No talent Singapore helping full of talent India

Singapore is going to help train 400 million skilled Indians by 2020. Should I say steady lah Singapore, or funny lah Singapore? We are now well known to be a little country lacked of talents and most of our talents are coming from India. We have imported talented Indians to fill top positions in banking and finance, in IT, in medicine, in law, in teaching, in the civil service, in every industry that you can think of.  I thought Yaacob did a very good job cleaning up Singapore River and should be sent to India to clean up the Ganges. No? Did we send all our experienced train engineers to India and ended with the daily breakdowns with our own trains, no local talents left?
Now we are going to help to train Indians to upgrade their skills? How? Are we going to send back all the Indian talents we recruited from India back to India to train and up skill the Indians in India?
Does it make sense? On careful study and some deep meditation I found the answer. Yes, it makes sense. The key word is ITE. It is the low technical skill level that India needs and we have plenty from our ITE Education Service. At this level we are surely competent, more than adequate to train the low skill Indians.
For the higher skill and talented Indians, we would continue to import more of them here. We need them badly. Maybe the terms and jobs in the CECA should be extended for more Indian talents to work here to replace the no talent Singaporeans.  And we can send our displaced no talent Singaporeans to India to help them and build smart cities for them. Oops, no talent Singaporeans to build smart cities? Make sense or not?
This is mind blowing stuff. The more I think about it, the more blur I get. No talent Singaporeans teaching highly skilled and talented Indians?


Hermit said...

This is long term. India is the second largest populous country in the world. Huge market.

Anonymous said...

"On careful study and some deep meditation I found the answer. Yes, it makes sense. The key word is ITE."

Tiok lah. Not only high level Indian engineers and PMETs we need, but also low level ones you know.

Just imagine, if only one ITE Sinkie can teach 100 Indians and then they come here to work, there you are, the problem of low level Sinkie talents not enough solved already, tio bo?

And the million $ Sinkie minister who think of this thing also very smart hor, tio bo? Deserved to be paid his miilions.

Anonymous said...

Mind blowing indeed! Here in Singapore we import so many talents form overseas implying that we have insufficient talents at home. Yet, we have the balls to tell India, we will train your men. How? This is more like SSTK. So are we or are we not short of talents in Singapore? If no, then are these so called talents actually just cheap labour?

Anonymous said...

Fucking Sinkies all deserve it lah. KPKB for fuck?!?!? I don't wanna hear any more fucking complains.

Anonymous said...

dont play play with singapore......

we are the world......

we want to teach the world......

we are.....万事通!......yes 万事通!......

worry not...新加坡有人才! 新加坡有人才!......

如果第一世界的新加坡没有人才, 哪里有人才?

你说! 你说! 你说!


virgo49 said...

ITE- It's The End-Singapore.

See now gym also packed. Walking the Streets also packed.

How many unemployed Sinkies??

Anonymous said...

Alas a more sound article.

patriot said...

The Only Talent that Sin
need now is to have a MASTER

The Sinkies have helped and is helping their Rulers in the
Making of the Boiling Pot
themselves and are swimming
happily in it.

Is there any geomancers able
to help?

All other talents including born
and natural aristocrats no use.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the population in the next three years will be changed. The percentage will be Chinese 65, Indian 20, Malay 10 and others 5.

Is it possible? If not enough talent maybe we can increase to 30 n reduce the rest. That is lone way to solve our talent


Veritas said...

Its the other way India has a lot to teach Singapore.

For example fertilizing themselves with white man sperm.

Indians are disgustingly seeking white people sperm and egg as Indians themselves despise black. Local Indian sperms have no market and no value.

"Couples who come for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) list out specifications — the egg or sperm donor should be educated, fair, have blue eyes," says Dr Rita Bakshi, an IVF expert. Dr Bakshi says roughly 70% clients ask for fair donors.

