Massacre of Native American Indians by European Invaders And by USA. PART 4

Massacre of Native American Indians by European Invaders and by USA.                 PART     4

The decimation of native American Indians was the result of European conquerors' deliberate policy of subjugation and extermination. The European conquerors' brutality was a reflection of the ruthlessness with which white men waged wars in all parts of the world. It was also white men's conviction that natives were savages who should be treated as subhuman. However, ironically the natives of America had highly developed societies just as those natives in Australia, New Zealand  and Africa have. These cultured native societies post a threat to the white men's ambition of conquest and subjugation. Therefore it was common for the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese invaders to raze cities, destroy temples, monuments as well as records and documents. They systematically killed Indian warriors, Indian chiefs and priests and the elites. Eventually the white invaders were able to destroy established Indian communities in North America as well as the empires of Mexico and South America.

In 1632 the British  attacked and invaded Indian territories in Pensylvania, Delaware and Virginia. In 1634 they invaded Maryland and Massacred most of the natives to forestall resistance. In 1644 there was an Indian uprising but it was brutally put down and the result of it was that the Indians had to cede more territories in the West to the British.

There was no limit to British aggression. The march to the West continued with more natives killed when they resisted. White immigrants were encouraged from England and Europe to come to America.

In1675 English settlers encroached on native lands in Massachusetts. The Wampanoags , natives of Massachusetts resisted. The British attacked them with full force and started the Wampanoags war.  The British recruited rival tribes the Mohawks to attack the Wampanoags. Thousands of natives were killed both by the British  and by inter tribes mutual attacks as instigated by the British. British settlements quickly extended to both north and south of Virginia and thus the new states Carolina and Georgia were founded. As more new lands were robbed from the native Indians, England encouraged mass immigration of whites from all over Europe. These newcomers were just as ruthless in replacing and suppressing the Indians. Before long there were millions of white settlers in America. They extended their territories to the land of the Iroquois tribes in the Great Lakes, and Ohio in the 1770s. The Iroquois tribes consisted of five Indian nations via the Mohawks, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga and Oneida. They formed a united confederacy to fight the British and the French invasion. They were sorely defeated and their people were massacred in thousands by the British and the French.

In 1763, to avoid costly wars against native Indians England forbade white settlers from encroaching Indian lands beyond the Rocky Mountains through a proclamation. ( NB: England needed the money for the Anglo British - French war in India ). This was ignored by white settlers who continued to advance westward through the might of their guns and canons. Therefore wars continued between the natives and the whites. The Indian tribes of the Cherokees and others were united under the leader Pontiac to resist the whites. But the resistance failed to stop the whites advance and so millions of new white immigrants were able to march West to illegally occupy Indian territories.

After the War of Independence in 1775 the extreme hostile policy of USA government towards the natives encouraged white settlers to grab native lands indiscriminately and they became even more violent towards the natives in their westward march. They totally ignored the rights and interests of the Indians and treated them with contempt. Thus the fate of the native Indians was sealed with the formation of the United States of America which was even more cruel, ruthless and brutal  towards the native Indians than the British.

USA adopted a policy of contempt of native Americans as subhuman and openly declared that the natives do not deserve to inherit the rich resourceful lands of America. Therefore they have no scruples in carrying out systematic killings, genocide and total extermination of the native Indians.

The whole scenario was a spectacle of European savages destroying established societies in America. It was a case of might is right, a skewed mangle thought of barbaric Europeans in which USA is still adopting and practising without restraint and without consideration to the principle of human rights and democracy of other peoples. USA frequent talk and advocacy  of human rights and democracy is crap cheap and is used as a cover to camouflage its evil intent and ambition of stirring trouble, dissension, choas, destability and conflicts among other countries with the objective of eventually taking over  these countries  under its total control and hegemony.
USA is now using the same satanic traits of aggression and conquests in the Middle East where their avaricious greed for Arab oil and gas result in the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan with Iran in the pipe line earmark for attack any time in the future.

It is the bounded duty of every other country to stop facist USA objective of subjugating the whole world under USA New World Order of One World Government under USA total control and complete hegemony. Failing to do so will result in the enslavement of all countries and civilise peoples by the facist Evil Empire, USA


17th October, 2016


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Clinton Suggests Possibility of claiming Entire Pacific Ocean



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Why no comments? Too painful and inappropriate to tell the truth of white men's savagery? Not true, or better not to know?
Or the mirror of wholesome goodness of the white men just got shattered into pieces?

Really got such things meh?

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White men is still better than Japs. Japs are the worst kind.

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Western media never remind people about brutal atrocities,massacre when they are doing BBC - History: On This Day