Another October crash?

Read below article. It is so important that I am quoting the whole article here.
Dear Family,

With the Year Of The Jubilee On Oct 3, 2016 comes the “divine reset”. Over the years I have been teaching @ PATMOS that Europe will soon come under divine judgment for what they did 70 years ago. When we speak of Europe we can’t help but speak of the EU the heart of Europe and when we speak of the EU we can’t help but speak of the soul of the EU – Germany. And in speaking of Germany we can’t help but speak of the spirit of Germany – the Deutsche Bank.
Has the judgment begun – we will have to wait and see BUT for now the handwriting is on the wall. Read on.
Ps. George Annadorai

Deutsche Bank Collapse: The Most Important Bank In Europe Is Facing A Major ‘Liquidity Event’ ( Bloomberg )

Posted: 30 Sep 2016 04:42 PM PDT

The largest and most important bank in the largest and most important economy in Europe is imploding right in front of our eyes. Deutsche Bank is the 11th biggest bank on the entire planet, and due to the enormous exposure to derivatives that it has, it has been called “the world’s most dangerous bank“.

On September 16th, the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Department of Justice wanted 14 billion dollars from Deutsche Bank to settle a case related to the mis-handling of mortgage-backed securities during the last financial crisis. As a result of that announcement, confidence in the bank has been greatly shaken, the stock price has fallen to record lows, and analysts are warning that Deutsche Bank may be facing a “liquidity event” unlike anything that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers back in 2008.

But the size of the fine is not really the issue now. Shares of Deutsche Bank have fallen by more than half so far in 2016, and this latest episode seems to have been the final straw for the deeply troubled financial institution. Old sources of liquidity are being cut off, and nobody wants to be the idiot that offers Deutsche Bank a new source of liquidity at this point.

As a result, Deutsche Bank is potentially facing a “liquidity event” on a scale that we have not seen since the financial crisis of 2008. The following comes from Zero Hedge…

The more the stock price drops, the faster other financial institutions, investors and regular banking clients are going to want to pull their money out of Deutsche Bank. And every time there is news about people pulling money out of the bank, that is just going to drive the stock price even lower.
In other words, Deutsche Bank may be entering a death spiral that may be impossible to stop without a government bailout, and the German government has already stated that there will be no bailout for Deutsche Bank.

Banking customers have a total of approximately 566 billion euros deposited with the bank, and even if a small fraction of those clients start demanding their money back it is going to cause a major, major crunch.

One of the reasons why Deutsche Bank is considered to be so systemically “dangerous” is because it has 42 trillion euros worth of exposure to derivatives. That is an amount of money that is 14 times larger than the GDP of the entire nation of Germany.

The complete and total collapse of Deutsche Bank would be an event many times more significant for the global financial system than the collapse of Lehman Brothers was. Global leaders simply cannot afford for such a thing to happen, but without serious intervention it appears that is precisely where we are heading.


Anonymous said...

"The complete and total collapse of Deutsche Bank would be an event many times more significant for the global financial system than the collapse of Lehman Brothers was."

So how will that affect Sinkies? Will there even be protests in Hong Lim Park, let alone protests or even riots on the streets? Will the Sinkie opposition become strong and ready to be govt? Will HDB pigeonhole prices drop until $1000 pm income can afford to buy 3 room HDB flat?

If not, what's the issue for PAP?

Anonymous said...

Norway Announces Massive Withdrawals From Sovereign Wealth Fund To Cover Deficits

Singapore so good.
No need to withdraw money from our Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Do you think Norway needs to learn from Singapore?
Do you think Norway can balance their budget if they start selling COEs and affordable public housing?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Norway needs to learn from Singapore?
10:24 am

Cannot lah, because first and foremost, Norwegians are not like Sinkies.

Both the people and the circumstances in Norway and Sinkieland are different, so how to learn?

Anonymous said...

No smoke, no fire.

Such a glaring and significant event cannot just happen over-night, being caused by a stupid decision of the Deutsche Bank Top Management, i.e. to use US$566 billion deposits and hedge against a US$42 trillion risks. This has to be a calculated and deliberate operation.

The NWO (New World Order) that has been espoused and being implemented stage by stage, phase by phase, and moment by moment, by the World Shadow Government has been taking place for many years now, since the Bush Administration. Its key objective is to limit world population to only 500 million because of "sustainability". What does this mean?

It means that the present world population of 7.4 billion has to be reduced tremendously. This will have to be executed state by stage over a period of about 20 to 30 years. How?

