Father of American Rocketry

The Chinese have just sent two astronauts to their space station for a 30 day experiment. Everyone is taking this event as a non event. No one stop to think how the rocket will fly when it is slotted to fly. The Chinese rockets just fly every time they were launched. It is a non event, yes, it is taken for granted that all Chinese rockets will fly as expected.

The North Koreans have been trying to master this craft and have quite a number of successes. But not every North Korean rocket flies as expected. Quite a number would not make it. The South Koreans are still unable to send a rocket flying to space. The Japanese are more successful but still have no confidence to send their astronauts up in their own rockets.

The Indians too is advancing in this field, launching satellites and would soon be sending their astronauts to space. The Russians are still ahead, steadily sending their astronauts to their space station when needed.

Where are the Americans? Never heard of the NASA sending their astronauts to their space station anymore. The last heard, they hitched a ride on a Russian rocket. What happened to the American space programme? Shelved? Mothballed?

Yes, the Americans have shelved their space programme for the time being but not giving up.  The American space programme budget is US40b compares to the Chinese US$13b.  But they are unable to fly their rockets for the time being. The last few they launched flew for a few minutes and went boomed, killing all the astronauts in them. The Americans did not seem to have confidence in their rockets any more.

Ever since they exchanged the Father of American Rocketry for a few American prisoners in China in the 1950s, they were unable to improve on their rocket technology.  The rocket technology that works is in China, was brought to China inside the head of America’s Father of Rocketry, Qian Xueshen.  The Americans would have to find another scientist to help them build rockets that can fly and not go kaboomed on launched. Launching rockets safely into space is now second nature to the Chinese space programme while the Americans still did not have a clue how to get this right.

Qian Xueshen is also the Father of China’s rocketry and space programme. He made it all happened, built a strong foundation for China to take the leap forward in space technology and exploration.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To all visitors to my blog, I have banned JayF and another asshole from posting in my blog. These asses are not here to share their views but to quarrel and attack other bloggers personally.

My blog is for people to make friends, even if they don't agree, not to make enemies.

JayF, you are out. Don't try to post, I will delete them.


virgo49 said...

India? Still behind time.

Even Sing & Tel satellite also cannot succeed.

How to send manned spacecraft's??

Maybe manned monkeys and get all the Arse holes CEOs who created millions of others savings and shoot them up to perpetuity to doom.

Anonymous said...

RB, very nice of you that you didn't ban a joker who uses tiok and tio bo in his/her comments.

Jokers like to create fun and be light hearted to reduce stress and tension, not to make enemies, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Rb, can the ban be effective as the asshole can post under other names right?

Hermit said...

India helps Singapore launch our satellites.

Anonymous said...

Rb, can the ban be effective as the asshole can post under other names right?
9:13 am

Not really. As long as he/she uses the same IP address, RB will know it is the same asshole even if different names.

Unless the asshole has a way (there are software that can do that) to make him/her surf incognito on the net.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's enjoy the blog and have some fun. A bit of poking here and there is healthy. But attacking another person is not acceptable.

They can use all kinds of nicks and anonymous to post, but once they start to reveal themselves, or attack another person, they will be PNG.

I will be watching.

Anonymous said...

Attacking a person is not OK. But attacking a whole race is? Why is Veritas' expletives against ethnic groups still around?

Not really. As long as he/she uses the same IP address, RB will know it is the same asshole even if different names.//

There is such thing as dynamic IP address, you know.

Anonymous said...

Correction 9.20 am

surf anonymous, not incognito.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to note that China is oso in the space game.

I heard not so long ago, that a leader claimed that their country
had landed a rocket on the SUN!


Anonymous said...

For all their strengths in other areas, China is weak in air power. They cannot design and build fighter jets or even commercial airplanes as good as the Americans or Europeans.

That's why Hsien Loong did not buy any fighter jets from China, even though it may be much cheaper. Trains yes, but not things that carry humans and can fly.

Airlines also do not have made in China jetliners, do they?

Anonymous said...

If u Google they stated that if u off the modern overnight the IP address will change!

Veritas said...

When you see brahmin genocide and make dalits sex slave you want to say fuck you or say namaste archa?

Anonymous said...

Qian caught my attention when my father talked about China s nuclear bombs. Qian was behind the project. Qian died at 98 lived a fully valuable life for Chinese.

Readers may not know what happened in sky this morning around 3am. The china spacemen was in sky outer space to join the space ship to Tienkong @2 shot to space earlier. The joint was sealed in outer space. This is an achievement for someone like me who studied abit of physics. Its precision precision and precision.

