Duterte has opened the eyes of the Pinoys

The Philippines did not gain anything from being the running dog of the American Empire. The Philippines paid the price of compromising its sovereignty with American bases and soldiers in the country. The Philippines have to sign military alliances and conduct war games, joint patrols, to provoke another country, risking wars for its people. What did the Philippines gain, one antique warship destined for the museum?

What did the Americans gain, a foothold in Asian for their soldiers, weapons and military installations to maintain military supremacy and world hegemony at little cost and at the expense of the Philippines.

The big question is who needs who more? Is China going to invade the Philippines? Bull.  It is the Americans that benefited for harping the fear and from the arrangement, with the Philippines as their running dog, to bolster the pivot to Asia, for the sake of the Empire.

Should not the Philippines be demanding for a ransom for hosting the military bases and risking a war with China? How much value is the Philippines’ contribution to the American Empire and how much the Philippines are losing for becoming an American military base, the first target to be hit if war broke out between China and the USA?

Finally Duterte has opened the eyes of the Pinoys and the raw deal they are in. They have been taken for a ride. Nobody is going to attack the Philippines. Why become a stooge of the Americans for the reward of a few museum pieces?

Independence is priceless. Why should the Philippines compromise its independence to become a military base for the American Empire? Why?

This applies to the other Asian and Asean states. The Japanese and South Koreans have no choice. They are semi colonies of the Empire. The Americans are in control militarily and would not leave. They are the frontline states of the Empire, the first to be attacked and the first to be destroyed, with all the military bases as prime targets.

The Philippines had chased the American colonialists out of their country before. Why would the Philippines, so proud of their independence, now so willing to be a semi colony of the American Empire again?

What about the other Asian and Asean states? Why are they providing bases to the Americans and barking for the Americans without extracting a heavy price from the Americans? It is the Americans that are desperately in need of military bases here to maintain their military supremacy, to project their military power. The Americans should pay a heavy price for the privilege of stationing their soldiers and weapons in another country, compromising their national security and independence, not the other way.  The Asian and Asean countries should not be so stupid not to know the value of their compromising act, to allow foreign troops on their territories. But many stupidly believe that they would be invaded and must invite the Americans into their soil. Ask the neighbouring countries of China if they have been invaded by China? 

The only Asian country that is suffering from this delusion is India, everyday worrying about a Chinese invasion. What a joke! For the rest of independent Asian and Asean countries, why become cronies of the Empire when they could stand tall as independent nations? However, stupidity has no cure. Some of the stupids are worrying about being invaded by China and North Korea.


Hermit said...

If Duterte is cozy with US, what you think about PAP-US relations? We have been America's lapdog since independence.

Anonymous said...

Two letters to Today paper warning Singapore not to be the American's lapdog just because of a few praises, 带高帽子.

Anonymous said...

In the China s version of Shangrila called Xiangxan Forum at Beijing, Malaysia military chief Gen (Dr) Zekifeli said Malaysia will have more cooperations with China, a far difference from his last years claims against China. Its obvious, Malaysia seems to favor China to build a 3rd harbor at Klang and may be also doing the high speed rail against the Japanese tenderer. These signs are not so good for little dot. Little dot PM is at Au to sign a USD1.7billions training facility at Au. The pm had hoped Japan Shinkangshan could win the tender weeks ago and wanted China to follow the Hague Judgment to give up its ownership of Scs islands wrong, the Judgment said rocks, all are rocks. Rocks? yet every country want a rock? So the Judgment was brought up by NZ in Beijing.

China is so weak in my view. Philippines put up a Judgment paying US$33millions to snatch ownership from it, and countries supporting the Judgment include US Japan Singapore NZ Au openly against China s claim of 9 dash line which started after WW2.

Now China is entertaining Duterte who brings along 250 delegates all wanting to talk business with China. The Judgment was forgotten. What a Philippines. And Singapore ends up as a claimant of Scs without a real rock to claim. What a contrast. Philippines has real rock to claim and Singapore has none to claim, yet the latter was so brave to give up trades with China, while Philippines was so greedy to trade and forget the rock.