1. To starve the people to death.

2. To make the people kill themselves.

3. To deny medical care and attention.

4. To support terrorists groups like ISIS and Boko Harem and suicide bombers to kill as many people as possible.

5. To encourage and secretly support Terror Regimes like Iran and Saudi Arabia to ensure that they are able to carry out their destruction offensive plans.

6. To start a war between NATO and Russia, between US and Russia, between Japan and China, between India and China.

7. To use nuclear weapons if necessary.

Who are these evil and cruel personalities behind this World Shadow Government? I am not sure who but I am relatively sure that Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are two of the main stooges (and so was George W Bush) of The World Shadow Government.

Go check it out.

Anonymous said...

Norway got CPF or not?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr redbean
Thank you for bringing the Deutsche Bank opportunity to our attention.

Rest assured, our highly qualified team of retired military men are on high alert to buy the shares of Deutsche Bank when our commander gives the order.
We have a long history of nursing our bank share purchases from "near death" to "critically wounded" status.

We have an amazing track record for market timing. Over the years, you would have done very well to trade against our market positions and timing.

Yours Sincerely
Chief Investment Officer
TummySick Investment Fund

Veritas said...

DB got into shit because Ceo anshu indian jain cook universe biggest derivative.

Anonymous said...

DB got into shit because Ceo anshu indian jain cook universe biggest derivative.
Veritas 10:56 am

DB got Indian CEO Anshu Jain.

DBS got Indian CEO Piyush Gupta.

Heng ah, Piyush is not Anshu.

Anonymous said...

DB got into shit because Ceo anshu indian jain cook universe biggest derivative.
October 09, 2016 10:56 am

But who voted anshu jain to be ceo?
Must be the DB shareholders correct?

Anonymous said...

And who voted PAP to be government?
Must be the Singaporean voter ... correct?

Anonymous said...

Is the "S" the only difference between DB and DBS?

Anonymous said...

The ever ready investing on "long term" funds in little dot might have stand by billions. When Bank like USB, and other US banks was about to mati, little dot s current president who was the fund chairman bought huge sum at current price higher than the collapsed price. It was a wise investment to the investment expert.

But in this D bank, the secret is not secret. It has 41 trillions dollars of derivatives. The bank was said to be safe. This word safe was based on tier 1 assets. This tier 1 assets was formed by 72% of derivatives.

Derivatives are quite simple. eg a smart man group together some broken down geylang houses by their current values with inflated or fake expert opinions. One smart bank endorsed the value as good assets value. That endorsed document can be sold to some not so smart investors, with the options to buy the underlying assets, ie the geylang houses at what price. Got the message or not? That was similar to Lehman brothers s bluff.
So the real value of the underlying assets of these derivatives are yet to be discovered.

But from history, such boosting of assets value in D bank is likely to turn out to be another professional bluff. Thats why the D banks share price has already half price liao. Wanna buy? if not bye bye liao.

I think Merkel dared not to promise to buy out the bank ie use Central bank money to pay off the D banks debts, this D banks might have some secrets similar to Lehmen brothers. It is likely to implode into smaller bank or being sold as $1 euro to another bank, similar to one Bank was torpedoed by a US derivatives trader in Singapore.

EU may collapse much to the delight of US. Luckily, UK was out faster. So Singapore export is still able to get through UK to some EU countries in future. There is not much problem except its export to China will be reduced due to its foreign policy. The middle east will be more to watch than D bank. If Syria chased away US (French s stop fire proposal in UN was veto by Russia) and re org. Russia and China will control the oil supplies in middle east. This is something to watch in few months time affecting little dot.

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance we may have to kiss "our" CPF money goodbye?
Is there a chance our CPF money may be converted to Deutsche Bank shares?

Anonymous said...

"Is there a chance our CPF money may be converted to Deutsche Bank shares?"
12:00 pm

Which is worse, wait long long to get your CPF money or be converted to Deutsche Bank shares?

Which is worse, vote PAP or vote opposition?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am always suspicious when banks are making more money than casinos and easier. What are the banks doing to make these easy money? Derivatives is one key factor other than money laundering.

Any bank that is deep in derivatives is approved by the board of directors and also the govt. When banks collapsed for gambling in derivatives, you know very well who are responsible. They knew the risk, they knew it is a fraud. But easy money is too difficult to resist. And everyone is turning to look the other way, not wanting to know, pretending not to know.

The whole financial system is run by crooks today and waiting to explode.

Anonymous said...

