China transforming the world

While the Americans are preoccupied with creating tensions, inciting wars, building military alliances and selling weapons, China is using its new found wealth to rebuild, reconstruct and transform the world strategically that has caught the Americans and the western powers dumbfounded.  Hundreds of nation states would be involved and participating in this new infrastructure development. Ever since the expansion of European and western powers through colonialism and imperialism, the world was built and revolved over old concepts of deep and warm water ports.

The British Empire went all over the world to seize, build and control maritime ports, to control the sea routes for trade and military supremacy. Controlling maritime choke points was the way to extend influence and military power. Other western powers followed but with lesser success. Countries with deep water ports benefitted from international maritime trades with their fleet of ocean going ships. Container ports and VLCCs  carrying oil further reinforced the importance of the sea and shipping as the favoured and most important means of transportation other than by air.

China’s strategic concept of One Belt One Road is about to change the world and how international trade and trade routes would be reorganized, revamped, managed and conducted. High speed trains crisscrossing the Asian continent linking Europe and Africa to China, and with the prospect of linking North and South America to Asia by rail was never thought possible but now a reality waiting to happen. Europe and China are already connected.

In one stroke of the pen, shipping and the importance of deep sea ports become relatively irrelevant. Landlock countries in Asia, Africa and Europe could find a new life line for the transportation of goods and services and no longer restrained and limited by the lack of a sea ports. The land routes benefitting from high speed trains are much more efficient in all ways and cheaper in the long run.
The ports that straddled the eastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean, both sides of the Indian Ocean, the western Pacific Ocean, would diminish in their utility for trade. The concept of cutting the Kra Isthmus to save a couple of days is obsolete when weeks could be saved travelling direct between Europe and China, Africa and China, by rail.  It is even more important that the Isthmus of Kra remained intact not to disrupt the flow of high speed trains.

Whither the fortunes of the maritime ports in Southern Asia. Singapore in particular will face serious challenges when the land routes are fully operational. And the nightmare for Singapore would be a rail link between West Malaysia and Sumatra and linking direct to Java. Indonesian goods can travel by rail to China and Europe and vice versa.  New transportation hubs would sprout from sleepy little towns like Malaysia’s Port Dickson and Dumai on the Indonesian side. The Tuas port could become a white elephant.

The world map of commerce and trade would be totally unrecognizable in another 2 or 3 decades. Fortunes would change for the sea faring ports. New trading centres would rise in Central Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. The One Belt One Road project when fully developed would see the rise and fall of fortunes of new and old cities and transportation hubs. This is the biggest game changer of the 21st Century.

Some Asean countries are thinking of snubbing China and wanting to opt out of the OBOR project. Is there an opt out option? Sure, if Singapore, or even Malaysia were to opt out, the rail line would end in Thailand and a Thai port would become the new transportation hub and international commercial centre for goods plying from China, East Asia and Europe. That would be the end of the story for Malaysia and Singapore as flourishing trading hubs if they chose to opt out of OBOR. 


Anonymous said...

/// China’s strategic concept of One Belt One Road is about to change the world and how international trade and trade routes would be reorganized, revamped, managed and conducted. ///

What about Singaporeans's strategic concept of One Family One Political Party to change Singapore and how politics would be reorganized, revamped, managed and conducted?

Anonymous said...

/// China is using its new found wealth to rebuild, reconstruct and transform the world strategically that has caught the Americans and the western powers dumbfounded. ///

What about Singapore?
Is Singapore using its new found wealth to rebuild, reconstruct and transform China and India that has caught the Singaporeans and Opposition Parties dumbfounded?

Anonymous said...

/// That would be the end of the story for Malaysia and Singapore as flourishing trading hubs if they chose to opt out of OBOR. ///

Do you think Singapore's story already ended in GE 2015 when 70% voted PAP?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Virgo sent me this video on China's military launching at all out attack against American forces. Look at the weaponry and firepower. The Americans would be poring over the video with their microscopes.

This is big scale modern warfare.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


China's message to the world, PLA is not a poorly equipped peasant army.

Anonymous said...

Why worry about trade. Difficult and complicated. No NOL no national shipping line. To ensure they can collect millions every years

for their khakis and plps all they have to do is to chase those weekend ft from East Coast Park then build hotels , casinos ,strip clubs,

Pawn shops etc and call it East Coast strip. It wil be famous overnite and all the rich people from our neighbors will come to gamble..

Like Macau, no headache, simi trade, one belt etc. Increase our security to help prosecute those who try to cheat the casinos.

So simple ,ok MUSIC. What do u think.?

Anonymous said...

RB:"China's message to the world, PLA is not a poorly equipped peasant army."

Wrong. China's message is that it is going to take over America as the new terror state of the world.

Hermit said...

US and China comparing firepower is like two kids showing off whose toy plane is bigger.

Anonymous said...

China transforming the world? U sure or not?

Russia & China DON'T invest in a country, they PLUNDER it of its resources.
WHY ELSE would they be kicked out of Myanmar, Vietnam, Angola etc?


Anonymous said...

Money can make a huge difference to one's writings.

Anonymous said...

under the OBOR vision, thailand will become the natural centralised asia hub.....

if thailand is able to settle its political issues, it will THE country to be in.......

on paper the OBOR vision looks good.......but there are tons of politically issues within each country and between countries that have to be settled first......

do the politicians have the political will to push forward the OBOR......

we shall see......

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


This video is about the American's domination of the world, not about freedom of navigation that naive people want to believe, not about oil in the SCS.

Anonymous said...

China's message to the world, PLA is not a poorly equipped peasant army.
RB 10:20 am

China is not that strong in air power, as compared to America or even Russia.

