AHPETC saga is ongoing – What is the point?

I don’t know and don’t really care. Any impact on the parties involved, on the residents managed by the town council? Plenty! The WP would be so tied up with the ongoings that not only they would be so frustrated, agitated but also got no time for anything else. They would be spending a lot of their time and energy answering to the other party and trying to take defensive measures, preparing and wondering what would be next coming. The other party has all the resources to sit on the matter, keep digging, keep asking, till the cow comes home, or till the next GE, hopefully the WP would be no more.

What about cost? How many man hours, how many professional hours would be charged to the affair? And who would be paying for it? The WP or the residents?

I hope the charges and fees would not be coming out from the residents, from their fees and charges paid to the town council, from the reserves in the town council. But I think it would come from the residents as the WP are managing the town council and the people’s fund and any cost would likely be paid officially from the town council fund as they are working in the official capacity as town council management..

As the unending saga continues, like the fairy tales of the unending story, would the town council be bankrupt at the end of the story? If so, who should be responsible for this sorry state of affair? Never mind the incapacitating of the WP, with little time left to perform their duty as town council managers and as MPs in Parliament. Tsk, tsk, tsk….


Anonymous said...


What is the point?" (short form WP)

The point is to attack your opponents until they cannot even defend themselves, let alone attack you.

In fact it is working very well for PAP. Remember WP nearly lost Aljunied due to these attacks?

So must continue to attack lah. If not, how to win 70% votes and 93% seats? This is politics mah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Teochew Ah Hia deserved to be attacked for WP not being ready to be govt. Some more Ah Hia even praised PAP for being a competent govt. I have no sympathy for Teochew Ah Hia. In fact he should resign as secretary general of WP and not contest the next election. Hopeless fella.

Anonymous said...

Yes! AHPETC saga is unending! AHPETC saga continues.............!

Yes! It is like the fairy tales of an unending story............!

Stir! Stir! Stir! Stir! Stir! Stir!

Anyway, don't forget, at last GE, 70% said OK.

Next GE, I tell you.....I will not be surprised if 78% will to say OK
with H and A going back to PAP and a 100% PAP elected parliment!

Cannot be? You don't know why meh? This is Singapore, Singaporeans!

Stir! Stir! Stir! Stir! Stir! Stir!


Anonymous said...

For again as wat uncle RB previous post written, Stupidity has no cure in this little tiny red dot...wat to do 70% don't wan a opposition party..so the miws will keep screwing AHTC as they only need a small space to manned their bziness mah..

Virgo1949 said...

78% votes will goes to Opposition if by next year 50% of sinkies would be chiak kiakee.

And add insults to injuries, 50% of jobs are gainfully occupied by the foreign trashes.

Pai Koo bin OYK said jobs aplenty on offers.

Just don't be choosy. PMETs salaries at S$1200.00

Engineers at S$1800.00. Hawkers daily incomes at S$500 plus a day just selling bee hoon to 6.9m.

So don't be choosy you still get ten or twenty dollars more than foreign Sss passes.

Whilst at same time, we be still drawing our million$$$ allowances.

Why OTC's request of accounts brushed away by saying it needs hundred man years and Ajunied TC they kept harping??

Think all Pay And Pay TCS clean, clean without black marks????

Anonymous said...

This attitude to support opposition must gain sympathy from opposition voters has to be examined. I support the opposition because pap s wasteful of spending huge salaries and manpower in government. Remember pap supporters criticized the number of cabinet 21 was more than US cabinet, ada mm sm pm, each said something as if they were new policies. It was the start of little dot going down.
People always asked me, what "going down"? The pap govt is alive and kicking at Ndp. I told them to look at the figures: the export figures is indication of what singapore can do better than other countries. So these countries have to buy from singapore and not make them themselves. I said look at the shops, are they making money. That indicate how income can grow for those who dont want to work as employees. If shops are closing after a while or few years of operations, it means buyers are not able to buy with the prices or the shops cannot make money for the owners.
Simple? Most important it is realistic observation right? U cannot go wrong by watching what happens in reality.

WP is the same. My observation on WP is that it is going down. From the accounting problem. To many people in business, accounting is the most important system. The WP can tell all kinds of stories. The team cannot get away that this problem is dragging on FAR TOO LONG. They almost lost the GRC. How much do they want to have sympathy from WP supporters like us?

I as supporter did not look into the change of TC act in details. I am very confident that the same Act will be used against the pap TC in 10 to 20 years time. If it demand a good system. They tcs now better work towards the standards. Its good to set high standards on open figures. Why? How much received from public is a public interest figure. How much spent on public TC is also a public figure. I have not seen one TC willingly share these public figures with residents. I hope the Act will enforce that in future.

