China misunderstand Singapore? Really?

Tommy Koh wrote a piece titled ‘What China misunderstands Singapore’ in the ST on 21 Oct 16. Before dealing with the content of what he said, let me just take a broad view of what the article is trying to say. My first point, is the author assuming that the Chinese are not that clever and did not understand what Singapore is all about? If that is the case maybe Singapore can loan one of its super talented diplomats to help the Chinese understand Singapore.  Even our journalists and political thinkers are all full of themselves and wanting to teach the Chinese how to run their country.

Oh, they did not know that Singapore is a multi racial country and is in the middle of a sea of Muslim states and have different kinds of problems and issues to think about. They did not understand or got no intelligence to understand that Singapore needs the Americans to use might is right to protect Singapore from its neigbours if they turned hostile.

Ok, let me deal with the straw men that were raised to be shot down.  I would not deal with every little piece of thing the author said but just a few pertinent points for discussion. The Chinese, because Singapore has a Chinese majority country, ‘has given rise to unreasonable expectations on the part of China towards Singapore’. Now what are these unreasonable expectations and why are these unreasonable? ‘They feel that since Singaporeans are fellow Chinese, we should have a better understanding of China’s policies than other Asean countries. They also expect Singapore to support China’s policies.’ The first expectation, a better understanding of China’s policies, unreasonable? Even without the Chinese majority, any foreign officer or leader in charge of foreign affairs are expected to try to have a better understanding of the policies of big powers. Whether he/she agrees is another thing. It will only be an issue when taking a position. What is so unreasonable about a better understanding of another country’s position?

The second expectation, Singapore to support China’s policies. This would be unreasonable when the policies are against the interest of Singapore.  And if it is a case of a tussle between two super powers, it would be unreasonable for China to expect Singapore to support China against another superpower. Likewise it would be unreasonable for Singapore to support another super power against China. Ok, this part is only true if Singapore really wants to be neutral. See, we can see clearly why China is unreasonable but blind to our own unreasonableness. Oh, I forgot, we support US position, or not really support US position, is because we are supporting principles, supporting international laws, supporting freedom of navigation, and these seemed to be the same as what the US is supporting, so we are not supporting the US against China, we are not unreasonable. My eyeballs are rolling. To say this kind of argument is clever is as good as saying snake oil salesmen are very clever.
I do not want to rehash why the kangaroo court is not UN backed and is not about international law or freedom of navigation is affected or someone is more principled and someone is not.

How many reasonable people, principled people, really believe, honestly believe, that the kangaroo court, the way it was set up and the way judgement was passed, is about international law, upholding international law and about principles, justice and fair play?

I will touch on the other 3 ‘misunderstandings’ if I feel exasperated enough to touch on them later, one at a time.

A kangaroo court is a kangaroo court, UN backed or not UN backed. And this kangaroo court was definitely not UN backed.  And its decision was nothing binding and nothing about international law. It abused international law by its rubbish interpretation of reefs and islands. Not all international judges are intelligent and the kangaroo court is a good example to prove how silly these people can be.


Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is now in a dilemma..in front of Uncle Sam - Sinkies r US dogs ...in front of Cheena - Sinkies r again Uncle Sam dogs... compare to Pinoy president 230 whose smart enough to declare that his cuntry 'separation of Uncle Sam' in front of Cheena & bziness becomes A okay..Sinkies economy will go down without Cheena but will Uncle Sam TPP takes effect is another question..all n all Sinkies spells troubles to come..

virgo49 said...

USA got Principles meh???

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The USG would not hesitate to sell us out if they had the chance. Look what happened to Mubarak a pro U.S dictator. You really cannot trust them.

Anonymous said...

"And its decision was nothing binding and nothing about international law. It abused international law by its rubbish interpretation of reefs and islands. "
Singapore can hardly be misunderstood. The above statements are truth. The judgment was NOT UN backed. Singapore academics similar to this guy spoke about would like citizens to think that was UN backed. It irritated me as a average IQ. Academic can twist the facts meh?
Then the judgment is not laws. If they are laws for navigations at South China Seas, these laws will overturn historical facts. Taiping island, the largest of all, was in black and white JUDGED as a rock. The remaining islands are all rocks. The new navigation laws, if applied, will mean those FISHER men living within 200 nautical miles will NOT enjoy the 200 nautical miles sea resources. The fisher men will have 12 nautical miles to fish within their own rock waters. If Taiping is island as it is now, the fisher men will enjoy 200 nautical miles sea resoruce.

