Labelling President Duterte's wisdom and strategy for Survival as " Duterte's personal game" is downright insulting.

I refer to "Today's Paper" where a miscreant writer from one of Singapore's institute of higher learnings and foreign affairs was being rude and insulting to label President Duterte's wisdom of trying to do what is good for Philippines and its people as "personal game". Calling President Duterte's wisdom and strategy for Philippine's survival as "Duterte's personal game" is horrendous and is not only an insult to President Duterte's dignity, integrity and self respect but also a desperate contemptible attempt to denigrate the intelligence of the Philippinos.
Let the unashamed faceless writer beware that President Duterte knows what he is doing is good for his country and his people  and he does not need to play political game to gain recognition and reward  ( which his predecessor was a suspect  )  from Philippines former evil colonial master, USA.
If the writer has any sense of propriety he should now show contrition and unreservely apologise to President Duterte and the Philippines countrymen for his uncalled for rude and insidious remark.
He should be booted out of Singapore for the good of Asean countries less he and his likes ( and there are many foreign intellectuals attached to Singapore institutes of higher learnings ) bring harm to the region through writing and spouting bias propaganda as little USAs and as mouth piece for USA propaganda machine.
Southernglory 1
Monday, 24th October,2016


Anonymous said...

Freedom in SPH lah. You can write anything I your mind. True?

Anonymous said...

This fellow can be on the payroll of CIA and there can be hundreds of them in the Philippines. Duterte has to be very vigilent. To play safe he must kick out all CIA officers and agents in the Philippines. CIA and its agents are capable of assassinating good men who do not want to lean on the Evil Empire, USA.

Anonymous said...

True, a CIA operator.

Anonymous said...

Many things still early to say.

2, 3, 5 , 10 years how's the outcome we will know.

Anonymous said...

The peenoi is simply playing both sides of the coin, normal peenoi con job is all. You interact with so many 500,000 peenois on this island you still dunno how they talk cock sing song, backstab you with a smile & curse your mother when you're finally down?!?!? You stupid lah. Hahahaha!!! Even the cheenas can see thru the peenoi bullshit. Many cheenas are already online for the past week calling out the peenoi's pretense and bald face lies. People who earn 100X less than you already know ... but you don't know harrrrrhahaha?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

phillipines have one highest population in the world, no need Mr Chua to defend Mr D, they cam do it themselves

Anonymous said...

The U.S. has been treating the Philippines as its unsinkable aircraft carrier, and President Duterte is putting a stop to that . . .

patriot said...

Any leader that is able to make his/her people live in peace must be a wise and great person. And to live harmoniously with neighbouring countries shall make the leader even more respectable globally.

l have great respect for Yudhoyono,
the Ex Indonesian President.
Currently, President Xi Jin Ping of the
PRC is a great statesman of a great nation. He is all way out to do his best
not only for China, he is doing his best
to develop other countries for the betterment of humanity.

Duterte has got good examples that
he can see. He too can do as well.
Philippinos are largely educated, many
have oversea working experience, hence, they are cosmopolitan and worldly.
With good leaders, Philippinos could
and should develop well and enjoy the
rich resources of their country.

May President Duterte start the Wheel
of fortune and if his successors carry
on with his wisdom, Philippines shall
be on its way to prosperity.

If the Asian
Region as a whole develops well with peace and co-operation, there is no need for alliances of any forms.


Anonymous said...

Not necessary , may end up more corrupted

patriot said...

Corruption in some countries are too rampant for any one leader to
eradicate. As long as a good leader does his best to deal with it sincerely, he, she should be respected and honoured for doing his/her duty. Not to forget that many leaders themselves are corrupted in many countries.

Thus far, Duterte has done very
well. May he keeps up the Good Work.


Anonymous said...

//May he keeps up the Good Work.//


Its a pain to read your ingrish leh?

Grammar very "jiat lah"?

Rb ingrish very gd how come never give u free ingrish tuition lesson?

Or at least email RB for him to vet first lah before u upload your comment?

Anonymous said...

*jiat lat

virgo49 said...

Sometimes really do not understand the dafts minds.

Previous Pinoy Presidents donned beautiful gowns and tuxedos partying and dancing away whilst the people scavenged food for survival.

Yet, previously they voted them as Presidents.

Now you see Durute just wear a simple shirt unless protocol required in meeting Dignitaries, he wear a suit.

The Thai King with a wealth of 53 billions and his kingdom where the trading of flesh are still rampant and did they use their wealth to help their subjects??

See the Thai Prince womanizing away.Yet they prostrate on the roads crying for him.

Likewise, our daft Sinkies.Crying in the rain waving bye bye to One WHO locked their fellow men for not agreeing with him.

In charity balls, why did you see any Minsiter or MP donating? ? With their hefty allowances.
Only common folks.

And yet they worshipped them.

All sum up in just one PAP RC supporter told me :
You can help all meh? You come out your monies lah.
These people don't help themselves how can we help all??,Now the loony guy said there are loony guys like DT who wants to up set world orders of what we elites are enjoying now.
We must put a stop to this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that Patriot is a nut to idolise the idiot. What is their guanxi ?
Could be operatives of some sinister organisations.