In modern warfare, air power can be a very decisive factor in victories. RB as an ex Air force officer should know.

That's why Hsien Loong did not buy fighter jets from China or even Russia but only from America. And I think Hsien Loong believes America can help Sinkieland much better than China when Sinkieland comes under attack. Or else why would Hsien Loong be so pro America on the South China Sea issue? There is definitely something more than meets the eye for Hsien Loong to take such a stand. This is of course not obvious to ordinary Sinkies and bloggers like RB.

Anonymous said...

RB, the self-appointed spokesman for the CCP, forgets that it was China opening up to West democracy and ditching its failed socialist programme that made China big today. Shanghai, Chengdu and many other cities developed because China opened its doors to capitalists. Before that it was the Sick Man of Asia. Now after China has progressed due to West investments, RB and his gang thinks it is time for China to dominate the world militarily.

I have said before that Sg and China will come to a fight one day because of China's aggression. RB and his gang scoffed. Well, today you have witnessed my prophecy come true. Sg has to take a stand against China's aggression because its greedy claim to the South China Sea is affecting SE Asia's trade route. I don't like to support America militarily either because they are a bigger menace than China. But this mess is caused by China and America took opportunity to be a kaypo to join in the fight. Tiny Sg fearing China more than US will of course support US. So now Sg and China fight.

Ok folks. The cards are down. Should this dispute escalate would you support China or stand up for Singapore? I know that RB and his gang of fellow pro-China guys will jump ship and support China to dump their fellow Sinkies. What say you?

Veritas said...

October 02, 2016 10:50 am

The key is combat radius. For example naval aviation F 18 cannot fly and hit people more than 600 km.

If USA would fly F 18 to attack China, China will first take out all her carrier.

USA air power is formidabble only against weak states. To China at near coast, she is useless.

Anonymous said...

HL supports US to prevent them from questioning our freedom of speech, human rights etc.

Just see what is happening in other countries. As long as u re with them no question ask,

Like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Philippine before the new president and now they also stop

criticizing Vietnam.

America is the biggest trouble maker in the world.

Anonymous said...

China is just copying the path of US and imperalist.

Who would buy china made aircraft? if it is without western accreditation/certification or west participation.

Who will want to take the risk?

China made tanks in Gulf war who made up thousands in Iraqi army blew up with the turret flying off when any of the heat and sabot round penetrated and exploded internally where enemy fired off at dynamic state and at safe distances. It scraps the tank and also kill the crew inside by burning them alive in enclosed space -horrific deaths which US military censored media reporting.

Hardware QA/QC, product/technology innovation is one thing. Training with a team work operational doctrine and with experienced force is another thing.

Now Obama era will come to an end. Awaits to see which evil one will take over and play with the thousands + toys that will become operational in a matter of few years.

Just look at US airforce on its milestones of F35 development/test and operational stage and compare with J20 development.

Which program will you bet your money on especially for those who have experiences of managing mega projects? It is all about facts and not about bluffing/ BS.... which will unveal sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Why are you people talking about fighting wars as if you are enjoying it? Do you know wars are bad? There wont' be a war between China and US. Let me tell you why.

The last war US won convincingly was WW2 when it obliterated Japan into oblivion. The last war China won convincingly was.... well.... when it obliterated its own Imperial emperor-led govt into oblivion.

So to each his own. US will continue to do what it does best - kill people in other people's lands. China will also do what it does best. That is it will kill its own people, like those in Tianenmen and those from the Falungong group.

Trust me. No war between US and China. All just talk but no shoot.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas October 02, 2016 11:12 am

Dont attempt to con people with half past 6 knowledge.

US carriers got on board refueling tankers since you wear diapers.

China tried to put one (including AWACs etc) on their carrier but without catapult system, it is impossible.

The problem with current Super hornets operating with one model type now is they are unlikely to penetrate enemy air defenses (especially China) without being detected and will start to incurr heavy losses on 1st onslaught. Getting air superiority is the keyword which then only you can bring in A-Z airpower on enemy.

Which is why F22(pure fighter) and 35 (Joint - STRIKE fighter) and other stealth ship come into the picture. Whether these models will work awaits to be check out just like the M1 tank or US air force strategy (expecially in Electronics and wild weasel missions/F117) check out in gulf war. Also eg. gulf war US infantry rifles got no scopes which was changed in later Iraq and Afgan war.

BTW it was proven on Sep 13 Taiwan incident, China attack force attempting to haunt the US destroyer on eastern south taiwan was promptly detected upon launched from Huizhou airport. US and taiwan forces coordinated and tracked where US aircraft were launched from Naba to intercept. So there is no way the Chinese airforce could do much if it tries something funny. Now worse with the deployment of Thaad. If China air force is formidable, it would have sneak past all defences and fly past US destroyer which will be as deadly as physically hitting it with a missile as it will compromise all the US safety and tracking net work.

Another thing that puzzle me is why China is using 70/80s soviet strategy to penetrate US defenses with strategic bombers in view that it already claims it has Anti ship Ballistic missile technology that will hit moving carriers ie. Dong feng missiles.

Anonymous said...

Let's compare this childish game between US and China in the backdrop that guerrilla warfare has been more effective the last 50 years.

US is the big bro kid aged 5. China is the younger bro aged 4. Then we have their baby sis aged 3, representing the guerrillas. So the contest is to show off who can pee furthest. Big bro being tallest was confident he would win hands down. But younger bro being younger and having a more flexible body is able to thrust his pelvis further, negating big bro's advantage. So they started the contest. Guess who won? Yep, the guerrilla's rep, lil sis! Why?