There are so many islands and rocks. This Judgment knocked out 200 nautical miles ownership for fisher men. Mainly Chinese including Taiwan fisher men are affected.

This judgment also knocked off the validity of 9 dash lines, indicating the ownership by map. The "strong and powerful" judgment benefits Singapore? None of this. The judgment disadvantaged China. The Chinese drew the 9 dashline. Singapore wants to support such knock out of ownership of 9 dashline. The "want" was so clear. The leeder stated openly that China must support the "laws" and the "strong and powerful" judgment.

This academic s writing of "misunderstanding" will not turn the facts around. The China population now rank Singapore as a hostile country similar to US. China s media description of Singapore is: the front foot soldier for US warrior s horse. Low ranking soldier on foot to guide the horse of high ranking soldier riding on the beast. That is Singapore. The foreign policy will affect Singapore s export to China and tourists from China. Anyway, sour grape if correct, Singapore is so rich per capital, the citizens do not need China market. Citizens all support the dear leeder s judgment on UN backed tribunal judgment. No doubt about this point. This academic is being to coward to portrait Singapore s real stand being "misunderstood". NO NO. Singapore stand for the UN backed Hague Tribunal Judgment in favor of the Philippines on South China seas on 12 July 2016. No and citizens dont run away for what leeders had said.

Anonymous said...

Actually, hor ,if there is war between US and China or Luan cause by US it is good for singapore . Our

Property price will shoot up. Look when HK was about taken over by China many Honkies can to Singapore beside Canada. Even HDB

Also special offer to them. Same with Indonesia and Malaysia racial problems. Even the red shirts and Yellows in Bankok

Could this be our interest. We used to live on the "stupidity" of our neighbors . But it was THEN.

What do you think. Possible,maybe.

Anonymous said...

Not all international judges are intelligent and the kangaroo court is a good example to prove how silly these people can be.

Tiok. That's why China ignore the ruling, and hence can avoid the bad effects of the ruling.

And not all politicians elected to power are intelligent. But too bad, the stupid voters can ignore them but cannot avoid bad effects when these politicians make silly decisions.

virgo49 said...

Tommy Koh got to give support and credence to the Kangaroo Hague Ruling.
Sinkieland won one rock and another rock of Pulai Batu Puteh aka Pedra Branca goes Malaysia.

He is one of the Prime mover in the claimant.

If China don't not recognise and Philippines accept her decision then Matland can appeal and reclaim again.

If Matland on friendly terms with PRC then she will jeopardise the plans as laid by Uncle Sam in league with Sinkieland to contain China.

Now on map Sinkie land already painted the American flag as the 51 state of America.

patriot said...

l will be the Second One to wonder what kind of EQ and IQ
our Leeders, Diplomats and Intellectuals have.
The Hague Tribunal and its' ruling on the South China Sea
was obviously ultra vires and
worse, FOUL, period.
What is so difficult to understand that?

Yes! Sin has to face challenges
for it to survive in a not too friendly region and environment.
Does this mean Sin has to align
a belligerent superpower?
Historically, the US is a stolen land from its' indegenious people; the Red Indians, who
were to a large exterminated and
on the Way to extinction.

Rb and Southernglory have done
much here to enlighten Sinkies
and others who are here.
ls there a lack of knowledge of history in our leeders and intellectuals? lt does appear so.
The US through out its' existence,
has always remain belligerent in
To align with a belligerent entity is to participate in the
evilness of the Scoundrel.

The Doctrine of Manifest Destiny
itself is Ultimate Evil. Crusade for freedom, read democracy, for
mankind proclaimed to be equal
for all? And yet the US wants hegemony of the World.

Anyone who plays double headed snake and double crossed any party involved shall not end
up well.

