Did Shanmugam make a police report against The Statestimes?

I thought I read and heard that he made a police report.  And that was the right thing to do, a marker on what is permissible or not permissible in social media. Two mornings ago the ST said he did not. I quote, ‘At a personal level, I don’t need to file a police complaint.’ The ST further reported, ‘The Straits Times understands that no police report had been lodged as of last night.’  I think I must have some hearing problem or dementia. I thought I heard it on the news that Shanmugam made a police report. Now this, see, what we heard or think we heard, may not be the truth. If in doubt, check with the ST for the official version in black and white. Then no more dispute.

There is another issue? Are the Eurasians lumped together under the category of Indian?  Someone posted this in TRE and I wrote a piece on it saying that it would be another worm if it is true. I asked for confirmation if this is true but no one came forward and the question was left unanswered.  This Shanmugam outburst against The Statestimes gives an opportunity for this issue to be cleared once and for all. In his defence, Shanmugam said he did not say it in the forum at the Institute of Policy Studies where he was quoted to have said so and more, that ‘Indians outnumbered Eurasians 20 to 1. So it makes it difficult for (there to be) an Eurasian president.’ The allegation was even more convincing when it quoted, ‘when the President of the Eurasian Association of Singapore, (Mr) Benett Theseira, criticized the definition of Eurasian in the candidacy regulations.’

All these are ‘outright falsehood)’.And here is Shanmugam’s facebook post. ‘All of this is completely false.  During my session which lasted 90 minutes, I said nothing of the sort attributed to me, about Eurasians.’ So all is false, he did not say what he was attributed to have said. Now it seems quite clear, or is that so, that the Eurasians are not lumped under the category of Indian?

Shanmugam said he did not say what he was alleged to have said. It would be good if he could just say the Eurasians are not lumped in the Indian category. Short and sharp and would have dispel all the malicious rumours floating around.  Would there be an official statement on this crucial point as it is very important to the Eurasian community.  Or would it be like the CPF is not your money statement in Parliament and no one bothered to say it is or it is not?

The other big question, how could the allegation be so specific, that the name of the Eurasian President was even used to make it more real. Funny isn’t it, we have all the media at our disposal and a small factual thing like this could go so distorted that the people have to try to read in between the line to guess what is the truth?

From Shanmugam’s reply, the Eurasians are not lumped in the Indian category. That is how I read it. Anyone still think this is confusing and needs a clear and unconfusing reply so that no one misunderstood what is the truth and what is falsehood?

Anyone read the report in the media about this?


Anonymous said...

Must! Must! Must!

Must make a police report! Must make a police report!

Cannot let this go! Cannot let this go!

Let everyone knows.....Don't play play! Don't play play!

Must make a police report! Must make a police report!

Must make a police report! Must make a police report!

Now! Now! Now!

patriot said...

Are Sinkies any wiser
or absolutely clear when
the Remark by a wheel chair
bound NMP claimed that CPF
Money is NOT the Sinkie CPF
Members' money.
A minister in the Name of
Tan Chuan Jin soon came out
to say; not exactly as an official declaration and or
clarification, that CPF Money
is the CPF Members' money.

Anyone sure about whose money is CPF Money?
l am not sure cos l do not get the Freedom to use it as l wish,
nor is the Money handed backed
to me as initially stated in the
CPF that Members get back their CPF on reaching 55 year old.

One common saying in Sin is that
getting Sinkies confused is one strategy of the Sin Rulers to play Sinkies.
This One, l certainly concur.

l am not surprise at all that
the Strategy works well for the
Sin Rulers as they are very sure
that it works to make Daft Sinkies 'DAFTERER'.


virgo49 said...

The PE Commission confirmed that the Eurasians are lumped with the Indian Category correct? ?

So what's the hoo ha of this Mugan saying that I did not said this, I did not said that????

As Law Minister, don't know meh???

patriot said...

He is behaving like he is the Law
However, as can be seen in Facebook Posts, Sinkies are having the impression and feeling that Sin is getting lawless and awry by the Day.

Sinkies are in the hands of Loonatics and the Leedership
is much appreciated by 70%.

There shall be exciting time for many and only about 30% or less are having the Sinking Feeling.

Majulah Singapura.


Anonymous said...

Oh big difference. If the lumping together with Indians is proposed by the PEC, than you cannot say Shanmugam said so. Very different. If the people ask the garment to take their CPF is different from the garment taking the CPF without the people saying so.

Anonymous said...

Are the Eurasians lumped together under the category of Indian? Someone posted this in TRE and I wrote a piece on it saying that it would be another worm if it is true.

As long as PAP or Shanmugam can win big again next GE, there will be no worms whatsoever for PAP.

Even if there are worms, PAP will kill these worms easily by making police reports, suing, charge the worm in court or even detain the worm without trial.

