic struggles in history. Their wars would determine the viability of a new direction in Western culture, for even as Greece stood poised to

In the 5th century bc, the Persian empire fought the city-states of Greece in one of the most profoundly symbolic struggles in history. Their wars would determine the viability of a new direction in Western culture, for even as Greece stood poised to embark on an unprecedented voyage of the mind, Persia threatened to prevent the Hellenes from ever achieving their destiny.

Persia represented the old ways — a world of magi and god-kings, where priests stood guard over knowledge and emperors treated even their highest subjects as slaves.

The Greeks had cast off their own god-kings and were just beginning to test a limited concept of political freedom, to innovate in art, literature and religion, to develop new ways of thinking, unfettered by priestly tradition.

And yet, despite those fundamental differences, the most memorable battle between Greeks and Persians would hinge on less ideological and more universal factors: the personality of a king and the training and courage of an extraordinary band of warriors.


Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn we all know the reason why the thing was cancelled lar. Need to pose that question meh?

Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn we all know the reason why the thing was cancelled lar. Need to pose that question meh?
October 08, 2016 9:59 pm

Knn your mother and your Founding Father.
Why cannot ask?
Singapore belong to Singaporeans or PAP?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB,

"This is despite that Shanmugam and Chee Hong Tat being the key speakers." wrote RB.

Firstly, at a glance, the two names already frightened many people away.

1. "Sham" in English a thing that is not what it is purported to be, e.g. "our current paid health insurance scheme is a sham". As a parliament back-bencher for donkey years and yet able to suddenly rise to what he is today, despite personal moral issues in the past that caused his wife to divorce him, speaks volumes about his shrewdness, cleverness and audacity to turn unfavourable issues to his advantage. Moreover, this guy has been quite well-known, at least to those who bother to discern and analyse, for his double-speak.

2. "Chee Hong" in Hokkien (Singapore Chinese comprise 70% or more of Hokkien Speaking people) means one who is "crazy for the vagina". E.g. "why are you chasing after an old hag, you 'tio chee hong' is it?" Who will respect a person who has a Public Name of this connotation? His name already frightened a lot of people off. Who would want to be seen in public with such a person whose name is so VULGAR?

Secondly, the more important reason is this:

1. The public forums in the past have always been just a vehicle to play politics - pretending to seek public views, opinions, suggestions, recommendations and scrutiny, but actually the decisions had already been made behind the scenes by the most powerful voice in the land. It has been actually an "exercise in futility" and a waste of taxpayers' money, time and efforts.

2. It is, therefore, obvious, why REACH has cancelled this Public Forum. REACH wants to become RICH (to save some money for future events).

3. REACH has been pretending all these years that IT (inanimate object) is seeking public feedback, but the real thing is that IT has always been like an obedient dog which listens only to its Master's Voice. So, it is most likely that the Master has ordered REACH to become UNREACHABLE to the Public.

Anonymous said...

@ October 09, 2016 9:58 am

The point is public accountability.
Even if attendance is only 10 people.
Publicly elected officials paid with taxpayers money. They have to show up.
It's their job.
It's what they are paid to do.

It is not for these elected officials to decide if attendance is too low.
That's like letting a public servant decide whether he wants to work or not.
Ownself check ownself is it?

Anonymous said...

They decide how many people to attend like during election rally. Depends on how many busloads and free chicken rice they want to give away.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ October 09, 2016 10:18 am

What do you mean by "public accountability"?

What is "public"?

What is "accountability"?

Who define "public accountability"? You, the public or people in official capacity?

Who makes decisions concerning the country? You, the masses or people in official authority?

Anonymous said...

Crash ?

Expecting it for years but it never come.

I think must wait until US election over.