The sell out of pathetic Singaporeans continues unabated

Another sickening letter appeared in the Today paper today. Forum writer Chua Kim Choo wrote about the plight of her daughter’s search for employment. She got a masters degree to boot. Her child sent close to 1000 letters before lending herself an entry level position. After a year she moved on to a regional job in another company of 30 staff only to be replaced by the 24th foreigner the company employed.

Since last year she has been trying to get re employed but in vain. The point here is that this is a qualified Singaporean, young and not expensive, just like the 500,000 foreigners here who don’t have to write 1000 letters to get a job. Probably someone would give them the rope or a helping hand to get a better job than this Singaporean and happily enjoying working here, and some even have the luxury of venting their frustration when they did not get their way to fuck this country and people.

The forum writer said that employers are demanding that young PMETs have enough experience for the job. She did not know that this is a standard lame excuse to reject Singaporeans like her child from employment. If experience is what the employers are looking for, our senior PMETs would not be driving taxis or be retrained to be semi skilled workers.

The sell out of our children continues unabated with the influx of foreigners continuing to replace our children. With half a million of these foreigners here and with more to come, there is no place for our children. Don’t be stupid when you go to the ballot box the next time. Vote for a govt that put Singaporeans first instead of their stepchildren from other countries.

I have one suggestion for the forum writer. I worked in MBFC and everyday I see many young professionals looking just as raw as her child, happily employed by the banks and financial institutions here. Looking at them you know that the experience they had would be no more than 10 years. If these foreigners can be employed in herds in MBFC, there must be something very wrong and very sick in this country that our young cannot be employed in MBFC. 

If nothing is done to put a stop to hiring all these little boys and girls from other countries, these little boys and girls are going to get all the training and experience they need to become the CEOs of the banks and financial institutions in MBFC, not Singaporeans. These young foreign boys and girls are going to get the best training that this country can give to become the future top bankers of this country. They don’t need the training and retraining put up by NTUC and other local training organizations to become waiters and salesperson or semi skilled workers or taxi drivers and security guards.

What would Singapore be going forward? What would happen to our young PMETs going forward? Is this what we want for our children, unable to find decent jobs in our own country that provides half a million good and decent jobs, even top jobs to foreigners that have dubious backgrounds and even fake degrees?

Singaporeans must wake up and take back this country for their children’s sake. Don’t sell out the future of your children or allow anyone to sell out the future of your children. Thinks of what you can do to help your children and the young of our fellow citizens.  Remember, this is your country, not the country of foreigners. This country must be for Singaporeans not for foreigners.


Veritas said...

I am watching my colleagues hiring foreigners telling everyone they "cannot" find quality Singapore engineers. They themselves are "not quality" engineer when fresh out of school. The foreigners they hired are those with more working experience and not necessarily higher IQ.

Nevertheless many young fresh grads are really fuck up nowadays due to fact that engineering cannot attract quality undergraduate.

The senior engineers are not doing a favor to Singaporeans and one of the reasons are excessive politiking and stack ranking conducted by senior managers to manipulate employees.

Managers always want to find one "fuck up" employee and torture him, to scare the shit out of others.

This hapless guy eventually get fired and his subsequent replacement must be of higher caliber, to justify the recruitment. So managers go for foreigners.

Singapore engineering community is the ONLY community in the world that CANNOT tolerate junior. You go oversea, you see a steady strata of junior middle senior.

In Singapore, there are only middle and senior.

Anonymous said...

No choice! No choice!

Just last yr, 70% voted OK!

What can you do now!

You can only kpkb! What else?


Anonymous said...

Well as long as the 70% not replaced who care!

Anonymous said...

So sad. Many young singaporeans will become the dalits of tomorrow.
Be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Which party or who did her parents, grandparents and family members vote for in the last election ?

Veritas said...

There is a pervasive "blame culture" in Singapore. The managers believe underlings can be conditioned to be ultra careful, and ultra hardworking to avoid blame. But this blame culture is also preventing managers from hiring juniors.

At the senior level, it is another game -- no accountability. So long as your factions and your buddies dont lost power, the whole leadership is not accountable for any mistake.

It actually depends whether the managers. I have spoken to some senior managers. They told me managers actually know what they are doing. They are not stupid. They know who is good and bad. They know their actions will affect many people.

Ultimately the MOST important goal of managers are to preserve their position. Other things are secondary.

Our culture do not focus on justice and compassion. So we bring our selfish culture to the extreme to the extend of harming our youth.

The old managers DONT CARE.

Virgo 49 said...

When you have tratitous felliw citizens who claimed that their fellow men are lazy, no talent and when they belonged to their elite masters lap swines what you expect they will do for their fellow countrymen???