Indians going all out to get white babies despite of massive hurdles

Infertility experts warn that getting a 'designer' baby is difficult and expensive. "You need a lot of paperwork and approvals," cautions Dr Anjali Malpani, a Mumbai-based fertility specialist. European donors may charge between $1,000 to $5,000 (Rs 6,000 to Rs 30,000 approximately) depending on factors such as physical health and educational background.

Dr Manish Banker, director of a fertility clinic, says: "Seeking fair-skinned donors is a rising trend. Couples usually ask for donors with blue or brown eyes."

Anonymous said...

/// Singapore is going to help train 400 million skilled Indians by 2020. ///

Who is going to do the training?
Who is going to get paid by India for the training?
How does this benefit Singaporeans?
How much public money is going to be used?

Are there any crony companies from India and Singapore that will benefit more than citizens from Singapore and India from this deal?

Do you think NGOs in India may want to look more closely into this?

Anonymous said...

U can bet your last dollar that veritas will seize the chance to mock dark skinned races. That's bcos this site is fertile ground for racism. The admin allows such.

Veritas said...

India is a country doom to fail and our training will go down shit hole. India now want to follow the East Asian sweat shop way to develop but its already too late. Anyway her people do crap job else, why capita voted their feet to China, rather than India.

The next generation sweat shop will be man by robots, and Indians competitor are Robots. The era of mass job creation in Foxconn is gonna over soon.

The best training for Indians today is to prepare them a Macdonald job or waitor or Janitor -- probably that will last them for another 15 years. Industrial robots may not penetrate Macdonald that soon.

Veritas said...

U can bet your last dollar that veritas will seize the chance to mock dark skinned races. That's bcos this site is fertile ground for racism. The admin allows such.

What I said is TRUE.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo,

1) According to Uni Economics, unemployment is FIRSTLY defined as those aged 16-64. So those lau ah pek lao ah ma in the gym or cc studio dancing to the tune of michael jackson's breakdance or Jennifer's flashdance not considered unemployed lah, statistically.

Anonymous said...

Oops .... typo

Should be

"Michael Jackson's Beat It"

Anonymous said...

2) Even if there are 1,000,000 people sitting around doing nothing, under Uni Economics definition, they are considered unemployed cos the SECOND definition of unemployment is the people must be actively looking for jobs. If not, they are not counted inside the labour force participation rate, and therefore not inside the unemployment figure.

Anonymous said...

Oops .... typo again

Should be

"...... they are NOT considered unemployed ......."

Anonymous said...

3) The 3rd definition of unemployment is the people must be willing and able to work. In other words, even if the ah kuey bu (trying to act young) and learning to dance gangnam (with Loctor Teo Hore Peng) in the cc, they are not willing or able to work, so again not counted in the labour force, so not counted as unemployed

Anonymous said...

So one (sinful) cuntry can have say unemployment rate at say 1.9% but then many people not working cos such people not accounted in the labour force due to how unemployment is defined.

So the politicians can tell the people unemployment rate only 2% when mb 5 out of 10 working age adults cbl evelee day dancing beat it, flashdance and gangnam like a 18-yo?

Anonymous said...

Every race and society has its own unique practice other cultures find weird or even repulsive. A racist like Veritas will mock that practice and say "What I say is true". But when the same mockery is made against Veritas race, he will jump up like a rocket to hit the roof and shout "Racist!" That is the characteristic of Veritas the racist. And this site, being a racist site, supports Veritas racist mocks against other races.

Yes, and what I say about Veritas and this site is true.

Anonymous said...

WP nmp YeeJJ digs out from parliament that Singapore was paying S$360 millions every year to fund foreign students. The education minister said his ministry did not track if students completed education fulfilled obligations on scholarship. Those were shocking points in voters minds on how S$360 millions spent. Over 10 years, the sum is more than S$3.6 billions.

Now Singapore is to fund Indian students. I guess the scheme works this way:
1) Singapore issues E pass for Indians teachers to take over the teaching. S pass for indians technicians to take over practical jobs at labs.
2) Singapore gives scholarships for Indians to study at ITE free.
Unfortunately, WP Nmp YeeJJ is no longer able to ask for voters how much Singapore spends on training foreigners.

