The fading of Pax America

India blasted its 3 stage rockets with 20 satellites into space, becomes a major commercial launcher of satellites. China successfully launched a new 2 stage rockets that is capable of carrying one and a half time the payload of its existing rockets to space. The Long March 7 would be in service as the main delivery vehicle of satellites to space and the main supply vehicle to its own manned space station in 2022.

Such news on India and China making progress in space rocketry may not seem to mean anything in the march towards the space frontier in the new century. What is very significant is the total silence, inactivity of NASA in its space programme. Nothing heard, nothing seen from the Americans except memories of explosions and failed Apollo missions in its last few attempts to conquer space. It’s latest mission was launched by a private company’s rocket.

In all reality, the USA is history as far as space technology and rocketry are concerned. It is no longer in contention and a player in space for a simple reason. It does not have a rocket that can fly. It does not have a rocket that would not go boom boom on launch. The Americans did not have anything to deliver its satellites to space, not even its astronauts to the space station it shared with the Russians. To make that trip, the Amercans have to hitch a ride on Russian rockets. That is how pathetic the American space programme and technology have become.

Now the bigger question, its ICBMs were based on 1960s techonology, equipments and parts and built during those ancient days. Are they still working? The Americans are still boasting about their huge arsenal of nuclear weapons and warheads, minuteman.  Can they fly when fired? Or would they go bzzzzzzzzz……and nothing happens? Those ICBMs are antique pieces in the silo museums of the American Defense Dept.

We used to have our Bloodhound surface to air missiles left behind by the British. We kept it for show for several years without firing a single missile and presuming that they would fly when fired. Luckily we need not test them or prove that they were working as they were supposed to. We have now replaced them, decommissioned them with many new missiles with new technology.

The American ICBM force is like our Bloodhound SAM. Same generation, as aged as our Bloodhounds. The Russians, the Chinese and the Indians, even Europeans, are moving and developing new space technologies that are more efficient and more advanced and working.

The Americans are still banking on their antiques in the silos to frighten the world that they have the most deadly nuclear missile force to reckon with.  How would they fair when put to the test? Would the fuses work?

When would the Americans start to build a new rocket that can fly?


Anonymous said...

Please lah, nobody will want a nuclear war lah, unless they are tired of living.

So the issue of America having 1960s nuclear technology, assuming it is true, does not arise.

Just like the issue of PAP, due to their screwing of Sinkies, being voted out as govt by majority Sinkies does not arise.

Veritas said...

USA is a private entreprise experiment, seeing whether big corporate can take over a country. It is not that USA does not have the technology, it is her elites that rein NASA, forcing NASA to transfer technology, and draining NASA engineers to SpaceX.

That is why SpaceX out of the blue, can fire rocket, while nation states cannot.

Anonymous said...

Wrong info lah!

All missiles grandfather belongs to Germany.

Soviet and US had a agreement to limit nuclear weapons.
Those days, there were poseidon, trident, minuteman missiles already in service.

Now some retired but rest upgraded to Trident III and minuteman III versions.

As it is nuclear weapons, there is no point to develop better ones as there is no such thing as better ones.

Even Tomahawk cruise missile which can be nuclear tipped were only allowed convectional war heads.

So US (abiding the treaty) will have to come out with something else.

1) How to take out enemy ICBM (Nuclear) without pre exemptive nuclear strike - Patriot and Thaad defense.
2) How to produce weapons that could create the nuclear scale of damage but it is not nuclear. - You have the fictional rod of god weapon. Even EMP weapon were old days technology during cold war.

The fact that Chinese needs its ICBM to be mounted on trains and mobile launch pads already proves that strategically it is inferior to the US. US on the other hand does not need to do so as you are welcome to destroy these in their stationary silos as they challenged how many can you destroyed at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I apologise, I'm sorry that America does not have advanced nuclear ICBMs.
I also apologise that USA is still the world's No 1 military power.

I am sorry, I apologise to China, for making its citizens chant this lie that when it comes to Taiwan, chinese people will never attack other chinese people.

I also apologise to all Taiwanese, for when they are attacked by fellow Chinese across the Straits, for their suffering.


Anonymous said...

Have no nuclear weapon? Which country do not have nuclear weapon?
Iraq? may be Iran? Israel has nuclear weapon? The US side had indirectly agreed so, when N Korea was talking about its nuclear agenda at the 6 party talk. When the 6 party talk broke out, N Korean said it had atomic bomb then, now nuclear bomb.