Nobody will ever like any double
headed snake, this is for sure.


Anonymous said...

Are We Smart Or Stupid?

Yes! China is not stupid! China is not stupid!

Just like D of P. He is not stupid! He now friend friend with China/money!

We must know......如何做人! 如何做人!

Do not try to be too smart!

Are we......不知死活! 不见棺材不流泪! 活在福中不知福!?????


So....are we smart or stupid?

You say lah! You say lah!

Anonymous said...

Readers please watch this one: East Timor vs Australia.
"Australia has lost in its claim that an international commission has no jurisdiction to hear a complaint by East Timor in the bitter dispute over undersea oil and gas riches.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull earlier this year knocked back a call for fresh negotiations on the maritime boundary in the Timor Sea, but the decision released on Monday from the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague opens the way for talks between the two countries."

Readers must note: Timor uses the REAL Hague Arbitration court.

What is Australia s stand on using REAL Hage Arbitration court???

"Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was also quick to note the conciliation process invoked by East Timor is not binding. " (Sydney Morning Herald Sep 26, 2016)

If some country uses REAL arbitration court, Australia will not recognize. But Australia recognized the Kongcum ruled Court set up by US lawyers for Philippines.
That Kongcum ruled Court s judgment is supported by little dot's leeder. He said its the "strong and powerful" judgment and China must follow the international laws.

So dear readers, and me, how to interpret this world? Who is upholding the correct court s ruling?

Will Singapore leeders support the REAL Hague Court ruling against Australia if the latter loses against Timori s claims?

patriot said...

On second thought, the US is a land robbed from its' indigenous people, who were massacred mercilessly.

Stolen is too mild a word to use.


Anonymous said...

Philippines Duterte's rapprochement with China is making Singapore PM Hsien Loong's standup against China over the South China Sea issue looking very silly, very lacking in wisdom . . .

Anonymous said...

Philippines Duterte's rapprochement with China is making Singapore PM Hsien Loong's standup against China over the South China Sea issue looking very silly, very lacking in wisdom . . .
Anon 12:05 pm

Not really lah. There may be more to it than meets the eye.

Maybe behind the scenes the Americans are telling Hsien Loong, "if you don't do what I want you to do, no advanced weapon sales to you and no protection for tiny Sinkieland".

Now if you were Hsien Loong, what would you do then? Lan lan obey lor, tio bo?

patriot said...

Duterte is almost completely doing the Opposite of his predeccessor Aquino.
The Latter was a US Stooge through and through, maybe due to his lack of
confidence and or ability of independence.

Duterte risks facing the Wraths of
drug lords and in the Case of his
relationship with the US, many are
worry that he maybe assasinated
for alienating the Philippines from
the US. And this is bcos many other
rulers were suspected to have been dealt with in liked manner whence
they ran out of favour with the US.

Duterte would be protected, condoned
if he align with the US and maybe confer honorary citizenships for himself
and his clans if he goes along with the US.
Thus far, Duterte has proven his leadership sterlingly with decisive
If he gets peace and prosperity for
his people and his country, he deserves
a Nobel Prize for Bravery .

Kudos to the Man.


rex said...

Virgo49, you are wrong. Sg used International Court of Justicr, the REAL COURT OF U.N. This was pre-agreed eith Malaysia to use this faircourt. Old Philippines presidrnt use kangaroo court PCA, not UN court, all judges paid by pinoy and japan nothing to do with the defendant china who in the firts place did not agree such kamgaroo politics played by USA, JAPAN, PINOY.

Anonymous said...

I see Deterte looks rough but he is actually an intelligent man. He calculates and rationalized issues. On the other hand, the leeders of little dot including those "tin tank" who attempted to blind the public by claiming the "tribunal" judgment was UN backed. I found these leeders and academic are living in the past 15 year world. They thought the general public really believed the "tribunal" was real.

Deterte knew it was not real. It was not a convincing victory for phillippines. China chinese are not convinced by the logic of the judgment. Deterte knew phillippines could not enforce and impose the judgment on China population. Depending on US to grab the land of Huangyen dao which Aquino declared as pinoy s island? US will not use force to help him. Depend on pinoys soldiers to die for the island? He will not get victory or the pinoys soldiers will die for nothing against the PLA.