Minister Lim Swee Say talk down on fresh grads: You are too picky
" ... Don’t be too picky in the job hunt. You’re just sitting there waiting for the perfect job, but what if it doesn’t come? Will you just sit there? The longer you stay out of employment, the harder it is to come back.”



What about PAP?
Are they too picky when it comes to selecting the criteria to be President?

What about Singaporeans?
Are we too picky when it comes to voting in the General Elections?

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
The old POSB was a stand-alone bank?
The old POSB was not allowed to "invest" in derivatives?
As a result, our money was very safe with the old POSB?

What about DBS?
Does DBS own any derivatives?

Anonymous said...

Any bank that is deep in derivatives is approved by the board of directors and also the govt.

Tiok. But the board of of directors and also the govt must have evaluated that the benefits of derivatives far outweigh the risks, tio bo?

Just like to PAP, the benefits of having casinos and lots of all kinds of foreign talents coming here far outweigh the risks. And what risks is there to PAP if PAP can still get 70% votes?

In other words, they can handle or afford the risks (which may or may not happened) to get the benefits. (make more money and GDP growth).

Same for the derivatives lah. The banks can handle the risks to make more money than casinos.

Anonymous said...

The whole financial system is run by crooks today and waiting to explode.
RB 12:59 pm

Let it explode lah. Explode or not explode, PAP and Sinkies will still be around and majority Sinkies will still vote for PAP again, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

In little dot, there are many cases of crooks bank selling bonds that cannot give back the buyers principle. There was one report of an old man bought S$8millions bonds and the company went into liquidation. ie the S$8 millions will be zero in his whole life.

What have adults learn from these facts? They believe in "professionals" from banks. Bank staff would advise them to buy currencies, bonds etc indirectly getting commissions for a living. That s how bank staff live. Crook is an alternative word if bank staff are not ethical. In the past, one can see young grad bank staff "helping" buyers to sign loans at show rooms to buy properties under development. Now these people must be very happy for being owners of new condos.

What have reader learned? These buyers went for the rush because of main media talking about people rushing for condos. They also got the idea from one dead old man who talked about voting for the political party and the ever rising property prices.

In other words, price on property cannot go down because that old man was saying it. So with easy bank loans. These people are now paying loans not of their pick, if they can choose now.

Media media media media is very powerful if you are not trained with a suspicious mind.
The mind can be swayed to the wrong side and acts on wrong direction because of the main media.
I give u more example. Donald Trump got from Washington Post on a tape about his dirty words when Trump was an actor of the show. The W Post release the tape because Wiki leaks released emails hacked from Hillary s server. The emails are part of the many on the way. But Trump is in trouble as people are always pretentious. Talk cork is not something army boys shy about. Correct? Not for Trump as he wants to be president.

If you go to twitter of Jaunita Broaddrick, she is 73 now. She twitter black and white Bill Clinton raped her when she was 35 and Hillary tried to silent her.

So you as a reader, you will have to decide who is who. Meanwhile, CNN is pouring lots of dirty words from Trump. The power of media is affecting us alot, similar to those from Pap s wise men and women. U listen, u may get toxin inside and buy condos that you are not in need. Bye bye to your cash flows in future liao.

Anonymous said...

When you put your life savings into a Singapore bank's savings account?
Is 100% of your savings guaranteed by the PAP government?

Veritas said...

Vikram Pandit bankrupt Citi with derivative dynamite.

Now under Tharman we have piy Gupta and menon. Bb cpf.

Meritocracy mean hindu master others eat shit.

Anonymous said...

U listen, u may get toxin inside and buy condos that you are not in need.
2:18 pm

The condo developers know that there are many such buyers. Or else why would they want to build so many condos to make more money?

PAP knows that majority voters will still vote for PAP. Or else why would PAP want to import so many foreign talents to have more GDP growth and bonuses for PAP ministers?

Veritas said...

2-3 years earlier cpf bail out hindu derivative scammer OLam.

Veritas said...

People want tharman as PM. Good luck you. Under fucking tharman chinese get kick out dbs.

Veritas said...

People want tharman as PM. Good luck you. Under fucking tharman chinese get kick out dbs.

Anonymous said...

2-3 years earlier cpf bail out hindu derivative scammer OLam.
Veritas 3:47 pm

But PAP later even got 70% votes, even if cpf indeed bail out hindu derivative scammer OLam 2-3 years earlier. So PAP can afford the risks to use cpf to bail out hindu derivative scammer OLam.

So kpkb no use, if indeed cpf bail out hindu derivative scammer OLam.

Anonymous said...

