Duterte must take precaution to pre-empt assassination by CIA

Duterte must take precaution to pre-empt assassination by CIA

CIA is notorious for carrying out regime change and countless strings of assassinations of foreign heads of governments, informers and whistle blowers against CIA underworld clandestine activities since the end of Second World in 1945. CIA carries out both covert and overt evil activities in all foreign countries whether friendly or unfriendly to USA. Its modus-operandi includes secret activities through its agents working as USA diplomatic staff with diplomatic immunity, local drug and narcotic cartels as its allies and other local gang leaders under its payroll. Very often the intended CIA victim appeared to die mysteriously though often the dirty unseen hands of CIA were found to be behind the killings.
CIA and other high USA government officials in the administration including the Pentagon and Washington are the biggest drug lords in the world. They control international drug trafficking which includes opium, heroin, cocaine and ice. CIA runs its own secret laboratories in manuafacturing heroin and processing cocaine and uses its own transport planes with search immunity from USA customs and other law enforcement authorities like FBI and DEA. The Philippinos should have no doubt that CIA controls all the highly profitable drug trade and trafficking in the Philippines and therefore they are vehemently opposed to President Duterte's fierce war on drugs. CIA and the Pentagon with Washington behind use the humongous profits from drug trafficking in financing wars everywhere in the Middle East, South America, Africa and in Asia. CIA and the American administration are merchants of death . The Philippines and other countries have a duty and obligation to stop the American merchants of death from  destroying this planet earth.
To pre-empt from being assassinated by CIA agents it is imperative for Duterte to quickly carry out certain  course of actions. Philippines must restrict the number of USA diplomatic staff in its embassy to the bearest minimum. It must close down all USA's military attaches and CIA offices as well as all American NGOs in the country.
Duterte must retire all senior military and police officers who have close connections with CIA or transfer them to civillian departments under close watch. Duterte must keep the movements of CIA agents and American embassy staff under close watch especially when they go out of Manila to the provinces.
It is imperative that Philippines abrogate all military treaties with USA which were signed under dubious conditions by the previous Aquino administration. It must close down all American military bases in the country to prevent USA from initiating wild ventures that may embroil the Philippines in an unwanted and unnecessary war against a third country. USA and its close poodle ally Japan are war mongering countries. They post a great danger to the Philippines and other Asian countries. Both USA and Japan are a liability to the Philippines..
Tuesday, 25th October, 2016
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Anonymous said...

Is Duterte the same as Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein? Does the Philippines have oil or nuclear weapons? Or in a strategic location like Syria in the Middle East? If not, why would CIA want to assassinate Duterte?

And if the CIA cannot assassinate Syria's Assad or North Korea's Kim Jong Un, what makes you think they can assassinate Duterte?

virgo49 said...

Not necessary to have oil or WMD that they assassinate him.

For us or against us- that is our mantra.

Our plans to contain China using Philippines as a pawn and pivot to our agenda. Now you thwarted it. Upset world order that we can continue with the slavery of you dafts.

That's why our loony guy played smart in not antagonizing them. China would be safer bet. They don't upset others business.

Likewise, Sinkie land ISD and their masters. They get you if you upset their elite ways of lives and slapped all ridiculous charges to maim you.

Just get one of their kind to make a Polis Report under what sedition laws.

Anonymous said...

Can the honourable mr Redbean,or anyone here,explain to me, is the USA military presence in south Philippines beneficial to the Philippines? The American permanent contingent there are supposed to arm the Philippine army, work with thestaff to actively tackle Moro rebels which are terrorists, some rebels are even openly support ISIS!

Anonymous said...


Can be any of his political opponents henchmen ?
Can be 3300 peoples he killed in his war on drugs ? After all those that die are fathers husbands brothers or sons of some families.
Can be drug lords , drug sellers henchmen ?
Can be the army also ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is need to have a regime change in the Philippines. You know, they will cook up a cock and bull story, bring it to the UN and sell it to the poodles. And what will the poodles do? Your guess is as good as my.

After decades, it puzzles me that they did not try to pull off the regime change trick on the Russians and Chinese. Oh, yeah, they only bully the weak as always.

Anonymous said...

worry not worry not

actually a person time on this planet earth is decided by HIM

there is no way to escape, you can'y say no

if it time to up lorry.....sorry return your IC

if time is not up yet......you will survive anything, yes anythung

so worry not worry not leave it to HIM

hope you all understand this, FATE!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ask one simple question. The USA is the world's most powerful military power. Why is it so difficult to stamp out ISIS? Why is it so difficult to stamp out drug trades or rebel forces in the Ppines when they are there supposedly working to stamp them out?

The truth, ISIS, drug trades, rebels in the Ppines and all over the world can be used to serve the interests of the USA, to be released to cripple and topple govt, in regime change. They are carefully nurtured and financed to stay alive and active, to be used when the day comes?

Does that answer your question? The USA could topple the govt of Iraq, Libya, wanting to topple North Korea, and threatening war with Russia and China, but helpless with little rebel groups? Does it make sense?

They could not even stamp out piracy in the eastern African coast?

Many groups or individuals in the Ppines can be paid to pull the trigger on Duterte just like George Oswald pulling the trigger on JFK. In the Ppines, can be a soldier, or a drug runner, can be anyone but not the CIA. The CIA will keep its nose very clean, like the MH370 incident.

Anonymous said...

American media remind Duterte that USA and Philippine military have close relationship. They may not like Duterte's anti US policy. ( Threat!!!)

Anonymous said...

Philippine should kicked US out of the region and replaced it with China military.

China can open their air force and navy base in Clark and Subic bay ( previous US military base)

Whole region would become more peaceful. USA strategy of containment ( 1 island or 2 island chain completely collapsed)

It would greatly angered Japan.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Philippines, S Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and some Asean countries are just pawn pieces to the Americans in the control of Asia. Duterte did not want to be the running dog of the Americans anymore. He wanted independence for the Philippines and respect as an independent country and people. There is pride and nationalism in this man.

The Pinoys are lucky to have a man to make them proud again.

Anonymous said...

Many groups or individuals in the Ppines can be paid to pull the trigger on Duterte...
RB 2:15 pm

If they can be paid to pull the trigger on Duterte, already paid and pulled by now. But Duterte still alive and kicking, tio bo?

If the Sinkie opposition can be ready to be govt, already strong and ready in GE 2015. But PAP won 70% votes and 93% seats, tio bo?

So rest assured, Duterte will not be killed and PAP will not be voted out as govt.

Anonymous said...

Are u a fortune teller or CIA insider? You seem to know things other people do not know.

Anonymous said...

Rb,the moro rebels has been around long before ISIS and sadam Hussein i think. Basically they are to the Phil admin what Tibet is to china administration, i.e. they want independence. But unlike peaceful Tibetan, moro use armed conflict. You believe the usa also secretly support them?

b said...

He just need to stay alive until Trump is President on Nov 8. Those democrats reporting to Saudi/Qatar bosses will be charged and sent jail. US president should always be a peace loving guy willing to do business with everyone. Cannot sell oil/gas to europe is no big deal if can move the entire population somewhere.

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