Meanwhile, little dot leeders claimed credits for upholding international laws. The leeders never ever expect Deterte was so intelligent and cool minded.

Instead of helping US and lost USD33millions for legal fees, Deterte asked China for money. He got all. 900 millions USD loans and lots of businesses for his 250 delegates accompanying him in Beijing. It was an early Chrismas party for Deterte.

Who are the losers? The little dot citizens. Far less tourists from China, and declining export to the biggest export market China. These people do not know why the Chinese are against Singaporeans when they travel to China now. That is the price to pay for not reading blogs such as RBs one to deepen understanding of polics affecting business and pocket.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't LHL goes to Japan parliament and tell Abe that Okinotorishima is not a island.

It is simply a rock. Abe and Singapore strongly support the ruling. Am i right?

It wont hurt the relationship between Singapore and Japan if LHL tell Abe to accept this ruling- Okinotorishima is not an island.

Anonymous said...

If more than 40% Singaporean agree with PRC viewpoint about Singapore stance in SCS

how can China been alleged to misunderstood Singapore?

USA did not guarantee freedom of navigation in SCS if war does break out. USA are going to block SCS.

Are Singapore going to condemn USA?

rex said...

Anon 1227
I am not sure you trying to be sarcastic or are simply naive. Singapore DOES NOT NEED FAULTY FIGHTER JETS rejected by Us Airforce. As mattrr of fact, even if these jets are really super good, we dont need them. Because modern warfare in this part of the world, is not fought by state of the art squadrons, battalions or submarines whathaveyous. Our real enemies are suicide bombers, terrorism, covert operations. You could spend a zilkion dollars on Americans fighterjets, and you cannot even handle suicice bomber style terrorism, not even little india mini-riot. The Americans only know how to sell weapons, it is their business to create imaginary scenarios of war in peaceful asia.
CHINA apparent militarization in SCS is in direct response to 3 times build up of Japanese military in last few years. The Japanese invasion of china lives in the memories of china, as Abe refused to recognise the Nanjing Massacres of 600,000 chinese in the 1930'd. Frankly speakung, Singapore should not get involved either side.

Anonymous said...

When two big men are fighting ,punching each other on the face, a small boy goes to help one of them by 'by deploying the p 8 for detecting and destruction of his rival's submarine '.the boy claims to be neutral.Logic of reasoning is 歪理 . Sg govt pro US till so 出面 still want to deny . Sg readers are not blind. Pap is taking side militarily whether it is within its control or not it is a different issue.

Anonymous said...

This double headed snake became a meeting point for Taiwan and China leaders not too long ago.

Or maybe you have also forgotten how HK elected pro independent lawmakers into their parliament.

We are not the ones giving problem to china I can tell you that.

Anonymous said...

Another doomsday scenario trying to make up story about how sin-china relationship is going to hell just to suited your narrative.

Open our eyes a bit and we can see the level of competition. As i said many times durtete is in the right track but he's only playing catch up.

This will blow over. Then we can all move on to the next dose of wisdom from RB who knows better than the common man what Xi Jinping is thinking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15pm

U reminded me of reading the article in Huanqiu. It came with picture. Singapore changi has parked the Coronado that has powerful radar to monitor china war ship, which has ballistic weapon some84 harpoon. In other words, the weapon can reach china and the radar collects data for war with china in future. All is done at changi.

The author warned singapore. It might be the fish inside the pond when the pond is in trouble.

I understood the warning by thinking that, if china firing missiles to destroy the war ships in changi, Singapore civilians should not blame china if they are hurt.
This is real. I never want to live at changi area.

Anonymous said...

Amazing to make such a big mountain from a molehill.

In taiwan there are entire groups of politicians who demand independent. We never interfere.

In HK there are street protests of ten of thousands against beijing rule. There are anti China lawmakers elected to parliament.

Yet this tiny, very neutral comment on the SCS is going to destroy us, make the Chinese hate us so Much?