You see, when the two bros shot their pee in the air, there was a strong gust of wind and it blew their pee back into their faces. Lil sis, who did not have height advantage due to the lower posture she had to take to pee, was not affected by the strong wind. Her pee went straight and it beat her bros flat.

There you have it. In the real world, has not US and China look dumb with all the comparison who's dick is bigger? At the same time, have not the guerrillas been more effective? That's food for thought for you guys.

Anonymous said...

/// Sg has to take a stand against China's aggression because its greedy claim to the South China Sea is affecting SE Asia's trade route. ///
October 02, 2016 11:00 am

Please lah.
Who the fuck cares about Singapore's opinion?
Who the fuck cares about Hsien Loong's opinion?
Obama? Xi Jinping?

If Senior citizen Tan Cheng Bock can generate so much angst within our PAP leadership.
You still think our leadership can manage the really big countries?

Anonymous said...

China can attack Sinkies with PRCs like Yang Yin. Too bad he was caught, although a little late.

However, that does not mean there are no more Yang Yins in Sinkeland. Maybe just not discovered or caught yet. Or maybe got the loot and run road liao.

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ October 02, 2016 10:20 am

The American soldier and military hardware is battle tested in hundreds of military conflicts around the world over the last 20 years.
- in a war with America, the only beneficiaries are the rich PRC Chinese and their families.
- They will all run to America and Europe to live in luxury
- the fighting and dying will be done by the usual poor Chinese slaves

The rich kids of Beijing: Super-wealthy daughters of Chinese billionaires flaunt trips on private jets, £5,000 champagne bills and £16,000 rings online (despite the government telling them not to)

Rich 'fuerdai' kids of China continue to flaunt wealth on social media
Chinese president has attempted to crack down on ostentatious bragging
Earlier this month banned rich kids from reality TV shows
But youngsters continue to post images on yachts and private jets


Anonymous said...

uncle readbean
Please don't be a naive Chinese slave.
The real war is between the rich and the poor.
Not America versus China.

It's also the same for the American army.
The poor American kids will be serving and dying in a Sino-American war.

The rich American kids will be partying and fucking with the rich Chinese kids in America and Europe.

Anonymous said...

This video is just a man made special effects animation + advertising.

Is it made for gaming industry ?

Purpose to make their people feel good, reassurance, boost moral or rally their people ?

No different of the repeating telecast of schooling gold medal win ...

Anonymous said...

The California Town Where Chinese Millionaires House their Kids—and Mistresses


In a war between China and America;
You think these rich PRC families in USA is going to go back to China to die for China?

The only way UP economically for the average PRC slave in China is to pray for peace between America and China.

Anonymous said...

Base on video which display China ambition plus agression plus Global Times treats , SG maybe will have to deploy THAAD as well, just to play safe.

Anonymous said...

China will kneel down to Singapore and Japan. PLA can be defeated by US Singapore Japan combined without firing a single shot.

Singapore will work with world collaboration to force China to give up the disputed territories in South China Seas to follow the rule of laws.

"The two leaders, facing reporters after the meeting, also said they discussed territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

Lee and Abe agreed on “the importance of the rule of law and collaboration in the international community,” Abe told reporters at the State Guesthouse in Tokyo’s Akasaka district.

“Singapore is a nonclaimant state” and does not take sides with any countries involved in the South China Sea territorial disputes, Lee said."
http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/09/29/.. googleyourself

Anonymous said...

“Singapore is a nonclaimant state” and does not take sides with any countries involved in the South China Sea territorial disputes, Lee said."

http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/09/29/.. googleyourself

October 02, 2016 1:00 pm

Good. Mind your own business.
Please stay at home and clean up the mosquito problem and the train problem.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@ October 02, 2016 1:04 pm

Just like we ask LHL to stay at home and mind his own business.
Likewise we must also ask uncle redbean to focus at home and mind our own Singapore business.

War between China and America ... nothing we in Singapore can do except to please shut the fuck up ... meaning PAP government ... please shut the fuck up.

War between Singaporeans and the Zika mosquito.
Please focus on this.

The same Aedes mosquito is responsible for both the Zika virus and dengue fever.
If after 30 years, we still cannot win the war against dengue fever.
Do you think the PAP government can win the war against zika?
After all.
It's still the same old Aedes mosquito.

Anonymous said...

So many ignorant kids trying to teach uncle about military warfare?

Anonymous said...

North Korea have WMD. NK threaten to nuke USA homeland.

However, US are scared to launch any military invasion against NK regime. Why?

One of major factors are China..................

US, Japan, SK alliance only looks good on paper.
USA military weapon only looks good on Hollywood.

Some people still naively think that USA military base in SK has prevent NK invasion against SK.

You seem to forget that USA have more troops in South Vietnam. It does not prevent the collapse of South Vietnam and invasion by North Vietnamese.

To this day, SK does not know that they should feel grateful to China and Russia.The only reason as to why NK did not invade SK because both China and
Russia did not approved them.

Anonymous said...

Singapore keep total silence over Syria issue.

Singapore could tell USA that

Singapore take no position on Syria issue . Singapore want USA to respect Rule based international order. Singapore share same view with Russia stance that assad regime is the legitimate govt for Syrian people in accordance to UN charter.

Do Singapore have gut to tell USA to fxxk off from Syria?

It is illegal for US to remove legitimate govt , Assad , and violate their airspace.

Anonymous said...

But the South China Sea dispute is Sg's business! We are non-claimants but China's claim to that area INTERFERES with SE Asia's trade route which is also our livelihood! We have to stop greedy and hostile China from harming our trade route!

I see more and more pro-China supporters here getting more and more aggressive. I have said it so many times. The real enemy we have are these traitors from within our shores, not some foreigners trying to steal our land.

Anonymous said...

