The kangaroo court rules in favour of the Philippines

The rulings of the Permanent Court of Arbitration came as expected. The rulings were as good as a done deal from the day the case was filed by the Philippines with the connivance of the Americans and the Japanese as the President of the PCA. What can China or Taiwan expect from the rulings of a kangaroo court that predetermined and prejudged the case, decided who are the judges, what they want to judge, how they want to judge and how they want to interpret the laws to achieve what they want to achieve? Does anyone in his right mind really believe that this was a fair trial based on legal principles?

No international body shall be given so much power and authority to decide on the issue of sovereignty of any country without the consent of that country.  This carnal principle cannot be violated at the peril of small states. Only a kangaroo court would have the arrogance to rule on sovereignty issues and declare that its decision is final and binding. When an international institution has abused its authority and power, it loses its right of existence, the very reason for its creation. China and Taiwan and other sovereign states that feared being bulldozed by such arbitrary rulings against their national interests without their consent, should walk out and quit the organization. China should rally its allies like Russia, North Korea, Iran and the central Asian states to leave the UNCLOS and close the door behind them. Let UNCLOS and the Permanent Court of Arbitration continue with their mischief, to rule against other hapless small countries.

With China and Russia joining the USA as non members of UNCLOS, the organization will become a meaningless lame duck. There is now no reason or benefits for China and its allies to be a member of an organization that has undone the goodwill and respect that it deserved, as a neutral, fair and just international body.

China must behave like a super power and stop being bullied by farcical institutions pretending to be world bodies and have power over countries without respecting their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is good that the PCA rulings came to expose the hypocrisy of what it is instead of what it was supposed to be.

China should leave these theatrical rulings behind and move on. The immediate task is to strengthen its military deployments in its islands, reinforce the weapons system in anticipation of a military assault by an American led joint military force.

The PCA rulings would also be an opportunity for China to see through the façade of hypocrisy of some Asean states, to know who they really are. Some Asean states would be compelled by these rulings and by the Americans to make a stand. China too should take a clear stand, to review all its agreements with the Americans done under the policy of appeasement, believing that the Americans would reciprocate goodwill with generosity. The truth is that the Americans have never been sincere in wanting to work and cooperate with China and have been treating China as their arch foe.

This is a wake up call for China, to identify friends or foes. China should no longer deceive itself that appeasing the Americans, trying to work with the Americans would be appreciated. It is a moment to be firm and resolute, to take a stand against this international conspiracy to violate China’s sovereignty and to contain China from expanding and developing its own islands in the South China Sea.

China must close ranks with its allies, especially with Russia, North Korea and Iran and the central Asia and African nation states. There is clear and present danger and unity is strength. The Americans and their allies have declared war on China. The days of trying to sleep with the devil are over. The devil will never change its evil ways.

The kangaroo court’s decision is the clearest sign of what’s more to come and China either stands and fights or would lose everything it has built for the last 40 years. The smaller states and those fence sitters would be watching how China stood up to this international bullying. Any weakness shown by China would only drive them quickly to the camps of the Americans. China must pick up the gauntlet and stare at the enemies with the nerve of steel, that it is not going to be pushed over.

Yes, D Day is here for China. This day would change the course of history and how the world would be going forward. The moment has come for China to take its place as a super power in the world stage and rebuild a New World Order that is fair to all countries big and small.


Anonymous said...

this world is getting very exciting

but at the same time, it is getting very very very dangerous, cruel and evil

just look at in nice, france today, more than 77 dead as reported, many more injured

countries in south china seas are fighting for territories, there people are dying

what is happening to this world


virgo49 said...

The Kangaroo Court awarded Predra Blanca or Batu Puteh to Sinkieland.

Hey, Malaysians Mathair the Righteous One.
Please reclaim again. Tak Paka.

Kangaroo Court. Bullshits.

One rock to sinkieland and one rock to Matland.

Depending High Tide or Low Tide or No tide.

Apa NI???

Want to give, give all or don't give

What Sinkieland leaders will say about the Verdict? ?

Anonymous said...