Under fucking tharman chinese get kick out dbs.
Veritas 3:55 pm

Even if that's true, online media poll still showed fucking tharman is the choice to be next PM.

But fucking tharman did not want to be PM. Maybe he knows he is fucking?

Anonymous said...

Singapore will not be affected. Our government has invested well. Our money is safe. Our CPF is safe. Singapore will survive while the whole world collapses. This is all because the PAP government has been very prudent with the country's investment. Singaporeans can sleep easy. Well done PAP !!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:47pm
Why did developers built so many condos? That is simple to answer.
1. Money is plenty, available for developers to borrow.
2. Build building is standard procedures, no high tec like making handphones. Ordinary educated are the developers. They are not those high tec kids like Tencent or Alibaba in China. U can have some developers friends, see what educations and big plans they have.
Of course, the big big ones do need professionals to manage.

So in building trades, or construction trade, there are many who able to borrow money can enter this trade. The white papers did say 7 millions population right? There was a woman minister said it would be 10 millions. The cow said there would be underground cities in little dot.

Again media bluff played a big part. These developers are also stuck if they cannot sell off their stock within the given time allowed. So when they launch their planned stocks to sell, they asked banks to be around to get as many to sign up as possible. And the main media helped them by saying many people queued for these condos. Not to forget one old man kept pushing prices would go up.
Those buyers not only bought one, but 2 or more. They can sell off their flats to stay in condos. At peak and before, that was the scenario. Nothing seemed to go wrong until passing the peak. Like now, how do u think the prices will be?
I guess prices will go down especially China and India and Indon are catching those stealing state money. Remember Aluwi Hatarwan from Indon who stole USD645millions living in Singapore for 8 years? How much is one condos average? 1-3 millions depending on size. Hartawan can buy the whole floors.

Few years back and even now, Singapore is considered to be heaven fr Hatarwan that kind of people living here. But China chinese will not want to be here any more. Indon will not want to be here also. Indians may be. US citizens cannot as exchange of info will be enforced against Singapore. So do u still see prices will shoot up like queuing for barkwar during CYN? Tankuku.

Anonymous said...

So do u still see prices will shoot up like queuing for barkwar during CYN?
5:13 pm

But HDB pigeonholes now $1 million what, so prices shoot up or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

Those who are interested to know about the pending crash can go read the Dent research.

Anonymous said...

Me and most of my peers in their 50s won't be affected adversely even if the Singapore economy crash heavily, as we are already long-term jobless.

In fact, we hope the economy will collapse -- as prices will tumble and the cost of living will come down, benefiting us alot . . .

Anonymous said...

The big derivative players have conned many garments and spun a web so thick that the garments cannot break away anymore. It is looking like a case of you die I also die. All stuck together, like sleeping in bed and got to cover each other's arse.

How could so many silly assess got themselves into this derivative shit hole is unbelieveable. Now you know why they need to keep raising taxes, cost of living, keep on investing using good money to cover up bad losses, and your CPF turning into smoke?

One by one the big banks are going to be buried in the derivative debt. You think our local banks would get away, so exceptional?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:47pm
50s is the prime age, u do not need to work. Trump at 70s still trying to work out something. I see Singapore s businesses are harder from hard.
Local small businesses are hit by high rental. Local manufacturing firms will be hard hit by being export of Singapore when sold to China.
I think those Singaporeans firms in China will be hit.

Singaporeans firms in China should organize forums to teach China consumers to follow international laws as Singapore govt promoted. These Singapore firms should be consistent with Singapore PM s words in White House demanding China Chinese to support the "strong and powerful" Judgment from Hague and follow " international laws" to declare 9 dashline illegal.

China Chinese will agree with this kind of thinking and stand at Singapore s side. Then Singapore s products will be booming again. If Singapore business men keep quiet in China cities, then the Chinese would thought the China govt is correct not to support the Hague Judgment which is the laws countries must follow. China men will be grateful for Singaporeans teaching for lessons on international laws.

Anonymous said...

9.47 pm, me and my cohorts also Kena when we were in early 50s now in 60s liao will also not be affected. One side will be good for us as the prices crashed but the other side our kids may be jobless so Knn not so simple lar,

b said...

EU was setup to screw the europeans. EU will use this crisis just like the previous one to increase taxes, cut pension, devaluate currency. British has all along been skeptical about EU. EU is nothing more like a money sucking machine that sucks the money from the people and distribute among the few elites controlling it. They are not called fat cats for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Is Sin the country with the most
fat cats fed by the cats lovers ?