So in the end who will win, PAP or the worm, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

I wish it was true someone in singapore make a police report against a website in australia. No mischief. I just want to see how singapore punch beyond its weight that its legal power can cover queensland. There are big army training camps paid fully by singapore of USD1.76 billions. Singapore laws should rule queensland, what say you?

As to non real indians group under indian is very creative idea. Non indians are real indians when the laws say so. I wish i can switch races as i wish. One year as chinese, one year as indian. In fact, the great minority in singapore are indians. Almost every 1 out of 3 passengers i saw at public transport are indians. I think indians can be 1 every 2 i see in near future. It is great to be classified as indians. I want to do it when Indians are the majority. I want to change ic to indian race and stand for whatever erections, have funds. Can you help?

Anonymous said...

To lump Eurasians, Indians and other minority of the minority races as "Others" category is to simplify matters lah.

If more complicated, more worms, tio bo?

That's why I say PAP is not only very powerful but also very smart and efficient where such matters are concerned.

By the way, which smart Sinkie still residing in Sinkieland dare to challenge Shanmugam on this?

Anonymous said...

By the way, which smart Sinkie still residing in Sinkieland dare to challenge Shanmugam on this?
9:57 am

When they see what happened to Chee Soon Juan or even boy hero Amos, no smart Sinkie dare to challenge Shanmugam or even PAP lah.

So any wonder why PAP can win big every election?

Anonymous said...

The president of Eurasian association should make a public statement since he is at the centre of this dispute.!!!
Everything else is pure speculation by busybodies.
Would the president Benett Theseira PLEASE say something? If he has the guts to speak up, he is worthy to be Singapore President. Singaporeans dont care about the race of next president, Singaporeans want to see a president with solid balls. it is only some powers playing the race card and causing friction. very sad!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans want to see a president with solid balls.
10.42 am

If he has solid balls, he cannot and won't be president. He will be like Chee Soon Juan, got solid balls but cannot even win a by election against a minority candidate in a Chinese majority SMC.

In other words, cannot even be MP, let alone be President.

Anonymous said...

In other words, cannot even be MP, let alone be President.
11:15 am

So sad, for someone with solid balls.

Anonymous said...

Joanne Leow,
ex-Channel News Asia Reporter & Presenter
4,200-word essay by ex-CNA person about S’pore’s ‘dictatorship’


The original article in its entirety


Anonymous said...

Joanne Leow,
ex-Channel News Asia Reporter & Presenter
4,200-word essay by ex-CNA person about S’pore’s ‘dictatorship’
12:02 pm

Joanne Leow already in Canada, right?

You think she will dare to write the 4,200-word essay while still in Singapore, even though not CNA reporter & Presenter?

So how effective to fight for Singapore when already cabut to Canada?

Anonymous said...

You guys anyhow suggest then later they may have another condition for presidential candidates to test they have solid ball or balls or not. How to test? If do the squeezing test very painful leh and I think all candidates will fail unless the tester is bias and applying different strength in squeezing. I for one will not believe that anyone can pass the solid balls test lar

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs an Indian mix with Eurasian backgrounded as Baba paranakan as president. Duterte said he wanted outside military to leave Philippines when he gave a speech yesterday. Duterte provided a good chance for Singapore to take in US marines from philippines camps and site all at changi. Let the president to deal with americans who like drinking to cultivate good relationship with US. And the singapore president can fly around using US helicopters to carriers patrolling at south china sea. Make sure singapore destroyers are accompanying the carriers to show singapore as new regional power. No asean country will host US marines after 2 years. Singapore is given the unique gap to fill. A Eurasian mix indian who eat paranakan foods will mix well with US and not afraid of PLA. No common cultural link is important. PM post must also change to have no idea of china chinese culture so that when at war with china, there is no conflicts in decision making.

Anonymous said...

To be frank, I just not interested what these jokers said each day. Come election I just follow the 30%. I don't have time to listen to words get twisted here and there too. By the way where is the motherfucker today?

Anonymous said...

Really sick country. What to expect when the PM of the country is a sick man? When a leader of a country is sick, it follows naturally that the whole country is sick also.

Anonymous said...

And, effective 2017, make NS a requirement only for Singaporean indians and Singapore Malays only, and all the Singaporean Chinese, will be exempted because you can't trust them to bomb Beijing! Haha hahaha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@AnonymousOctober 26, 2016 4:00 pm
//...... By the way where is the motherfucker today?////

To the fairest adjudicator, uncle RB:

The above statement is not a twit or personal?

No need to delete?

Only delete those that are not personal ...... oops personal ...... and let in those u think and feel are not personal ......?

Mee no good at ingrish expression

Yewr kind understanding of sin ingrish is deeply sought

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