US plans nuclear attack on Russia and China

For some years USA has been building hundreds of huge underground bunkers - underground cities deep in the mountains all over the country. These underground cities are well equipped with modern facilities and amenities like roads, rails, electric power, reservoirs, hospitals and schools. USA may launch a surprise nuclear attack on Russia and China any time soon. These extremely mad American leaders think they will be safe in these underground cities . They have no qualms about how a nuclear exchange with Russia and China can kill hundreds of millions of people world wide including ordinary Americans so long as they stupidly feel they are safe in their underground cities.
America is nurtured on wars - perennial wars . The country is now run by extremely crazy and very mad people. They believe America should always be on top and no other country or countries would be allowed to come close to America's top position in military power, finance , wealth and riches in status. In view of this they feel compelled to take down Russia and China, the only two countries obstructing its path to complete world domination.
They are now turning their propaganda departments in full gear to demonise both Russia and China. Their propagandist machine is now in full swing to whip up all false reasons and excuses to arouse the people to support for their coming wars against Russia and China. They are unleashing all kinds of misinformation, disinformation, all kinds of lies , half  truths and the use of innuendos and insinuations to whip up the peoples feelings and psycho them to support their evil war plans.
They have built over a thousand military bases all around Russia and China's periphery to threaten the two nations. USA  has for years been dominating the Arabs in the Middle East and control their rich oil resources. They constantly stir up trouble, create strives and instability in the whole region to subject it to its hegemony agenda. In the course of it America is promoting and spreading terrorism. America is the world worst terrorist country and American terrorists are all over the world causing wars, instability and destruction. In fact America is the father of all terrorists when they organised and trained terrorist fighters in Alquaeda, Taliban and Isis and other terrorist groups in South America and Africa.
Now USA is shifting from Middle East to create choas, dissension and turmoil in the far East in East China Sea and South China Sea. It uses the sham excuse of "Freedom of passage and navigation" as a vehicle to start all the trouble and confrontation in the region. The fact is USA wants to dominate and control the whole of the East China Sea and the South China Sea together with its rich oil and mineral resources under the sea bed.
Before USA pivot to the East in 2009 there was peace and tranquility in the region. After its pivot to this region in 2009 it tries to drive a wedge between China and the neighbouring littoral states. It encouraged and instigated the neighbouring countries to go against China by claiming and illegally occupying Chinese territorial islands and reefs in the South China Sea. It hijacks all the powers of the Philippines and Vietnam and usurp its control of their relations with China.. USA is returning to the use of 'Gun Boat Policy of the 1840s against China. But this is the 21st century and this type of reckless action may yet backfired on the Evil Empire.
USA is risking the destruction and annililation of mankind in this world with its danger of threatening Russia and China with thermo nuclear war. All good and decent men in every country in this world must now take a stand to censor and stop the mad men in America from unleashing the world's ultimate Armageddon.
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Tuesday, July 12th 2016


Anonymous said...

America repent.
The wrath of God will set America on fire.
The blacks will rise to bring down the evil white regime to stop it from creating more mischiefs around the world.
America shall burn if it does not repent.

Anonymous said...

Can living underground during a nuclear war ensure survival of the people for long periods? How much food and water can they store to last, not years, but decades and even centuries?

For all we know, nuclear radiation will ensure that nothing grown on the earth's surface is going to be safe, so how will all this issues be resolved before we can even talk about a nuclear war? Russia and China will surely retaliate with nuclear weapons launched from their underground silos and submarines and the result is that the whole earth will be contaminated for centuries.

By then, most Americans living underground may with they had been better off dead than being alive.

Anonymous said...

Check on the dates it was built.

This started long time ago. It was all in the US TV program where people question why so much money is unaccounted for.

Eg. Denver Int airport built in 1995.

You need to do better than this, you need to provide evidence and proof otherwise it is just BS.

Anonymous said...

End of day coming soon...that's why American preparing an ark to migrate to Mars..Earthlings will be Martians..Earthlings become Aliens..After that when Earthlings dominate the entire solar system it becomes Star Wars & Star Trek ...A Sci fi become a Sci fact...

b said...

US is in the hands of a bunch of mentally disturbed elites. They will continue to sow discords among countries under the divide and rule strategy. The people must do something before it is too late. Voting Trump will be a better option than Killary. Trump only wants jobs for american people but Killary wants wars with others. The people must wake up.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure. If China dont send their ship to Mars now.

Later on there will be another 9 dash line clash in Mars.

Better stop talking and work fast fast... See other people talk less and prepare everything whether it is nuclear or end of the world it is all prepared regardless.

What did china do?

I tell you what china people can do if either disaster happen. Can suck thumb only.

Anonymous said...

You trust Trump? He is also an actor in reality.

There is no way Trump can change how the administration will work. American political structure has been set up in such manner.

Of course, he talks like he is the only person working in the whole US government.

Anonymous said...

USA already draw 9 dash line over North America.
Today, North America belongs to USA .

Anonymous said...

US can sow discord, but must find enough stupid Asean leaders to go along.

b said...

Stupid leaders are in excess so long as greed exists. We will see more civil unrest in ua and ua breaks into few pieces - one for muslims, one for blacks, one for whites and one for others.

Anonymous said...

America is a country with an extremely violent culture, since it was founded.

It's the most extreme, mad, law-breaking, reckless and dangerous country in the whole planet and in the history of humankind.

Birds of the same feather flock together.

It's no wonder that America, Saudi Arabia and other ex-colonial European countries mingle so closely together.

The above countries are the true bad guys in the real world.

Now it's up to Duterte to whether he has the guts to defy america and be cooperative towards China, or be another slave to america, just like his predecessors.

The Slave Times AKA The Suckers Times wasted no time and straight away put on its front page the faces of those brainless pinoys, the forever willing slaves to america.

Having slave mentality will forever make someone a slave.

Anonymous said...

Violence is in the nature of Americans. The indiscrimate slaughter of the Red Indians by the whites and the bearing of arms since their existence tells the whole story of their violent culture.

Now they are shooting their own with their guns. I think the earlier they self destruct the better it will be for the rest of mankind.

Anonymous said...

Well no one says Americans are angels. That is for sure and all to agree.