The more a person writes,the more it exposes what he knows and what he does not know.
RB must be smiling at the empty heads.

Veritas said...

There is no such thing as greedy China. USA as a monroe doctrine and even a middle east agenda. The wicked state is USA.

SE Asia is traditionally China tributary states and have natural affinity to Chinese culture that was suppress by white man tag team Islam.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean RB must be smiling WITH an empty head. :)

Anonymous said...

There are more than 300 million non-Chinese in SE Asia, including Thais, Viets, Filipinos, Myanmese, Indons, Malays, the ethnic tribal peoples like Dayaks, Torajans, Sakais, Ibans, Papuans etc etc etc, and the pro-China supporters want to claim that SE Asia is historically Chinese. Boy, that weed the White Man gave them to smoke must still have an adverse effect on these pro-China guys till today.

Veritas said...

In reality China is quite movable on Spratley position. For example China and Malay did not went into conflict on Malaysia Spratly claims.

Anonymous said...

China's claim to the area interfere with SE Asia trade route.
China has never interfere with freedom of navigation for commercial purposes.
Those SE Asia trade route goes to China .

Tension in Middle East(syria ) would affect oil prices and livelihood of Singaporean people

Singapore have legitimate right to speak up against US aggression .

Singapore respect Rule Based International Order.

USA violation of Syria territorial integrity and sovereignty might set a precedent for other nation.Bear in mind, Singapore is a tiny dot nation.

Singapore must not block resolution to support Palestinian state.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Singapore can tell Israel to respect Rule based international order and UN resolution - Two state solution

Jerusalem is a capital city for new Palestinian state.

Otherwise, Singapore looks like a hypocrite when it comes to their foreign policy and their insistence on International law.

Palestinian is also a tiny nation,like Singapore.
They could only relied on protection of international law to ensure that there are equal right and protection for them.

Anonymous said...

China definitely does not want war, so China will not be the one who will strike first.

Will the US dare to strike first, like what they did in the Middle East?

If not, there will be no war. So whether Hsien Loong is pro China or pro US makes no difference whatsoever.

Rather Hsien Loong should better watch out for dubious foreign talents, including PRCs, coming to Singapore in large numbers which is a form of invasion of the social and economic kind. Ultimately it may even affect PAP political power if he is not careful and only just thinking of GDP growth.

Veritas said...

In reality the one who should fuck USA and speak up about Jerusalem is ALL the SUNNI fuckers especially Egypt, who host Al Azhar and Saudi, who host the Karba.

So we should wait for Saudi and Egypt to march their division into Al Quds first.

In reality, Sunni prefer to kill and rape Muslims. And they love Jews. They suck jews cock.

The Sunni Monarch without the Support of Jews will be overthrown and lynch by people. And Shia in the Saudi Eastern province will take Gawah oil field. In reality Sunni dont have much oil, they are thieves who rob Shia oil.

FUcking Sunni, they kill prophet household Imman Hussein ...etc. Allah will punish them.

Anonymous said...

Hsien Loong's pro US stance is only form, and of no substance to China.

But even then, form can also irritate, so this is why China is annoyed with tiny peesai (nose snort) Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, i would like to hear your opinion on the spat happen between Singapore ambassador and Global Times.

Veritas said...

China knows we are USA dog and we need support USA. USA give us too many $$$ and we need support them. China not stupid.

But they warn us not to go too overboard.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, what is your opinion on the alliance exist between China and Russia? is it a temporary and fragile one?

Would Japan and SK join China Alliance one day?

Veritas said...

China still resent Russia taking outer manchuria, hiving outer mongolia, outer Xinjiang. In reality, USA can stir shit among both. But neo cons too stupid, now China russia ally. Their alliance will be gone once USA collapse.

Japan and korea have strong pro China elites. Once USA gone, they will be within Sinosphere.

Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe USA may have even pressured Hsien Loong to be anti China, or else USA will not protect or sell advanced weapons to Sinkieland.

As ordinary Sinkies, sometimes we also need to understand Hsien Loong's position as leader of a tiny peesai (nose snort size) country.

But Hsien Loong may perhaps have gone overboard in doing it, just like he also gone overboard to tekan (hassle) the Sinkie opposition, Tan Cheng Bock, Roy and even teenager Amos wasn't spared too.

Anonymous said...

Rb, what Virgo sent you just animation lar that one any one can do. Real one have or not if not no use lar. American are not going to be frighten or back off just because of some nice animation lar. Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:41pm
"However, US are scared to launch any military invasion against NK regime. Why?
One of major factors are China..................
US, Japan, SK alliance only looks good on paper.
USA military weapon only looks good on Hollywood"

Your observation answered my doubt in mind. NK celebrated China s National Day at it capital yesterday. Do u think it is unique?

After Vietnam war, US has not won in Iraq, and certainly not Isis. If one does not doubt US s ability in war, he must be very young, less than 20s.
U said US must strike first, it was US who moved its 3 carriers away after the chief navy visited China navy chief in Shanghai. Recently Senate enquired Yellen why China was selling off its holding of US bonds.

China will not strike first might not be true when the Thaad is deployed at SK. The PLA spokesman said the entire strategic security balance will be broken on deployment.

The China leaders, no matter how scared to face war, will have their responsibilities to answer to the Chinese people if the mass is secured with Thaad monitoring their military.

The recent Defense ministor meeting at Hawaii is for deployment with Asean nations next year. That is coincide with Thaad deployment. Do you think China is not feeling the heat?
It shows its new DF21C for deep penetration and mobile. If China fails to deploy military at Huangyen island near Philippines, China will be in security threat by Aseans countries, including the little dot and SK.

