The kampong boy grew up

The kampong boy grew up, worked very hard and was successful in building a small fortune for himself. He is now big and financially able to further develop his business empire. He looked around his backyard and saw a large tract of waste land, neglected, undeveloped and overgrown with secondary forest. Then he remembered what his father told him. The land belonged to the family for several generations, dating back to his great, great, great grandfather. But their family fortune had waned and they were unable to do anything to that piece of land.

The boy, now an entrepreneur, started to redevelop the piece of land handed down by his forefathers. The secondary forest was leveled and several new estates rose from the piece of land. It was a big piece of land and still have potential for many developments.

In the neighbourhood, several young punks also grew up and formed gangs among themselves. Seeing the young man developing the land, these gangsters began to have ideas to have a piece of action, a piece of the land. They too started to build houses on the land nearest to their respective houses. They simply claimed the land belonged to them in view of proximity. The land next to their houses must be theirs since no one has claimed ownership of the land, ignoring whoever was the original owner.

Disputes soon broke up when the young man went on to claim rights to the land but was rebuffed. The gangsters simply asked for proof of ownership. But the young man had difficulties as during the time of his forefathers, it was a time when documentations were not the norm and also many evidence of ownership were lost over time. The only evidence could be the markers left on the land, like tombstones of family members and some rundown huts.

The gangsters set up a kangaroo court with the help of bigger gangsters, hired their own middle men as mediators to decide who have the rights to the land. The young man refused to participate in the kangaroo court. The gangsters were cunning enough not to take the case to the official courts of the land.

After paying the middle men/mediators, the latter ruled in favour of the gangsters, that since the young man could not produce any documents, the whole piece of land is now no longer his and all the gangsters have the right to claim the whole piece of land. The gangsters even accused the young man of encroaching into their land illegally. The gangsters bought advertising space in the local newspapers to claim that their kangaroo court’s ruling is legal and binding and arrogantly sat on the lands they took from the young man’s estate and now are claiming for the whole piece of land as theirs.

The young man would now have to stand up to the gangsters. But the local media kept reporting that the kangaroo court is legitimate and the young man is a bully, has no right to claim his inheritance from his forefathers. The gangsters are very successful in buying the local newspapers to play up on the issue and keep repeating that the kangaroo court is a legitimate court and not one is willing to talk about the official courts of the land that could rule otherwise.

The issue of ownership as far as the gangsters are concerned is settled by the kangaroo court. Now the young man would have to take matters into this own hand, to reclaim the land he lost to the gangsters and more to lose with the ruling of the kangaroo court. The gangsters won the first round with the local newspapers on their side, making farcical news and comments against the young man.

The ball is now in the court of the young man, to use his financial muscles and whatever to chase out the usurpers of his grandfathers’ land.


Anonymous said...

the white gangster of Asia and the world if possible.

virgo49 said...

Mr RB, you must be referring to the the Big Gangster Chief America and its Kia kias the Pinoy, Vietnamese, Japanese and to less assertive gangster Malaysia in daylight robberies on China, the Kampong Boy.

These Gangsters from time immemorial has pirate blood in their genes and had lived off their wealth by robbing and plundering innocent hard working human beans.

It's in their genes and no DNA can change that.

Stupidly, the fall of SINKIE land called Singapore would be next with these Gangsters now permanently grounded in our backyards with the blessings of our maganimanous government
Who believed that they are talented beans than Singaporeans.

We be the next France, Germany and USA where murders be a norm everyday soon.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Pray not. It is very serious to have terrorists running around bombing and shooting in the streets.

Europe is getting their just retribution for colonising and plundering the wealth of the Arab, African and Asian countries. The 3As are swarming into Europe to take back what were theirs and to return a bit of the same medicine when their forefathers were butchered by the Imperialists and Colonialists.

The Imperialists and Colonialists came and butchered their forefathers then. Massacres were the norm. They are still killing the Arabs by the thousands daily today.

Singapore better wise up and stop importing the terrorist type here. It would be too painful and destructive to cry when they hit us.

Anonymous said...

The young man sounds like a daft Singaporean.
Suddenly ... he discovered that his HDB flat does not belong to him.
Suddenly he discover CPF money is not "real" since he is not free to withdraw it any time he chooses.

Suddenly he finds himself jobless.
Fired by his Alien Manager who replaced him with an Alien PMET.

Suddenly he starts to wonder if his government is really working for him and for his benefit.

virgo49 said...

You have the 1st DPM said No country is immune to extremism.

This is just a flimsy excuse for having all the undesirables here.

Open their CB mouths to side with the Agressors who killed thousands by the days.

Now retribution rime for them to suffer the karma.

Put wayang security on the streets only to inconvenience fellow Sinkies.

Very revengful Home Minister now to start arrowing WP for high lighting their incompetence in ICA activities.

Retribution on SINKIE land in MOT. One stupid Anon still parroted that need these trashes to built the economy.

Sin? What economy except to suck dry its citizens.

When these jobless trashes are without any more employment.

Murders, rapes and robberies begin.
Hope it starts with the PAP s stooges

Anonymous said...

Most of those who are parroting for more foreigners are likely to be foreigners or new citizens.

Singaporeans cannot be so daft to want to give their country, their jobs away to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Writer forgot to mention ...

1) Is not land but sea or cross / over sea land ( some time submersible during high tide

2) land initially nobody even himself know there were oil and gas else his ancestor wouldnt have screw up.

Anonymous said...

Since pro china blog

A good news to boost Mr Chua;s moral or the chinese ego ...?



Although is only battery but is still a mile stone.

Anonymous said...

A milestone and an achievement.

May the PRC attains more achievements and brings peace
as a result.

patriot said...

Me was a kampong boy
now misses the Kampong
The Spirit died when
Sinkies were 'chased'
out of the Kampong.

It got murdered.


Anonymous said...

It's no public secrets as whose countries do these punks belong to.

These countries are well known countries known for their laziness and bigmouths, incapable of doing anything great.

These punks later become gangsters and they are supported by much biggers gangsters/mafias.

It's also no public secrets as whose countries do the mafias belong to.

Of course, not only the mafias own the courts, they also own the media so that they can twist the truth as they want it to be.

Fortunately, the young man has accumulated enough financial muscles to fight not only the gangsters, but also the mafia.

The drama continues with the grewn up kampong boy as the protagonist.