One of these PAP stooge RC member talk to me as a fellow citizen. His own children are away in Auss land and not here as they are too sick to stay with their stooge father and the government.

Another told me, how can't you help all when I told him of the plight of his fellow unemployed fellowmen.

This National Day and hopefully many balance NDs to come if any, what's there to celebrate???

Soon these tratitous bastards would be engulfed and made into dalits by the very beasts that they brought in.

See the Republican National Convention now live on CNN.

One Senator said vote for Hillary and you get the same.

Our CSJ said vote for me and you see the difference.

Yet the Bukit Buttock voted as another parrot in.

See how daft they are and they deserved to be screwed with their children unemployed and if they are be in the opposition camp then curse the stooges who brought this misfortune to them and their children.

Anonymous said...

Rb, sinkies normally don't bother if it does not affect them. So if they or their kids are employed, they don't give a shit about the case u talk about till it happened to them. Then they write letter to forum page and so on. I bet before that they and their extended family voted for this government so don't kpkb now

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The ball is in the govt's court. They must do something before it is too late.
So far nothing serious is being done and the rot continues. How many of you have children and think it is impt to fight for your children and their children, to do something when you still can?

Anonymous said...

The Voters have chosen to have possession of the ball to score own goals.

Anonymous said...

This kind of topic is just talk cork session.
From hiring experience, pmet has hiring agencies assure the applicants of work pass or employment pass. The applicant needs to pay the heavy fees and the agencies have the lobang to get through for the foreigner to work here.
Employers dont bother and most dont pay a cent for the applicant.

Even public believe the govt has tightened employment pass. Employer will still want to hire foreigners because of CPF Laws. Employer cpf will raise the cost of hiring a citizen, female, by paying cpf. Further cost will come in when citizen male employee does in camp training and ippt from time to time.

The fundamental change is needed: abolish employer cpf or charge employment pass and s pass the same % as employer cpf monthly, on top of the normal fees paying for their employment and s passes for processing those paper works at mom.

Citizens are being short changed. In the long run, citizen s employment is sold to foreigners in order for more foreigners to come in to help buy the properties stock here. This whole scheme is govt and business corporations "close" cooperation.
Employment creation is not govt s responsibility. This is very clear from govt s behavior. But citizens including RB assumed that govt has responsibility to create jobs for citizens. What a mis understanding of roles in little dot.

Veritas said...

One problem of Singaporean engineering managers are they are ALL political appointments. They cannot mentor. So how? Hire experience.

Why cant the senior managers promote technical guys to fill the middle managers position. Singapore human resource deployment culture is suicidal for every single companies outside Singapore.

In Taiwan or China, the senior mangers regardless of how hard they play politics need to ensure the technical work are done, and well covered by technical managers.

In Singapore, politics are pervasive and every managers dont care.

The middle level managers are fuck up, never mind, get foreign engineers and make him advise the managers.

The FT policy in essence degrade the quality of managers and the organization culture. It is like a heroin and SG managers are drug addicts.

Anonymous said...

It is the employed you should be lamenting. Most are working like slaves to stay alive or so they can buy that gucci bag or latest mobilephone etc. At the end of the day, can't even be freed of slavery to the rich. What educated idiots you have raised as parents ...because as parents, you are idiots too. Idiots beget idiots.

Anonymous said...


"Blogger Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The ball is in the govt's court. They must do something before it is too late.
So far nothing serious is being done and the rot continues. How many of you have children and think it is impt to fight for your children and their children, to do something when you still can?"

Why you think the govt will want to do something when they are the biggest one to benefit from hiring foreigners ? Isn't that shooting themselves in the foot ? Talking about conflict of interest when they themselves are guilty of doing it. Oh, we forget that we have autocratic and dictatorship systems where orders and verdicts are passed down from the top to hire foreigners and the rest just follow suit, and those are then taken as gospel truth eventually. We know how those clowns work , don't we ?

Anonymous said...

/// If nothing is done to put a stop to hiring all these little boys and girls from other countries, these little boys and girls are going to get all the training and experience they need to become the CEOs of the banks and financial institutions in MBFC, not Singaporeans. ///

If we don't vote out the PAP government;
We cannot save our children.

True or not?

Vote Opposition in GE 2020.
Isn't it time to deport the Aliens from Singapore?

Anonymous said...

For a more Singaporean Singapore.
Vote Opposition in GE 2020.

Say no to Pro Alien Policies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree with 12:56's understanding of the situation/

Someone told me he had invented a machine what could do the same job cheaper and faster and made his presentation to a shipyard. The management all agreed that his product was superior.

But the order did not come. This guy was puzzled. He had such a good product.

Then someone whispered to him. You see, with your machine, so much money would be saved. It also meant many people would not be making money any more.

Just like the Americans. Cannot stop wars or no money to be made. So why stop wars. In our case, why bother with daft Sinkies, keep bringing in the foreigners.

