Tony Blair – The world’s worst terrorist

‘There is one terrorist in this world that the world needs to be aware of, and his name is Tony Blair, the world’s worst terrorist.’ Said Sarah O’Conner in a press conference reported by Agence France Presse. Her brother Bob was killed in Iraq in 2005 when Tony Blair ordered the invasion Iraq with British troops.
The war killed 179 British troops, 4,500 American personnel and 150,000 Iraqis, not counting the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis wounded, the millions displaced, the economy destroyed and a country at war. In an inquiry led by Sir John Chilcot, it condemned Tony Blair for leading Britain to war based on a lie fabricated by the intelligence community.
The families of dead British soldiers are pondering on the option of suing the British govt and charging Tony Blair for war crimes. All these are happening amidst more terrorist attacks by IS during Ramadan. And a Syrian was quoted why there were no outrage in these latest attacks with 40 people killed in Istanbul alone. Wow, 40 people killed you want a world outrage? Why not ask why no outrage when more than 150,000 Iraqis were killed by the world’s worst terrorist in Tony Blair?
Actually Sarah O’Conner was wrong. Tony Blair was not the world’s worst terrorist. He was second. The worst terrorist is none other than George Bush Jr, the President of the USA, that schemed the whole invasion of Iraq with the murder of President Saddam Hussein as war collateral.
Why are the two worst terrorists still not charged for war crimes and crimes against humanity? Cannot, they are above the law, they are Americans and British. The people they killed are not humans but Iraqis. It is ok to kill the Iraqis.
How many people did the IS terrorists killed so far? 100, 500, 1,000? How do these numbers compare to the 150,000 killed in Iraq?
Where are the stupid people defending the Americans and the British as the good people, the people good enough to be world policemen, good enough to start wars everywhere and still regarded as the good people?
When would these two mass murderers of Arabs, Muslims, Americans and British boys and girls be charged for war crimes and put behind bars?


Hermit said...

If BLiar Liar is a terrorist, what does it make out of GW Bush? Wasn't he a bigger terrorist?

Anonymous said...

WA...this wouldn't happen in SinkieLand bcos of the GPA law. After a NS man name Dom death, the OIC & G all got away scot free..then u may ask r they olso categorized under terrorists, if so then these G whites r world worse terrorists than GB & TB..& the 70% dafts Sinkies give them the concession to "mass slaughter" at their own will juz like the Nazis..

Anonymous said...

"Where are the stupid people defending the Americans and the British as the good people,...."

Here's one. But he is clever enough to win every election he contested. And RB, that's what really matters.

Goh Chok Tong, the Prime Minister of Singapore at the time of the Iraq War, said: “It is clear to everyone, unless that person wears blinkers, that this is a war to remove the weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein.” He had then offered Singapore support of the military invasion.

Anonymous said...

Which is worse?
Terrorist or Traitor?

patriot said...

Are they, George Bush and Tony Blair
the Worst Terrorists?
Definitely NOT to the Iraqis and the Middle-Easterners. Otherwise, they would have been hunted down liked
Col Gadaffi.

The Fact that no one goes after them shows that whatever George and Blair
did were justified or even good for Iraq and the Middle-East as a whole.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to watch this show of Blair sitting in court room facing lawyers clever questions. He cannot avoid as if he was the ex pm in parliament of london, when chilcot was having investigation of his grand war strategy to bring Iraq up as a "model of democracy" described by his "yours ever" G Bush.

It will be so much fun to eat crunchy nuts, drink carlsberg and watch how the courts proceed.

179 lives went into ash, some rotten to soil like juice and bones. But the real reason why they died for was never spoken to these dead before they went off.

There was major point from chilcot reports that Blair acted beyond his authority to get into war for no imminent threat to UK. And there was no mass destruction weapon as Blair insisted before the war started.

Families should get to share the fortune of Blair, who made at least 100 millions sgd from going around giving talk for his grand war against Iraq.

If families do not sue Blair, they should not even cry for the dead sons and daughters. Can they do that? Hope very war dead will sue Blair till he broke.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this. The Iraqis, the Arabs, the Muslims, the Al Qaeda the IS, all did not think so. They probably have forgotten about Bush and Blair for invading their country and killed their people.

If they really think these are the terrorists that killed their people, they would have gone after them. Now they are going after their enemies in Bangladesh, in Saudi Arabia, in Turkey, in Malaysia and in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies don't care about such things lah, like who is the world's worst terrorist.

They only care whether the party they voted for is ready to be govt, and whether they can make money under that ruling party. If not, they will just emigrate to another place to make money, or to have a good life.

That's why the opposition is not ready to be govt, because Sinkies don't care about them, let alone join them to fight and to replace PAP as govt.

Anonymous said...

HI July 09, 2016 4:25 pm

TOTALLY agree with you. Singaporeans are their own worst enemy. Always so money minded and care little about the big picture. As long as the goodies are dished out before each GE, they will cast their vote to reap the promises by the PAP. Sad but as things stand Singapore will be with the PAP for many many years to come. Now with the new citizens who are so thankful to be given the Singaporean passport, the PAP has further cemented their position to govern the country. If any Singaporean think he/she cannot take this situation, I suggest he/she think abut moving to another country. Singapore will always be expensive and will get worse. In a few years down thhe rosd there will not be a thong called te true blue Singaporeans. Sad, very very sad.

Anonymous said...

In a few years down thhe rosd there will not be a thong called te true blue Singaporeans. Sad, very very sad.
July 09, 2016 5:38 pm

The true blue Singaporean is a natural born slave.
Descended from 2,000 years of Chinese slave culture.
Brainwashed by 50 years of LKY leadership.

The true blue Singaporean is what LKY calls a "digit".
An economic animal.
There is nothing of value here that is worth saving.

The Europeans still reminisce about the ancient Greeks and even the European barbarian tribes.
The PRC and Hongkies just laugh at the daft & dying race of Sinkies.

So bloody stupid.
Don't even know how to vote "correctly".

Anonymous said...

The third world trash are planning to take over this island from the daft sinkies.

Unknown said...

Hope Trump wins then we will have non interventionist policy.

Anonymous said...

Politician should go to

War 1st b4 being 1.

N the war must b 100% fatal type.