I read Indian web sites saying Singapore has the highest income per capita in this world. I want to laugh at such irresponsible writing. These reporters never get into the details of how citizens live here. There are old men and old woman at 80s open the rubbish cans along the streets to collect cans to sell daily, at S$1 per Kg. There are town centers where old folks collect carton boxes to wait for collection lorries to pay them for the "exercises" the minister praised them doing.

With old men and women having no ways to live at retirement, yet still giving money to foreign countries free is really sinful. If the teaching jobs are also paid to the foreigners to train foreigners, voters better make up their minds fast: vote for the alternative team.
Bear in mind, the income per capita can never be so high as we know how much an executive earns: 2000-3000 pm. How much a manager earns: 4000 to 5000pm. There rest anyone can decepher: how much a cook earns per month, a waitress earns per month.

Bear in mind, this year one Indonesian PR living here was sent back to Indonesia. He stole USD 650millions from Indo banks and lived here since 2008. If his income is divided in Singapore, one can imagine how rich Singaporeans are.

What voters need to be careful is not to live beyond our own means of earning money. Will the leaders give away money to please foreigners? That is up to voters to decipher. The CECA has terms to give Indians pmets free work places in Singapore. That is a KEY rope to tie round the necks of voters pment salaries.

With this new scheme, we can see more indians ITE grads will work in Singapore to depress citizens waitresses, cooks salaries to make sure they are below S$2000pm.

In many court case, we saw cooks being paid on $3100pm on papers, and the Indian cooks returned $1600pm to employer in cash. Will citizens want such scheming to help employers?

Fewer manufacturing jobs are created by the ministers due to their good competencies.
Few citizens will be willing to do F n B jobs with this new scheming to cut cooks, waitresses salaries. Be very careful on what is going on with India. Indian s CECA is a good model how the agreement can trap citizens future salaries.

Veritas said...

India can also teach us how to genocide other dalit race when they romance with high caste.

On November 7, 2012, over 200 houses were torched in Natham, old and new Kondampatti and Annanagar Dalit colonies in Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu. When a Vanniyar girl from Sellankottai village, and a Dalit boy, from the neighbouring Dalit colony of Natham, fled due to parental opposition to get married, a caste panchayat held on the morning of November 7 by leaders from both communities ruled that the girl be returned to her family. Distraught at her decision to stay with her husband, her father, who worked at a cooperative bank, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself.

The discovery of his body later that day is said to have provoked a 1,500-strong mob to rampage through Natham and two smaller Dalit settlements, Kondampatti and Anna Nagar, where it set ablaze over 200 houses, damaged at least 50 others, and allegedly looted valuables and cash worth lakhs of rupees. The mob rampaged for four hours and was brought under control after arrest of 90 men and an additional deployment of 1000 policemen

Anonymous said...

So what is the purpose of Veritas' irrelevant post on caste system? To mock? To create tension among the Indian community? Every culture has its own negative practices. Why Veritas not highlight his own race negatives? Because he is a racist and wants to mock OTHER races. Admiin allows it.

Thank you veritas for confirming that you are a racist and this is a site for racists to mock other races.

Veritas said...

What I have done is to speak the truth with moderation. The reality is more orgasm than what I spoken.

I am not going to murder when Malay girl marry Chinese or when dalits marry Brahmin.

I am going to preach massive Brahmin marrying Dalits for good of India. Am I racist? Are the inter caste marriage murderer very very no-racist?

Veritas said...

The important school PAP can set up for India is FUCKING school. In FUCKING school, the Brahmin students can only graduate if they marry Dalits.

And graduating valedictorian and class must swear and curse in front of everyone "FUCK those hindus who murder dalits-brahmin romance".......

PAP will be the GREATEST people since birth of Buddha if they do that.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

If it was so easy to train 400 million skilled Indians why haven't they already done it by now? They have some high IQ sub populations like the Tamil Brahmins, Parsis, gujaratis and maybe the kashmiri Pandits. But This groups are a minority, and are leaving India for the west.