You see the light?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Singaporeans deserve better!

Anonymous said...

"Singapore must do better in workplace safety - far too many accidents"
PM Lee


Stop. Think.
Singapore must do better or is it PM Lee must do better?

Do you think PM Lee should stand in front of mirror and slap himself?

Anonymous said...

First NOL gets sold while under the management of a PAP General.
And now SMRT gets de-listed while under the management of another PAP General.

What about Singapore ah?
Is Singapore also under the management of a PAP General?

jjgg said...

RB ..perhaps the poor girl should learn how to multi task like our minister...he actually spoke to his Malaysian counterpart about security issues...wtf!!! Social affairs can now talk security meh? Perhaps he was undercover with his durian n pair of shorts. Perhaps he was messenger boy for Defence minister. Poor girl...go join PA as a volunteer..that's the only way to get employed

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, let me relate another interesting dog eat dog realty in this or um capitalist world.

Happened to have a conversation with a Singaporean self employed technocrat engineer who specialises in water purifing pump and machine whilst waiting for a bone setting sifu.

He has in joint venture with a group of of young enterprising engineers and bid for an project that was selected based on their competitive bidding agreement price and also superior technology.

Before they could sign the contract, they were told that the project was awarded to another competitor who even bid at a higher price than them.

Upon inquiring and investigations they found that the contract was awarded to a government GLC
as the Principal is also a government agency.

Later, this GLC holding wrote to offer to buy their invented water purifing machine.

They rather sold it to the Arabs.

See how unscrupulous they are. Yet they said Singaporeans No.Talent and Not enterprising.

Unknown said...

I think it is a good idea to lead a minimalist life instead of getting caught up in a rat race you cannot win. Money/status is over rated in Singapore while free time is under rated.

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need."

Fight club

Anonymous said...

"Ultimately the MOST important goal of managers are to preserve their position. Other things are secondary."
Veritas 10:29 am

Very tiok. Same for politicians too. Just look at our neighbour PM Najib. If Najib can survive, why not Hsien Loong? After all, what is Hsien Loong's screw ups as compared to Najib?
So just like UMNO, PAP, despite all the kpkb by RB, Veritas and others, will sure win again next election or even by election.

Virgo 49 said...

The Research on the Diabetic Type I by the NUS as well as by the A Star is not a small sum beer amount as allocated by the government.

They are trying to stimulate the pancreas into producing its own insulin by breaking and injecting and experimenting with the gene and genome sequences.

My daughter was into it for nearly a decade. Believe some headway is there with all the imminent and expensive foreign researchers in the project.

But it was not revealed whether it was successful or not and no news were heard of it till now.

This project might be successful BUT some big fish or bro put a stop to been publicised.

The main reason been the pharmaceutical companies would not make their billions if their drugs are no longer needed.

So they pay to keep the mouths shut and the whole success in cold storage

These people have the clout to do it as they have uncle Sam behind.

b said...

Sg is only a good stopover. Get a skill (IT or medical or nursing), earn enough money and get out. Its not a place for bringing up family except for the very rich. Do not be con into thinking there is any other options otherwise.

b said...

70% voted for pap because they realised that sg is a good stopover. No many places are even closed to that calling.

Anonymous said...

Yes! b, you are 100% correct!

To the 70%, 新加坡是天堂!

To the 70% 如果新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂?

So, to the 70%, 新加坡是天堂!


Unknown said...

I'm not really convinced that voting for the opposition will change anything. The Bigger opposition parties are not even explicitly anti-foreigner. Only Singfirst is running on an anti foreigner platform. The rest all just parrot the globalist bullshit that comes from western media.

We need a coup.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To be pro Singaporean first is not necessarily anti foreigners.

There must be a balance not like the present hoards of foreigners allowed in to steal our lunch. Not careful they will steal out country as well.

Anonymous said...

Still remember Brexit? Still heard someone parroted about Globalization?
U need to be clear in mind. Brexit is the new trend. Globalization is the old tricks to suck the blood of those in the middle making salary without social connection to "globalize" their salaries. Sound confusing? No its very clear.

During Brexit campaigning time, HSBC, Goldman sharks and many US big companies in UK warned brits to vote against exit EU, or else, they will move HQ or factories to EU countries away from UK. After Brexit, none of those who threatened really move or retrench any staff in UK. Who voted for Brexit? The working class, majority are labor unionists, whose chief in Labor party, campaign against Brexit.
17.4millions voters voted to leave EU bloc to curtail immigrants flooding UK.
Why? Flooding immigrants have led to
1) stagnant salary for the working population
2) youth unemployment due to flooding of young grads from outside UK.