Japan Singapore Au and Nz are US s firmed alliances at all weather. Malaysia and Philippines are going for money to trade with China. They are not upright. Singapore must buy all F35 US can offer it to get ready to challenge China and Malaysia s cooperation. When China gives up the 9 dashline after US shout at them at Shangrila in future, Singapore still cannot claim a rock over the Scs. How to get some sea weed to feed the cat? at least. That is a hard question to solve for singapore s brilliant elites. What can average IQ voters help?

Veritas said...

Actually Pinoy and China relation depends on who have deeper pockets. And that is how superpower control their client states.

USA is broke and USA has not monies. If you want your dog to bite, you need to feed your dog. Do not ask your dog to scavenge its own food.

Duterte follows the monies. Smart move.

Anonymous said...

Some of the stupids are worrying about being invaded by China and North Korea.


I think for Sinkieland there are good reasons to worry. Not only just invaded by China, but also by Pinoy, Myanmar and Indians.

I am of course not referring to a military invasion. I am talking about Sinkieland being "invaded" by substandard people from China, Philippines, India, Myanmar and even Indonesia. Because PAP need them to "invade" Singapore for our GDP growth mah, tio bo?

So how should Sinkies fight this type of invasion, u tell me lah? And if Sinkies lost the battle, they will become jobless or their PMETs work as taxi drivers and security guards. So sad, tio bo?

Veritas said...

RB underestimate India. India does not fear China invasion as India know China is the most peaceful state. India wants to invade her neighbors and China stand in the way. India want to conquer Tibet.

But Indians are too fuck up and coward. That is why they keep mongering hate in newspaper...fuck fuck fuck china.

When China get piss and ready for show down, Indians always back off.

JayF said...

So how much do the Chinese pay?

Hourly or salaried? By the word?

Dental? Do I get a bonus if I sell out my own country as well?

Anonymous said...

The world is not ready for a AMERICAless world!

You think the world will be more "liveable" with AMERCICAless?

You think the P is ready NOW to be AMERICAless? CHina will help NOW?

It is nice to dream! But, stop dreaming! Stop dreaming!

Who then will be if the world is AMERICAless?

What will happen?

Think about it! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is the court jester.

Veritas said...

China deliver the head of Tigers to Sri Lanka Sinhalese.

Singaporean tamil clowns weep their compatriots got murdered.

Go read more.

Anonymous said...

Duterte today said if there is war between China and Philippines the battlefield will be in Palawan and not

in Mass. Or New York . Very smart man, well read and practical. Give the man a San Migui beer.

patriot said...

To deal with rogue leaders
to do damages at their
Make these rogues feel the
pain and anxiety themselves.


Anonymous said...

How much did the Americans pay?
Must be good.

Anonymous said...

Got to salute the Prime Minister of Sin. He has been very busy playing a coordinator to leegalised the Tribunal's Ruling on the Scs.
First was to Japan closely followed by India and now in Oz just weeks from his India Visit.
He was in China prior to those Visits.
Was he badly treated in China that
pissed him so much that he is retaliating in his personal ways?
Obviously, what the PM of Sin is doing cannot be considered as a collective or even a consensus of
Singaporeans as a whole. Many Singaporeans are not in favor of Sin playing stooge to US.

In a way, he is not only alienating China, he is also disappointing his own countrymen.

Anonymous said...

The PM and wife recently enjoyed a lavish state dinner in Washington hosted by Obama. Will that make them feel more obligated to be US stooges?

Virgo1949 said...

What did Singapore gain by just having a lavish dinner thrown by the American hypocrites who Hillary Clinton aaid they are Great by stirring shits round the world??

And that loony fellow sold Sinkie's land independence by just having a lavish dinner.

Just because President Xi do not give him face by granting him an audience.

He became Whant Siong by saying can get free smokes and bah kut teh soup in China air and sewers.