Love your imaginations.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan n Hong Kong

are China internal affairs.

What has it got to do wth

Anonymous said...

Read this by a Prof Wong quote,'For Singapore, the US was part of the Anglophone alliance at the state creation and expects its strategic connections with the city nation to continue. Singapore hopes that China will understand why it still sees its security as dependent on that framework. '

Anonymous said...

Compare how China has dealt with HK and taiwan as compared to what some experts here are proclaiming will happen to us.

Especially Taiwan. Way more in bed with the US. In fact their western weapons are not even gotten on the present of guardiola against radical islam but to guard against China itself.

Is it such a big deal to say that might is not right compared to what HK and taiwan have done? Note that might is not right also applied to the US as I said before.

Anonymous said...

@ I never want to live at changi area.

Cause the real reason is you cannot afford it ???

Anonymous said...

Singaporean born local chinese, join RSAf, but in war, would he feel right to go bomb Shanghai or beijing, to help "American allies"?
I could ask the same question another way, singapore born bred indian man join RSAF, but in war would he feel right to bomb india?
Even lee kuan yew knew, he would not expect Malay Singaporean to bomb malaysia, therefore no malay pilots.
So who are we kidding? We cannot bomb anyone. WE CANNOT BOMB ANYONE!!So why we have to spend so much on warplanes and advanced war exercises in usa and Australia etc?
The problem is that PAP MADE SINGAPORE Americanised , our news readers on tv speak American english, we only watch Cnn, read American books,watch American movies...we never educate schoolchildren about china history for irrational fear that china is evil politically... WE THINK WE ARE AMERICANS. HERE IS THE ANTIDOTE. Watch an hour a day free documentary or neesfeed, on chinatv CCTV13. There is much to learn.

Anonymous said...

Which Sinkie opposition leader can become the "Duterte" of Sinkieland?

Or rather which Sinkie opposition leader will majority Sinkies vote him/her to become the "Duterte" of Sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

You do not even know what you are talking about. Since when are we asking Chinese to bomb China? LKY keeps remaining abt the malays because that's the entire purpose of our armed force which is to deal with immediate neighbours.

Since when we buy US weapons is because we need to help them bomb China? China is not an aggressor to us.

This sort of thing you go take up with the taiwanese, not us.

Lol. A lot of ppl just making up their own story to talk on and on here only. Must be eat full too free.

Anonymous said...

*guarding against radical islam

Anonymous said...

Sinkie opposition leader Dr Chee Soon Juan can be considered as the "Aung San Suu kyi" of Sinkieland because they both suffered (or persecuted) politically for a long time in their respective countries.

But unlike Aung San Suu kyi, Chee Soon Juan just cannot win elections, so have no power like Aung San Suu kyi.

With no power, Chee Soon Juan cannot do anything, unlike Duterte or Aung San Suu kyi. So sad.

Anonymous said...

And luckily. If we had not made english the priority and follow the path of mao's China, we will be worse than the pinoys now. Even deng xiaopings opening up could not have saved us if we began on the wrong path.

Full of BS talk when you have willingly stay in "americanised" Singapore under PAP all the time anyway

Anonymous said...

Dear anon.
The scenario of Singapore bombing china was indirectly suggested by one commentor above. The usa has advanced weaponry stationed in Singapore. The entire struggle of SCS being a contest of power between usa war monger and china, could in the long run lead to minor, or major war. The commentor wrnt on to say china could bomb the American installations in changi. In Such case, and since pinoy now pro-china, and Malaysia is definitely anti USA, THEN USA WILL chor chor Singapore help to fight china. Why on earth we want to be invo!ved in other people quarrels? Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

With no power, Chee Soon Juan cannot do anything, unlike Duterte or Aung San Suu kyi.
4:02 pm

Tiok. Because 70% did not want to give him the power. But he also will not have enough power to be of any use, even if the 70% wanted to give him in GE2015 or BE2016. So knowing that, that's why the 70% did not give him. And perhaps he even wondered why.

Anonymous said...

So maybe we buy Russia weapons then? So that will mean we need to help them fight Ukraine and chechnya?