Anonymous said...

Rb, no lar it's no talent or Low talent sinkies training Low or no talents Indians only at ITE level. I did take a look at business or accounting modules there, the level is very Low so no talents sinkies definitely can do the job lar

Anonymous said...

Note the derogatory terms racist veritas uses on other races and societies. He says he speaks truth, but adds words like fucking, cock-sucking etc to add spice to the races and societies he hates. But when a certain politician says babi cina, veritas goes ballistic and shoots up from his seat through the roof. That is what a racist looks like. Only he can use derogatory terms on other races, but others cannot use on his race. And this site endorses what he does.

Thank you once again for confirming that you, Veritas, are a sicko racist, and this site is an equally sicko site that allows racist terms be used.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I disagree inter caste marriage is bad. Why ? Because it averages out IQ instead of having an intellectual elite capable of running the country. The peasant class would be marginally better off maybe having their IQ raised from 85 to 90. You would need a class that has a consistent IQ of 130 to keep the country running.

patriot said...

Sin can submit to
be a vassal state
of India.
lts' survival may
have to depend on
the rising economy
of India as Sin's
drifts further away
from China and Asean.
Other than the US,
Japan and India are
the Only Two Asian
Countries that Sin
is relying on for its'
However, no guarantee
that it will work out
as intended.


Veritas said...

It is impossible to mobilized Indians because the Brahmin deprive them of education. Within one generation, Chairman Mao bring literacy to most school age people.

The Chinese imperial scholar culture have given elites a mission to civilized the people, hence Chinese emphasize on study.

The Hindu system is Brahmin are keeper of literacy and Dalit not allow to access.

Hindu low IQ and educational quality is most part due to the fucking Hinduism. Brahmin simply DO NOT want to spread literacy.

Now Singapore come and kepoh.

Anonymous said...

Veritas can agree that caste system is bad, just like the angmor can consider Chinese eating dog is bad. Everyone has opinion. That is OK. But veritas, being racist, will add fuck words and degrade the whole race. At the same time, he praises he own race. Admin allows this rubbish.

Thank you again, veritas, for confirming you are a racist residing in a racist-friendly site.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The reason why Brahmins have high IQ to begin with is that they were required to memorize the Hindu epics by heart like the mahabaratha, you need to be very smart in order to do that. I doubt that the lower castes would be up for the task.

Hindu society is divided by varna as well as jati. Caste and occupation. Within a Jati mix marriage is also not allowed. It is a very complex society. The Indian government has screwed up the system big time by giving affirmative action towards the lower castes.

Veritas said...

I do not agree with this one. The Chinese race are good because we breed one another.

All caste society are fuck up. South America is caste society, they are fuck up.

India Brahmin need to breed out themselves, and suffer a few hundred years of low IQ, and start from there.

Anonymous said...

Sin can solve India's problem that India cannot solve.

Veritas said...

India is a cancer to the planet. When indian infest your land, you become shit hole. Indonesia Bali got their wife burning culture from India abolished by dutch as late as 1900.


The early 14th-century traveller Odoric of Pordenone mentions wife burning in Zampa (Champa), in nowadays south/central Vietnam. Anant Altekar states that sati spread with Hindu migrants to Southeast Asian islands, such as to Java, Sumatra and Bali.[29] According to Dutch colonial records, this was however a rare practice in Indonesia, one found in royal households

Veritas said...

Far worse than Islam or black, Hindu is the most wicked people.

Imagine you fuck wife.. fuck fuck fuck and cum with mind blowing orgasm. Then when you die, you want your sex partner who offer her vagina to your dick -- dead in the most painful way of burning.

Only Indians are so wicked. They have a sicko mind.

Racist veritas would want my wife to have a better life if I migrate to heaven.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I tend to have a bias towards Hinduism and Hindu nationalism, especially the more extreme ones like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. They still have a transcendent view on life un touched by modernity. I see them as sort of natural allies because they are anti jihad as well as anti western.