Next year onward, will China has choice to be cowardice? If China off loads its US bonds, they should be ready for the game even US chicken out. China must strike at Thaad at SK, agree? Otherwise, it will let NK to strike it. Which is which depends if China will fully deployed at Scarborough Shoals. China once positions missiles at these islands, they will have to fire at the bases including Changi, when NK or China hit at Thaad. Why US dare not to do navigation at South China Seas? They dont want to be the simulated targets there with real missiles aiming at every weak corners of the carriers. Little dots should send its destroyers over there instead, with the Japanese as leader. US cannot afford big losses. That may be the plan by US next year.

Anonymous said...

"China once positions missiles at these islands, they will have to fire at the bases including Changi, when NK or China hit at Thaad."
Anon 6:01 pm


I think the chances of that happening is as good as Ah Hia announcing WP will be ready to be govt by GE 2020.

Or Tan Cheng Bock qualify to contest next Presidential Election.

Anonymous said...

"China has never interfere with freedom of navigation for commercial purposes.
Those SE Asia trade route goes to China ."

Really? China has already interfered! It has been harassing commercial vessels around the area it claims is theirs! You have to be a fool to believe China will allow free trade, unless it is "free trade as defined by greedy China"!

Anonymous said...

Veritas, please teach those chap cheng kias who are their real ancestors. Please tell them if they think their ancestors are white, then why are they coloured? Must be some kind of bastards right? Their mothers must be fooling around with the white men right?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6.01

Do you realize that it is USA,not SK who keep reiterating that Thad deployment had been approved.

China warns U.S., South Korea will 'pay the price' if THAAD is deployed

This is a real warning from People Daily, unlike those stupid fabrication made by SCMP that PLA general threaten to punish Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:10pm

One of the delegate attended Shangrila last year wrote an article stating China should retaliate and sanction Singapore. This man Zin Yi Nan mentioned that Singapore did pass a document to the Nam Chairman insisted to put Philippines s judgment on the Nam final statement under South China Sea. This point was also confirmed by China Foreign Affairs spokesman Deeshian. And he said it was LKY who advised Obama to have Pivot of Asia. They had talks deep at nights twice, once was at US. LKY was the adviser to encircle China. The details you can read Huanqiu in Chinese.

I think China PLA have made up their minds to treat Singapore as hostile forces at same side of Usa. What kind of retaliation and sanction? We have to watch.

I guess tourists from China will be controlled to come into Singapore especially the "big rollers" will be monitored. Hopefully anoneh tourists will increase. But these anoneh will not zoom around china town to makan. They only eat at hotels. Time will be real bad because of the old man s son s policy.

As to Thaad, my observation from PLA spokesman s words, PLA will not sit there to watch US monitor them using radar to cover the 75% of China. If i were PLA, i will aim 100 DF21C, the new type with sharper ends to penetrate the SK site housing Thaad radar. This is the only thing China can do or just make lots of noises. While they wait for US to jab their military targets with no man planes using Thaad radar. That will be next year, when US pull along Aseans navies to do exercises at South China Seas. And US might attack Huangyen dao or pinoy s Scarborough Shoal, when PLA set up their radar there, the same, the radar there can monitor all US and Japanese ships at Philippines ports. US will strike PLA for that. So PLA will strike SK for Thaad.
NK may strike SK using Thaad as excuse. Singapore is in for South China Sea conflicts as China side views Singapore is the main brain behind the US s move in Asia.
Jia Beh Liao for Singaporeans. Huat liao.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas, please teach those chap cheng kias who are their real ancestors. Please tell them if they think their ancestors are white, then why are they coloured? Must be some kind of bastards right? Their mothers must be fooling around with the white men right?

Friend, please dont resort to this type of names calling when you cannot win an argument ( you also never lost ). This only show PRC or Pro PRC boh style. It will drive non pro even further away.
Yes we dont see eye to eye , there's disagreement. But in reverse, that means the articles written, the links provided, the videos shown are not persuasive enough. Uncle Chua will have to work harder or write better.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I will say this once more. Everyone is free to have his own views. But when people start to hurl insults and personal attacks, that is NOT acceptable here. Everyone is welcome to post their views here.


Personal attacks only reflect the pettiness and bad upbringing of the asshole.

I will henceforth delete all personal attacks in my blog.


Anonymous said...

Pinoy president must be under alot of pressure from the superpowers. to recalibrate its relations with traditonal ally is eazily said then done. Sharp turn in alightment is risky but not with out benefits?

Veritas said...

Look at Najib. He is a good example of going against the dark side. There is color revolution against Najib.

But average Malay are stupid. They got no cue what is going on. Their leaders stir shit make them hate Chinese, they hate Chinese. Now their leaders change side.

b said...

I think China and Russia elites have ganged up to split the world. Russia will get ME and EU, China will get Africa and Asia. Russia will gang up with ME to destroy EU. China will do it in diplomatic manners, building roads and infrastructure. When they owned 2/3 of the world, they will move on to acquire america, the other 1/3 of the world. This is what haunting uas. A ww3 is in the cards for these elites and many will be sacrificed for those elites greed. The ww3 will throw us back to stone age. Its lose lose to all.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you said the USA already carved out the world for themselves for the last 50 plus years?

Duterte openly declared that the CIA is after him. His life is in danger. Watch when he would be assassinated, and who paid who to do it. No need to guess who is the mastermind behind his assassination.

Anonymous said...

rb thank you for your stand. as for cpf, its a tax disguised as saving to make sinkies feel rich

Anonymous said...

RB should take one step further. Not only disallow personal attacks, but also seditious remarks against race or certain groups of people. What is this "But average Malay are stupid" remark still doing on his racist site?