China was not allowed to join the US space lab when US Russia German Japan etc shared to build the space station.

That ended up China is being forced to build it own space lab Tienkong fully on its own and funded by its own. It is a great lapse for China when RB brought back Qian in memory.

Without Qian to blast off the first atomic bomb, US would have invaded China long long time ago. US is still eying at South China Sea territories. Hillary said US was the country that liberated Scs, and NOT China. The show is never end between hawks like Hillary and her company. Without scientists like Qian, Chinese people will be sorry, like Singaporeans. The latter invented nothing, not even nuclear energy.
China now can have nuclear energy engine like a boat floating at Scs. Yet Singapore chooses to cut off from the nearby sources of science and tec to hold the legs of hawks who want war but only wanting the Asians to do the warriors jobs while they sell weapons to make the money to tie Singapore down with lashes of debts. Qian is supper chinese.

Anonymous said...

If u Google they stated that if u off the modern overnight the IP address will change!

That's the dynamic IP address I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Why is Veritas' expletives against ethnic groups still around?
9:24 am

Because ISD have not yet ask Veritas to go lim kopi with them, so I think it is still not that bad. Veritas even have his own blog, you know, so ISD sure must have known him/her.

That's perhaps why RB can (or dare) to also tolerate Veritas a bit lah.

Anonymous said...

@9,27, the reason why ISD never go after veritas is because this site is not very well visited unlike TOC, TRE and other more popular sites. Veritas' blog has even worse hit rates than this site. I can assure you if TRE and the rest were to allow veritas type posts, ISD would come down to get the admin lim kopi in no time. But veritas shouldn't try his luck. It may run out.

Veritas said...

I am willing to martyr for exposing hindus pedophille devdasi theology and let people call me racist.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Qian Xueshen was a rocket man. The A bomb was headed by another Qian. In the early stages when the A bomb project was having difficulties in detonating, Qian Xueshen got his good friend, one Yulai, could not remember his full name, to help to trigger the bomb.

His friend, who left America about the same time as him, initially did not want to do it fearing the destructive nature of the bomb. Qian finally convinced him that having a bomb and not using it was different from not having a bomb. That statement convinced his friend and changed the destiny of the Chinese people.

Without the bomb, China would have been invaded and condemned by the Americans many times over. The Americans were contemplating to invade China many times and wanting to nuke China. The bomb saved China from the Americans. Iran and North Korea needed their own bombs to keep the trigger happy Americans from nuking them for the same reason.

Virgo1949 said...

Wow Veritas.

Now in Fox News they have a conspiracy of Democrats plans to upset Trump rallies.

They called it VeritasProject. Famous the name Veritas. Is it something to do with exposing of evils and conspiracies??

Thought Veritas is a Bureau /Agency for shipping organisation licensing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To those who think they can come to my blog and shit, please go somewhere else.

From now onwards I will not allow it.

I have been deleting many of Veritas posts. A few are left behind as they are factual. But he has claimed responsibility and will answer to his own posts.

I will delete whenever I think it is necessary. My judgement may not be agreeable to all, but I am not always right and I am also subjective and affected by my biases.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, it would be better for you to post those strong views of yours in your own blog. I can't afford to have them here. I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, you did the right thing , respect each other views is utmost importance here, we can agree to disagree but attacking others is a no no .

Veritas said...

People perceived my views extreme because our government is telling everyone Chinese is racist and have not informed the truth of Malay state (not fringe) terror sponsorship in SULU, MILF, PULO...etc

You can find this in serious papers.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The problem with state sponsoring of terrorism is that the terrorism will come back and bite them. They are stupid if they think that they will be able to control it.

Why does this happen ? Its because in any ideological movement the best way for new comers to gain power is to be more extreme then the mainstream. Hence, Isis will say that al nusra is not islamic enough and that Isis are the real defenders of islam. This sort of rightward spiraling will eventually cause the most extreme islamists taking power.

Malaysia now knows that they have been outflanked by Isis and they are cracking down on Isis.

Veritas said...

The problem of Malay racism is it is base on lies and Malay buying it see bloodshed. Malay racism also hide malay inconvenient fact.

For example, Southern Thailand malay in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat believe the lies of Malaysian Malay and think they are victim, who grievances and only be reddress my killing thai teachers.

They are now miserable.

The other side in Thai Saturn, are Malay as well.

Saturn Malay dont buy Malaysian malay propaganda and they prosper.

Malay racist cannot explain why Thai target Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat while treat Saturn nicely.