Really no logic some of the arguments.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:28pm
Changi property is expensive? You are foreigner or just born not having ic to buy property lah. I dont insult you. If you know where i stay, you will be very too lan.

Anonymous said...

Since when have we been? When we send a local soldiers or pilot to fire a shot at them, then you tell me. We have been friends with the US for 50 years. We have not joined any of their wars as a fighting force ever since. But when it happens you tell

Until then, this commentators are just going on their own threads.

Anonymous said...

You obviously dont know wats going on. WE SINGAPORE ARE JOINING USA'S WARS. Our LHL PROUDLY SAID SAF WILL SEND ITS PEOPLE TO IRAQ TO FIGHT ISIS IN 2017. LHL said that after visiting USA!!! What didnt happen in 50 years dies not mean will not happen. Even in USA, for 50 years or more never before they see such a buffoon like Donald Trump go do high as to contest the Presidency and get decent support despite his severe character flaws! Dutertr is also reversing his country's 50 years+ of usa pinoy relations. ISIS is also a unique international force, never before expected for 50 years. Wake up,you shallow creature.

Anonymous said...



Any comments ?

Anonymous said...

I just read through all 47 points of cooperation between china and Philippines in the near future. They are serious man! Very comprehensive package ranging from welcoming Philipine bananas and mango exports, to Central Bank cooperation in currency maatters. China will also increase scholarship places for pinoys, help in drug rehabilitation of pinoys. Sounds good! Peace is much better than War, Duterte is a wise man, continue to partner with Usa, and suffer the endless "humiliation" (Duterte own word) of pinoys. Americans talk down to philionos, butbthe Chinese talk WITH them!! This whole episode really make a total fool of singapore government, who has not done homework on the character of Duterte and predicted his possible realignment of foreign policy. Our PM really let Singaporean down with his fastgun retort and rebuke of china, thinking it will please usa and pinoy.

Anonymous said...

Fight on terrorism has been on for sometime. Our "support" has always been to send medical and security team.

Your scenario is that because we are buying US weapons and engage in joint exercise we are going to be sent as frontline troops against China. And you try to justify by saying that never happen does not mean will never happen.

That sort of justification, anyone can make I tell you. Anyone can anyhow talk something and say "never happen does not mean will not." what if I tell you something totally different and use the same reasons?

Anonymous said...

In the past 50 years, China too had to give up on mao style communism and leaning towards western style capitalist. Indeed, who knows?

Anonymous said...

One day after durtete cancel his meeting with obama, he met with LHL already. We will work with the pinoys just fine, just as it will be with china.

But of course you all need something to comment so pls carry on your song and dance.

Anonymous said...

Quote, Ng said the support team would provide care for soldiers and injured civilians in the ongoing fight against ISIS, and that it would be protected by soldiers from the new Army Development Force (ADF), a new rapid response unit set up by the SAF. ng also added that should Singapore face a direct security threat, the country would fight to make a “real difference” instead of just making a “token contribution.” He did not provide further specifics UNQUOTE.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity has no cure. Lhl comments on Hague court ruling was in July 12th. But the LhL meeting with Duterte was AFTER , on 6 September! Maybe Duterte told lhl, eh brother, back off lah, no need to act hero, chill man.

Anonymous said...

Yes. And LHL also met with Li Keqiang on September 7th.

Since you appear to know maybe you can tell us what Li Keqiang said to LHL then. Lol. As far as I know it was to reaffirm SG status as a key player in coordinating ASEAN China relationships. But of course maybe you experts know better?

Anonymous said...

Well. By your logic we don't do it means will never be a target?

Msia is anti US on many things. Muslim majority. Yet they are arrested terror suspects plotting to target their home soil.

Anonymous said...

Sure. I guess LiKeqiang would say to lhl, 小红点儿同志,得了吧,以后别管闲事。大人不计小人过,新中关系不受影响,拜拜我没空了,失陪。

Anonymous said...