Then it continues to create a situation to drive a wedge between Chinese and Malays with this remark..."They got no cue what is going on. Their leaders stir shit make them hate Chinese, they hate Chinese. Now their leaders change side."

Pleeeze. RB pretends he is moderating. But in reality, he still allows sedition against certain races of people in particular Malays and Indians. I told you this is a racist site that allows such.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, deleted a few of your posts. Please understand the sensitivity of what you are saying. Don't be a racist. You attack the racists the racists will attack you as well. You are no match for them.

Veritas said...

RB We need call a spade a spade. 62% Malay want death for apostasy. That cannot be clever. And that data is from Pew and not me. How can I be racist where Pew is not?

Anonymous said...

So if Chinese China people call Sinkies pisai and want to destroy us and Chinese Sinkies support that, it also means they are racists? U call spade a spade I call racist a racist. Can?

Veritas said...

Taiwanese start with Pisai. Talk talk only and they never send in jihadist against us.

Islam did. And Islam forever shit on people giving all fuck excuse why they must rape kafir, or impose dhimitude. Even Al Azhar preach rape.

Chinese is racist but I assured you research into Chinese racism is no fun. More ecstasy going into how Islam commit crime against humanity.

A baby and rapist are sinner in eyes of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Chinese not racist. Chinese 1 over billion people. Only Marxist Chinese racist. Marxist Chinese think all the 1 billion over Chinese people must be the same. So many other races recognise diversity. Even smaller races like the Europeans have diversity. But Marxist Chinese think all the 1 billion over Chinese must think same, look same, everything same. Marxist Chinese also cannot accept that other cultures. That's why the racists here keep slamming Indians, Malays, Arabs and sometimes even the angmor. Worse, if Chinese Marxist see a another Chinese never support their Marxist ideal, they call them chap cheng. Marxist Chinese the real racist. Luckily only small percentage are like that. Many Chinese not Marxist. FYI, I am Chinese and I oppose Marxist style Chinese.

Veritas said...

Forget about China marxist and they are not racist anyway. Try explain why 62% Malay want apostasy dead?

Why you find so many Malay supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS while no Chinese is going to kill someone for leaving confucian or Taoism.

You go Taoist temple and say Toa Peh Kong hu Akbar and rape Malay. You will get lynch by Taoist. But in Islam society there is high chance you will be a super star by raping a christian shouthing allah hu akbar.

Answer is obvious but no Malay want to admit they are shit.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why other sites that attract huge hits like TRE, TOC, States Times, Ind Sg, Sg Daily yet readers there are not polarized? Yet a small punk site like here and already we see Marxist extremists on one side supporting China and non-Marxists opposing? Why? Simple. The admin CREATES the mood for racist comments. Tell me, which other site can Veritas spew his racist remarks so freely?

Anonymous said...

"no Chinese is going to kill someone for leaving confucian or Taoism."

But many Marxist commie Chinese kill and rape other Chinese when they don't support Chin Peng's gang. Who says Chinese Marxists not terrorists? They are called Communist Terrorists or CT for short.

Anonymous said...

Not only Chinese Marxist kill and rape other Chinese if you don't support Chin Peng. Today, got some more Chinese Marxist SUPPORT such killing and raping because they did not support Chin Peng! Wah Lau eh! They even worship Chin Peng like god. When he die, instead of acknowledging a terrorist chief died. They even gave him an honourable funeral. Piang oi! Imagine giving Hitler or Osama such grand funeral.

Veritas said...

Speaking the truth today is racist???

Today if some shout confucius hu akbar when raping Muslims, and someone impose death penalty for converting out of confucianism, how will Muslim feel?

The closest thing resembling Sunni style is Myanmar regime, but even then Myanmese are too kind compared to Sunni. But we must not forget the the silver linning. Sunni finally get to taste the poison they impose on someone else.

While I pity myanmar sunni, i have mix feeling whether i want Myanmar to stop their patriotism.

I think Myanmar should only stop their patriotism once every Sunni realized what they did is wrong. So Myanmar guys now serve as a positive lesson for Sunni.

Anonymous said...

When did I even say about speaking truth is or not racist? I speak truth. Marxist Chinese did kill and rape other Chinese to intimidate them to get support. That is truth. What racist? But RB implied that I am "one of the racists here". How about telling "speaking truth is not racist" to him?

This site has been very pro-China. OK. I accept. But when readers disagree because it comes to the point where this site's support for China endangers Singapore, that is something else. Then when those who oppose this site's support against Singapore's interest, we have irrelevant racist comments from Marxist Chinese who are against Malays, Muslims and Indians to detract that this site is pro-China to the point it reaches anti-Sg! What the fark!

Anonymous said...

You all talk about killing ah. Marxist Chinese or non-Marxist all the same lah. For more than 2000 years China kill their own people. Then when China people migrate, they again kill their own people and fight among the triads ah. Forgot about other race killing ah. In history, the largest race is also the bigger killer of their own race ah. Don't pray pray ah.

Veritas said...

LOL. Chinese are the most law abiding people in the world, acing exams, getting Nobel prize.

The organize crime of Chinese fade away within 3 generation. And every single Chinese gangsters will force their children to study hard.

Compare us with blacks and Sunni Muslims?

Blacks after 300 years in USA are still criminals.

Sunni Muslims?

They come and rape people, commit terror. They have no remorse and totally ungrateful to their host who give them free food free monies free school free healthcare free house.

Both fail in schools like no one business.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, u make me feel ashamed that u want to represent Chinese race. Lie so blatantly. Chinese most noble winners?

List of Chinese winners

List of all winners

Veritas said...

I am for the good of malays. Today Jews cannot even compete with Chinese in Harvard admission and they need to resort to caste system.