Malaysia is there to stir trouble and accerbate contradiction hoping for more bloodshed in order to put a case of Malay and Muslims are discriminated, not just Thailand but philippines and a particular red dot.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Malaysia has an incoherent ideology i mix of Islamism and malay nationlism. They will let in Muslim migrants because of islam, even though the migrants will under cut the wages of Malays. And the Muslim migrants will marry Malay women, leaving many malay men without any wives.

In the long run leading to the genocide of the malay race. But because of islam somehow its ok. All while making the Chinese a threat.

Veritas said...

I was on some forum in discussion with Indon. Despite being Muslims, Malaysia is being despise by Indon. The situation that Malaysia is always able to "pre-empt" terror plot in malaysia while disproportional of Indon and Philippines terror involve Malay, irritate many in Indon.

And Malay nationalism is in my opinion a white man tool against SE ASian Chinese and to control Thai states.

For example, PULO commit the most terror during the very pro-china thaksin time.

When the more pro USA faction in Thailand seize power, PULO cool down.

Be assured when Thaksin gang ascend, malay suicide kid will reappear.

The Singapore state downplaying of Malay racism and putting down Chinese right/ethnic orientation suits white man interest.

Anonymous said...

All focused in space adventure despite japun Kia annual provocative action at their shrine to attack Chinese victims and families psychologically by honouring CLass A war criminals. Over 80 members of Parliament went even Sg pm geo political ally Abe sent offering to the war dead criminals who massacred tens of thousands of Chinese in 1942_1945
Singapore . Outrageous to the max !

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The west are big sponsors of the bersih movement which is against UMNO. The elites in the west are probably against any sort of ethnic nationalism based on blood and soil. The current ideology of the west is liberalism. Western NGOS spread liberal ideas here and in Malaysia.

I actually like Malay nationalism because it will cause a racial consiousness of our people.

Anonymous said...

How can Jpn be a reliable and trusted security partner if even the highly educated law-makers,ministers from a country highest office be so very insenitive to the the victims and families of your past aggressions up till TODAY! Toally absurd if this to happen in EU!
Mind you, you were the aggressors and by honouring & bowings, you are implicitly endorsing your past aggressions. Plsease dun take Sg as a dummy please respect our feelings.

SJ 50 celebratons make one feels obnoxious on second thought!!

Anonymous said...

After the war China and Singapore rightly let bygones be bygones and be friends again with Japan. Japan even have a longer dipomatic ties with SG than SG with China! But Jap insentive is totally crazy even their warships today use Exactly the same name as in world war 2 !! Friendship is not like THIS !!

Anonymous said...

For example, PULO commit the most terror during the very pro-china thaksin time.
Veritas 11:26 am

Tiok. I also read a lot in the news about it then.

Actually thaksin is a Thai Chinese. He also killed drug traffickers like what Pinoy Prez Duterte is now doing.

Even ex-Pinoy Prez Aquino has Chinese blood, except that he is pro-America. That perhaps annoyed China a lot and China did not welcome him. Now Duterte is welcomed by China. I think Duterte is smarter than Aquino.

Veritas said...

The communist let Japan off the hook for good reason. CPC ascend is in reality part of work of Japanese imperial army. CPC benefited when Japan elites decided to gave them all their weapons after Japan surrender.

The 4th New Army of CPC in 1942 was a bunch of loser. She suffered massive and critical military defeat in 1942, exterminating all her leaders, like General Ye Ting and Xiang Ying. After 1945 Japan surrender, she got transformed overnight, and by 1947, defeated the KMT crack force 47th Division. Barely 5 years.

The 4th New Army was remain 3rd field army.

In contrast, the CPC field army like 2nd and 1st Army, who never benefited from Japanese support and not Key players in the CPC-KMT civil war.

Anonymous said...

Rb //But not every North Korean rocket flies as expected. Quite a number would not make it.//

The NKn are already at launching and testing nuclear missiles and space rockets

One sin city voted lumber 1 or top 3 or 5 in so many international accolades including by WEF in GCI lumber 2 competitive globally 6 yrs in a row but launch driverless cars only also cmi liao


"Simple technology" on the road also "kayu balik kampung"?

Even a hermit state like the DPRK already dealing with space technology?

The whole NTU aerospace engineering fac doing what huh and training what huh?

Can compete with even DPRK?

Let alone the Chinese and Russians?

Anonymous said...

The whole NTU aerospace engineering fac doing what huh and training what huh?
12:57 pm

NTU got one local Sinkie satellite expert. See link:


Maybe Veritas also know about him?

Anonymous said...