The possibility of being a terrorist target does depend on how close it align with usa. Paris was prime beef, it was VERY active in the war helping usa. I mean Sg is just tiny dot which mr shanmugam told NewYorkTimes in usa, "we are not a country". You dont remember? Go google it, i remember VERY CLEARLY THOSE TRAITOROUS WORDS FROM OUT NO.1 LAWYER AND MINISTER.. If we are not even a country what the hell we send troops to fight other people's war? I am just saying that by distancing ourselves from the fire we are less likely to get burnt. You can go to IRAQ and join the usa team there and get killed, who will pity you. BECOME a Singapore war hero? Wu ngiah boh?

Anonymous said...


very good! thanks for confirming my opinion. spoken like a true expert lol.

then no need so much KPKB here liao lah.

enjoy the weekend. 拜拜我没空了,失陪.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All of what was unnecessary? A few newspaper reports? Not much done anyway what.

Give you something to occuppy your time maybe.

Today saturday. Enjoy your sunday.

Anonymous said...

The harm done is in the hearts of people. The reputation of such a highly paid person, goes down several notches locally, and in the watchful eyes of other thinking politicians in the region. There are better ways of commenting. Look at what dutere said, brilliant answer. "Let us follow 1975 rules of peaceful negotiations ".Does not offend any party.

Anonymous said...

All this talking about little dot SAF helping US to fight in middle east, i hope is not real. I have not seen on msm. Voters must be alert. Deterte gave up the fight with China had valid reason. US asked Philippines to do joint war game at Scs and other places, the equipment was temporary loan to Philippines army. After the exercises, US collected back the weapons. US provided outdated and used war ships boats to pinoys. Celebration? No. Pinoys had to repair and refurbish them on pinoys own costs.

In other words, Deterte knew very well, in the long run, pinoys will be dead duck. US was not willing to help pinoys to be a strong regional power. If PLA fights with pinoys soldiers over the Scs islands, US will never render direct help against the PLA. Deterte had to decide if he wants to make money on trade or become karan guni man.

If voters put Deterte s situation in light with little dot s negligible army power, voters should have proper conclusion. US only want to use the port facilities. US will not give F35 or modern gun boats or weapons for little dot to use. Pinoys are US s old ally. Who is little dot? Be very careful when voting for the team. NS men s lives are not regular soldiers to be used as regular paid soldiers. If they have no sons, do not think they will not have grand sons to go into SAF. Vote wisely and vote for smart chap like Deterte type, not the stupid yes yes type. They can be smart: deploying others sons and not their own in real battle fields. IsIs are deadly and cunning. SAF has no match with them. Bao si bao si when sent to middle east battle fields.

Anonymous said...

Who is little dot?

I guess one that respect international laws, honor contracts, pro biz and slightly more integrity than the Philippines. At least we remember our growth was afterall very much by the west. Now China rich and aggressive and want us to kneel, if we were to follow Mr D , cut ties with US and hug China's leg. Then thats rather should i say 过河抽板 见利忘义 知恩不报 忘恩负义 兔死狗烹 得鱼忘筌 卸磨杀驴 ...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pl see , anon 6.14 info on Singapore army involvement, reported in msm.
Our "Army Development Force" will protect our medical team if attacked by ISIS in 2017. My understanding is theoretically Our medical team is there only to render assistance to wounded american, peshmarga or kurdish troops. Whether isis will attack them,is anybody's guess. This is my understanding. Very noble. Why Malaysia or Indonesia not so noble? Kiasi ? Why not.

Virgo1949 said...

Anon 7.44

Now number one lawyer and Minister said when did I group the Eurasians in the Indian category??

I, no problem we with the State Times article. But on the other hand got to make police report and charged them for inciting racial issues.

LPPL. Using the government machineries to silence free speech.

Did or did not the committee recommended that the Eurasians to be categorised under the Indian group???

Its all black and white!!

Can weasel way out meh??

Dr Purva Pius said...

Hello Everybody,
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1. Name Of Applicant in Full:……..
2. Telephone Numbers:……….
3. Address and Location:…….
4. Amount in request………..
5. Repayment Period:………..
6. Purpose Of Loan………….
7. country…………………
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9. occupation………………
11.Monthly Income…………..

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