How can Malay compete with Chinese?

So Malay shout racism in employment, schools....

Everything chinese racist.

Mahathir already say you guys worse than Chinese, MANY TIMES, especially in his masterpiece Malay dilema.

I hope Malay stop lying. They should say mea culpa. Actually their leaders already admint they are loser.

Anonymous said...

To veritas, yes Chinese very law abiding bcos they set their own suka suka law. Suka suka bury people in great wall is OK because emperor say so. Suka suka kill fellow Chinese for not paying protection money is ok because triad boss say so. But what protection money in the first place? These triads create the trouble then tell you if you don't pay that trouble will come. Aiyo! In the first fookin' place if you don't create the trouble what protection money you must pay?

Today, the largest drug dealing triads are Chinese triads in this region. The biggest gambling and scamming syndicate all run by Chinese triad. You expect 3 gens for Chinese triad to disappear ah? Ello, you donno that triads are one of the biggest economy boosters in places like HK and Taiwan ah? Even in Malaysia for the Chinese clans ah! Kill the triads and I tell you the Chinese economy in SE and NE Asia will collapse ah. Especially in Malaysia, HK and Taiwan ah!

In Indon, the Chinese bzmen are the biggest corrupt bzmen in SE Asia. And then Chinese dominated gahmen in Sinkie allow their ill funds to be laundered here! But that is all OK, because Sink Chinese majority goverhment say OK mah.

Yar lor! Chinese race very "law abiding" according to veritas. Plleeeeeeze. You really make me feel ashamed that there is a lawless immoral corrupt fellow Chinese in my race JUSTIFYING such immorality!

Veritas said...

HK having organized crime have less homicide rate compared to Malaysia and Brunei. The worst gangs are not Chinese but blacks and S American, or even jihad gangs in Syria

Malaysian worst gangs are Indians.

Chinese business man are not inherently corrupt in Indon but because they react to the corrupt native. Chinese business in Singapore is one of the cleanest int the world.

Regarding corporate corruption who is better than white man Goldman Sachs and other TBTF banks? And even 1MDM of Najib and Mahathir are far more corrupt than Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the high crime rate including homicide in Msia due to the activities of the triads?????? Self pwn? Indian gangsters are just that - gangsters. The fight, they brawl. Chinese triads are organised criminals. You are comparing professional crime committers to kid stuff. So what is justification of Chinese Indon corrupt practices?

As for Najib, I think you have self pwn again. For every corrupt non-Chinese politician in SE Asia, behind him are 10 corrupt triad linked Chinese bzmen and many side investors from Sinkie linked individuals and/or companies. Correct?

Lastly, don't you think Chinese bz is cleanest in the world. If you mean char kwey teow stall, ya maybe. But so is makcik's nasi lemak. On the other hand, as if you don't know the underworld dealings of Singapore's richest? Singapore is known as the "Swiss of the East" when it comes to harbouring and laundering dirty money! Same goes for Chinese bzmen in HK who have tons of dirty $$$$$ from their triad linked investments.

Like I said, if Chinese triads die, the Chinese economy in SE will die along with it.

Veritas said...

Director of criminal investigations (CID) Bukit Aman Hadi Ho Abdullah said the police records of known gang members revealed that 71 percent were Indians, 23 percent were Chinese and that just under five percent were Malays.

A 2004 statistic shows minority Indians accounted for a disproportionate 15% of juvenile delinquents, committed 40% of all violent crime and made up nearly 50% of all convicts in prisons - presenting the typical profile of a helpless underclass.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you are confirming what I said. Indian gangs brawl and fight. That's why they end up in jails most. Chinese triads members commit major crimes low key by hiding from the crime scene. That makes it hard for police to catch them.

But if you want some real news, here it is:
See for yourself that the majority of the most wanted are Chinese triad members.

You are just a kid. You know nuts and just cut and paste. I have been around long enough to see that the most violent crimes are committed by Chinese triads. They do it professionally and are harder to catch. Unlike Indian and Malay gangsters who are too amateurish and always get caught for brawling and end up in jails.

Veritas said...

LOL... That Chinese gangs are there and that does not mean they commit crimes.

HK has a lot of triades and they are the safest place on earth.

BTW Tememgong, are pirates.

patriot said...


The Chinese are are also very righteous.
All are justifying their arguments and this is where it matters.
The Triads also talk about righteousness and swear by Guan Gong, the Deity of Chilvary and Loyalty.

As said, the Chinese do not take wrobg doing likely. Even the Most Notorious amongst them want their offsprings to sturdy, work hard and be useful.

One aspect of the Chineae Race that is indisputable in that the Chinese are the Most hardworking Race


patriot said...

'The Chinese are are.....'
should read as
'The Chinese here are...'

My apology.


Anonymous said...

Veritas, you are looking stupider with each post you make. Isn't the intention of organising gang triads to commit crimes in an organised way? So if they did not commit any crimes, why are they on the watch list? These are professional criminals cited by the police. Unlike your lies spewing against other races.

What about the pirates? Another red herring because you cannot counter my claim Chinese triads are the largest criminal group? Just like you keep slamming Indians and Malays because you cannot support your Marxist ideals?

patriot said...

The Chinese do not take wrong doings

My Apology again.


Anonymous said...

"HK has a lot of triades and they are the safest place on earth"

That's because the Chinese residents are scared and keep paying the gangstas the protection money. Miss one month's payment and see what you get. Or what your daughter gets. Or rather, what she loses. Ya, while the non-Chinese get to keep their daughter's virginity for free, the Chinese HK heartlander has to pay the triad tow kay loads of money for his young daughter to keep hers. And veritas says this is "safest place". Sad. Real sad. This kid knows nuthin'.