Veritas said...

I do not think so. I see them perpetually lie, faking history.. All their institution are lying in order to sustain a caste and make everyone docile.

Evidence shown that they are the most miserable people in the whole planet -- even African have more dignity.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, can you explain why the current Vietnamese hated China so much where in the past China was the one who supported them on their fight with western nations?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Vietnam and China's fight go back much earlier to the Han dynasty. The vietnamese are basically a bunch of Chinese colonist who rebelled. They won't tell you so though. In the south they are aborigines, the Champa.

Veritas said...

Vietnam and China fought for 1000 thousand of year since her "independence" from China. To say Vietnam hate China is overblown. Vietnam borrow so many things from China including chopstick and recently pop music soap opera.

There are more sino-viet war in the past and every time after, Vietnam China become brother again. She know China is the only friend she can count on.

But China also have a big brother mentality. So that create conflict.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, are north Vietnamese of Chinese decent? What about south Vietnamese? The north Vietnamese girls are much more pretty than the south and look slightly different. The south has darker skin tone. Generally the northern girls have larger breast than the south.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:30am Patriot
There is no basis to say Singapore s survival depends on India.
Really this cannot be an idea at all.

The IE has Non Oil Domestic Export statistics. India has never been the top 10 export countries.
To put it plainly. Indians are NOT Singapore s important customers. They DONT buy from Singapore.

Singapore is neither the Indians tourists favorite. Thailand is. Singapore is the Indians top destination.

For What? For jobs. Singapore is the givers of jobs and wealth to Indians. Indians hardly come to Singapore to shop.

To have a spread of wealth, tourists are an immediate foreign income. Japanese tourists used to be big group. Not now. China tourists used to be big. These few years hardly see such volumes.

China s holidays business between Oct 1 to 10 is the biggest. Beijing in 4th had accounted for 5.4 millions tourists alone. When looking at China town in Singapore, we can see deserted scene as usual. Tourists business has dropped alot, may be by 40%.

Singapore still can blow about China not following "international laws". Singapore want China to give up its territorial lands which the tourists would call them "father lands". Can you imagine how they will dare to come to Singapore to spend. Their home friends will accuse them as non Patriot.

Dont expect Indian tourists come at the big purchasing power like China tourists.
Singapore if to survive on India, is like "eating winds", opening the mouths only.

Veritas said...

In the month of 2016 July, 311,049 PRC visited Singapore, the BIGGEST contingent. 87,903 Indians visited Singapore. If not for PRC tourist, our hotel will be bankrupt.

And there are Malayu and Hindu here still think PRC is cheapo. In fact Malaysia and India now shit hole and 10 years later, Malay and Indian visiting PRC is like citizen of toilet visiting heaven.

As more and more PRC set up MNC, visit Singapore, publishing academic papers...etc Mandarin proficiency is the most basic skillset for employment.

I bet then, Hindus and Sunni Malayu will still fuck fuck fuck "Chinese racist impose Mandarin on job ad"

These fuckers can curse Cina racist and become loser until the day Allah descend to judge human.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The south vietnamese are the champa people.


Anonymous said...

// Tourists business has dropped alot, may be by 40%.//

The culprit is Botak-nomics lah?

In 2013, due to the novelty effect, arrivals peaked at about 15m+?

Last year, 2015, what was the number?

Veritas said...

This year China Tourist compared to 2015 YTD increase by 49.2%. China is the largest tourist source.

Our fucking minorities can only denigrate China, cooking up whatever sex object they need to masturbate hatred of Chinese, to reach orgasm.


Anonymous said...

Singapore will be sending its best talents to train Indian workers.
These best Singapore talents are the ITE teachers, Singapore's best!

Singapore's universities best are mostly foreigners.

Veritas said...

Our fucking minorities clowns like to make noise, to imagine how bad China is, so that they can hate Chinese. Even if they killed all Singaporean Chinese, they are not going to get Nobel Prize, and not going to be admitted to Harvard.