If WP cannot make it, they will go by nature s forces ie the voters will want the other people to do the jobs. This applies to pap too. 10 years from now, singapore will be so run down under the pap that the supporters will long for a new opposition team. May be these old oppositions are fit for their own generations only. Why?

The real forces come from the debt figures: buy one simple 3 room flat at remote area needs $850pm for 25 years. Buy one condo is $4300pm for 25 years. These are the real voters looking for solutions. If pap cannot boost the income through export and internal singapore own consumption, it will be voted out. If WP cannot do, it will not be voted in.

So simple. right? If the GRC cannot handle the storm, they must go. It does not matter if WP or what p. Its time to go. Go gracefully. Not like some old men looked so sick, yet still clinging on to the seats. What s the point if they cannot provide benefits to voters? What s the points? Voters want benefits to them, not a show of support will solve their problem. Its ability, ability, and competency: need to be proven.

Anonymous said...

WP got only one town council got so many problems. By simple logical deduction, anyone running 10 town councils will have 10x the problems of WP or 20x for 20 town councils.

PAP runs so many town councils all perfect, got no problems. See lah, how good, how excellent PAP is.

Vote PAP for all constituencies then all got no problems.

Anonymous said...

Non sense
Pap had one tc lost $8millions on bonds from banks went bankrupt.
Pap had one tc sold assets worth millions to a $2 private company.
Pap tc s problems are less shown on public media. Obviously even those problems of biggest losses are not considered big to pap. If that happened to opposition tc, the problem will never end.

I as voter trust opposition tc s figures because these figures are so closely watched that they can hardly be wrong. Not for pap tc.

For the same logic like u, i would ask friends to vote for opposition so that they can take over the grc and smc to double check all the figures. I will not vote for pap for that surface like calm sea, actually the currents are underneath.

Anonymous said...

Here we are losing thousands of jobs and many companies are not doing well. Instead of wasting time whacking WP, can all energy be channeled to creating good jobs for Singaporeans. AHPETS is not something that is terribly wrong. Just some accounting need to straighten out. No big deal.

patriot said...

Destroying the Workers Party at their Wards is akin to mistreating the Citizens staying in those Wards.




patriot said...

Destroying the Workers Party at their Wards is akin to mistreating the Citizens staying in those Wards.




Anonymous said...

When is that man who suggested WP to go harakiri to do it for himself?

Harakiri now please. Some kids parents taking o level exams were too lan. Early in the morning for kids going for exams they have mrt crawling to affect them to schools.

That man used to talk big in parliament similar to one who found ceiling of hawker center not clean. Now they are the worst performers besides the one doing hospitals. These 3 are best to harakiri together. There will be turn around for singapore. What to u think? No need to die lah. At least show that they want to do harakiri, then the others console them dont die singaporeans need them "sayang sayang" lah. At least put up a show to tell singaporeans they said what they meant. Then make sure good jobs are done lah. mrt is the harakiri man s job, get up and make sure the mrt ceo push down real results.

The other foreign policy man, china men now are writing articles lining up at Huanqiu ranking singapore as #3 anti china, besides Japan Australia. is singapore. The recent article in Huanqiu was on 20th talking about US parking Coronado warship at Changi port to monitor china ships ready for war with china.
How to get export to china and tourists to singapore with this kind of foreign policy failures?
Hospital one dont say, just go to sgh emergency. see how much to pay and how long to wait till first doctor see u. its a big failure of public service.

virgo49 said...

A video report by HK broadcasting company shown the Thais in cooperation with PRC going on the project of cutting the Istmus of Kra.

Firstly, shorter route for vessels transiting to PRC,HK and the rest.

Secondly, avoiding the stoppage by the Americunts in collobrattion with the skunks Sinkieland in the free route of shipping lanes.

PSA- Please Suck Again would be sucking fresh air and shore cranes hormat senjata.

Cha sai liao.

No need have now port in Tuas.

PRC even building deep water port in melaka.

See how many Condo projects in JB and melaka.

See antagonize PRC and carry wrong balls.

This would be the demise of sinking land

virgo49 said...

By the way CoSCo, China biggest shipping line would not give you a single TEU.

Transhipment at Thailand ports.

Bye bye

Anonymous said...

Destroying the WP means Sinkies better be prepared to have bleeding arses, rendered dumb and blind, and crying father and mother will also be totally useless. By then it will be too late to regret for those citizens who did not do the right thing during GE time.

But the writing is already on the wall.

Why did the Government not harp on the wrongdoings of all the entities mentioned by the AGO? Double standards and political agendas are aplenty with the Governments dealings with the WP. Any 3 year old and 90 years old grandmother can see that.

What to say?

Anonymous said...

Dear Virgo49,

Kindly provide link of " video report by HK broadcasting company shown the Thais in cooperation with PRC going on the project of cutting the Istmus of Kra. "

Thanks! Let all the anti PRC learn a lesson and take a beating.

Virgo1949 said...