Almost countries want to have nuclear weapon will have it. Pakis, India etc.

Question is: US still the only nuclear power? US thinks it is because it has a lot of nuclear bombs.

That is not useful to scare the world. May be it is useful to scare Japanese because they had atomic bomb receiving experience.

To the rest of the world. Nuclear bomb experience is very new and unknown.

Is China scared? Russians scared? yes. North Koreans scared? I doubt.

My guess is US scared most. After some get killed in Iraq, Obama withdrew US troops, and broke G Bush promise to build a "model of democracy" in Iraq. Will US challenge other countries to have nuclear attack?

U guess. I can guarantee, US will backdown first. From the South China Sea tussle between US Carriers, Carter s shouting at PLA generals at Shangrila, and PLA naval chief told US naval chief at the face 2 days ago that PLA is not scared of muscle, but defend its territory, and China will continue to develop the Scs islands;
US went silent completely not mentioning the Scs tribunal which Philippines spent USD30millions to build up the pressure against China.
US is scared that the situation can get out of its hands and end up US naval forces being sunk into the ocean. Still talk about nuclear war?
In future, US will be very scared, even Israel can tell US off. Turkey cut off the power supply to US base to force Obama response to its request for extraditing the "rebel" leader living in US.

Cut off power to US air base is never heard of in the past for US allied forces in Nato. Turkey did it. What can US do? Comply lah.

Anonymous said...

While most might have the ability to develop nuclear devices, most cannot develop delivery platforms that is able to deliver such warheads to the other continent.

NK try his best at improved scud series and can only come up with 600km range. So to have enough warheads is one thing, to have enough capable launch platforms is another thing.

China strategic nuclear position is severly threatened as thaad comes online nearby mainland. This is critical if enemy can hit you but your missiles are destroyed once launch. The other thing is detection and reaction is increased for your enemy who can monitored everything.
Once the thaad system is replaced by powerful laser weapons in future weapons, then US enemy nuclear arsenal is as good as ZERO. That is the design philosophy.

The other thing is aftermath survival such as underground bunker facility.

Currently it is still US follow by russia that have built bunkers to survive the nuclear holocaust, started long time ago. One of the reason why US is busy looking for water in other planets is to find a planet similar like earth in order for human species (their species) to continue life when there is disaster (whatever that is) whether it is DNA cloning or direct habitation ( this one is difficult as travel time is a major issue).

You must have no engineering knoledge. US air base (as in Jurong island network) all got standby generators. Caterpillar heavy duty ones. You think US or anybody cant do anything.

Ask people even in batam in the late 90s what happens when power supply is always interrupted. Every household and shops got its own backup generator (small and portable one where you can add your own fuel but very noisy type).

Never see snake shit before....

Anonymous said...

...small and portable one where you can add your own fuel but very noisy type)...
Anon 12:42 pm

Ya lor, any NSman who went to field camp know also.

Anonymous said...

Posts here have a kind of thinking that NK nuclear will not affect US because of Thaad.

They assumed Thaad is really effective. I do not think experts designing missiles to mount nuclear heads do not consider "star war" kind of strategy to hit at the on coming missiles. If one look at the video of Thaad, its a 1 vs 1 kinda show.

In real war, i dont think Thaad can survive one morning in S Korea. The attack on Thaad first must be the first rain of missiles.
Missiles can have different speeds on its own. Missiles like Hit Hawk is 3 times the speed of sound. Can Thaad predict the speed? I doubt, if Hit Hawk is fired from the air and other missiles from the ground. Thaad will be non operational in hours of concentration fire. Bcos Thaad was said to be able to take only 300 targets at one time.

On nuclear war heads, they can be fired from jet from the air. Eg China jets can fire nuclear war heads from Jets on Singapore or Guam US base. What can Thaad do at Korea?

Some people think nuclear explosive can be avoided in underground hiding. That is too idealistic for ordinary folks. Unless they are the millionaires, they cannot stay inside the bunker for day long. NS soldiers are on ground level.