China should rally its allies like Russia, North Korea, Iran and the central Asian states to leave the UNCLOS and close the door behind them

Why would other countries bother with UNCLOS if they are mostly landlocked countries with min ocean going merchant fleet?

Just look at the eastern china coast and you will know the difference.

Anonymous said...

China media say that the new pinoy president is more friendly to China compared to the last.

The fact is always cruel and opposite.

The Philippines has said China should respect an international tribunal's rejection of its claims in the South China Sea. Very clear and straight forward stand.

Anonymous said...

The effect is starting to trickle in.

Not so much of military reaction but it is something like China is slapped left and right at international events from EU and Asean folks. No China friend speak up.

China foreign Ministry needs to be very careful.

Anonymous said...

Don't play play!

China is now 忍! 忍! 忍!

Don't see China no up.

不知死活! 不知死活!

保重! 保重! 保重!


Anonymous said...

The question is should china be humiliated or die with dignity.

Imagine what would Israel or Singapore's reaction if such thing happen to them?

From history, Israel FM would keep quiet but its military air force would be launched to pre emptive strike enemy airbase.

Talking is good but up to certain limits. This event is a good test for Xi, so his stomach is big to show his patience unlike Mao.

Anonymous said...

This is the America tactic based on chinese proverb - Point to a Deer and Call it a Horse

Calling those illegitimate USA sponsored arbitration as " International court in Hague"

to see who is USA allies and who is China allies.

Big war is coming soon.
Singapore must get ready to defend itself.Other would take advantage in the times of chaos and uncertainty.

Look at the Philippine ridiculous claim over Whole Sulu Sea. ( akin to China 9 dash line)

Sulu Sea is a territorial water of Philippine.( as big as South China Sea)

Have you seen any Filipino say that Manila is aggressive to claim whole Sulu Sea as their private Lake?

Unknown said...

The good thing is that the new Filipino president is willing to negotiate with China. I think he got pissed off by U.S NGOs reigning him in on rape jokes, and calling him a vigilante. But i think that the deep state officials of the Philippines is still much in control of the state department of the USG.

If i were the Filipinos i would negotiate for favorable economic terms so as to stem the brain drain out of the country. Rather then claim an island that i have no means of developing.

Anonymous said...

Pinoys fisher men and journalists of ABS CBN on a boat to test if China will return Huangyendao to Phlippines following the judgment approved by US, they were chased away by China marine police boat. They were not allowed to anchor at nearby sea.

This happened on 14 July.

What happen to the world police US marines or Japanese imperial army marines? These 2 countries must now guarantee the pinoys have usage and ownership of the huangyendao.

US chicken out, Japanese also Chicken out. PLA waiting for the war to start are disappointed. To PLA, only have war than promotion will come faster. They are willing to do their jobs. But US marines in Carriers are having drinks and parties, according to HK media.

Anonymous said...

China spokesman said, the tribunal is a temporary one off set up. The results are illegal and not binding.

"A reporter asked , the United Nations official microblogging statement yesterday , the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the United Nations does not have any relationship , the International Court of Justice said in a statement at the same time , the International Court of Justice as an entirely different mechanism , has not been involved from beginning to end so-called South China Sea arbitration . Earlier, UN Secretary-General spokesman said UN does not holding positions on the South China Sea arbitration parties and issues . Do you believe that these UN agencies' public stands are beneficial to China ?

Lu Kang , we note that the above statement issued by the relevant United Nations bodies . It shows again that the South China Sea arbitration tribunal is not an "International Tribunal " , its composition and functioning simply does not have the legitimacy and representativeness of the so-called ruling also made ​​it simply does not have the authority and credibility , is null and void and not binding.

It seems that this also explains why illegal arbitration results came out , only three or four countries of wishful thinking declared the result " legally binding ."

Anonymous said...

Only stupid or insane people will quote the PCA ruling as legal and binding. It shows how desperate they are to grasp on straws. What have they got in between their ears? I can understand if the Pinoys, Indons and Malaysians think so. But so many daft Sinkies also believe so. It is amazing. No wonder they said Sinkies cannot think anymore.

Anonymous said...

It could also be the other way round where you are daft and kana con.