Chinese politicians are no longer belonged to the generations where they value blood relations. Duterte claimed his grand father in law has chinese blood in interview to claim closer relation for his Beijing visit starting officially tomorrow. This has nothing to influence the Chinese there. The son of the old man in little dot is felt the same. The chinese only value whether Duterte and the son will further damage their ownership in territories. Duterte wants to borrow money. The Chinese will ask how much. The chinese was nice to Aquino after he became president because his mother was close to China leadership. The son got good deals then switched to US side to start the Tribunal.
The little dot son supported the "strong and powerful" Judgment was more difficult to turn around because, China considered the Tribunal illegal, wrong application of laws on ownership of sovereignty which Ocean Laws cannot apply etc. In other words, the intention was to damage China s interest and reputation.

The problem is world wide, not confined to China s inner population. This is an indication: a new HK Legco mp at swelling ceremony called China as Cheenah and read Republic as Re fucking. The protest to get rid of this young mp came from overseas Chinese, besides HK s own population. The reason was: the legco mp was against chinese race s interest.

So Chinese race overseas also see China s interest and sovereignty as interest concerned them in overseas. It is reflected on re actions on this HK mp s belittling words against Republic of China (vs refucking of Cheenah). Therefore, little dot s stand on Scs has far fetch effects.

On the other hand. East Timor started similar Tribunal against Australia on sea disput. Australia put statement that it will not recognize the judgment of this tribunal. But when Australia and little dot pm met for signing of the USD1.75billions training facilities at queensland, both said china should follow the tribunal judgment of Philippines. That again is an question in minds of China s chinese, and the chinese overseas. What s the difference?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


This is a very good post. The politicians will always put their interest over the interest of their people. China went down the wrong path when it choose communism. National socialist ideas of the KMT would have been much better for our people both in china and overseas.

But then again national socialist ideals tend to get lost if a country adopts democracy as is seen in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Anyone visiting the Yasukuni shrine must ask the caretaker monks if any Singaporean tablets have been included among the war criminals/heroes.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

So yew think "1 shallow swallow will a samar (summer) maketh"?

How abt the (driverless) car crash yesterday morning at the North Bouna Biopolis?

Also make by some NUT ..... oops ...... NTU "expurts"?

Anonymous said...

Watching too many Total Recall movies huh?
Taxi drivers, your profession at stake.

b said...

Do not underestimate the ESA. They are very advance.

patriot said...

So are drivers of other
locomotives except some cranes for the time being.
Seaport container cranes in China are mostly operator-less.
Soon crane drivers will be jobless too.

ln Sin, the cleaning of roads and estates will oso be done by machines and doing away with workers.

70% of Sinkies shall have more time to enjoy living.


Anonymous said...

Veritas, can you explain to me why cant Singapore make a rocket?
Singapore had good relationship with the West.

Does West transfer/share their high technology with Singapore?
Singapore had thousand MNC.
Singapore have highly skilled and educated workforce.
Singapore belongs to US camp.
Singapore take part in NSA spying program.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't PAP ask USA to train Singaporean as astronaut and take part in ISS space station?

It would make Singapore truly unique in Asia.

Anonymous said...

I think Singapore is quite capable when it comes to having a space exploration programme. We have money, brain, and good government to have a space industry of our own. I am rather intrigued why we do not start a space programme. Singapore government should seriously consider this. We want to be first in everything, so why not first space exploration country in SE Asia?

Anonymous said...

Rb, watch this video on youtube -Police van runs over protesters at anti-US rally

It happen in Philippine.

It is gruesome murder!!!

Western media seems to ignore such brutal violence.
There are no condemnation issued by NGO , human right group or Western media.

Anonymous said...

I think Singapore is quite capable when it comes to having a space exploration programme.
anon 6:32 pm

Got lah. Refer to what anon 1:10 pm said about a NTU Sinkie satellite expert (also related to space exploration) which I repeat the link below:


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:40 pm,

Talking about NTU, Veritas should know lah. NTU is Veritas's alma mater.

Aside to Veritas, so what do you think of NTU's satellite program?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With Duterte out of the country, some interested parties are planning to get rid of him. This running over protestors is to ignite a situation of lawlessness. Maybe a coup is in the making.

You don't have to guess who is the devil behind this.

Anonymous said...

This running over protestors is to ignite a situation of lawlessness.
9:46 pm

Tiok. But maybe Duterte can handle this situation of lawlessness.

Just like Hsien Loong can handle this situation of Sinkies kpkb.

And just like Hsien Loong in Singapore, Duterte is very strong and popular in the Philippines, u know. If not, how can they win such strong mandates in their respective elections, tio bo?