China will be admitted to Harvard and will get Nobel Prize.

In Malaysia Malay think they will be better without Chinese. In reality, they will go into shit hole. Without Chinese, Malay will still not going to create Huawei or TSMC that can bring down white man or Jews company.

Our Chinese are able to pull that feat.

Their only defence is shouting racism, even though seer like Dr Mahathir have already scolded them for their fucking attitude, and brand them as loser.

They like to be white man slaves and hate Chinese for being so successful until we bring down white man one by one.

If you understand their loser mentality, you will no problem understand why Chinese keep being accused of racism.

patriot said...

lndia with the World's Second Largest Population Country does give the Sin Regime the Impression that it can be a big market for Sin.
l was in the Retail Line in the 90s in the Electrical and Electronic Sector. Those days, lndia Indians and most S E Asian Visitors bought much goods at Sin. The China Chinese hardly bought anything. Retail Staff 'siam'/walked away whenever they detected China Nationals, for not only they did not buy, they enquired alot.

Now, only the India Indians are still buying though not as much as before. The Others hardly buy as Sin got too expensive and internet buying becomes common.

Anyway, the China Chinese are buying the properties and doing much more businesses in Sin now. So they are in some ways buying and colonizing the Tiny Rock in a way. But, the Prime Minister of Sin and an Ex Foreign Minister had and are gravitating towards India, so there we have it.
Rightly or wrongly, the Sin Regime, especially the PM has shown he prefers Japan, India, USA and Australia over China.

l maybe wrong and stand to be corrected.


Anonymous said...

No one is accusing Chinese of racism. The racist is Veritas. Not the Chinese.

Veritas said...

"No one is accusing Chinese of racism. "


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.44

Why so many not time yet to retire Sinkies now packed at gyms, streets, parks and malls but not buying come and upset our lifestyle of you all peak, we off peak??

Very stressful leh! Cannot concentrate and all equipments fully utilised. Travels also chiam.

All packed like sardines getting away from this Rat Hole.

Poor sinkies still not aware of their out of jobs status as created by the Pay And Pay.

Just talk to one oldie at gym about RedBean today's article of the sinkie No Talents gonna help the Indians with talents and he said Sinkies deserved to be replaced if they don't buck up and replaced by these Foreign Talents.

I said Good Luck to your grandchildren if you have any for they gonna be RTS- Roam The Streets when they come into the employment world.

Even countries like Malaysia trying to have Monash and Curtin Unis into their country and our Sinkies Government building so many Top Class First Class like Hotels and Resorts World I.T.E- Its the End for our future generations to study.

And our Lim Siak Sua said Sinkies PMETs do not ungraded,they be left behind.

Got see Chiak Pai Beh?? Shorty Smart Man said what ungrading???

Wash plastic bowls until they become Gold???

Chee Seen

Anonymous said...

Are there any crony companies from India and Singapore that will benefit more than citizens from Singapore and India from this deal?
October 06, 2016 10:26 am

"Is Singapore businesses’ interest in India growing or is it just Temasek Holdings?"



Anonymous said...

These best Singapore talents are the ITE teachers, Singapore's best!
2:30 pm

Tiok. But then not enough Sinkies want to study in ITE leh, so how? Facilities in ITE very good and nice you know, but not enough students!

So get those India Indians to be ITE students on scholarships lor, tio bo?

Anonymous said...


Why bother (so much)?

Like that very fast "Qi Sin"?

Act blur, stupid, gong gong lah (to survive)?

Anonymous said...

Sin City Yee-CON-no-me will depend on construction sector to buy time lah ......

Before 2020/ 2021, likely construction sector could overtake manufacturing as percentage of GDP?

Now difference abt 4% only?

b said...

Maybe Lee very afraid China will invade this island so he wants to install so many Indians here to stop them. I am sure the sinkies will pay for everything such as accommodation, food and transport. Btw, gurkhas not sinkies are used to protect president and pm here.

b said...

