Duterte's Independent Foreign Policy Not Subject To USA Dictates

Duterte's Independent Foreign Policy Not Subject to USA Dictates.

Duterte"s visit to China brought positive results. China agrees to help Philippines build mega infrastructure projects like roads, railways, ports, airports and many other good deals.China  will also help Philippines in its fight against drug traffickers and in building drug rehabilitation centres. Philippines need to turn to China for help because USA did nothing to elevate Philippines development even after almost a century of its rigid colonial rule . The Philippinos must now fully support Predsident Duterte and ensure the country is no more subservient to America as a subservient little brown brother. America will definitely try to sabotage the badly needed infrastructure projects from taking root and prevent China's aid from taking a foothold in the country through the use of legal loopholes and other pretexts and arm twist Philippines law makers to overturn Duterte's independent foreign policy.

The Philippines had been invaded three times by foreign powers. First it was invaded by the Spanish in the 17th Century. Then in 1898 USA booted out the Spaniards and ruled the Philippines until the late 1940s.  Finally during the Second World War, the Philippines was invaded by the Japanese with tragic consequences for the Philippinos. Now the Americans and the Japs are colluding again to bring the Philippines into bondage into America's New World Order of a One World Government under USA full control and total hegemony. The Philippines should be wary of the Americans and the Japanese and not fall into their traps.

The Philippinos must come down hard on USA and its CIA and Pentagon operatives and on its influence in the mass media as well as its insidious influence in the judiciary, senate and congress . Duterte must destroy CIA's hidden underworld operatives where it is allied with gang leaders trafficking in drugs and  as hitmen for CIA assassination purpose. Also many of the drug traffickers are under the CIA's payroll. Thus is there any wonder why America is dead against Duterte's war against drug traffickers? CIA is the world's biggest Drug Lords and is making billions of dollars from drug trafficking.

USA will never leave the Philippines alone because it is of great importance geostrategically and is used  as a lynchpin to American evil scheme of pivoting to Asia to create choas, destability and wars and to contain China's peaceful development. The Philippines must be prepared to bravely and strongly resist America's interference in her internal affairs and trample on her sovereignty.

CIA will use its underlings and 5th columns in the country to block Duterte's independent foreign policy not subjecting to USA dictates and coercion.Duterte must quickly nib this problem in the bud. To delay putting away the 5th column and CIA's agents can be disastrous to Duterte's government and administration.

In 1898 USA invaded the Philippines . It was able to bring the Philippines under US bondage only after it had killed and massacred a few hundred thousand patriotic resistant fighters. America's intention has always been to keep an independent Philippines weak and poor so that it will forever be subservient to US control and dictates and accede to US demands like allowing US to build military bases in the Philippines.

US interferes in every Philippines administration and ensure that  a weak central government will never be able to carry out reforms essential for the development of the country. It frequently tramples and violates Philippines sovereignty with impunity. Below is what one of former Philippines president , Mr Estrada bemoaned of US travesty of Philippines sovereignty. The remarks are lifted from China's Global

"October 23, 2016 at 12:01 am, Manila Standard

"FORMER President Joseph “Erap” Estrada backed President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to separate foreign policy from the United States, saying it is high time the US government be stopped from its meddling in the country’s internal affairs. But the 79-year-old Estrada, who was ousted from office in 2001, feared that Duterte’s unpopular pronouncements might have severe consequences, such as his possible removal from office similar to what he had experienced in 2001.

The former leader recalled that when he was president, the US government would always try to coax him into doing what they want, like when US Defense Secretary William Cohen wrote him demanding a stop to Estrada’s “all-out war” against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front which was believed to be behind several terror attacks.

“They meddled in my fight with the MILF. They stopped me,” said Estrada, who is now on his second term as mayor of Manila. “When they suddenly removed me, they neglected the MILF which continued in their bombings,” he pointed out. “Just because the US is helping us [through official aid] that does not mean they can meddle in our internal problems. We are a sovereign country. We have our own Constitution,” Estrada said. “President Duterte’s action is right. Why are they meddling?” he added, referring to the US.

Asked if he supports Duterte’s move to realign the Philippines with China, Estrada replied: “Yes. Because China doesn’t meddle with us, with our independence.”

Estrada said he understands where Duterte is coming from when he announced the country’s “separation” from the US. “I feel what President Duterte is feeling.” He stressed it was a difficult decision for the President, one that might expose him to political risks such as the US moving to oust him from office. “That is my fear because they did that to me,” Estrada said."

There is thus always a peril to friendship with the Evil Empire, USA. President Duterte is visiting Japan this week for three days from 25th to 27th October. US will pressure Abe, the Japanese warmonger PM to persuade Duterte to make an about turn in Philippines relation with China and force Duterte to get back into the warmongering American-Japanese alliance . The Japs are pledging Duterte 48 million dollars in aid as compare to China's 24 billion dollars  to build the philippines infrastructures like roads, railways, ports, airports and power stations and a further huge sum for Duterte's war on drug traffickers and for building drug rehabilitation centres.

The Philippines must be able to strongly and bravely tell the two trouble makers the Japs and the Americans to get lost and to respect the Philippines independence and sovereignty.


Wednesday, 26th October,2016Duterte's


Anonymous said...

The Philippines must be able to strongly and bravely tell the two trouble makers the Japs and the Americans to get lost and to respect the Philippines independence and sovereignty.

Tiok. And isn't Duterte doing just that? And if Duterte dare to tell the Americans to get lost, no need to tell the Japs. The Japs, being smart just like PAP, will know already.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Southernglory, you have said many things that I wanted to say in my next article. Also, I will quote what Estrada said from your article on the Americans using rebels as a tool to control the elected govt.

Anonymous said...

He may be poisoned by the Japs during his trip to Japan.

Virgo1949 said...

See the Typhoons and so many Natural disasters on Philipines in direct paths to these annual beatings without shelters.

China is some near as neighbours. Every time they needed help, china be willingly.

Their PLA soldiers not eat chocolates and candies during peace times.

They are trained just like civil defences in helping their population.

Ameicunts just threw a few food/medical packages from their choppers and deemed to help.

So who is a better ally??

Anonymous said...

What can Japan give to Philippines?
ANSWER: Fukushima nuclear accidents waste water...contaminated high cesium radioactive water drifting south towards Manila every single day.. poisoning banana plantations in the long term. That's what japan can surely give to Philippines, figuratively and in real terms. Nothing good.

denk said...

from ph with love...


Anonymous said...

President Duterte has ignited global awareness of the Americans' treachery against the Philippines . . .

Anonymous said...

He may be poisoned by the Japs during his trip to Japan.
10:05 am

Perhaps he should even bring his own food and water. Or at least not to eat the raw "fugu" delicacy and gourmet popular with the Japs.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i beg to differ.


Anonymous said...

In the old days, the Chinese hokkien people used to call those who lied or scam as "Chu 48" ...today we have D of P "Chu 230" in order to "见人说人话,见鬼说鬼话" or "see people talk people, see ghost talk ghost" ..this case D of P met a jap ghost of course he would talk ghost Lah ..to be in sync with Halloween & same time Diwali ( in celebration of light..land of rising Sun is Light )...

Anonymous said...

This fellow smart or not i leave all to judge and discuss.

But i muz say do have character. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

President Duterte's active engagement with China is a very brave political move to uplift its economic development via infrastructure buildings.

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