Veritas said...

Triad being on watch list does not mean they are violent. HK has many triad does not mean they go and commit jihad.

On the contrary Muslims in europe commit most rape and terror.

Anonymous said...

veritas has run out of ideas and ammo. He is not addressing the points but give red herrings instead.

Veritas said...

Tememgong are pirates.

Anonymous said...

Incredible , not only pro china but also pro triad.

Watch too much of chow yun fat's movies e.g A better tomorrow 英雄本色 ....or Ekin Cheng 's 古惑仔 ...

Anonymous said...

Chow You Fark? I England helicopter one. I never watch HK show. I watch BBC show. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-34344595
Police make 19,000 triad arrests in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong

Ever since Chinese left mainland China one ah, always got triad. Not only in Malaysia, Singapore but also as far as America and UK. Luckily in Singapore we wipe out the triads and Marxists. But in Malaysia still got many triad members. Many of them got MCA links one. HK lagi worse. After 200 years still cannot wipe out. Why ah? I tell you why lah. Like I said earlier, if police really wipe out Chinese triads, the Chinese economy will suffer. Then really will have race riots one.

Veritas said...

Triad help build the ROC.

And Triad dont kill as much today compared with Malay gangs in Southern Thailand. House of Johor Sultan are bugis pirates. You can bet they kill and rape much more.

Anonymous said...

At last veritas agree that Chinese societies outside China is built by triads! Wanna know something else? All the Chinese clans in Singapore and Malaysia had a history of triad. That includes the defunct Nantah, Singapore Chinese Chambers of Commerce, The Hokkien Huay Kuan group, Teochew clan, Hakka clan etc, etc, etc.

At least in Singapore we cleared the shit these triad members dished out. Today, these clans in Singapore do legal business. But in Malaysia, thanks to MCA, triads still flourish. There are many hardworking and honest Chinese in Malaysia. But if you look at the underground triad business which includes prostitution, illegal gambling, ah long illegal moneylending, drugs, pirating software, illegal trade of goods including endangered animals etc, we are talking about billions of dollars of transaction. Cut off the triads and the Chinese economy in Malaysia would be left with about nothing.

As for HK and Taiwan, it is worse than Malaysia. At least in Malaysia many Chinese wisely stay away from triads, plus the majority of the population are non-Chinese. In HK or Taiwan, if you are Chinese, somehow one way or another, you will be linked to the triads. This is due to the mentality of the pro-Nanyang Chinese who think that if you are Chinese, you must support Chinese. Never mind if what you support is illegal. This is the same Marxist thinking that if you are Chinese, you must support motherland China.

Veritas said...

At that time, some Malay tribe are still head hunters.

Even today, for every one people killed by triads, 99 people are killed by Aceh Islam insurgence gang. And how about Malay islamo gang like Abu Sayef, JI who bomb and bomb.

The Triad leaders in HK and Taiwan are no longer interested in crime, most are reputable businessman.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity has no cure.

Who is the world's top drug dealer?
Who is the world's biggest gangster?

Heard of CIA?

patriot said...

The Triad is a symbol

of brotherhood.


No good?


patriot said...

The Triad is a symbol

of brotherhood.


No good?


Anonymous said...

Wait for them to issue a job order to take out Duterte. The only will you understand who is the world's top criminal triad. Oh, they did not call it triad.

Anonymous said...

"The Triad is a symbol of brotherhood."

But so many inter-triad fights end up in bloodshed mah. What brudderhood? Triads in fact BREAK UP Chinese communities into clans. Just like 2000 years ago before Emperor Qin Shi Huang united China... but with violence and bloodshed also. Sigh. Chinese never learn.

Veritas said...

In ancient China where policing is inefficient, and bandit rampant, there are martial self help group to protect community. In reality their martial brotherhood and bandit may morph into one another, and when they grew in strength they became warlords and insurgence.

Triad and in essence part of such culture.

When there is societal and political advancement such group vanish.

malay tribes also have similar but more barbaric groups, and up to early 1900, there are still headhunters.

And KL was build and started by Triad Loke Yew. Malay just move in when Chinese did the work. Loke Yew descendant still controls the cathay group, and the most famous one of them is Loke Wan Tho.

After 2 generation these Triad boss become legitimate businessman.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, thank you for confirming the fact that if the triads die, the Chinese economy dies with it. As for "legitimacy" if you call pimping, human trafficking, drug dealing, piracy, contraband goods, scamming schemes etc legal, then it shows that the triad mentality of the old in you is still very, very much alive.

See? No triad, no Chinese economy!

Veritas said...

Triad is bad so as headhunting. Every race got dark side. But we must see who is worse than the other.

How about Malay joining jihad gangs, in Aceh, malaysia, Southern Thailand...etc. Worse than Triad.

Anonymous said...

@ Incredible , not only pro china but also pro triad.

You left out another one, plus pro NK.


Another one here wants to defect to NK ?

Anonymous said...

@ 四海之内皆兄弚。

Yeah right , maybe when everyone is poor or down.


Anonymous said...

"Every race got dark side. But we must see who is worse than the other."

Only racists and race chauvinists will do that. They will identify the weakness of other races and societies then claim "they are bad people". The idea is for the racist to mock another race. That's you, the typical racist and chauvinist. But then, this site's admin has been supporting such views for some time now.

Veritas said...

The one champion who keep accusing other dark are Sunni.

You can give them free food free house free monies free school free doctors and they will want to kill you even more.

Anonymous said...

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

When one is living well, help is hardly needed.
lt is when times are bad and brudders and
sisters helping each others that show that humans are conscientious.
Sympathy and conscience make human beings different from the other