China belancha him free smokes and bah kut teh not enough??

Anonymous said...

Singapore will enjoy super treatment from China s businessmen. Singapore businessmen have Taiwan counter parts. These Singapore rich men should know how Taiwan businesses are being avoided by China. Circuit boarders orders sharply down, tourists sharply down. There is no room to grow for Taiwan. I wander how Taiwan can survive as an independent nation. That is subject to China s sudden attack to reclaim ownership. Never discount the move because the general population in China are losing patience on the WEAK China govt allowing a pro independent govt in Taiwan. This similar to HK. The HK govt is weak to allow pro independent young men supported by US embassy to claim seats in Legco. Those young men wanted to change the contents of swearing to obey the Basic Laws. Watch the show if these young men are so garang as they claimed they wanted to do. If they do today at Legco, Beijing may change the HK chief if he does not do any thing. If not, China is at risk of breaking up from Taiwan, and South China Sea.

Singapore wants South China Sea islands to be disowned by China. The Judgment stated China is owning those islands illegally. The Judgment disallowed China to own 200 n miles of sea resource by declaring all islands are rocks. That mean China fishing boats cannot fish beyond 12 n miles from coast. This is Singapore s stand. Also those Japan, Au Nz US s stands.
Readers can imagine how the China fishing industries view Singapore. It is as good as enemy, similar to Japan and US.
If Xi govt is weak in Scs, it will be weak at HK and Taiwan, the Xo govt may collapse. So the PLA is watching what Xi dare or dare not to do. If US dare to try to pull trigger on NK, i guess Taiwan will be finished in 3 days before US can clear the refugees at SK.
There is no way US can claim ownership of South China Sea unless it can flatten the PLA. Can US? Its carriers dare not even bomb the Scs islands when they say weapons are on islands. Singapore is foolish to offend China as US will not act directly and wants pinoys, japanese, koreans and singaporeans to do the jobs. Can these people succeed against the PLA? If they can, US will have done it on its own. Duterte knew it that s why he turned his back on US. If US helps him to take the Huangyen doa, u think Duterte will turn his back against US? He wants the island, same as other pinoys esp the pinoys fishing boats. US want pinoys to fight. U think pinoy Duterte is blind? He plays with guns and firing power, more than Carter and Obama.

Anonymous said...

The island at the southernmost tip of Malaya is of strategic importance to USA. America wants to make use of it as a military base to contain China. That little imbecile small man wants to balloon his own importance and and inflate his ego by ingratiating himself with top leaders of powerful countries which are hostile to China. If he wants to die he should die himself and not drag all the islanders with him. He is the most incompetent clown and yet the most undeserving to be so highly paid by the millions.

Anonymous said...

When white men invaded America they killed and massacred the natives by the millions to exterminate them. They stirred suspicion and inter tribal rivalry and hatred among the many different Indian tribes and instigated them to fight among themselves. In this way white men ensured that the Indian tribes would never be able to unite as a single force against them. Thus the result of which was that each and every single tribe was easy meat for white men to take them down. America is using the same tactic of sowing distrust and dissension among the Asians and instigating them to fight among themselves. At the end of the day the evil Empire, USA hopes to assume full control and hegemony over all Asians. Asians must not fall into the same trap of the Americans. Instead they must try to unite and destroy the Evil Empire, USA. White men headed by USA will never give up its three evil religious doctrines to justify their aggression, conquest, hegemony and total control over all other non white or non Christian nations

b said...

All the UN, IMF, EU were invented to enslave the world into UAS domination. They dictated the rules and we have to obey. It is okay if they dictated the right rules but unfortunately, their rules only profit sorrow, rottenchild and rotfella and not the world. So much money went into africa and poor countries but why are they still so poor? The money actually went into those hands of the elites. Those monies are enough to give all those people proper housing and infrastructure already.

Anonymous said...

The little island cannot contain China but can keep the Asean countries in check under the Empire.

