What has Asean become today?

It was created at a time of big power rivalry and Cold War between the Americans/West on one side and the Communist bloc led by the Soviet Union on the other. The wise leaders of Asean knew then that this is not their cup of tea. It is better to stay out when elephants fight, and not get trampled. There was nothing to gain to be on either side. So the created Asean and refused to be roped into the American creature called SEATO. And Abdul Razak came out with the concept of ZOPFAN, Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality.

This concept served Asean well for several decades. Today, Asean is becoming more like the feared SEATO, an American creation to contain China. And some members of Asean are screaming that there are Chinese Trojan Horses in Asean and wanting to boot them out of Asean. Would Asean then be renamed as SEATO, the nightmare the founders of Asean tried so hard to avoid?

Asean is now infiltrated with many little USAs and they are calling the shots. They did not see themselves as little USAs. They did not see that their sugar daddy is the USA while pointing the fingers at the Trojan Horses and accusing them of playing by the dictates of their sugar daddy in China.

This is the height of hypocrisy in Asean today. Oops, should Asean be called SEATO? How many Asean states would want to be in SEATO to be dictated by the American sugar daddy?

The funny thing is that while some of these little USAs are sleeping with their sugar daddy, they are putting up pretences to want to curry favours with their ‘enemy’ sugar daddy and wanting to enjoy the market and economic opportunities China is creating for them. And they think China could not see through their pretences and would continue to let them ride on the Chinese gravy train while shitting on them behind their backs.

How neutral is Asean today? Has Asean changed or is it transforming itself into another American satellite organization? Who are the main drivers working to turn Asean into SEATO? Who is behind the ejecting Cambodia out of Asean agenda?


Veritas said...

Actually the original ASEAN nation was bankrolled by USA against communist. Today, USA is broke.

Pinoy president Duterte is saying Must make peace with China because China has monies

In the due course, USA will fade away while China will become stronger. USA would need to stir discord before China get too powerful.

virgo49 said...

NATO - No Action Talk Only.

SEATO-Shutup Eat And Talk Offtopic

Waste of time and monies holding criss hands like Ma Fa Sets.

Let me hold Auyung Suyki hands.

Anonymous said...

Duterte wants to talk to China based on the kangaroo court rulings?

It is a no go from the start. China will not talk to him if this is his condition.

Anonymous said...

China is cornered in all directions now.

Whoever mastermind all these did a great job by studying & understanding China for a long time, make use of China leaders pride, media reaction, international law, international reaction to set up traps.

China walked right into these traps many many times.

Once the time is ripe, it will go for the kill.

Even Pinoy Duterte wants money out of China in a different way, no different from 8 nations then who is after money at the end of the day.

Unknown said...

It is said that here are 3 sovereign countries in the world, Russia, China and the international community (USG empire) Maybe to a lesser extend Iran is independent too.

During the cold war there was a movement called the Non Aligned Movement which wanted out of the games the 2 blocs were playing. Sad to say that we not even hear about them nowadays.

Anonymous said...

No matter what, Iran and Russia are different.

China got no elections one.

No matter how some elections are conducted unfairly, it is still a so called choice in that respective country.

After so many years where so many countries "improved", china is still one of the many last nations that does not do so.

What do you think of the consequences if they proceed or withheld from one?

All along no body bothered about Asean. It had never in any way play any part influencing the region or the world. Last time there was one Indonesian Alatas still got some say. After that....hahahha. How these body work must be on the basis of teamwork and collective leadership.... Do you think anybody give a damn about what Vivian or George Yeo say?

Anonymous said...

Main media today said Singapore is the best friend of US. The PM already went to teach obama lesson number 2 on how to screw china. It will be far better than hillary s old plan like pivot of asia. Singapore can offer the entire island for US to park their military hardware may be in singapore camps to ensure US hardware are seen in singapore, as best of the bestest friend of US. Then in asean, singapore fm will tell china wangyi, you there, go to the press conference yourself i wanna fly back to singapore. dont any how talk ok, i wanna listen and tell obama and carter china will be bad boy soon. then US big ships will come after china sea water until china kowtow to the usa marines. china is cooked, the one holding the pan is singapore, not asean, go get the history book rewrite please singapore is the hidden leader of the whole asia not just sea.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Singapore is the real leader of Asean. The rest are taking the cue from Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is trying hard to sit on the fence for as long as possible. Butt will hurt before too long and Singapore will soon have to decide which side to fall into.

Anonymous said...

Nothin wrong sitting on the fence.

We are just a speck in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

This Speck
thinks it's
the Most Brilliant
and Dazzling One.

Anonymous said...

It's just a method of publicity.

A kind of marketing gimmick, a form of advertising , a show.

Every country have it.

China also same , already decided to withdraw missiles on the island but on the front still act very aggressive and determine. In the end , 减兵增灶.

patriot said...

Let's see how much it

is worth at the Pawnshop.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese after this major exercise in paracels island attended by top auditing generals must have discovered further dismay not just the HQ-9 maintenance issue.

They knew their logistic is a issue as of now and to project power using just naval vessels beyond the spratly islands without absolute air and sea superiority due to enemy closeby air and naval base is a nightmare.

Maybe the spratly islands will be renamed in future after being the burial site of thousands of soldiers/vessels/planes who will perish in future war.

Singapore already chosen side when it refurnished its dock to accommodate US aircraft carrier and allow P8 to station here. Everybody knows this, it is an open secret. Singapore knew from independence that it was never meant to be brilliant and dazzling but always aim to be a poison shrimp if offended.

Anonymous said...


May i know your definition of patroit ?

What do you think makes one a patroit ?

patriot said...

Dear Anon 3:14 pm

Please do not read too much
into the Nick me am using.

It is just a nick that me plucks
from the English Language.

Btw, me has always being known
as a Sinophile to most or almost
all who know me.
Anyway, I am born to feel that
blood is thicker than water. And
it is a natural idiosyncrasy in

Thank You very much for the


Anonymous said...

ASEAN is the same as EU.

They are meant to group together, to protect their own interests and not being the lackeys of any superpowers.

But now? They have become the lackeys and lapdogs of US.