When the nuclear bomb explodes anywhere, on US ground or Singapore Changi, the heat and radiation will burn those being beamed upon. The contents of buildings will be burned except the concretes still stand. The heat will evaporate fast, and the surround air will force onto the central vacuum. On a radius of km, things will fly and rush to the heat central. I think many people will die and hurt by those flying missiles from their own buildings or streets, like mental objects or sheets.

A nuclear explosion is not a bomb explosion so easy to get away without hurt. Americans will definitely scared shitless, cannot pang sai, once on corner get hit. Example only for understanding: if a bomb hit changi US base, areas like Marine parade buildings, and those planted on the ground, those sign boards, will fly towards changi side at high speed. U think people not be scared? Besides the radiation lagi worst, with long term effects.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Thaad is mobile.

You dont even know exactly where is the position they deploy it. How many batteries are scattered around and location of the brain (C4). How to hit?

Whether Thaad can hit YJ cruise missiles are not what it is designed to hit. It is designed to eliminate enemy ICBM nuclear ballistic missiles. Both types of missiles flight profile are different. ie. why it is call Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad)

X band radar can track all jets once launched. Now what is of concern to China is US collecting data on where are the deployment of these jets (especially big unstealth K-6, Awacs and tankers) and airbases during peacetime. Not to mention any missile launches. All these will be destroyed on the initial phase of war rendering the rest of air force useless irregardless of what cruise missiles you have in stock.

The whole point of the story is US nuclear stockpile can wipe out the chinese race while US if hit can still survive the aftermath which is not either side want. But that is the fact.


Anonymous said...

In Japan, US needs to explode only 2 atomic bomb at remote locations avoiding cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. The Japanese gave up the whole war project in 1945.

The sheer number of nuclear war heads are useless. That why clearing away the old stock as arm reduction is a trend. There is no way US or China be wipe out because, there are hills and mountains. But nuclear bombs are best to be used on cities and not mountains, this is obvious.

Common sense thinking: US does not even need one nuclear bomb at its soil, The NK firing at the bases will have enough deterrence effects on the Americans. Therefore, whatever nuclear threats on China or NK are just words because the US side may not need to take one nuclear bomb at the carriers and bases. The war will stop like the Japanese did.
How Vietnam war stopped? Because of casualties. Some articles reports the US pilots were so scared on every mission to North Vietnam that many had mental problems due to the pressure.
Nuclear war will not need hundred of such power arsenals. The number is just for show in my view. Some stock piles are so old that whether they all will work during war is questionable. A good stock pile with 100% quality is far better than having rustic stock mixing with the fresh ones. These kind of stock like nuclear, one explosion on a city is far too many to any country. The Japanese had proven it beyond doubt.

Anonymous said...

I agreed but that was in the past.

Now the payload is much more higher with one single war head not to mention one missile can carry 14 warheads (W88- 475Kt each).Jap fat boy bomb was 21 Kt.

There are now deep underground bunkers with everything stockpile for 2 years survival unlike the Jap times.

Well it depends on how you think. 300 against 4,600 warheads. Of course you can rely on the mountains and luck. The number prior treaty is about 2 x of 4000 warheads.

The new B61-11 penetration nuclear bombs are exactly the type that is designed by US to penetrate the ground (100m) to destroy enemy underground or mountain bunkers by inducing earth quake. Food, water, medicine to begin with will be a issue and slowly they will die.

NK missiles (which are based on scuds) cannot reach anything outside SK.

Having know the US eagle symbol, the war will go to the next level if anything happens to US mainland. Like the current China Hebei KFC case, everybody in US will be screaming for blood as well.

Unlike Japan who have no nuclear weapons in WWII, US drop one bomb 1st and ask japan to surrender which Japan refuse or ignore. Then the 2nd one dropped forcing the emperor to intervene. There was even an attempted coup on the palace for surrender declaration.

This is a total different case for China who is a nuclear power country.

For nuclear ICBM, now there is no need for pilot or 3rd party. US has found human unreliable during exercises. Also no need for land troops in nuclear war or SCS conflict unlike vietnam war. As shown in Gulf war, tactics was 100% different from vietnam war. World war II, korea war and vietnam war were all quite similar (vietnam introduce helicopters for troop movement). Aircrafts those days were potent but not as effective in gulf war especially against land troops and AA units (it was not designed to be like that so). Sidewinders in vietnam days hit rate was 25% those days. Change drastically during falkland wars. HARM missiles during vietnam days pa jiao only.