Anonymous said...

戴高帽 so now walking around thinking very clever and powderful.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is behaving like a seow tin tong, thinking so highly of itself. Learn from Georgie, know your place. Bo tua bo suay.

Anonymous said...

"Duterte has opened the eyes of the Pinoys"

But nobody has been able to open the eyes of the Singaporeans.
Stupid & daft as always.
Always voting PAP.

Anonymous said...

Contract signed also can cancel or shelf off permanently.

Project started also can stopped or scrapped.

Eight words have not yet a single stroke oredi so happy.


Anonymous said...



Is this what happens when Singaporeans close eyes and anyhow vote PAP?

Anonymous said...

Something is serious between Russia and the west.

Russia to day 12th fired 3 Ballistic missiles on training.
Putin canceled visit to France on 19th. France ordered investigation of Russia on war crime.
Putin ordered his high officials to move all their relative and children living abroad to home Russia.
Russia moved nuclear capable missiles to Poland border capable to reach Berlin.

Russia and China are in partnership. What is going on with China is worth watching. I think South Korea needs to be cautious, as Carter is moving high end weapons to SK base. If US attack NK, the war might start in Asia first.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The world's number One warmonger is doing everything for peace. Pivot to Asia, moving Nato troops to Russian border, moving Thaad to South Korea, signing more military alliances, building more military bases, conducting war games and provocative 'freedom of navigation' runs in Chinese territories etc etc.

When would the silly Asians and Sinkies remove their blinkers and call the warmonger a warmonger and when would Obama's peace prize be recalled and when would those involved in war crimes in Iraq, Libya, in Syria and the MH370 disappearance be charged for war crimes against humanity?

Anonymous said...

".....be charged for war crimes against humanity...?"

Who will call for prosecution
who will be the Prosecutor(s)?

The Only Way to deal with the
Aggressors is to eliminate them
in their very own doorsteps.

The Citizenries of the Aggressor
Countries are as culpable as the
Leaders they have chosen.
Let them feel the pains of killing
and destruction.

JayF said...

Same time when the Chinese pay for the invasion of Vietnam in 1979,supporting the Khmer Rogue who invented the Killing Fields, invasion of India and the joint invasion of the Republic of Korea.

I wonder how long it'd take for the Filipino military to coup their president.

Anonymous said...

My bastard JayF son is up so early and talking idiotics here.
Why, you go everywhere no one want to fuck care with you and you desperately seeking for attention? Go to your mama, she is feeling depressed after what I did to her last night. I refused to make her come all because of you.

Veritas said...

USA, Singapore and all of ASEAN also support China invade Vietnam supporting Khmer Rouge.

Anonymous said...

Only Asean states supported China for they feared they would be the next to fall. The US was so unhappy because they were chased out by the Vietnamese but the Chinese could kick the asses of Vietnam and they went spreading China got thought a lesson by Vietnam.

The truth, China chased Vietnam out of Cambodia and Laos and saved the Asean states from being overrun by Vietnam. Without China's intervention, Thailand and Malaysia and Singapore would have fallen to Vietnam.

Veritas said...

Things are not even that simple. The Khmer Rouge history are so stench that even USA want to hide it. In reality, Khmer rouge got the support of Silhanouk, because-- Silhanouk want back the throne taken from him by General Lon Nol, supported by USA.

The peasant fighting for Khmer Rouge believe they are defending the king.

Anonymous said...

It is time for China to invest in pinoy land to help it grow.

Then same like SK, it would kick China off.

SK still dont give face to Chinese after so much benefits. Any chance pinoy people (speaks "angmo" one) would give face to Chinese.....?

It is high time china need to do more to world peace, dealing with terrorist organization.... starting with Pinoy Abu sayaf group.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The people fighting for the Khmer Rouge were not peasants. They were children, under 15. They were the new Kampucheans bred and brought up by the Khmer Rouge to build a totally new country. That was a time when some crazy leaders believed in year 0, to start all over again.