Uas thinks India is pro uas. They will be in for a big shock.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:36pm Patriot
China Chinese tourists this year are in Australia. According to reports, local shops staff are not allowed to go on leave. Australia or Singapore, is the distance difference to china chinese.

China tourists dont buy electrical items lah. 90s u worked in retails. That is not worth talking about it now. In the past 20 years, China already has Ou Ur Ma. Sound funny right? Its Walmar. In side got better electrical things and cheaper to buy in china. Singapore s electrical things are made in china correct? Most people stay at condo appartments and nearby sure can find ou er ma or za le fu ("carfour", this one Singaporeans cannot afford, so mati liao).
China office workers salaries are far higher than singaporeans at city like Shanghai and Beijing. Citizens here still can "siam" them, but if these people come as tourists in the street, they buy any things. So makan, gifts, fashion, hand bags of different designs, shoes are their targets lah. Cosmetic also good. Baby powder in the past was hot. When going over, they will want a luggage of baby powder. U know Singapore baby powder is dirt cheap right? Lucky my kids dont need them that time.

China young generations are well educated and for professional they are really competent. I ever helped someone to buy their professional exam questions and answers, the contents shocked me. Very pro. Look at their Tienkong #2. This space station is going to be shared with the Nasa space station, when Nasa space station is aged in few years time.
Singapore is far out comparing to the new generations. The recent hu ha from the ah loong is snow balling big now in china s population. The china govt may have to react to ah loong s stirring up at south china sea. To us, it will mean very less china tourists will bother to come here in near future. So retailers no need to "siam" china tourists. Hopfully ah neh tourists will come to please these retailers. U can join this line again. In Japan, workers like retailers work at 80s year old. No joke. One cosmetic sales woman was at 80s featured on tv. Come bark lah. If you like ah neh customers.

Anonymous said...

Why u loong time still never die?

Anonymous said...

RT: Israeli navy intercepts women’s flotilla protesting Gaza blockade

Would Singapore come out to condemn Israel and urge them to respect freedom of navigation?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is keeping their silent over India's assertive behavior.

Unlike China, Singapore never warn people about how pushy and aggressive India can be if they become superpower , after all, india is also a rising power.

-India also threaten to revoke Indus water treaty in order to blackmail Pakistan.

Veritas said...

I thought Saudi should condemn?

Veritas said...

India event threaten Nepal change constitution so that Terai can get independent.

USA pretend nothing happen.

Anonymous said...

India make propaganda movie about their territorial claim in Kashmir
India make anti Pakistan protest, slogan, movie

No a single complaint from Western mouthpiece.

LKY does not warn the world or USA about how pushy or how aggressive India in the future- They might also impose/make their own rule or assert more influence on weaker nations. Every nations must be wary of upsetting Indian.

Only India enjoy such privilege.

Anonymous said...

I think Singapore needs the full co-operation from India. Singapore needs Indian expertise in banking, IT, education, medical and all other Indian talents from engineering knowhow to manual work. Singapore better be more acceptable to the Indians who are willing to come to Singapore to help the Singaporeans. Without the Indian FTs, Singapore will never be able to have any growth.

b said...

Uass attitude needs to change. If someone is not pro uass then must be anti uass. Why cannot neutral leh? That is the problem and they hit anyone not pro uass in this world. Uass has very narrow mindset. Maybe Trump can change it. Hillary has narrow mindset.

virgo49 said...

Ayia, these Black Ants on tours so not buy anything. At Genting Resorts hordes of them just doing photography and what self firs.

Never see them in the Casinos. You want to earn a cent from them, you got to shed a pint of blood.

At electronic stores asked thousands and one question but just walk out.

That's why Audio House sales persons siam them.

At Mustafa ask for the most expensive watch.

When shown a Rolex, ask for Seiko.

They behaved like already arrived but they are Shits.

Anonymous said...