Similar to UK, the one parroting globalization brought in huge benefits to little dot are the politicians, especially those born with silver spoons, never need to apply a single jobs. Jobs went to find them throughout their life time.
Those looking for jobs, having foreigners to under cut their asking low salary, similar to that case RB mentioned, are those facing "free immigration" in little dot.
Citizens in little dot are facing chronic problem because of CPF laws charging the same asking salary of a citizen to be higher by 20%.
Big corporations and civil service can save at least the 20% or even more if not hiring those male citizens employees requiring NS incamp (There are new citizens dont need NS incamp.)
Therefore, citizens voting for the silver spoon class as their dear leaders will get the biggest sticks on their job prospects. If u are depending on salary to feed a family and not family connection to earn a living, yet you love globalization, i think you will still agree with me one "un-fine" day.
Which day? The day when you are fired from job or retrench due to downturn.
I have met taxi driver told me:"oh u work in this place, i knew your so and so" "i was the regional sales manager of what and what" "How you decided to drive taxi?" "well, i was retrench and .."
As salary earner, the un fine day will fall. But the silver spoon politicians can never understand why people have degrees, have work experience are not hired in singapore. They refuse to change the hiring cost between foreigners and citizens.

My point is: citizens are unfairly treated. The politicians allow foreigners to be cheaper by the same position so that employers hiring foreigners. Unless voters do something, politicians will assume voters are fully employed, why bother to make hiring foreigner EQUAL to citizens in same terms?

Your vote though is just one, has created troubles for your daughter, madam, in RB's message. U voted FOR those silver spoon politicians to short change citizens. Now you want to blame the same politicians?

Anonymous said...

A coup at this point in time os not warranted, maybe there is never a need.

Singaporeans may just like to learn from aliens, to look more greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

Basically, it is advocating self slavery is better than having foreigners slave for us. Hmmm....I guess I am the odd one out hahahah

Anonymous said...

We need a coup.
Lycurgus80ofsparta 4:39 pm

Hahahahaha. Even Hong Lim Park cannot even get a decent crowd and you talk about a coup?

You think Sinkies are like those folks in Turkey or Thailand? That PAP could get 70% votes in a GE already tells you they will forever be in power.

And if Chee Soon Juan could not even win Bukit Batok by election, forget about the opposition winning in a GE.

Anonymous said...

@ July 21, 2016 7:53 pm

Since PAP has a parliamentary majority.
And since 70% of Singaporean support PAP.

Why not convert Singapore from democracy into a monarchy?
Can we make the Lee family into Singapore's first royal family?

General Elections is a waste of money.
Every 5 years it's the same thing.
70% will vote PAP.

Anonymous said...



70% Singaporeans die, die also must vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

Selling your country is a good business apparently. Higher rents, higher real estate prices, more people in the malls that I own or am a director of. Kids get hired by Goldman Sachs or Google after college, in exchange for tax, foreign labor deals or maybe a directorship after politics. Its all open and legal of course.

And why not? Locals don't care, and even if they do, Chinese folks are too selfish and cowardly to say forget do something. And I thought Confucian ethics would help, sorry RB its in the genes. If you have served in the army, you will see the level of grovelling and selfishness of Chinese boys because hey, they are all spoilt by by their baby boomer parents and Filipino maid. No wonder the Mongols and the Japanese invaders despise you. You take the shit so well.

So, pls enjoy it, I am sure you guys can rationalize it away or take comfort in the high price of your HDB flats and CPF, even though it cannot be monetized, ever.

Anonymous said...

Minister Khaw Boon Wan: Give me until 2030 to provide a reliable public transport system


May I wish Mr Khaw a very long life to be able to live up to his 2030 promise.

Unknown said...

@7:53 pm

The whole thing about the coup is that we don't need civilians.

Anonymous said...

Britain voted for Brexit. US will likely have a Prez Trump.
Sespite being screwed ,Sinkies will still be gutless to kick the Pappies out at the next few elections

Anonymous said...

Which is why if I were in government I would tighten the screws. GIC lost money? Why, I would use eminent domain laws to confiscate landed property to build condos.That should refill the coffers. Also change the rules on landed property to 99yrs. If CPF rules and HDB rules can be changed why not landed property? The people quickly forget because they are busy collecting cardboard and are too tired to protest. Raise transport fares. Why not? Never underestimate the local's ability to suck it up until the next election cycle.

Those who cannot take it "quit" and leave anyway. Which plays well because this becaomes a natural selection process working in favor for the natural aristrocrats. Imagine a savannah where fittest gazelles run away and those that remain are increasing slower, dim-witted and easier to hunt down and be eaten. Yay!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are absolutely right. And the elites think they will continue to breed elites. Nature has a strange way to level the playing field by making the offsprings of elites turning out to be duds and the offsprings of the low downs becoming geniuses.