Hi Bro, had forwarded to Mr.RB.

How to download don't know.

Must use the skills upgrading course.

My apology


Anonymous said...

Dear Virgo49,

I feedback what you said to my colleagues ( all pro westerners ) , they claim totally no info. They also want to know.
Counting on you and Redbean.
Dont keep us in the dark. Update link or direct us which video program so that i can kick all this PLP western supporters arse and knock some senses in them.

virgo49 said...

Hi bro, just posted on YouTube.

See can find.


They give me cfmation

virgo49 said...

Bro, under Oct 21. On YouTube


Anonymous said...

Kra canal has not had Thais approval. It will cost 20 to 30 billions. Thais do not have except China s deep pocket. It is likely to go ahead according to this ang mor. But little dot s experts at independent on 3 Oct said, it cannot move ahead.

U think it can or not? Little dot has deep pocket too. Can buy over the project from china and delay it mah. US has lots of money to lend to leeders.

"Will It Be Built?
There was a supposed agreement this past summer between Thailand’s Asia Union Group and China-led China-Thailand Kra Infrastructure & Development to build the canal. The Chinese company is already building other infrastructure in Thailand.

But within days, there were denials of any deal. Thailand likely backed away under intense diplomatic pressure from the United States.

But sooner or later, the Thai government will give a China-led project the thumbs-up. The economic opportunity to become a regional maritime center, surpassing Singapore and Malaysia, is going to be too good to pass up. And China is patient enough to wait for Thailand’s approval.

Good investing,

Tim Maverick"

Anonymous said...

I see , no wonder they claim its not true.

I did found a canontese video on Kra Canal but my colleagues notice it's posted on 2015 May.

They dont buy it as they claim outdated.
And they show me links that China Thailand denied kra canal project or in discussion or proposal only ( far from confirmation )

http://malaysiagazette.com/en/world/kra-canal-proposal-dream-or-reality ( dated 10 Jul 2016 )

They want latest video on the canal latest development.

Nabu one of the Penang chinese colleague even said " No issue . India , Myanmar and Vietnam will be waiting on the either side. "

b said...

Its just wayang. Need to remind people from time to time there is ''opposition'' in Sg and Sg is a ''democratic'' country.

virgo49 said...

Latest video even shown American stars and strips flag planted on Singapore. Even interviews with Chinese officials and military analyst.

Shown how PRC will counter the Americans forces if necessary.

MOT, Thailand will give go ahead of project. Tremendous benefits to them.
Just imagine the Port Dues and other misc port charges they can collect for ships passing thru.

The northern region of other countries also benefited.

Now their exports for the West and Eastern sectors got to be transhipped in SINKIE land.
Their ports of Lamchabang and Lamkrabang are only regional.
Imagine the transhipmement savings and the Bunker fuel that those ships thru the Eastern sector can save. If the Bunker oil were to be manipulated again by the Cartel, many shipping firms will goes bust.

PSA do not suck cheap of their port charges. Storage fees can kill you if you missed the deadline of connecting vessels.

The Thais are fair weather friends and lean to those who benefits them. Now specially with marital law and PRC also somewhat Martial Sama Sama, they would readily agreed.

Malaysia especially Penang industrial exports were before convenient and costs savings.

PRC and Thailand be able to recover cost as these are perpetual shipping trades of the world.
If trade is not moving, all countries be in depressions.

So sinkieland leans on wrong side and got to pay for the price.
DT will abandon you. Likewise Clinton. Thinks she will die for you? ?

Fat hope. Also PRC, been Chinese. You antagonize me.I can also wait for my turn to see you down. YOU CELEBRATE THE First, I celebrated 15.

So sinkieland for last fifty odd years collected "shipping protection monies" and able to have the ministers payroll in millions had enough.

Time to give others earn the same monies.

virgo49 said...

Just to add our beloved PM in Thailand offering condolences. Things running so smooth with 70% DAFT Sinkies support that he can be Customers Service PM.

The Thais with billion $$$ forecasts in front of them wpuld not be ASESN bro anymore.

Anonymous said...

Wa lau Deterte brought back 13 contracts worth USD13500 millions. Banana and pine narples will have not problems to export to china, a representative said. Deterte also publicly announced in Beijing: the separation of philippines and united states.
Deterte is not cooperating with US Japan Australia Singapore on supporting the Tribunal Judgment which are new laws. Abe had private meeting with Deterte at night on the Tribunal Judgment. China warned Abe not to instigate relationship between Philippines and China. How can Deterte ignore the Tribunal Judgment which set new strong and powerful laws for south china sea. Deterte will get punishment from US Japan Australia Singapore for not following the lines set by Obama. Philippines can be in trouble when these countries are angry.

Anonymous said...

Great , jobs and companies set up in Philippines can move to other regions including SG, Malaysia and Indonesia.