RB raised alert of an interesting issue Duterte faces. From reports, Philippines are to allow US navy to use its ports as and when, where ever they want. Philippines govt must act in accordance to US s advices. US gives Philippines $180 millions aids. We knew $33 millions already used on acquiring the Judgment of "international laws" against china.
The future is a problem: Philippines want to buy certain weapons, but US refuse to sell. Duterte said Russia was willing to sell all the requested weapons.
Obama left with 4 months to go, will not bother with Duterte, as Hillary is likely to take over. So Duterte is likely to taret taret so that he can get cheaper prices for the weapons from US.
From Taiwan s reports. Taiwan paid for outdated US weapons at more expensive prices. This is the real US Allied s consequence. Taiwan cannot buy other s weapons. It cannot develop powerful weapons like nuclear. U can see the future is stuck.

The Philippines FM, frequently said after Duterte s hash words, that Philippines does not want to be US s "little brother". Philippines wants to have "independent" foreign policy. From the FM s words and Duterte s fire phases, we can know Philippines politicians are very unhappy. So Obama wants to stop Philippines to clean up drugs pushers on the streets was taken as a way to colonize Philippines again.
Who does not agree that drug is a way to rule a foreign country?
China had fought the Opium War with the western countries. And lost HK to UK after the war.
Drug is deep inside many US s colonies. Taiwan especially the southern parts are heavily affected by drug pushers on streets due to their loose legal punishment.

US wants Philippines to follow its carriers to patrol Scs with Japan is pushing Philippines into war front with China.

US s carriers are monitored by China s satellites which can image object of 50m, while Carriers are 300m long. And DF21D are programmed to be guided by the satellites. This is reported in mass media, no secret. If Philippines wants to follow US s carriers, they will be the targets.

That i think is a reason Duterte does not want to be the war front dead lamb. Of course, the Japanese are not afraid of dying, and one little country also willing to do so. But US carriers never carried out the promised of ensuring " freedom of navigations" by patrolling at Scs every 3 months. Why? Its already 5 months passes.

That can be a good reason for Duterte to panic. How to rely on US? Will US support Philippines when pinoys attack Huangyen dao, the island near Philippines, but owned by China s 9 dashlines, but declared illegal by the Judgment?
If readers look at the US s chicken out behavior, there is reason to understand Duterte s needs. What?

I think Duterte wants to buy powerful weapons to be a regional power, not dependent on US. Similar to Indon. Indon is having a war game at Naturna island to declare it owns Naturna island. Jokowi is there. U know, Indon has Su 35 and other Su su.. jets. These are real jets can bomb, not the US jets that cannot (according to Mahathia).
Philippines wants to be like Indon, it must get out of US s straps on its neck.
Allied with US is like the attack dogs described in RB s post. Better pray for US s USD will not collapse when Saudi and China let go of their holding of US bonds.
For those who dont know what is "bonds". A Singaporean holds S$8millions of a Sin Co bonds. Now the bonds are able to return him $0.02 per dollar because the co is bankrupt.
So if US is bankrupt, Sin is also mati liao as US allied force.

Anonymous said...

As the Singapore cabinet pivots strongly towards India with Vivian, Tharman, Sharmu backing Hsien Loong, more India nationals will flood Singapore . . .

denk said...

bhutanese have become a minority in their own country, inundated by hindus,
ditto sikkim, annexed by india.
nepal has been 'sikkimised',
sg is almost there......
indian bankers, lawyers,doctors, it, indian pm and millions on the streets.

denk said...

in case u dunno whats 'sikkimisation', its all here,
u wont read such stuff in the shit times, cuz its also run by oh so wonderful 'ft', hehehehe
the only thing shit times tells u is 'chinese aggression in scs',
with media/laws/finance/tech/medicine all in 'ft'
hands, actually sg has already been 'sikkimised'
but apparently 80% still think that we need an indian pm just to show we aint 'racists' !


Anonymous said...

As long as the PM post is protected, the rest of the island can be sikkimised.
Who cares? The idiots don't even know, don't even bother as long as they got millions to collect.